Of Aryan Bondage

By Alex Linder

6 November, 2003

If someone proposed a bondage club for his college, would he encounter a warmer or cooler reception than if he proposed a White club? You know the answer. But do you know why?

You should.

If you don't, you're merely one of millions complaining about symptoms without identifying cause.

By the time you finish this article will magically appear in your hand the golden key of interpretation - the ultimate tool for unlocking any door off the mass-media hall.

The conservatives will provide you with keys that don't fit. Keys that snap off in the lock. The conservative will complain about the bondage club, but studiously avoid doing anything about it -- all by studiously avoiding the why.

You don't want to be a conservative. You can do better than that. You know that without the why, you have nothing. But, after my instruction, you'll have the why. You're not going to "get nothing and like it," and there will be no Frescas until you grasp the system and are fired up to destroy it.

It is imperative that you understand the jewish agenda driving the mass media so that you can work against the jews' destructive plan for you, your family, and your community. For the criterion at work in the mass media is the same one producing the differing club receptions at the college.

The reason the bondage club would be smiled on and the White club attacked is that a bondage club advances the jewish agenda, whereas a club for Whites works against it.

How's that again? asks the novice. How does the spread of sexual deviancy help jews? It helps jews because bondage, like any form of sexual deviance, promotes a lax and permissive culture; a culture that is promiscuous, sex-obsessed and morally loose; a culture in which distinctions don't matter. Distinctions such as the all-important one between White and jew.

Anything that makes the jew appear less different makes him less visible, and less "otherly," as the jew might phrase it. The less you're able to make out that he's "British in public, yiddish in private," the better he can get across his private agenda without your grasping his game.

If we fail to make distinctions in the sexual arena, if we don't even care about who we sleep with, we will be much less likely to make racial distinctions between man and man -- between jews and Whites.

In short, that is why a tight culture is "good for Whites" and a loose culture is "good for jews." Tightness -- personal integrity, sexual fidelity, high and careful thought -- is dangerous for the goy commoners. It gives them bad ideas -- about jews. So for you the jews prescribe a steady diet of "sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll." Ever hear that phrase before? Now you know what it means. Your destruction, styled as kewl rebellion.

For jews themselves, jews prescribe the opposite: hours and hours of shul, inculcating the traditions and practices of their race.

I repeat: for your kid, movies and sex ed and diversity. For their kids, tradition, rigor, and racial responsibility. Do I need to spell it out that dumbed-down, deracinated Aryans will find their futures controlled by learned, cohesive jews? I hope not.

Jews believe that, in the Aryan world, sexual "repression" hangs with political "authoritarianism," characterized by legal discrimination against jews, and cultural downgrading of the mocking, ironic, iconoclastic brilliance the jew sees when he looks in his mirror. The jew prefers to be the laugher rather than the butt. Thus, this evil Aryan personal-repression-leading-to-political-oppression must be destroyed.

How to do that? You know. Through relentless media assault. Mocking Ozzie and Harriet; making films like "Pleasantville" that portray the Aryan fifties as colorless and tyrannical; and encouraging contradictory and destructive beliefs that race does not exist, so races must be mixed. Miscegenation, like promiscuity and bondage, tends toward the lax culture in which jews feel they can thrive.

Bondage is not significant in itself, but in its functioning as one of myriad sidetrackings that can distract the goy from sober, reasoned, productive work into self-indulgent squalor. Bondage is bad for Whites, therefore bondage is "good for jews." Therefore bondage -- or miscegenation or promiscuity or homosexuality -- is promoted legally and culturally by jews. If you're tying up for kicks, you're not competing with Joshua for that law-school slot. You're not researching the amount we give to Israel each day, nor the staggering amount of crime committed against Whites by jew-loosed blacks.

The conservative will never mention the jewish animus and agenda animating the media because either he doesn't grasp it, or he is afraid of losing his syndication check. He knows that it is good for him personally to stick to impotent ritual complaints about secularists and liberals. He likes his smug, safe sinecure. He grows fat in mind as he grows thick in belly.

A conservative will never tell you the vital truth: that jews are a race apart, a race with its own agenda, and a race with interests at odds with yours. Conservatism has the same relation to real politics as bondage has to normal heterosexual sex: a profitable, deviant sidetracking from the real thing.

Personal continence and political continence do indeed hang together. If you're careful about one thing, you're likely to be careful about everything. If you're careless about one thing, you're likely to be careless about everything. Have you ever noticed that? The whole is in the part, more times than not.

Continence is good for you and yours; the incontinence pushed on you by the jews is genocidally destructive. If you understand that, you understand almost everything, because the rest is corollaries.

At the same time the jews advance their interests at the expense of the brainwashed goy's future, they profit handsomely from the markets their illusions create. The best of both worlds, itz: getting paid to destroy your enemy.

The very idea of sex as an industry promotes the jewish agenda. Sex "toys" can be manufactured at profit. Sex fetishes can be catered to at profit. Magazines and columns and talk shows can be spun out of neverending, never-climaxing debate. The additional bucks in the jew's pocket effect a ratchet on cultural devolution. Each generation gives birth to a smaller and better brainwashed one.

I have given you the tools to understand, that you might free yourselves. Now that you understand: 1) the jewish belief that loose sexual morals among gentiles is "good for jews," and 2) that the first and last goal of the media is to promote the jewish agenda, you have the golden key unlocking every door in Uncle Shmuel's media bistro. You know what Shmuel is up to.

This simple understanding of jews and their interests is all you need to interpret not just media, but any cultural form, argument, or issue you will ever be faced with. More than 99.9% of the time, that "jewish agenda" lens will provide you the clearest picture of any cultural battle, or "issue," as the jews style cultural anachronisms that haven't yet been resolved in their favor.

The jewish agenda -- what's GOOD FOR JEWS -- is the be-all and end-all of media/cultural interpretation. You will never see anything promoted that isn't "good for jews." You will never see anything that is attacked that isn't bad for jews. "Good for jews" is, thus, the universal key, the Rosetta stone, and the Holy Grail of media criticism wrapped in one. Take it and use it.

You now have the only piece of understanding you need to interpret virtually everything you will ever come across on tv, over the radio, in the newspapers. Works on commercials too, if you were wondering why they're so anti-male and colorful.

Itz not "all good," as the negroes and country-flavored pop singer Toby Keith croon. Itz all been "Semitized for jews' protection." And if it's "good for jews," it is always, always, always...

"...bad for Aryans."

Now you should be prepared to read this article and interpret it:


When you understand the context, you can make the proper judgment.


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