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November 24, 2016:

thats why they say dont talk about religion. cuz it unites people.
since slavery ended, the main social benefit niggers provide is the amusement produced by their attempting to pronounce 3+ syllable words
the adult reality is that the jews are going to kill us all and take all our possessions unless we kill them first
read this, followers https://t.co/3CeeJP3xBr
to jews, white means nazi. and that belief is never more than an inch under the topsoil
self deception is an invalid concept and does not exist https://t.co/xEQTnZU8AE
i think he's going to turn them into his bitches, and show what an utter absence of innards there is in these grinn… https://t.co/7PnvpdCD77
tradfags: conditions make men weak. this is arrant circumstantialism, men make their environment, not vice versa
men laugh; women pray
Forced spiritual association precedes forced legal. Thus xtianity prepares the road mentally & spiritually for jewish tyranny.
I have seen the future, brother, and it's pretentious --L. Coheen
What @AnnCoulter is afraid to say...let that be your starting point. #TeamWhite

November 23, 2016:

have you heard word one from the catholic church about jew policies intended to reduce whites to literal physical nonexistence?
"the nazis were leftists" - have you ever seen anything leftist that wasn't full of jews, indeed led by them?
use your mind to try to kick holes in things. be fair. dont be perverse, but kick really hard. and if it doesn't break, you have something
you can see from (eve) or others, the female's natural thought-instinct is conformist, whereas the Trumale's instinct is contrarian
traditionalism/progressism are rod and tod flanders, couple pee-wee sized faggots with high-pitched voices
traditionalists, who are faggots, dont like to hear it, but it's xtianity that has made people soft, not modernity or kitchen appliances
it was obvious to me as a literal tot that the first thing you would do re bible would be investigate who produced this thing.
the nazis were describing jew techniques. so you're either a jew or victim of their lies. as described by nazis. https://t.co/GJsMILjx2O
Trump chooses Romney.. to be the drum major in the deportment parade back to may hee co. and a fine figger he'l cut heell
the white man trying to tell the truth about any set is continually hobbled by xtian concept that every last one is a topline Godco product
well i will leave that to you and her. wu-wei is beyond my ken. https://t.co/ZHE6l08Jdb
it really is funny and telling, as Joe G. observed, the most effective insult against a jew is to call it a jew: "I've been found out!"
you cant deny this: tornado-chasers are reckless. but they are not without fear. invalidating your definition of 'o… https://t.co/gue2JMh2jY
to be the change you seek, don't level serious unbacked charges against people. if they're informants, produce proof or admit speculation
i think it's as objective as any other descriptive word, if used correctly https://t.co/uDEuF0J3NB
I"M THE FIRST!!! i feel like that guy in that movie. dum or dummer. https://t.co/F5MocUHsmg
i guess i'm insubstantial then. but that's just an adj. and i discardt like a velvet green coat. am i WRONG? that i… https://t.co/0ssn7aLcRB
i believe an independent commission would arrive at a very different conclusion https://t.co/Mti0UOLst5
do jews admit alt-rightists into ADL meetings?
guy i learned from used to say: principles protect people. the principle is: identify and exclude jews from White organizations.
"by way of deception" pretty much all jews do is create false fronts. multiple simultaneous; new ones as the need arises. keep this in mind
she made it up you dummy https://t.co/5MErtnAAin
you seriously dont realize she made this up? grow up. https://t.co/yyC7dICOQh
"white" - shes a jew. they HATE whites https://t.co/CGM1SO1tLc
good writing is like willie wonka, you're never quite sure where it's going on the next step. thus the delightful effect.
pro-tip for girl-arguers: don't assume men are as awed and cowed by Authority as you are. that's only true of 90%.
remember race people. WE must USE trump as hard as he uses US
good enough to fuck, not good enough to bring home to parents. that is how Respectable Right always tries to play the racial crowd
We're going to make America great again, starting this fall with a Junegar bonfire. What's that? A towering inferno of jews, nigs & vinegar.
maybe aristotle was a self-justifying putz. that ever occur to you. most people are. https://t.co/sihszsoOod
woman who scrubs floors for 20 years so her retarded kid can go to Envelope Licker State. that would be called such… https://t.co/oQGzAauWfm
someone who passes people uphill (blind) is overcomes fear with bad judgment. he is reckless. but is he brave? no.… https://t.co/MvIyHvaESU
if you mean simple fear, then just use fearful and fearless. cowardice and recklessness are not stand-ins for exces… https://t.co/HXgryuip3T
can you not read this and see how absurd it is? https://t.co/ZB6YpXnEMJ
welcome to eveworld. that's her entire shtick https://t.co/EFcllRNHdK
except your own example, reckless driving. boldness has nothing to do with it. it's a bad decision. boldness isn't… https://t.co/wEl7DxVsEP
most extended thinking is just due diligence on intuition
tautology, all this. https://t.co/0y1b3dAtVV
Man, you talk more bullshit than most lawyers. You have as many mouths as spiders have eyes, and you talk out of 4… https://t.co/6pqLCXrFFQ
If cowardice were a "deficiency" we wouldnt speak of a "yellow streak." Cowardice has always been seen as more a tr… https://t.co/tOjwVIsY4o
It's not even that you're not good at thinking, you're too cowardly to think. You literally physically tremble at n… https://t.co/ZYrn04Y96S
Mair has said little since his arrest.During his first appearance in court, he shouted, “my name is death to traitors, freedom for Britain.”
They do understand the goy heartland, and until recently felt they had conquered it, yes, just like Iraq. Which you… https://t.co/oDd6LGZdjR
You mean jews inciting muds to attack whites. If you were honest. Instead of being a professional buffoon's lapdog,… https://t.co/STCw5Vb59o
Ann Coulter is a career-girl liberal posing as a radical; when the real thing comes along, it undermines her pose & threatens her income.
the way to attack a man is hold his own words up to him. if he's a liar, he has said everything and its opposite; if a fool, wrong 100x over
we dont need to copy everything NS did, just what works. still. here. now. the permanent. the evergreen. that starts with having TWO BALLS
maloccs is short for malocclusives (teeth dont set right) - non-jew degenerates who hate normal sex & normal white society, an umbrella term
To all those who promote mudshark (fact) barren (fact) fag hag (fact) pro-jew (fact) #AnnCoulter...why does she lead people AWAY fm Spencer?
When it's #TeamJew versus #TeamWhite, guess which side most whiteskins will come down on, sooner or later?
POLARIZE the west into TEAM JEW (jews + muds + whiteskin maloccs (sex degens, basically) vs TEAM WHITE (normal whites + ally nationalists)
no class in america is more privileged than the nigger criminal, except for the jew promoting him
Hear the speech cuckshark #AnnCoulter doesn't want you to listen to. https://t.co/IvGnDgIJw4 Great work by Spencer, a really good speech.
The Education of Richard Spencer https://t.co/KRJB2kOYzh
the jews may use personal traits as attack avenues, but make no mistake their opposition is ideological, categorical - impersonal
minds raped by jews in classroom bodies raped by muslims in streets is this to be the white future?
the average american is obsessed with hand sanitizer but will guzzle out of jewish sewer canal (media, bible) without a second thought

November 22, 2016:

did the cop get his wallet back? https://t.co/nTrgHir0Wy
who's lil Barton Fink next to Dick the Obscured? https://t.co/MwO0T8knkN
yr science is "global warming" which isnt real your "evolution" is treating blacks as people, results in Detroit re… https://t.co/Fdg2BubHCe
The difference between white and jew is embodied in Richard Spencer and (((Tim Wise))). Spencer opposes jews. Wise viscerally hates whites.
basically it's either/or w (((left))). you crush them or they obliterate you. they started it. we must end it
the concept of 'hard hearted' applied to jewed left. they're not interested in being rational or compromising, just dominating and crushing
the media is in continual bamfoozled gobsmackery than some boorish oaf has the gegoochkas to smack back at it
There is no one on earth who less vibes 'Nazi' than Richard Spencer.
i dont see why jews are due any more respect than termites. i do see why they're due less.
Jews import muslims to BOWEL MOVEMENT all over white civilization. And then they whine about white hand movements.
Christianity is a sickness, and it's the reason whites succumbed to jews. Luckily not all whiteskins are infected with it.
workaday leftism is thinking up tedious, tendentious lies why it's different when the other guy does it
Research for what would become ultimately become Google had been undertaken by company founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin in cooperation
the media tell themselves they weren't hard enough on Trump. I mean, the Jims Jones people were less of a cult.
Every day your child wakes up and 50c has disappeared from his piggy bank https://t.co/rILuJU8XuA
effective if jackboot tracks were SODs https://t.co/mQlaxqKju3
Jared Cohen could be wryly named Google’s ‘director of regime change.’ https://t.co/i8fB1iP46R
(that gravelly nig voice). Pres-elect Trump gifted CNN a fantastic slogan: EVERYONE HERE IS A LIAR (read in JEJones voice)
Ann Coulter, folks. Bless her little cucked heart and undersized balls. https://t.co/x1tRXydevU
dude that's god's vicar on earth? i assume vicar means fag in latin https://t.co/nz7GmP1z2M
jews ever worry about white sensitivies? offending whites? no. they worry about coming up with fresh insults.
the point you're refusing to admit is that no political party can turn niggers into human. nor can any religion. yo… https://t.co/Yyb3mGfdmX
you give niggers more money, all you get is more niggers. literally and metaphorically. https://t.co/nPKL9UUvDo
really? go back and look at US before welfare. it was more civilized by every measure. https://t.co/nPKL9UCULQ
i'm using my real name. are you? no. you're not an artist, you're not using your real name, and odds are you live i… https://t.co/Hx0x5VhOgO
really. that's like a mercedes rebranding chevy neon https://t.co/eJaaXES5Mk
bad solution. better: get rid of welfare. niggers can starve or work. same for the bureaucrat parasite overseers. https://t.co/Lexq4EcevD
getting rid of the welfare is a simpler way of accomplishing the end you claim to seek. your way simply empowers th… https://t.co/5aB1puAxJU
soros is a jew, you dollar store sarandon https://t.co/nMkMvKg0QS
i love how you describe yourself as a "wandering mind" but as soon as you hear something new you get your snail on. https://t.co/vxuYNsln6W
how's your theory working for the millions of blacks etc already living on welfare? https://t.co/2QP0oOfmvm
The Agenda (set by Zog) dictates that reality will unfold per set Template. Journalism is Mad Libs. The 'story' already decided.
the media construct an hallucination and call it "news"
the media function to promote ZOG's agenda, which is always #antiwhite. they identify and abuse any divergence therefrom.
the (((media))) are the Conformity Department, a tacit branch of govt
that he's going to continue to treat the jewsmedia with the disrespect they deserve https://t.co/xR7gP4YaQ4
“Trump started with [CNN chief] Jeff Zucker and said ‘I hate your network, everyone at CNN is a liar and you should be ashamed,’ ”
Jews remain thieving parasites. Every day of every year they steal from the very white people they racially molest in their newspapers.
fake news...the jewed MSM don't even tell the truth about weather
Trump won in large measure because he attacked the media.
aka where the ugly meets the ridiculous https://t.co/1gXUBW704M
neurasthenic anile olbermann is the one who cant handle disagreement https://t.co/E6qW4tSRvr

November 21, 2016:

perhaps your least stupid tweet. good job. https://t.co/nplrAfTAjq
talking to jewsmedia: "anything you say can and will be used against you."
WN acknowledge whites have no interest in forced political association with coloreds. they aren't us. we dont need… https://t.co/ceUgEwfsz9
talking to the (((media)))) makes as much sense as talking to a cop https://t.co/iRv8ezuXSx
Greece: Invaders Flee as Patriots Counterattack https://t.co/RNZSYQYHhR via @NewObOnline
i can reject the god assertion with no effect on my life; i cannot walk off a cliff w/o consequences https://t.co/3udu89nGbj
i think that's going beyond the necessary. there is no functional way to pretend reality doesn't exist, but God is… https://t.co/GRoC3Qpnt2
in practice it just means whatever happens to one is "for a reason" which is always an unspecificed, unpredictable… https://t.co/zd31kamhF6
Jews use 'racism' (a concept they created) to protect Israel and anti-racism to destroy white nations #SecondRealization
the constant is reality, not god. reality continually refutes with pain those who believe the world is 'constructed… https://t.co/ButhkfE6PR
jews are atheists. they run the only racial state out there. #FigureItOut
Jews are The Problem. People now realize this. #FirstRealization #SecondRealization: only counter-extincting them will solve that problem.
the point is not that jews are hypocrites practicing double standards, it's to wipe them off the face of the earth
belief in god has the effect of making one a permanent mental child, always appealing to some nonexistent parent
great article: Trump, Jews, and the Real Test of Independence https://t.co/58QXEUCiSy via @NewObOnline
Real Fake News List: Full Details https://t.co/pxI59nD6P6 via @NewObOnline

November 20, 2016:

the media don't want what's best for America, they want what's best for jews
Why I voted for Donald Trump https://t.co/iXqF4n9mjG
not a single thing jews claims about themselves can be believed
Global warming/climate change is absolutely fake, 100% concocted political lie in science drag. And treated as real by 100% of media. Easy.
You wonder how someone could lie about something as seemingly big and real as 'the' 'holocaust'? Same way 'global warming' is concocted.
When I criticize xtianity, I'm not talking about transient temporal politics, I mean its permanent, unchangeable doctrines.
This Sunday morning, as always, it's important to remember: Christianity is #antiwhite.
it's a long road from a christian to a man. but you can make if you have faith and keep working.
what is a nigger? watch and learn... https://t.co/cCMUOotHJc

November 19, 2016:

"When jews show you what they are - believe them." -Qprah
spiral of silence - when you can get avg guy to think he's all alone in his (normal, reasonable beliefs) and afraid to speak his mind
that's why (((they race to the media: so they can make black white. and use social conformity to enforce their gasl… https://t.co/DSRnMDXj7r
my thought is long as he sets the agenda and they do what he wants, he'll and we'll be ok https://t.co/EC2o7DrLiM
Imagine you had the worst POS lemon on the lot and you had to move it to eat. Are you going to tell the truth? CAN you? #plightoftheLeft
Almost all people think they are unique. They think they are above avg. And they think they are "crazy" compared to others. #Schoolfish
Special Needs Hitler approves your message. https://t.co/Bnehz5vGaE
the modern Folies Bergere, a nigger in a pink shirt, slumping on a bench
how much happier they were living in the trees https://t.co/kx2XhnW5JX
Remember always to tell yourself, "Fifteen minutes from now, I might already be dead for ten minutes." Because one day it'll be true.
which are both symptoms of the disease called jew https://t.co/5RElHaJRve
there's knowing something from a book, from reflection, and from experience, and eventually all three https://t.co/aRMAQQ2fIq
sure, and it's a lifelong deepening...first is to realize the public Right is jew-controlled fake opp, & jews are t… https://t.co/snb4Z8TLEc
the Internet allows people today to telescope into a few hours of reading what took me, pre-Internet, roughly 25 years to put together
Time for a bloodly glorious revolution of normal white folks in all nations against Global Jewish Tyranny and whiteskin cuckservants.
Just as there's only one real (((Problem))), there's only one effective Solution. Phase 1 is well underway; Phase II is to come.
The #ADL was created because jews believe they have the God-given right to rape and murder your daughter. #MaryPhagan #LeoFrank
the bad guys won WWII. jews are the bad guys this is me not smirking, lying, funnying...just looking at you white to white
that frilly thing on the front of SCOTUS ruth's is the stuff of daymares
It's ok, people. You can admit Leonard Cohen sucks. I won't tell anybody.
“This stems from a dispute over shoes, basketball shoes,” police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. He said Javon knew his attackers.
catholicism: "we produce moral gemstones of highest caliber." THAT POPe THO
god i honestly love this pope i dont even need to yap, just make that showgirl hand movement Ecce this homo lol. this tree fruit...
Troupe of Saltating Simians Present... HAMILTON... ...a tail hangs thereby
the thing about trump that's like hitler...he really does care about the country. you cant fake that.
twitter tacit rule: if it's a member of a legally privileged class, ur not allowed to rejoin its (arrant stupidity) with logic or laughter
all gigantic database driven system glitch out often, just how it is https://t.co/2jR8dR778Z
there is no such thing as 'profound religious conviction,' just morons without self-awareness
i doubt it. i see that from time to time, just a temp glitch https://t.co/VeEjlY59LJ
a woman of resource and daring might simply copy the contents and metweet https://t.co/erOLAuo1Do
as oscar wilde said, you have to have a heart of stone not to enjoy videos of protesters getting run over by cars
It's a jew! what's it doing? if it's a jew why then its jewing. --Odgen Nash
when a (((tribe))) acts like mad dogs for thousands of years maybe it's time to consider it's not an act
“I spend so many hours studying her and imagining her inner life,” McKinnon told Itzkoff
becoming a public sex deviant is not an actual accomplishment
aka, the littlest yid supports invasion of coloreds the white majority reject. and he lies that the Founders suppor… https://t.co/GPVPhLrRHp
blaming guns is a way to absolve guilty niggers blaming corporations is a way to absolve guilty jews
whites are beginning to understand that jews are the root of all problems, to be simple and accurate. that's the Fi… https://t.co/dxxJvlM8QY
if 'racism' is prejudiced backed by institutional power, then it's whites who cant be racist.
people follow patterns. because 99% of people are women - mentally. who sets those patterns? he runs society.
evil proceeds from not calling things what they are so special attention must be paid that one is in fact using or devising the right term
remember, kids, in any news article, the second to last paragraph, is where the jewish liar called reporter likes to hide or hint the truth
"the company said Friday that the coming Trump presidency did give it an incentive to keep Lincoln MKC in Kentucky"

November 18, 2016:

Most collectors are indifferent to hostile to works from god's Black period.
"I want to help people," says starry-eyed young white girl. 1) blacks aren't people 2) you're not helping
the paper of Walter Duranty is worried about fake news #NYTimes
never seen her eyes that wide open https://t.co/GRwrkfWBII
Jews are bad. White nationalists are good. Media = jews = liars = gaslighters = reality inverters. #TeamWhite
We Jews need to take responsibility for murdering tens of millions of white Christians with our communism last century. #JewishResistance
Euro Patriots Attack Invader Boats https://t.co/mruGFilDGt via @NewObOnline
Angina Merkel infarcted German with subhumans in an attempt to murder it. She did it at the behest of International Jew. #TeamWhite
i have yet to meet a single christian who understands christian policy on jews, nor my argument why it's white-genocidal
"you will submit to being raped, murdered and your property dispossessed. you will" -Angie Merkel and the EU, per command from undead Soros
some call them native americans, which is lol besides flat wrong; reality they were ambulant landscape
the only 'legitimate' aspiration in a jewed society is getting rich - by any means
a jew said this once, in Commentary: the jew succeeded in discrediting (among whites) all non-money pursuits - they are 'obsessions'
In Twin Falls, Idaho, co-dependency of whites and immigrants faces a test https://t.co/EgsZtq6pvT
it's not just xtianity that poisons whites but the Anglo mentality of Money Uber Alles...business is good, but it is not #1
jews on tape admitting 'anti-semitism' is a 'trick we always use,' yet white PhDs on "our" side use it blythely.
Trump, Media and Fake News https://t.co/r2TUG6dccr via @NewObOnline
Kanye West: If I voted, I would have voted for Trump https://t.co/WQMoZTfNy1
what nature 'wants' is white race to develop physical and mental toughness by eradicating the jew, the current top race
liberalism is believing the other species has a right to exist. christianity is liberalism: a perverse rejection of nature as God created it
catholicism and the enlightenment are the same thing pretending to be different - twin bogus universalisms, sides of coin
whiteskin left is addicted to leftism whiteskin right is addicted to xtianity both are sick and related philosophies
Trump may be doing a sort of hot and cold w the jews, keep them on swampy footing. The key will be his actions, not words.
for all the talk of Trump's narcissism and egotism, he certainly appears to pay very close attention to things and people, more than most
a racialist leader who won't criticize xtianity is usually a cuck: he denies the truth out of financial considerations, ie self-interest
blacks dont like whites who hate whites. they think they're weak faggots. and they're right.
if it weren't for the sickness that is the xtian church, jews long ago would have been physically exterminated in white lands
a parallel: attacking 'whiteness' grows white racial consciousness attacking xtianity, as jews do, opens whiteskins to alt-'schauungs
Whites can shoot the gap: as the jews help us (against their intention, in a rare miscalculation) fade xtianity, we go racial & beat both.
the unfortunate truth the WN knows is that our race is too dim to stand up for itself intellectually and too cowardly to do so physically
Germans and Italians were interned too, not just Japanese, but this fact is left out. Just as jews running the slave trade is omitted.
Daily reminder: Christianity is #antiWhite.
Hating whites proves you're a good person. Being white proves you're racist.
christianity can be superseded by a racial doctrine, and the church is well aware of this. it's why church sides w (((communists))) over NS
if whites had strong racial feelings, there wouldnt be a jew left alive after what that race did to us in the 20th century.
history teaches a valuable lesson: the christian church will always side with jewish communists against Aryan racialists - for its own good
many call themselves racialists, or some variation thereof, yet fail to take race seriously when it comes to assessing individual mentality
Christianity is the problem that keeps us from dealing with (((The Problem))).
the idea that humans are one group rather than diverse and competing species is furthered by crank science and its retarded bro xtianity
fairness matters to whites. winning matters to jews. perhaps a racial difference? but one racialists (who think like conservatives) ignore

November 17, 2016:

christianity is guilty of the same hubris that produces liberalism, that all can be made part of the same body. fuq natur, wer crist pistols
the genius strategy of fishing in pond instead of cornrow.
2000 years of lying and scheming, capped by mass white murder on unprecedented scale. That's jews. That's why they must be made extinct.
isnt it odd that someone would denounce the suppression of speech without ever mentioning its her tribe behind it https://t.co/bkpSD1yn2f
so much effort wasted informing jews they have double standards. never occurs to whites that maybe jews a) know this, b) arent into fairness
jews deliberately put your white children at risk of physical harm while you go to church and worship them Christ… https://t.co/JA9z4T4QED
whiteskin left mentality: i tell the most audacious lie i can conceive, then i look around to see if people appreciating Glorious Brazen Me
it's an attempt to force people to play verbal charades, in hopes they will join cult, in time, or at least fear to… https://t.co/spBdzSPZqB
no, kiddies, 'racism' was a scam concept from the start. by design and intention.
colleges are nothing but alt-mental institutions and homes for aging jews
if you persist in asking why, and accept only rational, evidence-supported answers, you end up at the doorstep of the jew.
they understand that much better than Trump's supporters do jews know where what we today call red-pilling leads https://t.co/NhWAOHiL5l
every moron can cite scripture to his purpose and that is why i never argue the bible https://t.co/yhy73q2ZBG
no, that's animism. the problem isnt legal forms it's the jews using them, and other tools and vehicles, to carry o… https://t.co/Erb38TKpOD
Either fight jews or - everything else is crossword puzzles.
Jewry and christianity tag team the white man into abandoning common sense and throwing away his society, genes and, ultimately, existence.
Christianity is the effeminate, mass, weak flips side of jewism, but it operates by the same sly dishonesty.
There's this #antiwhite agenda. The christian says youre a Good person if you support it. The jew says it's hate (and illegal) to oppose it.
The xtian view is there is no genuinely important distinction between an aborigine and a European. Xtianty is thus #antiwhite by doctrine.
Right now the jews are murdering Europe. They must be made racially EXTINCT. that is the ONLY solution to this problem. The ONLY solution.
jebus is a full-menu solutions provider: he can not only absolve your sins, but he can lift weights for you, sit in on SATs, whatever
for who can deny the spiritual parallel between a filthy dishrag and an adult christian 'man'?
the christian says: your duty is to convert the turdskin the White Nationalist says: your duty is to protect your kind from hostile aliens
making excuses for nigger behavior - what correlate can we find in the tall tale of jebus, the sci fi hero who died for YOUR sins
religion teaches people they are right to cling to the side of the pool because they will surely drown if they try to swim
Xtianity plays the good cop. Whispering in white ear "wouldnt you like to believe this equality, diversity etc.?" Guess who plays bad cop?
Catholicism is a cult that creates the type of people who can't figure out what to do when they see a man raping a boy in the shower.
people love me because i SMELL FANTASTIC not because of my charming personality https://t.co/YrLMF1obU8
Christian argumentation is the pastel version of jewing. It's just as logically absurd and disingenuous but mild where jewing is fierce.
Xtianity is 100% jewish in production values. It was set up to produce a mindset that allows jews to feed on the xtian (white) population.
Christianity is #antiwhite. THAT is where the true vanguard is today. NOW that y'all have accepted jews are the root problem.
Jews are behind all these attacks on whites. Christians wont say that openly because they are a race of mental defectives and cowards.
The Catholic church, as an institution, produces the type of men and women who won't complain when their sons are molested by priests.
Sicut Judaeis Non - the other catholic god that failed Go racial or go extinct. Choose #TeamWhite. "Come with us if you want to live."
the catholic church, which is little more than an organized ring of pedophiles, has pushed Sicut Judaeis Non until white world is near death
The battle is between JEWS and WHITES over who controls not just America but the entire western world. Whites must MAKE JEWS EXTINCT.
Trump represents Whites FINALLY fighting back against jews. Whether he believe that or not, whether he understands that or not.
this is just stupid. i mean, even for you. https://t.co/SFZWZ49HS7
diversity is hate diversity is a genocidal assault on whites diversity is a propaganda concept created by jews #TeamWhite
1) invisible 2) ineffectual the only reasonable, functional, practical conclusion is ( ) does not exist. https://t.co/Fp0Ch3cH3O
as they say in Protocols, which is a true book, the stupid goyim take WORDS for ACTIONS. they yap racism. they create walled, monoyid Israel
kind of like your imaginary god https://t.co/0mkgyZOgHM

November 16, 2016:

New social site Gab is getting popular with the 'alt-right' https://t.co/D8YqjKsryy via @engadget
he was the perfect embodiment of perfidious albion conservatives admire churchill (cuck) the way chritsians admire… https://t.co/W4ePqKrShH
what is a #nigger? https://t.co/AHeNEJdwar
the best thing that can ever be done is to spay and neuter pet...owners https://t.co/Nww6mQPu0V
100% tool of the jews, and the man most admired by the set of supersized mental-moral midgets known as American con… https://t.co/LP9BPMMtUs

November 15, 2016:

five men see a nigger: xtian: i can save it. jew: i can use it. lib: i can fix it. con: i can steward it. racist: kill it with fire.
the first white man who ever set eyes on a black thought it was an ape, and, in truth, that opinion has never really changed
they pretend to believe black behavior (which causes black problems) is a result of white attitudes. they flip real… https://t.co/t9FFCAbZn8
true. this is a point: everybody looks at blacks and sees the same thing: _niggers_. but they DONT all draw same co… https://t.co/VTIJ6gglBy
i dont start shit with w people on here, because most are bitches. all feminists and discoloreds. and twitter will… https://t.co/YkNA9iyW6H
people of any species can troll me if they're clever. most = morons repeating lies or promoting their #muhbibble ex… https://t.co/OujAabV6BF
all men are puffer fish https://t.co/sxf05GpGu3
people believe those criticized by jews are on same side because they're shrieked at the same not so https://t.co/zwzmEylqkM
bannon says it's "defamatory" to call (((Breitbart))) 'white nationalist.' well, it's undeniably inaccurate
the west can only be saved by a non-western response. that's what NS was - a COLLECTIVE response to a collective attack
why did the creators of 'cultural marxism' get kicked out of germany? if the CM dominate (((USA))), yet were put paid to by hitler, then..?
Breitbart = (((Breitbart))). go listen to dead angie talking about cultural marxism and, like all cons, eliding the jew-explanation
this irish catholic jamoke Bannon says he'll sue over being called "white nationalist"
by your argument, the crowd the The Emperor's New Clothes is not delusional - the child who observes the emperor is… https://t.co/rw1M9a6vaV
in the end, you have 'all-powerful' being who is ineffectual. you cant get around that. it's why writing long essay… https://t.co/pCwjzV0XlI
the only thing years of Sunday School taught me, later confirmed in other spheres, is the avg man's absurd confidence in his own opinion
so you tell me at precisely what percentage-of-public point "almost everyone" turns from legit belief to delusion..… https://t.co/kRotxCGII6
so by your argument, the crowds in HC Anderson's tale are NOT delusional https://t.co/KPNyHZaSN1
i can barely stomach 144 characters of your nescient special pleading, a whole article might kill me. CAPS bespeak… https://t.co/txkUZYwxjf
i'm sure there would be no pressure were these psychos to, properly, declare unfounded god-belief delusion too, as… https://t.co/N9lLonWoG7
women inherently have excessive respect for credentials whereas men inherently grasp that such (properly) trails & pales b4 actual ability
"mainstream" is just a giant cult, no different from Jim Jones except worse host
your view is that when X delusion has enough followers, it stops being a delusion. and you say you care about truth… https://t.co/Re0v2EQBLY
churches, like all leftists, go after the young, because they cant sell their wares to the healthy, functional adul… https://t.co/1vdRQV2i72
have you ever personally persuaded one person to believe that god exists? https://t.co/VxoAJBosPc
that group also listed homosexuality as mental disorder, then changed it under political pressure. truth isnt estab… https://t.co/RuzmwePX7J
How does old Navy guy Steve Bannon feel about #USSLiberty?
kind of like your saying atheists should commit suicide because they have no reason to live. the world is bigger th… https://t.co/1BiqC8pAsh
Admit White South Africans as legitimate refugees. End aid to the monster called Israel. Team with Russia to destroy (((ISIS))). #MAGA
in this world the deep good stuff comes from commitment. not dabbling. which is called 'experience.' i have same expies as ev'rbody. photos!
it really sucks there's no way to criticize bourgeois and their mentality without sounding like a communist
Salon: 8-Year-Olds: in an Age of Orange Terror, Have They Become Our Nation's Conscience?

