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August 21, 2018:

did white guilt exist among greeks and romans?  where does white guilt for non-individual matters come from? you know the answer. quit trying to explain white guilt while avoiding it.

August 20, 2018:

the niggering of sci-fi awards. space = aersolized niggers. if you're into space, you're a nigger lover.
if i were gab's marketer, id dance on this
worth becoming pilot? " After the Colgan air crash the government became involved and now its really hard to get in. Yes there is now a shortage but you will have to spend $100,000 in flight training, get a college degree then spend five years to get a regional airline job. I don't recommend it unless aircraft are your passion. "
a guy who worked in bike shop created airplane. not the 983rd. the first. Canduit U, Earth's top educational institution since time began
Go with imaginary God and Gab. --ancient Spanish saying

August 19, 2018:

the 'good' christian: never saw a haitian nigger baby it didnt love or an israeli-murdered Palestinian baby it didnt hate
#3018 - yeah this is pretty much par for the course 1000 years before you, as i type. you stupid future-goober!
Christian car radio today: woman encouraging listeners to pray for the destruction of the Iran regime.  Where the luv tho
if you misspell breivik you become a nigger to me.  "Just so you know. You do that again. You're going home." -- B. Parcells
sharks tire of the Mass of bad ideas, circle offshore planning to take out Harvard
pretty much cunt (((lazarus'))) ideal come true poor teeming murderous refuse
"he never does that" you must have triggered him existing or something.
save a sheeitman, go to hell. that simple
dogs are bent-over niggers dog owners are nigger lovers dog petters are idiots
views of human nature - Christian: innately depraved and inwardly ravening wolves - Wambaugh: too weak to be evil, most of them: scrotes - Aldi: too lazy to return carts, but can be bribed for .25
Jews know where a certain way of thinking (looking at the facts, seeing the patterns, drawing rational conclusions) will lead. It will make people despise and fight jews rather than succumb and worship them.

August 18, 2018:
i want to be loved for me! fat stupid needy? shit. can get those anywhere.
In an "eager fumbling manner" Pasternak explained that he and Mandelstam each had a completely different philosophy about poetry. Stalin finally said, in a mocking tone of voice: "I see, you just aren't able to stick up for a comrade," and put down the receiver.[18]
The Leader addressed him in a rather bluff uncouth fashion, using the familiar thou form: 'Tell me, what are they saying in your literary circles about the arrest of Mandelstam?'" Flustered, Pasternak denied that there was any discussion or that there were any literary circles left in Soviet Russia. Stalin went on to ask him for his own opinion of Mandelstam
Soon after his meeting with Bukharin, the telephone rang in Pasternak's Moscow apartment. A voice from The Kremlin said, "Comrade Stalinwishes to speak with you."[18] According to Ivinskaya, Pasternak was struck dumb. "He was totally unprepared for such a conversation. But then he heard his voice, the voice of Stalin, coming over the line.
"On the night of 14 May 1934, Mandelstam was arrested at his home based on a warrant signed by NKVD boss Genrikh Yagoda. Devastated, Pasternak went immediately to the offices of Izvestia and begged Nikolai Bukharin to intercede on Mandelstam's behalf."
Pasternak was genetic jew who said: Most intensely of all my mind was occupied by Christianity in the years 1910–12, when the main foundations of this distinctiveness – my way of seeing things, the world, life – were taking shape... He was certainly anti-communist.
Sounds great. Until your neighbor is a 60-IQ cannibal with an axe. And you can't treat him as anything but an individual. So christianity is liberalism, it is libertarianism, it is dangerous, destructive and flat insane. It is anti-White.
from Boris Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago. “Something in the world had changed. Rome was at an end. The reign of numbers was at an end. The duty, imposed by armed force, to live unanimously as a people, as a whole nation, was abolished. Leaders and nations were relegated to the past. They were replaced by the doctrine of individuality and freedom.”

August 17, 2018: that one fucking monkey2 years ago why is this for some reason good
hold onto your burgundy bollocks itz the cranberries mate
For music alone, UK should be scrubbed free of people of dookie my gf had a poster of The Cure that would have covered Botswana
I seek to cure what's deep inside. Frightened of this thing that I've become.
my plan is to induce thought-parturition in some of you niggers by kicking you in the stomach with the jackboot of mockery.
how duller than a serpent's tooth is the prophesying hill ape
give it up, ya too ol, nobody listens to techno. i wrote a song in honor of pa coots when it died these yeas ago.
snakes > christians
socialized health care means hillary clinton fills your village with ebola-carrying africans then puts you last on the list for the ZEBOV vaccine
you're exhilarating. may i poke you an experimental vaccine, called rVSV-ZEBOV, protected nearly 6,000 people
viking ship
guy has pfeifenface max but i do like this song what happened to that arty kid who liked XXTinction, did he do himself too
Ebola is everybody's problem. #WEbola
Stop failing our niggers, bad man.
Fruit bats are failing our niggers Porcupines are failing our niggers Antelopes are failing our niggers Schools, jails, wall paint, the white race ares failing our niggers Chimpanzees are failing our niggers Gorillas are failing our niggers
HOW DID HUMANS CONTRACT THE VIRUS? Scientists believe Ebola is most often passed to humans by fruit bats, but antelope, porcupines, gorillas and chimpanzees could also be to blame. AKA BLACK AFRICAN MEAT MARKET / BOTH SENSES
officials refer to him simply as o índio do buraco, or 'the Man of the Hole'.
Once cornered in a hut in 2005, he fired an arrow at  member of a FUNAI contact team, puncturing his lung. After that near-fatal incident, officials decided that the man would be better off living out his days alone in the forest, where he digs traps to catch wild animals, hunts with bamboo arrows, gathers fruits and wild honey and plants small garden plots.
The man, who appears to be in his mid-50s, shuns all contact with outsiders. He flees from the officials who monitor his movements, leave him gifts of seeds and tools and protect the reserve's perimeter. LIVING THE DREAM
Towering trees dripped with huge, woody vines and crystal-clear streams teemed with fish. We saw fresh jaguar prints and stampeding herds of wild boar.
around women, never relax X
pederastic sodogogues in dresses color me shocked
the jewish way of lying: brazen, in your face, laughing at you the catholic way of lying: telling you things that are true but leaving the important part out - lying by omisssion as always, catholicism is a weak solution of judaism, for lazy cowardly people what jews do takes balls; catholics dont have balls, but they still want to reap the advantages of lying
" Such as never using words such as rape in reference to such claims, but simply calling them 'boundary issues' or 'inappropriate contact' " like muslims and 'grooming' euphemism INVARIABLY used in (((media)))
Catholics cover up their crimes the way (((English))) media covers up Rotherham etc rapes - with dishonest language.
yeah verily the lord hath blessed me this day, for he hath provided sustenance for a would be mocker of firemen and bums this is what real journalism would look like if it existed
like hitler said. they’re a race pretending to be a religion. most jews are atheists. Reply
Biggest lie you'll read all day, from professional nigger Michael Harriot: "If a group of black people physically attacked a white person because of the white person’s race, I would consider it an act of racism. But the cases of this are so rare that it is not indicative of a problem that white people have to worry about."
Urethra Franklin was more than a monkey owned by the late Joe Jackson's son, he was the first ape to be blasted into space and later attended Bruce Jenners 'Ceremony of Transition' as Best Hominid where he gave a short but moving speech as Bowies "Changes" was played on piccolo by a precocious local cub scout Oh glorious age, that it was given to us to sashay in it.

August 16, 2018:

i aint saying she a gold digger i just saying nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger
brown people socialism = army ants, well, all the rapacity sans the brains and organization
if USA is land of the free, whites are the majority, most pardon ALL whites are racist, how come there's not one paper catering to them?
jews are more of a conspiracy; high-level WASPs are more of a cult
It was Anglo-Christian hubris & cupidity that led us to take on the negro's problems as our own. How's that workin' out for us. Anglo, your just reward is your grandkid 'Nglo peeing on your grave.
juice newton!
God bless Uretha, preggers by 13, hooking by 19.
first MTV video
Apply our smelling salts to the imagination of our people  that they might see that things could quite easily be completely otherwise
America: fifteen ways to lace shoes, one POV in the papers. "Land of the Free"  should be "Land of the Free to Agree"
there's so little thinking done by honimids that relying on tradition - you throw away the entire advantage of being a human to retreat into animalism animals have to be traditionalists, humans dont
fags exist because you only fuck in plastic why is everything i believe and the fucking catholics so goddam similar
did you know axel's mother, who basically opened her legs to the towns bad boy, was named a variation of linder? i'm always looking for new imaginary relatives to brag about
why cant i walk up to the corner BP and pick up a Daily Stormer tabloid w muh coffee & spend my hard earned money to read about the bands I wanna know about. Why cant I do that in this land of the free? If its free, why is it all the same? If it's all the same, why do we need freedom? Even the USSR had 1 POV. Does USA have more?
why do these twitter dogs keep going back to their sick Gab has all the free speech i need. Gab is like Texas. Why would you ever go anywhere else? It has everything you need.* *Actual texan beliefs and arguments
do these hothouse flowers just think that human beliefs and behaviors are all different and...wonderful...and fucking candy in wonka's magic factory? like a buffet different food choices? or music? all different but never conflicting in any bloody or even trivially serious way it's not even stupid it's fucking bizarre.
yeah, you're right you fucking retarded bubblecunt: ISIS very definitely has different beliefs and perspectives - like your head and your torso LOL BUH BYE RETARDED CUNT!
how light-minded do you have to be  like these people of bubble cashiered by ISIS ISIS baby to say Evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own…  and never realize or stop to consider that yeah, and many of those are IRRECONCILABLY IN CONFLICT.
what's that feeling in my breast? what tom bethell (have any of you yungnigs even heard that name). is it the onset of rare male breast cancer. should i cut my nonexistent tits off just case? WHAT SAY YOU SCRAWNY BITCH GIRL (john mclaughlin via dana carvey). no...tis a 'strange new respect' for ISIS
nigger trotsky. cuz there were some lean years after Kid-n-Play
a WOMAN learns one of the deeper truths of life: women are never held responsible for anything: She wrote: 'I'm so angry! I'm so so very upset! How can my child go through this, and yet no one is going to be held responsible?
women are dangerous animals, no joke: essica said the girl was 'hitting, scratching, biting. Down his back, his bottom, his legs.' She said: 'I leaned down and I was saying 'oh no, jump up'. As I got down to lift him up, I realised the girl was shaking her head and her teeth were in his back. He was obviously hysterical.
around women never relax IX
" We also going to order you to do unpaid work. That's gone up from 80 hours to 120 hours because of the trial. " for calling someone a bigfoot
" We did consider custody but we've stepped back from that. You will serve a 12 month community order with 15 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement sessions focused largely on thinking skills and anger management. " for calling a nigger a "sasquatch"
After calling Allin Carbon a 'big black sasquatch' she carried on at him and partner Lucy Brome: 'I bet he's carrying drugs. I cannot believe we've paid hundreds of pounds to be on a flight with people like you.' now them the kind of britvolk make you sit up and say ahh
typical Clown World news report, where nothing has any weight
i'm sure he has said. of course media darling hillary has said it too, a point not to be forgotten
not NEMO, i'll have you know
Minnesota woman
upgrade on my tit crit women not only didnt invent the bra they cant figure out the right size to wear
around blacks, never relax. gold pucks beware bucks
a start but only. if i could suggest Where White People and Machete- and You-Loaded-ATM-Card-Wielding Cannibals...etc.
Kirksville slogan:  Where People Make the difference Kirksville Today slogan (original) Where White People Make the Difference Now, in light of the Congolean invasion Where White People and Cannibals Make the Difference Fair and Balanced?
today in niggering...
i have acquired a PLOT of EARTH-LAND in a GPS-INACCESSIBLE LOCATION where i have directed the undertaking of the construction of a GIANT MAN-GRIDDLE to FRY the ENEMIES of the WHITE RACE "Just so you know" --Bill Parcells
i love it when the guest is slightly contemptuous of the host, i used to use this TECHNIQUE with aegis, it's just inherently funny, like benny hill beating around on the little old man. jones was broaching on it with helland, who is a norwogger. but uses hands like a wopper.
most people are Franklin Mint Atom Collections.
special offer for all you 100% faggots out there, a little idea i channeled from hitler's ghost via private revelation while half awake in my J'accuzi, a dreyfuss shapped bubblin minipool for every WHITE CHILD you produce using genuine ball-sperm and tube-egg, i will cancel 25% of the insults me and god have planned to be coming your way WHAT AN OFFER
this is really is great, one of jones's best. all you christian queers should watch it, spread it to your zionist friends #EMJones
you would think, #NEMO being GODS Country he would favor us with a little more RAIN YOU WOULD THINK
if we don't speak out [against the jews and the shit they're doing] GOD IS GOING TO HOLD US RESPONSIBLE  -- E. Michael Jones
chain immigration into german prisons for White racial loyalists Sylvia Stoltz (sp?), then Monika Schaefer then Alfred Schaefer
a German told Jones there are 1300 political prisoners in german. almost all jew-related, ie holohoax and such
so jones is doing a reverse good cop/bad cop, saying some jews even realize this if you dont like Sicut Judais Non (dont molest jews, but prevent them from fucking your culture [not possible in techly advanced world, i argue]) you're really not going to like Adolf II: Electric Boogajew
jones credits the proto-indoeuropean speakers with coming up with contracts. so he's over on silk road telling iranians americans want peace but our foreign policy controlled by three rich jews so a little racial credit for the piggie chasers and kiddie slicers, eh jones?
"there is a reaction coming that will make what happened in wwii look like a walk in the park" YA THINK ITZ COMING i represent the brain cell of the aryan race the christian claim isnt true Sicult Judais Non, the xtain policy toward jews for 1500 years has lain the white race open to being genocided let's use reason to see what to do: treat jews as termites or mad dogs
so if we dont come up with a human solution to the jew (sicut judaeis non) then we'll get a violent one. that's right. the racial argument is superior to the catholic doctrine and jones is forced to say he loves jews because, hey, you have to love your enemy sorry, e-mike, the logic is undeniable: jews must be exterminated. you've spent the entire hour showing why
even a catholic sees that jews are a race of rotters. all they do is lie and murder people, basically
"all of our institutions are controlled by a group of people whose name we are not allowed to say" --e. michael jones (he means jews and says so overtly repeatedly over time no jonespupping here like alex
even the catholic race-denier agrees: jews control the US

August 15, 2018:

Jones says it's Pitchfork Time.  What can I tell ya, folks?
Jones: oligarchs = homosexuals, CEOs, jews
jones says in his opinion ratzinger resigned because he realized he was surrounded by homosexuals and he couldnt trust these people
so the catholic POV is you either are driven by the lust for power and domination - where you use something horrible to destroy things and incrase your power - or love of god. those are the "only two choices" he says in a typical reduced-jew forced false menu option taken from augustine. yes illogic from the master of logos  how about love of race?
Good line from Jones: destroying the family is like splitting the atom, releases loads of destructive energies that can be used on the good guys like him.
That's me twisting jones twisting sobran.
A hate group is a group you'd better hate lest you be called a hater.
if you're female and when you bend your elbow you arm looks like an amateur reticulated python you may wanna hit the Jiggle Stop for some squat thrusts
Helland: This is the first Jesuit pope. Jones: What that has done, it has emboldened the Jesuits. (30% homo)
so...the oligarchs use the jesuits (more precisely the homos within the jesuits) as their instrument for controlling the catholic church
jesuits have been persecuted terribly because the refused to bend the knee to sodomy! they might show up in your backyard. feed them. show your sorrow for their plight by taking them in a time. but wash the sheets when they leave. just to be safe.
Jones: 30% of Jesuits are homos; 70% are forced to go along if they want to stay as Jesuits. direct quote.
jesuits = America magazine. i think.
so jones says Jesuits are completely controlled by homosexuals. the order is controlled the disorder hey hey
the homosexual is the commissar. he runs the thing (south bend, catholic church) from behind (or in front) of the scenes. the only one who understands this is ross douthat for nyt!
the church has been crippled because it cant criticize its enemies no, it's been crippled because it misdefines its enemies (doctrine of sicut judaeis non) and i dont care about the church. but so long as whiteskins belong to it, their race - the important thing - is imperiled by it
E. Mike Jones is basically like the nigger in "They Live" - he refuses to look thru the racial lens. He gets angry-defensive when you laugh at his silly idea there are three ethnic groups, Protestant, Catholic and Jew, and that race doesnt mean anything / (patriotard style) is make up by 'oligarchs' to divide the people.
Jones says queers feel guilt over their sins. He says feminism the reaction to guilt over abortions.  I dont see persuasive evidence for this. It's true individual cases, but I see no evidence the majority are covering up felt guilt. He's more projecting how he would feel if he were sodomizing and abortin' and such. I assume he's not, which he never does.
the corn snake (shudder) the corn snake (shudder) THE CORN SNAKE COMIN (ow! yip! yipe!) corn to the left snake to the right me with but a pure glass window to hide behind corn corn corn CORN CORN CORN  SNAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKE save me (palp) Cert Man. (huff huff) with your (Degrees) in  too late! appease the corn appease the CORN feed it old brown shoe and hope hope
even videos with mixed-meat faggots hopping around brainlessly were better in the 80s how long till this is kirksville Official City Band??
who can deny there's been an unsubtle decline in the quality of niggering or mulattoing
stop irritating God you hominid-chiggers like the country song sang let your sperm flow like a mountain spring your fucking Glad(tm) brand Glans minime trash bags killing the next generation making space for poofags cumblockers killed america let the cum flow you spermstinging fagmakers
i'm still waiting to hear jones acknowledge sodomy means mouth action too. it does. many dont know that jones: foucault says give us all-sex and you have the rest huxley: they will take your political freedom (the corn snake meme), and trade you sexual license
a dog is a failed wolf owned by a failed human
This reminds me of moving to Salt Lake City as a jr in high school in 1983. Listening to this insane man tell me how these seagulls swooped down and saved the mormons by eating the crickets eating their crops. ie the principal. #PublicSchool
God is punishing us for the sin of contraception. He's visting on us a flock of seagulls in the form of fruit baskets filled with sour apples, remigrants and dingleberries. God visits his wrath on South Bend so the queer can teach us the truth about bungholes, marriage, constipation, reproduction, insanity napkins jailhosed against their will.
The perverts totally dominate the public square in South Bend, Indiana, to the exclusion of normal decent people!
"homosexuals are notorious for their narcissistic fantasies" his fantasy is he's going to go from mayor of south bend to president but he only got in as mayor by hiding the homo now he couldnt be elected dog catcher in kokomo
oh beautiful for gaping holes and shit-encrusted glans STRAIGHT OUTTA SOUTH BEND CRAZY OLD FUCKER NAMED E-MIKE SPITTING KNOWLEDGE BOUT POOSTABBERS THAT HE DONT LIKE poostabrica, poostabrica, god smeared his dick on thee and round dude's dudes he spread bix noods  from sea to shining sea
there is no more america! we hav been conquered by sexual revolutionaries you will bow before the stabbers of poo or we will see it will go hard on you there is no american identity anymore. its gone!
instead of traditional healthy wholesome ALL AMERICAN activities like fireworks and frog-gigging we're all poo-stabbing each other.
sodomy cries out to heaven for vengeance! homos (feminists: abortion) form identity groups to assuage their guilt they are instrumentalized into weapons! poostabber punji sticks! the USA is Great Satan! there are no more americans. just fags!
"The town was taken over by perverts who acted out their sexual compulsions!"  (South Bend)
if it wasnt for govt, we wouldnt have roads
the difference between a pope and a tranny reading children stories is about as big and real as diff between Repubs and Democrats
was today a good day to relax around women? lets gander the DM and see!
"In the legal class we normally find the coatsuit worth more than the man." --Thomas Jefferson
The Scream was actually a nordic 'artist's' Ed-Butte-Munchs imaginative rendering of God screaming at your egregious bungholing tendencies. in the distended, troubled orifice he meant to depict both god's mouth and your twisted anus. Look people. Get right with your holes. Get right with Jesus. Get right with his Eminent Pa. What im saying is: GET RIGHT.
courtroom legal procedure for non-lawyers is almost perfectly parallel to  a cop beating up someone in handcuffs
i havent even watched this yet. when jones gets that aggrieved look describing' God's anguish at all y'all's misusing your anusi for fleeting pleasure-spasms, it's better than "Friends" reruns
the law, as procedures, is the way it is for one reason: to prevent anyone from making a lawyer look bad by outtalking him
the northern whiteskins cant handle anyone thinking different from them. so altho they won the war due to greater boring shrewlike FRIGID (as the cavalier girl screamed at me) screw-numbers the South showed itself bigger souled but to a northerner, the soul isnt a real thing. only bank accounts. and that is the shtetl jew mentality dipped in prot-Anglo
McDonalds = junk food for the body Public schools = junk food for the mind Churches = junk food for the soul
THE POINT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS IS TO GET EVERYONE THINKING THE SAME WAY. AND FORCE THEIR PARENTS TO PAY FOR IT.  TYRANNY. DEHUMANIZING TYRANNY. LEVELING. Public schools are an absolutely terrible idea and cannot be other.  The problem, as with xtianity is the thing itself. Not the clothes or managers.
the strain of whites that won the civil war is the side that works with jews to create an anti-white totalitarian landscape; a land of NO SECOND OPINION allowed on anything right down to bubblegum flavors
i referred to this on the BIG CAT KAYLA (ROWRR) show. it is the single best-quickest summation of the essence of the Civil War. it pertains directly to our situation today, as we are kicked off line for saying the sky is blue. from ang lee's Ride With The Devil
again, just tryin to help a white nigger out: #StoopLife #TheMoreYouGlow
Conservatives waiting for Fairness from the Great Sky Ref are like Linus awaiting the Great Pumpkin. Except I think he actually realizes what he's doing. Christians r about humility in theory, but this just equates to pussiness, never to looking at things from outside themselves. All are just like me (golden rule, Rawls' Original Position) xtian=liberal
VD commenter:  "His manners, and especially his moronic, "I'm better than ALL of you hicks" phony diction and pronounciation every time he spoke (let alone the weirdly halting pauses in every spoken sentence) " which ... came first. the buckley or the walken? did one copy the other?
i buhleefs it, da gol toof troof
only two types of men are allowed to become priests: the sexually deviant and liars
VD commenter:  As a Roman Catholic I gave up (partially) a long time ago, and completely gave up a coupla years back.  Mainly due to the church taking fed money to "help settle" immigrants like the wonderful Somalis who now are my neighbors in rural Boone county Kentucky. They must be the Catholic Somalis we hear so much about. Nah, the church just took the money.
yeah this is not well thought out
as commercially calculated as neo-cuntry. almost paint by numbers
It's no accident that anywhere fantasists gather, child molesters are right at home: - churches - sci-fi or comics conventions shot thru with fucked-in-the-heads You yungfags need to get outside and play football. Get off these fucking screens, they're turning you into, well, bigger faggots.
Comment at Vox Day's site: "  Priests that enable illegals are often doing it for child access, if they're Trekkies it's all but guaranteed they are pedophiles. "
The actual truth of the matter is that no one in the catholic cult, pope, priests or people, really cares about children being molested. The children don't like it, obviously many of their lives are destroyed. But truly, their parents and the priests don't care. They just want them to shut up about it more than they want anything else.
"get em before they're six and you'll have em for life" Catholicism, NAMBLA or both?
it's in the best interest of the kids (a propaganda term) to have the interests of the selfish, vindictive woman prevail in all circumstances nah. it's actually in their interests for their mother to be owned as legal property by a responsible man
Catholic up top: look at my pretty commandments. aint i the moralest cutie you ever seen? catholic underneath:  Church officials routinely and purposefully described the abuse as horseplay and wrestling and inappropriate conduct.  #ThouShaltLieHard
She thinks she should be able to keep the kids all by herself - pure female vindictiveness. And he should be responsible to pay for them. This stupid cunt literally cut off her tits without having cancer. And she wants power to make decisions for other people?
"The mother-of-six, who wowed in head-to-toe black, is reportedly keen on keeping the kids to herself, recently filing court docs claiming ex Brad Pitt is unfit to parent and has 'paid no meaningful child support,' according to Us Weekly." This really is how women think. Jolie is not .01% different from about 99% of women in her situation.
this is what happens when the law empowers a creature not meant for responsibility. Pitt at least has the money to fight back. Jolie = selfish, stupid jackass
The abuse ranged from groping and masturbation to anal, oral and vaginal rape. 'Church officials routinely and purposefully described the abuse as horseplay and wrestling and inappropriate conduct. [notice that at the heart of (((christianity))) is the lie. which is no surprise, as the thing is a creation of the People of the Lie - the jews]
And all the while, shockingly, church leadership kept records of the abuse and the cover-up.  'These documents, from the dioceses' own 'Secret Archives,' formed the backbone of this investigation,' he said at a news conference in Harrisburg.
#Scranton  In 2013, Father W. Jeffrey Paulish was caught having sex with a 15-year-old boy on the campus of the University of Scranton.
In 2013, Father W. Jeffrey Paulish was caught having sex with a 15-year-old boy on the campus of the University of Scranton.
After a police investigation, Timchak was charged with possessing child pornography. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to state prison. On January 24, 2014, Pope Francis granted dispensation to Timchak.
judge a tree by its fruits, said the jesus-rabbi what kind of fruits does the (((catholic cult))) produce? "On December 9, 2008, the Scranton Diocese received an anonymous letter alleging that Father Robert M. Timchak was downloading child pornography. " HEY TORBA.
Reverend Thomas C. Kelley preferred mutual masturbation, oral sex, and anal sex with men between 18 and 25. At least five men came forward to accuse Kelley of inappropriate sexual conduct. ... Kelley was dissuaded from returning to the Erie Diocese because of his past behavior. Instead, he relocated to Texas, where he was allowed to serve as a minister.
Ulincy is alleged to have offered the boy alcohol. He also offered to ‘dry him off’ after the shower. The priest then pinned the boy down on a bed and ‘anally penetrated him,’ the victim told an investigator working for the Diocese in June 2010. ... Ulincy admitted that the victim was telling the truth. But no criminal charges were ever filed.
Yarrosh ended up serving just three months. Upon his release, he registered with Pennsylvania State Police as a sex offender. After his release from prison, Yarrosh was allowed to continue as a priest.
In May of that year, Pennsylvania State Police charged Yarrosh with 110 counts of sexual abuse of children. Yarrosh was found to have had hundreds of child pornography photos, books, magazines, video, and DVDs in his possession, according to the grand jury report. #ClassicCatholic
Not infighting, ENfighting. The EN is for ENEMY
Always remember what E. Mike Jones says, that ye may mock him. "The catholic church protects the weak from the strong!"
In 2006, Bender was arrested by an undercover police officer in New York State who posed as a '14-year-old boy' whom the former cleric tried to lure to a hotel room on Long Island. PEDOPHILE OR QUEER?  Not so easy to answer, is it? Because despite the (((propaganda))), there's a huge overlap between them.
Whites are going their own way and leaving the levantine christ cult behind. Drown yourself in the third-world fondue, with you nigger- and boy-loving priests, christ curs. You're welcome to it. The white cause is not for christians. Because christianity is anti-White. #TeamWhite
Catholicism is based on lies, and its priests are genuine sickos. Joseph Behe, dead at 45 after an opioid overdose, was raped so violently at seven-years-old he suffered an injury to his spine
The jewish infiltration of the catholic church began with Jesus the "rabbi" and "king of the jews."  Christianity is jewish garbage for goyish idiots, akin to CNN.
imagine taking one of those splooge flashlights into a typical lugubriously dank dark god
'The real scandal is the abuse was aided and abetted by the hierarchy that protected reputation & money over children'   Catholic Center For Moral Excellence and Tasty-Fresh Sperm
"Shut up, don't say anything, let the priests molests your children, and everything will be fine."  the invisible slogan written over every splayed portal in christendom
God is the creation of the liar and the little man, neither of whom will or dares stand behind his own words. 'It's your word against God's': Heartache of five sisters abused by the same priest who died as he awaited trial
" The 900 page grand jury report is based on records from six dioceses It puts the 'real number' of child victims 'in the thousands' " (((Christianity))) is anti-White.
(((Christianity))) #TeamWhite gives you the truth chickenshit nationalists run away from.
((( Grand Jury reveals the depravity of 301 priests who sexually assaulted at least 1,000 children - which the Catholic church covered up )))
Like I say, all christians are spirit-queers. And very, very many are flesh queers too.
In theory, there are priests who aren't queers and pedophiles.
listen to me on the BIG CAT KAYLA ROWRRR HOUR* *acshuly 8hrs

August 14, 2018:

that broad in the blood red shirt is all ooh ooh eat me next
look at that woman preening her hair, at some level women are aware how ridiculous they are
man shows vegans what's up
so can even average sort of women charge 250k for first-use?
" Mom, Rachel says she is unsure what provoked the dog, an Akita, into attacking her son who has been around the pup many times before.   " dogs are like bent-over niggers
dogs are scum
around women never relax VII
fucking DM retards. "RETARDS WIT CAMERAS" ought to be their motto
around women never relax VI
around women never relax V
around women never relax IV, the facening (even if that woman is YOU)
nebraska with the score
the bitch pulls plug on her man's kayak, kills him, gets insurance money could any man do this?
around women never relax III
realistic ideas are so bizarre-threatening-unheard of to 'normies' that one begins to feel like a giant squid in an acquarium or a carny on a stool leering at little kids (((we))) really are building Lunchables-equivalent hominids fit for the Littl Peepl Brave New World.
when dindu nuffin gets ass whipped by dindu mcrgruffin, ENTERTAINMENT VALUES are the real winner

August 13, 2018:

#FBI look at this. This is who you work for. Yeah, you cooper-compete with it, but you're in the same evil machine.
" to comprehensively build a fake reality. And new fake realities built on existing fake realities." --Anglin on jewing news They do this as 'history' - it's really almost awesome in the way they tell cross-multiple-generational lies, adding bits and pieces, kind of like their fellow insects building a comb. Study #LeoFrank. All there. Entire jewcrocosm
what two words better describe hillary clinton than brazen liar?  fugly pantsuitwearing cunt? well ya got me there. but still. brazen liar comes pretty close! she is genetic-goy who is extremely jewlike
we need to EXPEL the jews who are trying to GENOCIDE us do ya HEAR what yr sayin'?
when jews run things, all the most jewlike whites rise to the top, think hillary clinton and this fukt weirdo strzok, who should be lying over a bench in polakia or whatever his peeps come from
around women never relax II
just like anne morrow lindbergh, no character. she married trump because status, when he's shit on by all media, doesnt want to be associated with him. i'm just here for the beer man
around women never relax
" We’ve heard this rhetoric a lot of late, this idea that white America needs to be defended. At the heart of that assertion is the idea that whites are under fire — an idea that is definitionally centered in racism. " Says the same media full of white privilege, white fragility, etc etc.
"  A sense that white Americans are disadvantaged or being held to stricter, more exacting standards than other groups is central to the perceived need to protect white Americans, which is, fundamentally, what white nationalism is about.  " It's objectively factual that Whites are discriminated against - but jews ALWAYS treat it as perception / belief.
white man. let the woman dominate you in the home, the jew in the street. why you're not a man at all, are you?

August 12, 2018:

right-wingers bragging about being peaceful while talking about being in a race war
so any force that tries to distort normal and correct family relations is by that fact anti-white - as today's media, today's court system, family law in particular. jews have promoted feminism to destroy not just the man and the institution of the family, but get rid of the very idea of 'man' and 'manliness' and just pour the coffee on the countertop
so the biblical model is abraham and sarah. the woman listens to the man. the man listens to god. for an atheist view, the man has to stay rational, long-term focused - because if he submits to the hysterical myopia and overreaction of the woman-fire, it will burn the family he has created and is trying to lead to the ground. look at it either way, the MAN MUST LEAD
vatican II promulgated doctrine of MUTUAL SUBMISSION. that's the marxist doctrine. rahter than wife submits to husband, husband and wife submit to each other
in america, the interpretation of the bible follows the victorious army (sherman and grant), like hooker's brigade
"st augustine says genesis is to be read literally and historically" helland
brownson (orestes) says it's either catholicism or evolution - you cannot mix 'em as i'm saying about white nationalism and christianity
Orestes Bronson, possibly greatest catholic thinker of 19th century jumped on Origin of Species this theory is so evil and so wrong it will destroy christianity #CatholicPOV
so the Pope backed the South, because even tho protestant, the South wasn't upsetting the social order as the north was. yet after the war, notre dame was quick to suck up to the winners, prefiguring complete sellout under hesburgh in the middle-20th century (cucking on birth control & abortion for personal advantage, just as RC conservatives do)
are women noted for being consistent or fickle? well, that's why they're unfit to lead families or nations
a woman leading a family makes as much sense as a deflating balloon leading an air force squadron
pretty sure the bible says women should submit to their husbands and focus their mindlets on sandwiches, their construction and timely delivery it is good
"hen-pecked = voice of the wife rules. and of course that's extremely evil" preach on brother
helland says faggots are products of men failing to take proper leadership in their families. and of course the modern (((state))) is state is set up to make that legally impossible, the minute the woman feels unhappy
but he's absolutely right: the woman cannot rule the family, the man must. that's why the state makes its anglo-jewish point to destroy families by empowering the incapable woman and disestablishing, imprisoning and berating-taxing-'destroying' the man. destroy white families by disrespecting and destroying the white man.
catholicism produces weak, little men who brag about being sheep and slaves of some jewish faggot they call jesus but protestantism produces men who are women who think sex freaks in drag reading-hectoring little children at library tot hour is a good idea WHERE THE WIN HERE
'Sanctimonious madmen' - the St. Louis judge Luke Lawless summed up the Anglo abolitionists agitating for imminent liberation of the negro. So they remain today. hearts strictured & sclerosed, visages stoned against all sanity, humanity, reason, laughter, tolerance (yes) - as they abuse anyone who impedes their sick vision of social utopia.
only in northeastern missouri (#NEMO aka God's country) do we combine the horselaugh of Mencken and the clamshell wave of the genuine alabama floatmaid
the south is the land of real palms; the north is the land of real face palms pussy hats - this is the proud fruit of northern penchant for ismism and lucubration
Dabney foresaw the pantsuit. He deduced Hillary from sheer math! Much the way Ringer Bigsby / Nacolm Partisane (depending who you believe) deduced the existence of Pluto, once provided with high quality graphing paper. The cold & miserable north goes naturally with bad ideas. The South is hot, which conduces naturally to fighting, which is wholesome.
then he quotes dabney, whose definition of conservatism we have praised. dabney says this crank ideology driving the north will destroy everything - free love, equality are just two of the wacky ideas it justifies if we could resurrect the dab he would look around at library tranny hour (bring your kids!) and say thatz whum talkin' about
evolution does away with adam and eve, a story that is totally true
henry ward beecher, the 'pope of the protestants,' gave main speech at sumter after the war - The big northern theologian.  also given to veneering other men's wives.
the loathing catholics have for darwin is to me inexplicable. a guy has a theory, it's either right or wrong. darwin was no radical or criminal in his studies or personal life. it's more reasonable to hate the popes for pushing devolution

August 11, 2018:

we turned away from jesus...and toward the pantry
civic spiritualism is good because . ..?
So if you think there's any difference between cats when the lights are on, well, we won't leave the light on for you. Cuz Motel Six opposes racism. In Charlottesville, D.C. - and everywhere.
This is Tom Burdette for Motel Six. You know, I was thinking the other day there are some things so bad no one should have to endure them them. Like prune-fried rice. Aunt Nona from Swuagobwag may like it - but she eats spiders. Another thing no one should be exposed to is racism.
remember to spay or neuter your nigger. its important.
a society in which the real cause cant be named, the real trouble not identified, the real solution off the table yet at the same time we endlessly told to vote to debate to talk, dialogue etc how would this not drive any people insane?
somewhere a village of blue whales is missing its anorexic idiot #OurHeather
you ever just like you're sitting there and THOUGHT pops up, the way ear wax sometimes just falls out. gotta be pretty fucking abstract to get ELEPHANTS and HUMANS into the same category (mammals, nigger). just how on the up and up was this linnaeus. we know he's swedish. that alone raises questions. all i say is that's some ballsy lumping
are fat people jolly? or constipated with smoldering resentments?
#HeyerSidewalkFund We're asking you to pledge a dollar for every pound poor Heather weighed (228).  We will use the money to draft plans to present to the Charlotteville Communist Council for sidewalk enwidening, so that justice-fired large gals have a place to bleat and beat feet in safety, without needing to use the carspace (road).
people are made of atoms but wtf are atoms? they are the classic 'disintegrates upon inspection' people are spirits, like motifs or gay little themes in music. and if you could hear them all at the same time it would be STILL not as bad as bela barthok (this, fans of teknik will call the alt-WELLINGTON)
the root of the problem is and probably has always been  CHINESE LIZARDS we were just too blind to see it.
nigger tries to steal plane to go to rap concert; fails white man steals plane, does barrel roll; succeeds
" And the world is going to have to live with the consequences of Rich’s generation of white men coming to a sudden realization that it is better to die as Icarus than live as a servant in a hell run by baby-murdering, child-raping kikes intent on wiping their race out of existence. "
this is just a society falling apart
"  At one point he joking asked: 'Hey do you think if I land this successfully Alaska will give me a job as a pilot?' A controller, trying to keep him on side, replied: 'You know, I think they would give you a job doing anything if you could pull this off', to which Rich said: 'Yeah right! Nah, I’m a white guy.'  "
Trumpie workin hard for dem coons. "Dance with the one that brung you." is a solid adage.
now we survived...but after that i never let Jesus take the wheel again
so i let him drive, next thing i know his hand is on my knee and he's all parablizing about a "faith pass." now i'm not saying we hadnt been drinking, but before i can matriculate the night down the field the speedometer starts moving rightward like a hooked marlin. it's already after midnight and He's going to blind pass UP A HILL at 90fMPH!
we've come to a pretty pass when not even supplicating the jews with your hidden dildo trick will guarantee safe internet passage #GapinGalvin
i truly wonder if the actual number of mennonites / amish is recorded accurately
i also saw for first time a BLACK (i kid you not) with the mennonites (one group, they are legion), same headgear. and one menno that was near microcephaly. and whites who will pay 20 or 40 an hour to rent golf carts or ATVs because they are so fat they cant or wont walk around in hot sun and lose some weight
great white people i saw today at Rutledge tiny tot hopping around, blonde blue eyed, gave me a giant smile! perfectly turned out 15yo (estimate) mennonite girl. the controlled dress just emphasizing the incredible beauty she's becoming older blonde with nice deep tan, light blue eyes and giant tits!  there may have been men there too i didnt notice
progressivism is simply messianic christianity with heaven relocated to earth in some glorious future after you renegade yesterfuckers give up your hateful pedophobia etc without end. awomen.
the white cause is for people who value our raciality.  it's not us telling catholics to stop worshiping niggers and outbreeding with mexicans it's them and the rest preventing US from legally exercising our free association if they want FONDUE OUT BRO, that's their business why wont they let us neo-BE-IN ie WHITE-IN
copy what works off the existing platforms - and what makes this one different is it's WHITE. it's operated by WHITES for their people alone. you could let others use it, as long as they werent criminals, but no one would be allowed to run the thing who wasnt down with the basic idea. and thus create virtual enthosed state ONLINE - so our people SEE possibilities
imagine you had someone like Kevin MacDonald deciding how to use 10,000,000$ the first year to help the perservation and strengthening of the race. so he puts out 500k to some people to develop a K-12 racial curriculum that can be used by all white parents in any land and next year the amount to divide up is 15m or 20m and growing
in Missouri there's like a 1/4 % conservation tax would you pay a 1% White conservation tax to a utility that would host your website, let you do paypal functions, trade with other people like amazon or ebay.  there has to be a way to do something like this. we have a huge community of people. the money spun off by a white conservation tax,
this is the problem: you start trying to do one thing - and you end up killing yourself trying to do everything - because you have to. yet you're not qualified except in one or two areas. this is truly a collective task. we need trusted elders. to outline needs. then put together a rollout plan. then people can invest and use. and the trading platform is dynamo
have a platform. a white fee that generates money from trading/use without effort - no endless fucking begging. that kills people psychologically when they need to be focused on their task - developing the platform, writing news, putting together a white curriculum. have a White Council of Elders - have them tasked with distributing a portion
think this out people conservatively HALF the country hates the fucking media, votes trump all the top FAGS are at trillion in valuation all the top colleges have tens to hundreds billions in endowmen how can there not be one ACTUALLY USEFUL all-purpose utility serving HALF THE COUNTRY. this cannot be.  it is beyond absurd.  there are a TRILLION dollars 4 some1
a host that truly wont buckle supporting free speech a trading platform. 1% White tax for founding our 'ethnostate' online (honest others can use this platform too) so we can buy or sell to each other as a community. that way no need for donations or appeals, the donation is you know 1% (or whatever) is going to fund the platform that protects & serves everybody
i was just out at Rutledge, a flea market in a pasture. whitest thing you can imagine southern rebels with flag shirts, bald, goatees etc mingling with mennonites. everybody calm, cool, happy, peaceful, getting along FUCKING UTOPIA truly uptopia. no religion brings this about, it's just white people acting naturally without external pressure
start a utility that processes payments and  hosts all the usual internet ISP abilities do something equivalent to Amazon/Ebay - i have a url for this take a small bit to fund the operation make profit people would be happy to use something white to white buying/selling mechanism  IF their money is protected we had this going - boom ccs are hacked. it WILL work
We shouldnt have to become technical wizards to state non-illegal opinions online and  transfer money. But we must. And we are literally more than half the country. We need an all-purpose NORMAL WHITE utility that anyone normal or white can use.
From where I sit, Torba and Gab has exactly the same problem I had when VNN was peaking in 2000-2005. Every single day, get up, is the site online? Kicked off so many servers it wasnt funny. How have things improved one bit? Gab is huge - and still the same exact problem. It could be kicked off from one second to the next for no reason. This is utterly aburd.
Vox Day: " Plenty of people have the resources to start a bank and a payment processor. They just have to do it. "
would one of you fucking niggers START A BANK / PAYMENT PROCESSOR already mother of fuckers
Any space left free will be dominated by the right. The judeo-left tacitly acknowledges this by its actions.
The jews and public schools have raised up a mess of narcissistic idiots, criminals, people who are too stupid even to suspect they're being lied to. These thoughts inspired by the WP comment section, which I have to wonder if be 'curated' as it violates one of my laws.
i would love to see a between-the-lines-style takedown of that WP article on Fields. i am not qualified to do it
Can you people believe how INCREDIBLY LUCKY you are to slurp air at the same time I'm alive? #NARCISSATURDAY
WP tissue of lies

August 10, 2018:

what are you reading nigger? i'm finishing dr zhivago and a shitty novel by dave barry and some kike zweibel (Lunatics) and starting bio of Warren Beatty and Orscheln circular Nothing could be worse than when there's nothing on tv, says the man of elf WRONG SIR WRONG running out of worcestershire sauce is worse
when they say "white people problems" they're tacitly admitting they cant create a society that rises above rape or be rapen this is the white cause: among ourselves, the LDC is highest. otherwise, the normal is defined by the nigger
here is an insight no on has ever properly expressed you can only get so much out of yourself you can get a MULTIPLE of that by pissing off the right people in the right way #DarkestArt #Pisspiration
80s songs just seem so much better than any other decade
the idea that people are horrible ravening wolves inwardly is so faggily overwrought. people are mostly oblivious and weak. wambaugh mic-dropped it: SCROTES "muh ahm an original sinner" and gangster too, budger!  oh you a bad un, yooze
"Did you find what you were looking for?" THE BANANAS DID NOT ELUDE ME.
I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar. That much is true.
still remember way back in the day, 70s, getting a free volume of National Geographic's (i think it was) Peoples of the World...and as a little kid I could tell by a FINGERNAIL the creature in question was a difference species from suburban me
i thought people understood - "social justice" - a term jews use unironically is communist propaganda it just means - you own nothing, everything yours belongs to (((us))) to distribute as we see fit
Heather  was no feather Can you take me higher? asked Pearl Jam No ma'am --Odgen Nash
we need a goyim knowing dance, like, professionally choreographed one of you sandwich makers  needs to get to steppin UP (long as sandwiches are sorted)
#Blowout is like a sideways mullet but as it sounds a suicide-themed hairstyle for men.  the left side is normal; the right side is after the exploding brain matter from a self-kill shot
Jesus was a spiritual hermaphrodite, combing the wimpiness of the truecuck with the drama-queening of the girly girl. On top of these sterling qualities he didnt exist. But you keep worshipping him, li'l tugger.
got an all-white country? be a lot cooler if you did --Matt M.

August 09, 2018:

i write for the intelligent; the real special-needs crowd
#FBI is keeping an eye. I'll use that hashtag, agents, on posts that show you why someone might be tempted to say #TimeToKill is now. Look at the server stuff here at Gab today. We can't have one site that allows people to speak freely. Because rules that don't apply to coloreds or jews do apply to whites who dont like what your employers are doing to our nation.
anybody got griffin's stuff on Congo?  i'm going to use some of that recherche Alabama learning to educate the common folk here in God's country (#NEMO)
what does teach a man to fish mean when it comes to political matters? it means, if you can explain to him what jews actually are, and explain their agenda, he has the universal key to understand all junk media and library-/college-acceptable history
the brainwashing is so deep, a true Gleichshaltung has been achieved. it's hard to tell people everything they've been taught is wrong, but that's pretty much the only accurate summary
if jews "hate" the christianity they invented, surely this would have been published long ago and hyped to the moon. but no. "The only comprehensive account of Christianity’s crimes against the pagan world is Karlheinz Deschner’s ten-volume Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (Criminal History of Christianity)" =never been translated into English
Rumor: Broke Bum by Hy-Vee Living High Life #NEMO

August 08, 2018:
my blog will allow racism, but come down HAHD on pigfarmerism. yeah i'm cucking on the pigfarmer crit. Those bastards are wily and mean and they have nature's top disposal unit at their disposal. also i live very near iowa, a famous pig center, and those people are large. so, yeah, i'm reegcucking, but i'm going LARGE on the global stuff
i'm going to quote myself as a really first-rate example of my own thought you know what that article is so great just read the whole fucking thing. the world in a champagne bubble
[something i wrote years ago. this is my Kirksville Today blog, the one the German Thought Crimes Po-Hos wrote a formal letter about. Alt-fan mail to this nigger. Speaking of which...] Niggers Shoot Up McDonald’s [in fact their dirty letter cited this gempost]
wow just wow...havent been on my kirksville today blog in years... i'm restarting it will put some links here. in it looking around, crazy comments - there is so much suppressed news, people are so frustrated. i mean there hasnt been a post on the fucking blog in 5 yeasr and there are comments from last month. wtf? this is blog that german thought police sent on
The man laughs. The woman cries. Not much laughing in the glub glub itz the christ club, is there?
Why are white men and even women killing themselves? No hope. Remember: people lack imagination more than any other lack. They can't ENVISION a different future. THey think what IS is inevitable. They need a RACIAL VISION from SERIOUS US.
Let me be absolutely clear: jews and xtians must be dealt with in separate ways. Physical attacks on xtianity will not work. Just as you beat men but shame women, same with jews and xtians. Jews get whatever termites get. Xtians get race-strength based counterparts to their institutions, and watch the common people, the born Aryans, choose strong over weak.
i WISH i would go bald so i could wear toupee like Trafficant
if you're young, watch the Terrance Popp videos on youtube. i dont agree with all he says, but he has a lot of good info and stories
i really feel Sam Kinison, the only celebrity i ever wanted to meet -- and who nearly killed me in a van down by a river -- his howls of comedic anguish INSPIRE ME INSULT MORE INSULT BETTER INSULT HARDER i will surround you like tentworms and envelop you in COCOON OF HORROR (jerry cooney, the funniest thing ever said by officially licensed hominid)
i'm getting angry thinking about all the great stuff i could have read that ancestors of todays dirteating baptists DESTROYED you fucking clay-licking cretins are man-curs
Just as I said back in 2007 or 08 that we must ATTACK conservatives - so I say today we must ATTACK christians. WE must make whoever looks see that WHITE is the only TRUE OPPOSITION to the JEW SYSTEM. POLARIZE into TEAMWHITE and TEAMJEW we are doing that, but make it always STRONGER CLEARER HARDER
As would be predicted-expected by our theory about jews running things and their genocidally anti-white agenda, jews  - invent crimes committed by whites-xtians and - suppress knowledge of crimes committed by  whiteskin christians against Europeans BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE CRISTIANITY IS ANTIWHITE
so notice you hear from jews endlessly that xtianity is anti-jew, but you dont hear AT ALL that christianity is anti-white (anti-European), as this book and review show so you who say xtianity is pro-white again take javelin of fact up yr hapless ass
Traficant means raccoon in Italian. few know that. i like to share my advanced knowledge with the underbooked.
some, like barrack obama, say the muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful sound in the world.  others say it's a raccoon sneezing what say you?
i come on the internet to be a Man. so yall shrews get to steppin. in my outdoors life, when i am not sashaying gaily over the plain (lie - missouri has lovely hills, unlike unlovely flatnasty failed cornhole state of illinois that MY GR8 ANCESTOR tried 2 save) i deal 99% with women and xtians. i am polite, honest, reasonably clean & helpful. a reglar GOYSCOUT.
so what's happening is the coastal (cuz it's in dc big 25 years ago) bummage has jaded the population, the third-worlding of which has exerted a certain downward pressure on the eleemosynary impulse. so they light out for new territory. SALT LAKE CITY - free salt and sucker mormons! and intrepid few (go east, broke man) find smalltown in God's country. BING!
can anyone get me those deschner books? i've never heard of or seen them anywhere??
This. Fucking. Country.
oh wait i left out he's sitting there with BROKE sign. making 3 figs a day donations in a lower-middle class economic area #LOL
OMG  i. cant. even. you remember me bitching about the lil taste of LA, SLC we get here in #NEMO kvil town of 17k.  guy sitting daily at major intersection, appears able bodied, up and down streets full of workers needed... apparently he's a drunk. making 100-200 day in donations. and eating at mission (for free lol) as mencken said, God is a low comedian
Christianity is jewish garbage for whiteskin simpletons, criminals and cowards.  Christianity is anti-White, always has been, cannot be otherwise.
So xtianity destroyed classical traditions. Not that you'll hear any right-wing idiot young-fogey 'traditionalist' ever mention that.
" Celsus observed that “slaves, women and little children” and “the foolish, dishonorable and stupid” were those most receptive to the Christian message, which is not surprising in light of the Christians’ contempt for the wise, the strong, and the honorable. " So it is today.
" . have been obliterated just like smoke.” He gloated that the writings “of the Greeks have all perished and are obliterated.” “Where is Plato? Nowhere! Where is Paul? In the mouths of all!”
" John Chrysostom delighted in the decline of paganism: “The tradition of the forefathers has been destroyed, the deep rooted custom has been torn out, the tyranny of joy [and] the accursed festivals . . [contd]
Christianity is anti-White.
Let the Christ-lie die with you. #TeamWhite
" That the Church preserved a fraction of the total body of Classical manuscripts and art does not change the fact that Christianity’s triumph was made possible in large part by the destruction of paganism. "
" much more was destroyed than was preserved" christianity - a jewish production
Notice the parallel to jews This is not to say that the Church didn’t also preserve things: it did. But the story of Christianity’s good works in this period has been told again and again; such books proliferate in libraries and bookshops. The history and the sufferings of those whom Christianity defeated have not been. This book concentrates on them.
" The only comprehensive account of Christianity’s crimes against the pagan world is Karlheinz Deschner’s ten-volume Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (Criminal History of Christianity), which has never been translated into English. " just like Solzhenitsyn's 200 years and you say christianity is anti-jew "you fool man, you fool"
wits of nit rons of mo gather together to play in the snow --Odgen Nash
" My oldest son was born in the last year of Generation Zyklon, by that definition. He likes to point at people sideways and tell them they aren't cool. "
Gary Wee Herman was the angrier, lesser known brother of Pee. #TheLessYouKnow
what is the difference between a the pope (not grammar error i meant to do that (cit P. Wee Herman) and a drag queen reading tots books and lying that biology doesn't exist?
if you were king of Jew Council, how would you act? if your goal were to destroy whites so your people could rule forever? think like that, their agenda is is spottable and p-r-e-dictable why don't we have a White Council - a Scanhedrin?
whites have to SEE (because people are without IMAGINATION even more than brains, will or knowledge) the alternative we dont want the christian mentality we dont need an alternative the christian-jewish Christ-lie we need an alternative spirit - akin to what we saw in pageantry of the living Germans Not weakness and meekness but strength and laughter.
What you can do to help your race - prepare a short and full bibliography of unjewed literature suitable for the enjoyment and education of white children #TeamWhite
i love these illustrations that affect to show 'traditional european dress.' like zimjka grinkovich togs up like a Faberge egg before going out to hoe the rutebagas and wink at the donkey most of that shit is completely concocted, like the scottish manskirt and the german dress
all this crap, yes online too, flows from yielding the paper right of free association without bloodshed. the j-gov now claims the right to force or deny association per its whims and political agenda.

