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What do you think are the good and bad points about National Socialism?

Good points are that these men had the balls to say and do the necessary. This I think is less due to NS than German culture generally. They are more serious than we in Anglo lands, and less driven/distracted by personality than we are. Everything in Anglo lands is glad-handing, lying and appearances. Reality, substance, takes a back seat. True English actually pride themselves on their historically notable treachery. In my view, NS is nothing occult or christian, but the application of German seriousness to politics. Just as they might apply their ‘way’ to mechanical engineering and come up with Mercedes, they applied their brains to politics, determined what the jews were doing, and found a way to counter it. This is the valuable part of NS. Countering the Weimar sex-scum; the people who produced communism; who created the Frankfurt school. Who destabilized the country by perverting the money system – that latter, and their response to it is extremely important. Getting money and media out of jew hands is the only way to protect a white nation, and Germans were the first in modern times to grasp this and execute it. We are still behind them today, not just in doing, but in understanding. This is why when you read old speeches or essays by Hitler and Goebbels, they are vastly more pertinent and ‘realer’ than stuff you see by anyone else today. We are still treated to the clowning of (((Breitbart))) as fake resistance, let alone the overtly anti-white mass media, which is literally every ‘mainstream’ source.

The bad points about National Socialism – it can’t be fully judged because the System was only in place for about a decade, but it’s essentially the same as any large, centralized government. I have lived and worked in DC. In any System, the people who are attracted to power tend to be the worst sort of people. They are there for the wrong reasons, namely personal enrichment and status. This is not avoidable under any system, including NS. I think that probably most NS supporters do not understand this. Human or white nature does not change because you have a white-positive government in power. People are still greedy, stupid and short-sighted. Anyone can claim he operates in the name of the race, but that doesn’t prove anything. Just look at how National Alliance fell apart after Pierce died.

White men don’t need large government to run their lives, at least not in America. And if they do, how are they anything but lightskinned niggers? Not enough attention has been given this question by those who consider themselves Nazis.

Given that our racial enemy is in fact trying to exterminate us, we are forced to embrace a counter-organization that must be extremely powerful, organized and disciplined. Because we cannot lose that battle. But living among ourselves, we don’t need a government that is all about constructing giant little-man architecture, as Hitler wanted. Forcing people to subsidize crap like operas. Banning homeschools, because people might teach things the NS crowd don’t like. The main thing the White man needs from government is racial protection. That’s what he can’t do himself. Beyond that, he should be able to run his own life. If not, he’s just white, not a man. I take both seriously, and have worked out some ideas I won’t go into here, but essentially we need something even more hard core than NS was in dealing with enemies, but something much lighter on whites-among-whites life inside that shell. Subsidiarity is a valid principle – things should be handled at the level that makes the most sense.

What is your opinion on the new wave of podcasts and forums that have sprung up in the last year or two? And how much do you think vnnforum influenced them?

I don’t know; I really don’t follow much. I read/hear stuff here and there, but I am doing other things. My opinion is that the more people doing solid WN stuff, the better. The higher the quality, the better. The more humor, the better. The more taboo-breaking (politically) the better. What the jews have done to the world is absolutely outrageous and it should be discussed high and low by comedians and average people, and even PhDs. Material should be put out on all levels for all brains and biceps. That’s straight GLRockwell, dog! That all may see, that all may hear, that all may know. Jews bad. Whites good. That’s the simplest reduction of message, accessible to the lowest intellect we’re trying to reach. Per Hitler’s and Goebbels’ instruction. We also know that, contrary to the lies circulated by the gelded simps known as conservatives, Goebbels said propaganda must be true. Of course, it’s not propaganda, according to Ellul, unless its coming from all official vectors. So white ‘content’ is countering propaganda. It is resistance to propaganda. It should be high spirited and piercing. Anglin has the right spirit. Humor lubricates the hard message. Humor, truth, dailiness are the winning recipe, and Daily Stormer has it, As VNN did back in 2000. I focused on writing, text, then, because I wanted people to concentrate on the ideas, not personality or pictures — and also I get real joy out of literary playfulness, let’s say, and I was writing for others who feel the same. And I wanted to cluster and funnel the main stories into a few simple, necessary political ideas, which I always ended spintros with. For example, No Way Out But Through The Jews. It worked, and well. I think it spread basic awareness of Whitopia being jewed, with malice aforethought, and with racial-death as intention. Time moves on…now…today…who can deny the power of the meme after the election of Trump – this is necessary and awe-inspiring work by the newer generation. It should be continued and expanded. All media, all fronts can be attacked simultaneously, so long as people have the ability and knowledge and desire. Everything that can possibly be done to expand awareness of jews, what they are, and what they intend to do to white nations – this continues to be our task. And that certainly includes laughing at the holohoax, which some say we should avoid. Absolutely wrong! It should be mocked, continually, and Anglin is very good at this. The internet is inherently pro-white because it allows us whites to talk to one another without a jewish filter, and we must continue to take advantage of this. And I think a very good job has been done of this, over this millennium, let’s say. This is the groundwork preceding the eventual political revolution that will reestablish white political sovereignty worldwide. We can’t know precisely what forms it will take; we just know that whites face a common enemy, the jew, using the same exact strategy and tactics in white lands everywhere. The same mendacious, false reduction to Hate and Jew Agenda is seen from New Zealand to Norway. Jews form a global network, and have for centuries. Whites must form a global network in response, at least it makes sense, for we fight a common enemy, and one that has neven changed its nature over thousands of years, no matter what christians say.