November 14, 2016:

that is the pertinent question. who is this moron affecting not to know that Bolton is King of the Shabbos Goyim https://t.co/xY3VK6uLr7
is it a surprise leftists who pretend to believe blacks are equal to whites also affect leonard cohen and philip roth being great artists
jews define core American values, according to #ADL. how many jews among the Founders? Less than 1.
when the jew uses 'racist' 'anti-semitic' that's your cue. that's the GOOD stuff. that's the stuff you want to run TOWARD and EMBACE

November 13, 2016:

so nazi germany defeated the cultural marxists? tell me more
hillbillies are supposed to have guts. @anncoulter is a punch puller https://t.co/NiNLS1xo2n
it's a perversion to mean what you say and stick to it. it makes you incomprehensible to the lying class
lol. only missing jews on that list https://t.co/sYhePGEcG4
people are so used to Anglo politicians they dont believe any politician means what he says. maybe Trump does https://t.co/apmE8tMKwW
and we wonder why jews run things. go back to tennessee, hillbilly https://t.co/TgD3T5a60I
Jews are a vital threat to white existence. That's the starting point and the bottom line. #TeamWhite
Think about every good thing you would want for your son and daughter. Then realize that jews are against every single one of them.
claiming they're terrified while terrorizing claiming they're victims of hate while spreading hate the left is jews, and jews means lies
Jew Soros needs to be brought to justice, dead or alive.

November 12, 2016:

the media lie all the time about everything. but not when it comes to polls. no sirree bob, they play those straight.
funny listening to media. people in NYC and NE corridor dont realize they are as parochial as any other part of the country
The greatest generation is the one that stands up to and defeats the jew. Why not us? Why not now?
most people are like this. the danger is letting others set one's agenda https://t.co/EEybHQLfSW
if you work with jews, you will receive the same punishment know that, whiteskin
Being wrong all the time is only a qualification to the left. #ImWithHer
If personal divorce is so easy, why is racial divorce so hard?
Whites have no interest in forced political association with coloreds, least of all with jews.
"Whites should be licensed and taxed, seeing the social cost they impose on the rest of us." --T. Wise
using their control of institutions (((they))) attempted to invalidate white existence. they gained many dupes, for humans are schoolfish
who would get bothered if you didnt like the same candy they do? someone who sees your differing taste as a comment on him or her.
the leftist jews at the top are working a strategic plan. it is rational. no so with goy leftists. goy leftists believe.
a point i make and repeat because it is important: leftist jews and leftist goyim come from very different places mentally
understanding the left: some people get angry if you dont like the same candy they do. that x 100 = leftist politics

November 11, 2016:

Rage For The Machine a jew soros joynt
whites are never going to develop the cheat-ways jews have perfected; what we can do is reclass them as vermin and simply Orkin them
as that story shows, jew junk media like NYT is equivalent to "imitation (reality) flavor" in processed food
when fools point to 1 in 100 nigs as proof racial generalization is wrong...do you realize where that buffoonic argument originates? do you?
so this kike is just going to pay people to disrupt our country? who does he think he is, hillary clinton?
that fit the pre-designated line. https://t.co/ZcLvT2ntmc
We were occasionally asked to map a narrative for our various beats a year in advance, square the plan with editors, then generate stories
the reverse. By and large, talented reporters scrambled to match stories with what internally was often called “the narrative.”
It was a shock on arriving at the New York Times in 2004, as the paper’s movie editor, to realize that its editorial dynamic was essentially
you think news written to ideological template is a joke or exaggeration? (1/4)
How Jon Stewart And 'The Daily Show' Elected Donald Trump https://t.co/wPgd4jhELM via @YahooNews
new white head is forming; election showed you the white body politic stumbling about, trying to find it... jewhead gnashing, nattering
Epithets, bluntness, directness, freedom, manliness...the age of judeo-effeminacy draws to a close
if you're a whiteskin Dem., might just want to ask what lies at the end of that Hate Whitey Lane jews have led you down. u really want that?
Someone set up a goy fund me for someone to pay Soros a visit
America's greatness is an inverse function of its number of jews
where could we find $38 billion to build the wall, #ADL? #TeamWhite #MakeAmericaJudenreinAgain
Trump's Victory Buoying White Nationalists, Anti-Discrimination Advocates Say - ABC News - https://t.co/Mkelpcmaiw via @ABC
Whiteskin liberals are people who believe you can fix blacks. But build a wall? That's crazy talk.
it's precisely the people who have never in their life doubted the govt's ability to do anything who now claim building a wall is impossible
they said Trump couldnt win now they say he cant build wall these are the most unreflective, clueless liars in human history
just another subset of jews trying to mislead & destroy whites https://t.co/VCspt9i5uB
i love how the literally criminal machinations, always #antiwhite, of jew Soros are reported in neutral tones like they're weather
no asps are slim. it's a green python or emerald boa. i forget which. https://t.co/A3IBW8rQCY
get rid of bible mysticism, people could see jews for what they are: a race of criminals bent on subduing every other
Trump's not even in office, giving mft a boost: Louisiana student 'fabricated' story of hijab attack, police say https://t.co/Ly6CtWUrg8
You're farther ahead if you've never read a book in your life than if you belief the things in the head of the average NEA 'teacher.'
"Education" is 9/10th "knowing" things that aint so, global warming being the perfect example.
He continued with a list of those “who won”: White nationalists. Thanks, Aaron. Keep Sorkin'. https://t.co/8u23wPTplW
Remember: if the jews had their way -- if the jews have their way -- every white area will be #Rotherham.
There's nothing cute or funny or innocent about jews, and any white who makes excuses for them is at best an utter fool.
American people must be brought to understand: THE JEW DID THIS TO YOU. With malice aforethought.
no. you dont mop up the floor when the tap's still running. the jew is the source of ALL political problems in US https://t.co/kEDDvd5vTR
the good thing about Trump is you don't get any of the odious christian faggotry you get with the Reagan type
“There’s no question the wall is going to get built” Kobach told KWCH The only question is how quickly will it get done and who pays for it"
put it this way, if the wall is not built, Trump can expect energetic abuse from #TeamWhite
'The wall is going to get built': Immigration hard-liner joins Trump transition https://t.co/wv2ACzDLUf
human rights is jewflop for the colored right to white property, including everything from his land to his genes
a large portion of jews' ability to carry off their plans lies in their ability to prevent themselves from being perceived
what creates & reproduces anti-white culture in the US? - a networked mafia called 'jews'
the only good jew is a dead jew https://t.co/Mhkl55EwwW
"Suicide" of the west is a jew meme.
Trump and Putin must work together to get this pernicious kike Soros underground or buried in jail.
Trump is the first step in the dejewing of the west. There is a window to do things semi-peacefully; otherwise it will be bloody.

November 10, 2016:

WN demand complete sovereignty. We have no desire or need for association with other races, and we know jews are behind the shotgun.
jews will manipulate Trump cuckward White nationalists must keep pressure on to DO WHAT GOT HIM ELECTED - FOLLOW THRU ON WALL ETC
what do we whites get out of jew-forced political association with blacks? violence. tax slavery. endless (((media))) abuse. revolution?

November 09, 2016:

why not relax with a tasty banana https://t.co/35C78Ed3Li
if cultural marxism is this horrible thing, why do the kosh-conservatives blip so easily over how the evil nazis were able to DRIVE IT OUT?
all these useless conservative movies etc on 'cultural marxism' - why did the nazis drive it out but the xtian west succumb to it?
Via @NPR: Here Is What Donald Trump Wants To Do In His First 100 Days https://t.co/9CSpPixchn
it's unhygienic for lice to carry jews around https://t.co/pjYr6HYhTC
the (((media))) havent gained an ounce of perspective since (((Kael's))) comment
of the Cell Block D Social Club https://t.co/ppZglyIkXg
jews + leftists always pose as responsible adults feeding necessary vegetables to white brat masses
whites never do anything except out of rage and fear, if you believe (((journalists)))
No matter what happened last night, every little girl should know she too can grow up to marry a serial rapist and steal millions.
after all these decades of jewing somehow plausible white adult men are in charge of Russia and USA? propitious!
Greece's Golden Dawn says Trump win a victory for ethnically 'clean' states https://t.co/HVaJTLFNgU via @Reuters
Can it, lizard https://t.co/VBJTNjhhYW
the high-information crowd explains everything it opposes in terms of phobias
the day after an old white man is elected, young wimmens of all sexes go online to prove why women arent built for politics
Take a bow, all Frog partisans... and special credit to Ricky Vaugn for leading the way on Twitter. https://t.co/H5fW74eOV9
Hillary is the First Woman...to lose with entire media and Establishment backing.
Trump = VICTORY FOR NORMAL WHITES over lying, hating, gaslighting ie NORMAL jews
America only became great through the efforts of the normal white people the media jews hate.
I remember when Salt Lake flooded (maybe '83). City all came togetther to sandbag. Do this for The Wall, Trump.
clutcha mah pearls whatza wrong wi me i'm literally shaking like a shaker on a shakin tree
WP - "World gasps in collective disbelief following Trump's election" FAGS!
far right = jewspeak for normal white isolationism = jewspeak for washingtonian MYOB foreign policy hate = jspeak for opposing white genocid
"“Russia is ready and willing to restore full-fledged relations with the United States.” -- geez not even 24 hours and we're at amity w USSR
in the end, the media are nothing but jews their agenda nothing but dispossessing then genociding Whites
Like Meatloaf, the left believe the govt can do anything - except build a wall on the border.

November 08, 2016:

Assad > (((assholes))) https://t.co/625p1oAlvA
relax cherry, nobody could expect you to make more stupid tweets than you did https://t.co/TOXMjVD39e
now the leftdupendopes learn what the right they mock for "low information" already knew: the media are nothing but (((liars)))
America is slowly but surely figuring out what the rest of the world already knows... ... jews are the bad guys. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
they're not nice to him at all, because they know what he represents, you fucking retard https://t.co/e2h10bB7rJ
i am #LITERALLYSHAKING we might miss out on nuclear war with Russia!
i am LITERALLY SHAKING THROW A JEW DOWN THE WELL might as well be our new national anthem
yeah this billionaire has nothing better to do than speak in five states a day and listen to abuse from retarded po… https://t.co/RIjlh5Ibq6
You're pretty fat. Maybe share some of your carbs with them? https://t.co/wt1q5AO3jI
all the lefty women put on their "i be smarty" glasses and go to party room...look at monitors and glub like aquarium fish
and many benjerries were consumed and many catses were clunged lo did the 38"-ass crowd gnaw its tongues for pain
use spider-eater when insulting asians. it's important. https://t.co/xCBbROTOyo
that certainly tracks with what i saw driving back and forth thru there 2x in october https://t.co/9C719zWbyX
that's good thinking!! https://t.co/UjGAU8Hoy3
why did i throw out all my tvs?? damn. the schwartzenfreude must be to die for!!!!
as soon as America took advice and leadership from jews it became hated worldwide. if Trump wins, we'll go back to MYOB & being LOVED again
Jew: "i dont feel american." White: "You're not." Quoth Sean Penn: "Now get outta here."
Remember mackies: 1) make water 2) make aliyah
and all the (((jewsz))) down in newsvill all cried boo-hoo
and jews. jews most of all https://t.co/egWQAaqwzV
Election day (2016-11-08, 4:15 CST): Hillary Clinton -750 Donald Trump +525
many italians give off a deep healthy vibe. tony danza is good example. podesta is not this type of italian.
"For none is so brave as the pug-fugly NYC jewess denouncing white menz #soedgyitscrevassey." --W. Shakespeare https://t.co/0C1X33MlhW
the media are all on the same side cuz they're right duh all good tolerant people w beautiful minds love progress and vote Hillary
if you worship cops or military, let me tell you something friend. you're a fag
"I do think a lot of the polls are purposely wrong,” “I don’t even think they interview people, I think they just put out phony numbers.” DT
crooked jew alert 1) Erdeley, 2) Wenner Rolling Stone, publisher, and reporter ordered to pay $3 million to UVA dean https://t.co/1TFwDMv4JR
what color was the nigger suspect? A woman pushes commuter into path of subway train, police say https://t.co/6ffC3NJw7j
Leftist Groups Attack Police while Protesting the Opening of Golden Dawn Offices in Xanthi (video) https://t.co/ceg1t07XeC
Why the West's far-right — and Trump supporters — are still obsessed with an ancient battle https://t.co/mSuGUn6qia
"Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump read aloud a note he said was from Patriots head coach Bill Belichick" - "he said"
British throne mudsharking https://t.co/CCWImtO662
“Do you want America to be ruled by the corrupt political class, or do you want America to be ruled again by the people?” --D. Trump
If you were an honest pollster, do you believe you could sell your services to the Washington Post? New York Times?
that's true. Trump represents the white race, by proxy, and the possibility of whites reclaiming control over their… https://t.co/R3TTu4xoSa
Half the country lives off the other half, and these parasites have incentive to vote for HC regardless of their fe… https://t.co/XVJM1NHdGC
My blog on the election https://t.co/GbB7bEW0lo
Trump = White normalcy Hillary = (((anti-white))) abnormalcy
Pedophiles, ISIS, jews and Satanists agree: Hillary is the right choice. What do you say, white man?
refusing to see patterns or make generalizations makes you both a coward and a fool. https://t.co/HSVkFfdZQr

November 07, 2016:

wuh ha happen wuh https://t.co/3QQphHwiaD
still having trouble with the whole 'god created niggers' part that literally means, per your cult's views, that G… https://t.co/6mwxiuQydC
Election Eve (2016-11-07) Hillary Clinton -560 Donald Trump +440
how did the slut's husband feel about jeboo's interference? https://t.co/HeQFoEc1Pb
you think niggers voting is a GOOD idea? are you insane? https://t.co/2WYdXsybyB
american put personality over principle, hence they have a very difficult time making out what's going on with foes who think in categories
notice that whether you're aggressive (Trump) or mild (Ron Paul) you get defamed and destroyed by media for threatening (((their))) agenda
the question is why whites have permitted jews to continue to live, in light of their historical record. the answer is the christian church
strong contender for dumbest thing i'll read this week, good work https://t.co/EkcyR9gPGq

November 06, 2016:

life shits you out in a giant plopping mess you got to scream and yell before you get a breast --ee bummings
you're a christian and a fool. but i repeat myself. https://t.co/bV2uUdpcSM
1 in 5 chi murders cleared. becuz niggers. #BixNood As killings surge, Chicago police solve fewer homicides https://t.co/KuBempvbP3
Whites made America. Mainly my ancestors and a few others. Indians ate each other and built 'mounds.'
we cant count on one 70yo man to do everything for us? this comes as a disturbing surprise https://t.co/3dT5dO5I1q

November 05, 2016:

so i'll put you down for the pedo-satanists. enjoy your meal, fun guy https://t.co/zLeN0YpshE
jew gets caught jewing: Jury Finds Rolling Stone and Reporter Liable in Defamation Trial Over UVA Rape Story https://t.co/rt6BgHj7ow
weiner is like post-jewy in looks; he's exhausted the form and is speeding into boll weevil territory
you're still a vole-equivalent mentally https://t.co/fON6mr4Cg2
brainwashed tools is a more accurate turn for what you have been dog-trained to call 'educated' https://t.co/peTt9HenTK
"us" - i'm not with you, and i have a strong suspicion you are a rodent https://t.co/6K1wpmheRQ
the other thing is hillary is technically female, so far as i know, and that's not what we need in a political leader
catholicism is liberalism https://t.co/8aB3J7VyyD
jews donate 50% of #ImWithHer's money. hence all the talk about Saudis
when jared taylor says jews are "us," what he's really saying is "i'm an honorary jew" https://t.co/MUmSZUkdZr
it's like the one form of political power left in US for average whites is owning pets
those zesty hymantashen are to die for https://t.co/qhZTNhx25W
colored people dont make america great, they make the 3rd world lousy
no, i never saw that. i wonder if the price reflects foreigners who are believing the controlled media that hilly i… https://t.co/IFn6oBoBhN
if you are fat, it is because you contain much wisdom https://t.co/iiEwjum39W
the degree of pet obsession in US is disgusting, and i use obsession accurately, not as a smear https://t.co/TeCXCMTbck
satan worshipping is absurd so is jebus cannibalism called communion i apologize for my consistency #TeamWhite
Trump reminds me of ol Joe Kennedy (clan pa): his instincts probably are with nazis, but they lost so he goes with winner (jews). Hence kids
glad you like them. i will finish turner diaries tomorrow morning. that will be the 4th session. first three here:… https://t.co/00dM2wnoFi
the catholic church isnt strong enough to be evil, only to side with it https://t.co/KTbUiAe3cc
someone else says she IS of jew background and wikipedia yanked it... amounts to same thing either way but still si… https://t.co/DBMGytOm7F
i researched her for jew roots. not as far as i can tell. intense serbian xtian background, severe mother. xtianity… https://t.co/Oqmf3e81nD
Of course there's nothing #spiritcooking about those Jebus wafers and blood wine. Right? Cuz those are what she (Serb xtian) started with.
it's a scale. killing is last step. you can defame. you can set up. you can infiltrate or blackmail. and if all tha… https://t.co/bCUcUeeYq9
"jews took over without firing a shot" - this is one of the most moronic statements commonly made. JEWS ALWAYS PRIM… https://t.co/tUaYe77QRn
Trump is equal or ahead in polls, yet +325 in books. That is a huge disconnect. Someone is far, far wrong about what's going on out there.
this is typical manipulation of the dirt-eating xtian segment of the country, aka midwestern and southern simpletons https://t.co/c6D1Bw2jQW
5 November 2016 Hillary -400 Trump +340

November 04, 2016:

if you want a white middle-class society, vote Trump if you want a 3rd-world savagescape ruled by pedo-satanists, vote Hillary
the story of the US since at least 1880 is the ascension to power of jews. to reverse this, a force must arise which opposes them overtly
it is clear the only safe thing to do is make a great pile of clinton circle & supporting media and set fire to it
Turner Diaries (audiobook) segment #2 : ch7-14 https://t.co/W4zcuVqku0 (2:37) segment #3: ch15-22 https://t.co/JMLk0KiVjk (2:30)

November 03, 2016:

'trained' and 'educated' by ADL https://t.co/K7MXsT8rNv

November 02, 2016:

giving rights to niggers is a good thing? are you insane? https://t.co/kwOHXXzrh6
christian promiscuous spiritual love is akin to feeding pigeons. except the pigeons are rabid dogs
buckley's idea of media biopsy but applied to individual members of ones (larger) family show how (feminism, etc) affected each one specif.
"Vote for the crook. It's important." What the (((left is reduced to. (Slogan used against Duke by Edwards back in the day.) #ImWithHer

November 01, 2016:

i will do a #TeamWhite podcast at some point in not too long future https://t.co/Jq89Li6Z03
the bubonic plague was called the black death christian promiscuous spiritual love should be called the white death
christian morality is a mental disease, not an accomplishment
where indians shit? yep, that's sacred too
Audiobook: The Turner Diaries session #1: ch1-6 https://t.co/A5lZ5Rj2ih (2:17) #vnnforum #TeamWhite

October 31, 2016:

funny things happen when you pay attention to stuff outside your head https://t.co/zspMGjk6NI
the church says jew can be cured* (*that's how we got in this mess)
dont you jews get that your jewing only works where you have info monopoly https://t.co/14s8rhvO3t
what major religion, produced by jews, creates an obsession with guilt and moralizing in whites https://t.co/BNON5T9tIC
This is correct. The only solution to jews is counter-exterminating them. The ONLY solution. Those who disagree are… https://t.co/uF6ZEaD1A3

October 30, 2016:

also, reality is whatever you want it to be. this attitude in various forms is extremely popular https://t.co/LAAJV5Uxtd

October 29, 2016:

"ESPN costs every cable and satellite subscriber roughly $7 a month, over triple the next most expensive cable chan… https://t.co/v9MS0OKxs2
his grandad changed name from Ehrlich https://t.co/snEXLA5jPz
Trump to the White House Cankles to Joliet
"Bret Stephens" lol. real name is Ehrlich. NYC jew background. https://t.co/AsaUsgiMue
is it too late for a scared straight intervention for grandma crooky?
that guinea retard needs a service dog to help w her tweets https://t.co/LT0kFJ3Agz
statements from Russia come off like words of competent, sober white men statements from America sound like hysterical, malignant lying jews
if you're a sexy anything you're doing halloween wrong. and i dont like you. hween is about dolling up gourds to horripilate spirits

October 22, 2016:

we've even got the dirt-eaters seeing the light. praise jebus! https://t.co/DYMn91fVt6
abortion shows why 'liberalism' cant be argued with. if you deny you're killing your own baby, you're hardly open to reason on anything else
When enthusiastic openness gives way to guarded fear... jews have instilled a society of double clutch. Whites must watch every single word
K was raking when Bill appeared. "How do you stop 5 blacks from raping a woman?" He threw her a basketball. "That's blacks." Clinton laughed
good article on bill murray https://t.co/R6OJeRlCDF traditionalism is the opposite of White
Curious Cernovich...channeling resistance away from the jew https://t.co/2s81jVyV9Y
except he used wrong word. the word is murder, not suicide. "participate in own suicide" doesn't even make sense https://t.co/Y7IzOYVqNo
respect for privacy and toleration of eccentricity are two actual white values but the cause is always symbolized by 1/1,000,000 beauty
i am not a gentleman https://t.co/xWbg3osDcX

October 21, 2016:

people also equate personality with tattoos, piercings, zoo sex. these are merely morbid choices of the weakminded.… https://t.co/vhuNpObNol

October 20, 2016:

have you noticed how few people have actual personalities anymore? this is the effect of decades of 'public schools' and mass media and law
Get rid of the jews, the problems all go away. You only think it's more complex than that because you have studied it and listen to liars.
thanks. i will do that at some point, key to grasping the (((takeover))). next up i'm going to do turner diaries. https://t.co/oT31AA7v14

October 19, 2016:

maybe abandon the cowardly religion that made you a cringing minority when you're an absolute majority? xtianity is… https://t.co/ftkZWV9bw3
drain the shwamp
so u appreciate fully: the same (((german))) govt that is admitting gang-rapist muslims is calling my 10-yr-old blog posts youth-endangering
some affect to be shaken by trump's speeches but others really are stirred
what endangers german youth? posts i made on Kirksville Today ten years ago? or millions of muslim rapists & terror… https://t.co/GooASNy9vN
Trump fights. Who ever heard of a GOP candidate who does that?
a religious doctrine that explicitly devalues race is the perfect way for whites to defend themselves. millions nod along to this nonsense
he's one tasty candidate, cant deny that! https://t.co/ieYdt62xWV
Sicut Judaeis non has failed. White racialism is the natural successor to LCDism.
conservatives have an inner instinct for evasive abstraction they cannot overcome https://t.co/7ChlP85LT7
You hide the (((control))) by producing the opposition. the Republican party and Catholic church are Washington Generals. Losers by design.
come on, catholic dinks, tell the world how you're going to stop jews by converting them to #MuhSaver
racialism will supersede your cult of cowardice in the end, keep watching https://t.co/OQwTTl3cAY
hillary supports all terrorists: niggers, muslims and jew-warmongers
but your cult will fix things by converting jews https://t.co/UyojJ7Wrob

October 18, 2016:

the only visible signs of Clinton support are attacks on Trump signs
Does god have anything to do with nature, believer? Then you cannot deny that genocide is god's will and way.
take all your relatives. look at the way their thoughts and behavior have been deformed by bad ideas proceeding ultimately from jews. see?
"Bret Stephens" lol. he's been clowning fools for years https://t.co/YYMZ27otLZ
hillary clinton has the same overweening selfishness as most of these serial shooters, but she has a lot more power
standards are a white male plot! so is merit! so is even application of law!
they begin by hating 'white males' for being better, they end by denying the concept of better
education everywhere you look just means people's heads are akin to their bellies - filled with junk carbs of ideas
that's (((poe))), remember. curtailed after the cubansky method (or whatever) https://t.co/NwfPAHZDb6

October 17, 2016:

if you think it's a joke or exaggeration to say that jews look down on nons (whites included) as stupid animals, you have not been around em
the snake outwitted the woman in that particular delusion you've succumbed to https://t.co/MC6KUohjDb
how about i rent you for ten dollars? you will live in cage with sign: The Woman Who Thought It Could Think pay p… https://t.co/OBbc8UJCtp
women are biologically credentialist. you cant win at table what you cant win in field https://t.co/0hCGzbgiIL
i dont work door there just set rules. we dont want christians at vnnforum. that's for g'dam sure. https://t.co/caImSn7jiM
except then you imply witch docs < gravity believers. you're a delusion-racist! some delusions are > than others. i… https://t.co/IVKNUmUdCS
are all your delusions equally privileged? or just the god bawling? https://t.co/a8tgXcYe1c
get over yourself aristittle. and check your delusion privilege. https://t.co/l77yV81n0q
jews have taught avg people there are millions of rules, but the're selectively applied
you're just dropping all standards when it comes to 'God' concept, which you're forced to do because there's no the… https://t.co/AnlE2oFaOW
how do you know that i dont know? https://t.co/AcZsmm5ARE
where i come from people dont trick elephants they respect them #HeartlandValues https://t.co/UZ18WxVdbD
the point is that if God existed, he wouldn't need one of the billions of petes to speak for him. GOD serves PETE.… https://t.co/B7nVAtZcPI
God requires billions of earthly representatives, interpreters and PR men. Because He exists.
of course, to hear what God says, we have to listen to Pete https://t.co/ecgsGcEQU4
somewhere under the ground called israel, scientists are at work in a lab trying to create slant-eyed jews
the Greatest Generation aka the original Snap-On Tools of (((America)))