August 07, 2018:
notice alt-right has disappeared, claimed now only by redskin vox day white nationalism is the correct name for the thing
My response then: What an elitist and a drama king!  My response now: Sorko really called the whole imminent-rise-of-white-nationalism thing, and we should have listened to him.
to the elite jews writing your tv shows, hitler = tucker = alex jones = klan = maltese = normal rockwell.
“From time to time I’ll read some of the comments under stories … to get a sense of what it must be like at a Klan meeting.” —Aaron Sorkin, The Atlantic Wire, May 18, 2011
and if you asked this cunt if jeong (sp?) comment were hatre - ONOES THATS TOTERS DIFFS
" we should not treat information provided by proven liars and racists with the same credulity we treat information given to us by organizations and individuals with trustworthy track records for accuracy and fairness. " --Kate "Kommissar" Knibbs
“Sorkin is clearly terrified of the internet and the floodgate it opens for non-white-male voices to be heard and taken seriously, and he truly, laughably believes that we’d be better off without it,” Emily Yoshida wrote for The Verge.
" Four of the 10 largest wildfires in California history have occurred in the the past five years,"...
#fires - wildfires or willedfires?
finally they come out with names. 3 whites, a black-style home invasion
he only gets to see them every other week as part of the custody agreement. 2 points: Children actually need fathers MORE than mothers. Not less. Not equal. More. Men are better than women at guiding children, just as they are better than women at everything else.
This is what marriage is these day - per the laws put in place by jews to destroy white families: One follower asked bluntly why Meyer and Palin had divorced, to which he said: 'She wasn't happy with me so it's for the best.'  When asked if he would one day remarry, Meyer said bluntly: 'Hell no.' [Fickle, myopic women legally empowered 2 disintegrate family on whim
And i might say snidely, of course it's a bridge too far to expect a Daily Mail 'writer' to apply 'despite' correctly. Despite saying he had 'nothing to hide', Cheney said he had already let police search his home and land. 
Disgusting display of pigfarmerism per this Tibbets gal:
if one student at a college has a fed-backed loan, then the entire school has to comply with the zog regulations. but these trillion-dollar social media behemoths are "private" - the mere fact they're using the DARPA (fed - DOD)-developed internet ought to mean the first amendment comes with the territory. i dont see how common carrier doesnt apply.
atlanta (crime) thread already 14 pages

August 06, 2018:

Apparently, white people believe they can “catch the black” by swimming in the same water with black people because they have become very protective of their pools. Black people in a blue blue pool is every bit as viscerally disgusting as black black cat turds in beige beige litter.
aficionados will appreciate the half-Wellington above
God was on the side of the South. The South lost. Even one or two out of 500 Boers might realize you cant exactly explain the outcome by saying "we turned away from God." You gave God your full support. Southies. And...He's Not That Into You. #LOLSOUTH
if you say god's on our side and you lose, then how can you complain about the victorious north coming to throw moral hectoring on your pyre. you invited it. they 'god' better than you, they won, they're entitled to tutor you. play stupid games win stupid prizes.
if you say God's on our side. and you lose. then. if you're a serious man. you've clowned yourself big floppy shoe up the ass style. the South can only resolve this conundrum with limp mutterings. the dirt-eatin' dopes done d'ohed demselves. whereas if you leave the imaginary big brothers out of it, if you lose, you just say, we lost. with no greater meaning.
" Last year, White Allies took home the title in the first sanctioned competition. " Notice the parallel to women instinctively despising men who worship them.
no mention of all the people beaten up at trump rallies.
Live To Cuck * Cuck to Live Christian-Davidson, an American Tradition
if you think you can shame christians for their cucking you dont get it cucking is their ideal
show me what the slovenliest sad-sackest neo-nazi has ever done that approaches in cringe value what whiteskin christian elected politicians do daily to show their subservience to israel
what are women up to these day?
look at this commitment
Trump: "Groups the media hate: WHITE PEOPLE. honest people. WHITE PEOPLE. sexually normal people. WHITE PEOPLE. Citizen Americans. WHITE PEOPLE. "
Trump should say the media is indeed the enemy of WHITE people. and just keep hitting that.
i guess we incited young men to peace when we told them not to fall for the jew WMD bullshit - which WN alone said was a jew warmongering Bie Lie
the bottom line: they will-might-could-wont-??? fudge incitement charge for the WN leader; they will ignore overt, public, videotaped, textbook-legal incitement by a member of a protected class (black 'victim' father at ferguson).  that's realpolitik.
the jew scheme really depends on conflating, confusing, reassigning blame, guilt, responsibility, etc. you're "linked" to this. you're associated with that. you're "inciting" the other (whom you never even met). it's all bs. and shoot-the-messenger: "you're the bad guy because you mentioned the taboo thing."
i dont agree the kids should be taken away or the parents punished.
"reality is what doesn't go away when we stop believing in it"  jesus fails this test. diseases pass it.
They had not heard about Gab, so I explained to them it's the free speech Twitter alternative. But they had some of my gabs on paper. So they must have been given printouts.  But I did stand behind #TimeToKill because I do believe I and you and anyone white and screwed IS justied in killing oppressors. And like I tell you, I think before I type, and I stick to it after.
I explained to them that it is the social-racial circumstances created by their employer (fedgov) that is 'inciting' White violence, as increasing numbers of white men with no hope and willing to take desperate, rational measures since the peaceful democratic channels are not allowed to work (family court, elections, etc).
Just for the record:  The FBI in the form of two young white men came by to talk to me today. #TimeToKill. What's up with that? They think it's on the line. I explained to them that the facts alone about what is going on in this (((world))) are enough to get whites to kill their oppressors. I discussed Breivik, Miller, Mair, #HeroDylanRoof.
Local media has Rahms back by focusing on the 7 arrests at Lollapalooza ReplyNew Comment 8 - 666 +
Christianity values the individual?  It values SHIT individuals and MORALLY EMPOWERS them to destroy VALUABLE individuals by forbidding as immoral the genocidal species battles nature engages continually. Christianity = lay down your weapons, white man. Give up. Blend with the inferior and destructive element. It's what Jesus wants.
does it make more sense to treat nigger as individuals or a species of wild animal? you know the answer your church says that's immoral why is christianity at war with functional eyes, common sense, logical thinking and effective action?
we need nigger abatement districts...since ethnostate is such a stupid and needlessly confusing term
insensitive is only an argument when it come to dick snipping
combine the Family Fun with Helpful Teaching - there are always more vermin around than we can see...not all of them have 6 feet!...but we can defeat them using our brain
A fun and wholesome alternative to jewish television is Insect Bowling you take a glass pie plate, fill it with water and a couple drops of detergent. set in on the floor somewhere it wont be stepped on the next morning, you and the kids can lay on your bellies and examine the various six-footers you've collected #NewHeloise
Judeo-feminism is an attack on the white race. it disestablishes the man as head of the basic unit (the family, not the indivudal), and replaces him with the female in order to destroy the family and weaken ALL of its members. feminism hurts women just as much as it hurts men - and not as much as it hurts WHITE children.  #TeamWhite
i love people like this, i wish there were more of them
shooting at "peace in the city" rally. color me nogshocked
gun control works great for the bodyguarded class...for the rest of us there's shooting back-slash-nigger control
all money does is make the nigger niggerier
I blow my nose on your moggie.
Look at all these families and men destroyed by family courts. Gee, you'd think there'd be a lot of country music about that? Like, corresponding to angry white men movements that pushed Gingrich and Trump? But there's not. It's all Queef Suburban, Ah Drank Her Bayuthwater as far as the 'guy' can see. How do we explain this Dog That Didnt Bark?
Culture is downstream from politics too. Cities destroyed via anti-white policies. Jews promoting one kind of alleged music over another. Only one point of view allowed on 'public' airwaves. Only one racial-sexual-etc position promoted thru public schools.
The boolagong is a low-slung, crepuscular animal, only visible to virgins and those with pure hearts. There is only one known instance of its being captured on film.  #NEMO
Knowledge of the the jew and its agenda is the grand unified theory of social relations. Except it's not dream, it actually works. Knowledge of the jew and its agenda is the skeleton key that unlocks all doors. The jew is the WHY you seek.
saying that humans are naturally religious is exactly parallel to saying that capitalism = miners working 16 hours underground for slave wages
the duluth background is good.
they write laws against you, take money from you, and reduce your life-scope and prospects - while accusing you of privilege and imaginary crimes they're actually committing themselves. this is the west for decades now we cut the knot by killing the kikes
all verbal efforts should put white men on the defensive, that the attack may proceed White men should think incisively: we must kill the jews who are directing all this. The rest of the groups have no private power, no coordination, no brains - without jews directing them and given them access to mass institutions and media.
is Mike Pence a man? is Jeff Sessions a man? is root beer beer?
a penis is one part of a man but a womb is the entire woman true, they technically have sandwich fetchers and ears for man-instructions, but i think you get the point
The jews are the problem. Exterminating them is the solution. (((Christianity))) is the impediment to grasping/executing this. That's it. Game over intellectually.  NEXT
eyeliner is not supposed to imprison the eye do you even makeup sis "halfway for full effect" --Ricky Nistro, eyeliner expert to the C-list

August 05, 2018:

some interesting stuff about abu ghraib
christianity is all about love love is the christian term for febreeze it will make the smell of cowardice, laziness, mind-hating and excessive conformity go away. the smell. not the vices themselves. christ is a sci-fi character created by Stan Lee but his curs are all too real (((CHRISTIANITY))) IS ANTI-WHITE. #TeamWhite
it is a fucking beautiful thing to see, wherever you go on shittube you find kike-knowers dominating the scene
melania's just another gold-digging whore
harry cant you see you're marrying a nigger?? harry: that's the point
classic anglo is what harry's doing: posture. above all, my son POSTURE AT ALL COSTS this is the original version of PERCEPTION IS REALITY which is truth to idiots
still, the white side of markle's dont understand how to act. what you do is  say: the prince will learn in time what we know today, and that's my last comment on it. they just seem needy now. if they had insight, they wouldnt be involved with a nigger in the first place.
one day the ashy cunt is going to spit out a li'l develcro w cross eyes, then even redbeard the dim might have a thought
the kikes conditioned goyim to believe that anything other than chasing money is "obsession" - like art, religious impulse, or political ideal you're willing to kill for. kikes are trying to make themselves the only men on the planet.

August 04, 2018:

OTTUMWA, Ia.  — A day after police in Ottumwa engaged in a deadly shootout that left one man dead and another seriously injured, authorities have not released the names of the suspects or officers involved.
always remember: niggers are a bunch of spear-chucking faggots
" Housing has gotten so god damn expensive here in the past 10 years that $500,000 in Denver proper would likely buy you an 875-square foot project with an outhouse and a 50/50 chance of getting shivved on your way to the front door. "
" The Bible seems to me the chaotic literature of a barbaric tribe and characterized by morally unpleasant stories. " --Fred Reed
remember that white kid with video game background tried same thing...and succeeded. hopped around the NW or alaska borrowing cabins until nabbed. nigras only see exteriors. anything past that is keeping it unreal
"Are we sure" -- this fucking style of journalism is so faggoty and so needs ending. Fucking campfire girls/Koolaid Cult mentality.
Whites commit hate crimes because they're evil. Niggers commit misdemeanors that racist circumstances turn into gone-wrongs.
enemies see that what white subsets have in common is much greater than what separates them so when someone says White Nationalism is a category error, it's like saying 'Germany' is a category error. all the different groupings are valid, race is one of them. the difference between German, French, English kinda like totally fades when next 'man' up is Somali
it would really be nice if we could log in via our Gab account to make comments on outside sources, such as Ottumwa Courier my ability to fuck with liars/women called journalists is impaired by lack of this capability. of course, i'm sure this is not in Gab's hands.
look at this. big ottumwa shooting - this is the report you get a day later. virtually no information about the criminals. we've become accustomed to state journalism

August 03, 2018:

Will you sign my online petition to rename the New World. Scholars have authenticated this quote from the journals of Amerigo Vespucci re blacks: "Though often strong of limb, they are rarely strong of mind." Americas? Fuk dat shit. President Trump, We the undersigned seek redress and rename: United States of Earth-Colored Kangz
the socialist takes one particular low point and says that defines capitalism. but socialism has no high points. just tree bark soup and toilet paper lines as far as the eye can see.  men aren't just individuals, nor are they fungible worker bees in a hive.
that marily monroe quote, which i wonder is veracious, fits socialists on capitalism your socialist high point is beneath their lowest dont tell me otherwise, i've been in east germany and breathed their shit air
all right, folks, i'm taking a turn. life's about changes - nothing ever stays the same. [cit.-Loveless]  my next 1000 posts are going to be artistic photos of shadows cast by antique wooden rocking chairs. i know you're going to enjoy (and benefit) from these as much as the models themselves. and remember, per fine xtian Lewis: WHY IS THE DEVIL'S QUESTION
you know why amish women are psychologically healthy? because they never have to wonder what they're going to wear.
you're not a real German-descended bauer-woman unless you can crush insects between your fingers. i'm not half the woman my grandmother was, but i can do it, if my teeth are gritted faggily
we have established a perimeter! the morons are in the maize, but soon our chopper will spot them, our hounds flush them, and we will have a good old fashioned ozzie rabbit beatdown.
cops name is Diekneide. now that's echt germanical IOWA
the amish dont take anti-depressants, so why arent they all depressed?
You have no reason not to believe the universe wasn't set up specifically to vex you and thwart your legally questionable desires. Why not? It's as valid as any other theory. That being so, why be unhappy? If you make any progress at all, you're getting over on the Grand Designer. Sashay and nibble the air for glory, you should.
Denis Leary said it right: the universe is not a perpetual orgasm machine bent on making you happy. Happiness is a small thing. An orgasm. A chocolate chip cookie. Hicks coming up with a new bit.
We've allowed jews to do to our women what we (and they) have done with niggers: tell them they're equal to white men - creating pain and confusion because they can't figure out they're not.
Say what you like about Amish and Mennonites, those fuckers breed. That's even a reason I go up there, I like seeing them on their horses, in their carriages, women in aprons walking around. I've never seen an unhappy Amish woman.
Charlie Bucket, one of my personal heroes, was a #Fingerist. He took responsibility for his behavior.
being an adult is a burden; being a racialist white nationalist is a double burden. but we bear it because...blah blah blah nietzsche and that fag beloved painting by kasper and promontory overlook i think an appeal of niggers to whites is they have the joie de vivre we lost when we turned nine, ie grew up into true human adults. which they cant.
the wellington insult is an advanced technique. it's delicious when done right. but hard to do right. hence advanced nigger! so you seem to be creating a nice pastry insult of one group, which certainly deserves it -- when you self-interrupt to throw out a seemingly uncalculated insult of a second group - your real target.  truly beautiful effect. #ART
are we living our best racial life? fuck this "can't say that" age i want #3018 to know NOT ALL WHITES WERE LIKE THAT -- just the anglo-celtics  i'd rather be a literal nigger than hold lamb-lying-down-with-a-lion as an ideal. you people are sick fucks. i can sell my philo without perfume or tits. you cant.
if you were a nigger, would you want to be white? our race is living wrong
niggers are absurd and ridiculous. they dont smell good either. white people are undeniably ten percent better.
i love hot weather. it brings my inner nigger to the surface. what did that nigger say: if you were a mississippi nigger for even one saturday night you wouldnt want to be anything else. and that is what you fucking safe sex faggot as christian pansy liberals will never understand. no one admires you. no one wants to be you.
fuck those boer niggers. if they wont fight, let them die from a racial POV, which should be our concern, why cant South African white slums be the breeding grounds for the Globo-Hitler? eventually one of those towheads, dopey as they generally are, is going to lift his head and say WTF IS GOING ON HERE?
do you need some CUSTOM TARPS? i can hook you up. there's a guy named YODER near the MO-IA border. first i thought it said CUSTOM TARDS cuz you know inbreeding (yoder is famous amish name) but that was me seeing the world the way my AESTHETIC SENSE demands it be rather than the way it is. like when your church/democracy say niggers are our equals
i would be very surprised if the average age of all the phyllises in alleged north america was under 65. maybe even 75.
besides an anorexic i did espy a female named phyllis, who was no more than 30.  i didnt think any women have been named phyllis since the 1970s. can you think of one phyllis in the penumbra of your diurnal emanations?
i know a lot of you faggots cant read, so maybe next time i go to iowa, i will take some photographs.  #SITEGEIST -- a cool concept i never made the use i intended of. spirit of a place. since we cant be everywhere. we can mcluhanatically extend our eyes thru the all seeing digital camera
Jesus let the thot off the hook.  Catholicism is liberalism.
if one person is as good as another, then yes, the dealth penalty makes no sense. how DARE you make value distinctions between hominids? that's the logic and it is logical
The believe that all hominids who can sustain bodily (not penisial) erection for eight seconds are soul-equal is the deepest and sickest form of egalitarianism.
#Fingerism supports the death penalty. A society without a death penalty is sick beyond saving see Sweden.
youre not going to believe it but the most horrifying female i saw in iowa today was NOT obese. not fat. not even normal. she was near or just plain anorexic. soo disgusting. there's a lot to be said against chubbies but 100x better chubby than psychothin. ANOREXY AINT SEXY. more reports as events warrant from hell's practice field, #IOWA
real takeaway here is England has the shit tiny colorless bitterflies it deserves. contrast with the glorious swallowtails, monarchs and glorious airdancing BETTERflies we have in God's country, #NEMO
Bol Hanger Madit #RIP
what are the africans jews let into your country/australia up to?
#Fingerism approves this man's taking responsibility and urging his own execution, even if belated.
" I have lived in Spain 35 years and this is the first year I have really felt unwelcome in Barcelona,this is all part of their plan to become independent ,they say they don't want tourist but 4000 companies have left since last October they need the income believe me as they will never get independence ..go to Galicia or Asturias lovely places and great people."
God created niggers? That's what the christ lunatics tell me.
four muzzrags make good
what is up with these whores?
there are niggers in ottumwa, iowa, plenty of them.  the media don't report how many of these armed house invasions there are, particularly around dallas and i've also heard around atlanta were these niggers in ottumwa? i'd say 50% chance. reporter doesn't mention race in first story
so i was in ottumwa today. were there cop cars screaming into ott for hours from all directions?  THERE WERE was there an "active shooter" situation? THERE WAS
iowa state motto: 5'2" 230? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED
btw, go look up socialization among homeschoolers vs public schoolers. nea cant argue spending, test scores OR socialization (their fallback claim) - they lose on all three. kids pick up bad habits from peers; they dont from an array of ages and stations they get with homeschooling
govt mostly creates colonies of defective people that wouldnt otherwise exist. or it finds native defectives and pays them for their performance. it sets up a 'school' system that misinforms people what govt is about, and tells them its only failure is it's not doing enough. govt is criminals using losers to enrich themselves.

August 02, 2018:

nigger culture
even the scum were well dressed back then
buried this deep at Daily Mail
chutzpah drizzled over gaslighting - well dont NYT The Times said Jeong had written the tweets in response to harassment she received online, deciding to imitate the 'rhetoric of her harassers'
Scott told police he thought piloting the plane would involve little more than pushing buttons and pulling levers
There's the West, which is America, and humid shit, which is the rest.
Pershing...another great man from the #NEMO.
There are nearly enough cretins on Gab to make a parrish in Louisiana! Nice work, Torba!
prole halfwits always imagine themselves at hitler's right hand, wearing some jaunty black jodpurs with a Hugo Boss man-whip instead of a grunt shrieked out of bed at 4am to work on the Great Aryan Highway Encircling the North Pole
in what world is any public school teacher underpaid? if you had a list of 1000 of the Biggest Lies ever circulated that myth would surely be in the top ten
who do the (((media))) never celebrate? the people who do the ACTUAL WORK that makes our society what it is, to the extent it's worthwhile we wooden have no roads iffn not fer th staate all the state does is broker contracts, it's private companies, sometimes not even owned by relatives of the contract awarders
did it ever occur to you mental children that the wunnerful teachers and cops and firedicks are just as bogus idols as the niggers those same lying cunts (jurinalists) tell you to worship?
no one's forced to buy (or use) drugs everyone's forced to pay for the services of 'drug warriors' (blue niggers)
if you're going to say that people using drugs affects outsiders, you can hardly then turn around and say religion is a private matter baptism has much larger negative externalities than any drug trade
at some point, you got to blame the white nigger who sticks the opioid in his mouth. don't you?
if you have 1 race in a society you can have small govt you can have women at home (they are basically artery cholesterol in public sphere) the man can afford to marry and raise family with woman at home because not working 50% for greedy state, and family/marriage law isn't messed up basically what we had before USA got jewed in first half 20th century
my point is, in all white communities, any serious criminal element sticks out, can be done away with. not catched and released, which is what The System actually does.  it's all like the drug war: it ehances the income and power of the state at the expense of the people the state is allegedly and ostensibly serving but the state is self-service from top to bottom
crime is a scam. people who force niggers among you aka the criminal element and then ask for money to prevent crime there's a word for these folks: extortionists
instead of taxes to support blue niggers, you have people actually play a part in ad hoc committees to destroy bad seeds as they arise because that's your "crime" problem. the rest is small potatoes
how many professional criminals do you, personally, know? not someone who stole a Snickers bar but PROFESSIONAL CRIMINAL? do you know even one? i dont. i bet you dont either.
cop default is everybody is going to shoot them so best shoot first publicity: "to protect and serve" reality: "better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6" or: "all i know is i'm going home end of shift"
is jesus still jammed up by The Man?  i need updates

August 01, 2018:
you fags should REED CLASS (Fussell, 80s), it tied together so much faggotry i observed in my youth (pre-mass-internet)
we dont live on grass-covered landfill we reside in FoxGlenn Meadowes #KenyanStyle
There are probably only a few million 'people' in the US who think like this. This is thought to be the first recorded time people have developed rat lungworm from centipedes, with the parasite more commonly being associated with uncooked slugs, snails and frogs, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Much of the most productive land in South Africa is still owned by white people OH IT THE LAND THAT PRODUCTIVE, NOT THE WHITE MAN
it's called tough love
they ejaculate all over themselves to throw the book at white men #TimeToKill
danueal? made 'em skoo--ee-el. i gues.
the colored man can destroy the white man before the White man can civilize the colored man #TeamWhite
"white man's burden" to civilize coloreds?  who put this burden on us? is it possible to civilized coloreds by any method? in fact, it is not
look at how all our time and psychic energy is taken up with  the concerns of jews and the coloreds they inflict on us the White Cause is about  eliminating that so we can focus on ourselves Our Kind #TeamWhite
no physical pressure will eliminate christianity, it's not like jewism. it will be superseded by a racial doctrine of strength. this is what was beginning to happen in Hitler's Germany - and notice how the church reacted. by denouncing the racial doctrine and overtly and covertly help jew/communists. no matter they murdered 60m xtian whites in russia
Christianity is a competitor with our racial cause. What is its selling point? In this world, it is support for families. The heart of which is sexual self-control. Take that (which the cult is now abandoning), the cult has nothing but lies about an imaginary afterlife. #TeamWhite
The constant linking of christian and civilized is propaganda. El Salvador and Guatemala are christian. Are they civilized? Even pro-Whites keep letting this cult take credit for our racial achievements. Civilization = Whites. Not christians. Christianity undermines civilization by rejecting racial distinctions.
Christians won't listen to reason because they like their cult for emotional reasons. The price of refusing to look at the thing objectively is going down with the ship, South African style.
Reminder to dolts: Christianity is the subversion.
once i read a 2-3-page paper by a high IQ woman. it was entirely cliches, stitched together like one of those old beer-label hats. i have noticed women express pleasure as they try to think of what they mean and hit on a cliche. another term for cliche is 'accepted way of saying things.' known and recognized socially. this mentality is why few women = artists.

July 31, 2018:

gordito supremacists

July 30, 2018:

I'm just here on behalf of Todd. We're all about YOU. And maximizing YOUR hominid potential.  #JesusIsBack #AndAlreadyLockedUp
the ability to teleport inanity was one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century
i'm not only the only one who CORRECTLY PREDICTED Gab as Return-Me Jesus' social media landing point I'm the only motherfucker who even CONSIDERED the question i am so far ahead of you niggers its like i'm in alternative galaxy #UnhumbleBrag
i love those old tvs you could hit till they acted right. flat screens are "better"  yeah you keep telling yourself that back when men had real human relations with their tvs, it was more natural. men and tvs both knew their roles
as Jesus pro-tem, know dis, going to be some changes around here. girl in third row (cant hear too soft). me: do i like coming back? well i got to be honest - no. (pause). No. ... Next question (points at CNN faggot) CNN faggot: blah blah blah gay marriage? Mesus: yes people named gary can marry. i dont-- am i missing something? oh GAY. what? no. no that shit is over.
ok as a new jesus follower i have already had my first REVELATION todd-jesus has deputed me to speak for him and er lead the flock as it were while he is taking nonbeliever-enforced timeout in the  Greenville Serenity Clinic so just, you know, either quietly touch my garment (preferred method) and heal your simplexes/cataracts/catarrhs or obtrude your ?s
it really is true: culture is the shit YOU DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT
the South has shown, not told, me what is wrong with the north. and that is very valuable service. really helped me pinpoint it, what is wrong with northern psychology and culture
on a less unsober note, if you dont have a sure sense of yourself, i call it wryness, and you go to the Evil side (all of us, per them) and you get into public media stuff, you can easily come to believe you are Important Because (((Quoted))). wrong. but a real psychological danger. and if you have billwhite or toddJESUSkincannon tendencies then > prisn/deaddogs
" Kincannon has branded himself as the “Honey Badger of American Politics,” drawing considerable attention for his over-the-top Twitter pronouncements.  He was banned by the social media platform, however, and was reportedly banned earlier this year by Gab – another social media platform that bills itself as more protective of free speech than Twitter.
Kincannon was banned here. Now Torba finds out he's Jesus. That's got to hurt. Like the apple store rejection.
how come Jesus comes back and me and Microchip are the only ones happy about it? what's wrong with you people?
birth - doc sits their looking at his watch. whens golf. can i do the dick snip and make extra ks? it's lasted three minutes longer than necessary, let's do a $$$ c-section. tell the stupid woman  bs story about umbilical cord about to go full boa on her precious little (jared jacob cody drawayne) so she thinks she's getting value, has birthin' tale for dolty frens
they really are trying to create a society of obese ancephalous losers who do nothing but jerk off and watch football i think they want 3rd worlders not to lower wage rates but to up consumption rates the day will come when whites dont eat the top block of the globalist food pyramid - processed sugar. they need coloreds for that, low IQ coloreds
every single predictable event in life has been organized into a scam. birth is a gigantic scam marriage - even idiots know it's a scam death - go price some coffins and celebratory flowers
even with women being mostly idiots, i guarantee if you lifted all the barriers to entry in medicine, you would get a class of women who could do what doctors do for 1/100the price and higher quality. example: midwifery.
i would think being a doctor is a horrible, horrible job all you do is deal with obese women. a trained monkey could identify what's wrong with them and they wont change their behavior because they're losers or they're too old and you save them out their 87th year fucking horrible profession
what people need DOES NOT COME IN A BOTTLE as doctors learn
Unlike the north with its shrewish frigid women squeezing ha'pennies out of green stamps, the South is loaded with gorgeous characters, straight out of jails, psych wards, bars and churches. Large breasted women with huge limpid eyes. Lawyers with stogies and snifters in one hand, expiring medium-sized dogs in the other.  I BELIEVE YOU TODD. #Convert
OMG i forgot. So Jesus/Gamecock is into liquor, stogeys and WHORES. I love the South.  Where's that girl B, she's raucous.
Did I not ask months ago where Jesus would do his social media if he came back? And did not a meical someone CALL IT FOR GAB. This is BIG. Next to Trump joining Gab, this is huge get. A true e-celeb. (E for earth)
So Jesus/Gamecock likes liquor and cigars.
You can't prove Kincannon's not Jesus. (Actual argument used by xtians to 'prove' God's existence.)
" I’m about to get crucified in the media.  The reason I killed the dog is this, it’s real simple … I’m sorry I think y’all are going to have to take me to the Psych Institution, I get that.  But I’ll tell you from a legal standpoint, you know, it’s in the State Constitution that God is a sovereign and I honestly think he told me to do it.” " NICE
According to Ed Burke, revelation is on par with reason. Hod you know Todd Kincannon isn't Jesus? How do you know God didnt give him a sign. And tell him to kill a dog.  How do you know?
"I'm Jesus. I'm not making it up."  So that's why he blocked me. I won't say I'm not sad. But I understand. Now.
"“I’m Jesus. I’m not making it up." --Todd Kincannon wasnt ol' Toddsy aka Bill White II all about his ex taking his dog and how he stole it back? wtf is going on here?
ok this is probably the dumbest post anyone will make today (subliminal man: ever) on Gab, but where does the 3-D machine draw the atoms to print the guns? out of the ether like God?
Eliminate racism? Ok. Eliminate jews, the scamsters who created it.
what actually works re jews: killing them. all of them. extermination. no one can gainsay this solution. why dont we do it? either we dont believe jews are the real problem (the internet is rapidly changing this. or we think the solution is immoral. which is due to christianity. which is why i attack it. and point out the specific doctrine opening us to genocide
Traditionalism never made much sense and makes no sense in the age of the internet. [non-political example. ] “You have almost no time for practice, and yet offensive line coaches do the same stupid drills that have no correlation with playing offensive line,”  [equivalent is idiots saying we need "expel" jews for the 110th time.]
brecht was like the enimem of jews (brecht not a jew) well i could have more understoodily said: brecht: jews eminem: niggers
"Women can be fun, maybe. You can have fun doing the sex thing w them. That’s okay. Just don’t let that turn into the focus of your energy. Don’t let it become your purpose because everything inside you is telling you it isn’t enough. It won’t fulfill your spirit. You need a true purpose. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”
women have all the virtues of a tar pit, creeping vine and talking alarm clock. if you're trying to get anything but reproduction done, it's best to avoid them
just as with mary phagan. good white men got together, said no leo frank, guilty jew, we are not going to let you escape because your fellow jews bribed you out of justice and they did hang the shrimpy yid from a disgusted tree, which held its nose and turned its branches even as it proferred a helpful limb
once white men in bands get a taste for killing...and they see how easy it is...and how great the social benefits that flow from it...they'll scale it to the moon
so, uh, did amerigo vespucci record any comments about 'native' americans?
politics is jews babbling to other jews in the name of America. they define who "we" are to idiot us
all the peole who are continually angry and hateful for no valid reason - these the jews draw from to staff the lower tier of the media. i call them the maloccs. the malocclusives. their teeth dont fit right. do i have to explain everything? i do, dont i. can see the discoloreds and even queers, but the others arent necessarily obvious
jews always drag degenerates in with and around themselves to hide  and disguise who's calling the shots. fags. feminists. male cheerleaders. coloreds. malocclusive perverts of a thousand derangements
nixon and graham agreed the USA was going "down the drain" if we didn't break the jew "stranglehold" over the media. boy they were way off with that anti-semitic crap back in 1970, werent they!
the media are a bunch of fucking kikes. the catholics (who are legion in professional conservatism) won't tell you this because they're self-interested cowards
i'm sorry british faggots, to be redundant ASSHOLE is far > to ARSEHOLE
your time is up faggot lol
that open mouthed thing you gotta admit even the boomers never came up with anything that execrable
some good shit
i assume he dressed all in black and used a gun to hide that he was a ninja? isn't that makesense
a ninja with a silencer shot a very brawny russo-gangster
The Saka people were a branch of the Sythians - a sophisticated nomadic civilisation in central Asia stretching into Siberia. They spoke languages linked to Iranian.
very cool goldwork, scroll. credited to Saka, whom i've never heard of ("ignorance, madam, pure ignorance" -- dr johnson), whom they say are a branch of Scythians, who I think are regarded as Aryans
aren't women basically they're all the same, and they're all easily influenced by media? in most of their whines? so giving them power is something only someone bent on destruction would do, it stands to reason
lemme show ya a special cliff dive i like to call "Catfish rig" --Sgt Private Greenigger Riggs
you fat fucks need to get off Gab and get in shape. if i catch any fatties following me, i'm pulling the blubberplug
in this case, "thank you for your service" IS appropriate
these fucking idiots never learn. "With enough Bunsen burners, Jamaal is sure to prosper." the theory underlying this "help" has been tested to the stars, over centuries, and always failed. just wait 5 years
we need and IQ floor test at signup here at Gab, we're getting some scrapers
Watch some Australian movies. What a bunch of kanga-wankers.  The best part, tho, of Mad Max is young Mel and family just sitting there eating, no one around. Gives you a sense of how great Australia must even still be.
all right, i'm starting a series here. i'm going to teach all of you with tits how to be a woman, entry level (in a perfect society) 1) chest skin is meh. it just sits there being white and clean and fresh GET A BUTTERFLY TATTOO, LARGER THE BETTER everyone loves butterflies. everyone will love you - and be impressed at your self-expression and taste #WOMANING101
say you have a strict Puritan society. it will appear that women are moral, but actually they are just using the System they were born into (and completely lack imagination to conceive anything outside) for tools to shame other women. they have no true, deep understanding of the reason for the rules, they are simply instruments they fit to their bio-impulses
it's true that women face few to no legal consequences for lying but that's comparatively insignificant next to the fact they dont FEEL bad about lying. that ties into their mental shallowness and essentially childish nature. we hear how complex a sex they are, but they are not profound, just confused and pushed around by emotional winds
women feel nothing deeply. thus, even if they felt the moral ramifications of lying, it would be fleeting
a lie to a woman does not have the power it does to a man, that's why they lie so easily. they dont feel the consequences - they dont understand what they are doing, only what they think they are getting. the lie is instrumental to them, it carries little or no moral weight with them. women are essentially children, for men to pretend otherwise is severe weakness
wow, that woman's false rape allegation is really going to mess things up for...other women
Now everything had lost its glamour, nothing but civilians left, lawyers and Yids clacking their tongues day and night. Poor old Vlas and his friends thought they could bring back those golden days by toasts and speeches and good wishes! But was this the way to win back a lost love? For that you had to move mountains! (p. 258-9) //
everything had rejoiced her heart, for all that her own family were simple people who came of peasant and worker stock. And Russia too had been a marriageable girl in those days, courted by real men, men who would stand up for her, not to be compared with this rabble nowadays.
At one time, she and her sisters -- things they would think of! -- had got it into their heads to knit scarves in wool of six colors. And, believe it or not, such good knitters were they that their scarves had become famous all over the province! And everything in those days had been fine and rich and seemly -- church services and dances and people and manners --
How different it had been in her father's time! Her father had been a contractor. Sober, literate. They had lived off the fat of the land. She and her two sisters, Polia and Olia, as fine a pair of girls as you could hope to meet and as well matched as their names. And master carpenters had called on their father, every one a fine, upstanding man, and a good match.
The war had killed off the flower of Russia's manhood, now there was nothing but rotten, good-for-nothing rubbish left.
Extended quote from Pasternak (Dr Zhivago) to follow: Oh, how depressing it all was! Oh, Lord! Why had everything gone so wrong? It was so disheartening, she felt like giving up, she had no wish to live. What had caused all this misery? Was it the revolution? No, oh no! It was the war.

July 29, 2018:

religion = reality apostates
online college one of the biggest scams going. of course college itself is a scam, but that's somewhat known
when you put revelation on par with reason, you're saying i cant compete. i gotta make shit up, and eventually your society will be destroyed. most jews are atheists. most christians are idiots. that's just how it is, whether you like it not. stop elevating what you personally like over reality.
here's the answer to all existential questions that losers have  why should the world be set up in any particular way?  it shouldnt  therefore, you have no grounds for complaining about the way things are, save you have some childish, religious, unjustifiable a priori conception which of course you picked up like STD from school or church.  dont like it? suicide
politics, rightly conceived, is not there to answer existential questions, it is about garbage management

July 28, 2018:

omg they have a woman president Gabrielle Starr  i'll have to research this broad, never heard of
so their latest TruAnglo Max Lider is Oxtoby. since i was 'gently removed' (i kid you not, direct quote) from alumni mag list for mocking every issue i dont follow as closely as id like.  so, Oxtoby raised huge millions on the #DaringMinds theme. meanwhile, ACTUAL fucking students are afraid to say sky is blue.  This is Anglo and his 2-faced high-IQ idiocracy.
if there's one kind of creature i cannot stand it is the david charles alexander type. a TruAnglo, taken from jerkwater Tenneessee, some burglet where shoes and even pants are mere theory. They find a freak outlier, take it to a self-dog wash, fumigate it and harvard it, and it comes out a high-toned liberal, dispensing muh beautiful mind till end of days.
little man = yr gowin ta hell big man = makes you feel stupid. so you will cry and shut up (majority) you will reflect on your stupid ways and improve (the valuable minority)
mocking > moralizing German > anglo low-key seriousness > moralizing/figure-cutting/preening/'virtue signalling' action > words
"The vast majority of students at Pomona College say the campus climate prevents people from sharing controversial ideas for fear of offending others. A survey... found that many students at the liberal arts college in Claremont, California, do not feel comfortable expressing their political views with their professors or peers." RIP "beautiful mind"
it's been all downhill since i was there, and the Anglofags had any idea i would do what i did i never would have got in if you go to college nowadays, you are a fucking idiot who completely does NOT realize the advantage of the age he's living in
have we got any Sagehens on here? I bet we don't. #Pomona
what's the alternative to christianity? taking responsibility for your choices and behavior #Fingerism
Blame shifting is a huge part our society, and this bogus notion was introduced by jews in their fiction 'Bible' via their sci-fi superhero Jesus who 'saved' everybody's 'soul' whether they wanted it or not.
Roman motto: actions not words Hebrew motto: words are actionable
what's the nordic  sky god. boogero? let's get him going, #NEMO needs rain like donger need food
" Years ago, Wildman built a model to figure out what makes some extremist groups survive and thrive while others disintegrate. It turned out one of the most important factors is a highly charismatic leader who personally practices what he preaches.  " See? Consistency matters. You can't be a xtian and a White man, they are different and opposed things.
i wasnt racist till i encountered niggers in army public school jail i was when i came out See the pattern?
God has usurped the territory that belongs to Reality.  Reality is whatever is, whether we want to believe it or not. "That which doesn't go away when we stop believing in it," said Philip Dick, and very nicely.
One reason I support all #HeroDylannRoof s.
Email > phones Podcasts > video
wilefires are failing our nigger arsonists. or are they? i'm not sure on this one.
#FirstReponders = big faggots in my book #SpatulaGloryBoys #AdrenalGlanses
" we may not be san diego but our underfunded municipal defined benefit pension problem is every bit as debilitating as san diego's. " #OceansideProblems
At 12:18 p.m., another report came in of the person starting yet another fire on State Street. The vehicle was then seen traveling west on Gilman Springs Road to Highway 79.
Witnesses said they saw a man starting several fires in the Riverside County area, The Press-Enterprise reported. One person said the around 11:50 a.m., they saw him starting “another fire” and then traveling west on Highway 74 toward Hemet. The witness followed the white Honda on Highway 74.
it's true that some southern italians skew a little sienna-y, but they hate niggers, so they're white n all right in this social worker's book
McGlover is 32 and from Temecula. He does not appear to have a documented criminal record in Riverside County, The Press-Enterprise reported. Something set this nigger off. Maybe he had a beef with some property owner in the area, is my first-idea-responder speculation.
Toxic cunticity is totally a thing, thing of open mouth drunk-eyed Courtney Love (Aryan looks, jew genes)
as needs to be said from time to time, a lot of these priest molesters are NOT pedophiles, they are just plain faggots going after older boys or young teens the media cover for them by calling them pedophiles because, so far, they had to normalize homosexuality by making a false distinction between it and pedophiles.
" Brandon McGlover was arrested on suspicion of starting not one but multiple fires in California, including the Cranston Fire. Little is known about McGlover at this time or what his motivation was. Witnesses reported that they saw a man in his vehicle stopping and starting fires along the road. " post if you see WHY coonio did this
" He told NJ Advance Media that the school's attempts to silence him made the abuse he suffered even worse. 'They fought me every step of the way. They attacked my family. They attacked my parents and they attacked me. They sued my attorney for representing me,' Wolfe said.   " catholics are just pussy jews
your gut instinct is usually right. a grown man who wants to be a priest is some kind of a pervert
not a word about the nigger's motives. wtf kind of reporting. like they say, americans only care about how, not why
if a nigger could do this much van damage, what could a sentient, intentioned white man do?
" Lawrence Keane, general counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a trade association for gun manufacturers, told Reuters concerns over 3-D printable guns were overblown. 'I don’t see it likely at all that criminals will use this clunky and expensive technology,' Keane said. The NSSF is not involved in the case. "
all priests are spiritual queers; probably about half are flesh queers
would you leave your child alone in a room with a catholic priest or hitler or a female public school teacher?
what the catholic cult does, when it discovers one of its priest faggots is sucking off teenagers, is move that priest to a different parrish. that's fact.
degenerate collapsing society in which 'freedom' = practice the most morbific destructive sexual acts without criticism or consequences, but can't have a second opinion about weather
some nigger in california set a fire that disrupted several thousand people then some actual white man, a nordic of all things, set a huge fire #ArsonParty
i seriously wonder if hollywood could be burned down by a few white men who made a study and carried out a plan
toxic cunticity > toxic masculinity
paglia on transgender sic
jews are a biological entity that has always acted the same way; the bible is red herrings for white curs the bible has nothing to do with our race or where it's headed the white cause is not about christianity or its west, it is about our kind of people and a future for them where they are safe and respected and able to flourish #WGTOW #DEATHTOTHEJEWS
i am descended from pre-Germans and real Swiss and even English, tho i downplay this these are groups that LIKE and are VERY GOOD AT order and this modern world offends my sense of order, which is not delicate but extremely robusty we are being UNMANNED and prevented from PROPERLY ORDERING OUR OUR OUR (not their) OUR society #TeamWhite #DeathToTheJEWS
the concerns of a race-mixed society range from ridiculous to obscene to trivial to stupid look at the papers and what the concerns are people shitting in streets terrorist acts every day someone calls cops on a protected group of macaques nothing interesting, sophisticated, elevated, important the LCD is fucking underground
very few things will make you more race conscious than reading literature indirectly as you realize a white world is capable of much higher civilizational heights that mixed garbage
i gotta LIVE in this world of people who say WESconsin and if i molest their ass with my foot I'M the bad guy fucking christ
"only the body should reveal the body" who said that. you fags  dont know because you dont read because you're too busy getting tattoos and being faggots in sundry ways tiny and blue whale sized fall is coming i hope winter kills off you insects
you know you go in public you got to be seen by other people it's not like god favored most of you wrap yourself in something non-disgusting, would you pigs and let only that emerge from your mouth which is in accord with accepted pronunciations faggots
i walked by this bitch saying WESconsin wtf wanted to strangle her i got to LIVE in this world of people who dont pronounce right and dont care assholes
people who say WESconsin are idiots clean that up assholes also illinoize? what are you moron
jews like tearing down barriers as they call it. spurious liberation. sexual and otherwise. barriers are good fences are good apartheid is good (liberals practice comment apartheid. they can't handle your truthing their Official Lies, but you're eviler than hitler because you dont want your family raped and murdered by niggers)

July 27, 2018:
sentient gray mini-corndogs ARE COMING FOR YOU
this is where our race came from, if i have it right. notice the orderliness. that's Aryan. aryans love questing -- and order
To be an actor, you have to start by being really really really fucking stupid
The Urabeños, considered Colombia's most powerful criminal organisation
"They wrote: '[Male circumcision], the most common unnecessary surgery in the world, is a major risk-factor for SIDS.' " Wow, who would have thought chopping of the end of your dick could have negative consequences?
cot death = SIDS
in an earlier tweest i misidentified mexcrement as niggers. i would like to apologize to both races
you can step up to the counter. that's one thing. but if you step to the counter, you best check y'self
more world-class innovation from Missouri (altho not #NEMO)
quality nigging
women hate other women because they are in stiff competition for the ten percent of men who aren't women-with-dicks
women hate women so much they cant even listen to them sing. industry pro says if more than 15% of songs are from female larynxes, women tune out hissogny you remember the classic definition of misogyny: a man who hates women as much women hate each other yet women hang out with other other women 90% of time - proving how two faced they are. of course, its biology
trannies are worse than homos in a way, in that now every time you look at a woman you have to wonder if its a man. and since men are better than women at everything, men pretending to be women are going to pull off a pretty good charade this is what happens when you allow jews to live. thanks, catholic church and your 1500-year-old Sicut Judeis Non policy
look...there's stuff we all care about. there's your specialized knowledge. there's your particular living-area. so i want to follow people who give me something useful that i wouldnt have otherwise. and i try to provide same to whoever follows me. that's what social media means to me. FROGS WITH BENEFITS NIGGERS
i've had many battles and faggots are a much tougher opponent than xtians. fags fight. christians just passive snivel at you faggots i oppose because they refuse to take responsibility for their behavior - spreading disease and lies christians are like some dish that's supposed to be good but its just nasty mush with nothing that will stand up to the tongue.
yeah but they're not counting keith urban as a female
now this is actually interesting: "My claim (and real world experience) is that women listen to country radio stations longer when the mix of songs broadcast is about fifteen percent female. When that percentage is higher without conscious thought they simply fatigue faster and automatically respond by listening less."
christian car radio it's always there  at the end of the day waiting to suck (a repurposed Family Circus joke) my blood is pre-boiling thinking what i'm going to hear  from jewy Jay today
first the streamliners came for the cars... blah blah blah when they finally got to me there was nothing pointed left to defend me
Muh dog stole muh Bud Laht Me n Kinny Chisney n wrahtin session on it raht naow
" But what Rosen then described as “aggressive ordinariness” has proved to be FGL’s secret weapon. “Meant to Be” is their sixth single to top Hot Country Songs — " What ah wan do is brang PAINTER OF LIGHT to eardrums.
go to anywhere mass prole fat white women congregate, write down the 50 commonest phrases they use then look up the top fifty TV advertisers make sure at least one from each bag in yer song.  #I Had Created The Perfect Neo-Country Song
" Jody Rosen wrote for New York magazine in 2013, “The top country hit of all time may, in fact, be the most generic song you’ve ever heard.” " streamlining, per Orwell. you can only talk about Wunnerful Wimmens and it's also ok to refer to beer or any other product that routinely mass advertises
"Something faggots do" sodomy prayer whining worshipping jesus or other women
Loser mantras "everything happens for a reason" - loserism distilled "if it's meant to be it'll be" - another way of the same thing sanctification of passivity, stupidity prayer > thought = losertown These home truths brought to you by #Fingerism "I want to pick my nose." Loser: "if it's meant  to be, it'll be." Fingerist: NOSE. PICKED.  #Fingerism
1) communism is what jews do to whites 2) Nazism is what people who build BMW engines came up with as a way to protect whites from jews
the way i judge whites if i were Annie Ocean, putting together a top team to steal the racial gold from jew vaults, would THIS PERSON be useful in achieving our racial gold liberation? can this person fuck with the jews on their level, or just another halfwitted whining conservatiffany cowardidiotreligiouspulingloser?
it truly is sad that i am the only one who can think.  you dolts love to say "evolution didnt stop at the muh neck" herdy herp burp gurp mwonk mwonk well you're saying we have all these different abilities and genes...but ONE SIZE FITS ALL WHEN IT COMES TO SPIRITUALITY.  that's what catholicism means - all hominids are spiritually equal egalitarianism liberalism
Pedophobia. It rolls off the tongue like baby balls. Wouldn't you say? #ledgyisthenewedgy
What is the one group christianity has no sympathy for? People who keep high standards.
You know who else opposed pedophilia. HITLER
Christians are trying, and to a good extent have succeeded, in shaping the psychological profile of the whiteskin into a little white lapdog. Is that what you want for your son? Your daughter? Is that the best we can do? Do you see why the Romans looked at christ ninnies and curled their lip?
Christians are queers of the spirit. They've renounced masculinity. Letting the jew fuck them up the ass is their REAL sacrament. Don't believe me? Listen to christian radio. These crossfags outgulp Rod Stewart (that's a 70s joke you age dwarfs wont get).
for the most part, i like difference among whites. if the South didn't exist, who would i laugh at? you can only squeeze so many jokes out of iowa fatness* (*as opposed to infinite hawkeye sausages)
post stories about whites killing niggers, jews, court criminals, politicians stuff we can  #CELEBRATE
cheap cherries at Aldi #WINNING
muh muh muh  muh muh muh muh Muh muh unh unh yeah #MuhFriday
The conservative is the man who cannot escape the belief the Great Referee will right things if he just whines and points out double standards long enough.
Infighting - fighting among peole agreed on what they want. Fighting among people on the same side. Christians and racialists of any stripe are not on the same side. Ask any pope. Ask any pastor. Or, you know, T H I N K. Team Jesus != #TeamWhite
In what world is shit filled streets a sign of progress. Clown World. Capital, San Francisco. The city of people better than you. And crooked, human-shit-filled streets.

