November 2014


29 november 2014

Of Trolls and Trolling

Troll: It may not be the first or original meaning of the term, but it's certainly definition number two: anyone who disagrees with a leftist. Comments sections are being phased out at places: ...just the latest in a recent wave of prominent websites removing or significantly scaling back their comment sections. Reuters, Popular Science and the Chicago Sun-Times have recently nixed comments. At the Gawker Media family of sites, which includes Gawker, Jezebel, Lifehacker, Deadspin and Gizmodo among others, most comments must be approved before appearing. The new system was rolled out after Jezebel's comment sections were flooded with animated GIFs of violent rape images. Well, those are certainly objectionable enough that anyone could understand the need to prevent their posting, but what goes unaddressed is the main point: leftists don't regard disagreement as legitimate. Their opinion is the right one. It is their duty to enforce it on the world by banning all expressions of other views. I do not exaggerate. Jew Herbert Marcuse, another great flushable from judenreining Germany, put out the concept of repressive tolerance. Free speech meant the majority view would tend to dominate. Leaving no room for the the views of, say, criminal jews, or criminal niggers, or people who fuck same sex, or people who fuck kids, or people who fuck horses. Free speech leads to majority domination, which jew Marcuse called repressive tolerance, and he urged leftists to take advantage of their Gramscian long march to institutional power to quash all competing views, so that tiny-minority views could not only have a place, but win. No place for the right. No platform for the right. No space for the right. All these are Goldberg variations of jew-Marcusian intolerance for an attempted murder of the expressions/existence of the normal majority. Which for space we can call the white view/white race. The white view must be blackened out of existence through social pressure, controlled-media conformity and codes and law. All social institutions captured by leftists over time become less tolerant and more totalitarian, and always in the same white-negative direction. You can see this anywhere. Speech or behavior, ordinary use of historical law becomes impossible for normal whites, while contrarily new and fragrant possibilities open up for sex deviants and nigger criminals. This amounts to the jewing of society. The jew wishes to promote, for his own racial reason, the deconstruction, or destruction, of white society. He does this by championing sexual minorities, aka sicko deviants, i.e., homorbids, and racial minorities. He champions them so hard they become the majority, through opened borders, which creates, in America, a brown population that never before existed, and a greatly larger black population, subsidized through EBT and other social welfare taken directly from the laboring white population the jew detests. The white man suddenly finds he's a slave to jew foreign wars and domestic nigger violence, and he has no effective say in the matter, as any accurate speech or effective action becomes racism, a term communist jews coined/popularized to invalidate white existence. And to prevent whites from defending themselves. Even from conceiving themselves. ("Me? Oh, I'm a Euro-mutt." This is the response of a brainwashed white who holds his race at no special value, per his public-school indoctrination.) The Internet came into widespread public use in the mid-1990s. After twenty years, it's clear the internet is inherently pro-white, because it allows peer-to-peer communication without filter among whites - globally. Whereas most other media are filtered by jews so that only their their leftist, anti-white ideology passes through. As newspapers began to die or move online, and as new online media sources opened up, it became clear to those paying attention just how monstrously large the gap was between the attitudes of readers and writers/editors/reporters. Sites leave comment sections at the bottom of their articles, and these are always to the right of the formal material at the top, which I before anyone else noticed and named Linder's Media Law #1: the readers are always to the right or white side of the writers/editors/producers. The leftist response to this is to hold their nose, avert their eyes, make snide remarks among themselves in segregated areas. More than once I have a seen a System media hack say that she doesn't even look at the comments, because Thar Be Monsters. Leftism is so anti-normal, so anti-majority, that it can only function as a cult. In fact, it is a cult. It's just that it has grown so large and powerful that it's hard to see it. Leftism must seal itself off, must inevitably glass in an ideas-hothouse, because it can't survive any fresh breeze of disagreement or competition of ideas. So it wins by suppressing and abusing and lying. This is unnatural online because, unlike in every other media, space is effectively unlimited. There's no natural need to curb LTEs/responses in cyberspace. But the leftist does, because he doesn't want people free to disagree with his bad ideas. So he either filters or he suppresses. He may invent spurious reasons for doing so, in order to hide the real one, which is to deny alternative views expression. The original definition of troll was someone who didn't care about something pretending he did in order to elicit an emotional reaction for his own amusement. But, as with many terms, leftists have shifted the meaning. More oftenly today, troll is simply anyone disagreeing with a leftist. Although it may conflict with profits concerns, it would be in keeping with leftism that more and more 'mainstream' or controlled media sources online simply shut down comments. Short of that, as half-measures, they will move to banning anonymity or filtering. Forcing people to use their real names, or their Facebook accounts, yields more 'racist' material that can be used to blackmail individuals. Then there are sites such as those of the Gawker ring, which maintain comment apartheid, as I call it (and urge others to). Of course, in the real world, leftists can't stand that apartheid was used to protect whites from blacks. That's immoral, by their kooky (whiteskin) or genocidal (jews) way of looking at things. But not online. Leftists must be protected from criticism. They force comments they don't like into the gray ghetto, second class criticens. Tacit admission leftism can't survive open debate. As conservatives never end pointing out. But that's only the first recognition. When you get that, you move to the follow-up insight; you see that, to win, the left must choose the dark path of the criminal, as it were. Leftism can't survive the light of day, so all its efforts must be to block the light, and to black the name of its opponent. Hence hater, extremist, racist, homophobe, sexist - normal or coined words are applied to the enemy to destroy his reputation, and to insist that he has no case worth hearing, or that he should even be legally allowed to express. For it is only in the USA where racial argument remains legally possible. I overstate, but barely. And even if legally allowed, it still results in social sanction, such as the loss of jobs, should anyone with a public face choose to exercise that freedom. Even if the person in question has made tremendous achievements, and even if what he says is true. Just as jews have shifted the meaning of free speech to mean pornography, which is part of their loose-'em-up Frankfurt campaign to destroy white society, while terming real free speech (political speech they don't like) into hate speech, which is illegal or, they plan, on the way to becoming so, so it is with trolling. Opposing the left is inherently invalid, the left believes in its heart. The world divides into Good men and Bad, and the leftists are the Good, and their opponents are the bad. The job of the Good is to stomp out, stamp out, crush and eliminate the Bad, and that's a neo-Puritan task that "ain't got no end." The leftists go even further. After decades of domination, having become The Man, or The Mann, many of them seem to have fallen for their original judeo-pretense that they alone speak for the community - that everybody (serious) is really leftist. Corollarly inference being that any who disagree clearly aren't serious. They are trolls trolling trollily. Many leftists actually seem to believe this, although it's hard to separate these true believers from pretenders, since leftists can easily go their whole lives without hearing the case against theirs from any authority (teacher, professor, journalist, politician, preacher). As leftists incorrectly say of whites, but which applies nicely to their own lives, they can sail through without ever encountering or being forced to deal with serious, substantive views they don't like. They are bubble girls of orthodoxy. The slightest touch of laughter or reasoning are lethal germs to them. They see something online they don't like, they assume it's a joke aimed to make them angry, rather than a serious attempt to create a breach in the enforced, artificial orthodoxy. Trolling and debates over it are one part of a broader campaign to bring the wild west internet under control, so that it falls in line with the other domesticated herd media. There are various sectors, technical, legal and other, in this campaign. Make the expression of certain views illegal. That's been done most places. Create a two-tier delivery infrastructure? That hasn't been done, but has been discussed. Forbid those with bad views from using effective-monopoly carriers - registrars, payment vehicles, etc.? This has been done. Control is far from seamless, but the left has used every possible technical means, if not ubiquitously, to deny, per Marcuse, the enemy any Meinungsplatz (expression space). The fight will go on, and the cult's intolerance will only grow over time, as it seeks to put more and more issues under the cloud of No Second Opinion. The sunspace represented by the leave-a-comment sections is not something leftists can tolerate long-term, because it correctly suggests to readers that there is a huge and hostile disconnect between average whites and the judeo-elite, and this in turn suggests that just maybe some political representation might arise to serve that VAST MAJORITY OF THE WHITE PUBLIC. THAT is a threat to the ruling jews, and one they are quite interested in getting under control. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.


27 november 2014

Happy Thanksgiving, People

Thanks to the supporter who took it on himself to acquire and scan Onward Christian Soldiers, which you can read here in pdf. Draco knew it was all about a few simple rules, publicly posted, harshly enforced. We've gone backward since then.


26 november 2014

White Skills: Using Google

Google is a jew company, but its abilities seem to be superior to any other search engine out there. Title link is to many pieces of information you can dig up that you are probably not aware of. Well worth checking it out.

101: How Things Work Here

This site is three things: spintros, original articles, LTEs. The LTEs may be updated even if I have not reposted the mailbag atop the spintros on the index page. Not all the stuff in LTEs are actual letters, some are news items that make a good fit. Some titles (bolded) come with the LTEs/news bits, some I make up myself. Would be nice if you write me at [email protected] if you include "For Publication" if you want it published, and if you do the pre-thinking as to whether you might one day want to return to me to remove your name from the bottom. But I will do this thinking for both of us and mostly just remove these names and replace them with whatever I put between [brackets]. In this way, we receive the benefit of your points, but you are protected.

Understanding ISIS: Dabiq #5 Is Out: "Remaining and Expanding"

Just in time for post-prandial study after your Thanksgiving dinner. Second link here. After reading it Tuesday night, here are the interesting bits I gathered:
- The flag of Khilafah will rise over Baytul-Maqdis and Rome, even if the Jews and Crusaders despise such. "Khilafah" just means political power, as used in this sentence, and "Baytul-Maqdis" basically means Jerusalem or possibly Israel. We will take Israel and Rome, ISIS declares.
- Our war with Kurds is a religious war. It is not a nationalistic war - we seek the refuge of Allah. We do not fight Kurds because they are Kurds. Rather we fight the disbelievers amongst them, the allies of the crusaders and Jews in their war against the Muslims. Muslims are universalists, like christians but not like jews, who are tribal and specific and non-universal to the highest degree.
- In an effort to disentangle the Ummah from the corrupt, interest-based global financial system, the Islamic State recently announced the minting of new currency based on the intrinsic values of gold, silver, and copper. One of the more interesting developments so far. ISIS correctly perceives the global banking system as a top-level threat. It enriches the jew elite and impoverishes the rest of us. The US, for one example, didn't have any national debt at the time the Federal Reserve was created (1913). A debt-based currency, as the dollar is, has the intended effect of continually sucking up purchasing power from the lower levels to the very top - the connected banking elite, mainly but not entirely jewish, who set the thing up in the first place.
- There is no good in you if they are secure and happy while you have a pulsing vein. Just threw this in for flavor. Gives a sense of the Muslim/jihad mentality. It's big on fighting and revenge and never yielding. All things whites need to hear - and the polar opposite of the sappy love and mercy nonsense the christians use to morally destroy society.
- The Islamic State is here to stay, even if all the Christians, Jews, mushrikin, and apostates despise such. And it will continue to spread to all corners of the Earth... "Even if (X, Y and Z) despise it" is another common jihadic formulation. Mushrikin are simply those who worship other gods than Allah. Polytheists and such. The muslim tongue is not lacking in terms for disbelievers, to say the least. Apostates, infidels, crusaders, there are a thousand names for those who fail to heed or have fallen away from the Prophet, the one god, and his true faith.
- It is one thing for an individual to think about attacking or killing another man. It happens every day and such thoughts are neither uncommon nor even that alarming. But to actually step up and do it at the behest of a man they had never met, never seen, fighting in a country several thousand miles away who did not even speak their language, shows an undeniable strength in the power of jihad. By calling on Muslims around the world to rise up in arms, the Shaykh launched attacks in Canada, America, and Australia (three of the countries mentioned in his speech) with nothing more than words and a shared belief in the act of worship that is jihad. If you can't travel to the Islamic State and take part in the fight, kill the kufr (non-believers) where you are. Since jews opened our borders to Muslims, that means next door to your family. Jews are the bad guys, in case you haven't figured that out. Part of their mission is to see that you are exposed to dangers you'd otherwise not be, such as Muslim jihadists from the Middle East, or rampaging niggers drugged with the jewsmedia lie that whites just like your family are responsible for their failures.
- Michael Scheuer quotes once again. In a text published on the 2nd of September he commented, "We are far past facing terrorists. Rather, we are in the midst of fighting an international insurgency, and we are on the way to a world war that the United States will have to fight at home and abroad if the foreign-policy status quo is retained." Another world war courtesy of the international criminal clan called jews. Well that sounds fun. Something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, eh? NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEWS.


