Posted on November 3, 2015

Why Christianity Can't Solve the Jew Problem and In Fact Allowed It to Fester and Grow Until Its MRSA Had Poisoned the White West to the Point of Killing It

The problem, in a nutshell, is this: 

Christianity defines jews wrong. Thereby precluding solving the problem they present.

First, let's look at this from the christian perspective. Christianity does not place any value on race. None whatsoever. Absolutely nothing. Rather, it values individuals. No matter their station, race, ethnic group, location in the world (or universe, one assumes). Christianity is about the individual soul. And the cult has the One True Way. All men must go through Jesus to reach heaven, otherwise they are doomed. All that matters is whether a man has been converted and saved. So jews, being arguably human, have no different status from any other group of men. They are jewish individuals. They require conversion to xtianity, same as any random Zulu, Guatemalan or Iowan. The church's job is to love jews and evangelize them with the good news about Saver Jesus, and win them over to the church. For 2000 years the church has attempted this, and its record in converting jews is one of complete failure. Very few jews have ever converted or been tempted to. For the obvious reasons that: 1) xtianity isn't true, its central claim (jews know this because a) they are intelligent genetically; b) they invented xtianity); 2) they get a lot more practical benefits out of their own 'religion'; 3) they prefer being with their own kind, and that means race, and that means their fellow Ashkenazis. 4) There's a negative carrot too - as we will hear today in the unabridged The International Jew, Ch. 15, regarding the excommunication and execration and cursing of Spinoza for leaving the hate group called jews. They get socially and otherwise punished extremely viciously for cutting with their own race.

Jews wrote the xtian books attributed to God. Which right there shows you the feebleness of the xtian mentality, their bent toward seeing jews as worthy people rather than adversaries, and their general mindset of hagridden otherworldliness. Yet xtians paid no attention to jews until a rare jew convert brought to the Pope's attention the crazy stuff written against jesus in the Talmud. The xtians responded by developing a policy called Sicut Judaeis Non. Very few xtians have heard of this. They will look at you blankly if you mention it. SJN says the church must love jews as individuals, but it is ok to prevent them from messing up xtian culture. It is wrong, however, to kill them or use force to get them to convert. Sounds great, doesn't it? Very tolerant and fair. In reality it amounts to this: the xtian defenders have to win every time; the jew subverters only have to win once. This battle has been going on for hundreds of years. Guess who won? The only reason the jews didn't win in ten years rather than 1000 was the existence of the internet. For proof, consider they were able to move xtian publics from hostility to support for homosex deviants in roughly one decade, purely through electronic and government-school propaganda.

Jews now dominate all white lands. All xtian cultures have been poisoned by jewish crank ideas like liberalism, tolerance and sexual liberation. Whites suffer from this. Jews were kicked out of various countries 109 times, if the numbers are correct. Yet they were readmitted 110 - and that is what matters. Fools fooled with jews, and the jews ended up eating the fools. That's where we are now. Jews standing on top of our countries, standing on their necks. Filling the white heartlands in Germany and America with Syrians and Mexicans. 

The church could take a different tack. It could say that as God created nature, and as nature has it that subspecies fight until one vanquishes the other, whites are fully justified in pursuing counter-genocide against the jews attempting to carry out genocide against them. But the church has no notion of doing this, it has no concern for biology at all, merely for belief. The church does not value biological reality, indeed it refuses even to acknowledge it. It rejects a priori the notion that its liberal brotherhood-of-man dogma is biologically unworkable.

Second, let's look at these matters from a racial perspective. The white man can notice he is under racial attack while his religion tells him to treat others as he would be treated and which calls racism immoral and to love the enemy. How is he supposed to defend his racial group when his religion -- which supposedly concerns the deepest matters -- effectively tells him that race does not exist, and preaches spiritual equality of individuals in the eyes of God? 

Christianity and racialism are two wholly different and incompatible mindsets. Trying to fuse them is a waste of good time. Intellectual mongrelizing works about as well as physical, one might say. 

Christianity's relation to the racial cause is that it is a different and competing worldview, in relation to white nationalism or any race-valuing doctrine. The jews have smartly bound their 'religion' up with their race, producing the highly useful, practical dual code, which says only jews are your friend, your tribe, all others are your enemies, the hated and despised goyim. You could hardly come up with a doctrine more antithetical to christianity. 

Whites need something to mirror the hostility and self-interest of judaism, and historically the only successful example of this are the National Socialists in 20th-century Germany. They fought their war on an explicitly non-christian basis - by comparison with every other white political group ever heard of, outside of the jewish communists (who were, after all, the enemy they arose to confront). 

Most white nationalists who look favorably on christianity assert wrongly that it defends whites. They make the error of correlation equals causation. Whites have been christian for the last 2000 years. So wherever they have won a battle against muds or jews, the christianity defender simply attributes that to christianity. But if christianity defends whites - why isn't it doing so today, when they need it most? It is not simply that the church has been subverted, it is that the church can be used alike by pretty much any political position, which is what Shakespeare got at when he said "the Devil can cite Scripture" for his purpose. The bible is like a roadside stand selling justifications fireworks. Whatever you want, they got something to make you giggle. 

A doctrine that takes all comers and focuses on individual salvation is poorly positioned to defend groups. Not a single christian doctrines expresses any pro-white sentiment. There's no acknowledgement the race even exists. After all, people at the time the bible was written didn't even think about race much. 

Christian doctrines were always there to be used against whites by people whose exegesis was every bit as persuasive as Southern traditionalists' or Boers', to use two subsets of whites prone to biblical justifications of white-protective societies and policies. What is different in 2015 is access. Muds and jews now have global networks for lying and transportation. They can get muds quickly to where the action is. Get them installed in white societies, living on benefits. Cover up and simultaneously justify their #waronwhites at the same time through their global electronic networks, internet, tv, movies, newspapers, government schools. Christianity has no practical nor doctrinal ability to resist this. Its doctrines of universalism and guilt and salvation are easily used against it. They transpose very nicely into jew-leftist antiwhite politics, which credits whites for nothing and blames them for everything historically. 

Whites need a political or religious doctrine that places race and nature's reality front and center. It doesn't invent gods and jebuses and afterworlds, it focuses on the here and now. If it's not inherently attractive to whites being part of a great genetic chain of being, going back into the mists and proceeding into the distant, unknown future, then perhaps their mundane interests in protecting their kinds against physical attacks on the street, defamation in enemy (jew) media, and discrimination on the job are strong enough practical incentives. 

Whites have always been good at inventing things. What we need now is religion-equivalent politics focused on identifying our race, asserting our demand for Whitespace (exclusive - no jews or muds), and naming and fighting our enemies. 

KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid - remains wise guidance. Polarize the public between Team Jew and #TeamWhite. That last is a hashtag you're welcome to help build on twitter. It means normal whites who want to live among other normal whites - exclusively. Jews are extremely highly organized; they try to prevent whites from doing the same. Which proves that organization is precisely what we need. They can't stop us from organizing verbally, to start with. That means coming up with the best ways of explaining our situation to our coracialists, and then from there organizing in the physical world. We must form a #TeamWhite to take on Team Jew. Is that not evident? Of course it is. Will the xtian church help with it? No. It will oppose it. A church with doctrines that can operate all ways is not our friend, and I could pick one hundred news items any day of the year to prove the church, today, is our practical enemy. So let's put away childish things, like the notion of converting a universalist race-blind institution into a racialist political vehicle, and get on with building a #TeamWhite. Something that makes no bones about its business, that cannot be mistaken by friend or foe in its meaning and purpose.

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