July 26, 2018:

Often as not, christianity is the first refuge of the scoundrel.
A lot of you don't know what infighting means.  Christianity and White Nationalism aren't on the same side. They are competitors. Hence, there is no 'in.' Christianity is a universalist 'love' cult that places no value on race, making it functionally anti-White. "No man can serve two masters."  You're with jew Jesus or you're with #TeamWhite
I dont need parking validation. I just need a hitchin' post for muh ridin' pig. Nor do I need soul validation. Yeah yeah eternity, whatever. GTFO my lawn jesus.
notice i say leftist not j-leftist - because the j know what they are doing
leftists are so busy lying and cheating all the time it never occurs to them maybe guys who have to lie and cheat all the time maybe arent the good guys
i used to sit in my dorm room. thinking this sucks. what am i wasting time. learning about marx. so boring. the profs are all 1000-iq idiots bent on their own pet nostrums. what i will i be doing in 7 years? 12 years? 35 years?  answer: watching videos by a "conservative tranny."
i feel even an intelligent ed burke would agree: - streets of gold: utopian - streets not besplotched with human waste: DOABLE
i am very willing to be dictator, just throwing that out. with my natural sense of order and abiding good taste, i will bring solid waste management principles, well, to san farcisco first, obviously, but you know from semen to shining excrement. i will clean america up literally and artistically.
women love to go where there's none of their sex around, then they can be sultry smurf among the menfolk

July 25, 2018:

Paris Hilton, at least you could catch in the edge of her eyes an awareness of her own and those around her's absurdity. There's been a decline in the quality of our fame whores, even as their rumps have metastasized.
"He died for your sins." I instinctively find that repellent. And very jewy. Doing something in my name for his own purposes without getting my consent. Thanks for soul-raping me, Jesus. How, when did I ask to get involved your wacky scheme, jewbius jewby?
Mel Gibson's idea of Jesus - I don't want that for my race. I don't want people who admire that character.
how come in 1700 pages of 'his' bible god couldnt find room for one joke? #questions the jesus curs cant answer
this song has the Aryan spirit - questing. face to breeze, hand to till, sail to the wind, finger at imaginary God - laughter toppling o'er like the white topping waves
this song has basic Germanic white spirit
For me to be wrong about Christianity,  a man had to come back from the dead. For you to be just has to be a day ending in Y.
Life gets really awful when politics invades every sphere, because there's no second opinion allowed on anything. This is the realized meaning of "the personal is political" sixties slogan.
Black culture = Bootlipsey and Vagina-Jay: "Hey! Let's go be niggers in front of the Mona Lisa an' shit"
Look from top down Notice how they identify the whitest areas in America, fill them with the lowest darkies parallel in mental world online Find the whitest subjects, obtrude the niggeriest ads - exactly the opposite of targeted. No white activity or cultural form is valid unless 'The Carters' are niggering in front of it like shit-tier monkeys.
it is my experience that jews are more interested in the truth than Aryans. or, at least, they pay closer attention to things than our kind Aryans incline to the cloud-head -- the actual stereotype of Germans before the 'brutal' efficient organized ruthless Nazi stereotype whimsy, fancy, appealing lie, fragrant delusion...these they move toward
will pakglos make great music like this
a lot of christian rock is...preferable to the aural feminism and boozing songs that are 99% of modern 'country.' one can enjoy Messiah without belief.
I am Richard Spencer, King of the Salt Flats, from Tooele to Sparks, my barnswallowy word is law!
i am opening a restaurant called Master Donalds when our 'gals' say you want fries with that, it's not really a question
i dont understand why my masters in Perversion Studies from Bwanana U. isnt fetching the big bucks
and then we crawl back into the primeval soup and forget any of this ever happened. basically, white man, you have to decide. are you a faggot with jesus, or do you want to develop into a White Man?
that wolf kind of pinched his eyes with that sleek off-the-high-end look of a nordic supermodel in a luxury fur (melania, but more scandinavian). but he didnt move beyond head raise man is a dog cunt trying to become a coyote trying to become a wolf and christianity wants to turns us into a lapdog, then a worm, finally an amoeba
i still remember a gorgeous, glorious wolf i saw in nevada on the interstate, I-80, listening to depeche mode, midnight, the ultimate in soulless faggot music, it was winter, the snow was blowing so hard it was horizontal, lit by headlights that fucking wolf looked glorious. right there on the middle strip as i recall. wolf is a MAN. dogs are just cunts.
Conservatives like the ultimate and original Burke essentially false frame politics into Things That Already Happened and Utopia. So that any conception of actually calling your shots, say, is Dangerous Rationalism. Not organic enough. Not authentic for the people.
a point Garland made in his book very nicely - Hitler pulled in a lot of research and top-shelf thinking on race in making his policies and furnishing his mind. And much of it came from USA. so you see, a lot of genuine racial science has only been put into play once, twice or never - because it's only been produced in the last 150 years, and much of that, jew-muffled
i go outside, i get attacked by ravenous chiggers come inside to Gab, i get attacked by hominidettes #LOSTCAUSE
and you know what, it's not that sothron patriarchal man leading family - that's not the only way to be patriarchal the man has to lead - but there are hippy families, granolas where the man leads there are a million different ways, but the man is a man, and leads. that model cannot be done away with.  people who fight nature are vile morons. Except me.
in the old days, we would drive around the midwest and look for pheasants in the fields of corn stubble. pheasants are gone now. but we can still enjoy the game, just substitute female-shaped women
Traditions, let me try again. In living memory, they (some o') used to tie lefthanders hands behind their back so they'd write with the right hand.  The same people that believed sinisteria (left-handedness, sort of) was bad believed homosexuality was ludicrous/dangerous. Two traditional beliefs. Or superstitions. One wrong. One right.
race isnt real you know what, it is even subrace, ethnicity, even crossing that can cause problems as serious as race-crossing can
they dont laugh at what's stupid but they arent serious about anything either WELCOME TO HELL
actually there are a lot of women who understand what i'm saying, but they're...occupying horizontal chambers beneath the turf...or lining ugly vases
one thing about women i particularly dislike is their near complete inability to say anything without inflecting keep your grease off our interaction, toots impersonality is such a beautitful idea, unheard of in the south and rare in the midwest
how strong can the (((media))) be if one old man can kick their ass for years on end when they're all trying to do him in?
BiIb0, Hobbiton, United Kingdom, about 5 hours ago A genuine Anglo Saxon saying: A woman, a dog and a walnut tree. The more you beat them the better they be.
The Picts mysteriously disappear from written history around 900AD.
alphest name ever?  The leopard clasped it's jaw around the warthog's neck. It held tight while the warthog squealed and eventually stopped moving.  Field Guide Chad Cocking was leading a safari in the reserve when he came across the scene.
death comes for the green and the greasy, the froward and the chaste.
royal playing with infected niggers just like his mum
if you think women are smart, read this
christians cant tell the difference between serious and mock serious, in the way that a lot of people cant tell that glenn beck is a charlatan
i love it when i people i detest die, don't you?
Christ the Cuck and you worship him “Christ did not come to earth to build churches but to help men regardless of race, religion, or nationality.”
X is right-winger X is jew One of these statements is meaningful.
look at this putz dance around SHAPIRO IS A JEW JEWING. politics is jews babbling to jews in a punch and judy show to fool the stupid goyim
most destructive things ever said turn the other cheek (against manliness) abandon your father and come with me (against ancestry) judge not lest ye be judged (against thinking)
something that isn't true can be joked about. the space between reality-we-all-acknowledge or -secretly-know and the public pretense providing the fodder how does atheism fare vs christianity on this test?
i'm wrong if she's jew-decended, but notice how jews gene cherrypick the whiteskin population - trump's daughter with jew jared kushner, and now his jew brother to marry a white Kloss, Swift's friend and builtalike This sort of thing, for long, accrues so many benefits to the jew population it can become unbeatable
Every night before you go to bed, girls, chant to yourself, softly SEMEN NOT FEMEN SEMEN NOT FEMEN SEMEN NOT FEMEN That's the way -- THE ONLY WAY -- to ward off lesbo succubi while you sleep.
nope. honest test. i could have had egg on my face. but the Root niggers didnt cover the murdered baby
third thing pro niggers are worried about
are black people worth the trouble?
thing #2 number PROFESSIONAL niggers are writing about besides the burned to death baby
while niggers are barbecuing white babies, let's take a peek and see what professional niggers are writing about
jewy Jay and Team Kike get the christ suckers to join the army to destroy the 'regimes' sic governments that actually protect christians in the 'middle east.' see syria, see iraq. the christians put jews ahead of their own kind.  pro-White? christians arent even pro-christian
today's christian car radio: jewy Jay is going on and on about some xtian pastor jammed up in Turkey - you know, the land who's supreme nugget just blasted israel as evil nazis so the jew is getting the christcunts to see israel's enemy as their own Christ - the weak-maker
if i say most women have three eyes 98% of women will respond "not me - i only have two." and 68 of men - same. Maybe 2 will say, well i dont know, i walk around about sometimes during the diurnal hours, and i have noticed an awful lot of hominidskis only have two peepers - not saying your wrong, just a little high people are idiots
"They just want a better life" So does the Lyme-bearing fellow nestled under your greasy nut.
the fact that waters exist on marves PROVES that early martians made popsicles altogether now: "THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING WE KNOW"
i'm tired of hearing about water niggers on Mars. who gives a fuck
To women, politics is like social makeup or soul makeup. You're supposed to look a certain way, which Everybody Knows, it comes down from above. Question it, what? Authority is right because it's authority. This is truth obvious to a woman. It's the voice of a hen hearing a gobbler in the spring.
Get off you knees. Spit the Jesus out of your mouth. Become a white man. You goddam faggot. #TeamWhite
Out of 1000 parts of white intellectual effort 999 goes into fantasy football and fantasy reality (christianity) 1 goes into racial science
Every individual has an everlasting soul of inestimable value... That's not egalitarianism - how?
do the jews put anything on tv/radio that doesn't serve their purpose? is christian mass radio a thing? what conclusion is staring you in the face? ...and...anti...White
Traditions aren't valuable. The tiny minority of people who come up with valid ways of doing things are valuable.
If you cant squeeze a hero out of a thousand cowards How can you squeeze a valuable tradition out of a thousand idiots? The question Ed Burke can't answer.
The same person arguing that people are idiots, and not trusting them to rely on their 'private stock' of reason (tho he certainly relied on his own) Edmund Burke, also celebrates the 'traditions' of this same miserable lot of punters. There's a contradiction there.
"That's not _real_ christianity." Gee, what other jew-produced group of failures used to say this, still does.
Traditionalism - the belief that the very thing that separates humans from animals is worthless.
Christianity leaves white society open to jewish predation. That's the undeniable fact.
A subtler point - I mentioned car radio yesterday. In addition to dueling holohoax claims, two jews on "xtian" radio talking about who's wiped out more in imaginary holocaust, they keep harping on theme Israel is the CENTER of everything. The stupid Aryan goysucker's entire orientation is to the history and lies of an a foreign people. It is truly pathetic.
The christian is too mentally limited to observe what jews have actually done in relation to christianity - in light of what they could do. This is waaay too much thinking for 99.9% of the Jesus halfwits.
Christianity produces weak people - mentally and physically. That is why it's such a godsend for jews that they produced the cult in the first place. Wrote its book. Spread its word. Let it run wild on their media. Christianity is the reason whites don't rise up and slaughter jews en masse - making it the protective cult jews need to keep their tribe alive.
2) If there's "nothing" jews hate more than Christianity, per our fool, why do they allow Christians to run media shows all over radio and tv? I'm still waiting for an answer on this from one of you christards. It's not a rhetorical question. You must answer it or fall in defeat.
"There's nothing jews hate more than Christianity," saith the fool. If that's the case: 1) why doesn't the ADL list the cross as a "hate" symbol? You know - since, according to you, there is "nothing" they hate more than Christianity. If that's the case, then why isnt the cross, the symbol if the cult, isn't included in the jew's database of 'hate' symbols?
Monday School is what jews are doing to us directly. Sunday School is what jews are doing to us indirectly. It's bad cop and good cop.  Figure it out, peabos.
Would you count on a "good christian man" like Pence or Sessions to do the white thing under pressure? To type it is to laugh.
do you identify with smart independent people or losers? how does the christian answer this question? look at his behavior

July 24, 2018:

BfV said in report that 'Reichsbuerger' movement grown from 10,000 to 16,500 Reichsbuergers - or Reich Citizens - do not accept modern Germany's borders  Most members are male, over 40 and strongly attracted to firearms, BfV said
Think about how actors think about things. Frightful insecurity. Dockers man is worried about being fired. Actors man is worried about being hired. Dockers wears one mask. Actors' whole thing is masks. Actors must please to get bread. He studies what goes. He takes it a step further. He looks around for applause. Eating/fucking babies! That's the ticket.
Dogs began as wolves, just as christians began as men.
Only anti-White material is allowed over the (((mass media))). Christians are allowed to host infinite numbers of christian shows transmitted over the (((mass media))). What conclusion can, nay, _must_ be logically inferred here?
Jews tolerate Christianity for one reason: it's very useful in grooming a simp population. That's why christian radio shows are allowed, whereas pro-White radio shows are banned.
Was listening to christian car radio today. I really recommend it. All I heard was holo holo holo. Back out of the store - mo' holo holo holo. Israel not only has the right to exist, I was informed. It has the right to exist as a jewstate.  Those of you who 'think' christianity is pro white can't explain why christian radio is allowed on the airwaves. I can.
Brazen sex talk is never edgy, it is always conformist.  The (((people))) behind politics believe sexual degeneracy is the key to destroying the Aryan and his society. They promote as cool, brazen, edgy and brave anyone who furthers their goal - typically whiteskin idiots, the left counterparts of the right-wing xtian pro-Israel simps.
Literally every person on tv could be a jew (instead of just half), and most whiteskin christians wouldn't believe you if you pointed it out.

July 23, 2018:

I saw a fully battle dressed Amish or Mennonite woman running a bobcat on a big yard on a 90-degree day. Now that is a strong woman. And strong smelling too.  It amazes me what people will put up with. I'd be all "yeah, pops? what's "plainer" than my skin dress. You tell your ol Jesus buddy there to stick his head under my skirt, I got something for him."
Don't be yourself. Rather, emulate someone better than you. But you're so cool and different! I know, I know. Even still... Like when you're contemplating getting a third barracuda tattooed on one of your lips, ask yourself WWTCD? (What Would Ty Cobb Do?) Just as an example of someone legitimately great. I'm thinking he would not do that. So...yeah.
Marxism a science Global warming a fact Captain Kangaroo's real name was Hrocksch Kretschmer, and he was the SS janitor responsible for oiling the pedal-driven brain-bashing machine before he escaped to America to entertain kids with his discolored-jean-wearing 'friend' Daffodils come up early and yellow - like little flower-suns. 1 of these is true!
character Zhivago, a medical doctor, on Marxism contd:  "Everyone is worried only about proving himself only in practical matters, and as for the men in power, they are so anxious to establish the myth of their infallibility that they do their utmost to ignore the truth. Politics doesn't appeal to me. I don't like people who don't care about the truth." p216
Pasternak's Dr Zhivago on Marxism: "Marxism a science? Well, it's taking a risk, to say the least, to argue about that with a man who hardly knows. However -- Marxism is too unsure of its ground to be a science. Sciences are more balanced, more objective. I don't know a movement more self-centered and further removed from the facts than Marxism." -contd
Jews will continue to lie until blood runs between their teeth and their heads slump down their necks.
What's wrong with women fetching sandwiches for men? Answer: Men should be eating no or very little bread. #TheMoreYouKnow
Here's a clever if mnemonically challenged rhyme I came up with: Happy man, happy life As long as the woman is occupied with keeping her 'man' (not king, maybe husband) happy, her neurotic narcissism just might be under control Women are more than leg-spreading sandwich-fetchers!  Not today. Today they're less than. L-S S-F is aspirational for them today.
Texan's idea of "satanic elite": anyone with three-digit IQ and clean fingernails
Every time I go to Iowa I am gobsmacked by how empowered the women are. That means fat, right?
i'd like to see the overlap of those who think the world is designed, as by a god, and those who get tattoos
christianity is cotton candy for the loser-masses of baitfish-people reality is steak for the healthy elite which do you prefer?
women are not really so dumb, they are oriented in a way that makes them appear dumb to mission-oriented men. and, well, their generally not knowing anything except man-manipulation tends to reinforce the impression "this is the worlds worst comic book!" -- well the author was writing a gothic novel, so, kinda yeah and not yeah?
Mossad is small because jews are thick. it just dials up jew/xcountry, asks for help usually gets it never gets turned in Jews are "alien" to the nation they live among. If you won't take my word, because I'm too fragrant, then I couldid quote Jefferson.
jurinalists are uniformly unqualified, they're like people writing about welding who can't distinguish aluminum from marzipan
basic bitch white = hitler* *what jews actually believe
talk up white genocide talk down white responsive violence These don't go together. If there's a genocide against whites going on, violence is justified.  Maybe do some logic squats between your butt-squats?
y to the rules. When he found that this was not so, it did not occur to him that his conception of the world order might have been oversimplified. He nursed his grievance and with it the ambition to judge between life and the dark forces that distorted it, and to be life's champion and avenger. Embittered by his disappointment, he was armed by the revolution."
next couple are Pasternak's description of Strelnikov, a blue-flamer commie leader (and one presumes from name a russian, not a jew). his 'take' on the mentality of true-believer leftist whiteskin:  "Filled with the loftiest aspirations from childhood, he looked upon the world as a vast arena where everyone competed for perfection, keeping scrupulousl
i have a beautiful dream: that all the corn-fed, hand-spanked white girls of the midwest were taught important skills like cooking and nutrition -- even sewing -- rather than playing softball. softball, or gay baseball, as non-aficionados know it, is like meh and wuh had a child and named it Waste of Time (like a horse, a fat racing horse)

July 22, 2018:

Jesus and Wayne Williams love little nigger children.
May all niggers end up in catfish bellies. #BransonStyle
Sicut Judaeis Non must give way to Cut Jews Oui
We set 'white genocide' in motion when we tolerated Sicut Judaeis Non, a policy not one in a hundred xtians has even heard of.
if women dominate yet women are inferior to men pretty much across the board how has feminism triumphed, and Mens Rights failed? feminism is not a self-inflating thing, it is powered from the outside without jewish support, feminism would be where MRA is today - nowhere
cultural? economic? both marxisms are jewish. which is the main point - always. you keep underestimating the need to burn away the professional-conservative underbrush.
here's why German culture is superior to Anglo the Englick instinctively goes for the effeminate, evasive 'cultural marxism'  instead of jewish marxism
television-the-medium is a 100-year, ongoing hate crime against whites
has there ever been a realistic depiction of a mudshark relationship on jewish television?  OJ doesn't count. always driving a wedge between white fathers and white daughters, these tv jews. we should kill the jews. the catholic cult, a jewish production, has had SICUT JUDAEIS NON (dont molest the jews) as its policy for 1500 years. how's that working out?
"happy wife, happy life" you've heard that. it's based on feminist assumptions, which have become default across the west
"It is more important to spay dog owners than dogs." --F. Nitzsche
what must be strengthened is the spirit of indomitability in our people, and this is done through examples, not lectures. words have been multiplied to infinity; what remains to be said? what isn't known that needs to be?  i would say the relation of xtianity to our plight, hence my focus, but that's about it. NWO = Jew WO. Jews must be exterminated. #NJJR
someone sent me this. i vouch for that. see what i'm not saying? cuz not read? but might be interesting, on a skim. now go away.
a lot of what you see with jews is the children/teenagers/women desire to be shown where the borders are, and resentment the proper masculine enforcement isnt there. so they end up breaking down the last border, pedophilia, with their 'edgy' jokes we should use this time to rid ourselves not just of jews but of the xtian mindset that allows jews to triumph
" Of course, Qabbalistically, & Saducee-istically, it is THE JEWISH PEOPLE THEMSELVES who are IHVH So it is the Jews going about murdering cattle; murdering the first-born; poisoning the wells; committing biological warfare - spreading boils. Everything that we accuse the Jews of today as "blood libel" is, secretly, admitted by them in Genesis & Exodus "

July 21, 2018:
so two boats, one survives, one goes down. one white cap'n, one niggeroid. guess!
are dog owners a social menace? it's not for me to say. but yes.
'It's relatively easy to prevent your dog from getting into a fight with a rat, it's much more difficult to prevent them from taking a drink from a random puddle that might be contaminated.'
" Data suggested that the rats tended to gravitate towards neighborhoods with higher concentrations of dog poop  " what'd i tell you about dogs and their owners?
privileged cunt drives man to prison
what does christian mean? functionally it means: - won't say what needs to be said - won't do what needs to be done
the more scum we have in this town, the more chance to show love!  hey, i know...let's open a homeless kitchen that'll draw niggers, bums and psychos like flies!  #Christian=AmeriKwanThinking
look at the absolute lack of moral courage displayed by white Americans, then ask yourself, what religion are these people? why, bless my soul, they're Christians
" Megan Eppes called it 'sad that [FSU President John] Thrasher was so easily convinced to overlook all of the accomplishments and generosity of Francis Eppes and cave to the noisy few that think he is unworthy of recognition.'  "
women are just stupid, and giving them any say in running things just shows how contemptibly weak the men are. thanks, christianity!
WHITE is stronger than any subset. The category error is thinking pork vs beef matters to a starving man.
These fools who say white nationalism isnt a thing. Just keep adding niggers to Europe, you'll be surprised how little the difference between peoples matters. The people like McDoof arguing this dont even bother to notice that Euros with no Hungarian blood or history are fleeing there precisely because it's a white racial territory.
TRADITIONS ARE THE COMMON WISDOM OF A HERD OF IDIOTS.  Does that add up? Because that is the argument, when it emerges from the sea of implicity.
"  Sarah, who lives in France said: 'I can relax best outside. I can look up to the sky, feel grass under my feet and focus. 'I found it stressful in hospital. I found the forest very relaxing, so I thought it was the best place for me to have my baby. " NO YOU HAVE TO DO THINGS THE WAY EVERYBODY ELSE DOES THEM BECAUSE REASONS.
all women who have had births in hospitals have a bullshit story about how the kid almost died if docky-doc hadnt saved it. test this theory.
'In old cultures the girls would watch their mothers give birth so they would know what it was like. Now the chance to do this is very small. 'This gives people the chance to see birth, and especially birth without intervention. It's a rare thing to see.'
"let's collude in making standards disappear so we can keep our belief in racial equality"
white nationalism doesnt exist cuz...what?  dont create problems where they dont exist. that's what jews do.  white ethnic groups can exist in umbrella structure - see switzerland.  also, whites are under attack - not for their religion or ethnicity but for their race.  so makes sense to fight back from that nice simple stable basis
the Root: 5 posts. 4 whining about whites calling cops on blacks. 5th: 4 blacks murder a black.  jingoes: it cant be a wrubbery gone wrong if 2 are on the loose with 50k. that would be a robbery gone wright and a murdery gone wright
"Have a 15yo niece that is a total piece of shit. Causing trouble since she was 8. Been through counseling and tons of programs for troubled kids and just gets worse. She lies, steals, does drugs, dropped out of high school, ran off with her 20 year old drug dealer boyfriend...until she gets arrested for immediately released back to her mother."
teacher at nigger site: " I am a public high school teacher, and what you are saying seems very familiar in current schools.  Schools are more reluctant to punish students, so kids really do get away with a lot.  Many kids know this and really take advantage. "
nigger at nigger site: " Courts have stop order punishment for poor minority criminals on minor to medium charges because of the current SJW climate. And that is just leading to worse criminals. If you are black and poor you could literally steal a car in the morning and be out by dinner time stealing another car or robbing someone. "

July 20, 2018:

with the tiniest stroke, your imaginary God could remove all doubt (this is me grinning)

July 18, 2018:

July 17, 2018:

Outside, up the street, overly carbed bitches were yallsqualling about something you could bet was fucking stupid. (apologies to F Scott)
Schools are failing our niggers. Jails are failing our niggers. Trees are failing our niggers. Rice Krispies are failing our niggers. Salmon are failing our niggers. This is not your beautiful house. This is not your beautiful wife. Talking Heads are failing our niggers.
Everyone thinks everything is personally directed at them-him. Everyone is a woman. Everyone is boring.
step right up and buy your Afterlife Powerball ticket! The Jesus Jackpot is up to 72 trillion!  YOU CANT WIN IF YOU DONT PLAY. That's good reasoning where I come from.
people should be introspective and reflective. they should be thoughtful. but they're not. their operating mode is light-social nearly exclusively. if they want something deeper its sadisfied by puling piddling lies about a sci-fi character called jesus. you all suck. no, i dont you mean you. YOU'RE GREAT. other people are failing this nigger (me).snif
obese government creates obese people
Go to black racist sites to read whining about whites calling cops on rule-breaking blacks Or go to white racist sites to read about blacks raping, murdering and torturing whites
the White cause is for winners the church is for losers - ask them #TeamWhite
how many bantu signalling christians have you seen bragging about their charity work in Haiti? way too many, totally unasked for, they shove it in your face
helping people is not the easy thing it appears on the surface it is fully as hard and fraught with dangers as any other human undertaking
Boy, you sure dont see a lot of jews naming themselves Murray, Irving and Llewellyn anymore, do you?  They faked 'White' when it was top and trending (see F. Scott). Now they shit on whites and disclaim membership. It how they do.
Women: the sex that believes in adjectives.
hard drugs are eugenic; the catholic cult is dysgenic catholics breed their weedsy crap bigger each generation; meth kills meth users dead
I see a white man, no obvious bodily problems, standing alongside a road in 95-degree heat with a sign saying "Broke." The street he stands along has probably two dozen places trying to hire people.
In case you're not aware, and I'm not being ironic or clever, people (ie, conservatives aka the hopeful halfwits) have been saying "racism is losing its power" at least since I first came on the semi-public scene, back in the mid-1980s.
Explain Papa John Schnatter's recent deposition in relation to "racism is losing it's power."  Ya cant.
it's good to be smart it's good to be loyal it's good to be healthy it's good to be rich it's good to laugh at what's stupid #BeGood
it's Skunky McDoof-tier me-too-jewery to pretend Christianity was something noble and solid before the crank locution judeo-christian was popularized in post-war period Christianity was a jewish production from day one.  There is no way around that obstacle.  Christianity is jewish garbage for goyim, like spiritual Nickelodeon for physical adults.
Christians want Haitians and people-who-want-to-adopt-Haitians in their pews. Not racialists.  How clear do they have to say it, man? Christianity is an all-races-welcome cult. Race doesn't matter. What are you, nuts? It's all about the Jesus and the 'love' (as they call it, certainly not i).
Purity spiraling is 99% of the time an excuse for low standards.
The thing is, you cant reproach jews with straying from their religious text because it backs them up. The Talmud not only approves their pursuing white (and other) genocide it commands it. Jews are consistent, credible threats in theory and in actual action. Christians are confused rabbits. #TeamWhite is for whiteskins transitioning to Whites.
it's dangerous to believe anyone isn't an idiot, and that goes double for any adult talking in church
the white race has somehow survived having a semitic nail driven into its head, even worships the nail We are White. Christ-lies have nothing to do with us. We are a race going our own way. You christbugs can turn brown and fester and, as we clearly see, get off on it. #TeamWhite #WGTOW
Did anyone do virtue signaling before the Jesus cult?  What is "in this world but not of it," which the crux symbolizes, but telling others you're too pure and good and holy for this world, unlike the dirty birds. Yeah we're all original sinners, in theory, but the cross around my neck should tell you I'm one of the Good Ones.  #TeamWhite
Jew behavior is the source of all antagonism toward them. Not 99%. 100%.
You notice how there aren't any photos of Hitler wearing kike jewelry (the cross, or Calvary Virtue Signal) or donning a kippa? Maybe that means something. Nah. Things are true because they make you feel good, isn't that right, budger?
a white-racialist christian is at best -- at best -- confused and his confusion will clarify at the very worst point - at which he will side with what's safest for him - the cross cult Christianity is anti-White. Accept it. #TeamWhite
Top 100 jews promoting feminism Top 100 jews promoting fagooism Top 100 jewish warmongers Top 100 cuck warmonger-jockstraps Top 100 jews promoting open borders for White nations Top 100 christcucks promoting white nation invasion #TimeToKill
judeo-christian is the 2.0 but (((christianity))) is the 1.0
"Ditch your family (race) and join our kumbaya cult!" --the j(((christian))) message to whiteskins
metamucil? why not just simple mucil.
There are limited numbers of jews and top-tier cucks. Replacing them is not easy. You also get the scared-off effect on the gutless cucks. (jews are all in. cucks are in for bucks) This is why #TimeToKill makes sense right now - and will make more sense with every passing day.
one thing i always noticed about whiteskins is they never, in any context, seem to see how jews see them. (stupid, inferior - and not really even hiding their contempt)
unless you were one of the lucky micro-minority who had clued in white parents who taught you the right stuff any sense you'd have that jews aren't the squeaky clean hero-victims they play themselvers as would come from obscure allusions from the most erudite writers in the back pages of uncommon magazines
if you're under 30, take a minute to think about this imagine it's 1985 right now you want to learn about jews how do you do that? is the truth in conservative magazines? liberal newspapers? can you find the right books in your high school or local library? what do you think? is not the conclusion: the Internet is the key to liberating humanity from jews
it's almost scary but  the internet is the worlds only honest newspaper and for many people, the only real father they've ever had
"ignore jews and just focus on whites" says a certain type of polyanna as ive said (ive already said everything) ok sugarplum... take any one thing you want to change now work out in your mind changing it. what the first/main obstacles you come across? jews every time. i dont need to know your issue. if you want something GOOD FOR WHITES, JEWS OPPOSE IT
christian/conservative/coward/cuck same thing #TeamWhite
7-17, youtube forcefeeding people into nigger worship service

July 16, 2018:

this guy does a lot of decent stuff
evolution of TV...if you watch old Hawaii Five-O shows...late sixties thru seventies, you see a detective show about the crime in question. not focused on lives and personalities of cops but on their work. there is some poz, and the shows are not all that great, but there is clear demonstration of traditional masculine hierarchy and loyalty
"I didn't sell out, son, I bought in!" --SLC Punk
Sexual liberation makes as much sense as stomach liberation. Englutinating everything you can wrap your mouth around may work for tiger sharks, but not for people. "Get in the hole!" is golftard ejaculation, not a success strategy.
is there a whiteskin polcuck that isn't a xtian? produce it. christianity is the cuckmaker
mencken used the term 'eminent pa' to describe some 20s bigaloo and it blew my mind like spores off a blown dandelion i guaratnee you - if he had gone to college, he never would havec coined that, the quick would have been beat out of him like a 4th year running back
we have cucked for the jews for so long their chutzpathic ways have become our own
Everything is like PUA; if you dont come by it chad-naturally, you're always going to be stilted, mechanical. As they say: genius exists, mediocrity develops.
I mean, I don't go in for tard-tier explanations like evil, popular among the alt-reality set you find in churches, but i'll be god-me-damned if the term isn't unavoidable when you seek, as i always do, to sum things up in the simplest accurate description. "Explain jews in simplest terms to space alien." Welll, (pause to ponder)...they're evil.
i learned loads of words from mencken; even more, how to USE words, which is the real trick, to the limited extent it can be learned every time i looked up a word i didnt know, i found he was using it correctly and often artistically that's honesty in a writer, as i see it. others can bark for other schools, but this is mine
i follow the greats. they show the way. you can be as erudite or even abstruse as you like, but your words must reduce to something intelligible. if it loads work on the reader, well, it's all our jobs to get less stupid, or at least ignorant. i dont want to read people dumber than me, i get enough of those in my walking-around life
trolling is a concept, but, for me, when i attack someone it's for a reason, whether the reason is implied or stated. i just make the attack as stinky, offensive, funny as strikes me right, depending on the queebo in question and its degree of wrongness. so if you want the haha factor, it's there, if you just the facts man it's there too best o' both worlds aint it?
what is civilization? yeah big thinkers and all that but it's also the 95 IQ white man who shows up in zero-degree weather, cheerful, and thaws out your frozen water pipe #SaluteToWhiteMen
ReGab if you know anyone besides sci-fi Jesus who has come back from the dead. I have a flagging imaginary pet, and I'm needing tips here, believers. TIA
they call them neon-nazis because they glow WITH LIFE & ENERGY!
utopia: a government that tries to create positive outcomes by any method except killing people
some really great stuff in here
Tommy Robinson is someone who went from no one to global figure overnight. If you can't figure out how that happened, you're not tall enough for the politics ride.
Jews know that their sexual policies destroy society - they learned this right after the (((Russian))) revolution. Maybe at that point they actually believed their own bullshit, but they saw how destructive feminism was, and they actually pulled back on certain parts of it. So when they did same thing in USA in 1960s, they knew what they were doing.
Jews are the warmongers. Jews are the troublemakers. Jews are the liars. Jews are essentially Evil in human form.
what do you call feminism without jews?  MRA
" Women are inherently solipsistic and tyrannical by nature, completely devoid of self-awareness, and must be proactively controlled by the male capacity for logic and reason. " --youtube commenter
Jews know the nature of women, just as they know the nature of blacks. They know how to use both against civilized white society. #MGTOW
you got to have fun in this life. my way is to ask amish women if their honey is made by professional bees. say it with straight face.
most new things are bad. most old new things are bad too #LOL
cough, the ends justify the use of any memes
a lot of people watch tv. they've done it for decades. tv watching is a tradition. i'm a traditionalist. that's the problem with traditionalism "oh i dont mean THAT tradition" so you're not a traditionalist. you're a whatever-is-used-to-evaluate-(traditions)--ist
the white racial cause is about FORMATION (race formation) as much as preservation - and christianity has no part in that
a lot of actors and actresses - it's like all the effort of their genes went into producing a marvelous head. so there was little room for the rest of them. so they're like bobbleheads - a giant square head and a little body.
The christ fag has only one answer to all my charges: that the Jesus story is true. It's not. It's a big lie popular with hominid midgets.
i wonder if anyone has ever written a book called Disagreeability about people who are (not clinically antisocial or anything)  not naturally given to believing what they hear or saying things to reap appropation of morons (others) these people will avoid the false highs and lows of the 'normal' majority. is my thesis
Feminism and communism both must be CONNECTED TO JEWS. MGTOW and conservatism don't do this. I think MGTOW because they don't know. But conservatism - the professional conservatives deliberately lie - and connect feminism to Nazis, the only group that fought communism & feminism and the degeneration they foster.
Always remember: the Christ pukes won't say one word to their (((preacher))) or (((pastor))) about the anti-Whitism in every church. They'll just come anonymous-cunting online after White Nationalists who have their heads straight and their behavior in line with ALL their beliefs.
god shat out some rocks and trees and behold it was...pretty meh really the man-made world...there's your value
i have declared war on nature immodest? yes chances of victory slighter than slight? you could say that nevertheless, one must be quixotic from time to time, just to stay in proportion
the view of state as neutral machinery that just needs to be operated by white men is extraordinarily uneducated the state always rolls its own, and this means lousy people and lousy behavior are subsidized; quality people and behavior are punished
it's time for the proxy to melt off and the thing itself to come forward #TimeToKill i know enough white men feel this way right now #WhiteLiberationArmy
#MGTOW #Marriage

July 14, 2018:
stronger men make for stronger team

July 13, 2018:
See, chilluns, niggers are like the natural world. Full of weeds and stinkbugs. Whites civilization is like a clearing in the jungle. It will be overrun quickly if we let down our guard.  Nigs live at a higher common denominator because of us. We live at a lower common denominator because of them. We dont need niggers, jews, mexicans etc. They need us.
christian rock is a thing. it makes as little sense as christian racialism. rock is inherently degenerate. inherently sex focused. you can change the lyrics to jesus slobbering, but the sound is at war with the sense. throbbing pounding beat goes with lust, not spirituality. just as ah lubs ever'body, jes like muh jebus, doesn't go with racial-specificism
The only defense the USA needs is the 2nd Amendment.
[w apologies to The Minimalists] 5 Questions to ask Before Bringing Niggs into Your Society Can I afford to part with this money?  Can I pay the actual cost? The true cost of a thing stretches far beyond the price tag. Will it add value to my life?  It must serve a purpose or bring joy; otherwise no value. What are the alternatives?  Can I get by without it for a while?

July 12, 2018:
Your circumstances should reflect the ordering of your mind. Order is Aryan. Much of what is irksome today, and over time builds up a killing anger, is that we white men are prevented in our own lands from restoring rational order. Except we're not, really, prevented, only on the starter level. #DeathToTheJews #TimeToKill #NoJewsJustRight #TeamWhite
#Fingerism is the answer to what ails you. You as a one. It means taking responsibility for your own decisions, behavior - life. And looking for that quality in anyone you associate with. Cuz if it's not there, well, enjoy the misery. God, devil, circumstances - these are not real things. They are cowardly or dishonest evasions.
[inbox] "Rabbi Saul tells us not to pay any regards to genealogies." "Jews want ancestor-veneration for themselves, and a rootless race-less-ness for Gentiles."
[inbox] Old Testament: Book of Racial Common Sense written by Jews for Jews. "Can the... Ethiopian change his skin[?]" New Testament: Book of Racial Apostasy written by Jews for Gentiles.
Croatian comment: “We went through a lot of shit: war, all these things, and even now the situation is not the best. But it is unbelievable how many talents we have in sport. At basketball, at handball, at water polo, at tennis especially. We have good mothers and fathers, making good love.”

July 11, 2018:
Why talk about jews when you can talk about 'Neo-Babylonian Death Cult'?
if you were creating a white-racial psychological profile, for, let's say, A preferable white TYPE, which qualities exhibited by the average whiteskin xtian would you include in it?
human weeds is a good metaphor. common, useless, they pop up everywhere, and they're destructive trees/roots as related to human heritage is bad. it's funny it's the fav of people who emphasize spirit. which is it? ethereal oprah or earth oprah? pick a condition and go with it whites are a race of questers and laughers, not believers, not traditionalists
[inbox] Please see this link to a 15-minute video titled "Israel’s Internet Censorship War—If Americans Knew”: [...] based on the article "How Israel and its partisans work to censor the Internet,” posted here: https://israelpalestinenews. org/israel-partisans-work- censor-internet/

July 10, 2018:

US military = George Michael's Giant Anti-White Hate Machine, far as I'm concerned. and like public schools, our  taxes pay for it. while these bumblefucks lecture us about protecting our freedom. You know what the Founders felt about standing armies? They were against them. So you're not American, green nigs, you're jew-tool parasite garbage.
Why are white people so fucking stupid? Is one of you knuckleheads seriously going to try to tell me christ-insanity didnt have a major role in exacerbating our natural preference for delusion over fact?
Christianity says mass slaughtering jews is immoral. We say Christianity is shit. #TeamWhite
if you're going to get legally involved with a woman, this is worth watching

July 09, 2018:

you notice how no xtian defends the actual belief? because racially redpilled xtians know the factual claims at the heart of the cult are (((lies)))
It is really is sickly funny that you have to "sell" white people on the idea that their beliefs and behavior should be consistent.
Christians and racialists can get along - as long as neither takes principles seriously. Which is how we got in this mess in the first place.  One or the other.
" Second, it made possible the diversion of VW’s honestly earned profits – which could have and almost certainly would have gone toward the development of even moreefficient diesel-powered alternates to electric cars – into the pockets of electric car grifters, public and private. "
" Or...VW’s diesels were targeted for termination because of the threat they posed to the Electric Car Agenda. They were too efficient and practical and inexpensive. Given the choice between a $21,000 Jetta TDI that goes 700 miles on a tank and refuels in five minutes vs. a $35,000 Tesla that goes 150 miles (maybe) and needs hours to recharge " . . .

July 08, 2018:

christianity: my enemy is a child of god judaism: my enemy is an insect how's that playing out for us, white man?
anything that justifies a competitor is liberalism - as defined by nature contrast judaism, a jew philosophy for jews, with christianity, a jew philosophy for goyim
i dont gaf about tai cave rats. they're probably in heaven with all the spiders to eat. that's probably why they went in there in first place

July 07, 2018:
The 1000-page book is "Tragedy and Hope." The ultimate globalist circle KNOWS people dont want it. Knows people will vote against it. Knows there will be huge misery (tragedy). They've planned for it. The jews and cuckservants must be identified, located, and terminated.
Voting isn't going to change anything; the jew bankers and their political facegoys must be killed.
Christianity: of the kikes, by the kikes, for the kikes (((Christianity))) Whether you like it or not. Whether you acknowledge it or not. #TeamWhite
" when I press Kosinski for examples of how psychology-detecting AI is being used by governments, he repeatedly falls back on an obscure Israeli startup, Faception. The company provides software that scans passports, visas and social-media profiles, before spitting out scores that categorise people according to several personality types. "
" “I can’t see why you would not be able to predict the propensity to commit a crime from someone’s face. We know...that testosterone levels are linked to the propensity to commit crime, and they’re...linked with facial features – and this is just one link. There are thousands or millions of others we are unaware of, that computers could very easily detect.”
" “I don’t believe in guilt, because I don’t believe in free will,” Kosinski tells me, explaining that a person’s thoughts and behaviour “are fully biological, because they originate in the biological computer that you have in your head”. " neo-Lombrosoism
basically, all social science does is prove that X is fixed, no matter what X is, when everybody wants to believe it's a matter of choice or circumstance
give it five photos, it can tell 91% if you're a he-fagoo
"  “I was just shocked to discover that it is so easy for an algorithm to distinguish between gay and straight people,” Kosinski tells me. “I didn’t see why that would be possible.”  Round Up. It's not just for weeds.
that's how you know you're in a dark age. you have to pre-denounce (disclaim) to satisfy the taboo, then support it using different words. #DarkAgeShit i prefer the me way: speak the plain truth while laughing
" Kosinski’s research dismisses physiognomy as “a mix of superstition and racism disguised as science” – but then argues it created a taboo around “studying or even discussing the links between facial features and character”.  "
" There is growing evidence, he insists, that links between faces and psychology exist, even if they are invisible to the human eye; now, with advances in machine learning, such links can be perceived.  "

July 06, 2018:
cure for "i'm special" go type your search in - and the machine knows what you want before you do so you're yeah pretty much like everybody else
Catholicism gets off on snuffling in shit. There is nothing on earth that could be less white than the christian mentality, which is perversion writ large.
We have idiots on here -- typical lugubrious-boob right-wing losers in mentality -- telling you to email jews because they're anti-white. What are they going to do? Stop being jews? That's as likely as you stopping being an idiot. Jews: exterminate them. I'm sorry it's not the clever, fun, wordy, legal solution your stupid approach is premised on.
Use your goddam christian-attenuated white mind, whatever is left of it, to cut through the garbage to the truth: jews must be exterminated. Exactly like the manroaches they are.
the jews did this. they will do it again if we don't exterminate them.
is there anyone in brooklyn who isnt a violent retard?

July 05, 2018:
The boy is thought to have been a victim of an Inca ritual called capacocha, where children of great beauty and health were sacrificed by drugging them and taking them into the mountains to freeze to death.
" The women said the man called them 'spicks'  and said that 'Asians are better because they pay taxes and they never go to jail... unlike Brown people' "
all races hate niggers. that's just a fact.
Last October, the two-time Oscar nominee and three-time Emmy Award winner claimed that he has been 'blacklisted' by the liberal Hollywood elites, driving him to the brink of retirement from acting. ‘While #Liberals scream about the 50's blacklist, my #Repub actor friends are terrified of losing their ability to provide for their families,’ he tweeted.
"I am redpilled and I believe Jesus came back from the dead." Gee, it sounds so disturbingly invalid when you lay it out all plain like that.
you can't grow your grass over 8" or you get fined. but you can adopt niggers
you never hear about the majority when it's white, only minorities; the second that flips, you never hear about the white minority if you want to go extinct, keep on worshiping jew jesus and the other yids
jews are brazen liars christians are delusional liars
Christian, conservative, coward are interchangeable for they amount to the same thing. And if stupid started with c, you could throw that in there too.
The left is the state. That's why it has all the money. Even better, that money all comes directly from the pockets of its enemies. Whites - the earning race -- fund the races out to genocide them.  We need a revolution.
A man's mind should be critical, logical and incisive. A great example is Bobby Fischer (jew or part jew is irrelevant) on jews.
Sorry, I have to have 25 million in the bank before I say jews, and I only have 12. #ThingsCowardCoulterWouldSay

July 04, 2018:

pookie, ray-ray and dirty-dick rodney and the women who eh facilitate them
revelation is not equal to reason, it is inferior to it, on par with hallucination, insanity, and smelling-pigs-that-aren't-there there is no special-needs muh-alt-reality. reality is one and indivisible, pinkies
remember: clowns are trained professionals. dont try to copy them in your sad amateur way; there is more going on than meets the eye
act or not act; there is no threat --maybe Yoda maybe? either way, read and assimilate do not threaten people remember: the enemy (in media and courts) thinks words are MORE important than behavior
Remember, in America your right to suck flies off screens with a Shop Vac comes from GOD not govt, and shall not be infringed. DIG IT. #USA #USA #USA

July 03, 2018:
Christianity: a cult for lugubrious boobs
" Infectious disease expert Dr. Lee Riley warned the city was dirtier than some slums in India and Brazil.  'The contamination is… much greater than communities in Brazil or Kenya or India,' the UC Berkeley professor said. " In my experience, there is no big snob-jackass on the planet than a WASP San Franciscan.
white TSU student steps in to save woman, says to reporter: "But, I'm also just anxious now because I never thought I would have to deal with a guy wielding an ax in my front yard."" guy = african brought in by jew-christian alliance to destroy America and bring about white genocide
attack someone with an ax and get domestic assault? now the nigger's in prison on 150k bond. the woman is fucked up. they probably have 3-4 kids Christianity is weak and evil. Judaism is strong and evil.
christians and jews bring these africans into #NEMO, here's the result

July 02, 2018:
i ceep clicking home and nothing happens some niggers need to come up with some shit
Remember, kids: bottle rockets are fun, and god equipped you with your very own Cape Sphincter to launch them.
cant wait to see fresh ways cretins off themselves with fireworks this season #FireworksSuckLikeDogs
this is fucking great. the only thing we owe the media is a bullet between the lies
men who can be deflected from their mission by tits or pussy aren't serious; women know this instinctively, hence their tests to see just how strong a man they're dealing with
women instinctively understand that men who take them seriously aren't serious
drink Coke: because poisonous relationships go with poisonous beverages, right miss mudshark?

July 01, 2018:
Drake is a jigger. He looks like exactly what he is: a jew hiding in a nigger.
"Canadian hip hop artist Murda Beatz, whose real name is Shane Lee Lindstrom, added: 'RIP My Brothers Smoke Dawg & Koba.. Love You Guys 4 Life.. Rest Easy.'  Smoke Dawg was a member of Halal Gang with Mo-G and Puffy L'z, and rose to fame for his song 'Still'. " #MurdaBeatz #HalalGang
Under the one-drop rule, God qualifies as a nigger.
Christians assert that niggers are created by God, and reflect him. What do you think about a cult that worships a nigger God?
'Race relations' is a term of cant. It is propaganda. The natural relation between whites and LCD races is separation.

June 30, 2018:

niggers jews and (((christians))) let into the US doin' work
there is no subset of humanity that maintains a consistent level of disgustingness as NYC-area brownshit island monkeys. every single one of them looks dirty and dishonest
mudshark exits ISIS style
it's the question that kept aristotle up nights: what are leftists worse at? fighting or thinking?
Everything whites need to thrive is marked out of bounds as extremism. We must ditch our effeminate Anglo status fears and respond as men. Jews must be exterminated. That's the objective fact, it doesn't matter in the least how you feel about it. #TeamWhite
"We will instruct the youth of the goyim in doctrines WE KNOW TO BE wrong." That's Protocols. You can see it in everything jews do. Just look at Israel, where they do the opposite.  The solution to jews is not to email them, or argue with them, or even be interested in them once you suss these one trick nose-ponies, but simply to exterminate them.  #TeamWhite
The only interpretation of feminism that covers all the actual facts is the racial interpretation. Feminism is correctly seen as a tool used by one race to destroy another. Just as with race proper, jews are well aware of the facts about sexual differences - and they use their knowledge to promote false doctrines they know will destroy white families.
The truths about the sexes are known. They can be used. They can be concealed. MGTOW, TFM in particular, are missing or hiding that feminism is one, just one, no matter how broad, front in a racial war.  This is one of the few areas worth writing about at length. Almost everything else has been closed intellectually, just needs spread.
remember, kiddies: #SPLC arent just liars and criminals - they are literal terrorists. they had advanced knowledge of OKC and sat on it. and probably more than that, but that, at least, can be proved. see, i'm not like them. i dont lie or need to.
most people are dogs, they just bark brainlessly at whatever's in front of their face around people never relax. they're like blacks in that regard
the point of life is the witticisms you can discharge before your atoms disband or maybe it's to catch bluegill and hop up and down hard to say
snowflakes are literally unique. but the main thing is they're exactly alike.  #thehumanconditionisdecomposition
yes, death is atomic free agency
death is when your atoms cautiously approach you and softly inform you they're choosing to exercise other options
"i'm one of a kind" yeah go join the others over there or as jim croce put it in this song
in the war between me and nature, i am coming in third. jesse christ.

June 29, 2018:
"love is the illusion that one woman is different from another" --HLM
" Chasey - who is a co-founder of People of Leather Among You (PLAY) - has the motto: 'Blood may be thicker than water, but leather is thicker than blood.'  "
daily mail is like a santa claus who actually exists and is about as smart as forrest gump who flies around the world every single day taking pictures of everything. DM is as close to journalism as (((System))) shit ever gets
where does the zany notion that niggers aren't actual things but temporary conditions come from? why it comes from magic water. notice how the conservative cunts calling themselves racialists don't have the balls to laugh at magic water as magic dirt, even tho it's the same fallacy; in fact its pa
"You have the natural right to all the pie you can stick in your mouth." --Ben Franklin
is this what we are supposed to be? is it? is this the good life? is this how it's done? is this is the cream and glory? is this the it and essence?
why are there so many faggots in minnesota?
i'm going t o pretend my dick is a dog. just walk around, piss on every tenth person. then i'll affect a smack on the nocent pecker.  i'll smh "omg, he never does that."
the nazis used to hang dogowners with placards around their neck reading I BEFOUL PUBLIC AREAS
the price of owning a dog should be a dogturd tattoo on one of your handbacks, so people know what they're dealing with. no different from GRIDS tat on buttock or SOD tat on forehead
sporty spice thinks it's funny, guarantee you
the amazing thing, when you consider the sad assembly of fat dopes the usa has become - literally every single one of these creatures is the winner of the Great Sperm Race one boggles at the quality of the also-rans
dog ownership is strong indication of anti-social personality yeah that's my own DSSM but  trust me it's a pretty goddam good indicator of passive-aggressive pussihood
this is what you get when everybody's out for himself, no one feels part of anything larger, or any responsibility to other people
the chinese are more civilized than us - they eat dogs. we worship them. i'm seeing more and more cunts bringing dogs into shops. they think they're so cool for doing it, too. dog owners are mostly garbage people
"whites have no culture" of all the absurd lies the parrot-people parrot, this is the absurdest look around you...every single thing you see was invented by a white man. so if nothing else, these horrible people have a culture of INVENTING FUCKING EVERYTHING. i mean, that's not an exaggeration, that's bare fact: EVERYTHING
the good doesnt and cant elevate the bad, that's the mistake anglo-christian made and keeps on making, out of pride, arrogance, cultishness and puerility 1) niggers cant be made into chads and beckys 2) niggers, even if they could be, DONT WANT TO BE chads and beckys you believe god created niggers - why do you white cross-cult jackasses try to recreate them?
"Under my administration Minnesota will become Maxisota. My policies are that good." --Trump speech in N.D., June 2018
You notice how Trump draws huge crowds even in lutefisk land, where America's insaniest white people live? #DeepNorth All white people, even northeasterners and upper midwesterners, can understand good sense when it's spoken to them with hearty bluntness.
it was 97 here in the #NEMO today...i saw some amish heifers, they looked like they were reconsidering their life choices
The USA flag to me = military, and military = morons-slash-parasites.
The Southern flag is the de facto flag of Real America. doesn't matter what state you're in.
i always give thumbs up when i'm on road and i see the X flag. today, big grill on a truck i always talk up a coming race war when i talk to new people in average social situations, if topic comes up. i start with situations everyone knows about (local) and connect them to national and what will eventuate and what must be done about it
almost all obese women have knee problems
Make Women Property Again A woman can be a good thing, like a file cabinet. But like a file cabinet, a good woman must not be too heavy.
FINALLY someone shot up a newsroom instead of a 'school.'  It's about time. Yeah, this was a personal beef. But it's still political in that these assholes think they can lie and attack others and get away with it - because they always have. Not anymore.  Because Americans are nothing if not braindead copycats.
How do you write journalists so well?  "I think of a man. Then I remove reason and accountability."
"The vilification is what gets me. I had been a lifelong Liberal. ... Then the insanity of the man-hating day after day in the mainstream media finally caused me to snap. If you have self-respect, you won't be able to take the misandry forever. I think the 2020s will be an era of great cultural confrontation. Something will soon snap society wide."
how is your thoughtforce doing these days?