October 16, 2016:

i believe in the polls holding up Trump signs across america. because i've seen them.
help alleged people who cant feed themselves stay alive long enough to reproduce. i'm malthusiastic about this wond… https://t.co/NluefROko0
Quien es mas rapier?
democracy comes from greek roots for words meaning 'the people' and 'mock'
Claims that the media are biased or unfair protect the press. This is why the controlled opposition starts and stops with them.
Blog post: Keepin' It Real File: Science as White Male Plot https://t.co/z3xDycKqya
americans doing jobs that americans dont do. i'm cofnused https://t.co/JDt3BgcwZa
"keeping it real" - what does this mean? it' means that anything above the sex and crime level is too abstract and complicated for nigmind
“Americans have decided to be stupid and shallow since 1980. Madonna is like Nero; she marks the turning point.” --Joni Mitchell
Joni Mitchell on the bite (2010). Chomp Zimmerdylan. Chomp drunk whores. Good stuff. https://t.co/IfiTnbYkWv
nuclear war with Russia? yes, please! #Imwithher
as nigger: science, so libertarian: race https://t.co/oqoqqmYMmx
the groot get him back in '42. it was a lean year
woman: creature that believes using adjectives to describe oneself is effective you're as you as an onion, sweet pea. we all are
niggers try to drag everything down to their level, so they can understand it. but these fischer-price people will never equal real thing
and fools say we can "step over' the holohoax, or it just doesn't matter. it's right at the center of western-white… https://t.co/hJuJJNvb3m

October 15, 2016:

a clam jam for the ages https://t.co/ktyy8XusmG
the jews are a formidable foe; there is great honor and glory in fighting and defeating them. this is #Whitethink
what will induce useful humility in largest masses of people the quickest? some say religion. i say speculating with money
"you dont know enough to have an opinion." so many millions of people need to hear this message
just 4 minutes before another #FacepalmSunday coming down nice work, god. you're doing great, buddy.
christians: expel jews 108x christians: readmit jews 109 christian: xtianity expels jews! me: (turns head like owl)
we win if we organize...on racial basis. overtly for ourselves and against jew https://t.co/NvwM4bEFdn
Brief blog on The Friends of Eddie Coyle. https://t.co/rgpp0xRR6T
there's a lot more of US who want a white country than THEM - jews and whiteskins who serve them
Sonny died from running into tree; @Cher just tweets like she did
people who call themselves brands... you are schmucks
good example of xtian honesty https://t.co/7c0nscn8S3
christians are the morality experts who cant figure out jews are the bad guys
i'm sure they have many pedestrian virtues, but i deny their greatness https://t.co/rWjk5Tf5Pp
we'll make our enemy pay for his own destruction by disguising our politics as an academic discipline (((#whitestudies)))
it's really hard to believe the polls are rigged when you drive around the country see nothing but Trump signs
we need to talk more about dumpster lid violence. i threw up lid tried to dump, it came down on my wrist. not cool man.
i feel about fags like i do about anyone who cries when you point to his behavior. fags aren't men.
peppers have to be the most overrated vegetable on earth. they add nothing to anything. https://t.co/QH0w8qdGBP
it is not enough to expel the jews. christians obviously cant figure out what jews are (hence how to oppose them); racialists can
this is the key. any 40-something military man can have tens of millions of white willing to kill to liberate. Trum… https://t.co/wMnEo7DFP4
correct, should be jews https://t.co/o6aFGVVaJi
free speech, in practice, means the right to speak about jews the way they speak about you
"Exposing" jews is not enough. We must organize explicitly against them.
Trump or hoo hoo ha ha.
#USA2016 africans in PO trying to get something shipped by UPS* *seen this at least 3x
Who owns gab.ai?
funnier than whatever's on SNL tonight. good job. https://t.co/70kfY6iVZY
reHeat Street, where you can get your fill of "edgy" what-jews-call conservatism.
your tweets give off that not-so-fresh feeling, chunneltwat https://t.co/t4Nh4dImSI
allowed them to "convert" - same as a black "converting" to being a white https://t.co/v3UZIKA94z
you forgot the part where they let them back in https://t.co/v3UZIKA94z

October 14, 2016:

Trump AND revolution. ITZ COMING
an alternative to #antiwhite (((Wikipedia)))? https://t.co/blIbNzPQ51 a good idea.
"She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer,” lifelong Democrat Jerry Zeifman. When a jew calls you unethical & dishonest, he knows from!
Who owns Gab?
Brief blog on Trump. https://t.co/wlU9NXhbp0

October 13, 2016:

just back from extensive car travels...NOTHING but Trump signs in Flyover.

October 07, 2016:

#tcot You stand with Israel? You love the chewish people? https://t.co/74dxCHApSh
UW students sell anti-police, anti-white hoodies https://t.co/KDpcUjJtXu via @campusreform
#PomonaCollege #DaringMindsLOL Safe Spaces: Where Free Press Dies https://t.co/wNeYoZSJKh via @campusreform
#DaringMindsLOL #PomonaCollege. Claremont students: masculinity is 'toxic to our mental health' https://t.co/CLnZt1xWyf via @campusreform
that's a semitically correct, sanitized version, hence inaccurate https://t.co/zDpHIYgksi
destroying things is the only achievement certain types are capable of. loser whiteskins enjoying aiding jews in dragging down white society
white slave owners got honest, positive work out of blacks. which is more than any xtian or social engineer has eve… https://t.co/Cpv3BbObCw
the christian mentality. nothing could be more #antiwhite https://t.co/cWb9l3FlTM

October 06, 2016:

#tcot You stand with Israel? This is what you stand with. https://t.co/aHC7Wg51Tp
White four year olds did more to build America than blacks.

October 05, 2016:

Whitenerds: "We have a right to exist!" Nature: "What part of 99.9% of species that ever existed are extinct do you not get?" #GetOnThePile
the only TOS that matters: do you allow criticism of jews and their anti-White agenda? no? ok, so business as usual
Daily life in USA under the jew becomes more and more a game of forced charades, a la the school bus hijacking in Dirty Harry.
is that where your priests pick it up? https://t.co/Ax1IEMHbHX
the rightist feels he's won because his point is unrefuted the leftist feels he's won because he's won
truth is like a vagina to you faggots. you should kill yourself. https://t.co/FlL3w3pc4P
um what and stuff. you need to limit your tweets to your fleeting periods of lucidity https://t.co/N6iLdxy9Bx
White Lives Matter protest Anti-Defamation League https://t.co/mWU876BjTE
a nuclear war is as likely to be caused by Boomer selfishness as anything else, with Hillary being #1 candidate, via agents like S. Powers
a lot of people who call themselves "nazis" are confused about which end of the whip they'd be on. big govt is inherently bad

October 04, 2016:

all the avg white needs to know is that jews are bad. if you're dealing with a cross loser, then substitute evil for bad. (1/2)
the jews are everyone's enemy. not everyone realizes this, and that's the reason jews go into media
with tooo simple taps o' me shillelagh, you'll be persuaded the alternative is meritoriouser https://t.co/wCnYFyxzWG
Logic 101: if every good thing is racist, then racism must be - a good thing - a bad term for a good thing - both
the way out of the christrut is offering strength and health as ideals to Little Man, rather than self-pitying martyrdom. see Trump
it's not trump marrying into jews, it's the opposite. they're sucking his german strength into their hooknosed neurotic poisonstream.
the media are every bit as independent and non-lockstep as, say, a parading army
everyone but blacks realizes that. the people promoting this stuff deserve death. i mean the (((media))). they inci… https://t.co/hO6Z8G27X8
Alt-"Uncle Buck" line, mutatis mutandis: Remember how they used to say it's "too early to shoot the bastards"? Nobody says that anymore.
the (((media))) just independently decide on story-a-day policy for cop-black shootings. and independently not to cover victims of nog gangs
all these fool struggling around trying to find a basis for fighting muslims + jews who let them in. blood order w NS tactics is how
they don't like her but their daily bread comes from big govt she will protect and expand if possible https://t.co/YkzyFHuETj
when a termite achieves self-awareness it becomes a Semite
the SPLC mound in Alabama is constructed in such a way as to suggest the inhabitants know what they deserve
the truly perceptive can see that we will have a chance to get rid of jews and permanently devalue the christ cult
which amounts to the same thing. https://t.co/Sz8SmET5SL
so has any national (((controlled medium))) mentioned that kid beat half to death by gang of niggers?
Who wouldn't want to donate money to our (((5XL Govt)))?
if it's wrong to put niggers on par with whites, how can be right to put starfish? https://t.co/urmnyPSyGx

October 03, 2016:

seriously, you've put on 30 since i've known you, and the holiday eating season dead ahead! uh oes https://t.co/kAUgoNiPbg
jews and muslims must be destroyed - physically eliminated - from all white lands
jews are literally never portrayed as evil in mass-produced paperback fiction. that's one clue the field is controlled by same
Religion = "the world is too complicated to figure out, and i'm too weak to try. i'll just resign myself and buy lottery tickets." #losers
Ever hear business mantra: feed success, starve failure? Which govt policy isn't exact opposite?
those two are by no means an exhaustive list. of course. https://t.co/dPf249pX67
military are parasites: they live off taxpayers, who are expected then to worship them. & they are dupes: they know… https://t.co/nk2AAmRU7Q
109x jews were kicked out of countries. Then a precocious 6-year-old said, why don't we kick them under? There was no 111th time.
Admiration for the the military is one of the surest signs of a weak person and a weak-minded person.
We should all give a big round of applause for all those heroic military men who donated their service to keep us from 3rd world invasion.
Whites need to get tougher. Need to look to nature, not the xtian faggotry. Kill our enemies. All of them. Live our way.
like you can tell evidence from a toadstool. govt stops people from doing bad things - even some women can see thru… https://t.co/NJHv9WbBA4
nice, you've expanded your range of subpar mentation to include strawmen. i guess for halloween. https://t.co/fidHLGkc33
Hillary Clinton is a mass murderer. Her husband is a serial rapist.
jebus died for your sins. but when i look around, you dont look like the type that sins very much. way to let Our Lord (tm) down.
the only real difference between men is whether or not they accept jebus p christ as their personal (and communal) savior
yeah but think what kind of woman would be gf of cop. they deserve to be beaten at 4x avg rate. cops too SOFT https://t.co/UqGtfQzLXH
bigger winner in 'gun' debate? animism
never trust the moon-pie faced (glenn beck and alex jones)
so, yeah...turns out nazis were right. and the smorksleys and shnauzermen are the bad guys. who knew?
"Tradition" the abstraction. that's what's funniest of all.

October 02, 2016:

The one class that isn't legally protected is the same class called "privileged" in the (((unpopular media))).
just kill 'em
it's pretty clear that nothing but silent death squads is going to save UK https://t.co/Aw2T0VAmVn
why should they be able to impose the cost of sending them back? just shoot them and give them to zoos for large an… https://t.co/kLaCDQwA7Y
being old is not the same as being good this is the flip of progressive mistake https://t.co/lvM5L2Sr41

October 01, 2016:

walk up near a bog. now walk in. when both feet are 12 inches down, start bleating Ahm a tree! Ahm a tree! Congrats. You're a traditionalist
Neo-Nazi gang who support Hitler set up a 'whites only' food bank https://t.co/LfFq4GdTRl via @MailOnline

September 30, 2016:

when someone tells me yr a hater, u ebil white, yr guilty, yr sinneded avg white: #MuhRedumption ah needs it. me: picks nose really slowly
i dont follow polls (beyond reading @Ricky_Vaughn99 tweets), but one thing is undeniable: Trump draws huge crowds in all corners of USA
Pravda: higher, ideological Truth (news distorted in line with) Istina: factual truth, small t https://t.co/lEWI3utl0E
Don't think about saving things, that just focuses on what's lost. Man, that aint white. Focus on conquering, winning anew, - laughing.
i defy any 'philosopher' to disground previous assertion. it cannot be supered, it cannot be undermined. it is bott… https://t.co/TIKbXpssDt
philosophy: yeahi'm gonna need to see the PAPERS I SIGNED before i emerged from the birthin' hole guaranteeing any PARTCLAR COURS O CONDUCT

September 28, 2016:

Sons of Mary Phagan?
mass slaughter niggers in the name of Dow? https://t.co/pQLQS1oc5B
Love love love love is not the answer.
you know what i'm no sailor but i went out and sniffed the crepuscular breeze...tomorrow is going to be a great day TO STOP BEING A FAGGOT!
am i the only one who remembers PJO's "There's no getting thru to the highly perceptive" article about Nicaragua (modest election parallel)
that's a high-quality tweet right there. simple. curvy. to the point. https://t.co/aQaAdW6gFU
was that tracey fick in Election ((((broderick)))) based on hillary clinton. similarities either way.
alt-cable features #BixNood channel, nothing but #hushcrimes 24/7/365
what did we ever do before #muh . #THEBEST
reprising a GLR classic https://t.co/QekSwwU2zT
this is the sort of STUPID SHIT that people come to TWITTER TO AVOID. get your ass to facebook and dont post-infri… https://t.co/NzfYqc43KE

September 27, 2016:

bring jews into altright? how'd that work out for conservatism? hint: it's not "alternative" if jews involved.
You know what jihad actually means in English? Coexist. Yeah. Stop the hate, people. #ImWithHer
White man: invented toilet brown man: invented crapping in mall plants
In a world...populated mainly by faggots, one bold amphibian stood out. I eat anything he declared. Particly jews. But I only fuk she-frogs.
i looked deep inside myself to find why nigger criminals keep getting shot by cops but the answer wasnt there
basically, civilization comes from people like me, and rest of you are along from the ride #TequilaistSelfPraise ..… https://t.co/xW6Vbb26jk
Some interesting #books. Nearly everything bad in America was first tested not just in Weimar but in Lenin's (((Rus… https://t.co/S6epuXIyto
"I want to be loved." Do you want to be lovable? "No."
What they say: "I want someone who loves me for me" What they mean: "I cannot handle / will not tolerate one iota of criticism ever."
Hillary appeals to the "i wanna be loved for me" crowd. That's no small obstacle for Trump to overcome, as these land womanatees are legion.
while the writers' room remains 90% chewish https://t.co/0XZA9RV67h
God created niggers, we are informed by christian experts. Did He also create Chimpouts? I guess so. Cant spell chimpout without HIM.
Conservatism starts with blood. Or else it's liberalism.
"conservatism starts with blood." https://t.co/TaNncrJGGA
fresh from clownmedia “You Can’t Imagine a World Without Black People” by Travon Free https://t.co/iWKzD6C0C3
The #ADL was founded to defend a jew named #LeoFrank who strangled a 13-year-old white girl to death for refusing his advances.
much witless happyyapping. we are white. our enemy is jew. whoever can produce result in field will be followed by all normal whites.
Hitler loved Disney. (original unjewed stuff put out by great man from Missouri, i might add). There is no question Hitler would love Pepe.
i would rather step on a
Who would ISIS prefer be elected? Who would BLM prefer? Who would the (((media))) prefer? Trump - the only choice for Normal White America
Trump should not respond to anything the cunt says, just emphasize good relations w Putin (no nuke war), opp to black crimnals, muzz terrsts
this fucking broad is going to cause a nuclear war https://t.co/dv3AuYj2AH
yes it was. i hadnt watched one in ages and wont watch the next two either. https://t.co/FsRpW6zL73
halfwit racialists make excuses for xtianity the way leftists make excuses for niggers
What I got from that debate is Donald is just another Republican "save the poower negroes" useless Republicunt. Too weak. Too nice.
I feel harsh this morning, you groundchucks feel free to tell me where I'm wrong.
"You can't teach dogs to laugh or christians to think." --Aristotle
Xtianity teaches its helots to go around little-man Pronouncing everything Good or Evil. Which feeds perfectly into Semitical Correctness.
what in that debate would make someone change his choice? nothing i saw.
christianity replaced the Greek "moderation in all things" with "moralizing in all things." A huge step backwards.
how sick did hillary look last night? not at all. Has Curious Cernovich said anything about imaginary Diazepam lately?
it's funny how racialists think. 99% like conservatives they came from. we can't afford to alienate xtians? 2% jews could. We can too.
drugs drink delusion the three Ds of personal destruction "Moderation in all things" said the Greeks 2000ya. Works just as well today.
jews tried to murder White America with immigration law change in 1924. they failed. narrowly. they succeeded in 1965. #RealHistory
the original christians were losers. it was a cross-race, cross-class loser association, similar to alkies anonymous. so it is today.
do not address me. if i become emperor one day, you will be put on an island with only rats and coconuts for suste… https://t.co/g1mai4Qkjg
Hillary will bring the same stability and order to America she brought to the middle east. https://t.co/HZPmaqHsEV
christianity teaches the avg man that he cant figure things out by thinking because after all its really "God's will" that determines things
people can't perceive causes when they don't believe in causality. this is one of the christ cult's main 'contributions' to the world
kill the jews, liberate humanity #HowItWorks
Counterpoint: the market values priests little because they aren't worth much. https://t.co/pS2Wmb9qdc
you said something accurate. is that really the road you want to go down? https://t.co/92gRqZYHT1
your mom's attempt to give you a non-retarded brother? seriously, coffee break is over. get back to licking yr env… https://t.co/F1kr6bmJyX
the left have gone so long without opposition they cant perceive their own bias, hence they cant perceive how it will be received by public
the left dont understand that america hates the (((media))) and having a biased debate moderator doesn't actually help them
Again, when you are asked unfair question by lying smokies and yids, simply repeat the question you should have been asked and answer it.
do you really want a candidate who sides with black criminals, muslim terrorists and jewish warmongers? America? Then vote TRUMP. #MAGA
into debate: Trump +180 morning after debate: Trump +205 (clinton -230) 2016-09-27
The American people know I'm not a crook, the exact same way they know my opponent IS.

September 26, 2016:

ISIS...BLM...CNN...Goldman Sachs... we know who they'll be voting for this fall. But real America, normal America WHO WE ARE AMERICA has ME.
if you really have something, you have to play joan of arc, just a bit. "it's not me; i am merely medium thru which etc etc fleur de WHEEEE"
Planted axioms: conservatives can recognize goods. Can they? https://t.co/0wg4W8lVcY
Who says you have to answer the (loaded, biased) question they give you? What are they going to do if you answer a better one?
"Ive been audited 15 year in a row. Probably only 12-13 of those were political." (big smile for laugh). ... (tilt head) (1/2)
We are so far gone in the USA that one side is afraid to appeal openly to normal whites, while the other openly promotes black criminals.
"Hillary sides with Muslim terrorists, black street criminals, and jewish billionaire banksters against Normal White Americans."
"during the day she sides with #BLM thugs in Charlotte, while at night she collects obscene fees fm white-collar criminals at Goldman Sachs"
i hate kibitzers so i am going to shut up now, but Trump while not terrible, was far from dominant. he can do better, i hope he will
Trump must endlessly tie hillary to terrorists, muslims, jew-neocon-warmongers, black criminals, aliens. + blast her GSachs speaking fees.
how many working class people could have been paid salaries out of the amount you charge for just one speech to Giant Evil Corporation Inc?
from TWITTER i thought hillary was on her deathbed. from WATCHING this debate i learned it's not so and donald trump may have budding cold
There is nothing funny or cute or little-woman about Hillary, she is symbol and exponent of an extremely destructive System.
Trump should be attacking her, not talking about himself. "Been audited 15 years in a row, go to town." Nuff said, move on.
I think if you're the person who nods rather than guffaws at 'government investment' you will think she did better than he.
I watched it on twitter. I'm giving impressions of someone who doesn't watch any tv coverage of the election, just… https://t.co/fJ3lZN1u6q
I don't think Trump did that well. Overall it was a draw. People who say Clinton is sick - did she look sick to you? Not to me.
The conservative continually defends himself out of easily induced guilt and cowardice; Trump out of sheer love of talking about himself.
Trump is so egotistical he would rather defend himself than attack her. That's a technical mistake. He needs > kellyanne conway-level advice
on the left, 'fact checking' is the new 'science'
he needs to hit her on obscene fees she's paid by those super rich companies she keeps blasting. many one liners waiting to be delivered
main impression debate gave me is Donald had bad post-nasal drip. and she's supposed to be unhealthy. i only know what i read on twitter
she sounded healthy to me, and she is skilled in attack. trump should have dismissed tax talk and hit emails far harder.
a twist on M. Stanton Evans's original point from the 70s, re liberals entering conservative institutions. to give… https://t.co/u09kRGnCWf
wouldnt that violate the NAP tho https://t.co/UB2wZT4rh8
you had a right to get married. what you wanted was to destroy society by changing the term's definition.
true, but that only the surface problem. the original doctrines are the real problem, and it's a problem with no so… https://t.co/EBPncR4hHm
anti-Trump pro-withers Norm Macdonald's Issue With Saturday Night Live Right Now - CINEMABLEND https://t.co/pLMAJ1jZ5P
jews must die, as a tribe, that Whites may live https://t.co/plXErEGC5n
Trump or revolution. No. Trump and revolution. ITZ COMING #TeamWhite
i didnt believe it was a fact until WOLF BLINTZER confirmed it...said no one ever
"I'm pro-potato salad. I don't take a position on salmonella, that's outside my scope." Chef Jared's house of dingle.
he'll totally miss you! not!! https://t.co/uvdyrEcROu
A Ph.D. generally won't quote a non-Ph.D. but is perfectly willing to steal from him.
unfair to ask hillary to think on her feet. or anything on her feet.
one cost of jews controlling the media is we can never be sure we know the truth about anything that didn't happen to us personally
do christians strike you as evil people? depraved? as well describe gerbils or guinea pigs thus. #WEAKnotEVIL
is there a funnier conceit than the (((media))) checking facts? clowns at least know they're clowns. NO ONE RESPECTS OR BELIEVES YOU YIDSIES
'white supremacist' - apart from the lie, one just laughs at this. 90% of whites would eat a cat turd labeled filet mignon.
businesses that hate their own customers: Levis jeans. all newspapers. hollywood.
big business driven by profits? that's the marxist line. demonstrable fact is papers would rather go under than serve white right readers
you've heard the term "set someone up for success." that is exactly how christianity serves jews and their #antiwhite agenda
christian morality has one main effect: it prevents whites from thinking clearly
nope. that's not enough. https://t.co/F1gkEnHnyh
cant wait for Trump to pull the plug on Grandma Haggins
dont have to out-monster the monster, just kill it https://t.co/D9abF7ZdEK
those who would let jews into any White movement are worse than jews themselves, and deserve the same treatment @jartaylor
these are the jews who are murdering our nation... https://t.co/jZag8zpJpC
we have parasites that look just like us. that's why the jew caricature has a downside, as it makes recognition HARDER
space as a concept is evocative; space as a reality is inert gases and dead rocks trillions of miles away. tf;dg
songs about space are more interesting and valuable than space exploration itself.

September 25, 2016:

must follow: @skype_directory
Christians side with jews against their fellow christians - yet we're supposed to believe this odd cult will defend the white race?
Christian Americans have helped jews cleanse the Middle East not only of Israel-opposing, stable Muslim nations but of Christians.
i guess it's great that ignorance at this level isn't seen as often as it used to be. https://t.co/fMsVQAHhrP
one tweet i do have to correct. i believe Pepe crowd IS serious that jews are the problem. IS. and milo the jew LIED that they are not.
christian doctrine is that all hominids have "imperishable souls" of "inestimable value." solid basis for a white nation, eh?
i dont get 'shitlib.' cultist is a better term
what jews in #altright will do is geld it of jew-criticism, rendering it impotent and indistinguishable from #cuckservatism
"troll milo" - utter waste of time. he's a jew jewing. he has access to breitbard because they're a jew outlet. EXCLUDE JEWS ALWAYS.
you cant identify your enemy because you don't know who YOU are. schmitt would say this is first job in politics: figguring friend/enemy
MacDonald needs to read Culture of Critique - AND UNDERSTAND WHAT IT MEANS. You can't get ironicker than that, but it's absolutely true.
What jews have done is POLITICIZE degeneracy. Before, if a gay feller liked to suck of a dick in a culvert, he KNEW he was a DEGENERATE.
The degenerate who knows he's a degenerate is a minor social problem. The degenerate who does not realize that is a major one.
if you are a man, do not speak with a lisp. #EmilyPisst
i could IDENTIFY as a, to pick random, a chartreuse serpent. But what i AM is a white man.
You fight Milo by ignoring him. Or by using him - pointing he, like a typical jew, _lied_ that anti-jewism is serious among the Pepe crowd.
Now comes Richard Spencer. Of unclear but CIA-typical provenance. Works with jared Taylor orgs. Taylor wants to be Buckley, who was CIA.
Let's review history. Jews invade conservatism and defeat it in a couple years. Leads to 'paleocons' in early 80s. (1/2)
(((Milo Yiannopoulos))) is just a more plausibly female version of (((Christina Hoff Summers))).
Kevin MacDonald, to his goy 'credit,' is like his readers: he cant actually accept jews are as organized and rotten as they actually are.
Let's let jews into the altright because... (ask Kevin MacDonald) This is the same stupidity as "we can control Hitler"
"identity" is not strong enough. race is the stronger word, it's also more accurate. we are white racialists, 'racists' to enemies, and WN.
to name just one small problem, the lack of principle of jew exclusion leads to wasted time. #altright has this problem, WN does not
milo: admits he's jew, faggot, non-altrightist. NOT A PROBLEM jared taylor: calls himself White Nationalist. calls jews whites. PROBLEM
A young movement must be intolerant and bold. When it mixes with pro money-raises (aka cuckservatism) it will only get coopted.
Kevin MacDonald is due eternal credit for Culture of Critique. But this can't hide that his political instincts are nearly 100% wrong.
milo is irrelevant. the one we should be criticizing is jared taylor. milo doesnt hide what he is. jared taylor is fake as three-dollar bill
a (non-jew) leftist is basically the type incapable of seeing itself as the bad guy. christian moralizing weaponized this demon
Jews are trying to murder our race. How should we respond? #TeamWhite #tcot #tlot
***UPDATE*** Turns out it wasnt GOD who created niggers but his intern Jooter. Lil bastard sneaked in after hours, playing on machines.
Christians believe jews are "God's children." Is their desire to genocide whites also of Godly origin?
Trump's campaign has brought the existential hatred jews have for white folks (#loxism) out into the semi-open. That is good; that is useful
eradicating niggers should be all five of them https://t.co/TwI3N0IK7J
the point is he's a JEW. of course, it's illegal for you to say that in UK, because you're slaves. https://t.co/kYEJPvS4fa
our job is to keep repeating: it aint true. that's all we owe the believers. constantly force them to face their cu… https://t.co/SHLpHmKwHT
Under the Nazis, public television was perverted. They used to run "This Old Louse" - true life vermin tales of ridding themselves of jews.
In his laconic stoicism and august, manly reserve, Harambe reminded many of Marion Morrison.
little people equate acting serious with being serious, that's why there is not a single funny line in 1700-page bible
libertarianism has the gravitas of a mylar balloon, whereas xtianity has gravitas of a fake boulder
Under apartheid, SA docs put baboon hearts in niggers. An unexpected finding was IQ went up 10 points.
which part of the nigger are you a fan of, stinky pete? https://t.co/wzpjTFefeK
my tweets have / impression. translate that into news i can use: how many stuffed purple giraffes have i won!!!
The Era of Taking Shit from Vile Jews is Drawing to a Close. #DigIt
be warned, followers: i only have time for treating with three (3) caudate homunculi today, and i've already done with two (2).
blacks have not evolved to the point they recognize there is something higher than their Nigfeelz. but that's not white problem. save 4 jews
anyway, retardate & caudate, i'm germanical; we dont do hedonism. except very efficiently, and that's not the right… https://t.co/5qtdamKsDF
why shore he will. any day now! woot woot god's a comin'. https://t.co/reK0OuRSin
if xtianity is culture, yeah, i'm going to go on being a barbarian
your generic graphic riposte has seared my marrow to sludge. i am defeated, good sir/madam/jenner. https://t.co/cXDgu85zV8
cool hat. can you get me on of those??? https://t.co/cXDgu85zV8
God created niggers, says the christian. Must have been open mike nite at the factory.
who could doubt that any God who created the cretins known as #crosscucks is an atheist at heart?
thanks for messing up the world with your #antiwhite semitic cult. we owe you https://t.co/bU2b15LFtF
they're like clowns who dont realize they're clowns https://t.co/He0KH0fnxx
how do you know that God doesn't prefer atheists to believers. "i gave you simps brains to doubt. you failed me. yo… https://t.co/Z3DfhWhBhQ
the avg man prefers religion to science because you cant be wrong w religion. and he wants to be loved for he, not for achievement
your church would rather see jewish communism triumph than Aryan racialism. that's historical fact, and for a good… https://t.co/Skjus6wtjH
the christian concept of guilt easily transposes into secular politics, as jews demonstrate daily. so manipulable are we, so easily
we feel guilt for a reason, but xtian concept of guilt is all-encompassing & morbid, akin to angst. it is unhealthy personally & politically
you're underrating the power of race alone. but yes, the white racial cause is a preference. https://t.co/JD2r0gieZT
Christianity teaches: "feel guilty, white man." opening the field for jew to say: "about this"
some identify 'western civ' w church. either way, racial movement is for whites who value race. that's why includes… https://t.co/7FVGIWHRYF
polish 'culture' is moving to germany or UK https://t.co/jzcrfBA40S
polish "culture" - i'm guessing you're not european https://t.co/jzcrfBA40S
yeah, strange that most xtian of examples didnt occur to the guy to use. everywhere the church goes it breaks down… https://t.co/GtK3UxRl8X
poland - who's even heard of Pole not trying to emigrate to a less christian land? https://t.co/gV7SHoQ2jG
ive forgotten more about the sad cult than you'll ever know https://t.co/PYLK4sLvEv
christianity will stop being white-rat poison after the revolution. level of thinking: not high
no, they don't see that, they're just parroting that. there's no thinking involved at any point from the peon level. https://t.co/IMLOKbpBLY
no. the problem is its DOCTRINES. it's most basic beliefs. that's the problem. those doctrine cannot be change, eit… https://t.co/QvmYqk339Z
the problem is its doctrines. those aren't going to change. the problem wouldnt be active after, but it would still… https://t.co/QnXgCTsJ0O

