Robert S. Griffin - The Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds

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Introduction and Chs. 1-2

- We go thru wiki bio of Pierce, with necessary corrections; griffin discusses what he's trying to do with this book (make a portrait of pierce, not a bio), we go along with griffin as he pulls into the west va acreage and first meets Pierce in person

Ch. 3: Early Life

- Pierce's biography, including education, bildung, career, marriages/family, pets

Ch. 4: George Bernard Shaw, Et Al.

- Idea of living your life for the Life Force (from don juan in act 3 of Shaw's "Man and Superman"). Nietzsche's concept of Superman. Oregon state colleague with mixed kids. anti-war movement. contrast with patriotic grease/aluminum drives in wwii. difference in jewsmedia attitudes toward the wars. necessity of discipline. the will to power is mostly will to power OVER ONESELF. need to discipline children young. question of what to do with one's life? use yourself up in the service of a great cause - helping the Life Force bring about the Superman. Tennyson's Ulysses.

Ch. 5: Adolf Hitler

- Hitler, power of will, taking one's life seriously, Rienzi Wagner opera, Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin. Savitri Devi. Lightning and the Sun. Hitler as the ultimate "man against time" in favor of restoring pristine world, ruthless militarily against degenerates. Mein Kampf. state as vehicle for protection and advancement of race. the best should rule the worst. democracy denies personality, substitutes numbers for quality. jews degrade culture and promote blood poisoning.

Ch. 6: The John Birch Society
Ch. 7: George Lincoln Rockwell

- Pierce joins JBS in oregon, attends a few meetings and quits, as they aren't serious about investigating jews behind communism and civil rights. ... ch7: comes across rockwell clip on tv, writes to him. publication of National Socialist World. Patler and assassination. Matt Koehl. John Lloyd. bios of Rockwell and much more bio of Devi.

Ch. 8: The National Alliance

- Pierce connects with Lou Byers who is with Carto who did the Youth for Wallace, then National Youth Alliance. NYA is simply fundraising, Pierce says to add tabloid so people get something for their money. that tabloid is Attack! Instant success. Pierce forms corp. in Va. called National Alliance, dropping Youth. Idea is to appeal to broader range that his NSW or NYA. basically to appeal to all concerned with American degeneration. start ADV in 1991. thumbnails of bob demarais and evelyn hill. visit to germany, passau, denied giving speech by cops who threatened to shut meeting of NPD down.

Ch. 9: Revilo Oliver

- Oliver's memorial, set up by Dickson. strom and kirsten strom speak. it's taped. oliver suggests Pierce write fiction, sends him a copy of the John Franklin Letters, author unknown but griffin believes to be oliver. model for The Turner Diaries.

Ch. 10: The Turner Diaries
Ch. 11: Pierce on The Turner Diaries
Ch. 12: Tim McVeigh

- Pierce points out mcveigh inspired by waco. he talked to mcveigh's lawyer steven jones and explained the DISsimilarity between the OKC bomb and the bomb in TD. Pierce believes the government parrotted the media about TD being the inspiration for OKC.

Ch. 13: Our Cause
Ch. 14: Cosmotheism

- Explaining cosmotheism. shaw, nietzsche. explanation of pantheism and contrasted with theism in its views of God. the history of Cosmotheism as instituted or attempted church, the Cosmotheist Community Church. IRS prejudice from ADL pressure.

Ch. 15: Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Ch. 16: Bob Mathews

- Pierce read some Solz. Agrees on much, disagrees on some, is not christian, for ex. history of Bob Mathews and the Order, inspiration from Turner Diaries. mathews spoke at national meeting in dc in 1983. robberies and assassination, counterfeiting. griffin does NOT ask pierce is he received money from mathews, as zillah craig says he did, and shortly after which he purchased 346 acres in west virginia. declaration of war, letter to congress. final burnout at Whidbey Island, mathews goes down in flames, firing automatic weapon.