June 28, 2018:

In all history in sub-Saharan Africa, no two-story building or a waterproof boat was ever made.'
we dont seem to be getting the top shelf gooks coming in
"i love nature"
remember what i said about loyalty earlier? look how all this white liberal's fellow preening cultists abandoned her at the slightest inconvenience
'gay' pride makes as much sense as smoker's pride
this world is designed on the principle of irony blacks get to live in a world created by an unfathomably advanced race that invents all kinds of marvelous things that make life wonderful whites get to live in a world of...niggers
Loyalty is the gold in hominid relations. When you spit on principles, not to go all Pa Brady, but you're showing those who know that you're disloyal and dumb. In other words, you're common.

June 27, 2018:

historical kikeage on immigration
Govt is magic (or God) to all browns and far too many whites
Germanic people are going to flip to the other side of the card. It's a blood feeling. You can feel it in the offing. ITZ COMING.
That's how the White cause should be posed: Aryan Quest - the ultimate battle to liberate planet earth from the jew.
It should be noticed that whites are a dreamy race, given to adventures and questing. Whites are not a traditionalist race - they are the very opposite.
"The first criminal, 39-year-old Cai Liqun, was found guilty of selling methamphetamine and magu. The latter is a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine, and is a relatively new type of drug in China."
fake women/real niggers

June 26, 2018:

deferring to women on anything serious is like giving car keys to a drunken five-year-old
" Texas has carried out 551 executions since 1982, tops in the nation. "
"love your race" or else
repeat after me: crime is a concept invented by evil white racists (pardon the redundancy) to prevent black people from getting ahead
what is a nigger? this story provides the answer #Nigger101
how do monkeys and dindus not make the list?
" the Chinese economy is going to be three times bigger than the US economy in 20 years. " -Doug Casey

June 25, 2018:

it's also the niggito was screeching for hours on end, that's what set off the white broad, see Root article, think i posted it. blacks say everything 15x and 3x too loud. they get the same bang the 15th as first. sign of their low IQ

June 23, 2018:

ants are like little tiny maids...that you don't have to pay
a strong, stable man running any damn thing is about as far from toxic as it gets
Specifics help us grasp ideals. In my opinion, the perfect Aryan (man) would have a spirit more or less like Roald Dahl and be shaped about like Ryan Reynolds. I refuse to belong to a race that is cry- weep- blame- or whine-oriented. We must be jaunty. And tough. When in doubt, increase the jauntiness is my motto.
"The teenagers were told they had attended ‘a school of courage which taught you boys to become men.’ They lived as adults, isolated from any technology, ate plain meals such as soup and bread where the main focus was on ‘fresh air and togetherness as men.’" #FreshAir #Soup #Toughness #Togtherness #TeamWhite / #Russia
" Tatiana Bankova, 25, of the Nadezhda medical centre which organises the camp, said: ‘Adolescence is a difficult period and you sometimes have to treat a kid tough'  " #BeTough
"  Young offenders in Russia are being rounded up and sent to military boot camps where they learn marching drills and armed combat in an effort to rehabilitate them. ...secretive camps to find youngsters taking part in a passing-out ceremony in front of their families in which they battled the gruelling heat in full uniform carrying automatic weapons.  "
Loyalist Germans knew that good hard work cured faggotry. Russians think, well, it might cure delinquency too.
if you listen to christianity, the most significant thing about a nigger is not what it is or what it does, but that it's created by god you willing to bet the continued existence of your kind on this tomfoolery? cuz that's the stakes.
magic dirt is bogus. magic water is totally a real thing. i buhlieve because i am absurd.
Jo Cox is trying to virtue signal, but since it's several feet under soil, it's not coming through so well. #DeadJoCoxLOL
Britain is not a lost cause. Britons simply need to begin killing the enemy. #HeroThomasMair
What do we do when faced with an opponent who isn't honest, who refuses to listen to reasonable criticism, who intends our kind's genocide? We accept him for what he is, and accept his challenge Aryanly. We move to exterminate him, and we do just that. In the end, all that remains of him is a Museum of Jewish Crimes.

June 22, 2018:
one of the larger invasion groups does things like this in old country
basically, anything you can stick in your body that you can buy in a common store is poisonous upon inspection, particularly the hygiene-medical products
fagoos doin' work
brownskin in-Americans, doin' work
Why haven't whites been able to identify jews as enemies and destroy them? When YOU figure that out, you have something valuable. Christianity doesn't just make it hard to identify jews as the enemy (them) it makes it hard to identify us. Who are we? Whites? Westerners? Xtian? These aren't same thing  Team Jesus aint Team White, it's an opponent of #TeamWhite.
Christianity is an anti-racial doctrine. God created everybody. Everybody's soul matters. Civic spiritualism. We are all (or should be) part of Club Jesus.

June 21, 2018:
any tiny, diseased weirdo 'community' has no hope save it dominate mass communications honest men could make money in mass media, but they could make money in meatpacking too liars (jews and helpful deviants) gain the double benefit of making money and spreading obfuscation, and over decades, they enjoy a wonderful ratchet effect
Our race made a vital mistake in accepting the Christ-lie. The way back to racial health begins with vomiting Jew Jesus.
Get the christ-confusion out of the way, it's easy to see jews are a hostile, predatory parasite preying on the White population. Detach and kill them. Refuse to believe humans are animals and subject to mammalian biology, as the jewish christian church for fools teaches, and you will pay the price of racial extinction.
" Speaking as a Japanese dude: the real cultural force at work here is the Japanese concept of “Meiwaku” (causing trouble to others). " From a really young age, it was drilled into me by my mother, always consider whether you are causing meiwaku to others. Cleaning up after yourself is important"...

June 20, 2018:

June 19, 2018:
nigging it up on Cooney Island
whites prefer being continually fooled to principled consistency that would protect them

June 18, 2018:

you're afraid of being associated with Nazis? imagine how they feel being associated with you
The plant can grow eight to 14 feet and is originally from Western Asia
"i love nature"
another term for 'drama' is disorder - and women biologically love it. they prefer it to order. this is one reason they should be kept 100% out of politics
impressive, vox day's development of alt-comix, talking to movie studios now
observation: where THE FUCK does this giant need for SPEECH PATHOLOGY teachers come from? this is like spergery - it was unheard of two decades ago where are all these people who can't speak? i fully expect to be the last non-retard on earth on the day i die
subsidizing defective people (retards, drug fans) is a great way to destroy a nation, along with promiscuity/degeneracy promotion
slavery was good for niggers; for whites, not so much, apart from a tiny few  as Carlson says, whatever the (((media))) say, flip it for the truth
People think it's easy to be a hedonist, but it's not. it's a talent. I strongly suspect most Anglo-Germanic types, or your base Aryan set, do not have that talent. In my opinion, most A-G types are built to work hard at something. They're strong, resilient and they wear well, most of them. I think that's true.
these fucking tittards (melania trump, laura killer bush) with their preening myopia re the border stubbies makes me sick. always "heart" is used to advocate doing something destructive.  men must rule. men alone sometimes have long-range vision and enough cold seriousness to do what needs to be done
the woman and children are the man's property that's the right doctrine anything else is degenerate
Is there any form of social degeneracy the jewish christian church for whiteskin simpletons does not facilitate?
As famous 18th-century orator Coslow Benthorpe said: "A grinning preacher doth make the Lord puke."
what color of neon-nazi are you? i think i'm more pink, actually (no homo)
We need a mash up of the Israelis protesting arab house sale with US resisting disintegration at gunpoint in 50s.
only observation i'm going to make re changes: it is much harder (slower) to respond to replies now. so hard i dont bother with it, mostly.
JEWS, TICKS, HEMORRHOIDS (the "nature" they dont put on posters)
honestly, most of nature is loathsome. the man-made world is far preferable
nature tried to connect with me this morning but i deflated the tick of its jewy power.  NICE TRY NATURE BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME LOSER!
get rid of your fucking tv. i dont just mean not paying for it.  electricity is a pathogen. yeah we arent amish but we're addicted to it like heroin.
the idea that age confers wisdom is complete bullshit. thinking and checking against reality confers wisdom. and that doesn't take decades for most things. your whole life you should observe, think, read - and talk to the smartest people you can find. if you cant quadrangulate some kind of helpful pith here, then your mind doesnt work. but will.
if others fucked up, oh well, more glory for us.
the way to cope with jews is to exterminate them. you're trying to teach niggers math if you think you have time (or could) teach whites racial loyalty and intelligence and consistent principled behavior. They'll choose xtianity and lottery tickets every time cut the knot by killing the kike. that's the solution - the only solution #TeamWhite
"we need more women in STEM" (smiles, tits, enthusiasm and Mulcting)

June 17, 2018:

the correct response to anything involving (((bible))) objection: relevance
the Old South loved jews; the new south serves them
this anti-white garbage from Rolling Stone, the jews who also brought you the UVa gang-rape hoax
bootlippin' all over white culture
Kellen Winslow and the failure of magic money. Add it to the failure of magic water and magic dirt. I'm beginning to think magic isnt as efficacious as normally assumed. BLAINEFACE
" 'If you're looking to understand what's actually happening in this country, always assume the opposite of whatever they're telling you on the big news stations,' Carlson told his viewers on Friday night. " Uh...YEP. MMm-hmm. True dat. Other expressions of affirmation.
"Carlson on Friday's show told viewers to 'believe the opposite' of whatever 'big news' says about whats going on in America  " Gee, I personally have only been saying that since 2000 online Many others have made this point for many years. On race (and every other important thing), jews flip the truth.
The System promotes lies. The courtier satirists encourage you to mock any who dispute them. Carlson is right in following White Nationalists in saying that, for any big story, you should start by assuming the jewsmedia is lying to you - has flipped the truth on its head.
Courtier satirists (could be SNL, in this case a goy named Seth) want to make sure you're laughing at (believing) the right things.
even high-IQ women can't see what really matters. they are down with the liberal idea of society as a proving ground for women to show they are just as capable as men. they're not. standards are ALWAYS dropped. and people die.
"Just give up and call it love" --jews behind christianity, A Way to Pacify, Neuter and Defeat the whiteskin goyim
i saw a video of gorilla. taught to sign. signs to zoo crowd it is not to be fed. someone throws it an orange. it catches orange with awesome cazh. looks at trainer. then eats. now how are you going to doubt evolution when there's about ten human-typical traits on exhibit here? why is it embarrassing to be related to gorillas but not baptists?
"they know not what they do" so you're going to sit there and shake your head sadly, enjoying your moral superiority...and do nothing about it well arent you queen mary #CrossForTheLoss
are you willing to breed and kill? have you actually done these? if not, how call yeselves part of a racial movement? #RoofCrew #WhiteBabiesCrew #BowlGangBallGang we are in a race war right now. ask any of the white corpses whether or not that's true. it's not coming in future, it's happening right now.

June 15, 2018:
"i love nature"
just what part of loving children do you have a problem with, bigot? #PedoPride
countdown to 'pedophobe' or has it already appeared in jewprint?
church of dubious assertions, to say the least christian claims no more bear looking into than 'holocaust' claims
if you're white, you've never been part of any group that looked out for your interests. not one. it's truly bizarre when you think about it. we have allowed the jews to define things so that any organized white self-defense let alone self-interest is immoral. christianity is the key to doing this, though many of you can't see that yet.
people... bring the the clowns i mean pain not paint
christianity is pro-white because someone can find bible verses to justify whatever he wants to do. (whether that person is a slave owner or abolitionist) is that good reasoning?
contrast with charlottesville

June 14, 2018:

i'm a christian. and a white nationalist. and an octopus. what's your problem, man?' consistency is a paste jew
if your ancestors weren't racist, you'd be nigger. instead of just acting like one.
" The man behind White Rex is Denis Nikitin, a former skinhead turned entrepreneur. He was recently featured in a report by The Guardian that labels him a neo-nazi who transformed himself from a young soccer hooligan radicalized in Germany’s soccer circles, into a businessman behind one of the Russia’s infamous neo-nazi groups. "
"White Rex mission statement: Europeans, pressured by the propaganda of alien values, lost the spirit of a path-breaker, the spirit of a fighter, the Spirit of a Warrior! One of the main objectives of White Rex is to revive this spirit. Modern society brings up philistines & consumers; yet we want to see WARRIORS – people who are strong morally & physically."
" Some of the White Rex shirts openly state slogans such as “Zero Tolerance,” “Angry Europeans,” and “White Rex Against Tolerance.” Others sport symbols such as “88,” which stands for “Heil Hitler.”  "
" Founded in 2008, White Rex is a Russian apparel brand that appeals to fans of popular sports like soccer and MMA. The company produces shirts, hoodies, pants, sports gear, and other items branded with fascist and neo-nazi symbols. They have produced t-shirts that show the black sun and swastika amalgamated into a single symbol. "

June 13, 2018:

christian moral experts, whatever would we do without that christian moral sense? yes i know. a catholic bishop isnt a "real" christian. now if i said you're not a "real" moron, would i sound smart or dumb?
Minnesota raccoons: climbing 25-story buildings Minnesota girls: "'We were just all having fun and I saw this big exhaust pipe and I was like, 'Hey, my head could probably fit in that,' Strom told the Hutchinson Leader."
#LoveYourRace #LutefiskLickers
best i can tell, einstein simply flipped around equations discovered by other (better, Whiter) men, then bedded his not-new-stuff in a bunch of verbiage, and his coethnics promoted him as the main course until he achieved smartest-human-ever status in the simple minds of goyim such as joe theisman
" Albert stole the work of even more men than that. A man called Harold Aspden, whom I had the pleasure to meet before he died, wrote a whole book called something like physics without Einstein. Hard to get but it’s awesome. "
every great jew in time is revealed a fraud

June 12, 2018:

which christian will speak this truth? nary a one. jesus-pussies all.
mexicans are ready to die to protect their sales districts  and we whites aren't willing to kill to protect our race?
so like just south of texas is a "no go" zone per our state dept. mexico is basically uncovered in news in USA
Missouri does itself proud, altho never apologize
weird sheeran newt-bothering in britain
around 'gropeds, never relax
Britain: "Birmingham is turning into a never see any police. The town centre police station is closed and souped up cars race round all night like its brands hatch. Homeless people in the streets verbally abuse you if you don't give money and there's a stench of pee and pot whenever you go...don't get me started on the litter"
a never-relax classic:
It's a BREXIT not a BRENTRANCE Stop sodomizing Britain with immigration.
"PICTURED: Joe Biden's glamorous niece appears in court sporting a pair of funky $1,450 Givenchy booties as she faces charges for a $100,000 credit card scam "
notice always the non-jews who succeed in a jewed system tend to be very jewy in their actions - endlessly lying, scamming, accusing (bidens, clintons) as distinct from the cucks on the right, who are just paid doglets
I hardly need tell you that the real cradle of civilization lies between the real Tigris and Euphrates, the Mississippi and Missouri. That would be #NEMO, or God's country
southerners have a long history messing around on rivers  aka the shit-tier sluices they call rivers
if you take a catfish and hoist it up in the air  then its mouth goes wogga wogga wogga that's a fine representation of the christian at argument
i read something yesterday: columbus ohio is 14th biggest city in US. it is more than 2x big as atlanta. that is surprising
square up to it, mental nigger come at me and tell me how jesus came back from the dead because that's the claim. it's a claim, it's a factual claim, not presented as a myth so get up and tell me it's true, you mind-nigger
The white race has a genetic proclivity for delusion, and jewish-christianity works, relies and builds on this.
(((Christianity))) Look in your heart and ask yourself why you refuse to face it. You know it's true.
Line those coonass hominid nutria up against the wall and turn them into polish submarine doors.
#Fingerism is not about love and forgivenness, it is about responsibility.
did i tell you white niggers a [ ] of mine was on a jury for case in which buck beat jemima within inch of her life. buck already racked up mid-teen crimes. guess who on jury wanted to forgive buck 70x7? yep. the faggot-ass christians, nature's real and eternal faggots. alt-queers, or queers of the spirit, as they are
if we want to live with other people, then we got to have some rules. and it's self-evident that not throwing bottles in rivers is pretty high up among them
the xtian's absolute morality is just an imaginary big brother making Little Man feel good
People would love a dictator that just flat shot people for legit anti-social bullshit like throwing bottles in rivers. I know i would.
wouldnt you love to hear a soundtrack of that sandbar brawl? i bet there were ejaculations that'd put bigfoots to flight
what's the tradition?  living in canuckland? getting ass kicked by british? hunting gators? tradition is one of those concept that disintegrates at pinky poke
blood and soil they say, i try not to snurkle take Arcadians. French Canadians driven out by British. They went from snow and soil to swamp and soil. Successful in both latitudes. Try blood and will, sons, that's where it at. The white man wipes his ass on circumstances.
life among the geophages
A brawl broke out between two large groups at the sand bar just after 5.30pm on Saturday, according to the St Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office It was an event like this that inspired the classic...
y'all aint lived till you've been in a good ol fashioned louisana sandbar brawl
if jesus can come back from the dead, why cant a man become a woman?
It's true that Aryans are mainly fat, stupid and delusional, but also, whatever good emanates from the hominid set comes from them, pretty much alone.
it really is impossible to see jews as anything other than devil spawn, a true race of evil, even if you're atheist. it's the simplest explanation. they absolutely and deliberately fuck up any other nation they're allowed into - even if they're separated. to the extent they can fuck up other nations, they will. so why tolerate them at all? we shouldnt
Shapiro giving jewvibes at Korea success. What are jewvibes? Ever seen maggots teeming on a dead mouse?
George Washington approves Trump's actions re North Korea. It's what he would do.
what getting along no wars and lies and bullshit pretexts? i dont know...this seems more than vaguely anti-semitic
i said this long ago, every cell in the beehive that is your head is filled with jewgunk unless you have specifically, consciously mucked it.
"As dirt to the stomach, so the bible to the brain." --old Southern saying
you dont determine the quality of an apple by its religious beliefs but by its meat the racialist case is that men arent that different it may be humiliating to the religious tit who imagines he wuz hand-blown by the Kang of Kangz yet it's true
the christian moral sense is why the South no longer exists yet just as they serve the jews, the dirteaters continue to support the jebus cult that laid them low
It's christianity that is left wing, not Nazism. And that's the point the real right should have been making all these decades.  Instead, we get these young cleversomethings, these young fogeys, promoting the throne and altar horseshit.  Traditionalism is for animals, not white men. (((Christianity))) is liberalism & the forerunner of (((communism))).
Where christianity appears, laughter and rationality disappear. There's not a single funny line in the 1700 onionskin pages of the bible, just chapter after chapter of disgusting, dishonest or lugubrious nonsense.
Example, importing african niglets, a popular christ-lunatic pastime. Every last one of thest christ-drunks think he's doing good and will not hear you hinting otherwise. Only the christian moral sense makes this insanity possible. Without it, the man would be open to reason - the rational case against bringing retarded jungle savages into society.
" The Moral Sense enables a man to do wrong. It enables him to do wrong in a thousand ways. Rabies is an innocent disease, compared to the Moral Sense. No one, then, can be the better man for having the Moral Sense. "
" Twain goes on to compare the moral sense to having rabies, to suggest that it, too, is a disease, but a worse one: Rabies is bad, but it is not so bad as this disease. Rabies enables a man to do a thing which he could not do when in a healthy state: kill his neighbor with a poisonous bite. No one is the better man for having rabies. "
I believe the most effective thing the cuckservatives have achieved, under jew-right direction, is to tie Nazis to the left. A term such as 'Feminazi' is incredibly destructive for it flips the reality on its head and closes off the conditioned masses from the truth that 1) the stuff they hate comes from the jew, 2) something NS-substantial is only way to win
Mark Twain on the moral sense. Christian morality is a curse, not a blessing. When it comes in the door, common sense, will, use of brain and eyes all fly out the window.
..."Roosevelt ordered his diplomats to exert enormous pressure upon both the British and Polish governments to avoid any negotiated settlement with Germany, thereby leading to the outbreak of World War II in 1939. "
European whites should just move to africa and take it over. more and better land, in many ways.
why won't cryptocurrency go the way of the internet? free for 10-15 years, then lawed into serving the (((System)))?
So did Spencer just disappear?
dI mean, I like to see a frog expressing the white young man's reaction to our absurd world. But I'd rather read an erudite 80-year-old's essay on Hawthorne, say.  It seems like it's all one and none of the other, these days. It didn't used to be that way.
Everything has become communist-political. Every smallest properly-personal thing has been political. It used to be conservative magazines had swathes full of genuinely erudite people writing about literature and other non-political aspects of life. Now things are at once trivial, political and ideological. Boring, threatening and anti-social.
Unz on John Flynn. This stuff used to be more talked about when I first read conservatives; today everything is graphics and cartoons.

June 11, 2018:

"Suicide hotline calls jumped 25% last week after the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain - but the group is struggling for funds to cope with the soaring demand" This is what happens when food is widespread among human populations
Contemptible effeminacy certainly applies to christ cult but to hollywood too. These people are such preenhards they lose all sense and perspective. Trump is a guy. He got elected. There's no serious claim he didnt. No one gives a fuck what some clown like De Niro thinks about anything political.
Women are so innately biologically conformist they will get seriously irritated if you don't like the same candy they do.
"There are people who hate Lou Reed and people who pretend they don't hate Lou Reed." --C. Horse
'Massachusetts' comes from an old Algonquin word roughly equivalent to 'saddest rectangle.'
Just the way proles need about five of them for one semi-functional brain, a clusterunfuck, you need a society composed of men who 'own' by which i mean own their wives and children. The nation is a group of these family-clans, and the politics is some sort of emulsion of leadership from the men-heads.  That's as good as human society can really do.
'When I pulled her hair back, that's when I saw the tick. I immediately called my husband, who is in Iraq, freaking out over the phone asking what could be going on. 'He told me that I needed to put the tick in a Ziploc bag and take it with me straight to the ER.' #ManReasoningSavesTheDay
there is no more fatuous statement than "i love nature"
mizzoo > mizzou
These are actually the two highest-quality ideas ever to emerge from the Bay State.
"Olive oil will remove gum from a child’s hair as if by magic. ‘When a child puts a bean in his nose, don’t try to dig it out. Put a little cayenne pepper upon his upper lip and he will sneeze it out."
" Lydia Estes Pinkham was born February 9, 1819 in Lynn, Massachusetts, growing up in a Quaker family, attending Lynn Academy and fervently supporting abolition and other interests including temperance, phrenology and women’s rights. " Very few American Bad Ideas don't ancestrulate back to dear old Massachusetts.
trolling La PInkham
women will basically brainlessly parrot whatever matured sperm cell gets to them first. they will brainlessly repeat his mantra, uphold his standard, meet his expectation - without ever really knowing why thus 'good' woman is not a thing. the attitude and deportment of women is simply an indicator of the manlieness of society, the quality of men at the time
jackasses like Reagan, they used to say women civilize men BULLSHIT. the opposite of the truth. women have no conception of any standard save a man put it in their empty heads
how are you xtian apologists not like the judeo-left when you get scared at my simple, Occam-compliant observation that men don't come back from the dead?
Hitler destroyed jew perverts in Germany. Then those wunnerful christian moralists sided with the jew-pervs and communists to destroy Hitler. Clown World begins on Calvary, with the Original Based Stickman.
you know, it's not a joke that Hitler was a gentleman. now we need another one, except not so much a gentleman, more like a mass slayer of jews, perverts and enablo-facilitators and the anteaters they rode in on
cut off rattlesnake head IQ > Texan IQ
you wonder why i say dumb, Ga. dumb and Texas dumb?
I dont even think Dorsey's instincts are to censor or get political. I suspect there are many times he just sighs at how far he is away from the thing that fired him initially. So many things work like this, it's yet another example of the world based or built on or advancing through irony.
Whenever I hear the word 'liberation' I think of someone running around without any underwear yelling "Wheeeee." But it always ends with tears and a puddle on the floor.
So imagine you have a shit product: Vance West's Sun-Dried Roadkill Jerky I-70/I-10 Party Blend- try our new Armadillo flavor!. You can't really sell that straight up cuz very small demand. So you make your packaging look like Serious Terry's Kobe 'n' Wild Turkey Jerky in hopes it will fool the tots.
The judeo-left almost always tries to hide its disgusting, anti-white, anti-rational policies under cover of manners, morality or science. If it goes the plain-political route, why it's inevitably 'liberation' that is actually tyranny or soon leads to it.
The story of the dancing doctor is which standards were relaxed to get the creature the necessary papers.
women are really coming along. as many as 1 in 10 can drive up to an ATM and use it without opening the door.
'gay' = propaganda (euphemism) 'guy' = propaganda (belittlement, diminution) 'goy' = epithet misrepresented as neutral  'giy' = currently unused
'Guy' is a propaganda term.
I could use xtianity against jewism better than any xtian who exists or existed. But that's not good enough. We need the white chutzpah to shoot the gap. Get rid of jews and xtianity-for-the-goyim in one swoop.
"Doin' right ain't got no end." You enjoying it? The xtian 'morality'? That's what SJW shit is.  The jews are racialists using rational strategy. The SJW are xtian moralists, bent on stamping out evil.  There is no end to the misery jewish-christianity has brought to the world.
you know who needs to talk all the time yet has nothing to say? yeah if you're a man with a cell phone, you're skewing trannward
"You have nothing important to say. You do not need a cell phone." --Cicero
Social kudzu is what cell phones are. Just like ob/gyns they're something no one ever needed until they existed.
I hope one day we get to where people smugbrag about not having cell phones the way they do about TVs.

June 10, 2018:

" Some great T-shirts and placards: "BBC: Building Britain's Caliphate", "72 Virgins When You Die Not Before", "Better to be a wolf of Odin than a lamb of God". "
" The elites are the last to realize their grip is slipping. I am willing to wager someone right now is making arrangements to put Tommy into a roomful of Muslim inmates thinking that his death will bring and end to the demonstrations. If they make that mistake government buildings are going to start to burn down. "

June 09, 2018:

June 07, 2018:

own your behavior. it is the way of the finger #Fingerism #TeamWhite
more money for green niggers more money for black niggers more money for 'mental health services' more money for teachers govt = gangsters + greed media = female PR firm hired by (((govt)))
like almost everything heard of and promoted publicly, 'mental health services' is a jewish scam

June 05, 2018:

June 04, 2018:
"inviolable, infinite dignity" Guess which fine subset of alleged humanity they're talking about? Niggers? Abos? MS-12? MS-PAINT? MS-13? Korn?  If you think it's unfair to call Christ Club a cult, I really don't know what to tell you.
The average person can continue to talk on a cell phone for 3-4 seconds after being beheaded.

June 03, 2018:
if you value your race and your christ club membership you're not a serious person. you're a clown who doesn't even understand what seriousness means. non-contradiction is a good portion of it.
unlike the white race, i dont get pushed off my agenda by anyone ever
people yap too much. i must be fallow and percolate internally until i rise fecund with a thousand steamy innovations
"Cell phones are dogshit you step on with your head." --Splotch Adams
conservatives are liberals who dont realize it liberals are communists who dont realize it jews are racist communists who do realize it
in the 19th century, some women wrote under male pen names. so they weren't getting by on their tits but their talent if you're a young woman who wonders if or thinks she is talented, try that
phone owners: faggots? or complete faggots? you're with someone. well not really. it's a menage a twat with their phone. and yeah - you're the sidepiece to their fon cell phones are the worst.  i'm not sure if they're worse than dogs. dogshit is horrible. but cellphones are like dogshit stuck to the ear, constantly interrupting and noise-polluting
dog sharia now!
it's funny, when that broad jogger runs around shitting on someone's property, it's global funny story.  but when 500,000,000 dogs do that every single day thanks to their criminal-selfish owners, it's not any kind of news at all. well i'm reporting it: dog owners are scum. yeah not all. only 98%.
The story of the 20th century is the dual horror of jew ascending toward global mastery and the proliferation of hominid crud, typified by niggers, tattooed idiots and dog owners.
Why shouldn't there be an annual tax for vermin owners, since their pets befoul public spaces worse than cars? Unlike horseshit, dog and catshit is not fertilizer. it's just pollution. Dog owners as a class are selfish, disrespectful shitbags.
Why I dislike dogs and dog owners even more. Imagine a prominent city. Ringed by mountains. You're in a small park overlooking a whole valley. You're in the rich section where the smarter people live. Truly beautiful vista. And the park is absolutely suburban-goose-tier covered with dogshit. That's the respect dog owners have for other people: zero.
There is nothing I believe that is rationally described as extreme, including the counter-extermination of jews, if the facts I base my opinions on are correct. And they are. That makes me a rationalist and a moderate. Given my preferences (to live in an all-White nation).
the System has shown it will crack down on legal activity, either banning us from legit activity or treating legal activity as if it were criminal is that going to stay the same in the future, get better, or get worse? the answer is obvious that being the case, what is the step that jumps the struggle forward it's obvious #TTK
the difference between whites and jews people tell jews to fold into the larger hominidstream. jews respond fuck off. whites respond, duh ok. if you want to hear good things about whites, you might as well be a nigger what matters are the bad things. if our race matters, we must form a #TeamWhite. if not, the christian church is open for the browns you'll become
What kind of a god would look at a nigger and say, "I think I've achieved my purpose." Your God. And you worship him. Nice choices all around.

June 02, 2018:

The first thing you notice when you speak with professional catholics is their wuss-tier but fullgoing smear of whites before christianity. We were nothing until they came along. That's their big lie. It's like Greece and Rome never happened, all good things are due to the christ cult. It just cant repeat them outside white lands.
around blacks, never relax. in fact, don't even lax once!
jews shoot enemy babies. their jew-produced cult tells them it's the right thing to do. whites adopt enemy babies. their jew-produced cult tells them it's the right thing to do. [how much blaineface i gotta pull out before you get what's going on, you christ-infected halfwit?]
jews shoot babies whiteskins worship jew jesus and sign online petitions it is to weep
You wouldnt believe how much money these morons spend on dogs. They won't have kids, but they will spend big dollars on these retarded bunk wolves.
Jews have acceded to so many power positions and fucked with the meaning of words for so long that nothing is reliable anymore. Except this, the north star for whites: Killing all jews is what needs to be done. It is the only way out of the mess our race and its civilization is in. #TeamWhite
Maybe dog owners should be charged a yearly $500 anti-social asshole-pussy fee, since y'all love government so much.
There is nothing more disgusting than the feel of oily dog coat.
Dogs are a way for pussies to attack others while maintaining plausible deniability. They're essentially effeminate. "Oh he never does that." when the cur bites someone. Taking the dog around to rap on others' property.  A real dog is a wolf, and it laughs at faggoty dog owners. Most dog owners are christians. Because deballed wolves go with deballed men.
Social engineering only has one workable form: killing people. Everything else comes from the inside.
"I used to be a scumbag, then I became a christian." Can you identify the takeaway here? Can you?
comment apartheid is a good phrase it's immoral for you to protect your 'loved ones' from physical violence but necessary for them to protect their ears from contradictory ideas
Jews created three cults. Love and hate cults to divide and manage their enemies. And a race cult for themselves. Really makes you think.
June 2 is #RedSnapperDay
"Even the ugliest woman can dress nicely and keep her mouth shut." --Lao Boog-Alu (prominent 16th-century Uighur sage and inventor of the marshmallow) in his Codex for the Unfavored
Toxic faggotry Toxic christ-insanity Toxic obesity Toxic stupidity Toxic manlette-ery Those are what i see.
The catholic church claims usury is immoral. So it cedes a monopoly in money loaning to jews. Who use it to enslave white populations. No, you're right. The christ cult is good for whites.
Christianity is a garbage religion, and the sooner it disappears among our people, the better. Both by doctrine and by actual behavior, the church is anti-White. It's a cult produced by a racial competitor to undermine and eventually destroy our kind, similar to multiculturalism and diversity.
Christianity is religious liberalism; political liberalism is secular christianity. Judaism isn't liberal. Jews use both forms of liberalism to achieve their racial, tribal, non-liberal ends. Jews are the only ones operating in accord with nature. Whites must develop, for the second time, a mirror strategy for their race.
When we say people are stupid, we mostly mean they cannot imagine anything being other than what it is. They simply cannot see the choices that went into something, hence they can't imagine something radically different. Even their fantasies are mass-produced agitcrap. Revelation cranknip being the best example.
The old throne-and-altar was the first fake right. The minute you concede a competing race's right to exist, you have abandoned nature's reality for fantasy called liberalism. Christianity is liberalism, not its opponent.
Christian apologists speak in what might be called pussy-chutzpah. Sobran did some of this. "That the church is criticized for 15 things proves it's right!" Not that it's multi-defective. Of course, he took that point from Ol' Tinear, the obese buffoon Chesterton.
Whites are under attack on all fronts. We require a state that protects us and secures a space in which we can flourish. That's what White Nationalism is all about. When you bring in your christ delusion you complicate, complexify and confuse people with adventitious, useless, destructive nonsense.
We want to dump christo-secular universalism. Our state is to safeguard whites. That's its reason for existing. It will destroy anything that threatens whites, and that's its monofunction.  White men can run their own lives. If they don't threaten the racial collective, which is a capital crime, how they live is up to them.
Christianity is a competitor not a companion. The only valuable thing it has for our people -- the bait that gets suckers to bite the xtian jewhook, is sex doctrine. That doesn't belong to the church, it's ours too - and without the odious, bogus morality the church hoodwinks with. And we promise to clean up the forces of garbage when we're in power. Just as NS did
a speech is not reading pre-written shit

June 01, 2018:

" The only people who will be shooting back will be white working-class UAW guys or rednecks. Your average middle class NRA conservative is too busy jacking off to Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson podcasts. "
"Sevron wrote: Can you imagine how many reporters are going to die if Trump is assassinated?"
"Think not, lest ye be judged guilty of discrimination." --Jesus of Nazareth, Galilee, your wafered mouth
a smirk of superiority, think shrkeli, is not the same as bourgeois self-satisfaction. not at all.
Back in 2000, it was more or less a joke in reality, but a strongly felt fear by strutgroveling whiteskinright conservatives that writing a badthink LTE would get you investigated by Feds. Today, in 2018, it's a rational concern.
Self-important and gutless. That is the American bourgeois class, the right half of the cuck bell curve. I still remember a shitting-himself letter I got from one of these because I used his  name on my site: "Whether you're wearing a wire for [Janet] Reno or an armband for Adolf," [get my real name off your site gasp gasp. This in 2000.
Thinkhighlys: best family or class name I can come up with for the irritating look and general atmosphere of American bourgeois. These people brainlessly think their opinions and knowledge are the limits of all things. It's that Bible attitude (if it's valuable it's in the Good Book, if it's not, it's worthless) transposed to people.
"Podsnappery insular complacency and blinkered self-satisfaction; the behaviour or outlook characteristic of Dickens's Mr Podsnap in Our Mutual Friend (1864–5)." American bourgeois disease (upper middle class)
i never mention my IQ. why? i dont know what it is, or care
I believe that Mencken was far more influenced by Schopenhauer and Twain than by Nietzsche.
to see how smart or insightful someone is... this is an exercise, i forget who did this, he did a sort of early 1900s Book of Cad, wrote a bio or two.  take a subject. say dogs. or women. or friends. or jews.  come up with the best words you can. the most penetrating insights. get as deep as u can. then read the time-acknowledged best on same. see how you stack up.
"I'd rather sell Coors in St. Louis than teach math to niggers." --Jane Goodyear
One line of Schopenhauer > all feminist intellection ever.
And in line with what I said earlier, Schopenhauer's becunted relatives tried to scotch the development that led to his writing. Because the world needs more bankin' clerks. That's exactly how women think: anything but making money to be taken and spent by the titted set is inherently invalid, morally dubious, and probably should be made illegal.
We have quoted Schopenhauer on women (or jews or thousand other things). He says they're overgrown children. Ok. If you put out a list of top 100 thinkers. In all human history. He's on it. And not near the bottom.  So when someone like him says that, he's not saying it to be edgy or fart out a hot take or be provocative. He's saying it because he's thought about it.
i just loathe the Anglo wink-wink nudge-nudge old-boy chortly portler-tier 'misogyny.' Women are complex & men simple, as the prole graphic goes. True. But that complexity isn't deep, and that simplicity isn't shallow. Even in feelings, women really don't have deep feelings, in my opinion. Their feelings are akin to tropical rain. Its part of the climate
when i think about the smartest decisions i made in life, the very best few, high-IQ, morally regular, everyday-capable women tried to talk me out of them when i think about the times i followed female advice against my inclinations ( ie, broke my own principles), i fucked myself extremely hard. of course i take the blame. i'm making the point. its not a joke
i'll even tell you a darker truth than almost any realize. altho women are suited to being mothers, they're not actually good at it. only rarely. if men raised children, the children would turn out better. absolutely single-dad > single-mon, and i would guarantee single-dad vs intact family would be pretty damn close
when does a holster feel good? when its gun is jammed in it. then it feels all of its leather, and sighs. its purpose is filled (((we))) have trained the Gump-not-IQ-stupid bourgeois to believe that women are amateur men.  women are spectacularly unsuited to being men. women are a measure of manliness; any society in which they're not property is degenerate
you can discover truths about women by analogy and introspection, if you're a thinker what do women want? they want to be fucked, not respected. if you think about what you would want, if you were a woman, you can figure this out. or, the analogy is to a writer of a book. you want him to 'fuck' you. really give you an experience, open you up, make you feel. same thing
women are basically talking yet self-unaware manometers. their appearance and behavior testify to the state of manliness in their society.  a woman who CAN (means she can literally pick up her next man before she's walked a block because of her 10/10 looks) is nearly identical to a hurricane if manlaw, mancustom give her a society like we have now
"I love nature." --Stockholm syndrome
We must garymander the 1st Amendment to where white-on is illegal and on-white is mandatory.
pigs pigging piggily
"Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy Frank Di Orsini’s Jeep was the victim of a break-in this week, and as Di Orsini was inspecting the video, he stated that it smelled like “fucking dirty niggers in my fucking car.”  #ItaliansHateNiggers #EverybodyHatesNiggers
summer nigger: Febreeze it aint
"Jimmy Johnson former coach of The Miami Hurricanes, Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins: “Hit me in the head with a hammer if I ever draft a stupid player, you can’t win with them.” Another christ-big-lie-independent reason mixing our thing with xtians is wrong.
"Jesus wasn't a Jew" saith the fool. Right! He was king of 'em.
The C in christianity is the first parenthesis.

May 31, 2018:

What the Gospels say, per Pasternak: "Do you want to live in a completely new way? Do you want spiritual happiness? And everybody accepted, and they were carried away by it for thousands of years." So christianity is, a race of the spirit. Genetic race yields to kingdom of God. This is a good thing. Key is, he agrees with WN that xtianity is about spirit. Not race.
Christianity is a race-dissolver, a nation-dissolver. From one who thinks the jewish cult for goyim is a GOOD thing - that jews should dissolve their race and join themselves. That's Pasternak's view.
"Don't hold on to your identity [jews]. Dont stick together, disperse. Be with all the rest. You are the first and best Christians in the world."
"Why didnt the intellectual leaders of the Jewish people ever go beyond the facile Weltschmerz and ironical wisdom?"
And Pasternak says why havent the jews folded themselves into this wonderful new thing (xtianity), that after all came from their people?
On Christianity: "In that new way of living and new form of society, which is born of the heart, and which is called the Kingdom of Heaven, there are no nations, there are only individuals."
Boris Pasternak in Dr Zhivago (1954), thoughts on christianity and jews, p 104-105, end of ch 12. Following quotes will be from...
the attraction of coloreds to giant corporations is far more consumers than workers.  white elites are heading to minimalism. as a personal lifestyle thing. remember, it's only been a century where we've had the extra to make even the lowest of us obese with calories. now the gorge party is ending, and day comes when no whites will drink coke
it's like that dude that caught turtles in a pond by hand his OPINION on CATCHING TURTLES IN WATER BY HAND is not EQUAL to anyone else's in world. it is SUPERIOR
i swear racial egalitarianism is actually less irritating on a personal level than opinion egalitarianism of course the former is destroys society but that latter is after all part of that and absolutely unovercomable
men dont like sassy women. it's that fucking simple. they know what that means.
let's support sexual polarity. (that means strengthen not play down sexual differences).  how? it's very simple: 1) figure out what sex you are (hint: there are only 2. dont believe the s/hype) 2) BE THAT SEX. If you're a man, think to yourself, how can i be MORE (not less) like a HAIRY OGRE today? If you're a woman, think how can i be < sweeter, demure.
the less you think about yourself, the happier youll be. also, try looking at things from other perspectives: enemies, other sex. like google earth your mind man. look at things from all angles. learn that from the calculating jews.
"the massenslob will erect itself into an ideal." --Filomeno Bodegas y Sagget (no shlomo)
refusing to face reality and acknowledge niggers are criminals is the same mentality that would put marshmallows on vegetables
"Drake realized, either consciously or unconsciously, at some point that if he wanted to make it in hip-hop he couldnt be the half-jewish Degrassi Drake, but a “blacker” Drake. He’s created a persona that did just that, and it worked, black America swallowed it up for years. "
"...Drake thanks his daddy every damn day for giving him enough melanin to not be the jewish man that so much of his soul reflects and his mother has taught him. Shit the way he sniffs around Black women just reeks of othering to be honest."
one xtian took a principled stand
America is becoming hated just like the jews it truckles before
thoughts on generation Zyklon
The average American 'hind,' a word no longer commonly used, one of Mencken's go tos, is a protestant midwestern or southern protestant. He's conservative. He wakes up every morning thinking someone stole his underwear (Mencken). The upper tier of cuckdom is professional Catholics. Morality & status fears are used to herd whiteskins into the abattoir.
I can't control America's giant obese hominid problem. Luckily for them. But I can use them to get myself. As a reaction against these floppers whoppers and non-hoppers, I can clear up the one thing in my diet that I should have long ago.  BE THE SHAPE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.
Nazis meant it when they said vote for us, we'll cashier these motherfucking jew sex perverts. Then they got in office and guess what...they did. Where do we Americans go to get some of that?
"I'm smart. The people running the world are stupid." --every conservative, ever

May 30, 2018:

does a woman every truly think about anything? i think women only get past the trivially shallow in trying to suss out motivations. and don't be fooled by IQ, women who say more complex even intelligent things are 99% just parroting something a man told them. of course there are exceptions, but well under 1%.
Let's ignore the problem and move on to people talking about it, always the real problem. --(((the left))) ie, the people who caused and facilitated the problem
Survivin'  bein' stupid PICK ONE
Rage at the Boomer how can young people today possibly have boomer parents? even genX is passing out of the breeding  years
In a world full of liars, such as Jared Taylor and his defenders, who maintain you can separate the cause from the effects, or alternately lie that the jew thing is so difficult it requires a staged approach, the original National Socialists showed that in fact you could explain jews to a child via posters, using 3 to 5 words.
The argument for christianity is most people are retards who cant handle facts. But if that's true, how much less can they handle absolute morality, which despite its name talks out of fifteen sides of the same mouth. Facts are far more fixed than 'absolute' 'morality,' hence easier to comprehend. The christian alleged moral sense is a curse on the world.
Ultimately too many of you shitknobs think you can just order whatever the fuck you want off the idea menu. As the dead pop-eyed nigger said: THIS AINT NO CHINESE MENU, THIS IS PRIX-FIXE.
Judaism is a race of people Christianity is a race of the spirit. It produces the same fruit from detroit to delhi, as i heard on radio the other day. Get rid of class and race, we are all one in lord jesus.  As a catholic commenter i read last year said, and that's the only group that matters. And that's why christ-ism is anti-racial and thereby anti-White.
The ultimate irony that xtians dont appreciate, or contradiction they dont care about: jews are racialists re jesus. Christians are not. Jews say the old covenant remains because they are the seed of the one foretold; Christians say no, race doesn't matter, lineage doesn't matter, SPIRIT matters. Those with circumsized heart have new covenant.
Spaniards knew jews were fake converts because they knew the problem with them wasnt their religion (rejecting jesus) but their anti-white behavior. The priests, following jebus, are forced by their doctrine (it's a sin to doubt a sacrament) to pretend that pouring water on jew changes its essential nature. Catholic doctrine = death trap for white race.