September 24, 2016:

the nyt is against bigoted tribalist movements. oh jewkins. you so funny.
angry negro so much you have isuffered in your tiny monkey head --Kiratsu Nimbabwi
thanks to the christian church, jews still exist to perpetrate genocide against us https://t.co/1rCVDqVF9t
"I'll take 'n bounce a rock off'n your head." --Mark Twain
i guarantee she never heard that once. https://t.co/EZ9An8lk9E
good white men fight jews. weak white men (xtians, mainly) knuckle under to them. #TeamWhite
we already have whole huge sections of the globe for mexicans and muslims to be losers in. they dont need america too.
#Ifinditodd that Mengele took time out from his busy day to greet each and every holocaust survivor personally.
maybe they'll teach you that pagan isn't capitalized https://t.co/G3BCTDbnBu
"fraud." good tweets are good tweets. why are you anonymous twinks so concerned about authenticity. I AM WHO I SAY… https://t.co/xni8TOSZua
that's verging on the dishonest argument jared taylor makes. there is no such thing as being pro-white without bein… https://t.co/vIMrTjG5tG
jews earn their daily bread by defaming our race. whereas we are denied our daily bread for simply describing their actions. #revolution
if objective descriptions of jews are beyond the pale...how are we not living under a Jewish Tyranny? https://t.co/YYf02cLIPY
b4 they were 9considered' (smeared) EBIL SNOTZIS, stereotype was germans were: dreamy unworldly - contasted w sharp… https://t.co/A7LaZLU0Fl
Sleazy, the dwarf "we dont talk about"? https://t.co/n5B9AkOg6F
should be 1000 Dukes out there. jews have primed the niggers to murder us.
eh, it's the South. i side with it, but hopefully without getting any on me https://t.co/9gvFI1Uh3e
a lot of them do indeed have that hominid mud-puddle gestalt going on https://t.co/TV3BOCOIL7
free riding on christian morality sounds dangerouser than those kids that used to ride on top of subway cars
you know who invented the term ovenworthy, you anonymous ecru online chigger? i thought stealing was against yr com… https://t.co/dzweRi5j87
think...without thinking first about what you're supposed to think...and you might be surprised where you end up
for god so loved the world He created atheists, and then christians for them to laugh at
niggers. they're so cute and funny, aren't they? and THEY LOOK SO HUMAN!! with their little faces and tries to talk
paine was a leftist nut. women's rights is a demonstrably bad idea. letting niggers vote is another. https://t.co/diwiwXXnMb
"I'm married to a man who eats pussy like a champ. after all, i taught him." https://t.co/fzFLz1plyt
the genetic tests that interest me have not been yet devised, so far as i know
hi folksies. i run around life having experienceth. FAGGOT. COMMITMENT makes life. you cant get the most out of prison by DABBLING in it.
no, it's not an idea in way you mean it https://t.co/XMdZgTr38O
jews made the US the bad guys
what is human nature? once i was in a plane. it took off. the person in middle seat grabbed my arm. did not know me. we are schoolfish+.
but we knew that from the 'rabbi' https://t.co/IcSlhyH6Vx
Christianity isn't true. Christianity is #antiwhite. You can leak into your crying sock all night long, these facts won't go away.
christianity induces guilt in whites. it's spiritual foreplay preceding political fucking by (((you know who)))
it literally never even crosses avg white mind to consider that his (german/american) ancestors might not have been the bad guys
i hear whites are generous and charitable from people who need to think harder: they dont even give their own ancestors benefit of doubt
if we kill all the jews, then the races can separate. anyone who can think and does research can see jews are The Problem in this world
true conservatism is whining, remonstrating niggling and yielding. until it breaks free of jews and regrows its balls. #tcot
we need fanatics. yeah. not khaki-wearing well-adjusted fellows. we need people like that doctor in Reanimator.
my god you could catch a tarpon on that nose https://t.co/9RSvTcGOBE
God created the kind of people who needed to be told not to lie. Is it me, or is this incredibly funny.
if you cant tell the story of jebus is a big fat made up lie, your racial kind deserves to go extinct
what's the difference between jim jones xtianity and modern leftism? jones et crew actually drank their own Kool-Aid https://t.co/jhBBn6v9lc
whites have no pride and don't value their race. christianity, of course, has nothing to do with this. https://t.co/ITJRAlsHyE
"Racial strife is necessary part of destroying white nations. Doesn't matter if the natives don't like it, they don't control things." --NJW
why cant the races separate? jews. they're evil. racial strife is "good for jews." it's part of wrecking WHITE nations. #TeamWhite
jews dont have culture they have MO
real men dont need cops, priests or big govt. the truth is very few who consider themselves pro-American even understand the original idea
he really is the perfect christian. weak, dishonest, two-faced, addicted to vice. no wonder the romans had contempt… https://t.co/IqqDDFjkpr
one reason i have unlimited contempt for xtian conservatives (like Beck) is they willfully lie about the racial views of Founders
It's not that xtian faggots (redundant) like Glenn Beck are wrong. Anyone can be wrong. It's that they're liars.
'feminist' and 'stupid cunt' have the same number of syllables. coincidence? i dont think so.
christianity is many bad things, but one of them is a way for lower-tier whites to revenge themselves on their betters.
if you treat your spiritual and political inferiors as your equals, don't be suprised when they end up your superiors.
yeah well losers are a dime a dozen https://t.co/ANCTWCK1Ha
Rampant niggers and ruling jews - if you don't like this, you must recognize this is the direct result of your christianity.
How would Andrew Jackson react to men bent on destroying his heritage's symbols and monuments? He would kill them. #TeamWhite
jews denatured the right. by clippings its racial balls. the alternative to that is necessarily (& obvs) - racialism. aka white nationalism.
what do you do with a dog with worms? what do you do with a nation with jews? #TeamWhite approves the Socratic method. And the harangue!
you're another war twink, eh. war is cool! moron https://t.co/txharxebut
you destroy your character when you accede in a lie. this is why there are so few christian men of high character. #TeamWhite
"autonomous civilization" - ie, cannibals. quit using white computers and living indoors then, hypocrite. whites in… https://t.co/gjFb87Iwue
yr not talking my lingo, splotchy. https://t.co/Hc1G3VWXH0
shhh...or mexicans will be lining up to worship it https://t.co/KS8OaGyQgt
The Founding Fathers had some feeling about diversity. They were against it. They were racialists - the original #TeamWhite.
it's schmuck. and get some hair plugs. https://t.co/giTkH6EqJB
i dont know what that is https://t.co/lwayEPK6tB
When you see how many whiteskins fall for the 'white privilege' self-hate, you get a glimpse into the formation of the christian cult.
I believe some Sheeeitmani fought with Hannibal in the Punic Wars.
altright is, mentally, for those who think nearly entirely within the electoral sphere. but we're rapidly moving to the 'unthinkable.'
halloween is months away and all i see is halloween shit everywhere. wtf
you ever notice how well formed, truly august, the persecuted old Germans are - in contrast to their antly persecutors?
moral preening, the Anglo's favorite activity
you love subliterate hyperbole? https://t.co/PElWV5k9jv
Re Hungary, Remember La Belle disco bombing - Mossad false flag. https://t.co/2E2rI1ij7q
western civilization always sounds like some not very good casserole meat dont need no dressing #WhiteNationalism
imagine a skunk. does it go around saying "i'm not a cat." or figuring out what to call itself. NO. it doesnt need to. BE LIKE THE SKUNK.
Oculus Rift Founder Palmer Luckey Funding Trump Shitposters [UPDATE] https://t.co/l0YGsZeBN2
drug and gangster movies tend to be great because if they're serious they're always about one real thing: loyalty
the point of (((feminism))) is destroying the white race. that explains why feminists are quiet about muslim invasion. #TeamJew
you jews aided muslims in wrecking europe, just as you are doing today. you are a race of guilty criminals. kill yo… https://t.co/m57Y1ZLNFd
kill the jews, liberate humanity
the feds are clearly flushing raw demographic sewage into the US at unprecedented rates, i dont give a flying fuck what any authority claims
how do you think religious conservatives in Hitler's Germany felt? i bet the vast majority was greatly relieved that SOMEONE did something
our cause is racial not religious. the weakheads will come along with us because no other group can create the social conditions they desire
Jews are trying to murder the white race. And, oh yeah, vote Trump. It's really important.
Ball State colludes in the jewish drive to flip the truth about guilty lying pedophile rapist murderer #LeoFrank. https://t.co/4KvXGe0Fbv

September 23, 2016:

[article on norm macdonald] “We did one when Marlon Brando said something about the Jews controlling Hollywood,” he explains. (1/3)
how is spiritual equality any less absurd than political equality?
dont treat jews as individuals, that's not how they act
does NO ONE know how to do eyeliner anymore? #thesedays https://t.co/K4ehoyHVOy
there's something seedy and catamitic about that shillsboy https://t.co/QEcPWRIQtp
i hope glenn beck exits stage under the same way that Family Feud guy did
imagine what their social equivalents would look like today https://t.co/jPSbPmsJpz
unclear antecedent https://t.co/NinFMm873T
fantastic... it's amazing how many unknown jews write stupid little "academic" books/essays based on studying WN https://t.co/YmUdPR14iW
we discover the (((media))) is lying about 1 thing...and progress to discover it is lying about everything https://t.co/OKTCNtqssq
it's astonishing, the perceptual diff between b&w and colored https://t.co/F02RjTswrq
is it racist to hate niggers?? i thought it was just good taste https://t.co/KicTrXYSNx
luckily for you it's easily avoided https://t.co/sdX26zNgA6
possibly the most disturbing thing i have personally ever seen. i wish that human girl and punched him https://t.co/YxKzq0DAMp
what kind of animal is that? https://t.co/lpeJ5GrF0Z
Twitter Moving Closer to Sale https://t.co/d5boJBJp0u via @nytvideo
Via @NPR: Native Hawaiians Now Have A Pathway To Form A Government https://t.co/JmEtfamptc
you should start a blog called Eve's Refrigerator Door https://t.co/yBCDEtu6Ln
does christianity produce men like Glenn Beck or attract them?
voting is the kiddie table of politics
i've heard a lot of whites say they like jews (chewish peepul), but i dont think ive ever heard a jew say he likes whites.
Reality doesn't go away because you're afraid to acknowledge it. Maybe grow some character? https://t.co/K1VpBWkhv4
he attacked white women the night before he died. you're an idiot. https://t.co/tdmcIgD96h
my kill tweets are just in goodhearted fun, like an unresting nigger throwing media trash in fire https://t.co/yd4gkheoqq
i can be subtle; i choose not to be because hyperbole is funnier than understatement https://t.co/m51HV7mO0v
kill kill kill kill the left kill kill kill kill jews kill kill kill kill niggers kill kill kill kill? kill
a baby squalls in SUV while Ubange withdraws two 1/4"-thick wads of bills from ATM off two different cards. whites pay, niggers play
what a loser mentality this bespeaks. https://t.co/jJHzNFCLhq
"A job aint nothing but work." --true nig attitude https://t.co/YkEoOokOwL
telling the truth about niggers, jews and queers puts you on the "jugengefaehrende Media" (youth-endangering media) list in Germany
i'll scan it later and you can see how the world doesnt work https://t.co/TSFWQV9Sgg
today got letter from German thought police...re something i wrote on https://t.co/6wqzgQBnFY about 10 years ago.
If DC disappeared overnight, nearly every bad trend in America would stabilize or improve.
Democracy is a way for defectives and parasites to make money without working.
Christianity is #antiwhite. That's the fact. Your feelz don't matter.
The only TOS question that matters is "do you allow criticism of jews and discussion of their #antiwhite agenda?"

September 22, 2016:

white people need guidance from someone not manifestly a charlatan, not in it for money or p&ssy. in this both trump and hitler fil the bill
henrietta shnozzleman not letting you follow her? but this is no great loss https://t.co/ekKzEAwuy5
christians affirm, in the collective cowardice they call wisdom, that hitler is evil, jews good, and god a nigger!
what was different about hitler? some say it's that he was 6'8" and could lift like an internet neoreactionary. but i think twas sumting elz
the prob w democracy on broad scale is no one dares lecture the people, which is mostly what they need. not even priests dare nowadays
SMELL THE STROFT https://t.co/mR4xDW7Ky0
#LeoFrank and #ADL is a perfect example of a cross-generational jewish conspiracy to subvert the truth and attack innocent Whites.
The consensus of jew conspirators citing jewish liars... https://t.co/iUksLRu9wZ
Christianity isn't true. “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” --Philip Dick
Let history record: when there was (((evil))) to be fought, christians served it. They preferred lies to the truth, and status to honor.
There are no words strong enough to condemn jews, nor the conservative writers who pull punches out of fear of them. #AnnCoulter
something that level but not the counterfactual content. an order that respects blood and nature, yet WITHOUT worsh… https://t.co/364ZAr2ilL
Leo Frank punched our Mary Phagan in the head, jammed something in her twat, then strangled her to death. Jews today celebrate Leo Frank.
if i ever wondered if were wrong about jews, seeing their musical about leo frank makes me think if its impossible to exaggerate their evil
all my life i've heard we "need" religion. but it is not so. we need water. we need air. or we die. w/o religion, w… https://t.co/3KidHvCJzU
the elite drink water and eat kale the commoners drink coke and eat cheeseburgers elite are atheists; commoners are… https://t.co/pJnn2OdsAd
in an all-white nation: 1) capital punishment for xtians who try to undermine racial basis of society 2) outcompete jeboobs w race-doctrine
that wouldnt work, akin to a war on stupidity, terror or drugs. https://t.co/FyeIWEmN0k
who recognizes the value of race more? jews or xtians? who sells out his own kind for money more? jews or xtians? #TruthPrecedesProgress
those poor blackies, just trying to walk around all innocent and unarmed, looking for 2 or 3 jobs no doubt, and vicious hatepigs gun em down
so tvers, i'm counting on you to Stay Informed...will the bonobos be unresting again tonight?
Think drops of xtian magic water are going to cure jews who put on counterfactual musicals 100 years after the fact? But that's doctrine.
jews have traditionally been liars and nation wreckers, and those traditions continue today https://t.co/EZZWWYey6x
Even where the facts are fully established, as in case of #LeoFrank, #ADL and the jews lie. You cannot believe ANYTHING jews say.
This case is 100 years old. The facts are established. Jews reverse them to protect a jew pedo who murdered a white girl. #ADL
A"musical" about Leo Frank that reverses the facts to defame the prosecutor and, well, South & Whites generally. https://t.co/RawroWCdk8
i'd like to urge my fellow WN followers to refrain from shooting cops and throwing fotogs in fires. you dirty hateful extremists.
streets filled with violent coons papers filled with lying jews hunting season nears -Keishiko Nawrabe
Was there dindu involved last night? Aww yeah you knowz it: “My daddy didn’t do nothing https://t.co/TmBElSOPNM #DinduNuffins
you can dress 'em in manpants and stand 'em on end, but gosh dang it, you can still them niggers just aint human
if the white man disappeared from the face of the earth, christianity couldnt care less, as its doctrine has nothing to do with race
#JWMD. like 90% she lives out of your white pockets - state funded by taxpayers to hate and destroy the native whit… https://t.co/x1f78UKdgH
boy howdy, those niggers make some high quality fellow citizens, don't they
young Windsniffer...SO adorbs https://t.co/Dr9X8GUFPU
collage of jews destroying your world, white man, while most of you, per your christ-insanity, worship them as gods https://t.co/FevWByT1fF
you're using that term wrong https://t.co/ObhQZf0AXW

September 21, 2016:

jews are worried about dominating whites whites -- even white racialists -- are concerned about being fair to jews
nature doesn't operate on fairness but on genocide. again, YOU are the one positing a (nonexistent) God; i merely observe
Charley Varrick - shows that by thinking and keeping cool head you can WIN https://t.co/OtcZmO36ds
time to make a deal with Liberia: we'll take 40 boxcars of your ground nuts in exchange for 40,000,000 free-range niggers
there was plenty of filthy behavior in those days but no internet, so the media jews could hide it https://t.co/zndAQNXicr
prayer is for faggots, you faggot https://t.co/rUAsmdzKB4
Never had an answer to this question, tho i've posed it many times to crissies: which part of God does the nigger reflect?
Don't let the riots blind you to the reality: blacks were created by God in his image and likeness. They reflect Him. Yes, God is a nigger.
Niggers are created by God, and reflect him, christian experts inform me. There's nothing Big Pa loves like a photographer barbecue.
Burning people alive happens all the time in Africa. It's what niggers do.
Look at that nigger yapping at cop; brain barely big enough to operate a bullfrog. https://t.co/4y6oWWFCKi
Eventually you have to drop what you're NOT (viz The Alternative: An American Spectator) and state what you are. But WN already there.
some jew is following me...you could hold 3 picnics in her nose shade
Clam Chowder with Pookie from Gross Pointe https://t.co/nsThoKMY5A
yes. the (((media))) are so used to lying, & so lazy, shallow & ignorant, it's impossible to separate imposture & l… https://t.co/C9KBpknzru
yes, and this has become increasingly common in the last couple years. their Ju-scemiing ("how you doing, fellow ki… https://t.co/CqdSf6aFhn
People who claim the racial question can be separated from jews are utter liars who deserve nothing but scorn and r… https://t.co/m44k5ucH9I
Sunday and Monday school join forces to lie to larval whites about jews and their nature. https://t.co/YnjXyQGGgl
yes. but atheism technically is an answer to one question, not a religion in itself, or a politics https://t.co/YnjXyQGGgl
they're growing the body of people who understand the crucial things: that our whiteness matters, and that jews are… https://t.co/zpHw2Y4VUw
they're an inbred hybrid race. they bred with themselves in europe, not with europeans https://t.co/Lf0qZJ9JrR
its easy when you control the media https://t.co/4qoxortRhR
what's notable is that germans and even swedes ARE fighting back. arguably more to MUCH more than USAns. https://t.co/RlOXUo5flZ
best blood was killed in war; remainder subject to decades of most intense propaganda ever devised. i mean, that's… https://t.co/Zx3O0D6xS4
if 40% of hominids < 5 in germany arent German & merkel has 2nd thoughts, take her 2nd thoughts as next act in script. job is done, ease off
Whenever some group or personage springs up overnight and seems pro-white but won't name the jew - that's the one j… https://t.co/cEb0Y32Agz
The coopted RIGHT (as opposed to niggers) can be told by its jew-subservience - Tommy Robinson in UK being perfect… https://t.co/0TMQfRtQfm
whose? you reminded me of someone. i could be wrong. "FridaKahlo" wasn't that a jew mexican artist? https://t.co/dL7EP2qu3s
Yianno is basically a profiteer having fun, making some obvious points against feminism, but leaving the ((( out. E… https://t.co/vfsPNdru8J
Yiannopoulos has overtly said he IS a jew and is NOT altright. So he's not to worry about. It's the Jared Taylors w… https://t.co/RgtRklv4Ts
jews are white when criticized and jews when successful or admirable. everything jews do serves their agenda, usual… https://t.co/o8j3kxqQ4L
what jews do is lay back and watch a movement grow...for a long time...they study it, its leaders & ideas. then the… https://t.co/B16e05hZh9
i rarely use zionists because the problems is JEWS and the cucks who serve them. jews have caused same problems for… https://t.co/kKk0XkKKXc
yeah...except when they're pretending to be white, or JITING, to get us to self-hate, self-blame, and self-immolate https://t.co/pyDddjVRJl
what many and increasing Whites DO agree is that we want to live as whites among whites. THAT is our cause. and JEWS are THE obstacle to it.
whites are under a coordinated, global threat (Soros et al.). what but a similar-level response makes sense?
but what i / we are doing is growing body of whites who DEMAND our own WHITE NATION. (hence #WhiteNationalism). "come w us if u want 2 live"
whites are not united on how to live with each other (and my position is they needn't be, given space-facilitated decentralization) (1/2)
the one soros would be funding if anyone would be Curious Cernovich. but i dont assert that, i speculate that https://t.co/38ihAhkqxm
i dont think so, because it's not really an organization. it's people who MORE OR LESS see same probs/solutions https://t.co/38ihAhkqxm
jew culture is a contradiction: their entire 'culture' is lying about others. they are simply dirty lying, murdering swindlers
what the VANGUARD does is always the most necessary thing, especially that others wont do - and that is attacking judaism's hamburger helper
jew culture (100%) = "we are this wonderful godly people of god who are hated & persecuted by all others for no reason yet survive."
sarah silverman gets on tv whining about how jews are always persecuted. she gets that from rabbis. that IS jew culture.
what the Pepe crowd has that is both great & new(ish) is the right tone (laughing, mocking) & great graphics. THIS is following NS smartly
what prevents whites from resisting jews? they've been brainwashed out of perceiving jews correctly by their christian religion #TeamWhite
As tiny minority, jews take position that all white nations should be wiped out & white racialists take position that israel should exist. ?
you're recent and ignorant https://t.co/fPL9k2zxlC
Uncounted thousands of jews earn their daily bread by spreading vicious, defamatory, genocidal lies about normal whites and the white race.
Israel should not be allowed to exist; if we possibly can, it should be wiped out, and we should work with Muslims to accomplish this.
The truth is not popular with jews or other liars.
it's tied into 501c3 and jew-pozzed funding structures. so IF it takes off beyond internet frogs, its positioned fo… https://t.co/AIzDGtYAKi
You have people who arent even white like (((Yiannopoulos))) saying the Pepe crowd is just kidding about jews. https://t.co/yh0v0udNiO
The US doesnt need army, it has oceans. It doesn't need cops, it needs men. Cops are (shitty) substitutes for real men. Do u realize that?
We aren't going to liberate ourselves from jews to subsidize white niggers. That would be a foolish mistake. Act right or die is white motto
Government is outmoded. It is the worst way to do nearly everything. At least half the population has vested interest in not seeing this.
jews aside, the entire possibility of modern world is DEcentralization. but that's for whites living w whites. FIRST we must defeat #TeamJew
#altright is neo-faileoconism. its "roots," to use its figure, come straight from jew-crit-suppressing (((Paul Gottfried))).
#altright means...? nothing obvious. #whitenationalism couldnt be clearer.
all jews are taught this, as is evident from their beliefs and actions. it's not an ultra-orthodox thing but an all… https://t.co/iSZAvWo77v
the caption is probably a lie too https://t.co/OsUbNzDnkp
White nationalism is the natural umbrella, not #altright. What we have in common & defend is not political position but racial existence.
All serious public discussion proceeds upon false basis. This is what jew media control means. WN is like a mental environmental movement.
christianity is for weaklings, hence its popularity. RAISE YOUR STANDARDS, WHITE MAN: GO RACIAL.
jews murdered at least 60,000,000 of our kind last century. that bill will be paid. #TeamWhite
look to nature. nature's way is genocide. if you don't like that, file an appeal with your imaginary god. but for crissakes don't blame me.
you cant turn a universalist doctrine into a race-specific political vehicle. look at history - it doesn't work. the psychologies are 180s.
popular answer, but wrong. the thing itself is the problem. inherently and irremediably. https://t.co/030iDZmRLN
with you, as with all your type, it's the dog that didnt bark. what i stated is factually correct, re jews and femi… https://t.co/8nEMHfyJiQ
i'll keep saying it till people grasp it's true. it may take 15-20 years, as with jews. but that's not my fault. https://t.co/DCcQhdqik2
"anti-semite" - you're an idiot and a slave https://t.co/BVrp0MW9jx
jews draw pay from white pockets for their work destroying white society. they are laughing at us as they genocide us. #TeamWhite
what is it that prevents most of our kind from seeing the truth about jews? it is christianity.
invisible lichens = giant redwoods TREEQUALITY NOW
why cant jews be like whites? well, see, they're not white. like we admire honesty, bravery, beauty, they admire ugliness, lying and murder
how to solve americas nigger rioting problems, by peter gabriel https://t.co/SY49w3gJCW
who knows, i leave that to the tvers to figger https://t.co/ZS5IHe1cpb
only thing that ma arm wit wa knowledge from dem book he carryin
As I said lo these decades ago, ok, expel the jews. but make it vertical this time. #DigIt
nigger holding a book lol
same item. would you rather
perfect example of jew gaslighting, is applebaum. she accuses putin of doing precisely what her jews have done for… https://t.co/CtJfFEfhjH
dey gettin dey ubange on https://t.co/CAwA88swi7
jews had substantial control of US foreign policy BEFORE 1900. they altered, for one, our policy toward russia, based on lies. like today.
the US started subsidizing losers under FDR, the jewiest admin to date, and went full throttle under LBJ. decades later - look around
when the Constitution still slightly existed we had free association & little welfare, & blacks worked in their own… https://t.co/NHjJfeMMLc
if we simply didnt subsidize them, most of them would never be born, and the rest would have to work https://t.co/GSNMVJcg4v
Christian 'morality' is the only reason whites have refrained from serving jews their just deserts.
another word for big-tentism is low standards
christianity and islam both quit fighting you if you convert. they are both anti-racial, universalist doctrines. #TeamWhite
Fry this jew in pig fat https://t.co/A6HwryBRd6
Hillary is a pear-shaped anile mafiosa who belongs in an institution. Jail or nursing home, either one.
Reagan was going to close the Dept. of Education. I voted for him for that exact reason. Didn't happen. That was my… https://t.co/WTGxbqqUaZ
jews are The Problem. xtianity is the reason The Problem has never been solved. racial specifism is the answer. #TeamWhite
if the nazis were xtians, they never would have dared to stand up to nation-wrecking jews
the first to succumb to jewish communism, right? contradictions matter: you cannot be White and xtian https://t.co/Sy8AZ3kX0k
#HeroDylannRoof correctly realized that killing one nigger is as good as another. They're ALL the same.
you can be a christian or a white man - not both. choose wisely #TeamWhite
south african niggers are always yelping and jumping up and down. even more than regular niggers https://t.co/bbGJbins1P
i'm fighting back. you dont understand christianity. https://t.co/8CdHEvKXId
Let's be honest: no one on earth would mind if he woke up and found all niggers had been slaughtered overnight. Utterly useless population.
on this wednesday we bow our heads and remember PRAYER SOLVES NOTHING and we invoke Gwad's help to KEEP OUR FEELZ BEHIND OUR TEETH
surely the earth is nearing its carrying capacity for faggots https://t.co/VGKuHfvIcD
christianity is the reason you see ostenible grownups all wearing the same tshirt, a sight more horrifying than latest ISIS barbarity
do you prefer the better to the worse - or even recognize it? if so, you are disqualified from being a christian
a christian is a man afraid to laugh at what's stupid; chesterton was an xtian who spent his whole life defending it https://t.co/dkHOCYiXma
i've read plenty of Ol' Tinear https://t.co/dkHOCYiXma
Wednesday is another Sleep in a Lump Day for Grandma Haggins, like all days that end in Y.
people who dont follow South Afreak accts might not realize nigger "students" lol riot nearly continuously on prete… https://t.co/Ppu1KyBmIp
A christian could be defined in a 1000 ways, but the single best way is: a grown man who's afraid to laugh.
God likes to sneak out of heaven and loot semis in the name of "justice," which is another thing He's famously comp… https://t.co/RA2mOuAqZO
who wants to see some pictures of books???
ziggity boot boot yumenuh pimena woko eeenoyaji #bixnood https://t.co/NejyC4jC2T
bobudee bimboo bebobuhlulah #bixnood https://t.co/P1oAp7hBzH
God created niggers, saith the christian. They "reflect" Him. #crosscucks
Soros is guilty of attempted genocide on the white race. #TeamWhite
imagine importing a million bootlips to china and then running GOVT-SPONSORED commercials saying "China's never going back to way it was b4"
cult or hothouse are the two that leap to my mind, always. their group fantasy is not just a good idea - it's the l… https://t.co/OKevEjwkvz