Do you see a path to white nations without bloodshed?

Can whites regain sovereignty purely by vote? Perhaps. We have seen Trump get elected. He is a civic nationalist, not a racialist. His rise was met with the most egregious lying possible from the Judenpresse. And he’s living among, worked with, intertwined his family with jews, and there’s not a single word he’s ever uttered that suggests he opposes them. Yet he is treated as Hitler II. He has multiple attempted assassinations against him, with the attackers treated as legitimate by the media – even when the media are 100% claiming he is unelectable. So imagine how someone who actually knew and expressed the full racial truth would be treated. I don’t see any way to believe the jews are going to yield power without whites physically countering their efforts. But the important point is there is bloodshed right now: whites are under daily assault by discos marshalled and directed by jews, who deliberately inject them, whether ghetto monkeys with subsidized housing, or bogus African refugees, into the heart of the whitest areas they can find. The first whites have begun to fight back; Anders Breivik and Dylann Roof, to name two. Even if whites could regain sovereignty without much bloodshed, it would only be because they had the perceived ability to shed jewblood on a massive scale that would make that possible. Where would Hitler have gotten without the SA’s ability to physically fight communists? Nowhere. He would have been just another lukewarm bourgeois tut-tutter. What people do not understand, and the one thing I learned in college: the (((left))) cares about winning. And nothing else. That’s what’s so horrifying about someone like Trump. He delays their plans. He upsets their Agenda, at least in some particulars. He represents the white race by proxy, even if he doesn’t fully understand this. This explains the depth of their hatred. And the left will use any lie, any illegal means to win. It has to. It truly isn’t a choice. For the left, the choice not to use illegal means, or their verbal equivalent – calling all other views hate – is choosing to lose. When you are not just a minority opinion but a tiny-minority opinion, you have no recourse but lying and physical intimidation, including murder, to win. This is why jews streak for the media and money when they enter a country. They can only browbeat, given their agenda, not persuade. It only works top down, if they control the top. When you create a central bank, you can counterfeit money. This funds your operations. You can buy media, then, and justify what you’re doing. Jews came into the US after 1880. They had set up progressive income tax, and ADL, and Federal Reserve, by 1915. They were buying up media all along the way. These together with their mastery of the new electronic tools have given them an unprecedented platform for misleading and manipulation – just general control. Then came the Internet. The meaning of the internet is that, just as the printing press freed us from the catholic church, the Internet can free us from the jews. The physical basis of white life must be protected – this requires an extremely powerful force. But the reason whites are worth protecting, the reason our race has value that will be lost if we’re mudded out, can only flourish where white men — not bureaucrats, even NS bureaucrats — make the adult decisions affecting their lives. We are both Whites and men. What’s generally applicable about NS is fighting jews; but NS ideas for Germans in Germany might not be the best thing for Americans. That can be argued over, at least. I have my views.

What is the most important thing you have learnt in the last year?

That women really are, per Schopenhauer, overgrown children, and the corollary: a man should never follow the advice of a woman where his own ideas and masculine reasoning and intuition would lead him the opposite way. Women are always wrong about the deepest stuff, and I have come to believe it is probably wrong ever to discuss politics with them. They simply aren’t a serious sex, although they are involved with very serious matters.