25 november 2014

Mailbag: 25 November 2014

White Minimalism: Whying Not Buying

Link is to a piece on Black Friday by The Minimalists. They are a couple white men who have traced in their own lives the arc of white civilization, which moves from nothing to surfeit to just-right. Just as the elite reject carbs and eat correctly to keep their body shape, so it is in other areas of their lives, namely buying things. Getting rid of excess is a principle that serves whites well. Buying shit you don't need (with money you didn't earn) is niggery. Whites, at the top end, have gone past consumerism toward conscious living, conscious buying. This is good. An equivalent political movement is needed. What value do blacks add to our society? That "adding value," or "does X add value" is one of the commoner formulations employed by minimalists. Apply it to politics. What value do blacks add to our society, in light of Ferguson last night? Why, they add no value at all. They don't even just sit there and collect dust. They collect, rather, money we slave to produce, and they don't just sit there, they're out raping 101-year-olds, murdering innocent kids (see our letters page), and fathering bastards across multiple low-brow squaws. In short, blacks are a garbage population that so far from adding does nothing but significantly detract from American life. Same thing in Europe too.

Ferguson: The Day After...

Title link is to police scanner, it does work, is audible, won't cut out. Funny thing is, a nigger 'protester' was livestreaming his and the uncool gang's copbaiting/looting/rioting aka 'protesting' in the complicit media when he got his phone ripped off. That is fun. That is funny. Tweeted much of the night, got about twenty new followers, up to 285. Example: Time to formalize our race divorce. What, the jew judge won't let us? #Ferguson Couple graphics:

Map of fires in #Ferguson

This is the store owner the dead nigger bullied before attacking the cop

Again the cops allowed niggers to run wild. Over 100 shots were fired by rioters; over two dozen businesses were torched. To go with the 80 (conservative estimate) destroyed in the earlier riots. While niggers complain quite wrongly about injustice, they perpetrate continual crime. The cops stand down, get abused in the media, told to tolerate nigggers breaking the law by their superiors. What effect do you suppose that has on morale? Everything is done to produce a feeling among cops and normal whites that you-can't-win, you're-racist-if-you-fight-back, anything you do in self defense is racist. Just let the nigger rape, rob and run you, that's the only way to get by. An entire race is being lied and browbeaten and literally beaten into submission. These sorts of riots are softening ups. The niggers are basically hyenas and whites are lions. Lions can take hyenas, but if there are enough of them, they can take out a lion. Niggers are animals, and like other predators, it's all about bluff and perception. If they sense weakness, they go for the kill. They don't understand the source of that weakness, as they attribute it to fear of their own strength, rather than the System tying white hands, but it amounts to the same thing: emboldened niggers. Last night is but a taste of what they will do as their numbers grow. See South Africa for the end of this road: whites get picked off one by one in their guarded suburban enclaves and their rural-farm redoubts alike. Building a #TeamWhite is the only cure; it's the only solution that can work. It must be overtly pro-white and anti-jew. If it strong, it will draw normal whites across the spectrum from Fox to Nazi.

Ferguson, Missouri, 11-24-14 (night of grand jury decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson)

Cool Pope Urges Europe to Destroy Itself

Tom Bethell used to write about the "strange, new respect" right-wing Congressmen would gain from the Washington Post and other 'liberals' in D.C., such as the jews at the Washington Post when they moved left. This is yet another benefit of media control: you have a warm wind waiting for anyone who tergiversates. Catholicism has been associated with sexual normalcy, apart from priests, for thousands of years - get married, stay loyal, have kids. Jews, as we know, believe that destroying sexual morality among whites is key to wrecking their society, thereby rendering whites less of a threat to jews. Since jews run the media, any pope who moves leftward, toward supporting current jews causes like sex-deviancy (homosex, sex shifting via science, 'rape culture,' and on and on) stands to benefit from powerful media backing. This is what jew Francis is doing. In arguing their positions from an ostensibly christian perspective (there is no christian perspective since 'the Devil can cite Scripture for his purpose'), Francis urges love to replace all judgment, so that the one and only commandment becomes to love everyone, regardless of his sexual or other behavior, and never to judge him. Inducements to lack of discrimination are always latent if not active in christianity because it places no value on race, and it not only accepts men of all races and backgrounds, it claims they all need its spiritual services as the One True Way. So, christianity is just sitting there ripe to be drawn into the no-borders campaign per the plot of the jews and globalists. And in the title link, we see the leftist South American pope playing right into that, calling for Europe to take endless numbers of colored, anti-white, violent refugees. Of course he doesn't put it like that. They never do. It's just love, love, love all day long and keep your fucking eyes shut and don't notice anything about the object you be lovin'. Using your eyes and brains is of the devil, whiteskin christian. Just shut up and do what as the hierarchy instructs.


24 november 2014

Down a Rathole - Your Money, Stolen by Jews, Turned Over to Satraps, Sold for Profit

...all but collapsed this spring in the face of the advancing militants of the Islamic State -- despite roughly $25 billion worth of American training and equipment over the past 10 years... What a mess. As though it were hand made to illustrate the reason for Washington's avoid-entanglements advice. Bill White writes on it for AFP from prison. Meanwhile, ISIS offering $5000 to those who supply good info to catch American spies.

Media Control...Is Why You See KKK as Bad and Israel as Good

And why this is a story... The difference is that the KKK was always a defensive and protective organization, whereas Israel was always aggressive and vicious. There is no point to controlling the media except to lie. Otherwise, you might as well be in the corrugated cardboard business. What Israel does to the Palestianians, and through US to Iraqis, is as vicious as anything ISIS does, and of course Israel and its liars in the US created ISIS both directly and indirectly. ... If you don't think the media are controlled, how is it that the Bill Cosby rapes were essentially uninvestigated for decades? Do you have an answer? We hear that back when there were the Big Three tv networks, they could keep a lid on stuff (like FDR's being in a wheelchair, or JFK's satyriasis), but today it's impossible. Yet somehow it happened. What else aren't the media telling us? Bias is far too light a word for what's going on. Bill Cosby's serial rapistry is kept out of the media for tens of years, yet bogus, obviously false allegations against multiple white men, such as the Duke students, are circulated as purest fact for a year. There is no way to explain what one reads in the media without positing some form of control for some reason. In fact, the mass media, and much of the minor media, and the mainstream-recognized alt-media (Drudge, for instance) are all controlled by jews. Leftist, loxist, profit-loving but politics-firsting jews.


21 november 2014

Jack Straw is a jew. One of the group of jews and sellouts that opened England's borders. All jews think the way he does about all goyim. Only jews are special. All races must yield to them and their agenda - which for us and our kind is overtly genocidal.

Mailbag: 20 November 2014

ISIS in New Places

Pakistan and Afghanistan in title link, elsewhere here. Al-Qaida is losing its base of jihadi support in Pakistan as Islamic State makes gain after gain. Here jews operating US try to figure out how to cut ISIS funding. Explosives expert leaves Taliban for ISIS. During the last few days the self-declared bomb maker has been using Twitter to distribute information from the Mujahideen Explosives Handbook. Here's a pdf report on Islamic State.

The Rise of the WTFman: Freak's Freak Jew Feinberg Now Rests In Putrescence

Perfect symbol of our age, a jew sex kaleidoscope who wants to be remembered as a revolutionary communist. Are these people not living vampires feasting on white culture? Fucking face that could scare a bat. It took a fellow parasite to do her in. All hail the noble tick, and butt salute the departing ignoble tapir. Portrayed everywhere as a crusading hero, but in fact just another filthy, crummy anti-white kike. A revolutionary? Ha. A revolutionary for the System. If you're promoting deviant sex, breaking down barriers (as jews always praise themselves for doing) and in general acting like a turd for pay, then you're doing exactly what the Frankfurt School wants. Privacy, dignity, sexual appetite control - these are the personal-is-political revolutionary, not opening your shifty orifices to the world and prating and publishing about them. Feinberg was the first theorist to advance a Marxist concept of "transgender liberation," and her work impacted popular culture, academic research, and political organizing. Her historical and theoretical writing has been widely anthologized and taught in the U.S. and international academic circles. Her impact on mass culture was primarily through her 1993 first novel, Stone Butch Blues, widely considered in and outside the U.S. as a groundbreaking work about the complexities of gender. From a womanish man to a mannish woman...hardly seems worth the effort.

Character from "Walking Dead"? Alas, no. This wtfman was all too real.


20 november 2014

Between The Lines: How to Battle Political Correctness

Dissecting the arguments of a libertarian named Philip Schuyler.

ISIS Dominates in the Field, the Others Go Running Toward It

So it will be with a political force representing white normals. Infighting is good and useful; ultimately no matter how much we hate each other and disagree, we would all be happier living under a spectrum from Franco to Hitler than under ZOG-illiberalism. And if some force can create the impression it can defeat ZOG, or at least give plausible battle, it will draw all the hearted ones from FOX to VNN.... These are always good for a laugh: General estimates four years to (defeat equivalent) ISIS. Here on ISIS as Israeli/US/UK/EU intelligence plot. Military summation of the effects of the first thousand airstrikes. They cost 8m a day, borrowed from Chinese, have limited utility.

Nigger Bill Cosby Turns Out 2B Just Another Nigger

Astounding number of women complain of being raped by the Coz. Niggers will almost always abuse any status or authority they have. Whether they're basketball coaches, teachers, advisers, mayors or famous actors, they will use it to take advantage of women, particularly young white women. Until niggers can be mass slaughtered or shipped back to Africa, wise whites will avoid them to the extent possible.


19 november 2014

Mailbag: 19 November 2014

White Origins: 37,000-year-old Kostenki Man Genome Study Shows Scandinavians Closer to Earliest Europeans

Kostenki Man is from Russia, and he is closer to Danes, Swedes, Finns and Russians than to Frenchmen, Spaniards and Germans, according to genome sequencers. Again: the Europeans must have been one enormous meta-population stretching across Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. They now think they know for sure that Europeans and Asians genetically separated in the range between 37,000 and 45,000 years ago. But you know how these scientists are with certainty about this stuff. It tends to be less certain than they think. The next discovery always puts things in a new light. Interesting there's a cold-case aspect to this new research, as the fossils of Kostenki man were actually discovered in the fifties. Here Red Ice on modern Swedes surviving their elites' attempt to destroy the nation with multiculturalism.

Enemy Activity / The Considerations of a Public White Nationalist

Good example: I'm writing a spintro about Living White/processing a deer. Spend half hour dithering over using photos. Why? Because they show the interior of my kitchen. Best photo shows me brandishing a nice sharp knife with a laughing grin. Decided not to use that one. Why do you think a public WN would think a second about these decisions? As you ponder, remember, "we're doing it to ourselves," according to enemies within our own camp, who claim our name for their own. Here's a thread I've started to document enemy activity (will be active when goes back online. Today, for just two most current examples, Daily Stormer is under DDOS attack, while Red Ice has been delisted by Apple's iTunes. Henrik discusses it in the introduction to an interesting show about multiculturalism threatening Sweden mentioned above. Here's a good one on Twitter and ISIS, with good information on Twitter policies specifically and how the social media view free speech and government attempts to suck information generally. Here, whites "turn out in droves" to prevent Richard Spencer's National Policy Institute (funded by Vdare) from assembling. They literally want to get the Whitefish, Montana, city council to pass an ordinance effectively banning it from doing what a think tank does. And of course, this in Montana is right after this in Hungary: Spencer recently re-emerged in the public purview when he was arrested for 72 hours in Budapest, Hungary, and subsequently banned from the country and most of the European Union for three years after trying to hold a conference expressing the group's views. Hungary is a nation never reported on in the US except when jews whine it is too anti-semitic for their tastes. So even the most anti-semitic country in Europe...bans white conferences and free speech. But there is no word except #loxism for the dominant hatred of our times, the hatred jews have for whites. So again, clearly, "We're doing it to ourselves," as you can see from one day's harvest of anti-white enemy activity. I mean, I'm not looking for these things, I'm finding them as I research and read about other stuff. Notice that anything pro-white is hate, and increasingly, anything opposed to that 'hate' is 'love,' as in "Love Lives Here." It takes almost unfathomable levels of self-regard and stupidity to believe that people divide into haters and lovers, but that's what decades of dumbing down and self-esteeming up will do to a white population. Whites are not merely acceding in their own racial destruction, they are demanding it proceed even faster. Little White Dog syndrome in full effect. Another example: how much would you bet that the charges against border guarder Chris Simcox, featured in The Line In The Sand, are fake or trumped up for political reasons? No...we're doing it to ourselves. Everyone who resists The Agenda is exposed as some kind of criminal, eventually. Funny, that. The idea that "we're doing it to ourselves" is a jew-concocted variant on the traditional jewish ploy, put best in the old Polish saying: "Stop kicking me, screams the jew, as he kicks you." More on same theme, on Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, from Vice, which keeps a WN beat. Of course the pic is mixed in this case, as ABT deals drugs, but you can bet the political-racial element insures the feds (and media) give the Aryans more attention than the orders of magnitude larger black and brown gangs.

