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1. Please introduce yourself and Vanguard News.


Alex Linder. I started Vanguard News, the first daily news source from a White perspective, back in 2000. It’s no longer updated, exists as a museum site today. I have shifted to daily news at, similar material, same perspective.


2. Please give us a summary of your and VNNs views and morals.


Jews are trying to enslave the world and genocide the White race, we bring readers everything they need to understand what’s going on and how/why to fight back.


3. What is your definition of White Pride?


Those who belong to the race that created roughly 99% of everything good that exists on earth should feel pride in that, should hate and destroy anyone telling them to feel otherwise, and should hope they can and try to live up to their ancestors – protecting what we all have built and the genes those achievements came from.


4. In what way, do you think, white people are being oppressed by society?


It’s propaganda to make it a matter of what one thinks rather than objective facts. Youve been taught this by anti-Whites, whose ideas always originate with jews. Whites are objectively discriminated against in every possible way in virtually every White land, including where whites are tiny minorities. They are functionally enslaved, too, by the tax system. In USA white men are the only ones who, as a group, pay taxes. The other groups — blacks, browns, etc — live off taxes. This is functional slavery, no matter how it’s dressed up. At the same time, Whites are told they are uniquely evil in all mass media and school teaching; they are mocked in the media. They are physically attacked on the street in extreme disproportion, and these attacks are ignored while the jews owning the media blather on about imaginary White violence against discoloreds. Whites are hated, attacked, and discriminated against for their very existence – while every other race is celebrated by the (((media))) and legally boosted over whites.


5. Do you believe in white privilege? Please explain why or why not.


‘White privilege’ is propaganda created by the jews who are actually legally privileged. Jews have all kinds of laws twisted in their favor, in most of Europe it’s illegal to criticize jews or laugh at their various atrocity propaganda like the Anne Frank hoax or the holocaust Big Lie. Jews are the most privileged race on earth, Whites are the least. Notice there’s never any accounting in mass media for White earnership, White merit, White heroism, White philanthropy, and on and on. Even though objectively, as said, Whites created 99% of the good material things on earth – from which discolored who could never created them all benefit. In fact, many to most discoloreds — and nearly all blacks, would literally not exist if not for White technology. Jews know all this but instead of promoting awareness and gratitude toward Whites, they promote race mixing in order to destroy white genes, insert colored actors to falsify history, and open up borders in all white countries to make whites minorities. Whites are hated, mocked, despised, attacked and legally discriminated against in every white country on earth – when they are the majority. That’s the opposite of privilege. Whites are uniquely beset by attacks. They carry undue burdens of financially supporting nonwhites, and the moral burden of ‘racism,’ another propaganda term invented by jews to blame whites for discolored failure instead of placing the blame where it belongs. Real privilege is what jews have – the right to smear and defame and discriminate against whites while criminalizing anyone who objects, or points out facts, or blames them for their own behavior as ‘antisemites,’ yet another bogus term they have popularized.


6. Do you believe white people are being oppressed more than people of color? (Black people, Asian people, Hispanic people, etc.)


Again, who taught you this is a matter of belief rather than fact. What i cited above is purely factual. It has nothing to do with my attitude, beliefs, or opinion, it is objectively factual. You’ve been taught the way of all journalists and teachers so that if someone in a judeo-communist Bad category (like white men) says the sky is blue, you write it up as “Jenkins believes the sky is blue.” Whites are legally discriminated against in every country from South Africa, to Australia, to UK, to France, to USA. This is a matter of fact, not belief. Their privilege is paying for jews and discoloreds to party Saturday night while they get the cleanup bill sunday morning. Look up who actually pays the taxes. In many of these countries, invading muslism and africans are given thousands of dollars in benefits for criminally invading – while working whites get nothing – except the chance to pay for it. ‘White privilege’ is typical jewish coverup/inversion/gaslighting – it reverses the reality of what’s going on. Everything you get from school and mass media and tv follow this inversion pattern. Reverse what any tv show, news actor, or teacher tells you and you will have the truth. The people who actually tell the you the truth cant be employed as teachers or journalists because it endangers the (((powers that be))) if Whites know their true value and history. Which is why my sites and my work exist. Why I do what I do.


7. What is your general opinion on non-white people?


Depends which ones. I simply dont believe mixed-racial societies are viable. I want to live in a monoracial nation. The LCD, lowest common denominator, of daily life is much higher when everyone in the country is White. As for nonWhites, depends what they are. Asians and blacks and mexicans and jews are different things. We should always see individuals and patterns. The point is that races exist, are different enough they cant live together, and denying that does nothing but destroy society, which is one of the aims of the jews who created the bogus concept of race-rejection, or mixing-acceptance, whether it’s called xtianity, melting pot, diversity, multiculturalism, or communism, to give most of its most popular names.


8. People may consider VNN to be a racist organisation. What do you think about that statement?


People should think about the concept of racism, which was created and popularized by one race — jews — in order to destroy another — the White race. Race exists and matters. Jews created the bogus concept of ‘racism’ as a throat punch against White people – to intimidate them out of valuing and defending their own kind. The concept of racism is simply and ALWAYS an ATTACK ON WHITE PEOPLE. No different from being stabbed with a knife or shot with a bullet. Anyone who calls you racist is attacking you with intent to end your (social) life — and ultimately your race’s physical life. Jews are evil, and they are bent on White genocide. They use cunning and verbal trickery to get their way, since, as we see in Gaza, they’re physically coward who can only murder babies and women. We must, instead, counter-exterminate jews. That’s how nature works, accept it without tears or fantasy, and your mind will be clear and your psychology strong.


9. Do you believe that the colonisation that was done by Europeans all over the world was for a good cause? Please explain why or why not?


I’m 100% opposed to christianity, which, like every other form of leftism, is jew-originated garbage meant to end the White race. All peoples spread if they can, there’s no point moralizing about it. That Whites were better at it is no big deal. My guess is that all races have been on all continents pretty much since day one, so it’s just propaganda, for example, that because some polyroids or hottentots drifted fom polynesia or africa over to South America they own it; same for asians tramping down west coast of north america. These scholarly fields have been taken over by jew liars, who try to claim race doesnt exist, or races are inherently equal, or whites arent the source of civilization. They 100% would lie about Whites arriving first if they knew it to be a fact. And it well might be. They would certainly cover it up so they can claim Whites are invaders. Everything jews do is to deny White achievements, falsify White history, and destroy the White genome. The same judeo-leftist ideologues against colonization when it’s whites bringing actual civilization to discoloreds are all for it when it’s discoloreds invading Europe or North America. And forcing Whites to pay for it. And calling Whites privileged. And lying to their young in government ‘schools.’


Best I can do, under extreme time pressure. Good luck,

Alex Linder


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