One Daily Stormer commentator after watching your speech at the knoxville patriots rally asked rhetorically “Does any American WN have balls as big as this guy saying these things in public with negro onlookers”? What say you Alex?

One should worry about the task at hand. Not whether one is equipped for it, which will soon be answered. I always think: what does the audience need to hear? What message? In which form? I think that shaming people is often useful, they need to be recalled to their senses, by hearing how wackily upside down the world is, thanks to the jew. That was part of what I was trying to accomplish there. But given that the Supreme Court allows cops to lock speakers away from the public, these kinds of outdoor activities become less effective than they could be. Still, what is done indoors is conservative and cowardly, even if necessary, what is outdoors and public-facing is where the movement grows. That was Hitler’s view, that we dont need a debating society. The outlines of the basic problem are understood. Anyone providing a semblance of white-normal leadership, even if not overtly enunciated, even if merest proxy, will be followed with hosannas by normal whites – this is precisely what Trump’s campaign and successful election means. He’s white by proxy. That is the only reason jews are so howling mad. Because his policies don’t even figure to be really right-wing, as that’s defined nowadays. But they will tend to be effectively pro-white, since the nation is majority white, and real nation entirely white, and any attempt to defend that nation by trade and borders and money sanity and staying out of international-jews’ wars will have that effect. The jew intends to destroy all nations but his own. Trump is fighting that, no matter whether he understands what he is doing. Trump is not an intellectual. But his instincts seem mostly sound. He has grown up in the jewiest possible milieu, New York City real estate, and like old Joe Kennedy up in Boston, in bootlegging and later in movies, he has learned to swim with the sharks, and even outchomp them. White racial loyalists must use Trump, just as he has used us. Jews would not hate Trump unless there was something white-positive about him, but that does not mean the man himself understands race and jews – that is our job to increase enlightenment among his supporters. In the end he’s a 70-year-old man whose family is entirely jewed, as (((they))) suck the Drumpf Germanic physical and moral strength into their fold. We, our side, must use him, and the openings his presidency will afford.

What does the future hold for Alex Linder and And how can Stormers keep up to date with your online activism?

Right now, my main work is on audiobooks. Which are posted at and at I just got banned from twitter. That’s the fourth time, I think, so I am done there. I have begun posting at Gab, under my name. I hope a lot of people will join that medium. I think it has enough people that it’s already not incestuous, and it’s fast/responsive enough that it can succeed in purely market terms. We have seen people attempt in the past to create pro-White utilities, but they were not technically advanced enough to compete with the jews’ mainstream offerings (Google and such). Gab may be different. It is run by technical pros. But not necessarily racialists – just people who are likelier than Twitter to support free speech – which has no functional, practical, everyday meaning beyond “allow people to criticize jews and oppose their anti-white agenda.” Whether Gab means it, I certainly can’t say, time will tell, but it’s certainly the best option out there for those tired of Twitter’s double standards. So, follow me there if you like. And I will post any new recordings I do. I have been recording audiobooks for years now, and will continue same. I am doing Revilo Oliver’s “America’s Decline: The Education of a Conservative” next. Eventually I will compile a large book to preserve stuff from original VNN, and also address some intellectual matters I have come to believe are the most important unresolved matters facing our movement. People must be persuaded jews are The Problem – the mother of the rest of the problems – good progress has been made on this front, and I hope I have had an effect here, and believe I have. Now and next, the Second Realization is that only solution to jews/problems caused by jews is: counter-exterminating them. Finally, that christianity is the reason jews have been allowed to fester as a problem in the west, and that until we abandon christ-insanity’s teachings, which cannot change on this matter, as they involve changing the very thing itself, its universalism — all need the jebus as the One True Path — we will continue to court genocide by pretending jews are fellow humans who can be reasoned with, rather than racial competitors congenitally implacably bent on our literal physical extinction. So no need to wait up a decade, the book’s new intellectual work will be an expansion on these latter two points.

What is Alex Linders take on Donald Trumps election to POTUS?