Josh Little Bull(shit)

There's a white sucker mulcted every minute. Christianity is all that stands between whites and the rational treatment of browns and other discoloreds.


18 november 2014

Today in Judeo-Leftism: Serve the Queers - Fuck Your Free Association

The concept of principled behavior is utterly foreign to leftists/cultists. When they get your fired, ostracized, smeared, murdered, that's you simply suffering the consequences of your choices - but not when it's their pet charges like homorbs. They can do whatever they want with their genitals and the left's courts and papers will see to it that they are treated as the legal superiors of normals - people whose rights must yield way to the homosexual disease king passing through. The left is also up for doxxing when it comes to whites trying to protect themselves from marauding niggers. Workaday leftism is promoting small extensions in the number of people forced, in some sector, to comply and/or subsidize leftist agenda item. Here it's forcing businesses to provide whore pills as a 'health insurance' benefit. Or some similar.

Every Nigger a Rapist

The poster boy for Blacks Can Be Bourgeois (upper-middle-class college kids would gather around the set to watch The Cosby Show, with Dr. Huxtable and his lawyer wife), aka Bill Puddin' Pop Cosby, is a rapist. Not like a one-time, she-was-drunk, there's-doubt rapist, but a full-fledged multi-woman, multi-times serial shit-ass-nigger rapist. You see, chillun, niggers aren't live, full-sized dolls for Good little you to play with, they're dangerous jungle animals. Tarshis claims Cosby raped her twice in 1969 when she was just 19 years old. (Cosby accuser Barbara Bowman, who wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post last week, was also allegedly raped by the comedian when she was a teenager in the late 1980's.) They're probably making it up though. School teaches white suckers that niggers are falsely accused of rape by deceiving white women. This is the message of To Kill a Mockingbird, which is studied in many high school classrooms as a useful parable of white racism and the noble liberal-jew-minority coalition which overcomes it. TKAM grooms white girls. It prepares them to see niggers as victims rather than predators. It's irresponsible for white parents to allow their children to read this anti-white propaganda. Mocking the Coz: Cosby's black, though, can we really call it rape? Seems kind of racist. If cops aren't allowed to fight back when blacks assault them, why should young women's rape claims be privileged?

Gold These Days

Long story short: Germans demanded their gold back. USA jews refused to give it. Germans retreated. Now Switzerland grows suspicious about the actions of its own bank in relation to selling off too much gold at too low prices. Notice the parallel to 'racism.' It's too good for the common goy, but just right for the jew in Israel. The jew promotes central banksters managing the economy and inflation, fighting inflation, as it's always put, but that is the reverse of the truth. The central bank causes inflation. The only real hedge against the danger of inflation, seeing that paper currencies, fiat currencies, always end up worthless, is gold and silver. Bankers know this, and sometimes even admit it, as former jew Fed chairman Greenspan did recently. Gold's price can be manipulated, does go up and down, but it never goes to nothing. It's been money, at more or less the same value, for thousands of years. What jews say and what they do are two different things, and different usually means opposite.

What Charles Manson Grasps that Most WN Leaders Do Not

He's 80. He's in jail. He has a swastika scar mid-eyebrows. Yet he still pulls chicks. Strong enough to get them to marry him. How can that be? Because he's evil. What is evil, after all, but a popular word? Manson never murdered anyone personally. It's arguable he persuaded others, but that's all. Oscar Wilde said that evil is a term and concept the Good use to explain away the curious attractiveness of others, and anyone with experience can confirm that Evil is sexy to women; the care-less-about-fairness sex doesn't make any distinction between evil and strong. Never call your opponent evil unless you want to drive the stronger, bolder women to him. If you think that's bad or unfair, please remember I'm not responsible for creating this world, your potty goddy is. White Nationalism doesn't need facts or evidence, it's had libraries of these for 100 years; the smartest men have confirmed its essential truths; rather, it needs charisma and strength. Our cause must be made emotional to be effective. Bringing the fight-lust out of people is not done with cold facts, no more than you would incite a boner by showing someone a voluptuous woman's x-ray. We incite people to action, to the desire to make deep change, by getting in their marrow. We appeal to their hate. They should hate - when they see what is done to innocent white women like Channon Christian, and innocent white men like Chris Newsom. Why after all does hate exist if there aren't times we should and must feel it? Our opponents call us haters because they are liars seeking to defame and discredit us, but in fact our movement is deficient in hate. That is correct. Does it surprise you? It shouldn't. If you think about it, it won't. Whites got into the mess we're in not because there was insufficient understanding of where things were heading but because the passion to resist the wrong direction flamed out. Epithets and mobs and lynchings work. Reasoned debate in moderate tones does not. That's not me saying that, it's me and Manson and ISIS and God and nature and reality.

White Activities: Deer Processing

Processed my first deer Sunday. Five straight hours cutting the meat from the bones. Didn't hunt it, shoot it, clean it. Just processed it. With hacksaw, hunter's knife, boning knife, and several other tools. In the end, got about 30 pounds of meat off a button buck, which is an immature male. Cost is the seven-dollar tag my friends used. The going professional rate starts at 95 in NEMO (Northeast Missouri), with specialties on top of that - jerky, bratwurst, summer sausage and such. One of the great joys of life is learning new tricks, new skills. So it is with gardening, so it is with hunting, fishing and meat processing. I plan to expand my operations slowly. After I master butchering deer, I will get a grinder and make ground venison. One step at a time. Close-to-free meat, organic, good tasting. Itz all good, as the nigger annoyingly say. If you have the chance, try it yourself. Thirty pounds of meat is quite a lot, and even 2-3 deer can feed a family for months. There are videos for seemingly every activity out there. Here's a good one for butchering deer (processing after killed/cleaned/skin off). Here is part one of two on a cheap but effective way to tan deer hides. Here's part two of "Deer Hide Tanning." (Video maker refers to part 3 but it's not available.) Photos later Tuesday.

first you skin it

much confusion first time, takes 5 hours; pro could do it in under 20 minutes

white man freezer: 30lb processed deer ($7 tag), home-grown tomatoes, Aldi beef roll (7.99), cheese (1.89), cranberries (.99), chicken breasts bag (6.xx)

[Not pictured yet, will add when finished: tanned deer hide]


17 november 2014

Mailbag: 17 November 2014

The Story of PATCON

Huge federal effort to sting racists one. But does smear the racialist name. The feds and the helper media never admit their own corrupt role in things, but the bottom line is that most terrorist activity in the US is entirely a production of or vitally facilitated by some branch of the US government. Lot of links in this piece from Grigg.

ISIS Get Gnarlier

Beheads Kassig, the fifth. And a bunch more Syrians. Media focusing on IS converts from Europe.


16 november 2014

Red Ice with E. Michael Jones

Must-hear radio. If you want to understand the why behind our culture's ubiquitous sexualizaztion, listen to this man. Try some of his magazines here. His website here. His tome Libido Dominandi, on sexual liberation as a tool or strategy for political control is worth more than any liberal arts college education I know of.


15 november 2014

Deer Season

Last year, got-nothing-and-liked-it (big winds all week). This year: two before noon! Boom boom boom!

8-pointer and doe fall victim to plate crimes

I don't hunt, but friends do. Going rate in Missouri about $95 for basic processing. A problem among Missouri cervids, particularly in the NEMO (NE Missouri) region, is chronic wasting disease. So conservation agents take tissue samples at a lot of the processors. Missouri has 500k+ deer hunters, and bucks-related bucks adds up to nearly $1 billion. NEMO is a great place for hunting deer and turkey. There is also the off chance you'll see a boolagong.

How to skin deer.

Hot Takes on Nog Mistakes

Nigger dumbness doesn't stop when they take the field, where their celebrated athleticism often gives way to their defective menticism. My pet theory is that only about 5% of negro brains can entertain two ideas at the same time. The other 95% will drop one of the ideas. A negroid brain can't encompass both "down the ball" and "stay out of the endzone." It will inevitably do both, under any kind of pressure, thus negating the intention. Another belief of mine is that niggers care more about looking good in front of the crowd/crowd reaction than winning or losing. Here we see a nigger, broken into the clear, deposit the ball at the one in an act of too-coolness, resulting in the other team's picking it up and returning it 100 yards for a td. Niggers, back when I used to watch football regularly, do this fairly often - dropping the ball before they actually crossed the goal line. They're just that dumb and unfocused. But this is probably the best. The video is in a Drew Magary column. Magary, if you don't know him, is the best sports snarkist at deadspin. Write a weekly NFL column. Also writes for GQ, and was the guy who precipitated a global pearl-clutching by getting one of the beards on the duck show to say what he did about fags and anal sex. Magary is one of these guys who knows the truth but places his career ahead of it. His snark is high quality, but constraint by the current taboos. Very little that negroes do makes any kind of sense, by white or rational standards.


14 november 2014

NFL: Unsafe at Any Speed

Unsafe at Any Speed, some of you might remember, was the title of Ralph Nader's book about the Corvair. It destroyed the model. Even though the book was full of bad information. Might be similar with the NFL and football generally, although with good information. Football is inherently dangerous. We've pretended not to notice. Somewhat as with smoking. But now the evidence is becoming undeniable. No matter how big and cushy the helmet, brain damage is unavoidable if you play football. I don't know if they have fully found that yet, but that's where they're headed. And that is why it is possible, though unthinkable in 2014, that football may one day disappear. Great empires seem like they will last forever, but they never do. Sports empires are the same as political, in that regard. Don't think that because things seem inevitably headed one way at one point they won't stop or reverse or charge off in an entirely unexpected direction. Things human are never all that stable, as comparative wills and circumstances are in a perpetual scrum, moving with no more predictability than a hurricane path.

Jew Masquerading as (American)

Yet another anti-white legal reversal in the 1960s: Afroyim vs Rusk. It allowed dual citizenship. Thus jews could work for Israel and be employed in the higher reaches of American government. As sthe article shows, you can't even get solid data on dual-nats in Congress.


Stop, collaborate with Qaeda. Good example of learning lessons where they are: ISIS learn social media from Grumpy Cat.Here Counterpunch on endgame of ISIS/US strategy. Biggest news of all, perhaps: ISIS launches its own currency.


13 november 2014

Whose Errant Bullet

If a carload of niggers gets together and goes off to shoot up a house, and if one of their dozen bullets hits someone, let's say a girl sitting in her grandfather's lap, would you describe that bullet as "errant"? If you would, what would the bullet have hit if its aim were true? Were the nigs going for the clothes hamper? The kitchen cabinet? The drapes? You have to have a brain of stone and a heart of wood shavings to be journalist under ZOG. Or you simply have to place your career ahead of simple honesty. You don't shoot up a house unless you're hoping and intending to kill the people inside. You may not achieve that, but you sure as hell intend it. Denying homicidal intent, white-homicidal intent, to vicious, feral niggers is workaday business to the creeps populating our junk media. Men absolutely without integrity, honor or simple honesty. Who makes excuses for a bunch of niggers who shoot little girls? The writers and editors at People magazine, for one - but not for only. Because literally every single other 'mainstream' writer/editor group out there would have put it the same way, or a different way amounting the same thing. Always, the rule is, exculpate the nigger. If he's guilty beyond your ability to lie and cover it up, then downplay it. Find some less-bad motivation driving the malicious coon; some circumstance that lets the ape off the hook. The jewcontrolled junkmedia act toward the nigger precisely as defense attorneys would. Deny the obvious motivation and conceal the necessary facts. ... So the family donates the heart of the nigger-murdered girl. 1000 gather to mourn her. Someone passes out stickers saying "Stop the Violence." When did whites become such an ineffectual, impotent, useless race? It seems to track with jews taking over our society. In the old days, we would have called them niggers, and would have confined them to their restricted area. And if they did something like this, a large group of white men, like the 1000 assembled here, would have gathered and burned Nigtown to the ground. Today, under our jew masters, we don't even dare to call them niggers. We gather and light candles and cry nothing. This is who we are, as a race, in 2014. We are pathetic. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW.

