E. Michael Jones - Degenerate Moderns

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Ch. 1: Samoa Lost: Margaret Mead, Cultural Relativism, and the Guilty Imagination

Ch. 2: Blue Lagoon Social Studies

– mazrui, SUNY-binghamtom, leonard jeffries, van vechten, Nigger Heaven, use blacks to justify sexual misbehavior, Kerouac’s “spade kicks”; Nietzsche’s deliberate self-infection with syphillis and anger at Wagner when he turned against loose sex in Parsifal. this idea of seeking the loose and free in sexual relations as a way to get around “judeo-christian” morality, traced to Nietzsche and others; also found in NY battles in early nineties with this Mazrui guy, a high-paid scholar preaching usual anti-white, gibs-me-dat resource redistribution

Ch. 3: Homosexual as Subversive: The Double Life of Sir Anthony Blunt

Ch. 4: Stanley and Jane’s Excellent Adventure: Or, Why Politically Correct Professors Hate Western Civilization

– stanley fish, reader reader response criticism. jane tompkins. adultery. philadelphia. duke. nyt review, newsweek article. 1988. attempts to justify adultery. nathanial hawthorne, valley of the dolls. attempt to broaden or change canon to reflect new morality in which adultery is common and justifiable rather than immoral.

Ch. 5: The Case Against Kinsey

– kinsey. bloomington, indiana. Ind. Univ., Kinsey Institute. liar. claimed had 2nd largest porno collection to vatican – complete lie which has been recirculated by AP. kinsey had stifling childhood. no interets in girls. begins as entomologist. sex researcher by 1939. dead 1956. data doubted by many. science as cover for perversion-pushing. connecting link to Frankfurt School plan to destroy Aryan ‘authoritarian personality’ society by loosening morals. data doubts. small sample sizes. sexual histories drawn from prisoners, prostitutes, queers, yet held to reflect general sexual behavior – and promoted by the jew-controlled media to get Aryans to loosen up. kinsey institute won’t allow anyone access to its files, even tho it promotes openness for everyone else. main critic reisman. buchanan promoted her questioning where he got his data on child sexuality, that was in 1983.

Ch. 6: Liberal Guilt Cookies

– vocabulary: bacchae (look it up!); corybantic (adj meaning wild, frenzied, orgaistic, from rites of Phyrigian priests devoted to Cybele). notion of guilt and forgivenness - repentence was new in the world, just confirm you accept jesus as god and reptent your sin, and your sin is lifted. contrasted with lack of forgivenness in pre-christian world. suggestion that jones's view is much lighter than Greek tragic view. liberalism is suffused with guilt. lib politics is way to find salvation having rejected god, going thru politics. alt-view is feminism/abortion/sexual misbehavior are rationally induced by jews to loosen white society and ultimately genocide whites. anna quindlen, catholic feminist, from phila, on nyt, columns, feeling bad about business trip, baking cookies to atone for 3-day absence from tots; felt her baby was real small human, less so for friend's she helped get aborted. disagreement over whether leftists feel guilty based on my attendance at gigantic abortion rallies in DC right around 1990, or a couple years before this book was published.

Ch. 7: Cubism as Sexual Loathing: The Case Against Picasso

– vocab: exegesis, mimesis, ouevre. Les Demoiselles d'Avignon - founding painting of cubism - kicked off modern art in the 20th century. distortions. women he hates drawn as prostitutes, faces turned into masks or preying mantises. great upside-downing of traditional (art) standards. non-representations, destroying object discreteness, perspective, time and space, akin to freud/einstein transferred to canvas. picasso (anyone) paints realistically what he loves, unrealistically what he hates, has come to hate - his latest formerly greatest now hatest gf. apparently not a jew, but perfectly in line with jew/communist (joined party in 1944) thinking and agenda. life endless procession of lovers he starts by loving and painting realistically, then coming to dislike and portray as monsters, mantises, prostitutes, etc. HST quote re new journalism, my concern for truth not at nickel-and-dime level. impressionism as progenitor of cubism or mordern art. non-representational - no humans, just free play w color and form. jews explain and sell it. parallels to bauhaus. breaking rules, breaking categories, destroying all forms, creating new ones.

Ch. 8: Sigmund and Minna and Carl and Sabina: The Birth of Psychoanalysis Out of the Personal Lives of Its Founders

- Ch 8:

Part A:
- on freud and jung. their theories come out of their illicit relationships - freud with his sister in law, minna bernays; jung's with his patient, sabina spielrein (russian jew). freud and jung went to lecture in america. on the boat, freud refused to offer personal details because they would threaten his authority. this is when jung realized freud and his system were frauds. missing letters between freud and minna - deliberately hidden or destroyed, because they would prove they had a sexual relationship. minna was a revenant, or reappearance of freud's czech second-mother. she was his czech 'second mother' to his children (nanny). jung was the first aryan, to be the Saul/Paul to take psychoanalysis to the goyim. freud's biographers have tried to cover up the truth, some of them. they try to claim freud's oedipal theory is universal, but stop you from applying it to freud, yet when you examine the facts of his behavior, it applies perfectly to him. it is not universal, since we don't all do what freud did, nor do we want to. ...preceding this i have 20 minutes talk of books and Clizbe's attempt to blame the origins of PC on the non-jew German Willi Muenzenberg, and his weird claims the NYT is WASP, and if any ethnic group deserves blame for PC, it is WASPs. fact that dorothy parker's father was jew named rothschild. clizbe acts like the NYT and public schools are just idea-transmission belts or neutral machinery open to everyone, rather than tools for promoting the agendas of their owners. typical anti-occamic jew-exculpation.

Part B:
- Hawthorne, Scarlett Letter, moral realism. misread/evaded by moderns. guilty minister ascends scaffold to confess and gain peace, maybe. there is a moral law, it is universal and absolute. sin leads to guilt leads to need for confession. freud's stuff is a cheap substitute, and factually wrong. discussion of the de-moralizing of aryan jung by freud/gross/spielrein in the movie A Dangerous Method (2011). wilhelm schmidt destroys freud's claimed anthropological basis for Oedipus Complex. he was expert on australia, where freud located the original murder/eating of father. nope! freud was thus refuted from day one. his theory, which he and supporters present as scientific and universal is in fact personal and biographical.

Part C:
- Jung's attempt to have it both ways as gnosticism. he knew he was part of a tradition, jones says it goes back to simon magus. ... abandoning 'seduction theory' for Oedipal theory - killing moses (the moral law) in order to justify wanting incest. only the non-lustful can see objectively, is the catholic claim. suggestion the church apply this to its wholly subjective view on race - that it doesn't matter. this leads it to what augustine calls 'obduracy' and 'rejecting the known truth.' conforming reality to its own will rather than acknowledging it and living in accord with it.

Ch. 9: Luther's Enduring Legacy

- Luther the first modern man, first modern ideology. abducing nunes, marrying them off. corrupt clergy. doctrine of enslaved will. rejects free will. saved by grace alone, not works. contrary to scripture, says jones. which is ironic in light of sola scriptura. sexual corruption was rampant in german clergy in 1500s, luthern used this against the papacy, then turned around and justified it for his followers. ... intellectually you can subordinate truth to desire or desire to truth. that is the basic transaction. modernity's rise based on our not knowing connection to lives of its proponents. connaturality: children must be taught to live a certain way to apprehend the truth (classical idea).

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