September 20, 2016:

that's the chriistan position, and it led directly to where we are now. christianity kills whites. https://t.co/I5MFGI4vzT
living in a richard scarey book https://t.co/gUH7sublkK
short for discoloreds. https://t.co/PcZGaxKepe
it's like design that aspires to kitsch but cant quite make it https://t.co/Fi5mWwMcC5
it just seems stupid to me... it's like a cry for reassurance or something. very odd in any case. https://t.co/YkkzrqSboI
Notice also this home decoration thing where you have a big KITCHEN spelled out in letters in kitchen and so-on-like. wtf? kindgarten stuff
what is this obsession proles have with finding and losing dogs and cats? it's past bizarre. i honestly think population nearing tard level
"Sean" lol. Get out o' queer, McAnus https://t.co/CWxZpBh6Sp
yeah, that is very decidedly tied to school grounds back in mid-1970s... https://t.co/j38BVSGoKm
i'm sensing some o'homophobia from you, McSlurpy...what's wrong with dudes sharing groin fizz w other dudes??? https://t.co/wboNyQcDE1
gulp guilp gulp jeez leave some for rod stewart https://t.co/uxIcRz561q
me either. klvy your real name, like mine? no, your name is fake as your hair https://t.co/upARtj1aqL
ow an we keepin it 92 is we https://t.co/a0MFAQDbaV
Gallagher means consumer of much sperm in Gaelic, you ignorant faggot. https://t.co/MLQNttfh4V
yeah and you keep buying other people's hair and taping it to your velcro https://t.co/MzYw1TmTE8
can't spell black without lack* *lack of brains *lack of self-control *lack of hygiene #KeithLamontScott
duke doesn't love jebus, he's a democratic politician who needs votes, and the electorate are good xtianis (ie, idi… https://t.co/Rs0A22aSTv
muslims must be driven out of all white lands - on the heels of the jews who let them in #TeamWhite
white nationalists (should) USE trump. as he is USING racialists. we are not him (civic nationalist), and he is not us (racial nationalists)
you're a fer-de-lance named herbert. https://t.co/SsUwOlGP1p
exclusion and intolerance are the winning way, not big-tentism, which is what led to the jew takeover of the formerly-semi-coherent right
(((yiannopoulos'))) theatrics aside, he's as radical as (((hoff summers))). he's a russell brand, sacha baron cohen type. really...who cares
dude i can smell you from here. you're mexicaner than chihuahua poop https://t.co/CKtIIMa2H5
you're smiling cuz you're happy you're not mexican. RACIST https://t.co/bDaUEG6sQ2
the nature of the enemy and the challenge it poses pretty much determines the nature of the response. among the sanity based, anyway
(((media))) constantly anthropomorphizing blacks is one reason i reject tv
jews work with muslims to destroy Europe while filling their papers with "unsafe for jews" stories. whites played for suckers all ways
non-whites instinctively see that what's valuable about us white folks is - us. not some goofy religious doctrine. US. our physical essence.
whites who value race must move away from catholicism to specificism as winning jews did
well, in her defense you are annoying https://t.co/hCg6i2atg4
it's semitical correctness. started by your co-racialist lenin, a blood jew https://t.co/KNWaBmKMmQ
Grandma Haggins belongs in nursing home, not the White House.
we must attack the (((enemy))) we must also attack that which prevents us from identifying and defending against the enemy #TeamWhite
have you ever considered the proposition that christianity is an inherently bad thing? no more than any muslim has islam, i'll bet
the "good Christian" manlet: too dumb to laugh; too scared to think #crosscucks
God with one tiny move of his flipper can render atheists like me utter buffoons. it jes ne'er happen, do it?
jews are strong. that is undeniable. they will be defeated only by opposing strength. never by associations of loser-weaklings aka xtianity.
under my imaginary regime, all self-declared reactionaries will be forced to wear neckerchiefs
O'Reilly is a run of the mill parochial East Coast big city type https://t.co/xXpKdXa13i
leftism, among non-jews, is substantially same as Jim Jones's cult, except the kool-aid is forced on you
how can 70-IQ monkeys handle college-level material? https://t.co/CeMrOWNL7s
it never crosses the average sand nigger's mind that Islam is false but your cult is different ;) #crosscucks
Instead of wasting your time trying to figure out an imaginary god's will, you should be studying and observing and reflecting.
Christianity is based on a lie. This truth will not go away, no matter how you cry and pray.
the only permanently redeeming social value of the church to the west is a good swear word
christianity is the only association that care about the weak. yes, it tries to make more of them the hard way is the soft way #truth
still the funniest most telling thing about 'the' 'church' is how it legit angry w hitler when he went after retards. #muhCustomerBase
i believe in the market for most things BECAUSE i'm a racialist. subsidizing defectives is socialism
christian doctrine of solidarity with the poor quickly turns into playing with feces poor + self-control = rich. poor + fawning = criminals
people who erase monuments, or blow up sculptures are monsters. you add to history, you dont erase it or deny it. that's how jews operate.
white man's burden? no. christian's burden. White men only care about what's good for whites.
Fix the nigger? fix the brown 'man'? Not my job, man. If they're broken, blame your God for it, jebus fool.
"go forth and convert the little brown man to the One True Path of Christianity." ...how's that working out for you, white man?
christianity is a "brotherhood of man cult". that's what lets the kikes in the door w their diversity agitprop
it's christianity that tells us we have something in common with discos. do you not see it is the source of our spiritual problem?
somebody doesnt fucking love science "race retards" = "if i advocated racial reality i'd lose my job" you're a sl… https://t.co/eA4YHyrDD7
i guess the right can never understand the left because we don't get the same rush out of feeling morally superior to others
jews need niggers (or muslims) to wreck white nations. whites dont need niggers at all. or muslims. or jews. #TeamWhite
"i'm exhausted fighting my instincts" why do you think you have instincts? https://t.co/tidSzVFpTt
what does "expel" mean in an age when anyone can get on plane and be in your hood in 24 hours?
really? if you had every person in euro countries vote online, vs letting EU and/or pope vote, which would kill/sav… https://t.co/uFPnvxiXeM
jews spends half a billion to wreck White nations https://t.co/zWiTkgNsha
them: trying to genocide you you: trying to expel them
white religious faggotry (sign: the cross) is the favored soil of jewish tyranny
no, we should "pray" like the fagkin. "prayer" always has and will solve all human problems https://t.co/SszZdkqDci
the same idiot who observes jews have been kicked out of 109 countries will in next breath advocate 110th. level of witlessness - staggering
blacks have the civil right to be criminals. the very idea of black crime is racist
"Expelling" jews is a clown concept out of 800 AD. Wake up and figure out what's going on.
bake some cookie selfies? https://t.co/OpewkMR2YN
traditionalists like to say man doesn't exist for the sake of the economy, but they drop that approach when it comes to "tradition"
let the word go out to all you kikes: you havent paid your bill. you're going to. #TeamWhite
Traditionalists simply do the same thing as progressives, which is why I don't respect them: whatever they like = tradition or progress.
Whites undeniably now have a tradition of truckling before jews. I guess since it's a tradition, it must be good, inevitable, respected.
My point is if the tradition doesn't supply the correct answer, the traditionalist would/must go down w ship. https://t.co/31JBuugN8Z
Judeo-Christian tradition. jews don't value being weak, groveling losers. Those are christian values.
No. Hitler was an independent leader, not beholden to jew money, doing what he thought best for Germany. https://t.co/x7NngIYfpj
If whites are molested, murdered and blown up on streets, that's nothing; but god forbid a little nigger kid live near lead paint. #ZOG
Was Hitler a traditionalist?
Traditionalism promotes the false idea of 'organic.' Human affairs are made by wills making decisions; we are not trees, nor have we roots.
Traditionalism has many downsides: it promotes idea that quick positive change is impossible, that any bad trend is inevitable, for two.

September 19, 2016:

remember PJ O'Rourke's article about the election in nicaragua. people don't get in long lines to vote for status quo.
Twitter’s new, ‘simpler’ rules for character counts in tweets go live https://t.co/MaJGK43gAl via @techcrunch
what jews do culturally is essentially sex terrorism. doing everything possible to blow up families, prevent them from forming
jew soros wont quit until your family is blown up. he's paying hillary to help him
cannot be said enough https://t.co/ENcEJNRBdg
no, they're not white. (just ask em). my beef with them is they're trying to wreck my nation and genocide my race https://t.co/W6Sgal0GBE
classic AmeriKwana: when u cant even bomb because jigs be rehomieing your double cookers https://t.co/3ra5gfmQO6
defensiveness, the urge to suppress - these are strong indications what you're defending is not-a-good-thing
Enlightenment hubris? it's the church that claims niggers are God's FUBU and (at same time!) that it can fix them.
this is the situation cernovich's people created, all over the west. https://t.co/rEMIgrOaQ0
jews are using whites to advance Israel and destroy their own race. the church is too weak to stop them, mostly aids & abets
funny these muslim attacks never target any neocon individuals or their work buildings
when you took on the task of fixing the nigger, you didnt realize what you were getting into, did you
what kind of system allows fat people to vote? the Sugar Party is always going to outpole the Self-Control party
because of jews, the western world spends all its time cleaning up after muslims and blacks rather than advancing

September 18, 2016:

grasp this: jews lie about everything all the time. they have to.
it's not atheists repeating the inanity "everything happens for a reason," it's christians
the jew-imposed opportunity cost of pretending niggers are people is beyond calculation https://t.co/M1A4HX4kxh
i still remember Eric Bish. he developed new kinds of strawberries. he was murdered by a 70-IQ coon in PO down in North Carolina
the (((media))) never ever give you a full-color detailed loving portrait of a white murdered by black or raped by alien
if whites were 1/100th as anti-jew as jews claim, the jewish race would not exist. but never fear...that day is coming #TeamWhite
jews perceive themselves as a race at war with every other - and act accordingly. whites, most, have never given jews 1 sec of thought
why do jews defeat whites? because they share an understanding and agenda, whereas we are confused and divided
when you teach people that all hominids were created by god, it lessens their interest in paying attention to differences
what is a priest, i ask this sunday? more than any other thing, it is a man who wants to hide from you that thinking works
sorry i'm White. i dont accept plangent TRIPE as an answer when you got that...you got the attitude (ht Damone)
jews have been known as nation wreckers for 2000 years https://t.co/6AgXHDI2GM
you and we should face life with the gloriosity of Sam Kinison lighting into an audience "helper." cackle n attack, me worthies...
jew populations amid whites should be looked upon as outbreaks of a disease worse than Ebola #TeamWhite
we cannot tolerate any jews in our white nations. not one #TeamWhite
unlike other questions, the jew problem does not divide into moderate and extreme positions but reality and fantasy camps
jews are on the side of muslims who burn people in cages. and gang rape white girls in Europe (and USA if their Hillary is elected)
jews, Israel and the jewed-USA support ISIS. that's not a joke or exaggeration, that's literal, factual truth. please think about it.
if hitler reappeared today, do you think he would agree that his policy of helping jews emigrate was right or wrong, in hindsight?
whites are 2/3 population of USA, jews are already writing "see yuh" exinction articles "dialogue" with this people? No. just death
they are canalworthies too
i think that i shall never see a poem as lovely as dead jew commie luxemburg floating in a canal
why have one person turn off faucet when you can give mops to a million? this is what happens when you murder the god of causation
(((Miliband))): "the first Jewish leader of the Labour Party—and describes himself as a Jewish atheist" https://t.co/9vnR5xHzuf
Do you really want Capt. Bimbo Dickard back at helm of starship USA? DO YOU, AMERICA?
if you love the myriad problems america has now, vote Hillary because she will 100% guaranteed exacerbate every single one of them
hillary is sick she's a crook she's a liar her hubby is a scumbag VOTE FOR THIS TAG TEAM OF PUTRESCENCE? FUCK NO. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
our govt is controlled by jews, and they hate whites. that's the long and short of it. not what you hear in school, is it? #TeamWhite
that fatted sau needs to be hanging upside down from a rope with dogs supping on her innards & lapping her blud https://t.co/GLxyFZ1np2
and endless run of stabbings and bombings is our greatest strength Thanks, jews!
016-09-18 Trump +180 Hillary -190 last time we checked, trump was +240, so a BIG swing trump's way by people risking actual money
the white cause needn't sell itself; if it had nothing to offer it would be opposed with lies, shrieks and legal suppression
if you have good qualities, trust people will figure them out. TRUST YOUR MATERIAL. dont bruit yourself like a common publicity ape
if you hate whites and seek their destruction, you can be hired by any fed-backed institution. if you love whites and defend them - opposite
not every jew is a swindler, but all jews admire swindlers
jews literally have an entire industry based on hating and lying about white people. This is #loxism. https://t.co/qX8uEN0qQ4
money from the air, he makes https://t.co/t8IxntxA75
the road to psychological health does not run through anti-depressant pills but through red pills
life is not about being nice to people all the time you cannot amputate any part of your emotional range and be normal & healthy
Trump fights AND has dignity, and appropriate decorum. He is precisely not the well tempered loser we loathe in the Anglo type.
do you really want that whole sleazy Clinton scene back in the White House? DO YOU, AMERICA?
kikes and high-minded anglo elite + cuckservants run what is indistinguishable from a cult in US, but pepe's eyes tell the truth
one follower has this: "Butt-humping kikes will not save the White Race. Nazi frogs will." #WisdomForASunday
we had the respect of the world, no debt, a genuinely free & civilized society - then jews showed up #USArealhistory

September 17, 2016:

Sonny supports #altright. https://t.co/IqNGQZBqiI
lay off the jenkem uli https://t.co/Fcpur8VfCO
translation: loxist jew wants white majority she hates to be outvoted and unable to defend itself. https://t.co/9ey1e9ycrw
Missouri...it's better than Illinois. But then, what state can't claim that? https://t.co/9ey1e9ycrw
the System created the nostrum of systemic racism. you dolt. https://t.co/G6X4pgj0cK
traditions exist, traditionalism does not

September 16, 2016:

"Well : 9 people outta 10, say gangrape is Amazing.!... Get it.?" -- youtube commenter
respect retarded cannibals? https://t.co/hVGSCqTm0n
no one has enough confidence to be a real dictator these days. you need a soupcon of jesterity + irreason to oil the machine
does trump drink? no. does trump have any tattoos? i dont think so
Trump is truly that indian broad's Man Against Slime
ah shit...i always forget the engsies are asleep this time of night. must time-shift insults
was it zhamina hamina #bixnood? i bet it was https://t.co/6ad8m13HlV
Saki, Wodehouse, Dahl are the best things England has produced. Otherwise, the English are a fairly miserable lot. https://t.co/DD7feNWImX
no, just heard about it yesterday, have not seen it https://t.co/zdzDmKETI5
youtube comments restore my faith in humanity!
we're not on the level of nazis, yet, but thanks for the faith, (((left))) YES WE CAN
the businessman is 99/100x a more socially useful type than the academic
ellen degeneres could give plastic fruit lessons in fakeness
it really is hard to penetrate mindset of someone whose day job is dealing w a play about shit and zoo sex. boring https://t.co/zyneslV35z
oh good lord. does the words a crumb even to small for the Whos' mouse mean nothing to you? https://t.co/CAKuoQRXtW
see, yidzies are not polite Anglo types. they do not respond to hints and "your slip is showing" whispers. They need a boot up their nose.
EVE WINS A POINT. YAHOO! savor the flavor kid. ya threw one by me. wont happen again. https://t.co/w1bTDZ8lMk
your god is invisible and ineffectual - ie, < wind. yet the burden is on the atheist to "prove" he doesn't exist. https://t.co/5xnndzloXr
if the south secedes i am going to become its first illegal alien
Can a cartoon frog succeed where Hitler failed? Stay tuned!
demographics arent destiny; decisions are destiny #TeamWhite
even contra my own fav mencken, it actually is true that every single major problem in america has a simple, rational solution
people are not so much stupid as without imagination, so that they have to SEE something before they even, really, believe it possible
the funny thing is Anglos are bigoted, but not at all against niggers, whom they philo belond belief, but against Germans and NS
i look at it as "eating makes appetite." get a wall up, it will be so great people will hunger for more... https://t.co/i7kvhCEqpM
even in ripostes you have nothing to offer but footnotes. always sending big brother to do little girl's work. sad! https://t.co/qeD0VK3Wor
a jew's entire idea of culture is shitting on something. more or less literally as well as figuratively
when i take an empty catchup bottle and squeeze it repeatedly it sounds JUST LIKE YOU https://t.co/GvsfEYHM3a
a real jew's jew there https://t.co/eUaNsm3kcJ
"get in the ring" as GnR said. you're a fucking hack kibitzer who does nothing but dully parrot real men's ideas https://t.co/GvsfEYHM3a
would it be airquotes "crime" to tie patty oswalt to michael moore's back and push them off golden gate bridge? i say no.
you know Trump wouldnt be out there trying to destroy Syria. staaap already with this bs about HIM not sicko HER being the warmonger
i have read MILLIONs of books and understood MANY of them
playing D&D is proof of congenital mental debility https://t.co/qeD0VK3Wor
at the heart of every prof is a flat-assed nerd. NERD! https://t.co/qeD0VK3Wor
you'lll lose your job teaching special-needs manatees if YOU dare name the jew at root of world's misery. #truth https://t.co/qeD0VK3Wor
mencken said (and this pertains to you directly) the opinion of a man not free to take the other side is wortheless https://t.co/qeD0VK3Wor
someone is jealous others use their freedom in wa way she cant (read: doesn't dare) https://t.co/YtcT36Ik53
it's friday night at 7:46 on the CST...you know what that means... you STILL HAVE 14 minutes to stop being a fag by 8 o' CLOCK!!!
remember: all the bourgeois conservative cunts, the German cucks o' the day, joined hitler right when he was on verge of victory
tribal death penalty, and same for cucks who served them https://t.co/U3Q9k5vaX3
your kid looks like a snake. i dont mean to be cruel. https://t.co/ebN7J0nUZB
the circle of pill is larger than ever; but no effective org has grown from that soil yet https://t.co/5ei55567vZ
Planet earth could no longer tolerate jews on its surface. This much was clear to the meanest intelligence by 2016. #3016
World's Oldest Snowshoe Found https://t.co/fFYBSpC6l9 via @NewObOnline
Orbân has added fuel to the fire by announcing that the invader boats should be sunk at sea before they even reach Europe’s shores. #killem
Norcross, w its crime rate of 47 per 1000 residents, “has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes
Whites Ethnically Cleansed from Norcross, Ga. https://t.co/xrDEiRJ8b8 via @NewObOnline
one gleams heaps of useful material from catholic and libertarian intellectuals - who are dogma bound against using it effectively
the English are a race willing to treat everyone fairly, except their betters
if i hated ZOG and its loathsome empire, i wouldn't join the army and extend it. but that's just me. i'm not a dirt-eating Southerner
join the army and fight for people who hate you. to a Southerner, this is just common sense https://t.co/omYSWgWt82
dont get hung up on hitler being german, if he were scottish or italian, it's same thing: he & his figured out how to fight jews. boom.
"Fair wat be th' pt of writing save not to maketh the prose stand out like a pheasant in stubbled field" --Jonas Watsley, 1742
arguably the most brilliant thing a woman has ever said: condom is breastplate against pleasure & cobweb against danger #safesexlol
there are brilliant inversions, to wit: reality is for people who cant handle drugs (jopling), but on the whole they're chesterton level
the single best thing about dictators is they have to pretend to give a flying fuck whether people like them or not
i dont call myself anything https://t.co/RoAtGW2FfU
jews intimidate whites, that's all it is. they use xtian so-called morality as a way for the xtian to save face https://t.co/DXLba5QMyy
jews know whites are simps who are easily guilted, and they use these levers against them https://t.co/DXLba5QMyy
christianity is a mass garbage cult, and no i dont need some defunct german to figure that out for me i have eyes
we Americans bear the eternal shame of not having slaughtered our neocons, who have roiled the entire world in misery & war
jews murder europe / Iran Terrorists “Settled” in Europe https://t.co/Wwz1ipi4mf via @NewObOnline
Germans Fight Back as Invaders Attack https://t.co/vdRJSF1GXW via @NewObOnline
This Friday, let's remember our real heroes: #HeroBreivik #HeroDylannRoof #HeroThomasMair
Whites are not a traditionalist race but a flexible, questing, inventive race. Of all races whites are LEAST traditionalist.
If your #muhturdition led where are today, how good can it be? Why do you pale and fail before this simplest question, turdies?
So long as white america see itself as Jimmy Stewart or Tom Hanks it cannot win the racial struggle.
After years of intense training, some blacks were able to learn which part of the cotton plant to pick.
Laura, what actions have you taken to get "Even the best of the goyim should be killed" from the Talmud? https://t.co/QRjIDArZTv
the mass media, under jews, are nothing but a 24/7/365 hate crime against the entire white race
an article on #altright hoists Vdare Jared Taylor Richard Spencer under our eyeballs. Which of these forthrightly declares jews our enemy?
you know that giant beaming smile little kids have when you pay attention to them? being an adult means getting past that stage. yeah.
this Friday, why not STOP BEING A FAG. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
Liberia was built on the backs of American-Africans. How be it do?
are blacks less xtian than whites? in fact, they are more. somehow that doesn't make the problems they create go away. hmm...it's like...lol
jews to xtians: we'll let you exist so long as you stick to advocating some nebulous love never more than 10 degrees from our social agenda
they're not #antiwhite on principle, as jews are, they're careerists. if muslims ruled, they'd serve them the same https://t.co/PDkFXmCcql
if christ-insanity were actually threatening to jews, they would have wiped it out long ago. since it's useful to them, they halt at mocking
White racialists must use the hostility jews have spread toward xtianity to supersede it with racial weltanschauung in whiteskin minds.
democracy makes pandering twinks out of ALL who participate in it
christian cult is based on a lie. is it white to accept lies when the truth is known? christianity is inherently & irremediably #antiwhite.
the hate -- all of it -- comes FROM jews and is directed AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE. this is the truth. speak it and laugh and fight. #TeamWhite

September 15, 2016:

the wonderful world of miniature horses...WAS JUST SUCH A DREAM!
you might look like Mr bEan in 20 years be careful. maybe eat less squid https://t.co/djp6UncJ24
America is a free country where you can't disagree about anything or you get fired.
if i drank i would surely try it! https://t.co/Mw1p44gR7A
Whites should keep their nations AND come together in global consortium to defeat Jewish Tyranny. Quality discos welcome too.
so far ahead of us we can't even see it... https://t.co/h0vPkGx0qz
DGP (damn good point!) https://t.co/i9jlZ0uVhu
The Chartreuse Effusion: an ELO cover band, spreading light and beauty like a disco ball. https://t.co/8qmlv1xQ1c
you should man up and admit those 18 manatees stuck in a pipe were YOUR STUDENTS https://t.co/P48u0wEx26
women believe everything they hear. it's biology's way of protecting them against wrinkles
i assume everyone is worth 3.2 ml of love. then i add or subtract based on egg-cooking ability / cuteness of nose. https://t.co/BiouQwbjgi
the best that can be said of )))leftists((( is some of them are merely delusional. but most are knowing, sneering liars
the left is not was not never will be well motivated, and will always take as sign of submission your stipulating such up front
the minute you say "i'm not" you say "I AM A WEAKLING" conservs are NEARLY congenitally incapable of groking this https://t.co/4U6vug74Xb
if we considered jews a different species, we'd no more trouble exterminating them than termites. since, after all, they're more destructive
your entire MO is setting these stupid little traps. you know...no one can stop you from dumtweeting. no foil needed https://t.co/P48u0wEx26
you're not a philosopher when you can't produce a single idea or even memorable formulation on your own. u r parrot https://t.co/P48u0wEx26
why shouldnt they mock jews when your xtian twinks (white la. voters) never dare fight back? xtianity is for fags https://t.co/JndlgpdHOG
you have no idea about more things than you imagine. love isn't based on desert https://t.co/BiouQwbjgi
you have a love thermometer? should market that. https://t.co/BiouQwbjgi
stifle y'self, aristittle https://t.co/bi1wHy8BNJ
cats are stupid. and cat owners* who think their cats are smart are really stupid. *includes dog owners
never indulge twinks in fantasies. he who believes jebus horseshit today will gulp holohoax bullshit tomorrow
how can mengele be anti-semitic when he took time out for personal meetings with every single survivor?
jewish "history" is essentially them pretending they got what they deserved, as basis for demanding reparations and respect today
"if it ain about money den it relly don concer me" https://t.co/jqkWQE7X9k via @YouTube
it's about what's good for Israel first second third and tenth. then about profits. why are libertarians so cowardly https://t.co/sskSZt9AeP
aint she jes as cute as a morning pig, as they say in Doxleen, Ala. https://t.co/MtPUdKT6Y4
that's the top pepe, imo https://t.co/xGLvUIxqOe
hey world: vomit and flush the jews. you'll feel better. #TeamWhite
so israel is controlled by extremists since, you know, it has a border wall and deports its few africans?
a negro is just as good as a steak if you cook it right
jews must be exterminated. that's the price of their ongoing attempted #whitegenocide #TeamWhite
diseases often seem like alt-utility bills, if you decide to use prescription drugs to combat them https://t.co/uNzPglctfd
merely not overtly hating whites makes Trump appear a nazi. in fact he values race very little, to all appearances. so far gone things are
we should be boiling with rage at the 38,000,000,000 taken directly out of our white pockets and given to the greedy evil jews of israel
learn how to spell, people. this aint the South. this is the big time. "you do it again, you're going home. just so ya know."
the hateful fringe are the jews (and cuckservants) controlling the media. lying that wanting borders is 'extremist' yeah ok lol
why do people commit crime? because they have legs. people without legs almost never commit crimes.
both physical (fags) and spiritual (xtian) homosexuals should be mocked and ridiculed endlessly. promiscuous fruits, one and all
hillarys throat is a disgusting trench where lies weave way thru star wars bar scene of baccillae, randococci & pneumonoidic virus
take your future in your hands, white man. dont be a cunt. jebus is for sissies and bowing to jews is for slaves. #TeamWhite
sometimes words acquire associations they cant shake, which is sad for perception. non-sexual PERVERSION is YUUUUGE but we dont see it