Little White Dog Syndrome

Horus the Avenger retweeted: Tweet: Anne B ?@abroshar Nov 9 People don't think I'm hostile or dangerous if I'm in a bad mood. They assume I'm having a bad day. #whiteprivilege. This ordinary middle-class white woman gets praised for her tweet by a couple of her black friends. "Thanks. I'm trying," she says. . . . I don't know if whites always had in them this urge to comply, this urge to please, this urge to ball-fetch. If you've ever seen how anxious a small dog is to lick the lips of the bigger dog, you have the mentality of far too many whites today. They are placating, sucking up to, and trying to appease powers that want their destruction. It's like their common sense and their self-defense mechanisms have been disabled. And of course we know that is the case. It is part of the design of the common schooling and media to render them defenseless through disabled pattern recognition and inculcation of feelings of deep racial shame and historical guilt. Set up for the slaughter is the customary formulation, and it fits. The slaughter will not be televised, it will be conducted in Chinese water torture fashion, courtesy of the nigger. Day after day, in town after town, nigger violence targeted at whites extracts a toll on white normals. We don't see about it unless we know to look because the junkmedia carefully cover it up. The particular hush crime receives only local coverage. And the interracial context, in which basically all such crime is black- or colored on white is quite literally never reported by any source average people have access to. So while this woman is preening and appeasing the coloreds in #Ferguson, a white girl up in Milwaukee, sitting on her grandfather's lap, is shot in the head by a bunch of niggers firing a dozen shots into her house. She lives in a mostly black area, and the niggers who killed her were out to murder white people. The media keep this carefully hidden. Who can deny jews run the media? And who can deny that the media promote the myth of black innocence and white guilt? And that this myth overrides the documented facts in virtually every case that receives national attention. Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Renisha MCBride are just three we could name from the last couple years. Blacks act egregiously, but in the media they become figures of wholly innocence. Whites who genuinely are innocent are slaughtered, and the media have nothing to say about it other than that it's a failed carjacking or robbery. It's perversely funny that the jewsmedia loves the formulation: schools are failing our niggers, rather than the accurate: niggers are failing in school. But when it comes to crime, why there's an area they concede niggers fail at. They were trying to do something less lethal and more innocent than what they actually by junkmedia reckoning, they failed at their crime. Of course, they intended to do exactly what they did, but it doesn't serve the jewish agenda to admit that the blacks they sicced on white America like to murder whites just because they're white, with no idea of robbery on their mind. Jews are a race of liars. That must be understood. They knew exactly what would happen when they forced blacks among us. They intended the result. And they cover it up. While continuing to preach about diversity. Funny that jews favor easy laws for ending marriages, yet when it comes to races, they insist they be forced together at all costs. What reconciles these positions? Both destroy society. White society. Jews are nation wreckers. This has been observed for 2,000 years. At least. The solution to the problem jews pose is to exterminate them. The Catholic policy of merely preventing jews from doing cultural damage failed. The jews subverted the church, so that now it pushes an agenda scarcely distinguishable from their own - and not distinguishable at all on race. The christians, from the pope down, are mud fans. Get more muds into Europe, jews and the pape urge. Open your borders, white nations! Open your hearts, white people! Open your legs, white girls! Then they turn a blind eye to the proven effects: the complete racial and cultural destruction, the reduction of once-proud Europe to the cultural level of Jihadistan. This is weakness. This is cowardice. This is know-nothingness. This is the road to destuction. TEAM WHITE VS TEAM JEW? WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON, WHITE MAN? We'll deal with the bogus concept of white privilege in upcoming spintros, but here's a good place to get started thinking about it, on our forum.

Matthew "Meth" Shepard

I knew it. I knew this little faggot had sex with or at least knew one of or both the guys who killed him. And sure enough, that's the case.... Faggotry is the cause du decades, at Truman State University where I live in Kirksville, Missouri. All the kidlets who missed nigger privilege movement in the sixties can at least be down for deviants in the 2000-2015 period. And they are. When Matt Shepard's mom came to town, it was standing room only. I sorely regret missing the show, since I didn't hear about it until after it happened, because I could have gone and asked her a simple question, namely whether she thought it was cool that her son was crusing as an HIV positive queer. Because I assure you nobody there had anything but fawning worship for this mother of the fruitiest loop. If you stand back and smelter a while, is it not truly astonishing, apart from all other temporal considerations, that we live in an age in which an extremely morbid sexual practice is elevated to godhood? The average opposition to faggotry is completely useless because it doesn't get to the heart of the problem. Let's go into the politics before coming back to Shepard. Who is pushing homoism on society? Obviously homos. But they are a one percent minority. And the 99% traditionally are not disposed to favor them. They can't get anywhere without the help of the 2% minority owning the mass media. So, it is jews pushing homos. Jews giving homos access. Jews championing their normalization, followed by their, well, triumph. How else would you put it? Now the important thing here is...we've already lost 98% of the critics of homoism. They're stuck little the little crossunfit sheep they are on bleating about traditional this or that. But here's the key about the ho-morbids and their homorbidity. They and their promotion is but a tool. Jews desire to unstring society, to make it digestible to jews. They see society as their living room, their den, their Weitzmann cave, and they want to make it as comfortable as possible. They don't want any pious christian morality, or ordinary hygiene. They want it nice and dirty and dark, like any verminous mouse or roach would. How do they achieve this? A thousand ways, but one of the more prominent is by sexualizing society. The perfect parallel would be to high-fructose corn syrup. The way that sugar is shoved into every processed food product is parallel to the way jews shove unnecessary sex into every public media stream. Just as the body is destroyed by sugar, the mind and soul are perverted by morbid and deranged and simply excessive sex, sex talk, sex acts, sex toys, endless jabbering about masturbation, endless bogus sex psychology on talk shows. You can't escape sex in 2014 AmeriKwa. The Two and a Half Men mentality, the Howard Stern mentality, is everywhere. You can turn it off in your own house, but you can't turn off it's effects on your neighbors. And so a puerile sex obsession is made ubiquitous in America in the media, and over time this affects minds, morality and simply mentality. So that even if we think it's a bit much, we assume others do not, and we comply with the artificial spirit of the times the -mannufactured zeitgeist. For the jews think that goyim obsessed with sex won't pay attention to jews. This is what their scholars in the Frankfurt School discovered in their researches, or at least concluded from their researches. The FSers are the communist and other jews that Hitler kicked out of Germany for doing the same thing they are here. That's a clue to those of you with thinking capacities that there's a reason Hitler is the Ultimate Bad Guy in jew mythology. Precisely because he was the Guy the Furthest Down the Right Track. So now we understand the politics behind queerdom: they serve the jews by opening up, loosening up society, which jews think erodes anti-semitism, which is his smear for the natural reaction to the jew and the destruction he always brings. Homorbs are like a dissolving fluid for social mores, as are the jews who use them, as Richard Wagner said. He called them the 'plastic demons of decomposition.' Whatever creates stable white families jews oppose with all their hearts, and all the laws they can create, twist or otherwise muster. White families must be destroyed, and there are many avenues to go about this. We lie to men and women about sexual differences, we promote sex endlessly, especially its deviant and morbid forms; we make divorce easy; we knowingly propagate false ideas in public schools our enemy is forced to pay for. It all hangs together to promote our anti-white ends. The white will be destroyed in his own nest and nation - and like it. Just in the way a child likes candy that ultimately sickens him and destroys his teeth, or a young girl enjoys sex without seeing the heartache and bastards around the corner. And after we get hooked on jew drecksexkultur, we want more of it. We even defend our attack as our liberation, which is how the jew advertises it. I theorize not. It goes on this very minute. Look around and see. Is it not as I write? Is it not as we jews planned? It is. (As an analytical tool, there is no better way, particularly for goyim who have real difficulty putting themselves in others' places, to think about things than as if one were a jew. If you wanted to destroy white society, or any society, what would you do? How would you act? What would you promote? What would you denounce? Who would you mock? This is an alt-technique for answering "what are jews doing to destroy white society." Well, what would you do? What would anyone do? If he wanted to destroy minds, bodies, families, neighborhoods and nations? It becomes easiest to see what they are up to by this approach.) ... So years after every last political drop of usefulness has been squeezed out of his tiny blond corpse, the truth about Matt Shepard emerges. It was there all along, more or less, but now it is truly out in the open, thanks to a new book, written by a fag with a mexican name, for whatever that's worth. Matt Sheparad the collection of attributes served the jews because he could be presented, knowingly falsely, as a symbol of good beset by hateful evil. He was small, blond, from a "nice" family. The jew could use employ his stereotype of the country-fried redneck ruffian attacking the noblest of god's creatures, the homoangelic sweetster. Typical presentation:

The smaller a minority, the more useful media control. If you agree with the normal majority, then owning media just means profits, like in any other business. But if you're a member of a tiny minority, the media means politics as well. In fact, there is no way a tiny-minority like the 1% butt club and the 2% beanie club can put across their politics except through media control. Over the first half of the 20th century, jews acquired that media control in America, speaking very roughly, and in the second half, they wielded it white-mercilessly. What this queer, mexican, but apparently honest reporter Jimenez, who went to Laramie to begin his research with the idea of writing your typical homo-positive play, found, is that the mainstream mass media manufactured the Myth of Matt, and mendaciously molested the moral majority with misrepresentations. See, Matt Shepard KNEW one of his killers, McKinney. He had had sex with McKinney, who was bisexual. The jewsmedia lied this was 'gay-bashing' from hate, but it wasn't. The facts were there, the necessary ones, but the media went with the myth. As they always do. See Michael Brown. See Trayvon Martin. See Tawana Brawley. The facts come out early or late, but they never matter, except to thinking men, to noticing men, and to juries. Jews lie. Blacks riot. Whites suffer. So this queer, this HIV-positive cruising boifaggotical twinky little methdealing twinklebarflyfag - it dealt meth, it used meth, it had sex with rough trade like bisexual McKinney - but all of this is covered up for 20 years by the jew-controlled anti-white media. Queer Shepard died from rough trade, in both sense of the word. You can't believe anything you read in a publication controlled by jews, and that means every publication on your newsstand. Because even if jews don't own it the outlet in question, they completely dominate the pipeline that produces the journalists who get paid to write, and they will see that anyone who departs from their agenda loses his job. This is why everything you hear and read sounds the same. If you want an alternative view, you have to come to a site like this. No one controls what I write here. So I'm free to speak the truth, as best I can make it out. Whites unthinkingly accept what they hear as probably more or less true, and certainly coming from authority (which is the dominant fact to most of them), even if they reserve some doubts. But it's far closer to the opposite, in any case touching what I call The Agenda. I mean, whether you agree it's jews setting that agenda, you can't deny there's an agenda being pushed at all times in all outlets, can you? You can see that everything pushes the same way, right? There's a gleichschaltung, a coordination. Now, for one period of my life, I used to hit a bar on the weekends pretty regularly. And this was in a town not too much smaller than Laramie (maybe 17k vs 25k), which is basically a smaller town. The one thing you see in a bar, if you keep going back there, is that it's kind of a barrier reef. There may be lots of different species, but they have set ways of interacting, and many of the habitues are up to no particular good, and almost all of those who go regularly know the others, even if only by sight. So I thought it was very, very likely that the three characters involved in this exchange knew each other from prior visits to this bar or other bars in the town, or at least two of them did. And sure enough, not only did they know each other, they dealt drugs and exchanged bodily fluids. But none of this transpired. Whatever facts were actually known were kept from the public, or at least from mass, repeated dissemination. There were hints. Bits of the real truth were in the cracks for mines that mined. But nothing was really said until after the political benefits had been fresh squeezed, and then canned and preserved for tour, a la mom Judy. Matt Shepard not only gave the jews-homorb coalition a gay jesus, he gave his mom a career. I mean, this bitch is still working it, fifteen years later. Only in AmeriKwa. Could something so ridiculous and contemptible be treated with such high regard. Basically this little girl-sized fruit (5'2", 105 lb.) was killed in a drug-related imbroglio, the precise type of which doesn't matter. You'll appreciate the irony. The wording jews use to disguise nigger motive were actually true in this case. They didn't murder the little bugster because he was queer, at least one of them was queer too; rather, they killed him to get his meth or for some trade-related reason (like he knew of a big stash or shipment). As always, jews flip the truth to pursue their Agenda. If you know their agenda, you can know in advance how they will treat any particular story. Knowledge of jews and their agenda is the skeleton key not only to all media but to all history. The actual facts of any particular matter only come into play as a limiting factor. I mean, they can't go too far beyond them in many cases or even the credulous sheep will begin to wonder, but where they can they do. The media are all about advancing jews by promoting moral myths, which are concocted out of daily droppings into shit-monster jebuses used to plague and pursue and browbeat the white community into laying down its mind and arms and accepting defeat. Jews must be laughed at and shouted down as liars. But that's just stopgap. Eventually they must be exterminated as a lethal threat to our species. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.