Ch. 17: To West Virginia
Ch. 18. Hunter
Ch. 19. Pierce on Hunter

- Pierce/NA move from dc to wva in 1985. Pierce got down on dc, was doing things that would get him thrown in prison. came to hate blacks and urban life, needed to go rural. contrast with white houston back when he attended rice. jack london, valley of the moon. ... yeager kills interracial couples. sees pride is different between blacks and whites. difference between men and women, psychologically as relates to race war. ryan fbi guy heading anti-terror unit, working with yeager. saul, set up as evangelist preacher type. ... power of fiction: reader identifies with the protagonist. if the protag changes views, or learns something new, the reader tends to too. that makes fiction a powerful medium for persuasion. Pierce intended to write two more non-fiction books - a race history of whites, and a philosophical book tying everything together, telling whites how to live. yeager killing ryan represents Pierce siding with racial radicalism over conservative reformism.

Ch. 20: William Gayley Simpson

- Simpson lived as assisi, came to realize the problem is not human conditions but human quality. Pierce on what's wrong with christianity: beatitudes, sermon on the mount. meekness, universalism, superstition, lack of responsibility taking. etc. The Voice of Our Ancestors.

Ch. 21: World War II

- We can only understand our times today by grasping what happened in WWII times, and how they were lied about. Stuart Kahan, The Wolf of the Kremlin. kaganovich, butcher of the ukraine. top jew appointed by stalin to collectivize agriculture. genocide at Vinnitsa. Genrikh Yagoda led NKVD, going from farm to farm confiscating crops and livestock. mokrii robota -- "wet work". we never hear about jew-commie atrocities because jews control media. katyn forest. Death in the Forest: The Story of the Katyn Forest Massacre by J.K. Zowodny.6. jeansonne, Women of the Far Right. 6m members. National Legion of Mothers of America - written out of history. Elizabeth Dilling. Catherine Curtis. Lyrl Clark Van Hyning. We the Mothers of America. James Bacque on german suffering. Other Losses (1989). Crimes and Mercies (1997). Juergen Thorwald, Flight in the Winter (1953).

Ch. 22: Pierce and Jews

- Jews dispersed by babylonians. hostile to and hated by all the lived among, where they were always minority. Abram Sachar - A History of the Jews. parasites living on a host. Kevin MacDonald - A People That Shall Dwell Alone, Separation and Its Discontents, and The Culture of Critique. ch 60-61 in Isaiah - jews as "chosen" to own and rule the earth. in old days, jew power came from lending - to kings and princes. today it comes from controlling news and entertainment media. jews attack white culture and diminish whites as a race, threatening their very physical survival. power of mass media is unprecedented. many cant distinguish artificial world of media from reality. media establish spectrum of permissible opinion - pro-Israel to nearly neutral. we must do whatever is necessary to break jewish media control. kevin macdonald and his trilogy. jewish "war on gentile cultural supports." KM thinks euros will respond.

Ch. 23: Racism and Hate
Ch. 24: Schooling
Ch. 25: Men and Women

- WWII is when equality meme took off. white resistance to forced association (euphemism: integration) in the name of 'civil rights' was deliberately associated with lower-class undignified behavior and repeated until whites were conditioned to respond like pavlov's dogs to any use of Racism. jew anti-white orgs are the real haters. hate crime is simply jewish version of orwell's thought crime. hate crime = thought crime = political crime. jews ran article "Should Hate be Outlawed" -- in 1955! ... schools pass on racial heritage, scientific technique, and moral character. jews and their System use multiculturalism, egalitarianism and feminism to interfere with these, produce a passive, effeminate, brainwashed population, particularly of white boys. reporter never heard of Aesop's fables. mcguffey's readers, with their moral lessons and examples of heroes thrown out by progressives. 4 groups of profs: trendies, true believer leftists, jews and what griffin calls Timids. these through cowardly passivity allowed PC to create a tyranny on campus. univs should have two goals: train scholars; produce commitment to their civilization in young elite. rise of "whiteness studies." ... Pierce says stable marriage is basis of society; feminists worried not about families but about women's personal fulfillment. sexes are complementary. white masculinity has been lost. people, particularly white men, are soft today. need for eugenics, though simply refusing to subsidize the dysgenic will clear up most of the problem. Pierce thinks mankind has been dysgenic for last 10,000 years. before that, only the fit survived. choosing a barbie - example of typical modern american brainwashing.

Ch. 26: The New World Order

- Anti-free trade. concentration. end of nations. end of nationalism.

Ch. 27: Pierce's Vision
Ch. 28: The Leadership Conference
Ch. 29: Last Contact

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