September 14, 2016:

God < birth control? You blaspheming sob. https://t.co/0EFix3o2jo
brainless acceptance of one plangent lie (jebus) leads to brainless acceptance of another (holocaust)
between white and jew there can never, ever be any "we"
when you get expelled f109x it is clear that you are the problem. it is also clear the expellers need to level up on penalty
Genocide is God's plan for the world: 99% of the species that ever existed on earth are today extinct. Ponder that fact's pol implications.
even if you're a religious jackass & believe god made the world, well, 99.9% of species that ever existed are extinct. genocide = God's way
blacks are more religious than whites and since xtianity is the source of civilization, detroit is the most civilized city in America
the believe that immigration is magic comes from the christian belief that baptism is magic first came #magicwater, then came #magicdirt
remember it was a christian preacher who turned hillary into a leftist. boy, the good things this jewish cult produces just keep on giving
even in spain, many to most weren't even horizontally expelled but just rolled their eyes and pretended to convert https://t.co/Snd5e7GF0n
which merely led to jews causing the exact same problems from a couple hundred miles away. expulsion does not work https://t.co/Snd5e7GF0n
jewish "history" is lying that they actually received the treatment they deserve. which is never the case. https://t.co/g9R9lg7qEo
but when you abort blacks, that means there's less of them. how can that not be a good thing? https://t.co/7JJlJrktZd
'human right' sounds neutral, even vaguely positive, but it always translates into the discolored's right to the white man's property
there aint no cure for the summertime blues (or jews)
Hillary fought the law and the...law won. jk
kirk cousins was better than robert griffin from day one, coming from a pro-style offense - but didnt get chance to compete cuz (((snyder)))
jews Frankfurt society by sexually loosening it: a charismatic counterexample of restraint, like Tim Tebow, is immensely dangerous to them
there are only 256 nfl games per season. the nfl is not a perfect meritocracy as people seem to think - there is limited playing time
what the jews did to Tim Tebow in sports is nearly perfectly parallel to what they are trying to do to Trump in politics
the parallel is to trump: tebow, much as i loathe chrissies, is a charismatic personality capable of moving millions https://t.co/iEK2xNxdgI
God is known by his effects...that no one agrees on. Contrast with something real and effectual, if invisible: wind. https://t.co/kIwpwhA5J3
see, christ crank, "answers" isn't good enough. you need the RIGHT answers.
that's a myth. it took a jew convert to start the inquistion, and it was much less than is bruited by jewish liars https://t.co/h1OKwjIuOt
whites are not a suicidal race, and only fools, cowards and enemy agents promote this lie
the problems whites face are not spiritual or psychological, they are entirely the result of alien control of major institutions
it is bizarre how whites prefer to look inwardly for solutions that have obvious external causes
Lenin said there was a point when 100 good men could have defeated him. Luckily he was in a christian land. #crosscucks FTL
Orthodox! because if you move something 20 miles east, it stops being bullshit and turns into solid gold
the white mass has tropisms and appetites where it needs convictions and consistency. this is why it is ruled as subject population
same way. different flavor of same pernicious foolishness based on a lie https://t.co/tLY9hA5XXQ
there is not a single cuckservative who isn't also a publicly proclaimed christian #crosscucks
christianity: womb of liberalism tomb of manliness
christianity is for those who prefer a lie to the truth
hoist the kike, hoist the cuck hoist the beers! https://t.co/HMIpKY3Anu
jews must be made extinct. https://t.co/praKlPoF16
equality is hate. stop the hate. https://t.co/7MWuo8TnjU

September 13, 2016:

i once found a yardbug more than vaguely reminiscent of anthony wiener. i looked at it for minutes
Regulation solves only one problem: regulators' need for income.
i, for one, consider it anti-semitic to sue her for practicing jewish honesty https://t.co/k24Ehlqn03
imagine the contempt jews have for us. this woman is telling us to accept jews facilitating our women being raped https://t.co/nqHrqqGTVv
universal humanity comes out of xtianity. xtianity is not the opponent of liberalism but the thing itself. https://t.co/JFVSpKqJud
give the NEA another 100 years, and every single public school inmate will have special needs or speech pathology
never call jews "jewish people" always call them jews. always.
genuine personality is found more often among atheists than xtians, who are carbon copies of 2nd grader's worksheet https://t.co/UJ8QDexqGN
atheists like mencken and twain lack the depth of #crosscucks like her. all xtianity is bilge, there is no good/true https://t.co/UJ8QDexqGN
more accurate: the ideologue and the strawman https://t.co/Ht5Iuj6OHX
your claiming atheists want to be god is parallel to homos claiming their opponents are closeted gays https://t.co/fLOLaZ7Cm7
what an achievement it is to actually write a paper that calls for a new pearl harbor, pull it off, and 100% avoid media notice
it's a great mistake for the technical explainers of '9/11' to stay away from the why, as this is most significant and easier to prove
saying ad hominem is illogical is akin to saying that setting someone up to succeed is illogical
you're mixing together sense and nonsense. the racial cause has nothing to do with jebooism and that garbage. https://t.co/cIntQ86wsI
jews are caught taping the WTC demolitions, yet somehow "Israel did it" is always kept off the explanations menu. go figger, white nigger
many don't know that couric is a jew by blood https://t.co/KKpApGIEYi
all three buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition if you just listen to me, you know what's going on 15-20 years early
Trump's campaign, the (((reaction))) to it, should teach ordinary whites that jews hate us. it's our existence they find "deplorable."
to understand christ-insanity is to despise it. https://t.co/wBx8pVZ51r
the ratlike evil of jews is somehow aestheticallly superior to the sniffing preening figure-cutting Cult of High-Mindeds of the anglo
funny in light of your squawking reaction when you're told you're a type, which you are, rather than unique https://t.co/WVzHFKlOUU
which is likelier? which is simpler? https://t.co/SQGXVNOp4b
you're trying to push the rock up the hill and wonder why it always falls back. hint: it's because you're wrong. https://t.co/cSXNvV51cN
i reject your particular baseless assertion. that far you can go, beyond that, it's your projection https://t.co/HIM2buOu7V
it's same w race: if you dont take their cult position on it, then you "worship at the altar of your own blood" https://t.co/HgQaPGlHf1
if i see farther than others it is because i stand on the scrotums of elves, and other imaginary creatures i cant stand.
she cant give it up. they ALL pseudo-argue like this. it's dishonest, and shows jewy nature of christ-insanity. https://t.co/nsdDony33o
classic Anglo 'telescopic suffering' look on her face https://t.co/tzmby5i01D
begging = begging the question. logical fallacy. which she practices more or less in every single tweet https://t.co/K6n4YFChYN
i merely asked a question, i asserted no necessity https://t.co/z7AYNB9DZ8
i see the 10,000 mile stare of the true visionary, who rejects mere sense-evidence as lowbrow & racist https://t.co/SnVQ20FpO9
if you actually talk to a few believers, it's pretty clear where 'religion' comes from https://t.co/LrpGwAHZga
you've added tautology to your list of intellectual crimes. dont think that slipped by. https://t.co/riUTHkjXrB
and you know this how? only because he doesn't do what you want. which could be taken as proof of nonexistence too https://t.co/riUTHkjXrB
Pls sign my online petition (link below.) It's to stop demonic over-sized water slides. Support Caleb's Head Law... https://t.co/2mYGZsXzCp
what kind of dance will you do when hillary dies? butter churn mashed potato that bangles egyptian thing one-man tango
prob is not contents but wrapping. it's like if i invented sugar drink and called it Oke. you want Oke...or Coke? https://t.co/oGzhQlBrWx
white man doesn't need a bible, he already has a bible. he needs...something else. https://t.co/TgmfePSI2f
if you're going to start a religion, start your own religion (Scientology, fr instance) dont copy another https://t.co/TgmfePSI2f
much of what klassen wrote is correct, but the me-too form ensures failure https://t.co/TgmfePSI2f
if you want to do psych profiles, this 'eve' identifies w jebus as a she-martyr https://t.co/KcGHPLqhwn
ya picked that up, did you. for a CI, you're pretty darn smart https://t.co/m3GUieyCOv
absurd doctrine believed in by fools and scumbags https://t.co/FYFScqHnYe

September 12, 2016:

the church is universal. not racial (like jews). it's an ANTI-racial doctrine for a brohood of man in body of christ https://t.co/GJOhsuAarG
because the church fights islam does not equal church values and defends whiteness. it does not https://t.co/yBV2QKk1Zt
the right way to look at it is as the jews do: "we and they are different SPECIES." then you have the psychology right.
i love these idiots who think because the church at some point in the last 2000 years fought a different religion = church defends whites
clueless. i would rebut you but your level cannot grasp what i'm saying i've learned from 1000 attempts https://t.co/jydFpaqHRz
when you agree that all men are children of god...you have conceded a good deal more than you think. more than is apparent.
that's a xtian problem: all men are children of god. xtian doctrine is sick and white-destructive. ALWAYS has been. https://t.co/aclcMKnEVH
he's not paid off at all, he actually believes that. the problem is church doctrine, and it's not changeable. https://t.co/er61c7OiLW
the church produces men of low character. you can type up all commandments in world against lying, dont mean a thing https://t.co/I9NeXP2082
because if the church's claims about reality are substantially correct, then yes, race matters comparatively little https://t.co/er61c7OiLW
the church has never acknowledged racial distinctions as valuable, and has always worked to break them down https://t.co/er61c7OiLW
when i argue there's always a twinkle in my voice, because i know my footing. but religious folks, forced to admit faith in jebus - NEVER
the pope denounced hitler's racial-political doctrine as immoral and nazism as evil... the church fears racialism https://t.co/XzeUkeans6
Go read Mit Brennender Sorge. And Table Talk. is a bunch of dead cockroaches in a tortilla a taco? if not, why not https://t.co/XzeUkeans6
your implicit argument is atheists don't actually believe what they claim they believe - uncharitable & inaccurate https://t.co/hEKNQAe9Bj
it's your assertion that i or we want what you say. your view is purely ideological; it doesn't fit real people https://t.co/hEKNQAe9Bj
you truly are the queen of the duncess. this below is textbook begging the question. https://t.co/oZTDJdEcUS
heard espn radio doofi praising kaepernick for at starting conversation; then saying have to be careful, could lose job if say wrong thing!
no, the religion is inherently #antiwhite, hitler was no catholic beyond being baptized as a child https://t.co/y1sxCR2Db4
objection: relevance https://t.co/9dafzapt5P
If God existed, it would be sad were He as humorless and mentally trivial as the average believer. https://t.co/In7u81JoJJ
God has a Humometer for measuring (very precisely) levels of hominid worth. https://t.co/MxNVkKckan
doesnt matter, my point is all xtians who consider themselves intellectuals 'argue' way she is: false frame fallacy https://t.co/A67i2E4BDo
So if I reject your belief in UFOs, does that prove I'm a space alien? https://t.co/KUGLnsIM2H
Notice her 'logic' - if you reject her God as fantasy, you believe YOU are god. All xtians argue this jewy way. https://t.co/KUGLnsIM2H
God told me when He looks down at xtian droolards who worship Him, He smh & says to Himself, "Verily, every Sunday is Facepalm Sunday."
i dont have to call my opponents evil, i can just point out where they're wrong. or where i disagree w their preferences
'intellectual' christianity argues EXACTLY the way political jews do: only its own frame is accepted as valid. everything else is vile evil
it deserves exploring at length the way christianity, as intellectually defended, is wuss-level judaism. i shall do this myself.
one tiniest move by "omnipotent" God could destroy my mocking kind forever. yet that move never comes. ;) lol on you https://t.co/uyL65xRQGs
the deep truth is religious folks hate god more than atheists, who simply acknowledge his nonexistence https://t.co/uyL65xRQGs
like every leftist, "it's not X when We do it. 100% of what-you-call argument is special pleading & question begging https://t.co/uyL65xRQGs
1) cultists demand you bend the rules for their "special" reality, then flip to assert 2) We alone determine worth https://t.co/yxrvIQsLBr
need some lyrics rewrite for that Wizard of Oz song: "If I only had a (neck)" https://t.co/K3Tz7SL8E8
the point is it's made a lingering national story. which it isn't. save for the #antiwhite agenda it serves. https://t.co/PiRlIKcpcH
so you'll see niggiepoop saying "cibbil rights aint fo de why man." and german lefts (non jews) will overtly declare for GER-netic untergang
odd parallel between niggers and germans - nigs are too dumb and germans too direct for Anglo masking politics, hence they sometimes 'truth'
what we NEED to do is form an overt #TEAMWHITE to take on #TEAMJEW. even if Trump wins and does his good things https://t.co/parNvdFY8e
we dont need him. he put ideas out there that, as he continually urged, ANYONE BY RESEARCH CAN VALIDATE. https://t.co/parNvdFY8e
2 'sinners.' "Jimmy" "ah hab sinned" Swaggert Charlie Bucket christianity with out mawkish effeminacy wouldnt exist. it's a perversion
just as little man always knows better than local foosball manager, he also's an expert on god's word & intentions #crosscucks FTL
jews are simply an evil race of lying criminals; history screams with one voice the only 'solution' to them is burying them
coach said: "the sagehen is the only animal that, when attacked, will not defend itself." maybe add the white man & xtian church
By their fruit, ye shall know them. Do christian churches produce good men? Manifestly, they do not.
Look at the audience for any tv preacher. These are men? Naw, that aint the right word.
that is a stupid question https://t.co/MB7cuepY8c
The longer I live & learn, the clearer it is to me that everything our race has achieved was in spite of & against xtianity, not because of.
Claiming that xtianity is dying out in USA is like claiming obesity is dying out.
Just been traveling over some of these peachy states we have, and the USA is well polluted with christianity.
Christians love debating things that can't be resolved, e.g. the bible, because they can't lose, which satisfies their cowardice.
For a cult with a literal divine commandment against lying, xtians are perhaps the least truth-interested people on earth.
jews have never in all recorded history had trouble dominating christians. the only time whites organized racially - they shriek of it still

September 05, 2016:

notice xtian concept of love never extends to taking other guy seriously but only to brainlessly doing whatever Authority declares Good

September 04, 2016:

yr mom has a blueberry for a daughter get tested https://t.co/V6Zf1XvjYn
yeah how do you think she feels about having a BLUEBERRY FOR A DAUGHTER https://t.co/QbzYlrVnQu
catholic intellectuals recycle lies about Nazis invented by communist jews - whom catholic church hid from same. FIGURE IT OUT, McDOLTY
as a traditionSalist (the S is for many and some), i believe in calling signalers posers.
to say jews lie, swindle and wreck nations is no different than saying amish do roof work and raise barns
she had her bad side too https://t.co/lI8Ei20Pn5
Hillary: Unsafe At Any Speed
Remember, the conservatives in Germany back then did everything they could in their myriad girlish ways to stop Hitler from, u know, winning
Focus on 'telescopic suffering' is an Anglo tradition. 100% undeniably so. So keep it? (This is the problem with traditionalism.)
speech pathology...autism... did these even exist 50 years ago?
It's anti-Semitic to deprive jews of credit for inventing Political Correctness. "Semitical Correctness" is the correct term, pace J Sobran.
"Those who push old women in front of buses and those who push them out of way are same thing." (~WFB, decades ago) https://t.co/65okbOFcTv
the idea that there is ANY "self-deception" among jews is complete and utter horseshit. it's called lying. they are a race of LIARS
namely that if you glare at the nurses hard enough, everyone will "forget" you left a surgical sponge in the patient https://t.co/hknXsHuwGU
you see the mass media as news media. that is not how they see themselves.
irish sports = drinking and whining English invented all the good modern sports. True! https://t.co/1uGL2JDQMN
Why #TeamWhite? Because we're right. And we don't pander to niggers and jews. And we stick to the facts, w/o apologizing or groveling.
Truly, to understand jews is to seek their counter-extermination. Join us! #TeamWhite
a mild barb directed at nogdog = WHITE-ISIS. and the (((media))) wonder why people just laugh at them

September 03, 2016:

they cant admit their agenda openly because it is against the interests of the normal white majority. they must lie https://t.co/ioIAvIxTH5
she could wear a caftan, or giant blouse but she always goes with Extra Thick - For Her Protection https://t.co/zbji6nn0p5
whites can pretty much take any form and dominate it; we're an impresssionable, suggestible, idealistic, innovative race, not traditional
religion for dumb people is exactly parallel to telling obese people they shouldnt exercise. dumb need to think; fat need muscle-work
dumb people need to be taught causation above all else, and religion deliberately leads them in the opposite direction
true. but what she wears appears nearly always to be extra thick and quilted - in middle of hot summer https://t.co/OYSY0CzhIx
Greece and Rome / Western civilization. (some consider these distinct). what's the common denominator? catholics cant answer this.
catholics think the west is the church, but they never bother to explain why the church cant produce but a mouse fart outside Europe
my point is: lot of speculation, no facts, and one false claim. it's not impressive. https://t.co/lSJOSaI5Dm
the power of the jews is perhaps most evident in the way they can make smart men say the most ridiculous things
some want to preserve white race. others want to preserve culture whites alone construct, even if they dont see/accept racial connection
but what i saw was it revealed to be something else... so our takeaway here is someone was probably lying ... https://t.co/m0dsccxI6w
to be fair, i love it when Fred Reed goes all pobo in that Phil Hartman unfrozen caveman lawyer way re jews...SMELL THE WEAK
maybe. maybe not. like i said, what happened to that Diazepam claim that all the (((Cernie))) Bros were circulating? https://t.co/Vbat4UuuAm
once knew a gal, daughter of a preacher, told me she had 80 (80) sweaters so cong. would never see her in same 2x https://t.co/e8NbipDbPB
" a jew taught me to two-step, so jews cant be genocidal nation-wreckers " -- Fred Reed, his Gosh Own Country-Slicking Self
so does life itself...no one gets past about 42 with their youthful good looks intact https://t.co/9gj2cVGUNU
so it's claimed by jew Cernovich, who also spread the apparent lie that her black had a syringe of Diazepam (sp?) https://t.co/J8KhygNfX2
it's very odd that all thru the summer of 2016 hillary clinton wore no top that didn't fall to at least 2" above her knees. or so it seems.
a breast that isn't a thin leather glove over a partly deflated volleyball https://t.co/yEDYN5wA3l
like joe sobran said, as a conservative, it took him 20+ years to apply conservative standards to Israel https://t.co/g18bKXXdzi
jews create Isis using white tax money then equate white resistance with Isis in their media
sweet! i am very glad to hear that. https://t.co/B4xuNlNb6w
the fat under my arm is literally quivering with rage, Lindy West said
i am shaking with mirth as a fat girl shakes with girth and a leftist shakes with syrth (snyth-rage)
sure you have. and unicorns too. https://t.co/7ZzzJp0R38
tolerance, progress, tradition - none of these work as abstractions. they demand an object or specific(s) https://t.co/yrbYzw8V3X
in those days, women had small but honest breasts; bras were unheard of https://t.co/EY9UghS9iZ
I cant be racist I have a black friend. Ok, it's Harambe.
"yr gonna need a larger catapult" https://t.co/1Sul6MRvsx
There is but one solution to the 'eternal' (lol) jewish question: we must counter-genocide them. Every single one. https://t.co/HfkTZRD9r0
being poor in spirit gets them Loser Points in God's Gallery, and LP can be redeemed for stuffed purple giraffes https://t.co/W4JwKapZms

September 02, 2016:

the humbling point is that we know more about a man when we know his race than we do by his religion. humans can be evaluated like apples
we dont agree on the art form (religious, freemen, national socialists) but for we who do agree, race is the stage, hence WHITE NATIONALISM
human society is like an art form, but it can really only develop with a solid foundation, or stage. race is that.
no one values ideas more than me, but this is kind of the point - race trumps all our stupid beliefs WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT
one has many identities, but only one race. our cause is racial. 'identity' is weak confusion, smacks of conservative euphemism
i am literally shaking with mirth at your synthetic promotional rage
never have so many been proud of their neurasthenia
i dont think identity is the right word, it's too much like clothes
want to "expel" jews when they're throwing 85yo German women in jail, getting 15yos raped and 95yo men on trial? FUCK YOU (((THEY))) DIE
whites are sympathetic to African-Americans when they're LEGITIMATELY screwed by the system, Harambe is perfect example
Streicher said something like "throwing the truth in their face, South German style!" bald IS beautiful...and necessary
awesome tweet by The Donald... that weiner is like some bizarre little insect you find crawling around in the grass https://t.co/pGCE6cl6uE
Romney: look at negros as God's beloved children me: look at niggers as violent, useless retards
are there any CT about that pot pie little porky Patton Oswalt killing its wife?
Vending machines are proof that God exists and wants us to be happy. https://t.co/UNtiX2RlFF
white guy who screwed a drunk chick gets giant national attention; five niggers who torure-murdered a white great-grandma - nothing
follow: @N1K0LAK1 best context + jew-vid-clip illustrations @Ricky_Vaughn99 best Trump guide @TanstaaflAoT best insights + formulations
someone who wants to fill the US with Syrians cannot reasonably be described as having any respect for this country or its people
we are the ones who did not submit to the lies, who did not become stick-fetchers, parrots or jew felchers. we laugh, and we will triumph
the WN has worked upstream for his views, just like a salmon; they are to a real extent a valuable achievement
if a pioneer before autos found a rattlesnake near his barn or home did he take it 100 yards away and let it free? or did he kill it?
Promiscuous spiritual love is a greater social disease than the top fifty physical STDs combined. Xtianity = spiritual promiscuity.
I can't stand when people die before I am done pointing out what is wrong with things they've said publicly. Keep respiring, assholes.
Christian racial doctrine is the opposite of humble - it is hubristic. Worse, like all liberalism, it doesn't allow for reality correction.
Christianity overvalues love and undervalues race. It distorts both the biological and emotional economies to disastrous results.
2 September 2016 Trump +295 Clinton -300 His number improved significantly, with the money men, after immigration speech.
most of those using 'cuck' are cucks themselves because they subscribe to the source of all cuckdom - the jebus cult
i dont think it's funny or cute at all to let invaders run wild in America, and if i had the power i would execute responsible parties
It is the worst thing in the world that the racial cause in America comes pre-tainted with religious-loserism. Winning mentality = foreign.
i believe whites never have and still do not understand the depth of the hatred and organization of the jews https://t.co/5GPpDbfpBd
We of #TeamWhite are not obliged to repeat mistakes of the past like queens of reaction are. #MuhTurdition
Now jews have the technology they never did before - and we (should) see the error of not simply counter-exterminating them long ago.
If you support expelling jews, and acknowledge it's been done 109x, why do you think it will succeed the 110th?
xtianity forces god's created, differentiated reality to conform to its crank, destructive, #antiwhite, universalist ideology
xtianity disrespects what it must consider God's created nature in that it simply denies Created differences between species for ideology
counter-extermination of jews is the only respectful way to treat them because it acknowledges what they are.
the notion that "expelling" jews works is not just rejected by history but biology. you think they _can_ not try to sneak back & parasitize?
things that suck: jews, college admins, mexcrement, niggers, anglophiles, Southron dirt-eating morons, xtians, pet lovers, faggots...tbc
people who worship the military should never be allowed to forget they are the dog class of people.
wet humor is funnier than dry humor, which is rarely humor at all but simply weakness offered as sophistication
why do jews hate whites? https://t.co/Vc1yVwBqYu
Trump's speech on immigration isn't great because like all pols he avoids (((real))) reason we have open borders: to undermine US racially.
Hivemind and conspiracies and open planning -- all three are active at the same time, always. #TeamJew
Jon "Stuart", that hideously ugly she-pug on Supreme Court, Rachel Maddow - these jews HATE whites and work as team to wreck our nations.
The Founders were strongly against standing armies. Which makes them unAmerican. Like you. https://t.co/TaKeoOJhNz
Having the power to do something does not mean having the ability to do it. Universal health care - 1) propaganda term, 2) lol
It's rather obvious that the multiplication of laws ensures lawlessness.
2008 through 2014, nearly 13,000 criminal aliens were released into U.S. communities because their home countries would not take them back.
I prefer to remember Axl when he was young and serpentine. https://t.co/cABBnWOnRO
A Bernie for the moronic left, and a Cernie for the moronic right.
We whites need to face squarely that we have an enemy: jews. All of them. Not some. Not a political position. A race. JEWS ARE OUR ENEMY.
Jews are deliberately endangering real Americans. Deliberately. All of us. From Supreme Court, to media, to campuses. #loxism
WASPs make the best jew lapdogs. https://t.co/LRB0QFnugG
Criticism is either right or wrong. Funny or dull. This makes it helpful and entertaining or moronic and useless.
I've never been bothered by criticism because I'm fully aware how much I suck. I have special insight from positioning. THIS is the attitude
Think of US as clearing in woods filled with redskins and, down south, assorted mestizo catholic garbage. Central govt = BORDER GUARD.
Leftists are liars who believe Holy Government can do literally anything...except secure borders.
The US central govt, under the jew, destroys nations abroad and neighborhoods at home.
"We will expand and revitalize...287(g) partnerships, which will help to identify hundreds of thousands of deportable aliens in local jails.
Trump's immigration speech is full of rational, workable specifics.
Trump's plan is nothing more than what anyone with common sense who didn't actively hate this country would do if he had power to.
it's always a technical mistake to say "immigrants," they are criminals or aliens or alien criminals, never immigrants
"Hillary Clinton has pledged...her plan will provide Obamacare, Social Security and Medicare for illegal immigrants..."
There is going to be a white world war against jews trying to genocide us and I want to be first and loudest urging we KILL (((THEM))) all.
Hillary Clinton supports: Sanctuary Cities catch-and-release on border visa overstays releasing criminals from detention executive amnesty.
Notice that Trump's sentence there perfectly fits the tweetslot. Is somebodies thinking? https://t.co/KVxcONC0Kj
Trump: "Countless Americans who have died in recent years would be alive today if not for the open border policies of this Administration."
"But the facts aren’t known because the media won’t report on them..." Trump said that about immigration, but could have been anything.
Hillary is not a jew, but has that paranoid mentality, in that she thinks there is a double standard that works AGAINST her instead of for.
People who arent in politics for money or self-aggrandizement are rare, but do exist. Hitler was one.
You either have honest money or slavery. It's absolutely either or.
Transcript of Trump's immigration speech. https://t.co/T3FKJhlKOY
god forbid iran be allowed to defend itself against israel, you weak hypocritical cunt https://t.co/Uh0plwyFMd
Muzz Huma and Jew Weiner...do you not see that these Sems have much more in common than not, you "judeo-christian" lackwit?
The US was great in years when it was: - anti-British - had no jews - had tiny central govt IE, before 1900. When those reversed, suckdom.
Hillary would look great in a mid-thigh-length quilted straightjacket. Giving political power to middle-aged women is incomparably bad idea.
Under Hitler, white bred. And jews fled. Think really hard and see if you can figure out just what makes Hitler the "bad guy."
Racists have this strange belief that the sun rises in the east. It's not their only alt-conception. They also perceive the sky as blue.
Benny Hill is funny. Monty Python is seldom funny.
Admiration for Monty Python is an excellent proxy for bad taste.
The English are a people who think Monty Python is funny.
Leftists have gone so long without opposition in the controlled mass media they now think carbon dioxide is air.