12 november 2014

#GamerGate: Fascinating Parallels with Race Coverage

Long, interesting article with as many links as you want at Slate about #GamerGate and how to end it. In the middle is this graphic

It's a little small, but read through the points of the woman the jew writing the piece styles a "moderate" for the GamerGate side, i.e., the good guys, the video game users. Her point is essentially that the vendors/media are at war with their customers, the users/review readers. We see this same dynamic at work in politics and in race, which overlap, obviously. What the public wants doesn't matter, it gets fed what the powers that be decide to serve it. There's a lie set up, which the liars call a narrative, and no depature from it is allowed, and any critical reaction is "hate," and anyone pointing out anything wrong or simply nuttily counterfactual about The Narrative is a "hater." So while kids be paying their hard-earned money to read about the games they wanna know about, the media be promoting feminism, with biased or irrelevant coverage, fake games given spurious awards. At the same time games and gaming are misrepresented, the same folks who have portrayed gamers as basement-dwelling losers for decades now want a piece of the multi-billion-dollar action, and so present gamers as dangerous he-man threats, threatening the very lives of the feminist social justice warriors (SJW), so they can strike their usual pose as victims. It's an ordinary jewish-(feminist) assault on normalcy, with the difference that the forces called gamergate are numerous and don't have as much to lose; they're anonymous and very clever at finding ways to strike back. So the jew-feminists got more than they bargained for. Gamergate got companies to yank ad money, actually causing financial pain to the enemy, namely the Gawker ring. It is rare that the jewish-feminist dictatorship has blows struck against it, and if the blows haven't left them reeling, precisely, they've at least stung them.


11 november 2014

Policing: Then and Now: One Way or The Other

Either the cops work for the people or the people exist for the cops. In the old days, cops walked a beat. They knew all the people, their parents, their problems. Now they sit in their cruisers with their radios and their windows rolled up. AmeriKwa has become something of a police state. Show your ID, get caught on camera, pretend cops (and military) are heroes or get looked at crosseyed. It's Veterans Day today, so naturally google came out with a designer logo featuring the military. With not one white male. Even though white males are the huge majority doing the actual fighting.

BTL: Ferguson

BTL on one of the more absurd pieces on #Ferguson and #MichaelBrown. From a nigress writing in the Guardian. The black pattern for writing about any guilty nigger is to ignore the facts from the case and shift to whining about black lives not mattering. White lives don't matter to blacks, which is why they're so quick to rape, torture, murder and rob from them. They're willing to punch cops and go for their guns. If they experience any blowback from their felonies, they have an entire media infrastructure and commmunity willing to lie and riot for them. AmeriKwa is a paradise for a black criminal, and has been for a long time. In other words, precisely the reverse of what's true in the common media. Which is run by jews against whites, even though whites are its only customers. Which disproves the leftist cant that businesses pursue profits first and only. If anyone were interested, which they aren't. Here's what happens when a naive white UMSL student tries to help the monkeys: he ends up crying and fleeing for his life down darkstreet.

IS: Response to Al-Baghdadi Attack?

The rate of new recruits to ISIS since coalition airstrike began has been 1,000 fighters a month. The rate may now grow radically. So says a risk manager with a Ph.D. in history from UCLA. Here on destroying ISIS. IS' procession: Syria (Assad) to Israel to Rome. In the Islamic State's view of the world, Israel is merely a Roman military outpost that must be taken before marching on Europe. Well, thatz refreshing.


10 november 2014

Jordy Nelson, the Best (and Whitest) Receiver in the NFL

The amount Packers receiver Jordy Nelson is open by against the Chicago Bears "is a joke" - on multiple plays. Yet, Jordy Nelson "may not be the fastest." Think harder, Cris Collinsworth. Or just look at the tape. Look how easily Nelson runs by those negroes, game after game. He most certainly is one of the faster receivers in the league. Blacks admit he is underrated because of his skin color, which is as white as it gets. Here's Jennings from 2011: "Seriously, a lot of it has to do with the fact that guys look at him and say, 'OK, he's the white guy, he can't be that good.' Well, he is that good"... A black defender puts Nelson on same level as much-hyped black receiver Johnson aka 'Megatron': "He's on that level," Shields said. "He's right along with him (Johnson). Jordy can make the explosive plays. He'll catch it and go the long yard with it. It's no different." [...] The key for Nelson, he continues, is recognizing coverages instantly. He'll "convert" his route before the cornerback blinks. Yet nationally, Shields agrees, Nelson's name isn't thrown into the mix. "Never," he says, a tad disgusted. Now why would that be? We know. Nelson is white. As white as white gets. So he can't be the greatest receiver out going, even though he is. The jewsmedia won't allow that, and won't allow its announcers to admit that. You have to use your own eyes and mind to reach that conclusion. ... White speed is always called sneaky or, as in the title link 'deceptive.' But it's not. It's just speed. The deception only comes in if you've bought the lie that plenty of whites aren't extremely fast runners. Nelson's speed is deceptive. He glides. On a slant, a post he pulls away with an effortless stride. Shaking his head, Hyde describes Nelson as fast without appearing fast. Whites dominate nearly every sport out there - except football, where their dominance is limited to the most important positions - quarterback. ...Nelson was a state champ in the 100, 200 and 400 meters. Yet Nelson is, well, Caucasian. These other five-star receivers in the NFL are not. Extremely fast. Extremely attentive to detail: Asked how Nelson differs from the Johnson/Green/Bryant pantheon, Carter points to route running. His depths are to the inch and he's "very, very alert" to coverages. "He's what I call a 'pro receiver,'" Carter said. "He's professional with his route running, his depths... White mentality: [H]e doesn't complain, he plays 100%. He blocks. He's a good teammate. He doesn't think he's great. He's an introvert, not an extrovert diva." He has it all. "There aren't a lot of African-Americans with that size or speed either," Lofton cut in. "There just aren't a lot of players that have that size, are that fast and then can accentuate and move their body. It's one thing to have straight-line speed. That's nice. But to be able to contort your body, move it, is different." Overall, he has been the top receiver in the league in 2014. Johnson is considered the best, but the black coach says this: Many wideouts (think: Wallace, Mike) go vertical but can't make sharp left- and right-hand turns. They're not going across the middle. They're not taking the 5-yarder into 19 yards, Brown said, not taking the 20-yarder 60 yards. Nelson makes these turns; Johnson doesn't. (bolding added) "And to be honest with you," Brown said, "I don't believe he can.... This on the white-white mental connection between Aaron Rodgers and Nelson: In Green Bay, Rodgers and Nelson are reaching a point of similar geometry. And beyond that, exists a telepathy. "They're basically the same person right now in their thought process," Van Pelt said. "If you see them not on the same page, it's very rare.... The communication is the first step and then just the repetition. And that is why there should be more white receivers in the league over time, and do seem to be, the past few years. (Further inspection, Nelson is the only white receiver in top 10, so still a ways to go.)

ISIS (IS): Details Matter

The strategic acumen of Isis was impressive - so too its attention to detail. "They had itemised everything," the source said. "Down to the smallest detail." Guardian article on ISIS from back in June, but with some good stuff. in less than three years, Isis had grown from a ragtag band of extremists to perhaps the most cash-rich and capable terror group in the world. What could white men do, do you suppose, if they were willing to die to remove the ZOG in some particular land (since ZOGs are many). More slightly aged but good background on ISIS. [T]he Saudis are 'deeply attracted towards any militancy which can effectively challenge Shiadom[']... For America, Britain and the Western powers, the rise of Isis and the Caliphate is the ultimate disaster. Whatever they intended by their invasion of Iraq in 2003 and their efforts to get rid of Assad in Syria since 2011, it was not to see the creation of a jihadi state spanning northern Iraq and Syria run by a movement a hundred times bigger and much better organised than the al-Qaida of Osama bin Laden. More from same guy, Cockburn.

According to the Institute for the Study of War, ISIL's 2013 annual report reveals a metrics-driven military command, which is "a strong indication of a unified, coherent leadership structure that commands from the top down". Good news early this week for ISIS (now on IS here, Islamic State), as Ansar Beit al-Maqdi, Egypt's "most dangerous militant group" vow allegiance.


9 november 2014

Freed at Last, Freed at Last, No, We're Still Waiting, F. Reed the Jew to Belast

Some classic older stuff here, always made new again by fresh evasions, on Fred "Country Slicker" Reed avoiding the jew taproot of our national decline. Freddy shore do see them nigras, though. Here is an interesting piece on prisons, specifically how violence works in them. Kalb essay (2000) on liberalism, if you haven't seen it. Nice piece on gentrification. And, finally, a collection of Roald Dahl short stories, not that well formatted, but free and online.


8 november 2014

Mackie + Media Control = Morality of Mass Man

Few think, most ape. 'Morality' is a function of what the average sheep hears from authority. Whoever that authority is. The priest 500 years ago, the tv today. How do you think they switched public attitudes on queers so quickly if people aren't malleable, if media control means nothing? It is the peculiar and disgusting and -- this is key -- self-interested conceit of certain men, many of them living in lands where saying the right thing is literally illegal (see UK, where guy recently got jugged for tweeting), that control of the modes of reproduction and dissemination of memes and ideas is but a small thing. We just make do with what we have (the Internet, small imprints), blithely sail on, at some point victory occurs. Yeah, i'd stick to blaming vague liberalism too if i got thrown in jail for naming the jew. Safer, easier (conservativer) to talk about abstract -isms and blame them for our untergang, rather than talk about specific jews and specific institutions and the specific outlets they use to produce and reproduce white genocide. Jews own the mass media. There is no battle of ideas. We won and lost. They (the powers that be, the jews) tacitly admit they can't beat us on ideas. That's why they bought up the media in the first place. That's why they need to control the mass media - so that their (bad, anti-white) ideas are the only ones in wide circulation. Is this not obvious and undeniable? Is it not obvious that the less popular the position, the greater the necessary attraction to communications control and mass-dissemination machinery? Yet these fine fellows never take this into account. Just on and on with this blather about battle of ideas. I don't watch tv these days, but is Greg Johnson or Alex Kurtagic or Merlin Miller - are any of these other fellows invited onto FOX and PBS and MSNBC to discuss things - even as hated enemy? No. Well then, What is the source of this wacky nostrum? of this disconnect? Whites aren't suicidal. They dont vote to undermine their race and nation. Rather they vote against it, only to see courts disregard or dismiss their manifest wishes. And advocates for the normal-majority view aren't even allowed in the mass media. Christ, you don't even see people on tv arguing that homosexual behavior is morbid and undesirable - that, like all opposition to anti-white judeo-leftism, is "hate" and it's shunted to the sidelines, or marginalized, as leftists say. The shadow grows. Have you noticed? The number of things you're not allowed to say only increases across The Land of No Second Opinion. Another term they love is unheard voices and minorities, but the unheard voices in Leftistan are the large majority! That's what media control means. And these fellows write as though it doesn't exist, doesn't even matter, this all-extensive communications control featuring 36-shorts lecturing us not merely for our own good but posing as the very it and essence and moral-clarion voice of our community. What impudence. What chutzpah. What effrontery. It is beyond absurd, this bizarre conceit that this entire machinery-leveraged anti-white gesamt-gleichschaltic impudence doesn't exist or isn't mass-determinative, yet I see it everywhere, I see it implicitly assumed everywhere, to use their language. ... It's not just ideas, either, it's law. The government forces race-mixing as best it can. The corporations are forced by law to promote it in their FCC-licensed advertising. Anyone who speaks out against this stuff is shat on by media if they hear of it, and often fired if they work in some professional capacity. People have had children taken from them for holding the "wrong" views. This is no battle of ideas. You're not allowed to hold the wrong ones. You might not get shot for it, but you won't be allowed any reputation, job, public microphone or respect, if the media can deprive you of them. This is the real world. Those who think we're in a battle of ideas simply aren't interested in fighting. They don't even like those who do, because they continually disparage their efforts, even if merely backhandedly by refusing to acknowledge them. It's safe to say "we're doing this to ourselves." It's safe to say "whites can't organize." It's safe to forget about the 100 years of centralized federal, jewish oppression of anyone who tries to speak and act against the leftist Levyathan. No, all that goes by the wayside so the brilliant essay writer can write about ideas. Forget that most people aren't thinkers (the PhDs never acknowledge this) but conform to what's expected of them, so far as they can make it out, from tv, and neighbors, and teachers and politicians and employers. The USSA is nothing if not under Gleichschaltung (coordination) so that every official public and private authority is promoting the same message. The remarkable thing is that after decades of this whites still by their foot-vote and private opinions resist the liberal fake consensus that is quite real when it comes to the raw power behind its imposition and the pain it causes. The questions these hothouse flowers won't address is how do we win when our opponents control the heavy guns - the satellites that spread tv, and the copiers that steal our money? Pretending that we're in a battle of ideas that can be won by coming up with a fresh new brilliant word-combination is a willfully childish answer.