I think I’ve given you that above. I happened to drive through a lot of the country two times in October, and he certainly won the battle of outside signs. I thought the election would be very close. I think Romney had the key insight last time: that 47% of the population is essentially parasitic, and would vote for the devil herself if he represented their benefits. This is another reason I’m antisocialist – it turns white men into niggers. If a white man needs government to provide health, education and welfare, then he’s not a white man. We never needed that centralized bureaucratic monstrosity before the 20th century, and look at the misery and bankruptcy and generally fecklessness that resulted from ‘public education’ (conformity concentration camps for kids), welfare and the rest. The key is is that Trump is a proxy for whites, white interests, a real nation. The jews know this and hate him for it. But we must wait and see what he actually does. I was even more astonished back in the 1990s by Newt Gingrich’s leading a congressional revolution, and capturing the entire Congress. I expected that to happen less than Trump being elected. But it did. Yet absolutely nothing white-positive came from it. Early signs are that Trump will do what he said he would do. As an independent billionaire, his motivations are far purer than most in politics. I believe he truly does want what he thinks is best for the nation. I just don’t think he fully appreciates that American success, historically, is tied to high-quality whites left alone by the government. I think his administration will be judged by whether he builds the wall or not. I am hoping he does, and that, per the adage – eating makes appetite. When the wall is built, and the aliens deported, the desire for nation and national protection only grows, and racialists continue to grow and influence people to understand that America = white, and anyone who says otherwise is the enemy. And that all these bad things that happened to us the last 120 years are due to the jews and their genocidally antiwhite foreign policy and domestic agenda. We will see what Trump actually does. As Protocols says, stupidy goyim always satisfied with words, ignore behavior. Let’s not be stupid. What Trump does matters more than what he says.

What do think is a good way to avoid “White genocide”?

Focus on the force promoting it. It’s useless to whine about it as an abstraction, apart from (((those))) causing it. Or to post pictures of models with wan looks on their faces. Who is driving white genocide? How do we stop them? This is where we learn from Hitler and the NS. How did they do it? Of course not all lessons apply, but there is a lot more applicable in their history of battling jew communists than in our Anglo-Christian legacy of grinning, lying and evading. Falling into useless abstract language while flattering ourselves we are high- or beautiful-minded rather than cowards. The term ‘cuckservative’ is very useful in this regard, but it is often used incorrectly, and I suspect with obfuscatory intent. If a jew like Ben Shapiro pursues his race’s agenda, then he is not a cuck. That term should never be applied to jews, for they are loyal to their race and their agenda. It should only be applied to whiteskins who throw their white race under the bus to serve their personal interests by obeying their jewish boss. These I originally called career girls, for that is their motivation. Those are the cucks. They are simply whores, and they would serve muslims or White Nationalists as readily as they now serve jews if it buttered their bread. “Whoever holds power, his agenda I serve.” This is what defines the cuck. The jew tells him his duty, if he wants to be paid, is to sell the Flyover simpsons that conservatism is individualism, is a-racial, is anti-racial. And this is the way the Founders thought!” So he takes money to sell his people a mass of white-genocidal lies. Ideological lies and historical fictions. And he does this because it pays. He profits personally, with status and money, by being a cog in the Giant Jew Lie Machine. These are the people that this perfect term cuckservative should always and only be applied to. When you call a jew a cuck, you are making classic conservative mistake, of thinking that jews are like whites: loyal to political positions rather than tribe.

Did you know your held in very high regard by the 2 brains behind the Daily Stormer Andrew Anglin and Weev, the latter even stating he “probably would not of been here today if it weren’t for Alex Linder”?

That is a great honor. It makes me feel whatever I have done was the right thing and not wasted. I have seen proof of this different places. I will continue to do what I can. What is needed in this field is pureness of heart. One cannot be driven by ordinary motives, ours is essentially a religious cause, and a calling. And one needs a certain wryness to endure. And fanaticism to persist. There is no more important task in life, as I can see it, than standing up to this vile race that is trying to exterminate us, and teaching our own what is going on so collectively we can defend ourselves, and regain conditions which allow our sons and daughters to flourish. That is what Anglin is doing, and Weev to, to the extent I can understand it. I’ve never understood why whiteskins are so willing to take abuse from these disgusting ugly pernicious liars called jews, and so willing to believe the worst about their own ancestors, who always had them marked for scum, if they didn’t understand the truly biological depth of the problem. We do know that because of our efforts, the number of people who understand the true problem is growing, and in Trump’s elections we’ve seen just a hint of what is politically possible with a large and angry number. Let us continue to grow that circle and we will in the end restore white sovereignty to the face of the earth.

Thanks for the interest, and a hearty salute to Andrew Anglin and all Daily Stormer readers.

A. Linder


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