September 01, 2016:

Stop being a christian weakling. Stop being a little white dog. Stop being a stick fetcher. Be a white man. REFUSE TO BE USED.
Jews in America have a message for you, white man: "We haven't murdered as many of you as our bros in Russia last century. Yet."
jews act like it's a sign of cheating or bad character to cite actual murder victims that are the direct result of their policies #AngelMoms
Consistency is no paste jewel; it's a real jewel.
we have you shlebotniks to blame for that, stinky https://t.co/Cce5Oysp8m
the Electric Sleight https://t.co/AoTDyiJhDl
It's going to be a giant wall, covered with jew hides on the US side, and mexican pelts on the other. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
they're jews. period. end of sentence. their politics is they're all on the side of #TeamJew https://t.co/is0RhDUveH
#LeoFrank #ADL The quivering li'l bug-eyed kike was as guilty as hell; that the ADL was founded to save such an obvious piece o' shit by
the left = jews. it isn't democratic. it doesn't argue, it smears, lies and murders. jewed right is no different.
the leftist "journalist" is proud of his audacity in treating an objective fact (yes, even murder) as a kooky perception in diseased mind

August 31, 2016:

you're another jackass who is going to make distinctions between genocidal jews while they treat whites as a class https://t.co/mcOn1QVt0J
expelling jews is as absurd a "solution" as expelling termites
whites are literally so dumb they cannot grasp that a "solution" that has failed 109x will fail the 110th, 111th, 112th too...
bobby fischer. and...no. just him. https://t.co/P4stQvVUrA
consider just how dishonest and bizarre he says "say" instead of "whose kids were murdered" https://t.co/g2FD8uesIW
if you want a border around your white nation...you're hitler. if you want a white nation to stay that way...you're hitler. politics in 2016
you know that couple that abusedgirl until she thought "Idiot" was her name - that's how (((media))) treat normal whites
leftists use conservatives' respect for the law against them; for themselves, there's only Law of What We Can Get Away With
the fool you flatter is the fool you become. america now thinks & acts like jews, and is hated like them as a result https://t.co/vSQO0KlolX
every non-leftist is hitler every non-(((left))) position is hate controlling the media is fun! https://t.co/O7iRYS7jfG
wtf are mountain rats? https://t.co/921m8FUssP
if you would merely "expel" jews you claim are GENOCIDING your kind, then you are either a fool or a clown
correct. you have identified the clown position. https://t.co/zj1XW6ou89
moral problems experienced by christians and other inferior men go away when we regard jews as animals, not men. as they regard us #Talmud
what did your jew boss eat today Mr. Remora, sir? https://t.co/n12GF8dpv2
all the people i pay to watch tv for me (aka follow on twitter) seem to think Marse Trump is saying some wise & necessary things
there is nothing as creepy and ethereal-insane as listening to a catholic talking about curing jews by converting them to christ-insanity
Christianity and junk carbohydrates - the analogy is perfect.
Trump is like Ferris Bueller come to life. And the yidstons with their stupid media gibes have orange all over their face. Losers!
jews have earned a tribal death sentence. that's my position. and a more easily defensible position, given history, is inconceivable
we just want to "expel" jews as most on "our" side say. have you HEARD of nuclear weapons? do you KNOW how far they reach? how many IZ has?
you take "loving whites" and i'll take "hating jews and niggers" and i'll lap you three x before you're out the gate
when "we" talk about "jews want to white-genocide us," but we just want to expel them, the ? becomes are we clowns? https://t.co/7OiG6vdnNB
how should we treat people trying to exterminate us as a race? take them to border and let them go? #Expelol https://t.co/7OiG6vdnNB
we exterminate termites for destroying our houses; should we treat more leniently jews who destroy our societies? #TeamWhite
the power to expel jews is tantamount to the power to counter-exterminate them, and counter to jew-protecting catholics i urge that we do it
no, let's expel jews for the 110th time, so our posterity can face the problem for the 111th. https://t.co/hcc4PQdkue
but when you talk about what the problem is we're all on the same page - except the known shills tools n yids https://t.co/VdNwSCbIRj
when you try to promote a positive vision, whites divide into freemen, nazis and jebusvoids. (ie we DONT agree) https://t.co/VdNwSCbIRj
because people arent 1/10th as motivated by positive visions as by (legitimate rational) fear of terrible things https://t.co/VdNwSCbIRj
very good #altright explainer https://t.co/W3aspbyp78
"we instruct the youth of the goyim in doctrines we know to be false" - public education
wonder if his inspiration for this was the Protocols, which says the same thing in different words https://t.co/hgKmLqE4dh
Counter-extermination is the only solution to #loxism. https://t.co/RT0acRXRhC
would you leave your penis alone in a room with a catholic priest?
with jews, the thing disappears with the last hominid embodiment; not so with xtianity. wiping it out is akin to war on stupidity/conformity
jews still here. byzantines gone. you interpret this as byz successfully controlling jews. smh https://t.co/o1plKdNkss
that's what's up front. which guarantees nothing about what's out back. https://t.co/R1K2geNoFy
christianity defended whites from jews by giving jews control over money
priests tired of faggotry? NOT BUYING IT https://t.co/4d1DlO8eNb
if it's genetic, why the emphasis on getting youngest kids into a church. parallel to homos n school 'education' https://t.co/cZZkCpkTLX
How many jews would have to disappear to cleanse the right of yidfluenza?
We need Pepista death squads roofing niggers like the ones that just tortured and burned to death that grandmother in Georgia.
there's no similarity between the two, except that both argue dishonestly. but jews are strong, and xtians are weak https://t.co/FshQgmRKNr
Christianity has historically defended jews against enraged whites. It has never defended whites against jews.
christianity was 'produced' by jews for whites to protect jews from whites and to let jews prey on whites https://t.co/FshQgmRKNr
The simplest explanation that covers the given facts is that jews control the west, they hate whites, and they are trying to genocide them.
Christianity is the reason whiteskins won't defend themselves against jews. Xtianity is a group defense strategy - for jews.
The average man does not believe in causation and one of the worst things about christianity is that it deliberately reinforces this.
one of you #crosscult twinks want to step up and answer? https://t.co/eVwuWT3oAh

August 30, 2016:

If jews moved to the north pole they'd be complaining about polar bear racism within ten minutes.
"Statecraft as Soulcraft" G. Will? He's pro-giant govt. https://t.co/srXtvdUfRK
#Tcot - read up, faggots. https://t.co/KqXI4ekv2d
You can have men or you can have big government. There is little wrong with conservative principles, the manlets are too teensy to vindicate
Do you hate whites and want them to disappear - literally disappear? Yet also want to live off them while they're still here? Vote Dem!
Jews refuse to address White politics thru any lens but abnormal psychology, because if they argue - we win. So - lies only. Smears only.
The white race is still mostly at the level of coon voodoo, ie the #crosscucks. Come race-order eugenics, #Fingerism will supersede.
#Fingerism is the future: right-wing atheism. Founded on the Deepest Truth - that one can cause one's finger to move.
Whites simply refuse to believe jews are as organized as they are.
So that wasn't a syringe of Diazepam (sp?) in that nig's fist? Who first circulated the claim? has it retracted?
White race needs to quit acting like middle manager Chipeska in Bad Santa. "You're pathetic." --B.B. Thorton
no idea. dont listen to the guy. just bears repeating that he is in with (((them))) https://t.co/oWlwt5CfzN
The presence of all those churches should have told you that. https://t.co/y1DdEGnhmP
Professional buffoon and seducer of the little people admits on national airwaves he's married to a jew. https://t.co/lyilFdA79Z

August 29, 2016:

"The means of defence against foreign danger, have been always the instruments of tyranny at home." US military is garden-wiesel tool 4 jews
A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty. --James Madison #tcot
jews are a genetic clan of criminals who have created a cult out of worshipping themselves https://t.co/TI7YCIaqpv
what color was the nigger bear that stole that feeder? https://t.co/QTn1859ZtY
do you greenfags know how the founders felt about standing armies? they were against them. you dont defend US, you weaken & pervert it.
sportswriting is jew-queered exactly same way formal politics is. jews promoted griffin over cousins; but also lauvao over long
worse than the liar, in many ways, is the man who is concerned with truth, but only after his view has passed the respectability test
jews create surround clouds to mask the source of the problem. then have their writers blame corporations or coloreds for ills they started
jews are a rabid race. what we do with rabid dogs is exactly what must be done with jews. or we let them keep biting us.
no group of people sucks its own highly imaginary dick like the US military. you greenfags are parasites. not heroes. dupes and tools.
the biggest joke ever, popular with conservatives, is that our military makes our country free.
parasites in US: military, niggers, illegals, jews/israel, defense contractors... all garbage classes of people making the country worse
Hillary Clinton is sick evil liar and warmonger, but govt benefits addiction ensures half the population would vote for devil himself.
this guy is the cuckiest cuck in africa https://t.co/lWpaRuySJX
lot of this guy on that boat crossing the delaware eh https://t.co/1uWtzUFyud

August 28, 2016:

Why one when you can have three??: Circus tickets are the new engagement ring.
is there anything not wrong with you? https://t.co/UnNBvhDa5T
whites would rather die than be stigmatized - even in theory! astonishing. https://t.co/hJH5IP7b2N
"How can I take on a bigger portion of responsibility for negro failure?"...is a question ever white man should be asking himself in 2016.
damn good stuff. what too many of these nazi faggots dont get is BIG GOVERNMENT LITTLE MEN https://t.co/xz1BFwudSR
Factually untrue. I mean, if you were interested in the facts, which you aren't. https://t.co/2X11nEx2AG
The battle is not between globalists and nationalists but between #TeamJew and #TeamWhite.
Perfect example of Hitler's claim in every social abscess - a jew. A suppurating jew. https://t.co/gePWHMETYN #TeamJew #TeamWhite #loxism
Let #altright collect the losers who beta cuck after any broad with tits who says something only 50% stupid intead of expected 99%.
Democracy just makes fags of all participants because of the need to suck after money and kiss ass for votes.
Fuck nationalism for all, whites must conquer. Only that mindset can win. jews have it. Even niggers have it. We have me-too democratic crap
Seb me pansy jebus. O seb me do. Is a lowly nigger, ah needs muh salvashun.
Session #10 of 11: Camp of the Saints. (pp 240-271) https://t.co/rv7F5NGvTl #LearningCollege #vnnforum #TeamWhite
Global, coordinated, #antiwhite lie campaigns from #TeamJew - https://t.co/TcEpp6zdNq #loxism
Any whiteskin who takes a penny from jew Soros is guilty of treason, and deserves to be executed. #TeamWhite
Jew Soros is paying coloreds to attack whites. He deserves to die for that. So does his vile race, which supports him 100%.
Amended sched. Please note. 6:30 Fair Queen Coronation 7:00 Mutton Bustin 7:30 Stick Horse Race 8:00 Jew Expulsion #CountryFair
ooh, da monkeyville in sum fine hans https://t.co/1KMxKyW52G
Hi, folks. I just want you to know that my views? They're 100% I'm Good Brand (tm). Everything that Good people believe, I believe them too!
The real humor is accuracy. These days. Perhaps it were ever thus. https://t.co/Ru2CZaxkMG
It's led by jews, too. Surely you're not too oblivious to notice that. https://t.co/mkW59wMCtb

August 27, 2016:

Segregation is a dysphemism for free association; Integration is a euphemism for coerced destruction. #loxism
Whiteskins bend over backwards to be generous to anyone. Except their own ancestors.
Christianity turns men into women. Soy milk for the soul. https://t.co/vvbZBFbm6Y
Typical example of nigger behavior. Yes, they pretty much all are like that. https://t.co/FUjtf4T2ip
apparently these are jewlets. so the lies serve the purpose of group-strengthening: the whole world hates you etc https://t.co/p2NTzA7vVV
well i didnt read the story, so joke's on me. in the US, this would always be a goyish public school in flyover https://t.co/fUBn3XpaPo
Nuns achieve orgasm as they're martyred by Offal-American of the type they wasted their lives serving. https://t.co/k960qiDqQD #CrossCucks
Remember prunecunt wants to bring in tens of millions of these shit-colored cultists to complete the ruin of America https://t.co/zppFZA6a2R
this is child abuse - all public schools should be burned down https://t.co/NPGR5KYmWh

August 26, 2016:

is even one of them a real blonde? https://t.co/0NBYtcPxnT
Is "Breitbart" #altright? Well, Breitbart is pure muslim-baiting and jew-evasion. Like Fox. Same with Jared "Polished Turd" Taylor.
Brazil is all catholic. Has it attained a notable degree of civilization? Since xtianity is the source of culture?
The jews you worship think you and your kind are idiots. They're right. https://t.co/Nc4UrwVtk9
Clinton's Speech Denouncing Meme-Toting Racists Interrupted By Meme https://t.co/LJTlvK06GP
kike feinberg - Hillary Clinton Speaks Truth to Pepe https://t.co/28StvWhasX
i always feel there's something weird about people who almost casually spit down principled, consistent behavior as "purity"
People who support Trump? Normal White Americans. The ones hillary hates. As opposed to black/jew/muslim criminals. Whom she loves.
you position on jews? WN: The Enemy. #altright: uh... well... (looks both ways, runs off to suck a dick)
US foreign policy: Won't somebody please think of these poor Syrian kids (who were doing just great till (((we))) ruined their country).
#LeoFrank trial, Week One (audio) https://t.co/JKgE9lHTrF (1:38m) article https://t.co/7zNSf91iHY #ADL #LearningCollege #vnnforum
Why do these folks appease jews? Only their conscience knows. https://t.co/M8OKUxAuV2
Audiobook: Camp of the Saints 9 of 11 sessions complete, up thru page 239 https://t.co/eluoZbdJ5q #LearningCollege #vnnforum #TeamWhite
White nationalism is certainly about hatred of the jews and cuck helpers who have murdered America. #TeamWhite
loser argument https://t.co/FNU6RXJBLP
jews send out people to lead the fake opposition to real problems they've created. wilders, yiannopoulous, breitbart etc. whites = suckers
"real deal" jesus you have low standards https://t.co/T8FTcQxdW4
white nationalist. a term that actually means something, unlike "alt" which means "we're not whatever-this-is" https://t.co/IdBuY3iyS0
Fox News = fake blonds, fake Americans, real male cheerleaders https://t.co/k6VsyfgTdy

August 25, 2016:

good article by Hoppe https://t.co/6m3zmt4yXz
ISIS is "good for jews" https://t.co/OHoH1NuZB0 #TeamJew
wow...violent niggers abroad are turning their lives around just like in US! great news! https://t.co/dqOuSDd8DN
Sucking up to people with money is THE British value. https://t.co/jnZRmLD0T1

August 24, 2016:

niggers... Woman in car shot in the shoulder in terrifying machine gun shootout https://t.co/I49cmp4Qzd via @MailOnline
if you don't name jews the enemy, you're not the "alt" you're the System
so: 1) "alt right" came from a jew (faileocon jew-crit censor); 2) jew-pozzed @jaredtaylor is leader; 3) it's "for everybody" (ramsey). wjw
"The 'alt-right' moniker, the Wash. Post explained, was birthed from a speech given by Paul Gottfried" - jew who censored jewcrit @ Takimag
Notice how jew-exculpating clowns and others of dubious intent are being positioned by the controlled media as leaders of #altright.
you're trying to make something black and white that isn't, that's the best i can explain it https://t.co/cjL9YhvH6k
Whether he has fortified his NYC-jew observations with intellectual readings, I don't know. Probably just Fox-level stuff, I would guess.
Sick in mind, body and soul, Hillary Clinton sides with Muslim terrorists, black criminals & globalist jews against Normal White America.
2016-08-24: +345 Trump -370 Clinton
someone went looking for pictures of She-eeeeeeitman? NOT BUYING IT
College - why? you will never have as much energy after 30 as before. why waste years listening to marxoid horseshit? you're PAYING for?
not just teenagers, middle-aged prole white women too https://t.co/EzPnHCH71b
Session #7: Camp of the Saints thru page 191 https://t.co/eWQPXjreH5 #LearningCollege #vnnforum #TeamWhite
want to help niggers? stop subsidizing them. the only thing that should be subsidized for blacks is one-way trips to Freaka.
when neocons try to do CT, they actually come off dumber than alex jones fans. which doesnt seem mathematically possible
This guy > Robert E. Lee https://t.co/8dCPxC9pYv
Nazis were a response to the jews. What were the jews doing to Germany? Well, look around you. The same things they're doing to the US today

August 23, 2016:

niggers: they're all like that. shit, even bill cosby's background probably couldn't stand much inspection https://t.co/se2jarJWee
Mother Jones digging for WN quotes on Trump.
Jews are trying to murder the White West. How should we respond? #TeamWhite
Session #6, Camp of the Saints (thru pg 161) https://t.co/e8OGDP4Y0l #LearningCollege #vnnforum #TeamWhite
Lawsuit Filed over Illegal US Aid to Israel https://t.co/S91M9hFk28 via @NewObOnline
David Duke Campaign Stirs up Louisiana https://t.co/xQ41getGni via @NewObOnline
Comparable reaction in Anglo lands? Bueller? -- Attacks on Invader Centers Triple https://t.co/uxHInuaKPi via @NewObOnline
Foreign Policy: Is Donald Trump Mad? https://t.co/csRULscvmY via @NewObOnline
Lincoln’s Real Policy on Blacks https://t.co/w3sTXMiW9k via @NewObOnline

August 22, 2016:

a cow has only one real thought in its head, #muhgrass, and so it is with most people
Contrast with the servile shit Trump says about jews. https://t.co/KXL4C6Mukv
You're against Enlightenment nonsense but for christianity? You're an idiot. They're variants of the same mistake.
If we're going to have Lady Parkinson as our honcho in chief, I'd rather we put a wig on Michael J. Fox and call him Michaela.
I got more followers now so why not ask again: Whatever happened to good ol' Celtic bigot Jimmy Cantrell?
I have a soft spot for those who admit what they are. May oppose them, but grant them limited respect. For fakes and pseuds - the sword.
It's illegal to question the jewish atrocity whoppers called history in most western countries - and you're worried about dhimmitude? #tcot
Pretending niggers can meet standards is the real racism.
Turns out Yiannopoulos is Greek for "Clinton" https://t.co/ANRPgVvAnt
They call it the Bible because it's easier than saying "Jewish Horseshit for Morons." Which is a real mouthful.
no one who has ever been even semi-famous will doubt the power of the media to put ideas in people's minds that are stronger than reality
It's pretty amazing that Hillary is openly on the side of muslim terrorists and nigger criminals and still has half the vote.
i closed my eyes and dreamed a dream...oh wait...that's you religious cultists https://t.co/cpA9jn3v7N
i think you're a little confused...about a lot of things, so completely confused https://t.co/kI8HfxKio9
Joni Mitchell...kind of a laborious hike w occasional nice view
i didnt advert to it until you went on about classes etc. dont open avenues you cant defend #protip https://t.co/v4pbGr0FyD
i dont know what that means https://t.co/eBgE9UBxLF
If god is on your side, where do you go, in your head, when you lose?
Can you restring my Weed Eater? Well...no... But I know how the structure of knowing works! #MuhPhilosophy
as an artisanal insultist, i paint with the palette of history. i will ochre you up till you look like a Guinea tribesman on Rumspringa
you know the "structure" of how knowing works. lol. classic. https://t.co/UfVUh0gUT3
i used actual fact to back my position; you gots nothing, and at some level you're aware of it. all u have = epithet https://t.co/r8Q4rRYPep
bad: racial apartheid, protecting whites from rape and murder good: comment apartheid, protecting fragile jew-leftists from logic & laughter
a Slayer tshirt and a chicken egg are the same thing. dont be fooled by their different skin colors, man
nearly every word nietzsche wrote is interesting; whereas much schopenhauer is not. but that might just be me. https://t.co/Ee7uMCn5fH
i invented something today, quite by accident. key lime quiche. it's not actually terrible.
I actually look at things using my eyes. That's how I was first able to ascertain that, contrary to Sunday/Monday School, blacks arent white
It seems manlier and more aesthetic to accept differences are real and intractable. Let's just kill each other, it's more respectful.
Oh I'll leave your lawn. But my pockets are full of grapefruit! https://t.co/ciRU3pEvsy
quality tweet! https://t.co/99P9cTRe8R
Feeling very 1972-4 tonight. Billy Marek, three defenders on his back. Bill & Hillary make love to Joni Mitchell. Ernf, ernf, wow, yeah-woah
havent seen that name in about 30 years https://t.co/Q0QcKjAOOo
Truths no one likes to admit, but which are undeniable: Tennessee Waltz Amazing Grace are terrible songs.
"Colored people," lol. C'mon lady. They're discolored. White is the standard. Everything else is off.
Harambe moonlighted as a bouncer at Five Finger Discount, a notorious nigger dive in Over-da-Rhine an' Shit. #RealApesOfGreatness
The world doesn't need any more negroes than to outfit a modest research quadrange, where white scientists can observe evolution, perhaps.
All "public school" teachers are overpaid. See, kiddies, (((they))) in media aren't just lying about race, they lie about ev'rthing.
What is a tretin? Why, friends, it's a cretin that lives in a tree. Don't ask me why. I'm not "Doctor" Seuss.
Collectivized central leadership is a necessary defensive measure against jews. Among ourselves, decentralization is higher cultural level.
Minimialism: why spend time on shit that doesn't matter? Applied to govt: why spend money growing colonies of feral niggers?
The cost of taxing valid humans to keep the 30-inch-assed NEA school admins in their plumpfy sinecures is beyond calculation.
The beautiful thing about an illiterate age is you can make up quotes and attribute them to Oscar Wilde and no one knows the...who he is.
Politics is about garbage management, and that's the idealistic view.
Patsy Cline explains alpha-beta from betitted POV. If we're "created," we owe the 'tor a punch in the mouth. https://t.co/Wn8baVPKNF
Apply the trendy concept of minimalism to politics. Governments create the dysgenic demographic that "needs" government.
session #5, Camp of the Saints pp106-132 (1:14) https://t.co/lDFT8vV5Xb #LearningCollege #vnnforum #TeamWhite
White-man-ism, or white minimalism https://t.co/9m7FlsAeXc
saying anyone is an american is like saying limes arent essential to key lime pie
Why would I be a christian or national socialist when I have something better?
That libertarianism can never win on its own terms is obvious and beside the point, which is that most of its ideas & claims are correct.
Niggers are like cats or dogs. They want what's on your plate. They have no idea how it was procured or prepared. They're animals.
Jews believe with brazen lying and audacity they can take over the world. And when they pull off a '911,' it reinforces their belief.
I believe it is accurate, based on history of jew-Euro relations. https://t.co/xhPOiVEznj
Go clean the grubs out of my garden. I'll pay you a penny apiece, and you can snack on them as you work. https://t.co/LYiCKZsM8r
Dude! You're getting Adele! Mmm...nice 'n' plump like all great women and roasting pigs.
Criss-cross'll make you jump! jump! https://t.co/LYiCKZsM8r
I just want Ulrich to change his name to something euphoniouser. 'Skarsdale Puttyman' is the name I came up with. https://t.co/LYiCKZsM8r

August 21, 2016:

it's like arguing niggers are pro-white because they cause so many people to hate niggers. https://t.co/AiZDZFPr7n
Charlotte Iserbyt, John Taylor Gatto, Samuel Blumenfeld https://t.co/uwxZS5oc1f
Obstinately push your frame on them, force them to wear it, and never accept their terms. Never pass under their verbal yoke.
The minute you show any concern about racism, you've lost. You're playing their game, in their frame. And they're laughing at how weak-dumb
says the woman who has fawned over the jews responsible for that policy her entire career https://t.co/1oQS28bywF
They're wrong and lying about that too, it's been tested. Peers are where whites get bad habits. https://t.co/5CrF6LC5dE
Similar to Emmett's pa https://t.co/0yRBtIo4fK
There is no problem but jews. And no solution but counter-exterminating them. #TeamWhite
Jews "fake it till you make it" - they lie lie lie America is this sort of country, until through invasion and agitprop they make it so.
Trump has unveiled the media for those who pay little attention. That partisan monster you see - that's the jew, undraped.
Individualism is necessary where it makes sense (most areas). White socialism is a bad idea. But racial defense is a team thing. #TeamWhite
We forget how brainwashed we are. The candidate we're all excited about will publicly assure morbid sex deviants he'll defend them. Not us.
Politics is #TeamWhite (some internet presence, mostly theoretical) vs #TeamJew (real global power now). Reify TW & polarize is recipe.
They hate you for your superiority, white man. The rest is so much squid ink. And as you can't change that, you'd best fight & defend yrself
Nothing will mollify the (((left))) because it hates you (normal white man) categorically, which is 2 say, impersonally (ie, by principle).
(((media))) are biased & unfair. But that's wrong way to look at it. Rather: media are part of ZOG, engaged in perpetual race war vs whites.
Whitesnark has opened the age to political reality. 20 years of public internet allow anyone interested to see actual forces doing battle.
Harambe: his fur is black. But his heart is white.
Corporations are driven solely by profit maximization, that's why Daily Stormer is full of ads from prominent retailers. #MarkCrispinMiller
Negros struggle against that giant, invisible force preventing them from working and saving money. Poower negros, so hard they have it.
Democracy's standards: you have to be a certain age to run for office. And you have to be a citizen to vote. Well, scratch that second qualy
Govt should be a sort of standing posse. But it always tends to turn into a criminal gang that looks on normies as cash cows & lab animals.
As a white man, why should I vote for you? @realDonaldTrump
This quote from Hillary shows that whites who succeed in democratic politics think the same paranoid way jews do. https://t.co/D7L7AMjQLy
I can totally see Harambe as VP, raising Trump's hand in front of a giant rally. Strength!
A racial order needn't be religious, indeed it's very important that it not be. #TeamWhite
Remember, people, xtianity has been around just a slim fraction of the white race's existence. It's time to make it part of our past.
Nazism wasn't a loser association like christianity. https://t.co/CGu9vDZ6TD
The media act like Hilly's a done deal. But we know 2 things: 1) the (((media))) lie; 2) Trump attracts huge crowds at all rallies.
Glenn Beck doesn't even deserve the elevation of a crane, he's more backhoe fodder.
Obama does terrible things as president. Oh yes, and his workday portions are so small. #TCOT man...scoring an own-joke every time.
For every extra vote Trump attracts from niggers, he loses a multiple of whites, if only thru drifting uninterest. "Same old shit."
Too bad Trump doesn't have the balls to do the truly revolutionary thing: appeal to whites openly in the name of their racial interests.
The Founders were racists -- serious thinkers and tough fighters -- not Glenn Beck fans.
As a white nationalist, it's quite easy to see why jews run things and whiteskins run away from jews.
It's a fact that the average person, even upper middle class (college educated) cannot be brought to believe ideas & contradictions matter.
The thing that is most characteristic and despicable about avg guy conservative is the way he simply attributes his view to Founders.
Fat gals in their 20s love to fuck. But when they get 50, it's too much effort, and their knees are gone. https://t.co/LqmwDuHiAL
All the fat women I've known have enjoyed or endured unending procession of minor and major physical problem. FAT KILLS KNEES.
Everything Obama does is wrong. Why doesn't he spend more hours in the office? Even the most basic contradiction the #tcot simp slides over.
The greater the certainty, the louder the laughter. A Sunday School teacher on God; a Monday school teacher on diversity.
Katie with the pat put-down https://t.co/oWuvLhPmxa
All the college kids come back into town. Why would anyone go to college in age of Internet?
So many giant, fat-rumpled young white women where I live. Such a class indicator. Nothing screams low-rent prole like fat rolls.
Hillary has the fat ugly womens vote, and, per Twain, Haint that a big enough majority in any town?
Seems like every right-wing pol ends desperately attempting to prove to his despisers he means well. No strength of character. Sad!
Funny I never hear jews defend any policy as "good for whites." I never stop hearing the Trumps defend policies as good for jews, blacks etc
When I hear these radio ads for back to schooling, I still inwardly cringe though I'm decades past that. What utter misery, this institution
I urge people to read the history of public schooling in America, for it is identical to history of her destruction https://t.co/VsxndWpORw
What's needed is a White vehicle that is: - explicitly and proudly racial - (White with capital W) - names & fights jew as our racial enemy
Trump +345 Clinton -360 21 August 2016