Getting Money Control Out of Jewish Hands

The twin supports of jewish dictatorship are money and media control. Centralized banking is inherently pro-jew, as is any kind of consolidation and centralization. The more centralized power is, the fewer jews needed to control it. Jews don't have the numbers other races do, after all. That's why they like to get all political power centralized in, say, Washington, D.C., or all financial power centralized in the Bank of London (several hundred years ago!). Jews surround their money power with lies. These lies have to be competed with and cracked and cracked up by decentralized media, by alt-media. The mainstream only repeat them. The libertarians are the best at doing this (, but they leave out the essential jewish causation. Money control, queered money, is only part of the larger plan by which jews enslave goyim. Racialists must fill in what the otherwise formidable libertarians leave out. The way to do that is to use the videos and knowledge libertarians come up with, then put it in the context of a racial war between Team Jew and (theoretical, at this point, unfortunately) Team White. Add the why to their libertarian how and/or partial why. Libertarians, like the dreamer WN I wrote about above (the battle of ideas bronies and such) love to talk about forces. Their summum anti-bonum is the evil overlord "The State." That is their Battle of Ideas. "Individual vs State" is their "Battle of Ideas" - safely denatured of telling particulars and specifics. But the specific technical-political knowledge they offer about, say, the Fed, is very valuable. Provided, again, it is tied back to the racial war, so the reader sees the Biggest Picture, not just a detail. One rectal ass-vase, or vaaaahss, as the French seldom say, does not comprehend the entirety of the Bosch monstruarium. You dig, ponywhiteboy? Libertarians are reliable on central banking generally, on gold, on inflation, on The Fed. All racialists need an understanding of the basic scam that is fractional-reserve banking and centralized banking in the modern world. (Read jew Rothbard's short free online book linked above.) Libertarians are better on this than racialists, at the moment. But as I threepeat, their understandings, technical, must be tied to WN contexts, political. Libertarians will avoid mentioning that jews run these central banks and created the setup. They will stick to the technics of theft through quantitative easing (one of many devil's aliases of the legal counterfeiting that produces the inflation that raises the consumer prices and steals the white man's purchasing power. Inflation is dilution. Watered-down money buys less.). White Nationalists alone can and will and must supply the racial connection. The jew feeds himself with the central banking scam, and he justifies this scam (and the rest) using his mass media. On these two pillars rest jew control of the suckers, the goyim, the yous and the mes. This week we've jew former head of Fed admit gold is the real money, which blew some minds. And we've seen Schiff (who called the housing crash in 2008, not sure if he's a jew) advise Switzerland to move back toward gold. He puts out a lot of useful information WN need to know in fifteen minutes. Libertarians or market people, analysts like Schiff, are useful to white racialists not just because they explain what the Fed and other counterfeiters do technically (while omitting the jew part) but they rebut specific media lies (again leaving the jew out). Have I said they leave the jew out? Because they leave the jew out. Every time. But that doesn't mean what they're saying isn't both right, non-trivial, non-obvious and useful. It is all those things. It's information we need to know to understand what is going on. The essential thing is that the power that be (jews and servants) set up the banking system to enrich their already rich selves, their circle of jew-shabbest billionaires and millionaires - and to impoverish the lowlier rest of us. They do this by one means: inflating the currency. Inflating should really be diluting. ... Here's an article about the recent government takedown of Silk Road 2.0. Apparently SR2 was centralized enough there was something or some ones to take down; that may be a technical flaw in its design. Don't let the point get lost, though: there are emerging, decentralized 'solutions' to the jewish tyranny that is centralized currency controls. People are building online networks that in theory and potential offer sound money. Sound, anonymous currencies and transactions. That is very, very pro-white. The government-abetting media will blather on about what these networks are used for, and that means drug talk, so they can scare the respectables away, but the deeper purpose of their scarifying is just what I say - to scare people away from centralized government takedowns or workarounds involving alternative monies. The government doesn't want competition! It wants to be the only (criminal gang) in town. It doesn't want free men transacting and interacting privately and anonymously. But that era is on its way, and most likely not stoppable. Let's hope so, anyway.


7 november 2014

Today in White News...

Spain franchises Golden Dawn party. Hello and good luck to Amancer Dorado. Long article in jew-for-jew paper about USS Liberty, in response to Al Jazeera running a documentary on the Israeli attack on a US ship. Paid shills in every right-wing forum on the Internet claim the attack was a mistake, that Israeli fighters didn't know the ship was American, but this was a lie, as this Israeli newspaper concedes.


6 november 2014

How Much That You Know Just Ain't So File: "(jew) Jonas Salk Cured Polio! (Did You Know He Was A Jew??)

It's the only disease whose cure is credited to a religion. A religion that upon inspection becomes a race. And which didn't actually cure the disease anyway, but whose member was widely trumpeted as having done so. Read our #1 Jonas Salk thread and decide for yourself. The truth is that nearly every jew this side of Marc Spitz (since you can't cheat water) who's promoted as some kind of hero is revealed in time to be a fraud. Here's an (pdf) essay (summer 2000) by James Kalb on The Tyranny of Liberalism, which he later turned into a book in 2008. When I get a copy of this I will review it, for Kalb is of the catholic intellectual school I like to tangle with (think E. Michael Jones).


5 november 2014

ISIS: What It Means to Whites

ISIS, the head choppers, have put out four magazines in English. Can download all at title link. I recommend #3 and #4. They give you a good quick sense of what's going on - from the ISIS perspective, which is not something you're going to get from any other party. After spending a day reading up on ISIS, here's what it means to whites. First, these guys are extreme. They don't believe in compromise. You're either an apostate (bad muslim), crusader (christian/westerner) or jew. All of which deserve to be killed. This hard-core, uncompromising stance is what has led to their military success, and has also led to their popularity abroad. People flee both from them (they are very good at using social media to project their fearsomeness, so that enemies start runnin' when they see the black flag), and people flee to them - from abroad. In a couple years these guys have gone from a stray shoot off Al Qaeda Iraq to an if not fully fledged state of their own, at least the outlines of something building and burgeoning. They don't just fight. Like Hamas and the Nazis and Golden Dawn, they help their people in all needed ways - food, medicine, shelter, etc. When they take over a town, they centralize food (flour), hydrocarbons (oil) and guns. They simply kill all who resist or harbor them. This has a way of clearing things up in short order. Reading these mags is a primer in Arabic English. Muslims have a term for everything under the sun. Most of them are pretty simple and memorable, if you stick with it a while. The basic division is between the faithful (to whichever strand of Sunni or Shia you belong to), called the ummah, and the kufr, the 'disbelievers.' The main thing to grasp about Islam is that it is universalist, like christianity, but driven by jihad, holy war, rather than love and mercy. It is hard where christianity is soft. This is disguised by the races involved. Both are completely aracial or anti-racial in dogma, yet historically christianity is white man's religion, while Islam is brown man's. This confuses most people. It confuses most white racialists. But the similarities are there: both religions believe in one true path, which is needed by everyone. Christianity tends toward emphasizing love and mercy, where Islam emphasizes holy war and coerced submission. Neither emphasizes race, both agree that race disappears among the faithful brotherhood. Both these religions, for that reason alone, are genuinely, doctrinally and effectively anti-white. Christianity is mistakenly thought pro-white because for most of its existence the technology was lacking to bring out its anti-white nature. That is, the colored hordes physically could not get to white lands. The ones that tried were seen as religious competitors, and fought and defeated. Today, with jews riding power in the west for 100 years, coloreds are seen as fellow humans, national borders are seen as 19th-century relics, and any colored who can get over the fence or across the ocean or river is seen not as a dangerous criminal invader but as an 'undocumented' fellow citizen. And since he's not white, he's accorded greater legitimacy than the white man in the jew-controlled mass media. But we stray... One remarkable thing I picked up reading Dabiq is that holy war is not merely spiritually essential for all Muslims (and it refers to inner war against what nazis would call the inner jew, the drive to vice, very nice parallel there, not just external physical holy war against the disbeliever), it's the most legitimate way to produce income. This I did not know. Muslims, or at least ISIS, see material gains, provided they serve the religion and community, as more legitimate than "following cows' tails" or growing crops. You are to take your food and goods from your defeated enemy. That is what Allah wants. They really believe this. Fay are the goods acquired when your enemy abandons his post in fear. The shadow of your sword (which your enemy sees first on Twitter, then in the field) has produced income, which they Muslims have rules about dividing and distributing. Everything is nailed down. Then there's ghanimah, which is war booty. You defeat your enemy, his leftover guns and tanks and women are your ghanimah. We've seen the video of the soldiers talking about buying women on distribution day. They'll pay more for women with teeth and blue or green eyes. This is not merely justified by Islam, it is the very it and essence of Islam: holy war to unify the entire world under Islamic despotism. Of course there is no agreed on correct version of Islam, so that must be settled in the field. Another parallel to white nationalism: struggle among tendencies.... There's a lot of debate out there about who is behind ISIS, where it came from. In my opinion, no one is behind them. They are true believers, and they are true actors. They aren't fronts for anyone. They are hard-core extremist believers who do what they say. Their success is a matter of true belief, willing action, careful secrecy and detailed planning. Again, all things white racialists should take note of. For our purposes, perhaps the most powerful lesson ISIS has to teach is grinning and sucking up to conservatives doesn't work. The weak must be shamed and despised and avoided at all costs. What is strong must rule. Then it will suck whatever strength is out there from the weaker parties, and go from success to success in the field. It is true that the usual suspects are out there fomenting various revolutions or strengthening different factions by supplying them with guns, ammo and propaganda. That means Israel, US, CIA. This is true. But it is clear that ISIS is not a creation of these, though it may benefit from them. Someone trained by (anyone) can subsequently change his views. But he still has the training. He still has the weapons. He still has the cash. This is what is going on. A lot of the material and training supplied by the west are ending up in the minds and pockets of men who subsequently find their way to the true and effective radicals at ISIS. That's not the same thing as ISIS being a function of the neocons, the way other revolutionary groups definitely are, see Ukraine. ISIS is its own man, and it's making a new, real, functioning state out of Syria and Iraq, or as much of them as it can conquer. It already controls and arc from eastern Syria, north to Turkey and then south again down through Iraq to the skirts of Baghdad. There's no reason to think it can't keep winning, unless some coalition can put physical soldiers in the field to stop it. Airstrikes alone won't defeat it. In Dabiq, the beheaded make their final statements, and these amount to: All other nations except Britain and USA were willing to negotiate prisoner exchanges. Britain and USA refused. So I get my head cut off. This seems to be the case. The (neocons operating the) USA see more propaganda value in allowing the beheadings to go forward than in trying to secure release, as they have done in many other hostage situations. There is the argument that the neocons backing Obama as they did Bush are looking for a new pretext for American reentry to Iraq. But the Americans never really left, given all their bases in the region. There's the argument that this is all in line with the neocon plan to rewrite the boundaries of the middle east to favor Israel, and this includes the concept of hornet's nest - drawing all the best radicals to one spot, which would be the area ISIS now occupies. This doesn't seem right. ISIS does draw radicals. More than any other jihadist group. As of November 2014, it has probably drawn about 15,000 or so from around the world - from a broader range of countries than ever before (granted, this is mostly because jew-opened borders across the white west have filled white countries with muslims to whom jihad is more appealing), but it is clear that ISIS is not just drawing recruits from old and new areas, it is making new warriors, new converts, new believers. Undoubtedly far more who feel the thrill and appeal of ISIS DON'T make hijrah (emigrate to the khalifah - the area controlled by ISIS, to join the fight); the vast majority undoubtedly stay right where they are. In, say, Minnesota. Fired up for the revolution. ISIS knows this, and quite openly and repeatedly urges faithful in all lands to kill random citizen nonbelievers - say it's their religious duty. Basically, everything is done to shame any believer who isn't actively part of the holy war against basically everyone who isn't a member of ISIS. This is serious stuff. ISIS is not just doing this stuff online, it is doing it in the real world. Online work is a necessary part of its struggle. Western pros say its videos and use of social media are superior to those of any other jihadist group. As I've said 1,000x, the correct tendency proves itself in the field, and the rest fall in line. ISIS are proving themselves daily the superior jihadists in the Muslim world, and it they are gaining strength daily as people see this. ISIS supposedly has about 31k or 32k (the highest number claimed in Dabiq) soldiers, as of today, November 5, 2014. It openly calls for Muslims around the world to join its holy war, and it openly calls to professionals (doctors, lawyers, civil engineers) to come to the khalifah to help it administer and develop the new territory. It's very exciting stuff to read. It shows something making positive progress, with every reasonable expectation to make more. Whereas we in WN are used to the conservative, defeatist, cowardly mindset of whining about double standards and unfairness. If you read these Dabiq magazines, you will see an entirely different mindset. One that values fighting more than life. One that doesn't shrink in fear of death, let alone being called a racist. What grasping the ISIS mindset really shows is that there's ultimate fighting - which is fighting - and there's tiddlywinks. Which is democratic politics. They can't take away your picking up a gun in your own racial defense, no matter which judge sits on which board. No matter which paper calls you an evil racist... Now let's look at some quotes: "Every Muslim should get out of his house, find a crusader, and kill him." That's ISIS, folks. They'll be here all week. People who sympathize with this view live right next to you in Maine and Minnesota. Thank your christian church for working with anti-white jews to get them in here. Second quotation: "And the Islamic State will remain until its banner flies over Rome." There's some little scenario from their holy text driving their repeated use of future history to explain what's going on. I blip over that part, but the what matters is that this quotation shows their intention. They call westerners crusaders. Like me, they don't capitalize jews or christian. It would be interesting to know why that is, but I'm glad to see it. It suggests that VNN and others who do it that way are on the right track. As we saw with abolitionists in the US in the 19th century, extremism works. Moderation does not. Appealing to people does not. These betray merely cowardice, weakness and lack of understanding. People sense this, and won't follow. But if we're willing to kill and die, then people take us seriously. That's how the world works. We may persuade the thinking minority with our valid arguments and clever formulations, but no one will follow us unless we are willing to lead, and show by our actions, as ISIS surely does, that we believe our own bullshit, as I always put it. No matter what bullshit that is - white racialism or sectarian Islam. ISIS is not racist. Third quotation: "It is a state where the Arab and non-Arab, the white man and black man, the easterner and westerner are all brothers." Same as christianity: race doesn't matter. In related vein, fourth quotation: "The Muslims today have a loud, thundering statement, and possess heavy boots. They have a statement to make that will cause the world to hear and understand the meaning of terrorism, and boots that will trample the idol of nationalism, destroy the idol of democracy, and uncover its deviant nature." (boldness added) Most analysts will say ISIS is the polar opposite of western liberal democracy, and ISIS' words seem to suggest that too, but in reality only the aspects, the visages, differ. ISIS makes no bones: it's dictatorial. You get no choice except to die if you don't accept their interprettation of Islam and their political leadership. Western democracy affects to be about tolerance and free choice, but if you act the wrong way, you get told to revote or a orange or rose revolution. Behind the veil of western freedom are the skulking, cynical, lying, murderous, dictatorial jews, the semitic brothers in blood and mindset of ISIS. ISIS versus KIKE-SYS, think of it. Disagree with ISIS, get your head chopped off. Disagree with jew-controlled West, get your ass collaterally damaged off. Tough world out there, eh, whitemouse? Quotation six: "[World today is divided] into two camps and two trenches, with no third camp present: The camp of Islam and faith, and the camp of kufr (disbelief) and hypocrisy - the camp of the Muslims and the mujahidin everywhere, and the camp of the jews, the crusaders, their allies, and with them the rest of the nations and religions of kufr, all being led by America and Russia, and being mobilized by the jews." (bolding added) That's plain enough. They're at war with most of the world, and most of their own religion. Again: "[T]he mission of the Islamic State is neither local nor regional, but rather global." Again, see the similarity to what the jews have planned. One world - under jews, or under muslims. What have we whites to offer in response to these challenges? What vision? What fighting capacity? ISIS is at pains to point out that they are themselves a state. They are not finding haven in a state, but are beginning to build their own. Here is a graphic of their leadership. That's in the #1 ISIS thread on our forum. Other concepts pursued by ISIS and probably Islam generally: nikayah - (injury) that focuses on causing the enemy death, injury, and damage. I thought this particularly relevant to white nationalism, which struggles with (well, should struggle with but usually does not) the question of relations with conservatives, who sort of want some of the same things. I don't pretend to fully understand all the doctrine here, but you will see the relation. Suppose the writer is a white nationalist talking about conservatism. "The weak-hearted methodology of irja is one that can never fuel the jihad caravan on its path to Khilafah, rather it only brings indecision and fear, thus ruining the caravan's ability to persist, and naively filling the road with obstacles that only serve the tawaghit. Taghut means to rebel. Against Muhammad and his submission and the community of faithful believers. Tawaghit is the area controlled by Taghuts. The area controlled by rebels. ISIS fights them, and has succeeded. Has gained territory. So that now it can change its name to, simply IS. The Islamic State. That's good work any way you cut it. What is there not to learn from ISIS, for white men of stout heart and functioning brain? Polarize. Fight. Win. I've urged it. ISIS has demonstrated in the field that it works.