May 29, 2018:

boy howdy that 'racism' really losing its power (looks around, nods hopefully)
poz in Hawaii Five-O first noticeable bigly season 6 episode 4. "One Big Happy Family" white family, mostly blond, travels around murdering people for little money. kills over 120. themes of incest. mother expresses disgust at white girl eating at table with hawaiian boy. she justifies murder: they weren't kin.  overall, H5O had a huge % blond-as-bad-guy

May 28, 2018:

there are only about two kinds of soft activism worth a damn at this point - encouraging people not to join the army is one of them. imagine nazis doing that. particularly in the south. how would antiwa respond?
you notice how it's extremely hard to have a neutral conversation with anyone because jews have suffused the atmosphere and mindset with sex and semitical correctness. so everyone is afraid to disagree with or offend anyone. and they're self-conscious because am-i-being-hotness-judged? it's truly a sick environment unfit for adults or whites
the bible and related commentary is thinking by people who lack the means it's all bunk, and it all belongs in the dumpster
the catholic church is by every measure the enemy of the white man and the aider, empowerer and protector of the jew
the fact of the matter is the catholic church not only historically protected jews physically from reprisals, it gave jews a monopoly on money loaning that made jews rich and powerful and able to attack the white population from all angles
catholicism opposes jews, yeah you bet, fool
i'm here to tell you kids ledgy aint edgy CHOOSE LIFE Chelsea aka She Who Cares
never forget the real victims of war: Omaha beach sand fleas
Christianity started the lie that niggers are valuable and people.  Created by God. With individual souls of "inestimable" value. Do you alleged people understand the profound depth of this? Do you even begin to perceive the penumbra of the emanations of its implications?
Look at what we have now from leftist point of view? What 'reproduces' White people? (The capital letter signies not mere genetic caucacity but Basic Understanding of True Context - aka jews, etc) Some online sites. That's not good enough. That's not formalized enough. #TeamWhite
Get angry at women for using their tits to make money? Well what else are they going to use? Those brains you say they dont have?
I am gravid with Important pronunciamentos, which I will vouchsafe to y'allsteins (hereafter ref as the 'undeserving') in ticktons to come. No no. No need to thank me.
As bourgeois collect wines, racialists should collect and cherish nouns and adjectives for describing the various flavors of discoloreds.
Lynching creates an actual sense of community, reinforces it. This is who we are. This is what we stand for. This is what we dont. And you dont have to pay greedy copfags either. What are cops but paid bulls for cowardly cucks called citizens?
Actually fight back against jews? Aw, forget it. That's not for Gabfield. That's more of a Shelbyville idea.
the bible isn't the answer to anything but "can a jew lie for 1700 straight pages?"
Bible is the short term. Like how Darwin's evolution book title is curtailed for reasons. Actual title: The Official For Now (Now = Until we need it jew-servier) Jewish Bible for Simps, Cranks, Nuts, Rhubarb-Lickers, Dirteaters, pumpkinheads, slokokos (talking gorillas with Down syndrome), and last but more like third, "former" alcoholics.
strange how many queers dont have straight eyes
[brazen welshie rises up on its back legs gets BTFO by Real American] "  Christineallison, Marlton, United States, about an hour ago And what is the Great Welsh Dream? Down the Coal Mines, with some young girl knocked up at 14, and fighting at Cardiff Arms Park?  "
if you were a politician would you give a hanggliding fuck about  oooh it's a petition and its ONLINE o...m...g.....reverse course now!
online petitions are virtue signaling for /ourside/
look what they're doing to ANIMALS in south africa
fuckt in the head doesnt know what it is  in bed come on come on do the chelsea manning step come on come on listen to the trannies fall
Famous middle ages problem: if you throw 150 lb of shit out a window and C. manning, which hits first?
Discoloreds cant and don't want to be turned into whiteskins. The elite Anglo dream is a pipe.
Remember how you were going to bring the blessings of Anglo-Xtian civilization to the little brown folk? How it was your moral duty? Member that? How's that working out for you? Ya big lifesaver. Everyone wants to be you. Cuz yr so advanced and awesome. "Never never shall be slaves." Where's your daughter b-nigger? Muslim #12 on top of her?
Duke, among others, the half-brained southerners, incorrectly pushed the 'love your race' and 'civil rights' themes. No. The starting point must be racial defense. I don't want to be attacked for who I am, regardless of how I feel about my kind. The mindset to be cultivated is not love but fanatical indomitability.
Whites love to talk about creative and inventive our race is. But its lack of imagination is far more pronounced and pertinent. Whites literally cannot imagine jews - a race that doesnt think or look at things like whites at all. Whites cant actually believe other people arent the same brainless, planess folk they are. Christianity hurts here too - goldn rule
A lot of people think Jesus was a sandal-wearing pussy. No so, men. Jesus was a sort of middle-linebacker of life. You come around him with your weak shit, he'd lay you out.
Jesus the racialist: "I have come to turn ‘a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law— a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’ " Gee, a family-destroying jewish belief system for non jews.  What a Friedan we have in Jesus.
"Because, at the end of the day, you must either bend the knee to Jesus Christ or to the Prince of this World." --Vox Day (Ted Beale in cashmere reality) Well, isn't that something. Your forced false menu makes my jaded testicles sit up.
I say you're either a White man or a cunt for christ. Vox Day says you're either with Jesus or the Devil. The left says the white man is the devil. It's all very confusing. For you. Time for some classic Ratt while you deconfuse y'self, ediths.
Yeah in the end it's all just what makes you feel good. Whatever you want off life's buffet. A little of this. A little of that. Again, your feelings are the measure of all things. Discipline, consistency? Hey fuck you man, your racial cause ends where my cheeseburger begins.
"You can be pro-jew and Jewish! That's totally a thing!" Do you see how jews don't have to engage in such stupidity? Because their shit is lined up and thought through? Do you see?
Jews get a wall. You get nothing and like it. Jews get to mow down invaders. You get to pay their bills. Jews get a race-specific religion. You get a universalist kumbaya cult. Do I need to go on?
And the toppers, my refrain, which none of you mental niggers can do anything but bow before: if christianity were a valuable thing, jews would have kept it for themselves. Instead of produced it and shuffled it off on you.  If christianity were a valuable would be called judaism.
Whites need a racial doctrine that mirrors what the winners (jews) are doing. That's what National Socialism was. That's why jews destroyed it. And defamed it as worst evil. Because it alone, in behavior if not name, can defeat jews. Christianity jews just laugh at. That's crap for the goyim - inferior races only would believe such obvious pap.
"Take your tips from winnners not losers."  How do jews do it? "Even the best of the goyim should be killed." Perfectly in line with 1) nature, 2) the way jews actually behave. No contradictions. Everything in line and moving forward. Contrast us and our (((christianity))) and complete lack of felt need for non-contradiction.  That's why we're losing.
If the only means of survival contravenes some concocted 'absolute' morality, then, oh well boys, we'll just have to go extinct, I guess. It's what jesus would want. No progress outside God's moral order. Oh well. Fun while it lasted.
If every hominid is created by god, with a unique and invaluable soul, then you cant do any class action against them. You have to process them one by one. That leads where we are now. Christianity is anti-White. By its doctrines in year 0.
The christian doctrine that every last hominid has an "invaluable" soul of "inestimable" worth is the origin of political liberalism.
" usually reduced plea-deals. Then, they go down to Joliet on a hard dime, do a nickel on the good, and they are back shooting up the hizzy before their peeps know they're gone. "
"When someone is arrested in Cook County on a "gun crime", the already-on-the-books FEDERAL GUN CRIMES that person has committed are DROPPED. Yes, the DA's Office THREATEN high double-digit Federal prison time (with no early release or "good time") to get the perpetrator to PLEAD GUILTY to the State crimes,
I get more freedom here than anywhere, even though Torba is a christcunt. In fact, that's the only real reason to worry about Gab's future, apart from what outside forces can do to destroy the First Amendment.
Christianity is for everyone. White Nationalism is for Whites.
"E.S.T. doesn't apply to the jew bible for whites because... ...THINKING HERE... ! because I don't want it to! The best reason of all!"
Christianity has all but destroyed our race - and that is precisely what it was produced to do.  Racial destruction by Saul Bros contractors.
Before christ-lunacy, Whites were Greeks and Romans. After christianity, whites were jew-worshipping fags with transgender children.
Would you rather live in a an all-white nation? Or an all-christian nation? The answer speaks for itself. Most christians aren't white. Christianity doesn't have a single doctrine mentioning, let along valuing or defending whiteness.
Christianity is declining among whites, somewhat. We should work with that trend, not stupidly fight it.
Christianity = soy for the soul
transgenderism is the new tattoos. average idiots see this as a way to be special, which is the motive behind tattoos, piercings, the rest of the garbage this is a problem with mass population artificially generated by technology and FDR-begun gibsstate: not enough attention to go around

May 27, 2018:

afraid of hell? You're a fag.
Think of the world as set up by an eye doctor. You just cant quite tell if he's fucking with you.  this?...or this? You sure?
Now see this is exactly how it works. Something I did not know. So Mary Baker Eddy's dad was a giant hardass hell-believer. So as is the deepest principle of the world, irony, or things producing their opposite. She started a dry cult that said everything is love. And all the bad stuff isn't real. And her nonfalsifiable gunk drove me harder to realism again.
There's nothing in Christian Science (note the attempt to borrow the acclaim of something popular -- science -- at the end of the 1800s, just as with global warming in the 1900s) that is any more absurd than the basic claims of the christ cult: that some guy came back from the dead. Complete and utter lie.
Reality exists. It can be apprehended. It is not the product of our minds. That's one of those fake insights masquerading as philosophy that oh, we have senses and a body so all we know is what we perceive. Yeah go fuck yourself, we dont fall off cliffs. We're able to share roads. So fuck you and your lies, you faggot.
Christian Science is about the only example of WASP liberalism I can think of that isn't cultically totalitarian. And it genuinely isn't. You dont get hated on in CS for going to a doctor. You just haven't got the power level yet to clear your mind and heal your seeming problems (because they aren't real, they're just created by your 'mortal mind.')
Never say jews are liberal. Rather, jews use liberalism, whether secular-political or catholic-religious, as a tool. The only ones who actually believe in liberalism are white delusionals. Mary Baker Eddy is a non-political example of these. Oddest of all, given her background (NE), subrace (WASP) and personal character (asshole) - nondogmatic.
I never believed Christian Science, but I learned early the effeminate and practically-evil way of looking at the world: that reality does not exist. Just your thinking.  This is not true. It is a lie. It is an extremely destructive lie. But camps promoting a particular flavor of this lie are everywhere.
Mark Twain on Mary Baker Eddy: "Sentimental as a girl, garrulous, ungrammatical, uncomprehensible, affected, vain over a little human ancestry, unstable, inconsistent and unreliable in statement, and naively and everlastingly self-contradictory."
I would say Mark Twain ripped Eddy a new asshole except the woman was purely made of asshole. Not even her multiple husbands could stand her! She was a classic New England belle.
TFW Mark Twain destroys the she-founder of the 'faith' you grew up in in one delightful sentence. (very quick in)
(stewie) you still astonished? that they're not eh treating you fairly? no uh justice? kind of a double standard eh? aw, yr cute.
mass media corporate buildings are enemy base camps
the front-facing political rulers are obviously a lot more afraid of whoever is bossing them than 'the people,' for whom, in nation after nation, they show complete contempt #TimeToKill
Some say America produces more faggots per acre than every country that ever existed.  I am one of those some.
Milky Way: Problematic? Or Just Plain Racist
alway surprised by people who think politics is like buying a car "i want a [political solution] that suits my tastes and is within my budget" look the cost of serious change is YOUR SOUL but since you dont have one it will have to settle for YOUR EARS AND TAIL
gassed jews = hoax jew jesus coming back from dead = totally real
Synthetic opioids such as fentanyl are the No. 1 killer in the opioid epidemic, according to a report released this month.
The driver of the truck, Felipe Genao-Minaya, 46, and passenger, Nelson Nunez, 52, both of New Jersey, were arrested on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, the agency said.
if it's in your ear it's not a "bud" christ
"When are you going to stop massaging yourself and get real?" --G. Ramsay
women have spontaneous multiple orgasms when they see a woman better looking than themselves insulted. they love that more than damn near anything
i love seeing people lectured the world HUNGERS for actual manliness there is NEVER enough of it that's the truth
red meat = white man in demonology of left white man is center of family : red meat is center of meal the pervert-devil mindset produced by jew seeks to 'decenter' aka destroy both red meat for him, soybean for you
look, alleged people, hitler said the german masses had to be whipped unbelievably hard to get out of their cowical-duncemode...and if that be the case (and hitler is pretty much onspotter general), how much whipneedinger, surely, are the american burgtards? and who better to whip them than me? why, it's almost like i enjoy it.
"son of shoes" is an insult in Egyptian i DID not know this until yesterday
the point of education, what it literally means is to GET OUT OF YOURSELF. like, the opposite of those 8 cheezburgers you just ate DONT LIE so extract your inner realpers from your amorphous carbblog and put yourself in position of others, specially jew-others. look at things from their POV, given their motives, which we all know. this leads to UNDERSTANDING
of all his seasons, god loved summer the best. that's why he made her hottest. what i love about summer is i keep thinking it's mid-afternoon when it's 11am cuz i got up so early cuz light
fatties and fags should be mocked. shit, everyone deserves his fair share of abuse where there's legitimate deficit or defect (ht jagger, mick)
we must decenter the porkchop and destroy the meatarchy to me, it was self evident at young age, that pretending anything but meat was the center of meal is plangent bullshit serving some bullshit agenda
as a mere tot i could work out the ideology, without understanding it deeply so...basically, the pattern is that Official You (teachers, admin) are saying that everything that's ACTUALLY good is bad. now apply that to food, people, opinions, etc pattern recognition is cognition. as is minute observation
as a little kid i could see there some kind of ideology at work, and that meat was the designated bad guy i mean, public school used to harp on that shit
So what you would find, around back county Missouri, is people threw old refrigs and stoves and such on the banks of creeks, gullies, ditches. Because the fucking retards of government, with their holy all-salaam-before EXPERTISE told them to do so. And just like when they were told to cut off the end of their dicks, the whiteskin halfwits went along.
See, mental children, God as government and government as God are both  REALLY FUCKING BAD IDEAS The govt spent DECADES telling people to eat fucking grains and other bad shit that makes people fat. It also spent decades telling them to throw old shit in rivers to prevent erosion.  There is NOTHING the federal government does that is not destructive.
Christ is head lard. Get rid of the junk carbs on your belly and the christ carbs in your head.
It's almost funny if it were funny, but the Congolese they've brought in are the only subset of the population that ISNT obese. They're jungle people and not very big, most of them. Most of them are slim. I wonder how long that will hold, given American diet.
" In 27 years from now, almost a quarter of the global population will be obese, researchers said Wednesday, warning of the mounting medical bill. " In the midwest only 1 in 4 morbidly obese is like a utopian dream.
I've watched social change and demographic change over 20 years in #NEMO. Now the young women, even, the higher-end kids from richer suburbs of KC and Stl are coming in much higher percentages 20-30 lb overweight. When they're 19-20. Up in Iowa, 50 lb overweight is the kiddin' bid, so to speak.
"But if we play it straight, we lose." -- jews -- left -- all dishonest men ever, anywhere
Just as there's dumb and there's Texas dumb, There's fat and there's Iowa fat.
The hardest part about perpetual masturbation is all the pedaling you have to do while you're being made into a lampshade.
Jews are as God to christians - neither of them will christians EVER hold responsible for anything.
If your jew neighbor lets his dog rip up your petunias, do you get mad at the dog or the neighbor? Why is it so difficult for you conservative retards to apply this to all the colored dogs the jews let into our White garden?
Whites invent the technologies jews use to oppress and ultimately genocide them. Jews invent group-devolution strategies to neuter, downbreed and pacify whiteskin population.
The only limiting factor on jews, historically, has been technology. Christianity enables jewish domination. It facilitates it.  After all, it's why jews produced it in the first place. That whites can't trace the facts, and actually believe christ-lunacy inhibits jews is due to low white intelligence. To which I'm the corrective.
Kill the kike, kill the cuck That's the way, out of this muck
Leo Frank trial is the pivot of black-jew relations in USA. Before it, jews were 100% down with racist old South. They funded Klan. They mocked niggers. They dominated the slave AND SLAVE PRODUCTION economy. They tried to frame 2 blacks for Leo's crime. After Southerns correctly found Frank guilty, jews turned as one to abuse and defame the South. True story.
It is the (((bible))) that is why christian fools, to be redundant, have the wrong idea about jews. Citation: see prosecutor Hugh Dorsey's closing remarks in the Leo Frank trial, in which he verbally fellates the wunnerful hebrew tribe of which guilty Frank is a member.  The Old South was protestant, dumb, and jew-loving. Fact.
Jews are laughing at whites because we're so stupid. "911" "Tommy" Robinson (callback to Kipling poem. Jews know this, they're mocking it.)
Serves the jews. Still winds up in jail with muslims they sicced him on. Tommy "Double D'oh" Robinson
Image a race of Hitlers. That's how jews see us. Absurd, you say. And I agree. But I didnt say it wasn't absurd, I said it's how jews see us.  'Hitler' = preferring order and beauty to ugly chaos that is "good for jews." And that's why our race must die, because we're "bad for jews." And that's why we must exterminate jews down to the last drop of jew-jism. #TeamWhite
there's a new new anti-semitism (scam concept) every 2-3 years, no less than three a decade, per ADL instructions
The christ-lie is popular with whites because they're not very sophisticated people. Anything that sounds good is good enough for them. Only a cad would ask if cotton candy is nutritious.
if mike pence a man? the christian says oh god yes, why that's as good as men gets. i see mike pence as a deformation - a non-birth defect caused by the christ-lie
christians are like women: don't listen to what they say, watch what they do they like being abused because they know they really are curs
the bible for idiots  1) comes from jews - a race not only known for lying but defined by it 2) talks about one of their own coming back from the dead - something that has never happened to any living being so the central claim of christianity is basically extremely-unlikely-times-impossible if you believe it, you are by that belief become a self-made clown
Fat, dumb, christian - the real holy trinity
honestly one struggles to describe these people, iowa-germanics. they're like animated potato wedges, or pigs on end.  i find the english type in southern/south-central Mo. more aesthetically appealing -- for average people, if not at the model-tier -- than the wedgy germanics or the redneck scotch-irish type, also very common around here
apart from politics, race is just inherently interesting. in missouri, a new subrace of whites starts south of columbia. you get a different type in jefferson city, about 25 miles south. i think the jeff city/springfield are taller thinner english types, i suppose the stock lincoln came from. north are the positively ponderous germanics building to iowa
high IQ, formal education dont change what women are in their nature, they just give them a broader scope for their natural impulses, which are destructive anytime they're outside male control, exactly like a fire out of a pit
remember what schopenhauer said: men are the species. women are idle amusement and reproductive vehicles. other than that they're overgrown children.  you can take that to the bank - and if you act on any other premise, you will get burned to a crisp.
Disney jews put Star Wars on the perpetual masturbation machine, and now their solo is giving out.  Disney and Lucasfilm's Solo: A Star Wars Story is struggling in its debut at the Memorial Day box office, where it is coming in well behind expectations with a projected $110 million-$115 million four-day holiday.
the average woman in Iowa weighs 220 lb. i believe this is true the same way a christian believes jew jesus came back from the dead. i assure you my view is better founded
the very ground doth shrienk in fear the iowa women are drawing near --J. Scoett Dunnet
a 1960s family of four could live off one of today's Iowa's woman's hams for six months it just tells the low quality of people. doesn't pride kick in at some point? no. christian people have no pride. pride is bad. we're all equal. dont judge anybody. nothing matters but being nice. evry destructive nostrum that undermined the west came straight from jew jesus
let me tell you, i see a lot of shit and this country is turning into a land of fat fucking pigs i mean, it's easy to see why there's no mountains in iowa and even the hills are literally getting lower elevation each year these fat fucking broads are ham-stamping the poor soil that has given us so much until it screams
America is full of wonderful social classes proles. anything farther than 2 hours ahead might as well be 10,000 years. bourgeois. self-regarding dabblers, oneupsmen, good girls all zookeepers. giraffe maids who think they're the real nobility. do you want to be useful and interesting? be obsessed about something.
Shapiro is a jew jewing. There's no reason to approach anything he or any other jew says from any other direction.

May 26, 2018:
Imagine Hitler talking in codes. It must be an Anglo-culture thing: the truth is declasse.
I wouldnt be surprised if this particular scam predates Jesus. Christians not only like being scammed, they demand it.
Christianity: what is it? A cult for losers and delusionals. #TeamWhite video/podcast. Jan Lamprecht, Afred Schaefer and I
Anytime you hear "rant" "obsessed" "screed" -- these are all words jews always associate with our politics. So anyone who uses them is doing their bidding, the only question is wittingly or un-?
i feel the Gab symbol frog should be doing something with one of its eyes...its skewing a little honest and earnest for my taste
Liars like John Rivers play on white preference for delusion: they sell them the idea that "our" cause and Lauren Southern/Tommy Robinson/Vdare/Republican Party are really the same thing. And that somehow these syncopaters help us by secret intention by omitting the jew. It is a lie. CODES DONT WORK.
Overmann Window: WN come up with stuff - facts ideas formulations -- conservatives like Ann Coulter/Fox News steal them, cut the jews off, serve the to the public as angertainment. They get rich, WN get nothing, the white public remains in the dark about most import thing. This is how "right" politics actually works; its why I advised attacking cons in 2007.
Connecting the symptoms to the (((cause))) is what our people need. There is no other way to do it, and anyone who advocates severing the connection serves the enemy, often by intention.
A reporter who leaves stuff out is a liar.  If you make excuses for liars syncopating the jews, you're not pro-White, you're pro-jew.
"It's okay if the witness tells half the truth, because he's shifting the Overton Window of the jury's understanding toward the right conclusion." --Judge John Rivers
my second eemm will be Sylvester the Shady Silverfish
Leftists are all about reproduction, and destroying any factories, no matter big or small, that doesn't produce the type and mindset they seek. They drive competitors out of school and media. They destroy white authority in family court. Theirs must be the only message -- and they the only type -- that exists.
In the lower reaches of the Zingotang, there exists a fish so scary its mere even-yodel is enough to send grown Naxtaprachli fleeing in terror - after dropping a flop large enough for a 'cow.'
"With enough chewing-gum I could have affected nonchalance in any situation." --Pierre Glompferre, last of the Seine bagmen
"Boredom, stupidity and jews are sufficient to explain 99% of what transpires on terra firma." --Karlto Finnaeus
"The answer to no free speech is more no free speech." --Olivier Grendill Coxcomb
Remember only the soldiers who actually fought and died for something valuable. The only ones, perhaps, who actually understood the forces doing battle. Those would be the original revolutionaries and the Southerners, who fought for only genuinely American side, in the war between the states.
All right so my first eemm will be Tanny the Tranny-Hating Tiger Shark.
still waiting for the first faggot who can step to this: if christianity were valuable, jews would have kept it for themselves
Just like every other religious conman, jebus worked by appeals to authority. "Disagree with me, you're out of line with God."  God's will is the original swindle. Because it works. We're all life-noobs, after all.
I'll take the pepsi challenge with jew jesus any time. In one column write down everything 'he,' (aka a character of dubious provenance, to say the least) said, and in the other what I've said. Compare. There's no comparison. One column is full of destructive nonsense. The other is the way of life.
Jews shouldn't be forgiven, they should be exterminated. It's not like they've changed the mindset or agenda that saw them murder at least  60,000,000 of our kind last century. They're still plugging away at it. And the only group of Whites who rose to stop them are now the most demonized group in history.
We owe jews revenge for what they did to our kind last century. Which jew-created cult specifically downtalks revenge?
Tommy = Whitey do you see it? what does the Y signify?
jews throw shit whites like that dumb dog WOW JUST WOW they look at the shit never the flinger half of them cant even tell the shit is shit Love your race? Sorry, not into morons.
If it's not race-specifist, it's white-genocidal. There's no third option.
Legitimate Man I'm a legitimate man I wear legitimate threads There's a legitimate wife In my legitimate bed The tag's on my mattress My teeth are brushed clean If you want to know what I think Check the tv screen. Im a LEGITIMATE MAN [chorus repeat. insert oh yeahs, nodds as appropriate] --Jefferson Tulle & the Well Fumigated Crotch Cricket Band
Racism for me, universalism for thee #JustJewIt
If judaism is the jew-group's evolutionary strategy, then what is the name of the devolutionary strategy(ies) they have for goyim? kingdom of god (jesusism) multiculturalism / diversity (materialist-age equivalent, when civic spiritualism starts to fade into secular, consumer society)
The price of racial existence is bravery. Indomitability. Christians have neither. They deserve the raceless future they're scheduled for #TeamWhite is for those who demand something different and prove every fucking day by their behavior they will accept no other outcome.
With christians, we are 100% of the time dealing with people incapable of discerning a difference in jew treatment of Nazis vs Christians. If you were trying to wipe out christianity, how would you treat it? Since xtians are 99% gutless social cowards, I would call the cross a hate symbol. And push the usual get-people-fired campaign. Do jews do that? No.
Most whites are human equivalent to baitfish. The creativity of a Roald Dahl is one in a million, yet we are to hold these as representative of our kind?  Most whiteskins lack the imagination to see anything as a production or consequence of decisions, not just because most of them don't believe in causation but because they cant imagine things any different.
Jews have a group evolutionary strategy. It's called christianity. It's not for them. It's for you. You and your tribe will dissolve into 'kingdom of special hand-prepared thin-crust 'God' called 'Jesus' who just happens to be a heroic member of their tribe." It is to marvel. You can be a white man or a christian, not both.
Jews' group evolutionary strategy is for goyim, particularly whites. Jews concoct an identity, then fit us into it. We go from whites to christians to extinct.
Christianity is judaism's real group evolutionary strategy. Supporting your own tribe is hardly a strategy at all by comparison with a "forget your race and tribe and worship one of ours."
Here's the point. We know from biology that competing species or subspecies, compete for space until one is vanquished. Apply that known factual truth to human beings. And turn it into a philosophy. The result will look like judaism, not christianity. Since humans are cleverer than other species, jews produced an anti-natural philosophy for competitors
When a bunch of things are caused by one thing, which does it makes sense to focus on?
Anything that gets in the way of whites exterminating jews is destructive, and christianity certainly qualifies here.
Christianity serves the jews, always has. If you publicly oppose the jews in a rural area, Big Kike will use a local priest or preacher to rally locals against you.  What do you halfwits think 'virtue signaling' is but the cross so many xtians wear? "I'm a good girl. I do what I'm told. I listen to authority. I am good person. My underwear is clean, breath unfetid."
Codreanu is not an example of good politics but of the impossibility and genuine insanity that results from trying to amalgamate two inherently opposed ways of viewing the world.
Christianity took away something actually valuable, white tribal identity, and replaced it with a worthless trinket: membership in the imaginary, global 'kingdom of god,' where the tree of the spirit produces the same spiritual fruit, from Detroit to Delhi.  If the Jesus tale is true, then race is irrelevant. Xtianity is more serious than xtians realize.
Collectivist jews bring in collectivist muslims to harrass, rape, murder and outvote, displace individualist whites. Time to form a collective to defend ourselves. What could it be called but #TeamWhite
Anything you drink but water is bad for you. Of course, most water is bad too, since it's fully of gay fish and other estrogenic horrors. The only safe course is the Way of the Lizard. Licking raindrops off the leaves of plants. #TheMoreYouKnow
The romans were MEN. That was their achievement. Just as Switzerland achieved successful confederacy. Your dimestore religious-theme bad-taste oil smearings are nothing to those.
If all this were a cop show, we're at the point where one of the bluebellies would say "You know (((he's))) not going to stop until he's killed."
Current status: shenaniganizing with eye toward tomfoolery.
Rejecting your whiteness, no matter how abjectly, publicly, even seriously, wont prevent you from being ripped limb by limb by the jew-organized forces of darkness. Simple truths from #TeamWhite, the men who want you and your sons and daughters to thrive in truth, bravery and integrity.
Are you having babies? Are you making money? Are you killing enemies? Everyday you must grow stronger, more disciplined, more knowledgeable. Why not live an ideal? Sports and drinking aren't actually that interesting. #TeamWhite
If you merely seek not to be attacked, you are pushed into White Nationalism - the only school that protects you as a mission and value.  "Come with us WN if you want to live." #TeamWhite
Even if you dont value whiteness, like a typical consumer. Even if you severely underrate the value of race, like a doctrinal catholic. It doesn't matter to the enemy. If you're white, you're Hitler. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but soon, and for their rest of your life. Even if you utterly reject race, you'll be attacked for being White.
It's possible to teach people the fact that jews control global media. It's far harder to teach them the various microscams that are all commonly used political terminology. Exs: gun control antisemitism racism more subtly  gap tolerance The list could expanded almost infinitely. Whites lack a natural feel for production values, so they fall for anything

May 24, 2018:
pajeet < baljeet
The Friday tweet read: ''Straight White Male' has become this century's N-Word. It's used to offend and diminish the recipient based on assumption and bias. No difference in the usage.'
While unapologetic, he told Lathan: 'I take responsibility for it. I said those things'  He tweeted saying that the phrase 'straight white male' is society's new n-word  [saying something and not apologizing for it? unheard of! scandalous! unchristian! unAmerican!]
"This is not your f****** country. This is my country. This is not Chinese. Oh my God. Chinese, ugly! Go back to f****** China you ugly chinese!' she said."
“I can’t listen to your fucking black ass no more ... you fucking loudmouthed bitch ... at least I got a fucking mother. Do you know who your mother is?” the man continued. “You don’t know who your mother or your father is because you’re a fucking monkey, that’s why.”
“Shut the fuck up, you fucking loudmouthed monkey motherfucker,” yelled the man whom prosecutors have identified as Ruggerio.
judge steps in to help black woman who cant handle a sassy white man
smh story. enjoy the southern-quality reasoning ah don like yankee fuk wit me, but i serve yankee for pay. when the likely happen i gets mad
jewsmedia: it's good to punch a nazi frankfurt school report: all whites are nazis #HeroDylannRoof
well i can give the redskin credit for demonstrating that science fiction is a disgusting warren of preverts
Are we living our best racial life?
dont underwrite the enemy

May 23, 2018:

CI - why not waste your brain juice on something important and useful like Dungeons & Dragons?
The group that's arguing for abstract, neutral principles is going to lose to the group that runs by a strict dual code of double standards. That's exactly what we see.
Judaism isn't liberalism. Its message is up with us: down with everybody else. We are humans, they are insects. All their goods belong to us. Others exist only to serve us. Say what you like, NOBODY in the world can rationally or even irrationally call that liberalism. Now...contrast that with Catholicism's claims, and you'll see what I mean.
"Natural law to Catholics now means (is reduced to) put your penis the right hole." That's just good thinking.
One soul, one vote. Catholicism is liberalism.
The problem for the catholics is that it can't truly be pro ethnic or national because the church takes all comers, claims god created all men, claims all men need the Jebus. So you cant truly claim catholicism was subverted by liberalism - it is liberalism. It started liberalism with that "God created" horeshit. Soul equality leads inevitably to political.
Wemhoff: White Nationalism is an identity that's trying to emerge.
All men need Jesus. And democracy. No connection there. Just happen to be true, both of them. #OneSoulOneVoteOneGod
The point of life is to laugh at stupid shit.  That's it.
All men, women, hermaphrodites, and certainly classes of flatworms are created equal. Seems solid. Let's run with it.
EMJ's Helland w Wemhoff on Time Life and Catholic Church (and CIA) in America
how you tie your face mask when one of your hands is gone? #LeftWorldProblems
Perfect for #WhiteSharia
"If thine hand doth offend thee, blow that motherfucker off." --attributed to Jesus 1.0
just skim the news and you cant help but notice while we waste time and infinite money trifling with niggercoons asia is going right by us
Remember, to the left, words = behavior. And if you're White, your words > black behavior. Do judges think like this? Yes, they do. So in their eyes, by stating anything pro-White, you're worse than a violent criminal. That is how they see it, and that is the basis from which they will act. And the media are on their side.  #LegalRealism
If you're young and considering getting involved with a woman, you should be aware of all the stuff this guy is talking about, just for protection. Good info for all ages.
they pinkniggin
" But they’re also masters of something scientists call kleptoparasitism: the art of stealing food from others,' Mr Ebi added. "
bald eagle: hooked nose like a jew; steals like a nigger! truly all-AmeriKwan symbol #CheapShot
good old fashioned wildlife fun i actually when i was young on trip with family in our station wagon, not too different from "Vacation" saw two golden eagles trying to carry off a fawn
sweet, i'm getting more neighbors!
it really is funny - you dont see that genotype in the north, that 7/8th brain look
Jimmy Ibbitt was only 5'2" and not much too look at. But his hands moved like skinks through other men's pockets. After his third conjection, the judge said, Goddamit Jemmy, it's hell or Georgia. And that's how the fine old pre-colonial Ibbitt line came to the New World.
always remember: so many american lines trace back to britain. specifically to Fingersmith Gaol
here's the difference. i too would paddle up to a snake and grab it. but i would IDENTIFY the snake first, using northern book-learning safely stored and available in my brain i have caught many water snakes and never been bitten
i have only one question how the fuck did the civil war last five years with these morons?
[He's] a glorious idiot,' Colquitt said. 'He's fun to be around, a great guy, a big heart.  'But if something stupid is about to happen, he's probably the one doing it.'
snake all trying to fake it be alligator, foolin decen folk AIN NOTBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT
" Adams paddled to the snake, thinking it was an alligator. But even after realizing it was a snake, Adams decided to pit it up and pull it out of the river. " BAPTIST
this guy is your classic 88-IQ southerner
christians = spirit-queers
it's funny how even tho there are 23.2 chinkodicks per chinkobroad, there's still and endless supply of slant-eyed she-freakouts
Just the way a bat can squeeze through a dime-sized hole, so do women attempt to evade agency & responsibility.
White-hating yid makes good
Daily Mail has niggers in about 30 stories today. They're basically criminals in every single one. Except Markle. Nice choice Hardly. Really put a lot of thought into it.
awwwww yeaaahhhh dassom topniggin
Another of god's little fuliginous Faberges
it totally happened. all of it. even more. shark-powered pedal-driven masturbation machines with lasers. "Everyday Mengele/Goebbels alternated visits, shaving 1mm off my nose w Kugelman deli slicer while screaming insults"
faggots: they're the christians of the flesh world
look at these cretins
niggers hunh. good god' yall. what is they good for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (say it again)
muh cactus babies. cactus ladies > cat ladies
Before Israel, we didnt have any enemies in the Middle East. Before Jesus, we didn't need to be saved.
Remember this great truth: most news isnt reported. Not enough space, time, interests are against it. Have to talk to people to find out.
" Woman Viciously Attacked by Group of Women in Chicago " LOL
every single comment out of hundreds is racist on yahoo story you telling me a White Liberation Army wouldn't work RIGHT NOW? we going to die of old age talking about double standards? the prep work is done it's time to make an army and kill the enemy
" P V yesterday For anyone who doesn’t speak Leftism fluently, “no description” means the victim was white and the perpetrators were not. " ordinary people are totally woke on crime and race. every single comment at yahoo is 'racist', least the first several dozen
more Yahoo comments " goal yesterday And last Friday and young man and his girlfriend from the suburbs were walking on lakeshore drive and confronted by a mob of black teens. He was beaten into a coma and is on life support- Motive? There wasnt one. "
" MB yesterday The four women were later identified as siblings...Shaniqua, Tayesha, Kenisha and Shawneece Dinduffin. "
You know what's fun? Hoeing. Chopping up alt-green niggers.
Is your cult destroying your race? If you're a Christian, the answer must be yes. #TeamWhite
White man brain: niggers are monkeys. Dangerous, stupid monkeys. Christian brain: niggers are children of God. It's our job to love and help them. If you wonder why your society and nation are falling apart, maybe some introspection is in order. #TeamWhite
" The single day battle took place during the expansion of the Roman Empire. Many Romans at the time shared tales of the "ferocious" German tribes. " It's time for Germanics to get ferocious again.
I notice an influx of goodlooking young women on Gab! Torba et al. must be doing something right.
Niggers are a trash population that has "rights" because Christianity, a jewish production, says they are created by God, and so deserving.
" Today, the Pew Forum study finds, more than 1.3 billion Christians live in the Global South (61%), compared with about 860 million in the Global North (39%). " [2011]
" These days, all of his creations are meticulously bred to resist disease and extreme temperatures, reduce spiky surfaces, encourage better, more frequent flowering, and—most important—be extra colorful. " So you can breed plants to ends, but certainly not people.
all you good men and women who help divorce our race from its (((Jesus))) addiction - know that you're doing the lord's work #TeamWhite
Public schools, given just a few decades, create a trash population.
Judeo-leftist culture is reproduced entirely through institutions paid for by the right, and 90% of the time at gunpoint.  How do you defeat a side attacking you and dispossessing you while living off you?
" Terror, as used by non-state actors, is all about what John Robb calls “open source” warfare. One group tries something, and all the others imitate it if it’s successful, and improve on it. There are going to be many more non-state organizations in the future. "
Doing "legal" shit that is dumb anyway and treated the same as illegal shit... -- at some point even white men can figure out that doesn't make sense. Your focus, fellow White man, must always be 100% on what is effective. #TeamWhite
" “terrorism” is simply a method of warfare. So you can’t fight terrorism. It’s like saying you can fight artillery barrages, cavalry charges or frontal assaults. Terrorism isn’t a thing, it’s a tactic. "
interview with Casey on future of war
When you're in a war, and one side demonstrates success in a certain tactic, then the other side has to go beyond it. Like the battle between defense and offense.  What's the next step in the racial war? It's obvious.
The USA is a test case. We have the laws we need. The words are there. In right order. Clear as day. Plain as antifa-girl. But judges ignore them, journalists twist them, politicians stomp on them. What to do? #TimeToKill That's my answer. So, just going by percentages, it's probably the right one.
Racial reality is a think among...plants: "“Orange juice didn’t originally come from Florida or California... [But] we’ve made it better, we’ve made it fit our needs. Succulents are the same way. We can cultivate varieties through horticulture that will do better in our environment. You grow a thousand of them and you find one that performs better here.”
"Humor needs no excuse or defense. Be like humor." --Lao Tsay Mongrum, 13th century sage
Remember, today is the first day of the worst part of your life. If you're over 30. #DailyDowner
There are more Nigerian Christians than German Christians. There are more Congolese Christians than German Christians. Christianity is not a white or European thing. Rather, it was whites who made the cult famous and workable. But whites have a long racial history of success, don't they? Whereas the church does not - outside White lands.
Christianity is, demographically, a non-white religion. This graphic is a few years old, so the numbers have shifted even more to the desicoloreds.
article about rise in popularity of succulents
#Trends "In 2014, the National Gardening Association released a study that found that the “millennial food gardener” population—18- to 34-year-olds who prefer to grow their own produce—had expanded from 8 million to 13 million in the previous five years."

May 22, 2018:

How many actual island humans did it take to defeat you Scotch? Was it 3 or 4?
That redhead McQueef had the catholic mic drop. Sees a fellow catholic raping kid in shower, does nothing. Goes home to run his question WHAT DO I DO, BOSS MAN? up the fagpole, up the noble hierarchy, so his innocent brain remains untouched, unlike the kid's rectum. Are humans supposed to think? The Catholic church has a clear answer to that.
As for the specifics, the actual alleged hominids who run around and call themselves catholics, they're like niggers. The more of them you deal with, the less you will like them and their institution. Experience is fair test of anything. Does catholicism produce good men? It does not.
To me, catholicism is an absolute shitting on all values. Dont throw freddy at me, I do my own mentating around here. That's what it is. It's taking every good value in the world just crapping all over it. And not even enjoying it like a jew would. Crying and whining and woman-ing and loser-ing. That's catholicsm. It's ugly nothing. And it's 100% of the jew.
The Catholics truly did stand athwart Hitler in his journey to decrease the surplus tard population. But then, if you went after pepperonis you'd expect some resistance from the Wop Shop.
to crush your enemies and hear the lamentations of their barnyard fowl
How red pilled are you if you believe people come back from the dead? You know, a doctrine that can't be sold in plain speech by the light of the day...there's a reason that's the case.
White guillibility makes xtianity possible, but the cult then nurtures that characteristic until whiteskins can't tell up from down. Then they go jew college. No wonder their brains are a mess. Every idea in their heads traces to some stupid lying kike.
There's nothing lower than Scotch-Irish infected with liberalism, true white apes
It's a good time to be a hawk or bobcat. I have seen more rabbits this spring...
Do we have any people out there who can paint nice big paintings?
The jew golden rule for xtians: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  The jew golden rule for jews: all the gold in the world belongs to us. And the other shit too. If it exists, it's ours.
"You put out the vibe that attracts the tribe."  Oh jesus.
There's been a subtle decline in the quantity of Virgin/Chad memes lately. Some yous need to get to steppin'.
fuck in 20 years smart toilets will identify your lunch from your smartpiped shit
is it "good" that (say 10 years from now) some blockchain can pull every single socially relevant fact about you together in one sure swift movement? it's certainly not wholly good.
interesting that sChmuck is right spelling. far as i know. whereas, per yesterays imperfectly heeded lesson shtick and shmuel are the right way
Luther also set an example of fractiousness. The second you disagreed with him, boom new cult. And what's Pappa Marty going to say about that? So now every last chicken giblet has a One n Only Church Fer Real Xtians. Which is not to say the original is right and good. No, it's awful and wrong too.  #CrudCult4Schmucks
probably a better joke but i dont know too many dog breeds my wife's son's gay labradoodle called - it wants its bandanda back
essentially, in the coming age, there's going to be nowhere for crime or privacy to hide
politics is thought of as noble - this is probably the first and original gaslighting politics is correctly thought of as Big Criminal
Feminism is a racial plot, not a sexual plot.
it's funny how kike prager's not only not censored on youtube, his commercials actually run there. i mean, for anyone who doesn't get (((who))) runs the System
Women are 100% about deception and dissimulation. They cant even tolerate truth in their clothing labels. Any philosophy that elevates them literally worships a lie.
what's more beta than plagiarism? i dont know. but i bet Steve Sailer would. that guy's a real intellectual
"Jews hate money and are filled with tender, solicitous love for their fellow man. No way were they involved in the slave trade." --Johnny Rivers
College: - anti-White - anti-male - anti-intellectual Why go to Big Debt U and major in jew-communism? #CollegeFuckNo
They subverted muh church. Who taught you that word, subverted? I know you weren't aware of yourself. Second point, which is the main points, is  the church is the subversion. Jesusism is the subversion of your mind, your culture and your people.
There is no honor or integrity among christians.  There is among the Japanese.
"Some men look at what is and asperg; other men look at what is not and aspire." --JFK
out of all the great maniacs how many were concerned about appearances? DAMN FEW
it's arguable that white women are people you just have to overcome Schopenhauer, to name one off the top of my head
Keepin' It Real Series: Africa: The Biography of a Continent by Brad Griffin [that's the book the world is clamoring for]
Certain people should maybe look up what Mark Twain said about the xtian moral sense, what a great thing it is.
Atheism is the faith that there's a difference between imagination and reality.
curate - organize, arrange, edit optics - appearances space - area Change for change's sake. No point to it.
One valid thumbnail description of conservatives is worth a million hours of talk with actual item. That's because conservatives are a biomass, similar to those arctic crab clusters.

May 21, 2018:

Brad Griffin morphing into Phyllis Schlafly. I have lived too long.
Free speech the abstraction isnt that interesting. Whats interesting is what's verboten 99.9% of places and why. Who is it, more than any other group (and the others only becuz of that group), we're not allowed to criticize? We ALL know the answer. If your ABSTRACT aim is to facilitate free speech, it always PRACTICALLY boils down to allowing jew criticism.
'Nazis' laugh at the likes of Tenn. mom. Tenn. mom would ban anyone she'd call a nazi. That's the difference.
Catering to stupid women ... is what we see everywhere else in the world. Would be a shame if it happened here.
the minute i had an audience, within months of starting in august 2000, we were getting attacked. first, Vanguard financial services tried to steal our domain with a legal threat letter. after that, it was one ISP after another reneging on contract, shutting down server and not even refunding money. what's happening today isn't new, it's just intensified.
Conservatives the good honest dumbshit Free Republic type like Tenn. mom don't want to be censored by liberals. Neither do they want to be corrected by Nazis. As she straightforwardly said, she wants anyone who disagrees with her to be shoved in a corner or banned. If Torba goes with this way of thinking, Gab will become as useless as Free Republic in 2000.
See...Torba has this conception in his mind regarding free speech. It just doesn't fit the reality. How he deals with that disconnect will determine the future of Gab. The people he thinks need free speech are actually on the side of the oppressors, and this has been true right back to Free Republic almost 20 years ago.
I used to sit in Sunday School and listen to the teacher go on about ancient places on the eastern mediterranean. I'd think to myself, this person has absolutely zero self-awareness.
wrong about economics...and everything else: the story of the catholic church
God was so hazy in his giant book of jew that he requires an armada of morons to explain himself.
jews will use their media to fill every waking inch with 'minority' lol concerns - why they not getting shit they didnt earn (gibsmanship) - why they held responsible for shit they do (dinduship)

May 20, 2018:
wow new slur lava nigger for hawaiians
Nazis made castanets out of jew patellas, in prep for operation Gayas, their invasion of Spain.
i...did read Siege...and skewed kinda...meh? is that ok? if i say that?
"All infomation is TMI" --Laddhi Dao-Bong, Buddhist princemonk (13th century)
you can say MMMMMbop is not a great song but what you're really saying is I"M A GIANT FAG!! you know it
In the end, the English will be remembered for two eternal lines, similar: "Which one of you assholes is gonna come in second?" --Larry Bird "They're all here for silver, I've got the gold." --paraphrase of one Johnson, skiier
there are nearly as many moronic christians as misspellings of definitely
you would think if anybody GOD would have been clear in his book
each and every xtian understands The Word in a differently stupid way
i feel like all these people-at-school shootings should have produced some great songs by now
can someone please feed my magic water to sailer so he can pretend he thought of it and get it the circulation it deserves?
jaunty > lugubrious spirit-niggers
"I'd rather be descended from monkeys Than related to Baptists." --George Washington (private letter to Samworth Babblington, 1762)
Where does the notion of equality ultimately derive? From the christian concept 'God,' and the bogus idea that this nonexistent creature 'created' the human species (sic).
'Gap' is a propaganda term.
It's important to teach the young niggers early the important lesson that they will never be held responsible for anything
The Columbus Dispatch reports Ohio elementary schools have handed out 35,000 suspensions in each of the last two years. About half were for disruptive or disobedient behavior. The newspaper reports nearly two-thirds of the children were black and 90 percent came from low-income households.
COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio Senate has unanimously approved a bill preventing schools from imposing out-of-school suspensions to young students who have committed minor infractions.
technical perfection rubs the soullessness in women can't tell the difference women do not have taste they like 'nice' nice is not taste, it is bad taste
Mostly I'm pretty happy. But when I hear Keith Urban, I fully understand suicide. I can only imagine his internal levels of self-loathing. As Jim Rockford perfectly put it back in the '70s: "Do you know what you are? . . . You do, don't you."
No, Jon. Bon Jovi's not a gay name at all. You totally dont sound like yr up for a clam jam with Keith Urban. #SoftBigotryOfLowMusicalExpectations
silly liberal. a nigger doesn't stop being a nigger when it comes to america from africa. it stops being a nigger when it goes in a church. Meet #MagicWater , #MagicDirt 's older brother. Moon Name Change petition is only 300,000 signatures short of being ignored by the Philotentate of Calponia. Help a brother out. Jesus. I dont ask for much.
If you wrote a book titled Anti-Semitism on Mars Every library in America would buy it. I'm surprised no one has tried this. You think I'm joking.  That the System isn't that automatic and controlled. That it isn't, in other words, a System.
"Being a freak is not an achievement, it is a failure." --JFKennedy
Gab is better than nothing...and Twitter Good slogan?
christians confuse long-facedness with seriousness
the race afraid to laugh that's the epitaph the christ cult has writ for us
Imagine Texans...who can read...but haven't lost their executionslust, as the Germs would jam. That's us. Missouri, the Show Me State "We'll Take an Bounce a Rock Off'n Your Head" I feel this strikes the agreeably aggressive tone important in commanding the tourist dollar.
Land of the buy cold remedies if you can produce 2 hologram IDs
Becuz I forgive like an amateur Jesus II, I'm giving yall alleged people a SECOND CHANCE to TOTALLY REDEEM yourself in my bristling pig eyes. My new campaign is to change Missouris state slogan from Pastures! Hills! Rivers! to "I'll take n bounce a rock off'n your head!" (MT). Like the Dem party i dont care where you live, all voting is equal. Help a nigger out!
Bell Jar is a famous novel by Sylvia Plath, who said every woman loves a Nazi. She was very smart for a woman or great ape, and her suggestion that women should be kept in giant bell jars when not being used has the ring of truth.
at this point, Sunday School and Monday school are nothing but conformity inducing and producing institutions. same end goals, different fables
the best argument FOR christianity is 99% of xtians dont even understand their own cult's doctrines so how big an effect can it really have?
Standards or feelings. Standards are better.
Clement Markshine, the inventor of the Dilled Pickle, is from Mexico, Missouri USED to be common knowledge.
it's easy to overrate missouri because it's located near illinois (and What Is This Iowa), but we can still agree Missouri State Is Best State
There's nothing out of Russia remotely as significant as Mark Twain and Walt Disney.
writing should aspire after music, but with some wonkastepping  am i going to brush your nipple? lick your cheek? boot your nuts? YOU DONT KNOW and that keeps you alive with perspiration
i like polished writing, but it's technically wrong imagine a song that's all chorus
this is for all you who DIDNT sign my ONLINE petition to RENAME the moon... ...because youre a bunch of faggots and i hate you
our ancestors weren't all that much smarter or dumber than we are it's just more dramatic to play it the other ways
most great painters were trolls; what's the fun of painting a giant canvas if you dont insert a few private jokes
What state was Mark Twain from? What RUSSIA? That's not a state. That's a bunch scythe-swinging taiga monkeys in onion huts.  ENGLAND? Ha ha. DO GO ON. MISSOURI IS THE ANSWER. MISSOURI!  "I'll take an' bounce a rock off'n your head!" "Why sure you will." "Well I will."
NOT ONE of you signed my petition to rename the moon. SELFISH ASSHOLES MUCH YALL.
Please sign my petition to rename the moon. It's important folks.
perfectly polished writing inevitably suggests polyester
why do we need central government? we dont. we dont need washington dc for a single reason. it needs us to live off and provide bodies for aggressive war
the South cries about the north then serves the empire for pay. because southrons dont experience any felt need to be consistent. nor do most americans, actually. graham is an exponent of military industrial complex with a side of ballerina
"Not all niggers are like that." Yeah, that would be the well known logical fallacy appeal to Harambe. Thanks for trying, tho
the dumber a man is, the more capable and powerful he perceives government. until you get the lower sixth of whites, nigger-equivalents, to whom it is indistinguishable from a god
Hayden's a template monkey dancing for the jew organ grinder.
she blinded you with science? guess you're not in london
in my opinion formally polished writing is bad technique. it's, still, the right way to produce certain types, even most, formal texts, yet it remains incapable of the highest heights, which is all i'm interested in a mountain peak is more impressive emerging from fog is basically my theory or, to mix menaphor, the bald head of penis emerging from foreskin
blacks believe everything bad that happens to them is due to racism, when the truth is exactly the opposite: almost everything good that happens to them is due to whites. whites/racism being two different terms for the same thing. 'whites' is the neutral term for the jew-created epithet
take 3  Whites have more money than blacks IN SPITE OF the government not, as blacks think, BECAUSE OF it. the hostility this antifact produces is no less murderous and real for being fake
i used some many too wrong words take 2 nigs think money comes from govt. whites have more than they do. so govt loves whites more than them. because RACISM. that's how extreme-low-IQ people think. and it makes sense - govt is 90% whites by appearance.
Life is fleeting. We all thought Whitney Houston would live forever and look how that turned out.
this post is an intellectual breakthru. i've never seen anyone make it, yet i believe it is correct.
why do blacks think govt is racist, when whites can clearly see govt subsidizes niggers and taxes whites? because blacks are dumb. they get their money from govt. so they assume whites do too. and they assume that whites, like them, get that money from the same place they do. they can't see that whites surpass them IN SPITE OF goverment (and quite against it)
is new wave better than other music? it's not for me to say. but yes.
a hothouse is a special place carved out of normal conditions where particular plants can flourish. the media are like that. except in this reverse hothouse, gab is the only normal conditions; the hothouse covers the rest, and tropical fleurs du mal do flourish
scientists believe the first case of Triabetes will be recorded somewhere in the NEMO-Iowa region. as i happen to be in this area, i will keep you informed. personally i go for southern iowa, but as you know, i'm a #NEMO bigot
Who would win a dumboff between a Boer and and Southern Baptist?
Time to call off the xtian larp. Come on. Give the little jesus back to the jews. Its mother is probably worried sick.
Another group's fake history is the center of our culture? So our entire racial existence is a protracted larp?
All telling little man about God and Devil does is give him excuses for his behavior. #Fingerism is the answer.
They ban you. You go somewhere else. They chutzpah-cackle about you needing a safe space. These people are some overlap of insanity and lying.
I licked a tilapia, then I sashayed over to the P&G to buy a bolt of cashmere to sew myself a new leisure suit. #BoomNoSemiCollisions #SundayAfternoonCominDown
So christianity was good for whites in 1000? Say we had the mass media technology we didnt get till the 1900s back then. How long would it have taken jews to take over society? You're attributing to the church what is actually due to transient historical circumstances - specifically, the lack of technology.
What gives a cause gravitas is killing for it. Doesn't matter whether the cause is right or wrong, violence alone will make it respected by average people.  #TimeToKill
I've never been a special needs teacher, but surely it is no more frustrating than trying to argue with the adult retards called christians.
The church didnt used to be good for whites, it was always bad. Do you understand the concept of latency? Not everything shows it's real nature up front. The problem with christianity is its basic doctrines. Not something that happened in the 1960s. Something that happened before 060.
Notice how I say christianity is anti-White. Full stop. And all who defend christ-insanity have to append and asterisk and 50 pages of legal type material to 'prove' their case. Whereas my case is self evident.
#Harambe His back was silver; his heart was gold. #HarambeWeRemember
There was only one quality African American and he died. Yep. Niggers. #PeelOneForHarambe
Islam is pro-white because it allows whites to join, even though the majority of islamics arent white. Same with christians.
Niggers are humans? Then potholes are roads.
They said Jesus was going to establish his kingdom on earth, but that was a mistranslation. The actual word was 'cuckdom.'
Christians have made their peace with cuckdom. Now they're just concerned with the quality of their toadying, as Burns put it.
What would Andrew Jackson do about Andrew Dodson?
Journalist is simply a pretentious way of saying liar.
The South used to produce men like Andrew Jackson - someone even Romans would admire. Now they produce men like Lindsey Graham. But worse than that is they all vote for him like he's something good and normal who speaks for them.
Only strong men can keep a govt from getting out of bounds, which is another reason that attacks on libertarianism are wrong. The ideas those people discuss are what is needed. If they are too cowardly to leave in the racial spine that makes the flesh stand up, that's their problem. If a man can't run his own life, he  shouldnt make decisions for the community.
White Nationalism should be political minimalism. Occam's idea is more than just a powerful idea, it's a design principle. The smallest government that covers the given needs.
Yes, we are softer than our ancestors, but in another sense, we are they. We are acting as they would because we are them. Now we realize that and change our ways. The elite among whites, apart from politics, have and are leaving materialism not for jew jesusism but for minimalism. Which combines perfectly with White Nationalism.
To understand Protestantism, go to a Catholic. To understand the North study the South. This principle holds across the board.
Christ was a cool and groovy dude with sandals and mannish beard. I like to think of him as the first Pick Up Artist.
Remember to pray for those who doxx your own and get them to commit suicide. Forgive them. Seventy times seven. It's what Jesus wants. And Jesus is The Man. #TeamForgivenness #ChristForTheWin #ChristWouldntDoxx #ChristWouldForgiveDoxxersThough #PrayDontAct  #PrayDontThink #PrayDontDare
Remember, people: "The purity of the stream determines the quality of the hellbender." --Lao Gong Foo in Animals, Travels and Rice (1641) Really makes you think.
There's probably a PhD thesis somewhere proving that Batpists are technically people, but, yeah, I'm gonna go with my eyes. They're pigs in dresses.
If Baptists could read, my head would have been chopped off long ago.
Jesus? That's not us. That's not our people.
Most people are women, and women are generally idiots. That's how I see it.
There is no South. The South died in 1865. It was murdered. I wish it weren't so. But it is.  There are no real men in the South.  Just read the books - the creatures crawling around there today aint their daddy's Oldsmobile, and thats the gentlest I can put it.
People say, why pick on Baptists. To them I respond, why not?  And they gnaw their stubby tongues for pain.
Bapitists are like if human subsets were relegated to second division. Baptists would be a team that had yet to win 2nd and get promoted to Premier.
You know why Baptists and others pick on Mormons? Because they're cowards. They think it's safe. If Mormonism is a cult, then what is Baptism? Normal? Baptists are only human if you really, really lower the standard. I mean, like Little Caesars is pizza lowering.
There's an inverse relation between doxxing and faggotry online.
WWII was White v Jew. Which side did the christian church work with? #TeamWhite
Christianity defended Eastern Europe until there were what, 60,000,000 white men underground? In WWII, Christianity sided with jews to defeat proto-Team White. And still you refuse to learn the lesson. All semitic cults are our enemy. #TeamWhite
I would call it reductio ad absurdam...except it happened. Good Irish Catholic boy sees Sandusky raping a kid in the shower. Goes home to ask his father what to do. This isn't a satire on catholicism, this is exactly what it aims to produce: Men who arent men at all. Christianity is anti-White. #TeamWhite
If not for Hitler, no moon, no ABBA. Really makes you think.
No Hitler, No ABBA
What Hitler and most Germans don't understand is that what they think of as basic honesty is not a thing in other cultures - looking at you, Anglo empire.
I really do feel like Harold in H & Maude. I keep trying to produce the correction reaction.  And it never comes. Does that mean I give up? Do I SMELL like a Southerner?  It's not for me to say. But no.
"If yr unhappy where yare now, how mechy a traditinalist ken ye be?" --Pirate Joe & the Tahiti Bound Band, as quoted by his brilliantly colored shoulder-friend  Simple thoughts for simple people.
"If you have a pussy or are a pussy, stay out of politics." --Claire Istotle, 4-H gold medalist, Macrame division, Okahoma state fair, 1912
"The tomato that grows from the crack in sidewalk is strongest." -Eloglabius in his play Vegetablers (no extant copies remain, library burned by christtoads)
Getting money is a form of power wide open to us, despite circumstances. The only problem is that with assets comes an intense desire to hoard and guard them. This conservatism easily conduces to cowardice and quietism. Money for the change-maker is a tool, always and only. We need fanatics. But fanaticism does not equal hotheads. We need coolhead fanatics.
We dont want to hear your whining We want to hear your winning. #TeamWhite
Action, not words. What are you doing right now to  kill enemies make yourself stronger in money, blood, possessions, skills? What are you doing? #TeamWhite
If you're a christian, you're not one of us.  That simple. #TeamWhite
God never yet stopped a priest from raping a child. "He gave us free will." Well, He has free will too. And he sees everything, according to you. Wait a minute...did God go to Penn State?
How many of you useless semiretarded gooberniggers even remember the '70s?
Here's a song about short people. I choose to believe he meant fat people. Shit like this used to be playable on the radio.
If traditionalism is good, then it's better to be an animal than a man.
Catholics doing hail marys is aural equivalent to stepping in dogshit.
Guess what was on Xtian radio. Not the usual headless protestant Iz-fellatio but pure catholic dervishing. Have you ever heard these nuts doing hail marys? What a sad picture - the utter spiritual deadness of these people. It's like something forgotten in water brought to life. Macerated, sapless, spiritless - as un- and anti-White as it's possible to get.
The world works, or advances, by paradox and irony. If you want the legal machinery to work properly, you have to lubricate it with effective acts it doesn't necessarily approve of, at first.  That's just how it is. Blame your imaginary god if it makes you feel good.
Listen, people of frog. Don't kill yourself. Kill them. And more generally, let the word go out from this time and place, to all freaks, weirdos, maladjusted goobers, nuts, creeps, faggots and generic possessors of substandard skull contents -- DO NOT SHOOT UP PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Shoot up (((newsrooms))). #TeamWhite
"Tilapia. Isn't that a trash fish?" " I intend to eat it, not go to parties with it, I'm not really worried about its social status?"
Tits are nature's affirmative action for women.
You notice no one has responded to my call to produce a serious strategy for winning back our nations legally? They can neither produce such a strategy nor give up their weak, stupid, useless "keep it legal." Keep it effective, whatever you do. You will know best what you can and should do.  We need killers, not martyrs. #TeamWhite
"All people are created by God." Boom. You're a liberal.  There is no way to turn that belief into politics in a way that doesn't eventually threaten whites. That's why I say Christianity is inherently, unavoidably, unchangeably anti-White.
a word i have not come across before, apparently a newish creation: apistevistic :  A person who does not use faith to know things-especially in the religious sense
Get over your ego. See what needs to be done, in any particular situation. Do it.  As a byproduct you'll get happiness, respect, -- all things fools go after directly.
toward understanding the difference between what our ancestors thought and the jewish christ cult for goyim
Having identified the solution, the rational man then identifies which forces stand in the way of the solution.
Cut through the bullshit.  Jews must be exterminated. That's it.  That's the solution -- the only solution -- to every ill plaguing the West.