ISIS (IS) operates in an arc mostly inside the mountains

ISIS teaching amounts to: your (holy, religious) duty is to get here and fight with us! If you can't do that, do the best wherever you are. Worth quoting at length so we can grasp their mindset. Again from Dabiq: Many readers are probably asking about their obligations towards the Khilafah right now. Therefore the Dabiq team wants to convey the position of the Islamic State leadership on this important matter. The first priority is to perform hijrah from wherever you are to the Islamic State, from darul-kufr to darul-Islam. [that is, from the area under non-believer control, to the area under (ISIS) Islamic control. All Muslims make this distinction.] ... Rush to the shade of the Islamic State with your parents, siblings, spouses, and children. There are homes here for you and your families. You can be a major contributor towards the liberation of Makkah, Madinah, and al-Quds. Would you not like to reach Judgment Day with these grand deeds in your scales. Second, if you cannot perform hijrah for whatever extraordinary reason, then try in your location to organize bay'at (pledges of allegiance) to the Khalifah Ibrahim. Publicize them as much as possible. Gather people in the masajid, Islamic centers, and Islamic organizations, for example, and make public announcements of bay'ah. [this is what it means when Muslims are building these giant mosques in your nearest big city - they are like cancer in our lymph nodes. Just the same as synagogues.] Try to record these bay'at and then distribute them through all forms of media including the Internet. It is necessary that bay'ah becomes so common to the average Muslim that he considers those holding back as grossly abnormal. [White nationalists ideally are the same - radicalizing their friends and neighbors. Being fanatical, not moderate.] This effort, insha'allah, will encourage Islamic groups to abandon their partisanship and also announce their bay'ah to the Khalifah Ibrahim. If you live in a police state that will arrest you over such bay'at, [as the English and most Europeans and Canadiand and Austrlians live in police states that forbid criticism of ruling jews] then use means of anonymity to convey your bay'ah to the world. Your publicized bay'ah has two benefits. First it is a manifestation of the Muslims' loyalty to each other and to their body. ... As for the massacres taking place in Gaza against the Muslim men, women, and children, then the Islamic State will do everything within its means to continue striking down every apostate who stands as an obstacle on its path towards Palestine. It is not the manner of the Islamic State to throw empty, dry, and hypocritical words of condemnation and condolences like the Arab tawaghit do in the UN and Arab League. Rather, its actions speak louder than its words and it is only a matter of time and patience before it reaches Palestine to fight the barbaric jews and kill those of them hiding behind the gharqad trees -- the trees of the jews. End. So perhaps that will dispel the idea that these guys are jew-products or jew-friendly. Of course it's not that simple, but we can see that ISIS actions are in line with their words. ISIS are very much against western-drawn borders; with them, as with all muslims, it's about the unity of the faithful. They're not into nations, in the western sense, or boundaries. Their split is true believers and rebels/infidels. But Muslims are split many ways, and as always with religious idiots, there's no independent criterion, as there is with science, to figure out who is right. Domination in the field is the only way to establish rightness, which is indistinguishable from victory. It's like the jew's defintion of truth - the loudest argument. Lots of parallels between semites. All three ugly desert sisters have this in common: they are all leprosy for white men and white culture, as in the Roald Dahl story The Visitor. Whites can't interact with any of them without walking away on crutches - if they walk away at all. We must figure this out. In any case, when they made some victories in the area, ISIS destroyed the sand berm marking the border between Syria (region Arabs call Sham) and Iraq. That shows their mentality: no borders among the faithful. Entire world must be unified under one imam. Again, for those who think ISIS an Israeli-American project, here's this: In his speech on August 20, 2014, Obama completely avoided mention of Steven Sotloff, again showing his "people" that the number one interest of the American government is the sanctity of Israel and its allies, which include the Zionist Peshmerga forces. These are more important than the lives of his citizenry. Dabiq claims the jews went out of their way to hide that Sotloff was a jew and trained in Israel. ISIS see themselves as something new in the world - or neo-paleo Muslims: Contemplate - may Allah have mercy upon you - the states that existed throughout history, both the Muslim states and the mushrik states. Were any of them established by the emigration of poor strangers from the East and the West, who then gathered in an alien land of war and pledged allegiance to an "unknown" man, in spite of the political, economic, military, media, and intelligence war waged by the nations of the world against their religion, their state, and their hijrah? And in spite of the fact that they did not have any common "nationality," ethnicity, language, or worldly interests (bolding added), nor did they have any prior acquaintance! This phenomenon is something that has never occurred in human history, except in the case of the Islamic State! So there is nothing 'organic' about ISIS. It is purely religious. Purely political. Purely ideological. There is no necessary or real genetic connection or national connection between its members/fighters. This is of particular interest to us because our opponents like to say that White Nationalism lacks roots - it's ideological, as opposed to Southern Nationalism or conservatism. Yet we see in the real world, this poses no obstacle so long as people who join the fight are all on the same page. A lot of the particulars don't matter so long as men are agreed on the main thing. What are the paralles in the white racial struggle? That we demand a land purely of whites, purely for whites. That's really all we need to agree on - the racial basis of the state. The rest is a matter of administration, and most can be arranged by whites as they individually see fit privately. But the racial basis of the state is what is essential, what is vital, what is worth killing and dying over. Just a bit more on this theme: When Islam first began to emerge it was something strange, and anyone who embraced it and responded to Allah and His Messenger became a stranger in his district, his tribe, his family, and his clan. Thus, those who responded to the da'wah of Islam left their tribes. Rather, they were lone individuals who emigrated from their tribes and clans, and entered into Islam. Therefore, they were the strangers, in reality, until Islam had emerged, its da'wah had spread, and the people entered into it in multitudes, such that they were no longer strangers. Again - non-organic. Individual vs tribal. This is how christianity started too - as jebus clubs where thieves and other defectives and losers met to break bread and commiserate. Ideology can create community, not just blood. Both would be stronger, but either can suffice, at least for time and space. ISIS is big on necessary roughness when it comes to traitors. So we warn the tribes, that any tribe or party or assembly whose involvement and collaboration with the crusaders and their apostate agents are confirmed, then by He who sent Muhammad with the truth, we will target them just as we target the crusaders, and we will eradicate and distinguish them, for there are only two camps: the camp of truth and its followers, and the camp of falsehood and its factions. ... From now on, everyone whose affiliation with the pagan guards, police, and army is confirmed, or his collaboration and espionage for the crusaders is verified, then his ruling is execution, and not only that, his house also will be destroyed and burnt, after removal of the women and children. This is in retribution for his treachery towards his religion and ummah, and so that he becomes a manifest lesson and a deterring example... And that's how you win supporters and scare enemies - if you back up those strong words. ISIS do. They explain the name of their magazine, and offer a slant on Islam that, yet again, holds meaning for white nationalists - specifically for those who would turn tail and run from earlier champions (example - those running from revisionists and the honest work of the men whose white-protecting deeds have been systemtically misrepresented by jews). "[T]he name of our magazine was taken from the area named Dabiq in the northern countryside of Halab, due to the significant role it will play during the events of al-Malhamah al-Kubra (The Grand Battle) against the crusaders. Islam is a holistic religion that is to be approached from all sides, and defended from all sides. If any aspect of it is abandoned or ignored, the Shaytan and his soldiers will quickly fill the vacuum." Stop being gutless, he's saying. Be brave. Fight. And, finally, one man they write about would feel a hypocrite if he didn't join the racial fight, I mean fight to spread ISIS dominion over the entire world. Abu Hurayrah (radiyallahu 'anh) said that Allah's Messenger...said, "Whoever dies without taking part in a battle and without intending to take part in a battle, has died with a trait of hypocrisy" [Sahih Muslim]. Therefore, abandoning jihad is a trait of hypocrisy. So be wary of it or else it may seize you by your heart. My writings will testify against me if I do not produce evidence of my innocence of hypocrisy. It's not just words to these people. They fight. And, so far, they win. We'll keep an eye on them.