May 19, 2018:
" chronic sitting is the new smoking — it actually has a mortality rate similar to this toxic habit. "
" Those struggling with depression would do well to get out of the concrete jungle and into nature, as nature walks have been found to be particularly beneficial for your mood by decreasing rumination — the obsessive mulling over negative experiences. "  i learned something today. i did not know rumination meant just that
France must interbreed. Israel must shoot invaders. Only an antisemite could have a problem with this. Consult your local jew overlord if you're in question about what to do. Then comply. #TeamKike
Which faboo designer put together the bridal palm frond nest?
asked about Harry's marryiage to the monkey, (((Elfman))) responded, i can only quote a great man who said "YOUD CUT OFF YOUR NOSE IF YOUD THINK IT WOULD MAKE YOU HIP"
How do we know the Vikings were uncivilized? Their Lying Smarmy Pussy rate was 8%, as opposed to the 80% it would be in a properly civilized Christian country.
Whites were ignorant pig-chasing goobs until the crissies showed up and taught then how to human.
"We Wuz Kangz" You remember that? You remember how you laughed and hard. WHOS LAFFING NOW PUNK
We all know official comedy sucks now thanks to jews. The best professional comedians currently operating are catholic intellectual apologists.
Today is one of fifteen or twenty days in the US of A we hosanna and ululate in tribute to the green niggers for their paid service we paid for without even being asked.
Remember, kids. Jesus died for your sins. But his eminent pa screams in anguish at your favorite proclivities. So...I'm kinda at a loss to tell you how to proceed. I'm sure you'll figure it out.
Henrietta Lacks deserves more credit than her fellow lab animals because reasons.
God's resume: owner/operator of N&M Works. A human production plant specializing in niggers and morons.
christian ideals at work: naming your kid 'Jacob' in hopes he'll grow up to be a successful thief like the bible character / jews you worship #LOSERS
why are white people so fucking stupid: "Schlomo" "Schtick" the whole point is to emphasize the foreign jewieness of these SHLOMO and SHTICK not to mention - those are the actual correct spellings of the yiddish name / jewbastardization of german stueck the sound (and spelling) should echo the sense SHLOMO you nob fucking people have no FEEL for anything
so when you kill off the Nazis, what's left of the white race isn't very impressive, is it?
crime by category = ideological thinking = jew-communism. guess who the bad guys are! white guys who didnt do anything. or did. doesn't matter! what part of the WHITE GUYS ARE ULTIMATE EVIL DO YOU NOT CAPISCE, BRONIO?
Atheism is akin to nudism, in that both are propaganda terms from the enemy. Not liking to wear clothes is a not a "belief" or a philosophy. It's just a thing. God's existence is a factual question, not the basis of a philosophy.
Jews will keep lying about whites while we keep pretending the problem is anything but them. "Come to grips with jews or die," is what nature is telling us.
Erudition + evasion is a powerful formula. It worked for the old National Review, and it still works for Jared Taylor.
People become obsessed with manners when they're afraid of dealing with the real problem. This has been formalized and professionalized into Conservatism, Inc. Professional punch-pullers, evaders, moralists and just all around cowards. There's a lot of money in Organized Cowardice.
If nature spoke, it would say: They're killing you. Why are you killing them? #TimeToKill
Racism is more powerful than it's ever been. People kill themselves when doxxed for wrong opinions. #TimeToKill
Death can't be coopted, bribed, or doxxed.
Slowly but surely our side is realizing that petitions, voting, etc are wastes of time. Cut to the chase: the elite, the jews and their cuckservants, are slow roasting white nations and getting off on our misery.  #TimeToKill
Remember when you believed in The Holocaust? That's the state too many of you are still in with regard to the cult around the claims that constitute 'Jesus Christ.'
In between the unsavage barbarians of the deep north, the lutefisk munchers of Minnesota, and the woolly-brained geophages of Alabama, lies the golden land of civilization, the middle kingdom, you know it as God's country, we'll just call it #NEMO.
A woman is basically a blank that a man turns into some kind of coin.
You can have a giant, centralized, tyrannical government... ...or a large family and leisure time. Pick one. Taxes are the price we pay for anarcho-tyranny.
Men who worship women or can't see through 'strong women' are stupid and untrustworthy.
In honor of Heather Heyer the entire state of Iowa is holding a Fatout. A Fatout is where you agree to stop talking and concentrate on getting as many carbohydrates as your beady eyes can spot on the other side of your skin.
have you noticed that GAB is ABG spelled incorrectly - ABG = Always Be Giraffing - what's notable about giraffes? most people would say their decidedly unBaptistlike head supports - crane-necks allow giraffes to spy on people at great distances - [insert temple-tapping negroid] #JustSayanimIMeanSayin
Reason tells us that jews must be counter-exterminated. It has always told us - see the historical quotations from our best men. But we listened to christianity. Now we're in dire straits. Nothing in the world says one has a moral duty to keep making the same mistake. Well - nothing exception traditionalism.
When you religion says what you need to do to defend yourself and your society is immoral hence unthinkable, you need to get rid of your religion. #TeamWhite
It always amazes me that a woman given basically one task will never consider how to perform it most efficiently. Almost every man, even the meanest in intelligence, would eventually consider this.
What do women actually do in this world? They gabble. ("Did you hear that sheila is pregnant! Yes! By a werewolf..blah blah blah inane blah.) To the extent they're allowed or pushed by law and culture to interfere in man-stuff they add drama, misery, stupidity, incompetence.  #KeepWomenIndoors
Most of our interactions are low level. What if our society had a tiny government. And low taxes. And white men filled every position. And there are no small jobs, only small actors.  Imagine if the ablest, intelligentest sector of society handled all of its transactions and daily business. Imagine how much better life would be.
i have said this many times, no one has really seconded it, but to me it's a powerful indirect argument for the whole enchilada -- pro-white, pro-man, pro-good society Imagine if 99.9% of jobs were filled by white men in an all-white society. Imagine how efficient, responsible, polite and effective everything would be. White nation + small govt = utopia.
apart from scenic value, women are basically social blood clots. every last transaction or interaction becomes a mini-drama that consumes 3x the time that should be needed to do something #KeepWomenIndoors
the jebus mindset must be contrasted with genuine white spirit, on tap in fairytales, Homer, individual achievements (Alex Honnold, for instance) christianity is an attempt to build a race of spirit - and xtians will claim it produces the same fruit from detroit to delhi. but we reject (((their))) spirit, we want Whites who face the world whitely
the racial cause is not a religion, nor is one needed for bad, anti-White christ cult. what is needed is a different mentality, which we racialists share. people generally lack imagination - it's a bigger problem than stupidity or ignorance. they can be shown how not just specific xtian doctrines conduce to white genocide but the jebus mindset generally
the older i get, the more i see why Greeks didnt allow women in the agora
the only i mean ONLY time a fat-ass woman (most of them) will move quickly is to get ahead of you in car or line. just notice this in real life, it's bizarre

May 18, 2018:

Have you noticed that Gab is bag spelled backwards.
Christianity  - flatters mens vanity (who's an original are!) - tempts their lazy greed (heaven, aka lottery ticket w only winning numbrs) - excuses their failure (if jebus got nailed up, how could you improve) - encourages their favorite form of masturbation (self pity - I am just like jesus, no one appreciates glorious self-sacrificing Me)
In the overall scheme of things, your sins are trivial and poorly executed. But that doesn't sell to the cheap seats. Your sins are huge and original. You're a real gangster you are. Your peccadilloes are immense. They alter the course of hurricanes and human history.
In What Is This Iowa? being 75 lb overweight is not just a good idea. It's the law.
Actually, I'm pretty sure a seven-nation army could hold you back.
Just as it's impossible to imagine the character of Superman as anything but a nordic, so it is with _ _ _ _ _ .  "And (((his (Grinchstein's)))) fib fooled the towhead mental tater tots"
Christian claims about jebus are put forward as FACT not myth. If you accept them, you are acceding in a jewlie. that's the point.  You've cucked out the proper use of your mind. And if goddy shrieks like a girl when you misuse your anus, as catholic experts tell us, how much louder and anguisheder screeches he-she when you abuse your profoundest capacity of all?
"We know how it all ends."  Yeah, so do I just putzworth: with you and fellow lugubes on a hillside, annoying the honest cows.
Take the CS Lewish challenge: he says xtian claims are either true, lies, or products of insanity. He says they're true. I say 2 and 3 are the correct responses. All that has to happen for me to be right is a jew didnt come back from the dead. If he even existed. Since, you know, the bibble is a product of kike minds. I like my odds.
Gee, it would be nice if we mere whiteskins had a christianity for jews that could promulgate a doctrine that jews must never molest us, even as we cheat them out of their earnings, shit on them in our media, and conduce the society they made to their genetic termination.
"If you don't believe in our imaginary God, then you worship yourself as a God." "Well, at least my god didn't create niggers."
Nice judgment shaming, Jesus. Who do you think you are, anyway?
Hillsiders, I beseech thee: abandon thy childish mentation and embrace reality. Atheism: the God that never lied to you and didn't create niggers! One of those double-threat Gods. Dig him, hillsbys!
It is not true that I type to hear my head rattle. I am channeling the inner soul of a spray paint can, in order to calibrate my nigdar.
You are aware that larping is psychologically impossible for human beings?
Traditions are like fireworks. They're impressive the first time. But after that, they're boring. But not for most people. who are basically animals. They want the same thing five million times. Traditions are started by artists, but not continued by them. Artists, among whom number civilization creators, move on while the fish nibble on their excrement
Traditions may be helpful to simps. Most people are simps. But traditions are not begun by simps. Traditions are encrusted imitations\. There is room at the top they say. What this means is that there's so little thinking that all kinds of better ways exist, undiscovered. Traditions are rarely the best we can do. They deserve some respect, not great respect.
Jews must be counter-exterminated. The christ cult says that's immoral. Bye bye, alt-kikes. #TeamWhite
H. L. Mencken on the prince choosing the negress: "It is as if a hungry man, set before a banquet prepared by master cooks and covering a table an acre in area, should turn his back upon the feast and stay his stomach by catching and eating flies."
I'll make this point again, even though I have never met a christian capable of taking it in and responding. The problem with the christ cult is the stuff that was there DAY ONE. That's why I dont point out stupid leftist stuff it does today, that's not the actual problem. The problem is the founding claim and doctrines of the cult.
The church is on the side of the jews because it comes from the jews. Always remember that. The christ cult is not your friend, it is your enemy. The catholics are more than willing -- and this is historical fact -- to repeat lies and slurs on 'nazi' character created out of whole cloth by jew-communists. The christian church -- in all forms -- is antiWhite.
If your vision of the white race is a collection of lugubrious boobs, then yes, the catholic church is the sheep groomer you should go with.
The Japanese reject christ. Yet somehow they don't act like jews?  Strange, that. They dont get down on their knees and grovel before Jeboo-San, portal to life everlasting, yet have built a great society. Strange, that.
Catholics define jews as rejecters-of-christ. That's it. That's quite literally all the papists care about. Do you see the problem?
The Bezos Blog: Shaping the Future by Lying About the Present Prisons: Just How Badly Are They Failing Our Niggers? By Amanda Newtwurm
When the cuckservants of the (((bankers running the EU say Europe WILL interbreed and WILL have waves of millions of asio-africans coming in for DECADES, all rational white men will realize that normal politics is over. It's time for bloody war. They made it that way. They started it. It's up to us how we respond. #TeamWhite

May 17, 2018:

Day of Great Disappointment is what awaits all you christ cretins. Unfortunately, you'll be too dead to notice. So I'm helping you out with some Muntz-style laughter while you're still arguably mentally alive to appreciate it.
"and the whos down in whoville will all cry boo-hoo!" ............... "...was among some 100,000 people in northeastern United States who futilely waited for Jesus’ second coming on October 22, 1844. Bitter anguish set in at midnight when they realized that their hopes would not be fulfilled. Many wept bitterly until daybreak." lol. LOSERS.
This is absolutely the finest scene in all Christian history. Truly, as Wilde said, you need a heart of stone not to laugh at these self-made imbeciles.
Christianity will go down in history as a bunch of dopes on a hillside waiting for Jesus who never comes. The dopes have IQs in the normal range, they just prefer delusion to reality. It seems to be a white-racial thing.
they've studied jew nits. these larval kikes have much higher natural antipathies to foreigners (their non-parents entering the room) than whites do. whites are racially the least foreigner-antipathetic. that's the irony of their gaslighting US about racism. no, catholic liar, the problem with jews IS racial. it's seen in BABIES.
You notice how Japs have a perfectly functional society sans jew jesus? That's all we want for whites. A japes society. Cuz we're funnier than the niblets. Sorry, kikes. Not interested in your rotten cloth or tall tales about Sandalman the Super Saver.
We led the (((christ lunatics))) push us off our racial agenda. Now it's time to kick these wannabe, retard-tier, amateur kikes out the door and get back on track. #TeamWhite
Christlunacy and jews are working a good/bad cop routine on us. Would you like to believe (this big lie)? You'll go to prison if you don't go along with (this big lie)! That's all it is. None of this semitic garbage has anything to do with our race, our people, our future.
And the christ club mental perverts when pressed always resort to j-leftism: YOU CANT PROVE THE GENE-MECHANISM THAT MAKES NIGGERS VIOELNT OR JEWS LIARS AND NATION-WRECKERS. We found 2 jews in 950 years who converted to the christ-lie and didnt cheat anyone! That proves they all could!  This is literally how catholics argue. Brazen bullshit.
At some point you got to stand on your goddam manfeet and say goddamnit I'm going to stop being a mental pervert, a mental faggot and a mental weakling and acknowledge that this fucking miserable cult of the jewfiction character christ is murdering my nation and my race. Yes.
If bears always acted like bears, then that's what a fucking bear is. Same with jews. If all they do is cheat and lie and the smartest white men who ever existed in all times and places called them lying cheating world-endangering scumbags. Then that's what they fuckng are.  When I hear a grown man saying dripping Jesus water on them will change them, I weep like JC
Catholicism says that the only thing that can save our race from the jews producing white genocide is IMMORAL and thus not allowable. ("No progress outside the moral order.") We say well even if God created nature, as you claim, nature runs by genocide, and we have the ability to kill those trying to genocide us. That must be our response. Fuck the (((church)))
There is nothing wrong with jews biologically, nature has no rights, just creatures. There are no rules save whatever works. The point from our white-racial perspective is that jews are a hostile and competing species. they are a species that preys on us, like the wasps that lay their eggs in caterpillars. We must use our brains to see that and DESTROY THEM.
The problem with jews is undeniably biological. NOt cultural or religious. Those FOLLOW the behavior of the creature in question. Remember, the Talmud wasnt coagulated until maybe 500-600 AD. But jews behaved like shits for so long as they've existed, for so long as others have noticed and discussed them. That proves the problem with them is racial.
This above stated conclusion is what you get from reading catholic history of jew-xtian interaction in Europe. The catholic states it - that the priests PROTECTED the jews and that the church's policy is NOT racial. So we racialist and catholics agree in honestly laying out each other's position. It's matter of who is right. And it's clearly WN.
The people (the white people) ALWAYS realized the real problem with jews was racial, not religious. Long before science was formalized. They wanted to kill jews, the natural response (jews agree in their Talmud) to their predatory behavior. GUESS WHAT SAVED THE JEWS? GUESS WHO JEWS RAN TO FOR PROTECTION? That's right. To the priests. True story whitebro.
God, if I were a tech fag I'd wear like a twelve-piece suit. Sick of these soybugs and their faggoty tshirts.
First realization: jews are THE problem  Second realization: only counter-exterminating them solves that problem Third realization: jew-produced christ cult and its Sicut Judaeis Non policy (of 1500 years and still going) is the reason the necessary became officially unthinkable and immoral.
i have spend dthe last several years really coming to grips with catholicism and how it sees protestantism and jews and US history and European history to figure out how we got in this mess. and now i know. and that's what i'm typing to you. the ideas are here and there but mostly between the lines. it's practically the only intellectual work left to do
It has become scientifically obvious to me that too many of you's brains are made out of the same stuff used for cockroach interior.
I'd rather smell like a wet dog than a dry nigger. Black dont crack...a book.
why do nigras think whites are obsessed with mayonnaise? i like it on roast beef, otherwise not so much. that's probably or maybe the average white position. i would think. i've never noticed white people love mayonnaise
the problem is too many racialists have southern xtian background, and they dont want to offend xtian donors. well i dont care about that. what needs to be done is what i do. what needs to be done is not the 190th stupid book about IQ but explaining how xtianity kills the white man's desire to acknowledge himself, let alone defend himself.
right now, i believe, and i'm usually right, the cutting edge of intellectual work is getting good white men to understand xtianity, which is the same as departing from it. that's what i believe. that is my main work now. i already solved jews in 2000. now the circle of understanding is very broad indeed and in the hands of solid professionals. now for xtianity
Jews hate xtianity! They hate that the race they're trying to genocide worships the King of the Jews? I'd like to see your kindergarten graduation certificate because I believe it's fake.
Jews are racists with a racist code, dual code, they pretend is a religion. You are a universalist racialist who is too stupid to figure out the two dont go together.  And the kicker is THEY created the universalist cult that took you directly away from the ancestor veneration that actually goes with racial politics. How can I sum this up? I know!: U = MORON.
"Jews hate christianity. They're trying to destroy it!" How many more of you two-digit morons are going to pitch this bunkum at my poor sore ears? This is like someone driving a Yugo thinking a guy in a limited edition Mercedes is jealous of him. You and all dumbasses: THEY created that stupid cult. If it were quality, YOU wouldnt get a goddam atom of it.
Fuck your ancestors, man, this jesus dude is The Way.  Christ-insanity: cross-class, cross-race from day one. All races are welcome in a church, even humans.
It's a measure of the intelligence of the average racialist that he can't discern any difference in how jews see and attack nazism and how they see and treat the catholicism they created.  We're not there yet, folks. Mental level is too low to compete with the top dogs.
Jews see christ-insanity as balderdash that keeps the goobers docile. Any claims otherwise are jews puffing lies. Lies that stupid you accept because you're not smart enough to think when you're told something you want to believe.  If jews wanted to destroy christinsanity, they'd call the cross a hate symbol and fire anyone who wore it.
Do jews hate and loathe Ann Coulter? Or do they pay her? It is the same with the church. Whores are there to be used.
God did create niggers. Just as an angry joke. A kind of way to get back at The Man.
God created you? and niggers?  With that reasoning power are you sure you're not a nigger yourself? #TeamWhite helping you sort things out. WAIT a cogitation emerged. Maybe god created people in lines. Like niggers are the mass product, wokeswaggins. Whites are the S-class or whatever merc elite is.
'Ooz' is the latest concept to come out of the, uh, highly peculiar north german-southern danish zone. It's an reverse zoo. You sign up for an eight hour period. You agree to let a tender-led procession of exotics pet you. Or lick you. Or well #World2Weird
" as much as 40 percent of the people his administration is deporting have no criminal record? " except invading country
only niggers could ignore that white people made a fucking snail trail around the world to get spices and say they dont like seasoned meat like them civilized niggras #GaDumb #TexasDumb #NiggerDumb
the nigras are making fun of us. #LoveYourRace
catholic imitation reasoning re Israel 1948
I'm not sure where God stands on the late Houdini using his anus as a vise. I haven't got through all the Catholic's youtubes yet. But when I do, I will certainly report.  For now, the scoreboard reads: anus for vice: strong, clear, persistent NO!! echoing through time and eternity. Anus as vise? jury's still out.
Holocaust trauma passed on through genes? J-B Lamarck applauds the quality of your chutzpah.
What's playing in God's country? Its H&O!
I judge people this way, in politics. If I were building a team called gee i dont know. If I were general manager of that team, would this guy help me defeat Team Jew? Can he play at that level?
Hitler, like Andy Dick, is living proof that white men can outjew the jew.
Fags are a great enemy. They're super vicious. So you have to dodge and weave like a young Fred Astaire. But they're also fags. There's not a single thing about them that isnt mockable.
"strong woman" God save us
Jesus came back. HOly shit. He's gonna be on Tucker tonight!
Ed Munch's famous painting is an artist's rendering of God's reaction when you use your hindquarters for non-evacuational purposes. BROS AN BRAS: GOD DID NOT DESIGN YOUR ANUS FOR SEXYTIMES BROAS. RESPET. Please allow this useful information to inform your future behavior.  #FissuresOfMen
Who's the real christian? That's how all those dinosaurs got trapped in La Brea. ITZ A TRICK QUESTION.  It's like thinking how many pinheads can dance on an angel has a right answer.
I respect professional clowns. Though I always keep a stick between me and them. But I loathe amateur clowns.
I look at it this way, and I don't think any other way even makes sense. If I believed in heaven, hell, judgment and the rest of the xtian nonsense, I wouldn't regard race much at all. Life is short, and atomic matters are trivial next to everlasting life. So if you claim you're xtian and racialist, all it tells me, or any rational man, is you take neither seriously.
Jesus doctrine is salt peter for the soul. Indeed, that's the hidden joke in 'Saint Peter.' And "upon this rock..."
Around blacks never relax. Especially around tracks.
Jews: "Even the best of the goyim should be killed."  Christians: "Don't molest the jews." #TeamWhite giving you the full Blaine look.
Converting jews to jesus doctrine isn't the solution.  Converting jews to mulch is. Solutions that solve from #TeamWhite
Jebus threw the moneychangers out of the temple. He sure did, li'l feller. Made an awesome "KA-POW" sound effect when he did it too.
Christianity is just Jim Jones without the refreshments.
The jews say in their own shitty Talmud if the goyim knew what we were up to, they'd kill every last one of us. Christianity, by contrast, says don't molest the jews. (Sicut Judaeis Non) - SJN being the church's OFFICIAL POLICY for 1500 years! And brainless, ignorant, confident idiot you says christianty protects whites. No, the verb you seek is endangers.
You can buy indulgences for sin from The Pope (tm) or one of his duly empowered franchise operators. No, no, little children. There's nothing at all jewy about the Christ Cult.  There's nothing inherently risible about Eskimos worshiping the King of the Tongans.
Kill all jews. Kill all who serve jews. There's your truth. Therein lies your freedom, and only therein. #TeamWhite
You don't introduce grand vistas of Absolute Morality to people with thumbnail heads.
Christians are more than vaguely suspicious of people who aren't trying to rip them off. That's just not how it's done, their instincts tell them. Something improprietous about it.
Your only o'erenduring tradition is getting stunted on by (((charlatans))).  Muh d'oh.
How awesome would it be if there were People Killer like wasp spray. With delightful images of people all curled up on the bottle. Damn I would use that.
Christianity is modernism. It's the first example of favoring the ugly, ridiculous, untrue and absurd over the strong, virtuous and beautiful. Like modernism, christism is of the jew, from the jew, by the jew - but not for the jew. For the jew's benefit.
mexes: MS-13 dogs: pitbulls
Christianity supplies imitation seriousness to the whiteskin masses, in the manner of the disgusting gunk fruit flies in test tubes subsist on.
Why did God reserve Northeastern Missouri (NEMO) for thinkolectuals and boolagongs? We can't know. We can only be glad that he did. #NEMO
If you have a six pound catfish, you really got something. I concede it. But you got a Jesus, you got nothing. Just a big pile of noggin-dung.
Christians should be looked down on for precisely the same reasons we look down on adults who play childrens board games without any children.
What has christlunacy done for whites but make them moralizing cunts? Whether it's Northy and his abolitionism, or toxic negro dumping in the name of What God Wants or Southward and his Ahm uh muh doing the slaavery thaang for the good uh the muh nigra. It really is a genius cult that can produce two types of rotten fruit from the same bud!
NEMO example. Land you could have had for 30k 15-18 (100 acres) years ago is now worth 3000/acre.
What made America great in the first place?  The honest truth is that it was merely two things. A lot of comparatively cheap land. A nonexistent or at least functionally absent government. That is basically what utopia means, as a realized ideal.
Bad news, bungsbys. It turns out you can't come back from the dead. So yeah. You and your pet rocks will never be reunited. It hurts me almost as much as you.  #PetRocks #Pets'Rockheads
How come you can't mock atheism? Because it's true. So all the jokes dont come off. Whereas jebus...the jokes never stop. He's a fucking one man bag of airplane peanuts.
After you see the calf with two heads, and the woman with one beard, come gook and gander at vaginaman christ, your portal to a world everlasting!  THIS WAY TO THE EGRESS #BarnumIfYaGottum
The church is fake opposition to jews. Opposition in name only; opposition that actually helps and protects them. Just the way professional conservatism does. And white suckers, even those who fancy themselves red-pilled, still fall for this deception. The church is not your friend. The jewish christian cult for goyim is antiWhite. #TeamWhite
Jews lie about Nazis - say they murdered millions. They didn't. They defended whites against them.  Jews lie about Catholic church - say it worked with nazis. In fact, it hid and otherwise protected jews from whites defending their kind against jews - exactly in line with what the (((church))) has always done.
If christianity were true, it'd be illegal. You know it. Jews would keep it for themselves. You know, like gunning down invaders at the borders.
Merkel looks like a giant truffle-hunting sau that only reports 1 out of 3 it finds and gulps the other two.
I not only support full immersion baptism I say we keep them under five minutes so there's absolutely no question that a soul makeover went on here. #WaterCure
Remember, kidlets, it is echt & pure christian doctrine that every last one of these MS-13 clubbers is hand-painted by God and injected with an "imperishable" "soul" of "inestimable" value. Yes. "Inestimable." That's not hype on my part. That's actual doctrine. You jesusfags should get in gunny sacks and hop in the closest river. #TeamWhite
all the little slobbering sleepening'd pibulls are gathered around jesus' knee now, looking around at the angels with that mix of vicious stupid confusion they specialize in
Codreanu never took naps on lawn because squirrels constantly tried bury him. White man Jesus fan PICK ONE
you can be a christian or a white man - not both
imagine a racialist tribe like the jews and their central hero is King of the Aryans do you see how fucking stupid you are, christian? you dont but that's why i'm here. to hold a mirror in front of your retarded face
i fight the jews and also worship king of the jews contradictions? whu that. dont matter stop yer purity spiralin
According to Johnsy Benet Calhoun, slavery was instituted purely for the moral elevation of black folk; cotton picking a useful exercise, like piano scales.
"Wisdom comes with age." Yeah, go try that theory on some old people.
"Thinking is an ism." --the mystagogue right, to be redundant
"Every member of MS13 is human! Every human has dignity and is worthy of respect!" Good example of a typically poisonous manifestation of christian doctrine. There's a reason there are no serious christian racialists. It's not just that the logic makes that impossible, it's that the entire mindset, the worldview, the basic sense of things is opposed.
Gab can be the #1 Free Site on the 'net. Dangers to Gab are two: 1) legal threats (laws or suits) from the (((forces))) that have iced over most of the world 2) Torba's christianity. Most christians go crabwise under pressure.
Individualism is wrong because it's incomplete. By itself, it is racism for the individual, which is NOT out of tune with racial collectivism, but strengthens it. This is why libertarianism is not inherently diseased and destructive the way christianity, traditionalism and conservatism are.
Another name for purity spiraling is high standards.
What can I -- what can _we_ -- do to make society more comfortable for drunks, druggards, dreydl-spinners and darkies?
" Starbucks began requiring a keycode for customers only to use their bathroom.  They were pleased because they no longer had to deal with lice-infested, stinking-to-high-heaven bums  taking “baths” in the tiny sink or drug addicts camping out in there and overdosing on heroin, requiring them to call 911 every other day. " #Starbums
"  “‘As of today, the IAEA can confirm that the nuclear-related commitments are being implemented by Iran.’ “There have been at least 10 round of inspections conducted by the IAEA in Iran since the deal was signed in July 2015.” " [2/2]
"  “Meanwhile, Yukiya Amano, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) nuclear inspectors, said on Tuesday that Iran continues to abide by its commitment in the deal. “‘Iran is subject to the world’s most robust nuclear verification regime under the JCPOA, which is a significant verification gain,’ he said. " [1/2]
" “Songbird John” Thomas DiLorenzo That’s what quite a few Vietnam War veterans call John McCain according to retired Air Force General Thomas McInerny, who was banned from FOX News for saying so. "
people who work with and admire jews in pretty short order become the same sort of brazen liar the jews have historically prized as their archetye: the Man of Chutzpah
" Like the 19th-century abolitionist Lysander Spooner remarked, the eventual result of the War may have been the abrogation of chattel slavery, but what the South (and America as a whole) got in return was political slavery. This is Yankee sanctification, y’all. And it’s god-awful and anything but pure. "
" The South was being disobedient, so she must be conquered in order to realize the puritanical Yankees’ vision of the “one great democratic republic whence the first Declaration of the Rights of Man was issued,” as Karl Marx explained in his defense of Lincoln. Eh, that’s just a fancy way of saying “totalitarianism.” "
“The Northern onslaught upon slavery was no more than a piece of specious humbug designed to conceal its desire for economic control of the Southern states.” — Charles Dickens, 1862
Heritage and tradition are vastly overrated as source of value. Thinking works. You're never at a point where you can't figure out what needs to be done and do it. And if that's the case, then heritage and tradition are merely interesting, not essential.
This time the good guys got to win. The South lost. The good Germans lost. Now we got to win. At any cost, any price. #DeathToTheJews That's the recipe. It should go without saying, death to those who serve them too.
" The Puritan work ethic fed into this unholy alliance of government and banking. Yanks gotta be industrious and work, work, work for that elusive materialism, while Southerners like their leisure for hunting, fishing, sipping iced tea or smooth Tennessee whiskey on the front porch while they watch the lightin’ bugs dance. "
White man needs govt far less than govt needs white man.
Establish a national bank. • Print money. • Live off federal debt. • Subsidize internal improvements. • Regulate businesses that benefits political allies. • Enrich themselves and their region. • Control the people through inland federal taxation. • Wield arbitrary power over states through the economic extortion of federal laws and bureaucracy.
" Conversely, big-government Hamiltonians knew the Washington machine was a money-making scheme that just needed to be seized upon in order to procure the North’s goals: "
" Also that this “general” government should have only a few limited and defined powers – specifically commerce, defense, and foreign relations. And that subsidiarity, interposition, nullification, and secession flow not from the compact theory, but from the compact fact. This is Jeffersonianism. "

May 16, 2018:

You know the psychological heart of your resistance to me is? It's your classic Anglo-American Christian belief that contradictions dont matter. Ideas don't matter. It's all just bullshit. Personality uber allies. Shifting alliances, permanent selfishness. This is why jews win and whiteskins whinge. Contradictions/consistency matter hugely.
Motley Pew is a totally awesome rock band I mean major religion.
Christianity ====================>> White Nationalism That old northeastern joke perfectly applies: Cant get theah from heah
If God doesn't care what race we are, since he loves us all and created us all, why should we? You can blather all day long and it won't change the fact that the above is undeniably the logic that follows from the premises.
Judaism is like a bespoke suit for jews. Christianity is one-size-fits-all for us.
Many priests are child molesters; all priests are adult molesters.
If magic dirt is laughable, then magic water (baptism, a christian sacrament) must be too. Do you even logic, bro?
If civic nationalism is a joke, then civic spiritualism must be too.
There seems to be an invasion of hobots on Gab today.
Remember - when one force stood up to give Europe its last chance - the church opposed it right down the line. Sided with jewish-communists to destroy it. How has that jewish christianity worked out for you, Europe? Questions you can't answer without crying or lying from #TeamWhite
What I know is that none you two-digit christholes who come back at me ever say a word to the faggots/pedophiles you pay to be your priests about their anti-white politics. Not a word. Christianity is antiWhite.
Did the Greeks say we're all created by God and equal in his eyes? Not as far as I know. The doctrine of soul-equality, the deepest and original spring of political liberalism, is the christian church for the goyim. If God created the nigger -- as YOU say, mr christ-krank -- then who are you to give the sterling sootsman a lesser footing in matters temporal?
What would one species say, if it could talk, about another that was trying to drive it out? Well, that's exactly how we whites should talk about jews. Why don't we? Purely because of the (((church))) and its dual lie that men aren't animals (not subject to natural laws) and it's "immoral" to counter-genocide those trying to murder us.
You're red pilled? And you believe some kike named Jesus came back from the dead? Maybe you're just a jackass and trendy faggot? Or just stupid?
Love in the mouth of a christ-lunatic is the converse of hate in the mouth of a jew. It's simply rhetoric to confuse and obfuscate destructive behavior.
Thanks to American Christians, the dumbest motherfuckers who ever disgraced the face of the earth, Hitler was prevented from destroying Europe. "More and more women have unpleasant experiences with male migrants. [Stats show] of the over 1.5 million migrants 80% are men. During a walk in the city, it doesn’t matter where or when, you will encounter them."
" More and more women have unpleasant experiences with male migrants. You have to imagine that, according to statistics, of the over 1.5 million migrants 80% are men. During a walk in the city, it doesn’t matter where or when, you will encounter them. "
" Germany is a bureaucratic hell. For neo-liberals like me it is something like a socialist mecca. As a normal citizen, you will be persecuted for double parking. Meanwhile migrants with 14 different identities in Berlin, in public places with knowledge of politics and police, continue undisturbed with dealing drugs. "
" They realise something has gone wrong, that can’t be easily changed now: It’s now also not “an over there problem”. The anger at the conditions that prevail here in this country is growing day by day. It’s not just attacks. It is also the daily unequal treatment of natives and migrants. "
the only solid people in America are white people who don't work for the govt
true in USA too, jouranlists in the jew-System see themselves as kindergarten teachers to the people
" Jan Fleischhauer, a well-known German columnist once called this form of reporting “educational journalism”. That hits the bull’s eye. It is a kind of “supervised reporting”, which we experience here in Germany. The citizen will be told immediately to report how he has to think about it. "
One of the things that is most detestable about conservatives is their military worship. If you don't think humans are animals, watch conservatives in the presence of Army Guy.
There's nothing funnier than the idea that the green nigger "defends" America.
"Jesus Christ, the first egress." --PT Barnum
i'm for truth honor decency morality and grapefruit that isn't all dried out and nasty.
" this was long before Peterson got famous, and so if you look at the timeline you can see that this is somebody who was raised up in order to fulfill a mission. And what that mission was is to attempt to defuse the growing trend towards nationalism.  " --Vox Day [2/2] dont know about that, Peterson is too boring for my ears, just noted
" Jordan Peterson was recruited to help write the UN's Report on Sustainable Development, A New Global Partnership. He was brought in to polish the narrative for a report that put John Podesta on its panel of eminent persons, and this was back in 2012, [1/2]
ANIMAL HITLER i'm howling
if you get tired of your adopted ethiope, will the human society put it down? is that like a thing? just tell 'em it bit you or has ebola or something?
Racism-the-charge is more powerful than it's ever been. Never heard anyone say that, have you? Always the opposite. Akin to 'teachers are overpaid.'
" If Jewishness is just a belief system, how can you discover that you are Jewish? Can you suddenly “discover” that you are Catholic, or a Buddhist? "
Cunt punt your bibble across the room and pick up some #JohnTaylorGatto #CharlotteIserbyt yes even #SamuelBlumenfeld Learn some reality nigger: If government runs it, there's always death and incompetence involved. The one thing that is NEVER involved is 'education' the real thing.
"Schoolteachers are underpaid" #ThingsMoronsSay
Of all the dirt-eating no-necks in Southtown, Hagee is the worst.
If you can, finally, see that the Holocaust is a big lie, you're ready to begin the final hurdle - thinking about the claims made on behalf of the character known as 'jesus christ.'  If you dare.  I know most of you don't. But see that's the funny thing. As someone said, logic isn't a bus you can simply get off whenever you please. If you're serious, that is. Are you?
The problem is not this or that iteration of the Clown Cult, not any of its myriad subdivisions, bellowing honchos, or particularized pewninnies - no, the problem is was and so long as the cult exists will remain the thing itself - the most basic claim it makes - a big lie.
Yes, it's retard shit when you talk about people coming back from the dead. You're a clown if you believe. Your belief makes you a clown. There is no second opinion on the matter. You are a clown. C-L-O-W-N.
You know how christians acted when their retard shit was "taken seriously"? Exactly like ISIS. Exactly.  Not an atom of exaggeration in that. Read Fox's Book of Martyrs to see what it means when whitesimps start trying to figger from the alleged Good Book to what's outside the window.
Christian belief is on par with getting tattoos or alcoholizing. Serious people don't truck with this garbage cult.
" Christ was the ultimate warrior, if he can defeat Hades, or death if you will, Jews would die then be cast into Hell where they belong. " Who can deny that whoever puts this cranknip in the heads of little people is ill motivated?
Here's a typical christian idiot, from OD: "If Christ does return he will not be the lamb or messenger of peace that he was 2,000 years ago. He wiil return as a roaring lion. In other words, Jews will be slain st his hands because he will lead the army that will utterly crush them. "
Christians love all muds. Except Pals. The have a frothing hatred of Pals. What's the common denominator? Jew approval. (((Authority))) approves and directs their feelings. Christians are notable for the lack of moral courage. They are without principles, without integrity, without brains and without balls.  Christianity is antiWhite. By design.
Christian moral progress
Crime is a racist concept invented by white people to stop blacks from getting what they're owed.
We have the right to whine on the internet as faggots. Only we can whine on the internet as faggots properly. We have the right to exist on the internet, whining, in a way properly described as faggotic. Neither man nor wildebeest shall abridge the God-given Right to whine on the internet as a faggot.
If we look at nature, and really what else do we have to look on that isn't a cog-gobblin, there might be a right to go extinct, but there is certainly no right to exist.

May 15, 2018:

May 13, 2018:

I am told there is going to be a discovery in this coming week that will change everything we know about fossilized dinosaur toenails.
Phrases invariably used by morons: "Everything happens for a reason."  "[X] restored my faith in humanity."

May 11, 2018:

Always Be Whiting do i drive around in my all-American BUICK with the window down, the attitude up blasting One in Million while a dangling arm make OK signal visible to white men and women YOU KNOW IT do i levitate political insight by saying "I wish Aldi managed society" upon buying my speckled prunes IT DOESS  HAPPEN
diminished capacity - by reason of teat is the tacit reason women do the crime and much less the time
"Believe women" -- their feels are enough to establish guilt. No need for trial. It's misogynist to make them face the one they're accusing.  Holding women accountable? That's patriarchal.
Leftists: the feeling is the charge, and the charge is the proof. Jews use this effeminized logic as a way to destroy white society.  "Let's worry about the feelings of the victim over everything." "But you havent established this person is a victim."
Spring is a great time to reach down deep inside and strangle your inner faggot. I was going to post something. Then I thought, quit being a bitch, edith. And I stifled myself.
Christian morality is what brought us abolitionism, among other terrible things.  Little men don't need absolute (lol) morality. The only belief they need instilled is that if their behavior crosses the line, they get smacked down hard.
They laugh at everything except counter-violence. They means jews, jew bankers, and the goyherds who manage you for them. You keep voting, they'll keep ignoring you. You keep voting, they'll keep providing the teeming billion niggers of african and the sand lands boats and planes to become your neighbor. #TimeToKill
Look at jews without the fear or prejudice their bible instills. How would a rational white man be moved to treat them? Christianity is what prevents us from seeing jews for what they are and for doing what needs to be done. Basic understandings from #TeamWhite.
The goal of this 'transsexualism' is to push the double clutch yea even unto the most basic of distinctions. You will feel uncomfortable in every niche and crevice of your life, white man. Even unto looking upon your women. It really is destructive to talk about optic, coolness or edginess at all. Because people think 'exterminate the jews' is for effect. No.

May 10, 2018:

Treat John Wayne Gacys, rabid dogs and jews the way you want to be treated. #GoldenRuleOfUnreason
Calling our thing 'alt' or 'right' or anything but white-racial makes it easier for the media to misrepresent it. How many alt-rights have been created by the (((media))) since Spencer got started? Even to waste time talking about these neo-fakes is to be driven off our agenda: pro-white-anti-jew. Simple. Clear. Necessary. Unavoidable.
We need to turn rats away from the Ratmud. Get them in some bible study, work some NT magic on 'em. Then they'll leave our grain alone.
Rats are only rats because they reject Jesus. Rats that accept jesus become guinea pigs, I guess. I'm not an airquotes science expert.
Make things simple. Everyone into guns, to take one example, wants to act like they're complex. Not really. If you can operate a squirt gun, you're pretty much qualified, albeit squirt guns are a little harder to load.
There is no way to defend white society except counter-exterminating jews. That's my contention.
Sicut Judaeis Non has led directly to where we are now. It should have been called the Jew Enabling Act.
Whites worldwide are getting a rude reintroduction to biology, and all they have is christianity to cope with it. Good luck! Somehow I don't think a cult that claims men transcend animals is going to help much.
We're dealing with an enemy that is persecuting our old women. While we do nothing but type on interfag.
There's nothing left to say, and everything left to do. That's how I feel.
They: exercise civil rights. You: invade.  #Cville

May 09, 2018:
" All you have to do is to watch Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the UN, groveling at the feet of AIPEC, to watch Pompeo groveling at the feet of Netanyahu, to see the glee all over the face of neoconservative Israeli agent John Bolton...from his realization that his conflict agenda with Iran has prevailed. "
" It was already evident, but America’s renewal alone in the world of the fabricated conflict with Iran is proof that US foreign policy is in the hands of Israel. "
Holo so fragile
Communist jews presenting communist jews as a fresh alternative to communist jews.  'Bullet' is short for bullshit-ender. #DeathToTheJew #TimeToKill #TeamWhite
"Suffering is good. Jews cause suffering. Therefore, jews are good." --Catholic reasoning
The older I get, the more I dislike and disdain cruddy people. If you need a cult to tell you how to sniff shit from shinola, a crossbox probably is useful for you.
Do you want a society that subsidizes endless bad behavior in the name of love? and "we're all sinners"? and forgivenness uber alles? "Catholicism protects the weak from the strong." That's their claim, that's their calling card, that's their slogan, their ideal. Who protects the healthy and the normal from the christian?
Black nationalism isn't Marcus Garvey (independent), said the media, 100 years ago, it's W.E.B. DuBois (((our goy))). That's blacks, though. Whites are far too smart to fall for shabby tricks.
"One ball, one boob, what CAN'T you do? I've seen the future, brother, and it's confusing." --Leo Nard-Cohen
Trannies = fusionism, just like the original National Review. What could be more conservative than that?
Jews are people with strategic interests, a blueprint for the future. Whites? They loves the jebus*. That's all you need really.  Jebus will save us.  Only a fool would doubt that. * Jebus = King of People With Strategic Interests

May 07, 2018:

Christianity is transpiritualism.
America the ideology is nothing but the political form of christianity.
Rosie O'Donnell in a work camp, I'd like to be her overseer. I'd have her down to 120 in 4 weeks.
how blacks actually think. they really are this dumb. whites have more money than me. i get my money from government. so that's obviously where whites do too. all money comes from government. whites have more money than blacks cuz racism. white men in power help theirs more than ours. govt could make all us blacks millionaires but refuses to cuz racism.
Christians as notably moral is as plausible as any girl calling herself funny, or a leftist describing himself as tolerant. Let's say 1,000,000 Iraqis died as a result of (((our))) invasion based on WMD lies. Did you ever hear even one christian express regret, these great moral leaders of Club Jesus? Even though 99% of soldiers belong to their cult?
When's Jesus coming back? Serious question.  Answer: not only is he not coming back, the bulk of the evidence says he never came once. Its not a dig. It feels like a dig because you dont have an answer. You get defensive because, if you introspect, you will realize you know that the entire story is a big lie. After all, it comes from jews. A race notorious for lying.
there are other groups that work w jews, but just in alliances; the people dont actually like jews, just use them or let themselves be used for pay American Christians are the only group on earth that actually likes jews. The association of xtianity and morality is christian advertising, not fact. If you cant tell jews are evil in about one sniff, youre twisted
people cant help what generation they're born into, they can do something about their religion
i dont get attacking boomers and not attacking christians. that makes no sense.

May 06, 2018:

"  the Symington Amendment in Section 101 of the U.S. Arms Export Control Act of 1976...bans foreign aid to any country that has nuclear weapons and has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Which means that Israel’s annual $3.1 billion in aid might be in jeopardy if Washington were to enforce its own laws... "
atheism isnt a system, isnt a religion, isnt even a belief atheism is a rejection of a baseless assertion, or multiple baseless assertions that's all no matter that religious liars (redundant) try to turn it into a strawman
Jesus died for your sins. Who authorized him? I didn't sign any form. What's going on here?
Simple people express profound truths without realizing it. "If you were right, you'd be running things." That is the voice of nature speaking through a human female. "Wouldn't you like to believe [that X is in heaven where we'll join him one day." And that is the basis of the success of the Christian cult.
The problem with christ lunatics is more basic than being idiots. They don't want to not be idiots.  As well explain showers to wallerin' hogs.
Christians are tone deaf. 100%. Stone blind tone deaf, cannot hear anything. It's the exact opposite of what Vox Day says about atheists. Anyone with an ear for music can hear not only the semitic mocking flatulence and honest evil in the jewbible for idiots, but can hear the fake-earnestness in the voice of Moon Pie Jones and Jewy Jay Sekulow.
Buff Jones and Jewy Jay Sekulow affect similar tones in their simpstering. Aggrieved, fightin' uphill, never upgivin'.
"Tell us more about what we can do to kill our kids and empty our wallets for Heebistan, Jewy Jay!" #Simps4Sekulow
Does NEMO have the finest wild turkeys in all the lands? It's not for me to say. But yes. #GodsCountry
" Doyle’s crime was to break the “legislative rule” that no federal government employee can confirm that Israel has nuclear weapons. The rule is ridiculous as the existence of the Israeli nuclear arsenal is well attested. [Recently even President Trump spoke about them.] What is okay for some is not okay for others. " (3/3)
"  spotted it and complained. A second review was made and “Doyle’s pay was cut, his home computer searched and he was fired.” 2/3
" A former Los Alamos National Lab nuclear policy specialist James Doyle was fired after he wrote in an article for the International Institute for Strategic Studies journal that “Nuclear weapons did not deter Iraq from attacking Israel during the 1991 Gulf War.” The article had been cleared for publication but an unnamed congressional staffer (Jew)
It shows you how good Gab has gotten that today is the first time in a long time that Gab has had performance troubles. And the valid reason is growing pains. #GoodJobGab
Catholicism, aka LCDeism
Unlike most Christians, I believe everybody should take Christianity seriously.
I"m not sure that people who put marshmallows on top of vegetables are where we want to turn for wisdom on Ultimate Questions.
tolerating morons is like tolerating jews or kudzu BAD IDEA MAN
nothing is faggier than satanism, not even christ-critterdom
Godless consumerism? are those people of walmart not xtians? of course they are.  If God existed, he would certainly be obese. God is a consumer product like Bud Lite. Does it never dawn on you mind-perverts that the damn service is called MASS?  MASS - an assembly of generalists.  Christianity is something a lunch lady in Adam Sandler movie serves. Soul-goop.
#MGTOW getting wiped offline. Too bad, some good channels, with valuable information.  Would like to Gab replace Youtube but from what I understand, Youtube loses money. So...shrug. GESAMMTUTILWERK JETZT!