4 november 2014

(Muslim) Vocabulary: Wealth from Fay and Ghanimah

Two new terms I picked up reading the ISIS English-mag Dabiq. They are 'fay' and 'ghanimah.' They both refer to booty - wealth gained from enemies. Fay is wealth you get when your enemies see you coming and flee. Ghanimah is what you get by sword - booty from battle. The ISIS mentality on tap in Dabiq will be said to be the polar opposite of western liberalism, but it really isn't. It is simply directer and bloodier, and without the pretense. Western liberalism and the mentality driving ISIS are both puritan. The latter pretends to be tolerant, the former does not. Both believe in crushing all opposition. Both believe in beheading all opposition, but ISIS is literal while liberals content themselves with thoughtcrimes laws. ISIS believe they have a positive religious duty, direct from allah, to kill all 'disbelievers,' as they render it in English, take their goods and lands and agriculture, and reduce their women to slaves. And this is exactly what they do. They make no bones about it, making them a refreshing enemy for those of us used to fighting western illiberals, who are hypocrites about themselves and everything else, starting with their very name. I highly doubt whatever ISIS call itself or its philosophy translates to liberal or tolerant. Our #1 ISIS thread...


3 november 2014

Land of No Second Opinion, World of No Second Opinion

We live in a well-lit dark age. There appear to be more opinions than ever, and certainly are more means (social media) of spreading them, but all opinions are forced to run in one direction, and those who differ with the enforced orthodoxy are in serious danger of prison. Last week we saw UKsman Garron Helm jugged for sending a critical tweet to an MP. The MP was a jew. A she-jew. That's now all but a capital crime. That's England. We know about the battles against Dieudonne in France. And Germany, nothing needs to be said. We've got the ADL overhauling Greek education so that it features the same anti-white jew propaganda in place everywhere else. This is from a few months back, in May 2014: "Samaras asked to be sent some ideas of how to tackle anti-Semitism, Foxman said. "He agreed that he would examine some initiatives that we would suggest to him, that we've done in other countries: training law enforcement, police, talking about setting up a task force on education, looking at textbooks." So an ostensibly sovereign power is bending over backward to allow a group of jews thousands of miles away to train its police and brainwash its children by deciding what material is to go in its textbooks? Isn't that odd? I mean, if Greece is truly a sovereign nation? Meanwhile, Golden Dawn MPs continue to languish in jail. Already been there over a year. Guilty of nothing but the crime of being pro-Greek and taking that message to the massive with success and signs of greater coming. Like a giant ugly goliath grouper slowly coming up from the bottom, the signs of a Global Jewish Tyranny are there to be made out by those who know where to look. But thanks to public education, which is really forced attitude adjustment, people today blipthink. That video style MTV introduced back in 1980 is what jews have in mind for goyim. People are to think/perceive in the matter of fireworks. Things explode and vanish. This is why the most popular word is amazing. Everything is amazing. Dumb people are continually amazed by everything. Or affect to find the most trivial things amazing. Or perhaps actually do. Everything is done to prevent goyim from seeing the big picture, altho, as said, it's not hard to see if you study things carefully. Or if someone tips you to what's going on, it's easy to verify for yourself. In nation after nation, at least in the developed nations where the control infrastructure is long in place, there is one orthodoxy that prevails, and everything apart from or not under it is suspicious. There becomes One Way To Think - about everything. It is a land and world of No Second Opinion. The enforcers and supports of this globo-orthodoxy naturally think or at least pretend they are 'tolerant,' as they inevitably berate their opponents for not being. They believe, quite without irony and quite with self-consciousness they never seem to notice, for all their self-conscious snark elsewhere, that intolerance is a real thing they are fighting rather than exhibiting, and will not hear otherwise. Leftist political terms all exclude rational and moral opposition, making them inherently dictatorial rather than debative or democratic. You agree with them or you are wrong. Not just wrong, you need to be crushed. They don't just seem to believe this, judging by their tones and continual self-righteousness, they act on it, as visible in the oppression, most typically, of whites saying things the left wants unsaid relating to race and jews. You can literally pick any traditionally white country and come up with as many examples as you want of honest white men being persecuted and prosecuted for stating opinions the left prefers outlawed. Always the local board of jews presses to make it criminal to disagree with the judeo-left. It's the same in western Australia as it is in southeastern England. Free speech is a standing danger to jews. It must be outlawed as hate speech. Best for jews is to retain the concept and even wording of free speech while swapping out the contents. Real free speech means you can criticize whoever you like, for whatever reason. Jewed 'free speech' means you are free to bash whites and males and anything traditional, but criticism of jews or any other group they use to achieve their ultimate end of tyrannical domination of the entire earth is 'hate speech,' a concept they created. The jews have worked long and hard to create the idea in the popular mind that hate speech is something real (rather than simply political speech they hate) and separate from free speech. They have gone some distance to achieving this, although there are plenty who see the conceptual scam for what it is.

A White NEA?

Golden Dawn fights back against jews out of NYC trying to take over Greek education and propagandize white Greek children to hate their own kind and welcome a judeo-muslim takeover.

Conspiracy Theory

Is a term not used by and most useful to conspirators, to feed the natural gullibility and amiability of the believing class, always the larger subset of whites. It gives the self-satisfied borgeois, to be redundant, a way to confirm their normality, which yields delicious frissons of safety, respectability and taste, even. Yet anyone with eyes to see and a mind to know can see that whatever happens against the will of the majority must needs be a conspiracy. So with 'gay' rights and 'civil rights' and everything else. It is promoted by a minority against the wishes of the majority, and the promotion of the concept of conspiracies as something to be laughed at is a necessary and highly functional part of the package. It is not a conspiracy theory to say that the prime minister of Greece is working with the ADL out of New York City to rewrite Greek textbooks and retrain Greek cops. It is a fact. Quote: "In December, the European Jewish Congress handed Samaras its "Jerusalem Navigator" award for his government's efforts to fight Golden Dawn and outlaw Holocaust denial." We see who represents the interests of the jews in these meetings. But who represents the interests of Greeks? Of whites? Ng one. Except Golden Dawn. And jews like those at ADL and the shabbes samarases who serve them have seen that Golden Dawn leaders have been thrown in jail. This is your global democracy. One set of ideas. One mixed race. Anyone who disagrees is a hater and an extremist fit only for a jail cell.


2 november 2014

For a Sunday...

Three longer things, all or any one of which well worth your time. (My journalist ethic, and I am a journalist, according to an opponent, is never to waste your time. That is my promise to you, here at IaE.) Here is a PDF of an English-language magazine put out by ISIS, if you want to know how they think. It's #4. Then we have the interesting folks at Red Ice, who have interviewed many WN heavies, and offer solid commentary on matters racial. At least one of them is associated with Sweden, which is a very dicey proposition if you are acquainted with the laws and media environment of that strange and increasingly anti-white country. RI has prepared an hour or so video documenting the anti-white leftism of Hollywood's top funnyman Will Farrell. Finally, we have a story from Perth. That's in Australia. Not on the eastern strip where 90% of the population is located, but from the very opposite - the california side. Turns out even at the antipodes of the Antipodes, jews hold sway and persecute-prosecute any who criticize them. Read Brendan O'Connell's latest story. Back with more spintros monday.


1 november 2014

Test Tube vs. Bootlipped Boob

Some things can't not be funny, like a cross-eyed, bootlipped negro looking at test tube; a phenomenon that would never occur in nature, but is called into existence solely by and purely for the gods of Semitical Correctness in the honor of an imaginary and white-suppressive equality.. Nigs be sciencin' an' shit. Does I eats it or screws it or boths? seems the negro to, cough, think. The cross-eyed negro staring down a science phial is the representative graphic, the it fic pic, of our sad times.

All Niggers Are Rapists

Even the conservatives. Even the ones they dress up in funky sweaters like supersized non-threatening lapdogs so high-end white bourgeois suckers think they really are/can be/want to be just like us. Nope. They're niggers. They want free shit and pussy any way they can get it. Rape is a white concept. In the jungle, where the blackie spontaneously generates out of infected monkey poop, there is no rape. I will remind you white people: you have eyes to see things. You have brains to reflect on what you see. If used in tandem, eye and brain make a powerful combination.

Aid to Freaka

Only one form of aid actually helps the hominids populating Africa, a continent larger than the rest put together, almost. That would be little syringes, one per ape, filled with thirty points of IQ solution. The negro injects the IQ solution into one of his bootlips, boom, his IQ shoots up to human level. He's still a violent stinking apelike creature, but now he has the mental ability to supply himself with running water an' shit. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, IQ injections do not exist. If there were a way to turn a negro into a human, the modern alchemist's pipedream, surely a priest, scientist or social engineer would have discovered it along the way. One has to think that eventually people are going to choose their offspring's characteristics off a menu, and at that point niggers will probably fade away, since most people's choices -- using people to mean all hominids walking erect -- would make selections scarcely distinguishable from those made by the operators of Lebensborn.

Statecraft as Soulcraft

Jew lapdog Georgie Will, jus' the cutest li'l bowtie-wearin' homonculetitto ev'r, had a book named that. What kind of man does ZOG favor? produce? Governments always roll their own. They produce the types they need to sustain and expand their operations. ZOG's main products, industrial waste products, are 1) useless niggers. Money is taken from healthy earning whites, filtered thru ZOG's kikes and assorted middleman flatasses, and the remainder farmed out to every district in the country to NEA slugs. Typically these are overweight, underbrained middle-aged or younger women. They're called teachers, even though most of what they profess is wrong or nonsense, and they merely parrots.

People of Costco: Conservatives

I love twitter. It's perfect for us epigrammatists, with its 140-character limit. I use it, among other things, to reach new eyeballs. Often I use the hashtag #tcot, which is the main conservative head. I do get new people, but every single time I try it, I learn again what a bulk item these soft, cherubic bin-pretzels are, these conservatives. They truly are a mass item. Best purchased wholesale through their preachers or politicians. Buy/threaten their leader, the flock comes along for free. That's truly how it is, and the ruling powers that be (jews) know this. At best the working racialist can get a few of their extreme outliers in courage or brains. A few grams of gold among pounds of pebbles.

Any Attempt to Privatize Government, Or Make It More Efficient, Is Bad for Coons

Niggers need government. Since they can't take care of themselves. And government needs niggers. Since free white men who pay their own bills can make their own arrangements. Government rolls its own by creating a thousand dependent classes. Not all niggers, but the nigger is the most characteristic of them, since it has more needs than the rest of them put together. Military parasites/jews need aid to Israel and endless wars, requiring endless new contracts. Niggers require: food, shelter, education, cell phones, computers, excuses, cures, endless ineffectual skooling, jails, cops etc. etc. and on and on. Niggers are the service-needing race - IF we extract them from their natural home, the jungle. IF we leave them there, the problems they create and the needs they have, all disappear. And then whites can live in peace and harmony. But for the evil segment of the white community, which joins hands with the jew, the nigger is the perfect beast to roil society, and to confuse it. All of a sudden "we" expands to include niggers, has all these 'unmet needs' requiring huge and continual taxes; at the same time, the universal church of jesus jumps in to prate about our moral duty to burden ourselves with simiancare...pretty soon there's no freedom or money left in whiteworld. Rather than enjoy our lives with and among ourselves, we are left to our individual abilities to scrape enough money to escape of the grosser effects of this brand new AntiWhite World. Well, that's where we are now. And that's where we'll leave it today. Anyway, it's a thoughtful article at the title, and you see that libertarians are the most effective implicit whites going, yet they receive the least respect. I'll expand on this as we move ahead. White MINIMALISM is where it's at.

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