May 05, 2018:

Cant you just feel God all around you?  I can hear the ocean in a seashell. That doesn't mean it's actually there. You get the same God-feel in an empty baseball stadium.
Great White Shark Racist Party for White Future Featuring White Liberation Army and Cuntsbys Magnificently Mammiferous Auxiliary, the DeeDeebees
It's okay to be a great white shark.
Jews are a race of liars, and christians are a cult of people who prefer lies to the truth.  #TeamWhite
appreciate the fine negro craftsmanship in this strawman, wont you
Go over to a dumpster. Peek inside. Do you see the variegated inhabitants? Lend an ear, won't you, to their sweet, sweet song: "I'm the real garbage!" (aluminum dinner tray). "I'm the real garbage!" (rotten mango). "I'm the real garbage!" (used up pen). "I'm the real garbage!"  (broken plastic chair). Relax, kids. You're all real garbage.
" It's just sad that we are so woefully misinformed as a country on a number of issues that we fall for it so easily. The idea of a white man believing that his being labeled a white man is the reason why all the things he doesn't like in his life are happening is so outrageous, and yet for so many people, so easy to believe. "
" That is the brilliance of racists who are calling themselves alt-right. They’ve adopted the language of activism and progressive movements to describe fictional oppression, and the idea that they have something to stand up against or protect, which has no statistical merit on its face. "
Jews are a race of liars, and Christians are a cult of people who prefer delusions over truth.
Another similiarty between christ-insanity, the cult, and jews: forced false menu  yr either going to heaven or hell well, no, actually, i'm going to neither and i'm laughing. and you'll be right there too, except for the laughing part.
" “I propose a government that makes counter-semitism central to all aims of the state,” he wrote on that website, referring to a white nationalist euphemism for a hatred of Jews. He argued for forbidding “all immigration except of biological kin, where no person of Jewish origin may live, vacation or traverse.” "
" Little has said he believes Jews should have no say over white non-Jews and wants to see them removed from the country altogether. On Gab...he argues that the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer, whose proprietors praise Adolf Hitler and have appeared to call for acts of violence against Jewish people, is too Jewish. "
" A poll conducted by local ABC News affiliates along with the polling company Survey USA, suggested that Little is polling at 18 percent of the vote on the Republican ticket, a full 10 points ahead of his next strongest opponent. "
solid political plan: inspires fear in enemies, warms the hearts of loyalists like cheap brandy
my value is end of horror movie bloodshed i claim droit du pigshead and First Chainsaw wzzawzzzAAAAAAA
if you love pork chops and hate jews you cant be all bad --Mohatma Gandy
Just as cows have four stomachs, jews have two anuses.
Mengele certainly intended to kill every jew, he just didnt have time in between his appointments with all the survivors. #ThirdReichProblems
May you eat poorly prepared pufferfish is a famous ancient Japanese curse.
When I look in a christian's eyes and watch him think, it always reminds me of the Egyptian slaves dragging the pyramid blocks .
Jesus died for your sins, people. If you don't perform, that fucker's living in a tent.
people try to throw shit on you i'm generation X? no, you just made up that gay term, has nothing to do with me i'm an original sinner who needs salvation? more like you're an original spammer who needs to disappear. now get off my lawn, kikenputz. and stick your gay pamphlet in your alt-spearhole
God so loved the world that he created a million morons for every genius.
The minute a mind is even slightly open on the JQ, enough to let a rat out, shall we say, it's over.
Every single jew who survived the holohoax met Mengele. This tells me that lying is genetic among these people. If it were cultural, the lies would be plausible or make sense. These people just shoot shit out of their mouths like squid.
Why is everyone but me confused fat and dumb? It's the one question I can't answer.
Jews argue the covenant is with us because we are of the same SEED (same genes, blood genetic line) as Moses et al Christians argue that doesn't matter (race doesn't matter!), the covenant has passed to us, the SPIRITUAL heirs of Jesus. This is the doctrine of supersession.  Christianity is an Idea, not a bloodline.  Just what y'all criticize America for being.
Here's another point you jesus twinks dont consider, probative toward convicting christ insanity of being anti-racial. God has a covenant with Israel. ;)  Christians argue that the original people with whom the covenant was made became jews when they rejected Jesus. The covenant passed to his SPIRITUAL followers (xtians) and away fm his RACIAL line.
A rational man, to understand jews, would look to nature for examples and parallels. A confused, irrational man would look to the bible. Not least because it's written by jews.  #TeamWhite
Remember, kids. Jesus died for your sins. The least you can do is meet him halfway.
maybe it's me, but it's incredibly funny when a professional catholic goes on about how anguished God is about your dirty use of the anus as a uh dreamcatcher shall we say... i mean, that shit is funny When Warren Zevon said "Awoo goes the werewolf," I think it's at least possible what he actually heard was God lamenting mankin's crusty anal shenanigans.
If i " " something on here, means its pithy or worth noting for some reason
i believe i am the only person who ever wrote an article actually published that blamed queers for not taking responsibility for their behavior. fags are a great enemy. they are truly vicious. i loathe them. sodomy i dont really care about. i dont know if god screams when you make the anus a funhole, maybe he feels that way about catholic use of brain
i mean i'm generation X. that means absolutely nothing to me. you hear about 60s radicals. my parents met at UWisconsin, which was a cow college gettin' jewed, (KMac was there), blown up by radicals. they hated hippies. they liked lawrence welk. majority views!  the number of radicals & true bad-idea spreaders was always a minority. )))tom hayden((( + 6m yids
" Boomers are narcissistic hedonistic retards. "
"Now, when you die, yr legacy will be leaving your children penniless, spiritless, assetless, jobless, culture-less, and at the mercy of low IQ vengeful 3rd worlders who will use their demographic majority in your absence to destroy utterly every facet of the constitution and white psyche, guided & girded by Boomer generation left wing intellectuals."
" There is not a single aspect of the economy, culture, or American life that boomers didn't debase and destroy. The military, education, the family, the church, the economy, the environment, white people, Hollywood, literature, the Canon, the Labour market, the welfare state, Europe, the Middle East - pick a noun, any noun the Boomers raped it. "
" This, of course, is why Bill Kristol, Ben Shapiro, and Jennifer Rubin are all calling for a third party. But it's going to be a very, very small one of virtually no appeal to anyone who is of the nationalist Right or the economic Left. "
"The Left sees the One Percent as the primary problem. The Right sees the demographic change...of the nation as the primary problem. And if the One Percent are responsible for the the demographic change and economic decline of the nation, well, then both sides have more than a scapegoat, they have successfully identified the responsible parties."
semitical correctness as manners
It was the sixties, when newspapers were fat and people were skinny.
what does any preacher in any religion really have to say? what is his eternal message?  DONT FUCK THINGS UP FOR THE COMMUNITY BY YOUR SELFISHNESS.
people just want to feel good about themselves these days. i like radio more than tv. radio forces you to think a bit more, you're not distracted by personality so much. can concentrate on taking in and considering the ideas.
you dont have to care about people to preach to them effectively, but you DO have to not care how they feel about you at the end of it. in that way, and only in that way, you lose yourself and become a true medium or vehicle for the message
now we all know that in any allegedly human community, for every 200 people there are 100 women 96 women-with-dicks and 4 actual men back in the very start of the Gay Old Republic, at least 1 of those 4 men preached and led the colony-community. so those men and communities and even the stupid doctrines (mostly) weren't bogus now...xtianity is 100% man free
i'd be a great preacher in the john edwards mode. (coughs quietly. a-hem. i said AHEM you pewsnots. ATTEND MY WORDS: you disgust me...really. and if you disgust me -- and you do -- imagine how the AUTHOR OF ALL BEING feels about you worms. why he hasnt killed you already, i mean fried you like tent caterpillars on a grate over a burn barrel, i dont know
The church is the poz.
i'm dead serious when i say, and i take comedy more seriously than almost anything this is the funniest thing ever put on tape. ever. in human history
spoof video: Jay the Juice Man, Jim Carrey's great bit, the single funniest video of the nineties now if i could make videos, i would make a similar figure of Jewy Jay Sekulow, the converted-lol racial-jew xtian who in Alex Jones-similar pseudo-earnestness leads the christ lemmings off the cliffs for Israel
reminds me of "using the go-round for non-merry purposes" (Simpsons) with a semitic gurn on top
where he doesn't think you can find the facts, Jared Taylor lies quite readily
God - that dog don't hunt.
so in the end what Polished Turd Taylor produces is simply higher end nigwhine
someone who's polite and dresses like an adult could never lie. those are perfect indicators of honesty and forthrightness
i take a position on water all over the floor but you - you dont talk about taps and faucets, not at my conference buddy, that's well beyond the scope of this discussion of the damage free flowing water does to structures
Communism doesnt take a position on Jews. Like Jared Taylor. It's all about economics like he's all about race.
The libertarians are attacked for the wrong reasons. Their real problem is they're gutless like the conservatives. Imagine the good Lew Rockwell could have done if his collection of 58 footers had dared leave the jew in all these yeasr.
So Casey avoids the jewsplanation that is of course correct. He locates the problem in NGOs and aca-marxists who are true believers and lack wisdom/love evil. Jews is the correct explanation, as my followers know, as it's the simplest explanation that covers the given facts. Jews are murdering the White race and its creation - the West. #TeamWhite
" But I’ve read the Bible. I’ve read the Quran. And I don’t think what passes for evil in those religious texts washes, quite frankly. To me, evil is being purposely destructive. And that’s what a lot of people who join these NGOs are. " Have ya tried the TALMUD, douggie?
" That exact same thing could happen in the States. And I don’t doubt that someone’s planning that already. "
" Most people don’t realize that the invasion that followed the Battle of Adrianople brought the Roman Empire to its knees within 30 years… They think that Rome fell in 476 AD, but that’s actually a meaningless date. It collapsed 60 or 70 years earlier, when the migrants totally washed everything away. "
" Next time, maybe they’ll show up to the border with 50,000 people. That would be the equivalent of the Goths at Adrianople. That was 378 AD. After that, the barbarians totally inundated the Roman Empire from every angle. And in a generation they controlled every aspect of the Empire. "
Is Paul Nehlen the real back on  here?
" I’d also gather as many pregnant women into the migrants as possible, both to create sympathetic photo-ops for the invading mob, and so their children could act as anchor babies. It would create chaos, which is exactly the desired effect. " (2/2)
" So, again, what they’ll try is sending 10,000, 50,000, or 200,000 people across the border. You couldn’t stop that many people. I don’t care if Trump puts up the National Guard; that will just add to the embarrassment. They’d just walk across the border, unless they’re machine-gunned. But the Guard is obviously not going to do that. " (1/2)
" Migrants don’t have the resources to support themselves. So they’re obviously getting help and funding from outside sources. I suspect it’s coming from NGOs. These people are politically and psychologically committed to destroying Western Civilization. And the average American or European has become so [weak & faggy] that they welcome them. "
interview with Doug Casey
If judaism is a Culture of Critique, then what could we call christianity but a Culture of Cowardice?
" Israel’s early nuclear program at Dimona in the Negev desert was entirely concealed from US and UN inspectors, including fake walls in the nuclear complex that completely fooled them.  When Netanyahu accused Iran of cheating, he knows of what he speaks. "
When we get treated with disrespect, it's because we tolerate it. We shouldn't tolerate being treated with disrespect by jews.  They are the scum, we are not.  We should treat with disrespect those who grovel at the feet of the jews - the christians. #TeamWhite
" Trump, of course, made no mention of the awkward fact that Israel had stolen much of its nuclear technology and uranium from the United States, sometimes with the connivance of very senior US government officials.  France, that paragon of world peace, had the rest. "
Use the (((oppression))) we now face to grow your understanding and appreciation of loyalty. It's a word used so commonly and cheaply, but it really is rarer and more valuable than gold.  #TeamWhite
some interesting etymology
Every day I pray o lord beset me not with morons telling me with that Certainty only rons of mo can muster that Catholicism/Protestantism/Muh Offshoot Pertects Whayt Peeple from the jewsies.  And every day He lets me down.
If you believe that things happen not for A reason but for reasonS that can be figured out, then you figure them out and deal with them. That's rationality. If you believe things happen for a reason, which means no reason, which means God/Devil/associates, then prayer, not thinking, is what makes sense to you.
'God' is why our people can't see the smallest thing for what it is.
Has any concept done more to damage the white race than 'god'?
We are submitting to being tortured in our own lands. We are accepting a situation in which no one advocates for our most basic interests openly. While we pay all the taxes so criminals and coloreds can live the lives we should be.  The ingredients for a bloody revolution are there.

May 04, 2018:

kirking out?
clowns thrive under big tents --Lmao Tsu
" I don’t want to have to know who and what the Houthis are. I don’t want to have to try to figure out who the Alawites are either for that matter. Or what Middle Eastern tribe hates another. " Exactly. Why do we let these jew-niggers drive us off our White agenda? Only one reason: the bible. Somehow it got into us like a virus out chagas bug poop.
The jewish bible is a tarbaby for our race. Why do we care about these sand peebles. Fuck them. They're ugly and corrupt. WHO NEEDS 'EM. The 2000-year boor. Fuck off kikies.
carrying a potato peeler in a public place “without reasonable excuse”
" In fact, the only person who seems oblivious to it all is Harry himself, " Nah, you forget whose kid he is. He knows what he's doing and is proud of himself, just like his mother. Appearances uber alles. Cutting a fine figure. Making social progress sophisticated and elegant, that's how the Diana type shallowly, stupidly, wrongly self-conceives.
" In a scathing open letter addressed to Prince Harry, published in In Touch, Thomas Jr describes his sister as a “jaded, shallow, conceited woman that will make a joke of you and the royal family heritage. "
" In a heroic attempt to encourage Harry to dump this overcooked tart before it’s too late, Meghan’s half-brother – who is white – sent the prince a letter whose message basically boils down to “… you know her ancestors are cannibals, right?” " As an Gen Xer, full Office Space stapler voice: "I was told by R.E.M. the end of the world would feel fine. It does not."
words mapled: picking the mexcrement out of box of assorted chocolate. ooooh, i got mapled again giped: in between a poke and a punch. ah fuck, i got giped in the eye by that fucking cabinet door "THERE WILL ALWAYS BE AN ENG-- SCRUB THAT! -- ENGLISH LANGUAGE!"
The hatred of the catholic for Charles Darwin: greater hatred hath no man. To me, it's bizarre. How can you honestly hate someone who spent his waking hours studying barnacles? And honestly reported what he honestly found? You'd have to really hate the truth in far out ungroovy totally jewy way.
That dead Diana was the worst. This kid truly is her spirit-son.
" The Charlottesville Police Department has refused to arrest several of the people who were captured on video committing assaults on August 12th including DeAndre’s associates and the two Antifa who were involved in the brawl at the parking garage. The only people who have been prosecuted were on our side. " -- Brad Griffin
" The fight happened in front of the Charlottesville Police Department in broad daylight while Charlottesville police officers stood around and watched as Harold Crews was attacked twice. "
May I treat you people to a joke that came to me in the pre-dawn hours? What's the difference between Soylent Green and niggers? Soylent Green is people.

May 03, 2018:

a Gore Vidal-type novel could be written from the POV of the husband of the whore Jesus let go like DeAndre Harris-Harlot
So while WE (catholics) try to convert (((them))) to our lunatic cult (that they created and weinsteinlike 'produced' for us), they get free shots to destroy our society and genocide the race that produced it (catholic credit-claiming to contrary). That's the it and the essence, folks. G'nite
The catholic defines jews as JESUS-REJECTERS. And only has a PROBLEM with jews for same. The racialist says ayo hol up, pope nigger, there's a LITTLE (Lot) MORE TO IT than that.  The Japanese reject Jesus. And they're not a threat to white society. Hmm...Catholics want jews around because they're fellow God-creatures and friends we just havent converted yet
St Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. True. Yes. But how? He raised the rent on their snakeholes to intolerable levels. #RealHistory
Thing about jews, it's turtles all the way down.  And by turtles I mean lies. And that most certainly includes King of the Jews, sci-fi hero Jesus.
The thing is, you don't need a racialist 'take' on Catholic-European history to see what I'm saying. You can read it straight from the Catholic's pen without any interpretation needed. All kinds of peoples reject the jesus lie. But only one of them is out for white genocide. #DeathToTheJews
Catholicism protected society from jews by assigning them the hard labor of loaning money at high rates.  "No, no" said Br'er Rabbi(t), "Anything but that!"
Even as a little kid, the only two thoughts I had on hearing the jesus tall tale were "That guy sounds like a real faggot." And "These adults actually believe this? WTF?"
it might not surprise you that people who suck at belief suck at skepticism too #DebbieDowner nice work god. some real Franklin Mint quality pieces you got goin there buddy
Trump is one of these people who capitalizes first letter of improper nouns and attaches the highest adjectives to everything. Common!
rest assured, bubele, of all the homosexualists in Peterville, you're the fifth splendidist. real Umber medalist #Fags
woah man i'm watching this really cool mini-dinosaur live action show Those are puppets. Nice. way to destroy a grown man's dreams.
"but what muh would we replace muh jebus with??" "i dont know...i mean, what would we fill the moron shaped hole with if you left the room, i guess. air? ether?"  #smh
before jews diluted races, they diluted spirits true story bro read some Henry Ford
notice the way the writer defends the mexy cheater, just the way the leftist judge excuses the nigger criminal and throw book at whites it's a System, it's antiwhite, its in every moleculettito of our System
white guy trusts mexican "When asked about his agreement with Green, Ruis didn’t respond. Whatever their arrangement, and whatever the circumstances, Green admits he didn’t have a contract. “I gave him a handshake and he gave me the finger.”
says that it’s true horses like cold weather. “We have cold mornings in Florida, and the horses love it. They’re up bucking and farting and raising hell.”
so and thisis news to me there's like BREEDING among horses. are you even? can you mad bro? this is 3018 i mean what now “Horses that don’t have class do a lot of stupid shit. Buck, flip over. But Bolt took to it pretty quick.”
This letter opener makes a really shitty steam engine?!!
we're all gods equines, piebald, spavined say no to horsism #ThugLife
horse inequality alert! “You could see the way he moved against the ground that he was superior to the other horses. It was effortless. He just floated across the ground there”
" He believed that the cold climate and the mountain bent grass would make their horses stronger, healthier, and more resilient. And he believed that letting their yearlings run free in pastures on a real ranch in the Montana foothills would give the horses a psychological edge: They’d be happier and better behaved. "
ok you mind faggots. this is irrelevant-relevant in line with "IF EVERYBODYS THINKING THE SAME, NOBODYS THINKING" see how this fellow THOUGHT OUTSIDE THE STALL for success now apply that to OUR THING #KeepItEffective
Expelling jews is like brushing teeth. The "experts" used to say brush side to side. Then up and down. Now, who knows. Anyway, the learned middle-agers of #Club110 have realized that expelling jews HORIZONTALLY IS #ALLFAIL, father of D'oh, grandfather of do-overs. Rather, we must we must we must decrease our bust and BURY THOSE HOOKNOSED SAND NIGGERS.
What you dullards cant grasp that I can is that jews would have done EXACTLY what they're doing today to us 2000 years ago IF they had the technology. That's the difference. "Our" stupid cult lays us wide open to being racially snuffed by jews. That's the fact. Grasp it, and stop being an idiot, at least in a temporary mental tattoo sense.
The catholic church let the jews feast off the Polacks. That's where jews grew fat and happy and large in number. If you think that protecting whites means giving jews monopoly over loaning money, and liquor, and even church rentals (!) for marriages and other ceremonies, there's really nothing I can do for you until IQ injection becomes a thing.
The Catholic church protected transiently white society in Europe by granting jews monopoly power over loaning money, which was forbidden to church members.  Usury was defined by catholics as loaning money at ANY interest. See Hoffman. See Jones. And you goddam nigger-tier mental baboons tell me christ-lunacy protects and values whites?
Have you people noticed that if you have giant stacks of money, people love the smell of your musky nutsack?  So if there were some one trick that guaranteed you those piles of moolah, and that trick were given you as monopoly by an institution that moronic simpleton retard idiots for christ said was guarding against you, wouldnt you pretend to agree?
Where are jews traditionally strongest in Europe? But after Spain. After Holland, Amsterdam. England. All the top protestant places.  But don't think Catholicism isn't great for jews too, it is. Most jews are ashkenazis grown farm fresh in poland, where they feasted on the polack retards, selling them booze and crop loans.
What's your race?  Created by God. Said the Christian.
can any of you two-digits beauties guess which 'pairs' as the fags say more naturally with racialism? - a 'religion' of respecting to worshipping one's own ancestors and tribal gods - a cross-race, cross-tribe, heterogeneous mix of ex-drunks and "ex" heheh criminals, all friends of Bill W worshipping a jewkebab and grand sky poobah appointed by clan jew?
What is the opposite of christianity?  Ancestor veneration
It's telling that christians simply cannot distinguish between changing circumstances and eternal principle.  Look dummy: I guess I should thank you morons. You are a standing challenge to my self-conceit that I can explain anything to anyone. Christianity began as a loser association. Precisely what was new about it was it was CROSS-class and -race.
When I first went to Germany, my first thought was, my god, the forests look positively combed.  That's what orderly people living in not too much space work out over the centuries. I would guess.
What's good for whites? Not deviants, criminals, pervert, welpshongs and such, but normal whites. What's good for them?  A nation with NO jews or blacks. What gives us the idea such is unthinkable and immoral? It can only be christianity, and the democracy it promotes, as secular-political evolution of the garbage doctrine of soul-equality?
Atheism doesn't lead naturally to one-size-fits-all MAGA hats, christian soul-equality does. Apparently no one sees that 'enlightenment' supposedly atomic universal laws and religious gunkbunk are flip sides of the same dud.
In the beginning, we had to rip shit open. Which, ya know, kind of suggests a style.  Dynamite is not a middle manager. Now, it takes a different style to move from page to stage. Order, discipline, loyalty, regularity, mouth-shuttery.
This is kind of a retweet. But to trace the change in spirit of the goy-left, think of Hunter Thompson. Free-wheeling, drug-using, drinking, crazy, fun-loving, adventure loving - understanding there's a wild world of weirdoes out there, a man can have a view.  And now?
"Let us alternate tales of ribaldry and woe until all our juiced are expressed." --C. Kelvin Parview, Bard of the Western Plains
Wearing a neckerchief these days is like being a boy named Sue. You gotta man up or die. #NeverthelessHePersisted
If it truly is in-fighting, and they truly are part of we, then it's incumbent on you to keep your attacks within limits. is that not reasonable? it's fine to "put one kid through college, another through a wall" (Back to School) but let's not get high on the fumes of our own viciousness, me. i mean, you.
"judge not lest ye be judged" -- relativism turns very easily into "whatever floats your boat," "whatever makes you happy" "hate the sinner, not the sin" - but you said you believed in free will? notice similarity to blame the trigger not the nigger #Christ-insanity is liberalism
heaven if considered scientifically would be a sort of hell's captain's platter of fat baptist family reunion, nigger barbecue and hootenanny-tier musical entertainment
the most important thing on top of a woman's neck yep hair
imagine spending eternity with jesus and baptists yeah i'll be washing my hair that night christ
It's beyond xtian conception that someone wouldnt want his imaginary heaven, but it's true. An exclusive club that admits Baptists?  The Baptist won't see the humor in this, perhaps a human or two will. The gift isn't eternal life, it's death. See Mark Twain.
fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fu f ffff fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh [inserrt The SCreeeam]
Think about it...  Jews are merchants. You like saying that. They sell things. They have to know value. They like advantages, money, winners, things that work. If Jesus really were something awesome, valuable and god-sent, he'd be up their tuchus like a valuable gem. And christianity would be illegal for you! You get universal mud god ShamWow to worship.
How kin ah look down on Cricker Jim and Hillflea Toby if'n wez both created by God, the master blower of men? It makee no sense.
Counter-exterminate the jews If you want to move foward to a society in which gum chewing and running in halls are major social problems. #TeamWhite
I'll say again until some more popular stupider person sees the genius in it All men are created equal Is redundant. "All men are created"  is the basis of equality nonsense in every form.
Eventually one of the idea thieves, Coulter or Sailer, will find the balls to use magic water and make the parallel to magic dirt.  Christianity is anti-White. Soul-equality is the ultimate ground of political liberalism. First, they came for our souls and I said nothing. I was down on my knees eating jesus wafter and gulping jesus blood.
When you read Greeks, you're on the same wavelength. They are us, and we are them.  When you read Genesis, you're not. It's been wordpapered in highest Angloese - but it is absolutely non-Aryan, which is to say anti-Aryan, in spirit.
Long before sci-fi Jesus, in fact as long as they've been remarked on by themselves and others, jews have exhibited the same behavior. In any other species this behavioral consistency would mark a race, and it's no different with the jews. The belief jews are dejewed by converting to christ-lunacy is same as believing brownies can become real Americans.
If Americanism is a false religion Then Catholicism is a false religion for exactly the same reason. And indeed that is the case. They're both spurious enlightened universalisms, to be doubly redundant. What's good for whites is what we need  not a Grand Unified Filed Theory of Hominid.
Just as the fool says America is an Idea So the fool fails to notice it's the same with the church It says jew is an idea (rejecting jesus) That can be cured with a better idea: (accepting jesus). Wrong, sir, wrong. Jew is species, not an idea. A competitor. A white killer. A genocidal menace to our kind. Whites exist. Jews exist.  Two races enter the cage, one leaves
Christianity defines jew as an ideology rather than a biology.  Having defined the thing wrong, it can't solve the problem it presents. That's what makes christianity effectively, functionally, undeniably and yes irremediably anti-white - and helpful, no matter its intent, to the jews pushing white genocide.
Far as I can tell, the only limit to how far Gab can go are legal: if the First Amendment were done away with. Otherwise, the entire tech spectrum is open for business. There is a HUGE market for tolerance. I mean the real fucking thing not the name brand. I never heard of a Nazi who wanted to ban people, only anti-Nazis.
Judaism isnt really a religion, but it's a racial scheme of racial protection and progress presented to the world as a religion. it's expolicitly biological and tribal. Catholicism, or christ-lunancy, is explicitly ANTI-racial and anti-tribal. It is universal. It doesn't give a good damn (like ben shapiro) if whites are browned out of existence.
Little Funyan who made thee? What hateful fearful tear-filled eye of evil chef Framed thy disgusting symmetry? #BatteredOnionSyndrome #MeToo
"There's nothing fun about Funyans." --William Blake
nah their killing sprees involves boxes of ice cream and kleenex
It was the stupidest and fattest of ages. I feel a modern Zola would begin there. Quite accurately.
war war beats jaw jaw. i mean, it doesnt. but we find ourselves in a situation where kill kill is on the dollar menu as bob marley sang #NoNiggerNoCrime
I keep telling you people OVER AND OVER You've GOT to wash the BACKS of your ears MORE CAREFULLY You wonder why our cause goes nowhere DIRTY EAR BRIGADE YEAH NO CLEAN EARS PERT BUTTOCKS CANT LOSE
It's like playing by the rules works really well. Let this be our checklist: - scrub harder (particular earbacks) - smile brighter and whiter (practice like a 1950s Good Girl) - Carnegier than thou (emulate your dog to make more Friends. never talk just nod and grin, like a Romney who means it) - apply aftershave, cologne, perfume and deodorant liberally WIN!
graphic: that rothschild poking charles: "Tell Yr Kid to Marry a Nigger"
Heaven is one of those conceptions that falls apart the second you actually think about it.
Only to people of slob-tier taste could something as uncomely as earth come off as designed.
Non Aggression Principle is big brained people telling big muscled people "you cant use what nature gave you, only I can do that."
Peace seems like a wonderful ideal...until you see a Jehovah's Witness pamphlet.
Sometimes I think Trump really is the random-letter capitalizing idiot he appears to be. Where as GWB, I always felt he was fake dumb.
Today it was my Great Honor to Celebrate the National Day of Prayer, when we acknowledge God for acknowledging our Greatness. Thanks, God, your Tops.
Remember when the jews deplatformed the kulaks? Remember that?
Christ-insanity turns potential white men into useful idiots serving the jews.
Christianity protected Europeans from jews for 2000 years says the professional catholic apologist, whom the ADL kicks out of speeches in South Bend, Indiana. Use your brain: christianity protects jews, not whites. Whites it endangers.
Jews begin by attacking bad beliefs. Then spread to attacking thinking itself. Parallel in politics - they begin by deplatforming men for their political views, then spread to deplatforming their lives.  You can't get a job writing for Wash. Times (if you criticize jews); cant get a web host for yr page; cant get electricity/water for your place; murder.
If you look at jews from a biological POV you come to one conclusion; Christianity, another. The christian view is wrong and crazy - the biological view of jews is correct, and indicates the ONLY solution that CAN work.
If White Nationalist beliefs = violence, then it judeo-logically follows that every communication from White to anti = threat.
Christianity is a jew-imposed ideological veneer on white common sense and racial values. Whites many times wanted to physical destroy jews in their communities. The priests protected the jews and calmed white rage by telling them that magic water (baptism) would cure jews, turn them into good people, solid fellow citizens, echt jesus fans for life.
The jew isn't a condition but a problem w a solution. That's why the one nazi thing i dont like is 'jews are our misfortune.' Maybe in German it doesn't come off connotatively as it does in English, that they're a natural burden we must bear, like hurricanes and tornadoes. Because they're not. Jews are a problem. A problem with a 100%, for-all-times solution.
Catholic reasoning: Something can't come from nothing. Except God. God can totally do that.
pop culture ideas tracker: as late as 1968, Hawaii 5 0, there's anti-homo stuff. Inmate taking hostages issues demands, has words about old homos preying on young inmates.
God is self-evident or he is nothing. That's what the whole debate boils down to - what one accepts as evidence.
Imagine you had tires that kept wearing out. And your mechanic says yr wheel is wearing unevenly. You're risking a blowout. But he refused to explain to you WHY the wheel was wearing unevenly. Because your car is out of (((alignment))). So you just keep fucking with the symptoms, at great expense, and never solve the problem.  Would you praise that mechanic?
Decide to be a man. That means overcoming fear, doesn't it? You can speak the whole truth, simply and clearly. Contrary to what liars of the Jared Taylor (((tendency))) tell you, jews are easy to explain. Even to a little child. Even to a christian. You know what wears well over time? Integrity. #TeamWhite
The Jewing of a White Family: A Biopsy
Vox Day going full redskin on Jorts Peterson
That headless chicken still alive...the perfect catholic.
Faiths for fools Jesus Regulation Online petitions Star alignments Chicken innards #TeamBlight
When you accept the claim that God created every individual for a reason, you have bought into something you can't begin to understand the dangers of.
If our existence is problematic, it's easy to find a pretext to jail or kill us. Law is something that wows the normies, so use that.  A JUDGE said it. Oooh, big kindergarten teacher eyes. #TimeToKill
(((They))) and their cuck or true-believer goy ideological allies don't care about your behavior, not when they define your very existence, even beyond your bad ideas, as a crime. Existing while white is the top crime in a jewish System.
The killer(s) of Seth Rich are currently doing hard time in federal open air prison called AmeriKwa.
"Keeping it legal" carries no weight in a System run by people who think opinions they disagree with are crimes.  Ask me how I know. ;)
Did judeo-bolshevik USSR do anything illegal in executing tens of million of whites?  I doubt it. So how did "keep it legal" work out for our kind last century?
"Keep it legal" = manners over substance, which is the mantra of the cuck.
Here's some non Kidz Bop justice seeking. You remember the Sparks mob killing? This is how pros do it: " Waiting for the two men, he said, were four gunmen wearing "white trench coats and black Russian hats." " White men have always been able to surmount technical obstacles.  Just as not all heroes wear capes, not all judges wear robes.
Remember, funnkiddies, when you say "keep it legal," you just acceded in both Charlottesville judgments - that DeAndre is innocent and Goodwin is guilty.
Average convicted murderer serves like 7 years, rapist 3. Average White threatener gets 20-40. Average White altercationist gets 5-10. There's no incentive not to kill the enemy. #KeepItEffective
Two guys: 1) A defends himself against nigger attack, gets 5-20 years 2) B kills operative Seth Rich, gets  Do you see a difference here?
Christianity serves the jew.
What you who defend the christ cult don't understand is that all those times in white lands jews were expelled, it was because of white hostility, not church opposition. The jews ran to the priests for protection.  Today, if a White shows up anywhere outside jewtown, the main jew groups will use a local christian cult head to organize resistance against him.
What is it that draws white men away from looking at jews objectively, as a biological phenomenon?

May 02, 2018:

Southerners, don't buy the 'redneck' identity mft for you by jew. This is what you shoot for: "White immigrants had wrested from a hostile territory the means to create a gracious culture, one which the ruder and more unlettered sections of the new Republic could only gape at in admiration, an admiration, however, which soon turned to envy and then hatred. "
So let me get this straight, peabo. You sold your race's future...for what? I was told there would be eternal salvation. You...didnt even get a handful of magic beans? Like the guy in the story? You sold your race's future for a tall tale about guy coming back from the dead who will give you salvation and eternal life? Is that it? Do I have that right? CORNER YOU NOW
Christianity grooms a white slave population for the jews. Worship them. War for them. Weep for them. Worry about them.
so i'm in the car for max 10 minutes. in that brief window...oh you know it... jewy jay sekulow and "RUSSIANS, IRANIANS and JIHADIS" they're all coming together to  DESTROY OUR MUH WAY OF LIFE #XtianCarRadio
Jews must be identified as a hostile alien predator. Identified and destroyed, for they threaten the very existence of our kind, let alone our society. The catholic church won't tell you that; #TeamWhite will. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW
The only moral position, according to the catholic church for goyim, is to submit to the jews.  That's the practical meaning of 'no progress outside the moral order.'
If you study the cryptocurrency 'space,' as thesers invariably say, you see that the meta-point is that the gooks are sailing right by us technically, like jews past Anglos in Fitzgerald novel, while our earnings are stolen by jews and flushed to Israel slash used to grow giant necrotic black tumors.  We need a revolution.
'We' have wasted decades calling things by wrong name, now we're in late battle to catch up. Our side down to the littlest Who in Whoville must understand the JEW not the liberal commie whatever is the CAUSE of these problems. And destroying that jew is the ONLY thing that saves us. The rest is graduate seminar tier compared to that.  #TeamWhite
The greatest success of the professional right, or cuck inc, is somehow equating -- against all sense, history, honor, experience -- the left with nazis - the very and only people who dared to fight the (((communists))). Not just fight them, but truly understand what they were, build a competing pro-white mirror party, and nearly defeat them globally.
JEWISH marixism, jew-marxism, judeo-left, jleft, j-woke - all these are good.  in rhetoric, you want to vary as little as possible, just change one thing, so the simpwit can follow along. hence judeo-christian becomes judeo-left, or judeo-communism JEWISH MARXISM again - the absolute blind point on our side is no agreed oppst of racism. other than loxism.
Cultural marxism is another tiresome rhetorical mistake by ourside. Like dopey goyish nonintellectuals make distinction between economic and cultural; go check out what Russia did - nearly all the cultural antecedents of today's sad mess were promoted there before 1920. In fact, the economics have changed more than the cultural approach.
Jews came to the USA in great numbers after 1880. They took over New York, set up all their criminal/communist/capitalist operations. They shipped pod people (professors) around the USA to mft jew-friendly 'educated' goobermen in the cow states. They exported money and radicals back to Russia to produce the first big successful communist revolution.
The jews were poisoning relations between America and Russia before 1900. True fact bro.
If you don't feel an instinctive revulsion at the lie at the heart of christianity, what kind of a white man are you? Not for me - this weakness, this socially approved delusion, this character sickness.  #TeamWhite
Bowl cut optics, works for me. #RoofCrew #HeroDylannRoof #HeroThomasMair #HeroAndersBreivik
Wouldn't you rather be part of racial society, a state based on race, than a christian church?  Christianity is based on lies. That makes it intellectually indefensible and detestable.  Racialism isn't based on lies, it's based on observable facts about the way the world actually works, regardless of what you'd like to believe or how you think it came about.
The USA has essentially never had an unjewed press reporting pipeline from Europe. Never. There were honest individuals here and there, but the entire thing was jewed. See Donald Day, Onward Christian Soldiers.
Trump is First Tweeter, little else.
When in the course of subhuman events, allegedy white people are too cowed by jewfear to convict niggers caught on film doin' work, and instead lock up the white man defending himself as the real criminal, imaginary god himself agrees it be  #TimeToKill

May 01, 2018:


April 30, 2018:

Funny, I've never seen a rabbi wearing a cross and kissing the Pope's hand.
my status: grinning as Facebook roll Tide rolls down the hole #Flushbook
No one cares what kind of eggs your catt ate for breakfast. Fuck off!
I hate Facebook. When I see a FB post here on Gab, I go full Beavis look, like someone finding a crabgrass in his perfect suburban law. Thankfully I see very few. I must be following the right people!
Somewhere near What Is This Iowa and the Failed State of Illinois lies God's County, aka NEMO.  We here at #TeamWhite celebrate 20 years of turning the heartland into the Smartland.
#Fingerism What does it mean? It means you accept, nay demand, to take responsibility for your own actions. And you're a member of #TeamWhite. Which you prove through your racial loyalty, manifesting in the integrity of your behavior - on all sides at all times.
It's time to kill. The age of talking has ended.  #WeHoldThisTruthSelfEvident

April 29, 2018:
muzz in iowa is a typical scumbag muslim
Fastest guy edit: safety at the NFL combine? Not a black
Individualism! Collectivism!  False!! The FINGER is both an individual AND a player on a team. It can't be reduced to one or the other for it is both. So it is with the WHITE...MAN. He is a man. and he is part of a team. #Fingerism #TeamWhite
Trump wants more of this > Americans " He would come back after two days — after the acid had done its work — and open drain valves to release the fluid into the storm drain, and remove any remaining sludge to dump it in fields, the sources said. That was how the dreams of the three film students ended. "
Christianity will always side with jewish communism over Aryan racialism. For good reasons, from its point of view. Because if whites have a racial doctrine, they don't need the jesus lie. And then the church disappears. That process -- that would have helped us all -- was just underway in Germany when xtians + jews destroyed it in WWJew.
Whites struggled around, but finally the best subset of them came up with the correct response. Then the whiteskin christians joined the jew communists to do it in.  And the race is right back where it started. It can't even figure out what happened after the fact. Or you wouldn't have fools claiming that christianity is good for whites and bad for jews.
2 subspecies of pigeons, blacks and the blues, competed for space in a big park. one of the black pigeons came up with an idea for a love cult. he spread his teachings among the blues. all pigeons are equals. they're all created by god. they have an equal right to exist. while the black pigeons continued to believe blacks should have all the space. who wins this?
What does racial loyalty mean on the Internet? It means not using distance/anonymity to make spurious charges because it feels good emotionally in the moment.  The frog crowd hasn't achieved this level. All they care about, in a most niggerlike way, is that their entertainment values not be compromised.
In point of actual fact, the white cause is more about race formation than salvation.  Look at jews -- their religion and their race are one. 'Our' religion -- that wow just wow came from the very people trying to do us in -- and our race are at odds.  How surprising christian racialism is blank failure.
If we can't face the truth about our race, than we are no better than niggers. Perpetual children, who refuse to take any responsibility for our outcomes, blaming them all on imaginary racism. It is a fact, not an opinion, that racial loyalty among whites is scarce, while it is common among jews.
If whites loved or even merely respected the truth, christianity would never have taken hold among them, no matter how it got started.  People don't come back from the dead.  There's no second opinion on that, no comeback to it.  It's just flat plain simple truth. You either accept it or you choose the path of lies.  Most whites, today, prefer the path of lies.
Why do jews defeat whites? They value themselves more, not just formally in words, but in actuality: in behavior; in proven-over-time in-group behavioral loyalty. They also pay more attention to the truth, and value it more, than whites do. They know the truth, the better to lie about it. But among themselves, they dont fool around. Goyim prefer fantasy.
Denying men are animals and denying that nature's laws apply to men - christianity does both of these. That's what makes it liberalism. Those poisoned by it will lose to competing species whose views are in line with reality. Jews, for instance.
Nature knows no right to exist. People on our side who use that idea are foolish. Christianity say we are all one - in being created by God. Good luck fighting to combine that oil with racialist water. Christianity is liberalism because competing subspecies fight to the death over space, they don't acknowledge they are both God-created.
Very few goyim are incisive. Remember Bobby Fisher - he cut right thru the bs to say that his own race are a bunch of garbage. Whites are forever setting up base camps, climing a few feet looking at the view. They never get to the point. All this shit isn't liberalism, that's christianity, it's racist jews trying to do us in, and working as a team.
It has always been a mistake to allow any jews among us. We should have identified them as hostile aliens working together to destroy us and eliminated them physically. But we didn't do that because of the Catholic church and its doctrine "done molest the jews, convert them to christ." The jews might as well have written that doctrine themselves.
Vox going after Jordy Peterson, part 1
Jews must be killed. All of them.  That is what the liberation of our race requires. #TeamWhite
Christianity doesn't produce white men who stand up to the jew, rather white men who roll on their bellies before jew, who celebrate jews in word and song, who like trained dogs go to the Western Wall to pass under the yoke. Christianity by its actual behavior, not its fake words, believes cowardice and servility are virtues.
" It is impossible to find now any Jewish counsel, board of deputies, woman's group, all the way down to book-clubs and potluck dinners which don't relentlessly and forcefully advocate for mass immigration.  " commenter on Vox Day article

April 28, 2018:
My System works for ALL lizards, time n place be damned, not just Eastern Collareds. #EnLizardMent
i'm totally surprised that a giant rally involving jews communists leftist city bureaucrats and people who've been lied to all their lives and a media that lies about the sky being blue - i'm totally surprised there was fracas and affray under these pacific circumstances i mean, if "they" wanted to allow peaceful change, they'd count votes accurately
i will try to fit revolution in between hot yoga classes you make time for the important things
there is no moral duty to play by the rules of a rigged game. and that's what our System has been for a very long time when you accede in lies and corruption, your soul is wounded, pretty soon you're just a mancur. and that's where the whiteskin alleged race finds itself. there is no solution except individual courage joining other in honest loyalty
If the 'game' we're playing isn't winnable, we have to play a new game or lose. What's the chief feature of the game as it's played right now? Jews can do anything to us, while we limpy respond "keep it legal." What would a different game look like? We'd worry about striking blows against them. We'd worry about being effective. We'd care only about winning.
Whites in love with stupid abstractions like freedom, liberty, equality, morality other gunk. Worry about 'best pizza on this block.' Something specific. This society isn't working for us. We're working for it! And our reward is continual abuse!  I reject this state of things. I believe we need a revolution, and a bloody one.
If truth were subjective, roads would be impossible.
You actually got people who arent even perfect but are pretty good, are substantial people, out there saying this stuff in public. And you're shitting on them. You really do think you have a baby's right to be coddled in your cowardice and entertainment values.  You deserve extinction.  You take power by orating. Speaking into public.  SEB ME ANONYMUS ADOLFF
I mean, you have to laugh, you people who must think, since you won't spell it out because it looks so stupid, you're going to anonymously worm your way up thru Republican party and colleges and schools and vote and dog whistle your way to power. Do you need me to tell you that's absurd? Of course not. You know it yourself. That's why you won't actually state it.
you fucking cretins can see right in front of your stupid unhooked noses how (((they are working Trump over using all his personal info. but i'm sure they're not doing that for all their other enemies who arent president of a country. i'm sure they're not going to IRS and using SS number to track )))you((( every time that number pops up. they aren't stupid. WE are
I know you're a stupid borderline-retarded whiteskin goyish koppered moron, who thinks his head is for bowing to lick jew ass and eructate prayers to jew god and his boy jebus, but if you could get out of your sad self for one half second if you were the jews, how would you act?  well, even you can figure that, maybe. and that's what they're doing.
did you see that recent quote from some jew on why they always try to censor? the broad said goyim dont have access the way we do, they have to get public stuff. hence value in censoring that if you think anything other than these sols are sucking every big-time database into a spy hopper, you're nuts
dont know the guy but he doesnt mention what Solz says about jews
fuck you all, i'm going to iowa. that's how bad you are!  you < Iowa wow just wow
You know why I use my real names. Because I WANT to be associated with my remarks about jews. I DEMAND it. Anonymity makes these midgets think that jew-crit is fun like video game or scurrilous private entertainment like political porn.
keep the White Cause safe for anonymous faggotry that's what's important
i love how doxxing is the Ultimate Bad Thing with all these anonymous faggots you want to act like jew, completely dishonorable and then cry like a nigger when someone knuckles your head for misbehavior by tying your bad behavior to your real name "anonymous pro-Whites" - pretty close to a contradiction
You cant just jam words together in English, it's not German. Racial state works just fine. And normal people can grasp it immediately: a state based on race. Or say white state.  "we want a racial state, like Israel. but for White people. you know - so they dont get hated, raped, killed discriminated against because of what they are."
so fake nazis morph into Real Republicans sounds like a solid plan
Striker in particular should watch this and see what's up, whether he dares comment on it or not.
The problem is certain people are intoxicated with their vision of themselves as clever manipulators. This leaves them open to the siren song of the operatives.  You won't beat them at their game - they're pros at it. Don't kid yourself.
A real movement begins with who are we? Republicans? Conservatives? Christians?  No. We are Whites. We value our race. And that means we fight the jew. As the director of the forces trying to destroy us. That's the basis that can work. The only one.  If you put Christ front and center in your life, sorry, you're part of some other cause and movement. #TeamWhite
pretty interesting
Why does health care cost so much? Because of government involvement. When they're not pushing a bad diet on you through public schools (pay us to imprison/lie to youth), they're approving cartels so that no new suppliers can enter the field. They call that "safety," and you nod along like the dope you are.
Socialized medicine, let's personalize it since you halfwits can't understand anything other than personalities. Let's take one alleged person, call him 'you.' Then a second you may have heard of, let's call her she-Clinton. Socialized medicine means you pay 25% of your income in taxes for "free" health care, and Hillary Clinton decides your treatment.
Socialized medicine: you get free care that you pay for and they make all the decisions. Then you cry about it (Alfie) because you're an idiot.
Butthurt online? At Fingus & Betterman, your bruised feelings are our only concern.

April 27, 2018:

no one in recorded history was ever more than 98/2 against someone trying to commit suicide true story
Jesus died for your sins. It's called soul-cucking. Religious experts say it can be just the thing to spice up your spiritual life.
No one loved the land more than Jacques Cousteau, but you wouldn't say he was rooted, would you?
MOBILE: the journal of oaken heritage
It would be funny to ask a talking tree for their community's feelings about 'rootedness.' I bet they're marginally less thrilled than the alt-reactionaries.
I see more of a will to provender than power.
I'm on everybody's side because I love everybody. (My life coach told me to say that.)
The Jewing of the Blankensmiths Uncle Spurgeon believed the no-babies propganda; limited himself to two children to save the earth Cousin nester belived the WMD bs and got killed in Iraq Cousin Destinee belived the diversity propaganda and spawned a couple multatto monsters before he beat her nearly to death and ran off ...
here's a legit way to cut it no one has ever done. i will do it eventually but you can do it first write up How My Family Was Jewed, Severally and Collectively use one familie's person by person (aunt uncle sister bro mo fo etc) bad decisions based on fed lies and laws... you see what i mean
it may be what the jew bloom said in Closing of the American Mind. he said it about former drug users: life is just too drab. life w/out drugs to them is colorless. i think that applies to the christers. normal people dont need semitic adventitious concocted drama, but christfags do.
never in my life have i been around drug addicts, i loathe that stuff. but i have to imagine trying to get people off heroin is roughly comparable to getting them off the christ. they just dont want to. it makes them feel heroic.
'Internet' is a sort of amalgam of two greek words phukrios + acquamium, or 'looking at faggots through glass' or 'faggot terrarium.'
"Steven" is a comic in the Wright/Hedburg vein, but not very good at it. We will watch him for growth.
How can you commit a crime if you act alone -Steven
Jesus was invented by a committee of paleo-Stan Lees.
It's easy to be a degenerate  whether sexual (homosexual) or spiritual (christian). But it's not good.
Catholicism protects the weak from the strong Racialism protects the strong from the weak.
Kill the cuck / kill the kike Race war is more Than pressing like  --Redyard Knippling
Jesus loves third-world vermin. After all, he's one of them.
If cucking were a religion, which religion would that be? Well, let's look at actual cucks. Proudcucks. Which religion do they belong to? Uniformly?
Alabama niggers: nice work god. You're really good at godding.
The bible isn't the good book, it's a Semitic nonsense midden.
It's funny that flounders dont flounder, they kind of flutter.
Not only am I FAT and DUMB I believe millions of things that ARENT TRUE. #YouGonnaEatThat isn't just a question itz a WAY OF LIFE.
How much do you give your nigger-loving, jew- and jew-war supporting priestophile preacher each weekend, mcWhitelet? More than you monthly cable subscription, if you're a regular. Christ, the original Based Stickman Truly, it's a privilege to hold a mirror up to you whitclowns.
if you deny a priori that any racial difference (always called gap) is effort or gene based, then white invidiousness becomes the only reason we really live in an insane world the most insane thing of all is that more whites dont respond the way #HeroDylannRoof has
basically, at this point, all uses of 'advanted' or privilged are propaganda absolute (((denial))) of white merit, white achievement, white earning jews are the only 'whites' who ever earned anything, if you believe the media
New York reverse of Simpsons albanian exchange student: although im officially required to love you coons, in my heart i do not feel it.
New York: is there a big sign in our yard that says: LIVE NIGGER STORAGE?
Cancel your cable subscription. And your christ subscription. #DoSomethingWhite
When you say jesus is lord. And your big dog sucks jew ass when he's months from 'afterlife,' where he will have to explain to boss Hogg and Fredo why he shat on him in atom life... kind of suggests to non-buhlievers yr one of us too
Jews "hate" christianity. You only hate things you think on your own level. Jews do not think christ nuts are on their own level, rather they're buttlers and servilants.
Jews murdered tens of millions of us last century. They're portrayed as victims today.  In schools we pay for - to our children. And we permit it. Why? Christianity: the weak-maker.

April 26, 2018:

interesting comments on chinese
church picnics arent politics you're White and fight jew or you're christian and submit sorry it's not the way you want it's just the way it is
spring is here, nigger!!! getchoosome!!!
it never occurs to the christian for one second that islam might be right or that christianity might be wrong flip that for the muslim #UglyDesertSisters
Why am I not a christian?  Because I'm not weak. And I think a religion that celebrates, promotes and fetishizes weakness is sick. And that is exactly what christ-insanity does, and you see its sick effects in its people. Christianity is an unhealthy, destructive lie. It's bad for our people, and we should leave it behind, move on to something that fits us.
You have to control your behavior. You can ditch christ. And you should. You can leave his sad cult of losers. And you should. But it doesn't change the fact that you have to control your behavior to be of value in any social association. It starts with race, but it doesn't end there.  If Aryan means 'noble,' then isn't that a clue about how to conduct yourself?
so if you blow up a balloon... and let it go it flies around the room like a crazed balloonwitch that's womens nature but if you tie it to a stick... then you have something light, buoyant and fun
PJ O'Rourke said this years ago: practice as much private morality as you can, and keep your mouth shut. In other words, be the opposite of how most are. We all have glands. We all have urges. We all have difficulty controlling them. This is our condition.  Let's keep it Germanic - low-key and serious, not pretentious, public and hypocritical.
the universe is rationally ordered by Divine mind God's ways are mysterious and unknowable which is it you lying christian nigger? #LogosToggles
success and failure are decisions, not chance outcomes. those may determine the amplitude, but not the basic divide
jews deny white achievement christians attribute it all to their teaching it's like judeo-christianity actually isnt a joke but highlights a real bond
more refusees, more crime, more forgivenness, more love the christian cycle of virtue if Aryan means noble, what does christian mean?  demented, i should say

April 25, 2018:

Catholic social ideal: 90% of the population has Down Syndrome and is paid $25/hour to lick envelopes containing Little Sisters of the Poor solicitations.
Can jews or cucks talk or bribe their way out of death? Can they pay a corrupt doctor to bring them back to life?
no one who has tried to argue with goyim will doubt the Protocols are an accurate representation of whoever is running things
There are at least one hundred people on Gab who could draw multiples of Megyn's numbers. You know that's true. And it goes to show just how controlled the System is.
"How can it be that the American people and the Evangelical churches are unmoved by the millions of innocent peoples in seven countries who have been murdered, maimed, orphaned, and displaced by the profit-driven US military/security complex and by the neoconservative ideology in service to Israel?"
christianity produces moral behavior the same way granite produces grapefruit juice
we have become shameless liars, like the jews 'our' christian cult worships
i believe there should be some sort of behavior qualifications to be called 'people.' like a merit badge in peopling or something. the default term should be hominid, a biological designation.
What's wrong with being a good old-fashioned freak? You can be normal or a freak. Not both. That's lady bulldog shit.
Washington Post / New York Times suing each other in court for the right to slogan "We make lying boring"
self worship...runs a close second to god worship as source of socially evil consequences
jews are an evil race exhibit #6,132,341
Baltimore more like BaltALLMOOR
I have noticed that women even more than men agree it's #TimeToKill.  The deepest things are sensed. You can reduce them to understanding but first and most they are felt.
I dont know man I feel words are tapped. What more to be said? I feel we need a martial solution.
Niggers truly have ruined Baltimore, which should be a great city. Mencken...Poe..harbor...  Makes me angry.
If you're anonymous and you run your mouth, eventually what happened to RV will happen to you. I mean, anyone should be able to see that, purely as an analytical matter.
You can always tell you're on Southern Man's grounds without raising your head. There's only one other group this applies to - projects niggers.
If Eyesore Nation had a flag, it would be the Proud Red X.
"White identity isn't real" --Ricky Vaughn "Ricky Vaughn isn't real" --White Nationalists Who wore it better?
Optics is just a new name for the old failed Anglo-conservative respectability politics.
Just as Wiesel left with the nazis rather than await his commie buddies (purely out of rational self-interest), the christian church always sides with jewish communism over white racialism (out of rational institutional self-interest).
Christians believe -- their policy -- jews can change. Just like they believe Jebus is coming back. Embrace the faith / destroy the race. #TeamWhite
In the christian simp's Heaven and Hell you get more than a whiff of the bush nigger's belief that raping babies cures AIDS.
Christianity is the reason the white race can't defend itself from jews - and doesn't even want to.  #TeamWhite
Christian policy: let jews keep taking shots at you, white man, until they finally hit you. Anything else is immoral #SicutJudaeisNon
"The jews are trying to genocide whites! We must expel them again." Now, I want every one of you to lucubrate (think) really hard and see if you can figure out what doesn't mesh in the above statement.
Retard: Wuh needs to muh expellulate the jews agin. That make 110x. Jews: We need to genocide whites once. WHO WINS THIS? CAN YOU FIGGER?
Orkin expelled termites 109 times from my house. It's why I pay them.
"The idea of there being one ideal phone size is perhaps something best left in the past." The idea there's one church for all men, catholicism, is perfectly valid. Since aborigines and Nordics share a spirit. They all need semitic sci-fi hero Jesus. To save them from something.
how to argue with a christian 1) make a clean, clear argument 2) shake your head as the christian misses your point, makes exactly the argument you were opposing - while thinking he's agreeing with you I have never yet found a christian who understands logical argument.
When you see an Illiteracy flag here in the NEMO, you can GUARANTEE the yard will be filled with crap. Tasteless, disorganized, rotting, unkempt. Really - like they take pride in it.  It's not like there aren't midwestern/northern shitcrickers with strewn yards, it's that virtually ALL South flag flyers keep their property like junkyards.
Why are Southerners such slobs? You can say they're not, but just as with niggers, I judge them as I see them. I like seeing their flags (that's how I know they're Southerners), and I agree with them politically, but it really is almost like they go out of their way to live trashy. Are they conforming to tv rebels, or are they just lazy, no-pride whiteskin niggers?
Christianity is (((christianity))). Judeo-Christianity merely makes what is implicit explicit. It isn't just the superficial politics that are wrong with the church but its basic doctrines - soul equality and the claims about 'Jesus.'
All christian 'arguments' are nothing but veiled fallacy begging the question, and most of the christians making them don't even realize this.  Is it christianity or white genes that produces the civilization?  Was Greece christian? Was Rome?
The two figures I've used: judaism (as applied to whites) is like a 100% concentrated solution; Christianity is a watered down 1% solution. But it's the same poison, the same dissolving agent.  The other figure is good cop-bad cop. Christianity is the carrot for race-destructive belief/behavior, judaism the stick.
Even on here you can find people crediting White achievements to judeo-christainity, which is not a fake term but a redundancy.  These people never ask themselves why christianity can't repeat its white success story in non-white lands.
Notice again this parallel between jew/xtian in relation to white race.  Monday School: whites earned nothing, stole everything, tyrannized every other race. Sunday School: whites achieved nothing, they were just running around in woods chasing pigs, all "their" achievement isn't theirs but is purely due to Church teaching. Xtianity is jewing/mild
You want to put yourself on par with a nigger? The christ cult and democracy are right there to support you. Political equality begins in the church.
Who are the people, specifically, who are murdering the White nations? Is it possible to determine who these people are? Is it possible to do something to stop them - permanently?
What does christianity offer Whites in our fight against jews? What does christianity offer jews in their fight against whites?
What advantage do whites have over jews?
Essentially, jews drive progress and evolution, genetically and culturally. They are dishonest. Whites either evolve to understand and top their game or exit scene left. Jews + banking = fiat fraud. Solution: crypto. Jews + newspapers = gaslighing. Solution = Internet. Jew-evil, to be redundant, drives evolution. That's how God planned it.
Mental mudsharking - trying to combine Jesus globalism with white nationalism.
A non-aggression principle makes sense to people who aren't very aggressive or are weak. What's in it for a Nelson Muntz?
croakt: AIDS awokt: GRIDS bespokt: Q-RID

April 24, 2018:

i wore Spot-Bilts back in the day. orange soled vinyl. every step felt like you were being stabbed by OJ personally! real shit-shoes, they were
"the greatest of these is love" - jews for christians "anyone opposed to jews is a hater" - also jews for christians good cop-bad cop routine carried out on the whiteskin (aka sucker) population jews "hate" christianity? swing and a miss. christianity makes jewish triumph not only possible but inevitable.
"Now you look at those Synagogue Fleas. Do they look like a world championship team? It's not for me to say. ... But no." --Greg Kinnear
Shame the christqueers into manhood; if they cant make it, then let them die of exposure as adult botches.

April 23, 2018:

Jews have an attack plan for every part of the white physical body, and every subdivision of the white population. Really, whites can't conceive what jews are like because they aren't like that themselves. Vaguely amiable, preferring religion to thinking.
" Central banks and commercial banks are essentially Ponzi schemes, and engines of inflation. ... This is all going to blow up. And the next crisis will be one for the record books. It will start as a monetary crisis, but will turn into an economic, political, social, and military crisis. "
" The next major crisis will be monetary in nature, thanks to central banks. Again, only a few central banks even existed 100 years ago. They simply weren’t necessary, because everyone used commodity money. And commercial banks operated on sound classical principles. It’s a different story these days. "
" We’re going to have a crisis that reconstitutes everything in a new form. The US peaked in the ’50s, has been in decline since the ’70s, and its descent is accelerating. Actually, Western Civilization peaked just before World War One, and it’s in even bigger trouble. That’s a real tragedy, since about 98% of everything of value in the world is a product of it. "
I'll offer again the unanswerable point: if christianity were good, jews would have kept it for themselves. As they keep racism, nazism etc for themselves. And forbid them to you. Christianity is the best thing that ever happened to jews - it's the perfect system for controlling the stupid, passive, cowardly goyim - because it polishes these anti-virtues.
How's that worshiping the King of the Jews working out for you, white man? Simple questions from  #TeamWhite

April 22, 2018:

jews hate christianity! they hate that their worst racial enemy worships the "King of the Jews"!
it's an article of faith among the christaddled that jews hate and fear christianity, rather than laugh at and use it it's as baseless as the rest of their beliefs
an actually good (((Boomtown Rats))) song
actual anti-communist movie produced by hollywood. of course, not one line about why communism bad, just not american. the south african movie posted earlier is actually a remake of this 1953 very good noir
who showed up for Trump? tens of thousands of normal working whites  who shows up for Hillary? bused in niggers, illegal alien criminals, and govt employees
it's always funny when women try to shame you into something, and you watch their pint sized brains slowly register that you're a man, and that chickenshit shit doesnt work on you
South Africa used to be a civilized country, back when humans were in control.
jews "hate" christianity, that's why they never stop attacking brazil and el salvador boy howdee, aint nothin a jew hate worse than a jesus church
loads of With Jews We Lose graphics
we cant all be relaxed and airquotes COOL people some of us have to be HIGH STRUNG and OBNOXIOUS if i had an UPGRADE BUTTON on my side dont you  THINK ID PUSH IT?
Rake training. May look like rakes are easy - just point and scrape. No. No no no. Lots of hidden danger in raking. WELL beyond the obvious. You dont just fling it out there like a fishing net and see what the cat dragged in. Go down to your local leaf range, get a NRA qualified instructor, and get you some learning and free coffee under your belt.
i'm now tired of explaining myself to alleged people who cant tell a vulva from a uvula. i will now go outside and pester the spring
Using your brain is immoral. That's what christian social teaching amounts to. Why is the devil's question - we have that from C.S. Lewis, God's own flower girl.
I'm here to Make Points. Not socialize with nitwits. No one's forcing you to follow me. Or me to follow you. #DigIt
i just kind of...assume everyone but me is a fag i just wish i were proved wrong more often!
" Day said he doesn’t know what’s next for him. As defense attorneys noted, he’ll probably get a conviction bonus from the FBI for his work on the case, in addition to the more than $30,000 he has already received. He would’ve made more money working a regular job, he said, and he’ll start looking for one soon.   "
every right wing rally or private meeting i've ever attended has this type: the stentorian military type talking the language of heroism it's immensely off putting and fake as hell but for some reason, whites are idiots and eat this up maybe our race deserves extinction. not for moral reasons. but because it's so stupid. it NEVER learns from experience
" Defense attorneys saw it differently. They accused the federal government of overreaching and said the case wouldn’t have gone anywhere if it hadn’t been for Day’s involvement. They frequently mentioned that Day was working for the FBI before he ever came into contact with the defendants. " christian = weak liar.  you can take that to the bank.
" the FBI, which was looking into rumors of the ISIS poster, interviewed Day and ended up being interested in him because of his connection to the militia. " this is the kind of morons you truck with when you start using american flag, they're everywhere in the normie right-wing circles. blowhards, fools, religious simps. untrustworthy, unserious people
no one looks at a priest or preacher and sees a man we all look at one of these lying tools and shake our heads that's not a manly activity, that's something perverted
remember, all you christputzes, if you were born in a sandy area, you'd be a muslim that's how serious your "beliefs" are
if you believe people come back from the dead, you're a lunatic it may be a popular opinion, it may get you cheered and not fired, it may be socially acceptable but it's still lunacy whether you like it or not
Christianity is a shit-tier superstition spread among gullible Germanics by jews.
Confused, stupid, fat, cowardly, dishonest. Or I could simply say: christian.
"It began in July of 2015 with a trip to the local library with his son. He saw what he considered an anti-Israel poster, which featured a Palestinian flag and described the situation in Israel as apartheid. He tore it down. “They have the right to put that up, and I have the right to take that down, in my opinion, so I did,” Day said of the incident. " Perfect.
James Alex Fields is in jail for defending himself. He and we are blamed for "murder."  So we get all the negative consequences and none of the benefits of 'illegal' behavior when we actually do keep it legal.  At some point we have to take part in the real game being played, which is no rules power politics. Or Nature 101.
what's effective is spreading the word in all forms on the global internet and killing the enemy the rest (elections and demonstrations) is largely a waste of time ironically if "we" were killing the enemy, elections and demos would suddenly become a lot more meaningful and useful as i've been shouting in the wilderness
"No body no crime." But words - words can be turned into conspiracies, into incitement. Jews have worked for decades to persuade people that beliefs = behavior. So "bad" ideas = crime. And ideas are much easier to document than crimes. "You said X so you're guilty!" That's how the System works today. Easier to get away with murder than badthink.
"Do something" is not specific enough. White-rightists tend to do things for internal emotional reasons rather than objective political reasons. Don't be like that. Sticking up stickers and papers on walls makes you feel good but it accomplishes nothing. And it exposes you to the risk of doxxing, over time. Anyone can make a splash in jewsmedia, so what.
If you are going to do violence, and you are 100% justified in doing so, don't write anything down, and be absolutely sure of who you're dealing with if you work with others. Anyone who sounds like a blowhard, who fetishizes guns, who slobs the knob of blue/green niggers (cops/military) - this is the type the feds tend to use. Jebus fags & flagtards.
" “I felt like it was a calling from God, honestly,” Day said of taking the risk of becoming an informant. “I’m not an over-religious person, but I believe in God and I believe he put me there at the right time, the right place, if that makes any sense.” "  The christian is the man you can't trust - the weak man. Always.
" Defense attorneys said Day was an unemployed wannabe who jumped at the chance to become an undercover FBI informant and was willing to do whatever the federal government needed for a check. "
the moon? what is it but a projection of your insecurities? don't worry little feller. the sun will come back. no need to hallucinate an imaginary brother.
i dont believe the moon landings were faked, i believe the moon is fake #hardcore
govt should not be looked at as something holy or noble, rather it should be viewed as trash management/people that's all it's actually capable of
basically we need a racial authoritarian state that kills anyone foreign or domestic who tries to upset the racial basis of the state keeps sex private identifies and physically destroys criminals as anti-social mad dogs leaves people / FORCES people to run their own lives, does not subsidize destructive behavior govt is not a redistribution mechanism
in my view, nazism tried to do too much and wasn't nasty enough. use the tech of your times for you politics. hitler would agree on that. the tech is decentralization-facilitating - internet and crypto.  we dont need massive bureaucracies, deficit spending to subsidize or create problem populations a white man that needs government might as well be a nigger
The christian has no race but the created-by-Godsies. Which encompasses every implumous biped that can heave itself onto two feet for seven/eight/whatever seconds the infallible pope says meets the requirement.
the perp has soul by God, it's of inestimable worth, truly priceless no, no little sheep. christ-lunacy has nothing to do with our political straits
are we on the verge of a Great Breakthrough? or dwindling down as jews enter white genocidal Endgame?
we should talk about White Genocide. that's good term, smart politics. but killing the enemy? that's crazy talk!
if you kill the enemy, i dont care what color neckerchief you're wearing
are those idiots anti-fascists? they dont even know what fascism is they're ANTI-WHITEs. they hate whites.
And our side as usual composed of worthless leafbrains uses 'antifa' rather than antiWhites because we can't even figure out how to prosecute a verbal war.
Central Govts world over have only two functional departments 1) Dept of Creating Problems 2) Department of Problem Exacerbation
govt is outmoded as a way of solving problems govt does nothing well too many "nazis" dont consider this why do we need a central government? do societies collapse without spending trillions on nigger colonies and endless foreign wars?
are we doing enough to limit guns' access to niggers?  guns need niggers to get them to where they can do their dirty work yeah i think it's time we acknowledge the overwhelming need for #NiggerControl
if you take responsibility for your actions, you just might be suitable for america's only valuable religion #Fingerism
imma doff muh pants and shoot up a waffle house that's some echt Illinois-tier mentation right there #FailedState
so in time, after watching crypto get beeeeg, the jews will come running to shut it down. parallel to the internet.  can they? i...dont...know
whites have developed a fetish-taste for lugubrious nonsense. can you guess where this originated?
Police said a man believed to be Reinking was last seen "in a wood line near Discovery at Mountain View Apts. on Mountain Springs Dr. near the Waffle House." The man wore black pants and no shirt. THEY CALL HIM WAFFLE HOUSE RAMBO
"hate the sin not the sinner" is equivalent to "hate the gun not the nigger" There is no sin without the sinner; There is no gun crime without the nigger.
China's not that smart christianity is already widely infecting there; top jews are already breeding with asians that's a recipe for what happened to USA
what would Hitler think about cryptocurrency?
after 100 years of jewing, the US is bankrupt in money and reputation that's just God blessing us for supporting Israel
we will grind the bourgeois between the millstones of taxes and inflation --famous communist
"  The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department identified a "person of interest" in the shooting as Travis Reinking, 29, of Morton, Illinois. "Vehicle the gunman arrived in is registered to him," police tweeted. "Gunman last seen walking south on Murfreesboro Pike. He shed is coat and is nude. See Reinking? Pls call 615-862-8600 immediately. "
Cryptocurrency makes jews obsolete swindling equipment.

April 21, 2018:

can we all agree to be disagreeable? I'll lead the way
now i know griffin better than he knows himself weev, i really dont know but i'm a fair man; i believe the worst about everybody but i dont repeat serious shit unless i know it's true
a weathervane once pointed east. that proves the weathervane is pro-east
hmm... and hmm again...
It's just so funny that whenever you read paelocons (paul gottfried) or smart libertarians (michael rozeff) there's alway some jews there with a perfectly erudite and elegantly expressed view...that leaves the jew out. Just always happens that way. Oven dodgers are Occam dodgers - by trade and necessity. Jews send out pod people into every camp.
is a catholic priest how you want a white man to look? to act? to dress?
I would think it would be hard to be a sadistic madman/ophthalmologist. Just don't see them going together.
It really pains me that I have to EDUCATE you banjo-strumming goobers to the point where you can even UNDERSTAND my insults.
Am I the only one here worried that god is reproducing at sub-replacement levels?
What part of "catholicism" is not white-specifism? The ALL OF IT part. You mental dromedary.
miagine how FUCKING DUMB i would sound if i were arguing that WHITE NATIONALISM IS FOR EVERYBODY, ESPECIALLY NEGROID PYGMIES the reverse of that is EXACTLY WHAT TARDICALLY UNCHALLENGED YOU are doing when you claim Christianity (catholicism, which is generalism or universalism) is for Muh White Race
This is why I say it's #TimeToKill. If you can't keep a job if you go to the wrong LEGAL political rally, then rights and democracy don't mean anything. If you're only allowed one opinion if you work for the government, then you're a one-party state. A marine is fired because he's not anti-white like he's supposed to and trained to be.  #Time4Revolution
Christianity aka burger spiritualism
All jew 'theories' are global warming - attempts to draw science over politics to fool the whitesimps into relinquishing power and money.
"Who's your tribe? Only the entire world!" --Catholic preacher man
do you notice that it's catholicism not specificism? do you notice that? now if you coupled that noticing with knowing what words mean a racial light bulb might go on if judaism is the plastic demon of decomposition then catholicism is the plastic angel of decomposition good cop/bad cop routine. as i said.
i can haz chizburger nationalist? plz? lolkaffirz?
I'm sure the natural history of your lower duodenum is a captivating read. Now get out of here.
you fuck an individual with (((Freudianism))) a family with (((feminism))) a nation with (((marxism))) and a race with (((Christianity))) #TeamJew
a bagel is just a donut that survived a holocaust
Even Marx (especially Marx) was a jewish 'racist.' As was Freud. They all are. It's their tribal culture. "hate and destroy all competing races; the world is yours" -- the jewish 'religion' whiteskin xtian goyim are the only hominids on earth dumb enough to take jewish claims at face value #TeamWhite
There's no such thing as a jewish leftist, no more than there's a jewish christian. Leftism/christianity, which are variations of the same three-beanie monte, are sucker scams for goyim. Not jews. Think harder, white nigger.
Help destroy the species that saves the others! #AllianceAgainstNature #TeamJew / #TeamAntiWhite
a jew pushing a leftist position is a racial realist. he's using a tactic drawn rationally from reality to advance his position. he is destroying a competing race. the white leftist, by contrast, is participating unwittingly (in most cases) in the destruction of his own kind
)))leftists too stupid to see what they're doing((( (((leftists who know exactly what they're doing)))
maybe we need like a white awards show each year on hitler's bday, maybe by poll or something, with top writer/news or /novel /public advocacy. then also for enemies: top nigger. top jew. top cuck. maybe Shockleys (for good guys) and Jenkems for bad guys
reading isn't same as doing something and doing something isnt same as doing something effective #KeepItEffective #TeamWhite

April 20, 2018:

I'm even seeing Amish (Mennonites?) in Columbia, Missouri, now. The expansion of these people over last 20 years in state of Missouri is remarkable.
" We are cycling through the US and being European are flabbergasted by the number of Pray For Our Troops posters and the apparent link between Religion and the military. We’ve cycled in the Islamic countries and Russia and no where feels as militaristic, righteous and religious as the US. It is quite frightening. "
" In 2018, Americans will pay $3.4 trillion in federal taxes and $1.8 trillion in state and local taxes, for a total bill of $5.2 trillion, or 30 percent of the nation’s income. Americans will collectively spend more on taxes in 2018 than they will on food, clothing, and housing combined. "
" Almost everyone in Cuba is employed by the state, which pays them the equivalent of $30/month. "
" All of this U.S. activity is to conquer a portion of Syria. The goals are to create a U.S.-dominated zone to block Syria’s border with Iraq, to prevent Iranian access and to maintain a constant threat to the Syrian regime. "
" Once Washington experiences a defeat, NATO will dissolve and with this dissolution Washington’s ability to threaten other countries will lose its cover and evaporate. "
" The best chance of preventing the oncoming war is Russian-Chinese-Iranian unity and a defeat for American arms in a regional context not worth the Washington psychopaths launching of nuclear weapons. Until Washington is effectively resisted, Washington’s European vassals, the UN Security Council and the OPCW will stand with Washington.
" During the entirety of the Cold War no US ambassador to the UN spoke aggressively and disrespectfully to the Soviet representative as Nikki Haley speaks to the Russian ambassador. During the Cold War no American president would have tolerated Nikki Haley. The crazed bitch would have instantly been fired. "
" By the end of this year, Netflix will be the single biggest original movie producer in America, far outpacing Disney, Warner Bros., and the rest in terms of sheer quantity.  "
botch babies are honorably left to death or put to death our ancestors knew that only christians can 'love' a nigger or bb and call it civilization

April 19, 2018:

" He said he didn't want to be part of an environment where people were not free to express reasonable opinions. When I asked him if there were others at Google who felt the same way, he said, yes, most of them. Most of them. It may look like all of Google has gone insane, but it's really a minority of loud, obnoxious SJWs ruling things there. "
"Where the city’s leadership failed, the locals at Oswald’s would take up the charge themselves, organizing trash pickups and brainstorming solutions to the myriad problems that had beset them after the storm. " (3/3) [White man 'magician' spontaneously solves post-Katrina social-infrastructure problems, gets choc-booted by Nagin niggerocracy]
" Eventually they grew to large and raucous events that drew important civic leaders. Officials from FEMA, the Army Corps of Engineers, even the City Council knew that if it wanted to speak to residents in the French Quarter, it had to face Harry Anderson and the Quarter Rats at Oswald’s. " (2/3)
"  In the weeks right after the storm, there was no electricity, no running water. It was bedlam. Anderson decided to do something about it. He opened up Oswald’s as a gathering spot for people in the community to plan their recovery. The weekly town hall meetings in Oswald’s began as small gatherings around the bar by candlelight, the power still not restored.
white men almost spontaneously, one might say _racially_, create order out of chaos. it's what i like about them.
not really political, just one white man's life, interesting
here's a fun puzzle for all you keep it legal halfwits who is trying to keep it legal here? what does that term even mean in this situation?
"keep it legal" as the enemy files contempt charges against an elected official for requiring voters to prove they're, you know, actual legal citizens it's not me who made a joke of legality, it's (((them))) #KeepItEffective

April 18, 2018:
" • In 1942, the ADL boasts in a secret memo that a “Negro employed by us” proved “quite instrumental” in an FBI raid on the Nation of Islam’s Chicago mosque resulting in 82 arrests. " #ADL
" • In 1913, the father of the ADL, Leo Frank, is found guilty of the rape and murder of a young Christian girl. Frank tried desperately to pin the heinous crime on two Black men, who were nearly lynched for Frank’s crime. "  #ADL
Nation of Islam transmission...

April 17, 2018:

" These facts have been established by the independent Heaphy Report and the police chief has been forced to resign. " --(((Paul Gottfried)))
" However distasteful we may find some of them, Unite the Right demonstrators had acquired a legal permit to protest peacefully against the dismantling of Confederate monuments. They were assaulted by an “antifa” mob, and police, far from protecting the UTR demonstrators’ rights, were instructed by the police chief to let the two groups fight it out. "
serial killer = queerfagg

April 16, 2018:

Where would Israel be without her whiteskin running dogs AKA American conservative christians? You all are truly the scum of the earth. You're lower than niggers, in my estimation, because niggers don't have a choice.
a bircher is someone who opposes communism but is too dumb to figure out that communists are jews
damn there be some serious niggatry the last 24 hours
The Dunker
you can always tell a harvard nigger. but you cant tell him much.
" McArthur (Pictured)  was arrested in January. Police say he trolled bars in Toronto's 'Gay Village' as well as gay dating apps for victims, predominantly targeting Muslim men from South Asia or the Middle East "
Egyptians worshipped crocodile gods; christians worship nigger Gods.
niggers really add value to our society, don't they?
Christianity claims that God invented niggers. They reflect part of him. Which part I ask? Like Jesus, no answer ever comes.
kill all niggers.
" He blamed Jews for implementing the contents of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion by harnessing Hollywood to “target us” and preoccupy the masses with arts, sports and theater via celebrities with Hollywood fixations. "
Notice Guardian won't accept comment on unease about mixed race sprog article. Because how could it? You can't speak freely in the UK.
This is why jews try to turn race into "skin color." Because most women are so brainless they actually don't understand that race permeates the entire being, it's not a coat of paint.
" I know that concentrating on how my daughter looks is shallow. She is a person in her own right, not an accessory to me. But still, I can't shake off the feeling of unease. I didn't realise how much her looking different would matter and, on a rational level, I know it shouldn't. "
"  White women who have non-white children are stigmatised as 'Tracy Towerblocks' living on benefits, most of which they spend on lager and fags.  "
"in 2016 Christina was assaulted by four so-called "unaccompanied minors" (migrants) and knocked unconscious, an act that has impaired her memory. No one was sentenced for that assault, but she now faces financial difficulties and cannot pay her rent. She receives no help from the Swedish state. Christina has reportedly been interrogated six times"
" Yet another woman, Christina, 65, was charged with "inciting hatred against an ethnic group" for writing on Facebook: "If this continues, the intelligence in Sweden will be at goldfish level"  "
jewroot left out but good facts
" “Listen, I’m not a white nationalist, but...” the female student says later, before declaring that “inclusion and diversity programs” at the school “are all just code for white genocide.” To which her co-host adds, “Preach, girl!” "
" The Gracetown area, well-known for its surf breaks, also has a high fatality record when it comes to shark attacks, with five surfers killed in separate occasions in the past decade. "
" Bluetooth is credited with unifying Denmark. The Viking-born king also turned his back on old Norse religion and introduced Christianity to the Nordic country. "
" a trove believed linked to the Danish king who reigned from around 958 to 986. "
the jews don't hate christianity, they think it's stupid. which is undeniably true. they tolerate and use it. it works for them. very well. if whites weren't christian, they might fight jews rather than succumb to them. what jews actually hate and fear is white racialism - Nazism.

April 15, 2018:

mal ton fic banu
i cant believe i have to hard sell people on the concept of people NOT coming back from the dead
i'm a race realist i also believe people come back from the dead #LOLWUTCOWFAG
The #1 enemy of white South Africans isnt niggers, it's their insane belief in the jewish bible for whiteskin idiots.
What do Dylann Roof and Winnie Mandela have in common?  They both killed a bunch of niggers for political reasons.
(((national media))) trying to make a thing out of this since april snow makes it too cold to riot yet
awwww yeah...we tappin dat yungbuck political wisdom ass an shit
" Add to the mix - the couple were robbed twice before and a common robbery technique is to go door-to-door, knocking to see if someone is home. If someone answers, the robber gives a lame excuse - forgetting where your school is is pretty lame. Put it together and she freaked. "
Washington Post reporter "Liz Sly." That's kind of funny in a Waugh way.
Did it ever occur to you that 'Bible' is an awfully short title for an awfully long short story collection?
It's been 2000 years since whites controlled the media in their own lands.
“The American movies have shown since the 1990s that Russian-made weapons are ‘backward.’ However, today we can see who is really lagging behind,” Assad said, according to Sablin.
Almost but not quite funny the way NYT and Washington Post make lying institutional and boring.
It seems strange to me that defense tech from the '70s could shoot down missiles 50 years later. Let alone 70%.
The very concept of eternity in heaven is horrifying. I mean, if you have any actual feel for things.
Christian civilization is what happens when your dog comes back from the vet. Spiritless, fat, all it does is eat and shit. It's like something's missing. Some vital part of it.
Whiteskins went into church as heroic warriors... ...and emerged as lugubrious boobs. #ChristFTL
I'd rather the white race disappear than evolve into a cuckrace of Glenn Becks.
I mean, if there were ONE group you would trust LEAST to verify something it would be the media. Who do nothing but lie lie lie all day long. Since we know (((their))) agenda, we don't even need the truth from them, we just reverse what they say where anything more important than the annual lemon harvest is involved. (Not that they wouldnt lie about that too.)
"As of May 1, be it known: FOR EVERY WHITE FARMER MURDERED  WE WILL KILL 100  RANDOM BLACKS" #Solutions4SouthAfrica
Joe is  white man. Joe is a Christan. Which tells you more? Christianity is a sauce. But the meat is more important than the sauce.
Imagine a particularly nasty hush crime. Committed by niggers just released by jew judge. The local tv/papers are owned by jews. They try to cover it up. Intrepid blond detective gets to the bottom of it. White academic puts the crime in socio-political and cultural-historical context. #Paleumbo
Here's a great project that is worth infinitely more than the next racialist book proving niggers have low IQ. White TV guide. Show a entire week (or even just one 24 hour day) of pro-White show capsules - so that people can see the difference. Remember: people are not stupid half as much as without imagination. They must see to understand. Examples. Then...
Globoshlomo created globohomo.
The fag doesn't wag the ZOG, as globohomo suggests, the ZOG wags the fag.
Why does the public now approve faggotry and see it as normal? Because the jews have macerated them in pro-homo media for decades. Zero other reasons. That's the power of the media as the main organ of the System that is ZOG.
It's always safe to write about non-jews. Even queers. So you can say 'globohomo' without danger. But that's Goad-tier punchpulling. The reality is GloboShlomo.  The NYT itself was writing approving articles about cops fagjacking perverts in parks back in early 1960s. The whole homo ID was created by shlomedia nonexistent w/o it.
Our side has an endless taste for flattery, just like conservatives.  They believe horsheshit like the (((nigger))) cause triumphed cuz morality. Or, a typical lie, Hitler invalidated genetics and racial science. Bullshit. These are all function of jew control over the media (which is synechdoche as the most obvious lab equipment) for Zog-System.
Optics is for gun scopes, not politics. And in fact, for our side, which is invariably lied about by the establishment, gun politics is the only option we have.
Well we'll just huh muh durr copy the civil right an sheeit. Ur alinsky an shit. DO you stupid motherfuckers not undersatnd the ONLY ONLY  ONLY ONLY reason those groups won was jew-media backing? And right-wing WHITES will NEVER have that? Never even have neutrality.
The fantasy of neutral machinery is second only to Jebus on the conservative faith list.
What can be compromised, and what can't? The racial basis of the state can't be compromised. And the acknowledgement of the fact we have a racial competitor/enemy trying to genocide us can't be denied or compromised. As I see it, that's the basis of the cause. The spur of the 'movement' toward an independent white state. The rest can be compromised. Afterward
The white cause is for whites who value their race. Not for saving those who don't. Let them mix and disappear. So long as they have the chance to hear our case, most will "come with us if you want to live." That's why jews censor, after all, and smear us as haters.  But combine racialism with shit economics & christ cult - no. We arent about those.
We need an SS equivalent blood guard. Something NOT driven by money/career but by honor/glory/necessity. Something all look to for leadership because of undeniable quality. As they look to elite military units because they know there is rigor in their standards.
You (or me or anyone) will never get whites to agree on economics-religion-politics. Never. So the white cause can't be about those or it will fissipate into nothing in short order. The white cause is about protecting our kind - by recognizing its value and by killing its enemies. And establishing (& maintaining in perpetuity) a new state on that basis alone
Organized Whites can do anything. Therefore, the enemy must at all costs prevents whites from organizing. Or organize them himself. And this is what history shows. All has been done to make white organizing not just impossible but unthinkable.
'Whitey' - this is a way to steal racial points while continuing to (((deny))) the importance of race, as a good cuck or cuckherd (horowitz) always does.
Whites should worry about effectiveness - and nothing else.
Whites have been trained -- even here -- to think like losers. When the System sticks niggers in your neighborhood - they're using violence against you. When they make you pay for those niggers - they're enslaving you. When they let discolored non-citizens vote - they're clowning you. "Keep it legal" is the wrong response.
Since I'm the only person on earth who can actually think, it falls on me to explain everything. See...atheism concerns only one point. And since it is true, it is a right-wing position. Not a left. But you can't see this because most who use the label (and there is no need for a label for those who dont indulge in God delusion) parrot other leftist garbage.
The white race isn't strong enough to produce many atheists. Most so called are simply college-brainwashed leftists; their atheism isn't product of any actual thought, hence spurious.
"The white race, left to its own devices, will think and act like hitlers. That is why we must wipe it out." --T. Wise
Most jews are atheists. So if you believe that God created the world...why are atheists running it?
Whiteskins dont hate reality. They just see it as one of a number of choices in a buffet. Sometimes they've a taste for it, but it's no better than a half dozen other alternatives. Jews are not like this. They understand that truth and objective reality and causality are real things, and that only by making them the basis of their mental lives can they beat others
oh look a jew pushing for war with OPM and OPB, dont see that everyday
They say, a lot of people believe in nurture, not nature - until they have their second child. And they realize just how fixed and different personalities and people actually are. Wait till these extinctionworthies realize that,  yeah, IQ  really is a thing.
If American Englishmen aren't being treated equally to English Englishmen, they should be. Even if that is what Jefferson meant, that same logic is going to be applied right down the line to every other group that can stand on two legs for eight seconds (democracy actually means 'rodeocracy' in ancient Greek).
"All men were created equal" As a practical matter, this is redundant He could have stopped at "created," because it ends in the same place. That's the absolutely unavoidable psychology of it.
"Hitler isn't just one man - Hitler is the entire race." --The (((Frankfurt School)))
Everyone who doesn't want to bomb people based on lies is Hitler. Anyone asking for evidence is Hitler. Anyone with a head is Hitler. Anyone white and still alive - you're all Hitlers. Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler. Carrot? Nope, my mistake. Another Hitler.
Because you're whiteskin, I know you. You don't read much. You don't think much unless there's a very short connection to your belly or gonads. You are driven by fear first and last.  Because the jews kept the form, the wrappings, the externals, you think the System just needs to be hit on the side a couple times, like a 70s tv, to start working right.  You are wrong.
The (((System))) is designed to oppress, dispossess and ultimately eradicate Whites. That's our justification for using violence against it.  We aren't here to be jew's bitches. That's for you christ culters. We are White men. #TimeToKill
"You'd cut off your nose, if you'd think it would make you hip." Jew Elfman pretty much nailed the white race with that one, even though he was writing about critics.
'Unjustly' handcuffed niggers > tortured-murdered Whites #TimeToKill
Christians aren't sinners, they're not strong enough. They're scrotes.
Christians talking about original sin is akin to niggers talking about being O.G.s
Christianity is mental-spiritual perversion. It is unfixably, irremediably, unalterably antiWhite by its core doctrines.
Spiritual mudsharking is healthy. Spiritual promiscuity is normal. Ask any Christian.
shlomo that's the correct spelling. no c

April 14, 2018:

Look, the Pierce fantasy of building alternative structures and then sidling sick white society over onto them like a patient shifted gurney to bed by interns is not going to happen. We have to kill our oppressors. #TimeToKill
You see in this chemistry false flag the holocaust in miniature. We in the kikenspiel simply proceed wiht our story as though the facts had been established. They never were. We can out-loud )))you((( because we own all the presses. What are you going to do about it, goyfuck? Yeah that's right nothing like the last six million times.
Dwarfs and bumblebees may see the world from different perspectives  BUT ITS THE SAME GODDAM WORLD.
Everything is a matter of perception; there are private truths. Funny how no one walks off a cliff then. When serious reality intrudes, public-school jew-fostered bullshit flies out the window.
There will come a day in the future when lying (((Ass Media))) rags are produced out of armed bunkers...or else simply dissipated to virtual networks, as racial loyalist right is now.
As Guns n' Roses sang "Low info magapede boomers... Get outta muh way..."
See, if WE are the only ones in town with LOLLIPOPS  then everyone who wants lollipops has to come to US DIG IT you want the lollipop of SEXUAL NORMALCY? good luck applying at the diocese. all they have is pedophiles and excuses #TeamWhite
The problem with (((whiteeaters))) is not that they eat whites, it's that they haven't been introduced to the majestic glory that is (((Jesus Christ))).
" Thomas DiLorenzo I watched the press conference with “Mad Dog” Mattis at the Pentagon last night after the missile attacks on Syria.  He was not his usual cocky, swaggering, big-talking self, but seemed more like a frightened little poodle.  He read a statement off of a piece of paper, probably written by John Bolton and Paul Wolfowitz & ed. by Douglas Feith. "
This is what "we" get when we focus on optics and appearances.  We can't rely on anyone's word.  And we think this is so clever and sophisticated.
Remember - these conservatives are professional politicians. Don't get stuck on their being cucks and intellectual clowns. If you think you're going to take on a professional carpenter with your little shop-class magazine rack, you need to think harder. The electoral system is not for clowns. But it's not the game we need to be playing. As I've been saying.
What some dont get is that YOU are not going to use the Ricky Vaughns of the world, THEY are going to use YOU.  And they are much better positioned (brains, position, experience, history, networks) to win that battle.
"now he’s not sure that center-right audience exists any more." Bash away until it's destroyed, leaving only TEAM WHITE and TEAM JEW. That's how to do it.
'conspiracy theory' is character assassination applied to explanations it's an explanation ad hominem
jews use guilt by association destroy The Bad Thing kill all those next to it Overton window attempts to flip this to innocence by association
Israel has as much to do with the USA as the bible has to do with the white race
i remember the good old days, when actual chemicals were required for your false-flag chemical weapons attack
now leftist media as fact chuckers...yeah..i'm muh seeing that
leftist media as "fact checkers" makes as much sense as hiring a nigger to guard your watermelon patch
we have the most expensive military in the world. i assume it's the best too.
" Russian experts and Russian officers at last seem to be working some sort of magic with their allies, and if they can achieve a kill ratio of about 70% with Arabs operating relatively-ancient weaponry, just imagine what it’s going to look like when ZOG at last decides to hurl itself at the Slavic juggernaut. "
but i dont see how a globalist love cult could possibly conflict with racial protection politics?
" Justin Raimondo‏ @JustinRaimondo 12h12 hours agoMore Thank you @TuckerCarlson & @IngrahamAngle for taking on the War Party: the only two voices in the "mainstream" media who dared question the attack on Syria. Prediction: the Usual Suspects will launch a smear campaign to get Carlson off the air. "
" Peter Anderson‏ @petemanderson1 18h18 hours agoMore Replying to @AnnCoulter @JustinRaimondo No matter who you vote for you always get John McCain. "
We need a White Liberation Army. It should be led by a white man with military experience, the qualification being "can do it." I will speak for it publicly, and fight as a troop.  Online loyalists should be putting together lists of top 500 cucks and kikes. Smaller state or regional lists that can be compiled by anonymous people into a master that all can see.
" But even if nothing were discovered in the private or public life of the victim, they continued to hurl abuse at him in the belief that some of their charges would stick, even though refuted a thousand times. In most cases, it finally became impossible for the victim to continue his defense because the...slanders were repeated interminably. " 2/2
" They would poke their noses into the most intimate family affairs, and not rest until they had sniffed out some petty issue that could be used to destroy the victim's reputation. " (1/2)
We need a Symbionese Liberation Army. Except, like, you know, for White people.
" Just like their Israeli masters and mentors, the Americans have convinced themselves that all they need to be successful on the international scene is to either threaten the use of force or actually use force. "
"  All the DoS does is issue threats, sanctions, ultimatums, make demands, deliver score-cards (on human rights and the like, of all things!) and explain to the public why the US is almost constantly at war with somebody. That is not “diplomacy” and the likes of Nikki Haley are not diplomats. "
killing random blacks is a great idea, a real service to society #HeroDylannRoof remember crissies, your cult claims each of these niggers was hand-blown by God and has intrinsic and inestimable worth to Him!
[have not tried this myself but even so] To delete all of your data from not only Google but also a variety of other online services, you can: Go to and sign in with a Gmail address Look down the list of synced accounts and decide which you want to delete and which you want to keep Click the button
If there isn't something inherently anti-racial about christianity, if it's not a competitor, then you would expect a white-racial movement to be full of christians. But it's not. Because the racial weltanschauung and the xtian are opposed.
Just as Internet anonys think they can insult with no consequences, so American conservatives think bombing other nations based on lies is entertainment without consequences. One day they will be proved wrong. And on that day they will cry like Ricky Vaugn fans.
as an amateur scientist, i found that with each blackberry i consumed, the urge to swim uninvited in a neighbor's pool increased. i was turning into a black bear!
“ In America, the idea that our lives can be improved by consumption is an integral cultural belief,” said Kate Wagner, who writes McMansion Hell, a blog that lambastes bad home design. " i improved my life by consuming blackberries so i agree #100PercentAmerican
" We were basically conned into that war by a group called Neo-Cons, so called neo-conservatives, who George Will once described as being “magnificently misnamed” because they were really the “most radical people in this City,” meaning Washington. " aka trotskyite radical communists, aka jews

April 13, 2018:
George Washington is looking down at you Trump saying I am disappoint
The goal of the public school system is to make the population dumb enough to believe the lies the jews put out in the mass media.
Shu'aib Janus2017ce 57m Everyone knows it was srael that ordered the strike! ReplyShare 149 Likes Dan ReadInfluencer Shu'aib 53m No one orders the US around ReplyShare 19 Likes Commander B. Dan Read 52mEdited Except the rootless cosmopolitan clique of hooknoses who own all of America's politicians. ReplyShare 113 Likes
While Trump said that the purpose of the US actions is to "establish a strong deterrent against the production, spread, and use of chemical weapons,” Antonov reminded that "the US – the possessor of the biggest arsenal of chemical weapons – has no moral right to blame other countries." like jews proper, USA now says things manifestly absurd and cant see it
"A pre-designed scenario is being implemented. Again, we are being threatened. We warned that such actions will not be left without consequences," Anatoly Antonov said in a statement on Friday night. "All responsibility for them rests with Washington, London and Paris."
Jews must be converted to Christ. Jews must be exterminated. Which of these is serious, and which belongs to Clown World? #TeamWhite
notice how many of these topkikes are mixing with slant-eyes?
you say X Y Z "christ" what the white dog hears: blah blah blah CUCK
White Nationalists: - the only people who've been against these wars from day one - the only people who've told you exactly who was behind them  WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS. WE ARE THE HONEST GUYS.  WE ARE THE ONES YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO. #TeamWhite
the nice thing about nuclear wars is you dont really have to be directly involved to enjoy them non-vicariously
"the fool you flatter is the fool you become" the USA has been so jewy for so long it's now getting the same reception as the jew - loathed everywhere and eventually it's going to get the same treatment so nice to live in the age of nuclear weapons, eh wot?
really makes you think you can take german political cartoons from 100 years ago not translate them and little babies get the point JEWS ARE SOCIAL POISON
Same day Turmp opens a fresh war for jews he pardons a dirty jew criminal. That is some topcucking.
Protocols - dont get misled by red herrings about its authenticity - it's like a thing in astronomy where mathematics shows something must be there...and then it's verified thru the scope. Most whites dont believe in rationality. So they dont believe in plans, let alone long-term coordination. Those who do can see the patterns, and posit a Protocols.
Trump you weak fucking faggot
E. S. T. doesn't apply to the (((bible))) because you don't want it to. And your feelings are the measure of all things.
White Words worse than Black Behavior file...
Jews have been abeing for the niggers NOT since day one but since #LeoFrank in 1913. When they tried to frame two  niggers for the molestation-murder they KNEW was committed by their mackie. BEFORE that time, jews were well integrated in Old South, owned plantations, dominated slave trade, dominated slave economy - as small minority.
The theme of Krasinski (no shlomo)'s new horror movie is (white family) can't speak loud or the big bad dark monsters will get them. Yeah, not too hard to work a PC meaning out of that.
So Paramount's head, Jim Gianopulos, is, as you might guess, a (second-generation) Greek-American. First link I find is this:
This is mildly interesting.  "Since Jim Gianopulos took over Paramount one year ago, he’s slowly begun to remake the studio. A Quiet Place was one of his first green lights." I posted link to review attacking this white-family-centric horror movie for political reasons. Not sure of Gianopulos' background. The movie has done well.
Racist Party  ...for a White Future ...featuring the  White Liberation Army ...and for her Cuntbys, womens auxiliary unit filling wombs, lemonade glasses and ovens
Is thinking common? Or is imitation common? That's the problem with traditionalism.
You're of age. Why not rip your mental hymen and enjoy some adult thinking? Mind-hymen ripper: (drumroll). .  . Consider jews as . . .the Bad Guys. Everyone says they're the good guys. But what if they're the bad guys? Go on. USE your brain, person. That's what it's for.
The goal and role of the cuck is forever to lose to the jew (his guide and employer) and forever win over the real right - the race-based right, best called the White Nationalist or blood right.
Jews encourage cucks to shit on Whites the way they shit on cucks, even as they pay them. The lesson in that is to attack cucks and jews alike. Cucks are just the barking leash-dogs for their jew masters. They all go in the oven in the end.
the real reason i dont participate in elections is i dont think all y'alls votes should be equal to mine. i dont mean individually i mean together.  basically, not letting me decide the major things is a recipe for disaster. i think that's pretty clear.
i like aldi. low prices, yes. but really the order of it satisfies me internally. that's how shit is SUPPOSED to be done but seldom is
blackberries are the only good blacks
where did Kincannon run off to? never seen anyone run around his own maypole like that, it is funny
When you show loyalty or fear to a cuck, it just inspires contempt. Cucks are for beating. Look how jews treat xtian conservatives. That's how winners do it. That's how Whites should do it. Could it be any clearer that fraternizing with them and treating them as equals does not work. Curs are for kicking.
political wisdom and self control come together in people about as often gold in a stream bed that's why democracy is such a good idea

April 12, 2018:

The British were the bad guys in WWII, and until they admit that, they'll continue to spiral.
"While Pound’s influence is less visible on the American alt-right scene, it isn’t difficult to trace the lines of intellectual genealogy, via the likes of Eustace Mullins & John Kasper, to the present-day demagogues who headlined the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, such as Richard Spencer, Christopher Cantwell, and Augustus Sol Invictus.
" We hardly need reminding, in these days of resurgent white nationalism, that many of the noxious ideas Pound advocated are far from extinct. "
" Pound is not the only major 20th-century literary figure who supported fascism or held racist views; but he is the only one who engaged with the extreme right of the postwar era, and today his particular blend of economic populism, conspiracy thinking, and overt racism, far from seeming eccentric and anachronistic, is disturbingly contemporary. "
"...Pound himself was publishing pseudonymous journalism on similar themes. “It is perfectly well known that the fuss about ‘de-segregation’ in the United States has been started by Jews,” he wrote in August 1956. "
Kasper:  Now damn all race-mixers The stink: Roose, Harry and Ike God bless Jeff Jax and John Adams Also Abe Loathe carpet-bag Despise scalawag Hate mongrelizer
" Another protégé was John Kasper, the owner of a bookstore in Greenwich Village specializing in racist and anti-Semitic literature. (He’d named it Make It New, after one of Pound’s most famous critical pronouncements.) Later, Kasper became a leading figure in the right-wing reaction to the Supreme Court’s Brown v. Board of Education decision. "
“recounts the dastardly founding of the Fed in a plot against the spirit of Jefferson and the principles of American democracy…backed by the Rothschilds.”  I met Mullins; he was an old-school courtly Southern gentleman, best I could make out.
" One of the most devoted of the Ezrologists was a young man named Eustace Mullins, an anti-Semite and conspiracy theorist who later became a prominent Holocaust denier. At Pound’s instigation, Mullins began work on a book called A Study of the Federal Reserve, which, according to Swift,
" “You let in the Jew and the Jew rotted your empire, and you yourselves out-Jewed the Jew,” he admonished the British on March 15, 1942. "
"We are all but soggen potatoes, growing desperate eyes, unseeing darkly, locked in cabinet under kitchen sink." --Aristotle
" If you believe in improvement you must weep, for the attained perfection must end in cold, darkness, and silence. In a dispassionate view the ardour for reform, improvement, for virtue, for knowledge and even for beauty is only a vain sticking up for appearances, as though one were anxious about the cut of one’s clothes in a community of blind men. "
It's also a form of simplifying/streamlining/dumbing down to present things from the POVs of lower-IQ races. The monkey has become the measure of all things.
" To Garnett, the work revealed “the deterioration of the white man’s morale, when he is let loose from European restraint, and planted down in the tropics. ”
" Even the critic and editor Edward Garnett, a far more sophisticated reader and a man whose critical intelligence Conrad admired, read Heart of Darkness as a story of what happens when a European “goes native,” when Western values become contaminated by local non-Western conditions—which is to say, he read it as Conrad wrote it. "
" It is perhaps unsurprising, then, that when Africans do appear in Heart of Darkness they are described by the story’s narrator, Marlow, as “black shadows of disease and starvation”; as “raw matter”; as “dusty niggers with splay feet.”
" Africans? Insofar as he noticed them at all, they were either dead (“horrid smell”), injured (“gave him a little glycerine to put on the wound”) or repellent (“three women, one of whom albino passed our camp … Features very Negroid and ugly”). "
" Conrad had grown up hearing his father refer to local peasants as “monkeys.” Throughout his life, he maintained what Jasanoff describes as “an enduring distaste for organized labor and radical politics,” and he regarded popular political movements as nothing but manifestations of the herd. "
" He had not managed to shape his son into the nationalist that he wished him to be, but he did imbue in Konrad a deep disdain for money and for bourgeois values, and also a despair at how commerce and machinery were corroding the habits and morals of landed communities. "
" In conversation with George Washington, Webster once described the union