August 20, 2016:

Maxwell: The capybara, a dog-sized rodent, is among the latest to invade Florida https://t.co/bcJNNUkC2a
trigger disgust. just like WP itself - People say they approve of interracial couples, but studies uncover bias https://t.co/Fop2SDDfsK

August 19, 2016:

Every jew acts like he's silently saying to the others, "Can you believe what these goyschmucks will put up with??"
I believe they believe this, and we must embody the opposite. JEW THE JEW. This is large part of what that means. https://t.co/PeM34mcDC5
SHeeeeeitman: The Movie...starring Lezzzdog. PERFECT FIT. HAS TEETH & BRAINPOWER
well you are an expert in disgusting fucks, so maybe you have something there pinchy https://t.co/mYoRcbcNpE
Lacking in follow through? https://t.co/IpP7pTdqY7
"Don't get smart, jes' stay like y'are." Do people in non-Missouri states say this?
"Mistakes become clearer after the fact." --Mao Tse-Tung/Pam Tillis
Crazy...isn't just a song by Patsy Cline. https://t.co/kDomg9CnBu
The traditionalist ignores traditions that don't suit him, while the progressive says this flame will never die. We all pick and choose.
he also came in second in my favorite no limits nigga competition https://t.co/IAr31doGXw
session #4, Camp of the Saints, pp79-105 https://t.co/Rg61KrNbV6 (1:21) #LearningCollege #vnnforum #TeamWhite
Trump +340 to win election. Has been as high as +365 in last month.
Beat the conservatives, for they are twinks and enjoy it. They will start parroting you. Observe how jews treat cuckstians, and learn.
Cuck E. Cheese: where a nig can be my kid. @TheRickWilson
The white racial cause can be, and should be, for whites who hold to higher standards than the church of the #crosscucks. #TeamWhite
Hillary Clinton's father was a right-winger. Then she went to church. True story. Christ-insanity is #antiwhite.
Treating jews as individuals is popular with people who imagine they understand what they're doing but do not.
we shoot rabid dogs. are jews not more destructive? https://t.co/YUJs77GbHF
a jewish day at the beach.. https://t.co/1zthVvNSr8
"If we are God's chosen people, how can any resistance to us and our plans, even the slightest, be moral?" --Nathan Jacob Wise
"We never give our opponents an inch. We do not even cede their existence as valid, let alone their arguments." --Nathan Jacob Wise
fish do not take the same view of flooding as humans --Loa Tes, The Book of Ununwisdom
mexican music is truly one of the horrors of the world. music so bad it takes mexicans to make it. https://t.co/sk67LH9FSm

August 18, 2016:

Session #3 (pp 52-78) of The Camp of the Saints... https://t.co/WdUzXh79Dt (1:13) #LearningCollege #vnnforum #TeamWhite
"Public schools" dont care if you cant do checkbook math. They do care if you can't identify Wrong Attitudes as "hate."
Whites today refuse to see patterns, quite willfully. They have been persuaded by Sunday & Monday school pattern-recognition is immoral.
Does (((Soros))) fund (((Curious Cernovich)))?
#CowardCoulter blames Dems & Reps because it's safe, while knowing it was jews who opened border for racial reasons. https://t.co/4DEeDUL5el
"'racist' is losing its power!" - been hearing this since the 70s. the anonymite saying this is bereft of irony
It's a mistake to think the #cuckservative believes anything. He's serving his boss for pay. That's the long and short of it.
Where jews have power, career girls cuck for them. See Trick Wilson. Where muslims have power, they cuck for Muzzy. See Teresa May.
The #Cuckservative does in fact live by principles. His principle is: whatever is good for my career is all that matters.
Created by "fascists" who belong to synagogues. https://t.co/7F3rUS7g5x
you hate globalists? you hate media? Then you're against jews. As you should be. Just admit it's racial war and sign on to #TeamWhite.
the globalists arent trying to dissolve israel, are they? so when you say you oppose globalists, what you mean is you oppose jews
not at all, because the broad that said it is pro-jew https://t.co/NfzIdqN9vb
saying "it's about globalism vs nationalism" is the typical white cowardly retreat into safe abstration. it's about #TeamWhite vs #TeamJew

August 17, 2016:

so many of that type at my college. dumpy, boring, wrong jewesses https://t.co/wzuLLXOhp4
The people must be at Trump rallies when the pollsters call.
All the twinks (pro cons) hated Gore Vidal (Al Gore relative), called him "evil." Because he had balls. He down-laughed scum jews they blew.
Pretty much the only place the term prejudice is accurately applied is to evaluation of the intellectual quality of Hitler's writings.
Planted axiom: Nick Gomez can recognize value. https://t.co/Wt07QHnhXa
I will warn all of you again... only those who SMELL FANTASTIC!!! are allowed to follow me.
Read Russell Kirk for an attempt to explain conservative-the-ism, but Hitler & Rockwell are best on conservative as a type & mentality.
Breitbart dares blame the muslims, but whistles on the jew what let it in. Meet the new alt same as old boss.
America was started by a fair number of high-quality English, along with scum, then yielded to failed potato farmers & cow ass chasers.
Up from leftism: without using the term 'racist' explain why you believe X is wrong. ie, pretend your opponent is just as noble as you are
Al Gore WASP WHORE https://t.co/1XFwoxldP8
What if Grandma Shaky plants her giant, exhausted ass on the nuclear football by mistake?
freedom is a spirit, not just a law. when did america become a nation of cunts. most scholars say 1832, and i cant disagree
boy look at all them buddin' dickenses and austens https://t.co/LniklE58g2
ziggy has the yapping conch. the rest of you...SHUT UP. NO WOMEN DRIVING TUESDAYS...#GreatIdeas
and that last tweet is from someone who LOVES business. and markets. ... they're just two different things, apart from mere necessity
i want to say this. fuck your fucking content. the very fucking notion of content makes me puke. it's called ART. its about LOVE not shekels
100 years ago...The Leo Frank Trial Begins (audio session #1) https://t.co/bnibIeZDi9 (25m) https://t.co/YRlboLKHlv #ADL #LeoFrank #vnnforum
Camp of the Saints, session #2, pp18-51. Audiobook (text + comments) https://t.co/TLa6iIaLMC #TeamWhite #VnnForum
(((Breitbart))) Will we never learn? The funniest thing of all is claim we WN are "supremacists." Whites can be fooled 1000x by same trix
How many budding Merkels did #HeroBreivik abort?
Nature operates by genocide, whether we like it or not. If we embrace the God delusion, then we have genocide as God's plan for the world.
It was the catholic weakness that allowed jews to buscemi their way into white society.
There is no Tradition, only traditionS, and many of them are defective. People don't think much, hence traditions = congealed stupidity.
Tradition is as absurd an abstraction as Progress.
what is more pleasant than pre-dawn summer morning? very few things...
the bible is a sniffin' glue trap for white man
look at these jackass south african wiggers https://t.co/ozCcbCTxuH
Put some lotion on that hand back you lizard https://t.co/zrbllkcs4A
He who pays the piper calls the tune. Democracy, like piper, requires money. Jews have the money (they printed it). So they call the tune.
Hatred of whites (#loxism) is endemic is the jewish community. It's always been there. It's a racial trait.
No nigger at any time, anywhere, ever has given one split second of thought to what is good for "the white community." #CuckCoulter #MAGA
church policy of transferring pedo-priests to a new parish > blather from some girl Catholicism protects pedophiles https://t.co/Zh7Tj0QmKM
Sometimes. Last couple years I have moved to a version of audiobooks (text + commentary). https://t.co/3ltUEJljDA https://t.co/BPVKqpBkIS
Christianity is for cucks. As that very tepidly funny comedian Bill Engvall used to say, "Here's your sign." #CrossCucks
only someone with a catholic mind - dirty, low, dishonest - would think to brag that CELIBRATE PRIESTS have LESS (bad sex)
i dont like people like you who refuse to hold them responsible for their behavior, which is uniformly #antiwhite https://t.co/egv4TaDe0X
This is your dumbest tweet yet. And before 6am, no less! "Onanism is LESS common among priests with no hands." https://t.co/nQzjcvEARJ
Coulter is a dyed-in-the-wool #cuck. https://t.co/QBAdXDMR8M
If space aliens invaded Britain she's say the same thing. https://t.co/5xJPUFxd8I
Trump wouldn't bomb white Serbia to aid filthy muslims and advance the jewish #whitegenocide agenda; Hillary would.
If a jew like Yiannopoulos says "I am not altright" and much/most of #altright thinks he is, then altright is "just another liberal rag."
This is what happens where JEWS control immigration, as jew-controlled fake opposition Pegida won't tell you. https://t.co/F2nmyuwUdA
jew suffering: imaginary and promoted White suffering: real and suppressed #TeamWhite alone brings you the real and full truth.
yeah that's not how you sell raspberries. try: they're juicy and sweet and nicely colored. https://t.co/a7rwiuakgO
Christianity essentially means preferring the worse to the better. That's its appeal - it's a non-violent form of wiggerism for losers.
Like many lizards, adopted niggaloos from Africa thrive on mealworms, accounting for much of their appeal to cheap xtian owners.
Tired of seeing pictures of our people looking like this, thanks to jews like Soros. It's (((their))) turn. https://t.co/qSs7QHnqkI
The christiasn Moral Sense, bruited as great advance, has done nothing but turn whites into sideways lookers and stick fetchers.

August 16, 2016:

If you're going to claim pathological altruism is problem with whites, why not think harder and realize it's christianity.
Jews to rest of world: you can only exist on our terms. Anything else is anti-semitism, the worst of all crimes. #TeamWhite explains jews.
jews have equated white identity -- literally white existence -- with the top crime - murder. Our existence as whites is a crime. Says Jew.
White identity is bad for jews so whites must disappear. Could anything more brazenly obnoxious be conceived? https://t.co/Diay4HYmLP
more people like olives than niggers, and damn few people like olives
jews control the media, defame anyone standing up for whites, then mock him as crybaby for pointing this out. #DeathToTheJews cuts thru bs
The jews have shown what they are. They are not going to change. The change must come in our thinking. Xtianity has failed & endangered us.
"You dirty whiteskins need to quit creating a hostile environment for the muslim terrorists we let in to replace you." --(((global media)))
Session #1 of my reading of Jean Raspail's Camp of the Saints (1973), text + commentary. Thread here: https://t.co/eluoZbdJ5q
Niggers Riot After Black Criminal Steal Gun, Car, Flees, Pulls Gun on Cop
Jewsmedia deliberately confuse (lie about) happen-to and caused-by when it comes to their pet niggers.
Racists and liberals agree: the worst place for whites or blacks to live is around blacks. Glad we agree on something! #MilwaukeeUprising
what type of man was this 'black man'? a criminal? oh. then why do you call him...oh. (((they))) hate you. they really hate you #TeamWhite
If Milwaukee is worst place to live for blacks...and the most segregated...then the worst place for blacks to live is...around other blacks.
How you vet muslims: by their tenet: jihad. How you vet jews: by their Talmud's statement: "Even the best of the goyim should be killed."
Like we have the time, money or ability to vet muslims for the good ones. We live in a clown age.
Even Dave Chappelle was there. https://t.co/kTwfA5jQlw
The (((US central government))) does indeed see the hominids under its control as a resource, and feeds off them heartily.
A government that tries to force whites to live with other races is by that fact alone illegitimate.
The media seem like they attack Trump for personal things (even if concocted) but actually it's a racial attack. By jews. On The White Man.
Trump at least brings into sharpest relief that the main media & govt constitute a single entity - dominated by jews and 100% #antiwhite.
The single best example of (((media))) power and control I've seen in my lifetime was the 24 hours after Pat Buchanan's Culture Wars speech.
The conservative needs to understand that it is weak, bad and immoral to blame yourself when you're not at fault.
The jews correctly perceive a danger (to their genocidally #antiwhite agenda) which Trump himself may not even realize he represents.
The man with racialist politics but conservative mindset always thinks that a different personality will receive different treatment. Wrong.
Don't be fooled - the treatment of Trump uses his personal particulars, but the attack on him is 100% ideological and impersonal.
It is absolutely undeniable: 1) mass media are controlled by (((some force))). 2) This force is bent on destruction of whitekind.
I believe Trump would win this election fairly easily with anything even remotely approaching reasonable media treatment.
Christianity is the perfect religion for white control. Salt Peter for the soul. The bible tells slaves to obey their masters, not rebel.
If the press is free, why is it also and undeniably uniform?
The controlled media, effectively the town water supply, is 100% poisoned against the only healthy choice.
No matter how we vote, the System won't let our desired change through. If we lose, the march continues. If we win, the vote is thrown out.
Far as I'm concerned, if Trump is not elected, the age of proxy politics comes to an end, and age of #UltimatePolitics begins.
In about 3 paragraphs, entire Milw story summed up accurately - Blacks Riot over Black Shooting https://t.co/0N5OOUJai3 via @NewObOnline
At perhaps 8% of world population, WHITES ARE THE DIVERSITY. Without them, just a bunch of mostly indistinguishable muds.
Diversity is a hate meme. Created by (((jews))). #loxism
The Nazis fought the jewish bolsheviks the spineless, sapless Anglo lands succumbed to. https://t.co/m0JozUAnxp
Mother Teresa was a two-footed dung beetle.
We cannot tolerate jews living among us. #TeamWhite #Politics101
Look at these tattoos. Absolute garbage appearance. https://t.co/ZWdQabI3kY
Soros belongs in a casket. #DeathToSoros
How about a Confederate College - whites only? https://t.co/d3JbTNgBCd
God created the Buscemi meme. It's why we call him Jebus. "How are you doing, fellow yids?"

August 15, 2016:

Media )))Liberation Day(((: the programs running 24/7 the day after whites retake power: imagine that lineup. #GreatDejewing
Media )))Liberation Day(((: the programs running 24/7 the day after whites retake power: imagine that lineup.
"Children of God" is the christian "youths." You keep pretending that christianity can be reconciled w racial sanity, though, li'l bugger.
After ridding NEMO. of Siberian tigers and muskoxers, Sheboygan settled down to a dinner of diet lettuce and small rocks.
Men laugh. Fags pray. It has always been thus. #MuhTurdition
Women think intelligence is a style of glasses; traditionalists think it's a beard + Eeyore voice.
You traditionalists judge things like niggers - purely from outside appearances. #BeardManSpeakTrooth
You cunts would rather run around the world for a wizened geek like Solzhenitsyn when you have a Mark Twain at home. #MuhBeardTrooth
Real Americans were and are capable of doing everything for themselves - not relying on experts. Catholic-socialism is for losers, not USAns
Conservatism tends to produce weak-willed slaves because it emphasizes the dangers in thinking for oneself rather than trusting experts.
God! exclaimed the fag. Christ-insanity is a disease. Don't let it infect you. #TeamWhite
Third World = can't even keep clean water at Olympics. Yeah, diversity enriches white lands. Giving the gift...of sewage.
Whites need a self-conscious, jealous racial elite that acknowledges jews are The enemy and xtianity a dangerous sickness in our people.
Jews send emissaries to #altright like Curious Cernovich to blather about Saudi money. Which pales next to yid shekels in western politics.
Christianity is essentially celestial drama-queening. it plays with the mass cretins who like pro wrestling and soap operas.
That's not why i'm using it. Secondary reason is character limits. https://t.co/uQMK0W0qIX
Nigger violence in every major city around rim of Lake Michigan, which is located in Alabama, I believe. Nogs don't do cold.
South African niggers always look like hominid insects. Brainless, teeming, destructive... https://t.co/YeUsAQbiEA
Why do jews still exist on earth, given their incomparably atrocious historical record of behavior? https://t.co/KES1oGhhYL
It's easy to see the black destroying communities because it's visual. Less easy to see the jew who wrote the policy that enabled him.
I'm not like a xtian. before i do something, i ask: is it possible? if so, what are the likely consequences. Moralitists simply don't care
It doesn't matter how feel, you fucking effeminate with bad taste, christianity is objectively #antiWhite.
The jews use muslims to destroy christian lands, and christians to destroy muslim lands. And nobody ever seems to learn.
There's nothing in the christian cult for whites seeking to resist a band of organized liars, thieves and killers. #TeamWhite
A nigger that isn't throwing rocks at passing cars by the time it's nine is considered functionally retarded in the hood. #HoodFacts
It was a great weekend for the Dindus. Much destruction accomplished. #BixNood
Jews are prosecuting a race war against whites, using blacks, whose violence they eternally excuse & justify in their mass media. #TeamWhite
Whites have shown by their consistent behavior over decades they do not want to live around blacks. They are forced to by jews. #TeamWhite
the races have no natural relations except war or separation. political control by jew is what forces white and black together
"race relations" is a cant meme perpetrated by jews, with the christian concept of all-god's-children immensely helpful
Ignorance = disagreeing with "Ulrich." Ulrich MEANS ignorant in original Frisian, you coon-loving appleton. https://t.co/0Hkhbhy79D
Xtianity is the problem that prevents us from solving The Problem. Christianity's central claim is a Big Lie, and its mentality is morbific.
It wasn't white nationalists who destroyed the middle east - nor was it muslims. It was jews. And the xtian jackasses who tool for them.
people think sports is meritocracy, 100%. not so. same blame-shifting practiced by media
was at a flea market in rural Missouri...Confederate flags abounded as did towheads. yes, jew Jon Stuart, this is the "real" America..u hate
Nothing but good follows Britain voting to leave EU. https://t.co/CPCNcsbpGI

August 14, 2016:

there are penis faggots. and mind faggots. dont be either.
So if those Detroit niggers had voted Republican things would be fine? You weak cunt. You are despicable. https://t.co/ORGPtsUkbB
Segregated animal cages: the next frontier in civil rights?
Whites won't defend their own innocents. Blacks and jews will defend their own pedophiles and murderers. #LeoFrank #ADL #OJSimpson
Racialists who make excuses for cucks (@jartaylor) who refuse to name the jew are different from leftists making excuses for niggers - how?
The Three Willfully Blind White Mice: Fred Reed, Steve Sailer, Jim Goad. https://t.co/LyZqjZA410
The (((media))) uniformly attack Trump. If they were interested in maximizing profits, they would sound just like him.
ESPN, like all (((jewish))) media, puts politics ahead of profits. Only fools & ideologues believe corporations pursue profit maximization.
the place to find closest to truth is in second-to-last paragraph in (((controlled media))) story: (1/2)
#DaringMonkeys Students at Claremont Colleges Refuse to Live with White People https://t.co/97GHOEitMT via @CmontInd
#DaringMinds #DarlingMidgets #DuskyMorons Request for non-white roommates sparks uproar at Calif. colleges https://t.co/tYlVrn3WI7
passive voice, blaming metal or buildings for the actions of jew-loosed cooons. it grows tiresome, over the decades #FuckJewishMediaLiars
""This is a neighborhood that has unfortunately been affected by violence in the recent past," THIS NEIGHBORHOOD TEEMS WITH VIOLENT NIGGERS
For those who think niggaritos don't do cold...please circumsashay Lake Michigan, report back.
pretty sure those nog riots in milw arent actually happening since blacks cant live in cold areas genius WN reliably inform me
Any other concepts one can find in the catholic catechism that are "quasi"-religious?

August 12, 2016:

If you're not against the jews, you're with them, whether you realize it or not.
Our governments aren't ours but (((theirs))). Been that way for a long, long time. Recognition is first step to ignition. #TeamWhite
This is news I can use. https://t.co/vyWsWHp6ch
Scale prevents us from seeing what the media and govt do daily in US and West is postively cultic, in the manner of Jonestown.

August 11, 2016:

I itch to see what the highly respected @DPRK_News will do with this one. https://t.co/PWZoeC2lon
The reality is people don't get along. Walls and barriers reflect this, they don't cause it. That's just jews gaslighting about agency.
Careful Jim Goad with a good one. https://t.co/dxmUYIruxX
Real white men refuse to be ruled by People of Walmart, religious mopes or jews.
There's a difference between hierarchy and genuine elitism. A king is no guarantee of anything except a reax falling to knees and sucking.
"Now there is no more good will or sympathy [for jews] in America except among the more delusional Christians" --Vox Day (Up from Farahism)
"You were welcomed as guests. And in order to pursue what was "good for the Jews", you wrecked the American nation." --Vox Day
Conservatism means worshipping jews and obeying their instructions to the letter and never questioning them. #tcot
How did the Romans look at Christianity? The way Clint spit on the beetle in Outlaw Josey Wales. And this remains the correct view of thing.
No dialogue. No conversion to some crank cult. Just death. That's what we, as #TeamWhite, must offer the colored invader and jew ringleader.
Christ-insanity sold whites the twin lie that we can and should civilized colored minorities. We can't. We shouldn't have tried.
If white nationalism were truly sick, the christian would be sexually attracted to it and snuffle in it like catnip. https://t.co/DTMkdPSUN3
south africa produces some really attractive folks... https://t.co/TWKwfwy3mn
Diversity is all about bringing whites down to the colored level genetically.
What did the catholic shark say? Oh goody, I just love Fish Friday.

August 10, 2016:

Christianity is soft genocide for whites. The cult's doctrines devalue race, and yes, that is tantamount to being pro-#whitegenocide.
You've put your kind on the path to genocide the minute you stipulate to god's having created opposing species.
Imagine of God had laws against taking out garbage. It was immoral to incinerate trash. This is rough analogy to xtian views on race.
Christians believe they are serving morality by lamenting the loss of 30 million aborted negros. Morality divorces from sanity very easily.
The depths of lunacy are sounded when we arrive at conservatives puling for aborted niglets. I dont even know the right emo for this.
Hillyer is a #crosscuck, has been his whole career. https://t.co/HemH0yj8sN
faggotry could be partly biological, in that many have that ever-so-slightly crosseyed look most commonly found in women
Safe space - where the dumtwat, disco or dreydlist can't be broached on the spear of white-man logic & laughter
White men so fragile...they not the ones puling for safe space, now, are they?
The conservative's favorite physical sensation isn't sex, it's having smoke blown up his ass about how smart he is and how dumb his masters.
When that yid broad said there's no there there, she wasn't talking about Oakland but about Bob Beckel's neck.
People see things as God Given Necessities rather than as choices made by actors pursuing agendas.
It's actually less that people are stupid, as one tends to say, than that they cannot imagine things being different than they are.
Hillyer is an xtian race-queer from way back. Says he's married, but he has down-low look to me. That is pure speculation on my part.
My only flaw is that I care too much...about the election in Zambia. https://t.co/6c0NlfC0Of
you cant do away with thinking for yourself and remain a man, and the catholic cultists tacitly admit this by calling their collective sheep
the catholic position on individual thought is precisely analogous to this: the obese need to exercise less than others
the christian belief that faith is a good thing eschers very naturally into managerial-therapeutic's state's put-yr-trust-in-Holy-Experts
the real man doesn't tell you to copy his opinion, he tells you to QUESTION it. USE your muscles. CHECK IT OUT. this was Pierce's way
What is catholicism but a factory producing Lugubrious Nancys?
He's a good little goy-doggie, well trained by the jews. https://t.co/DTMkdPSUN3
capitalism did something about poor: made a shitload less of them. catholicism just sits there and plays with turds - a la mother teresa
"Faith and begore, mie look for twayntefore ours, cannaugh tell whair the cow endeth an the Sassenach begin" - Meaidh O'Rumsby, 1009 AD
So sad to get really old, can't do the things ya loved as a kid...play softball, rape, murder. Sigh. https://t.co/BadgqMqpuf
"The chartreuse are beyond reproach." --me
The Connecticut Hillbilly's fingers type a rather different immigration policy than her knees. https://t.co/FpZirMODNM
social justice is catholic cant, as is solidarity with poor. both easily adapted by jews to destroy white society https://t.co/BF96A1ipRZ
"Shenanigans are committed mostly by males. But Histrionics are attributed mostly to females." --Stephen Wraungh.
as an atheist, more precisely a #Fingerist (right-wing atheist) i don't support discrimination or persecution against xtians. mocking is Rx.
jews persecute and discriminate against christians daily in USA, but only an atheist will point it out. christians are #crosscucks
This is for my sociology class at Radical Ridge Community College. Tx for yr help.
Race doesn't matter. Jews are wonderful. Two big lies promoted by christianity. Grow red. I'll just remain white and right, #crosscuck.
The lying jews called media treat their spin-lie about Trump's trailoff more seriously than two actual attempts on Trump's life.
special rules for kikes https://t.co/LUDmyhy59v
Is it not fair to call a man with 500 partners a sex maniac? Since the average has maybe half dozen?
Think differently and you can often get a clearer view. Africans are (omit race)...retards. Queers are (omit practices)...sex maniacs.
If half of fags have 500 sex partners...steady, hold your fears...it's not really just an alt-menu selection compared to normalcy, is it?
Fred becomes, evasive, sly, dishonest. Not so humble Fred, as he poses everywhere else. Hence "Country Slicker." https://t.co/G1xhr4N7pa
Not remarkably, this syncopation, this omission, is quite average. Fred is deliberately obtuse. Deliberately. https://t.co/G1xhr54INK
a jew taught Fred to two-step, so jews can't be responsible for the murder of the west #ReasoningWithReed #CountrySlicker
Oh great. Your nescience extends beyond religion to sex. https://t.co/BWlxZFBdhr
So your boobcult assures little you your aunt who died of cancer, there was a Reason for it. But there wasn't. It's a lie.
Religion doesn't just deny causality, it goes beyond it, in the manner of gaslighting.
If religion were an indian it would be named Plays-Games-With-Agency.
big govt is jew's best friend - Fuck This Tweet https://t.co/CM7QcOHbQJ
Jews dont mind filling your lands with their semitic couslims. Your daughter is raped? So? That's good for jews. Are you anti-semite, maybe?
Reaction: Ah buhlieve in original sin, sep fur them kings n legislators w their Holy Laws All Must Respet. #whiteniggers #humansarentplants
Average thinking: #MuhPosition! Elite thinking: what would it take to prove my position wrong? Scan for that hungrily.
That's the quotation I alluded to. Warburg - intl jew bankster. A warburg set up federal reserve in 1913 https://t.co/EbI2fRxaTV
why are you afraid to mention they're a bunch of JEWS. they hate WHITES. why are you freemen ALWAYS so guts-negative https://t.co/eIMKJTcZMN
Who is this girl? She is smarter 99% of whites, who are exactly like dogs that shriek at whatever is closest to face https://t.co/lcpXeIFxbv
they're obsessed w the idea they are 'history's actors' and everybody else a bunch of seagrass https://t.co/LPzk6tEvcn
Next few tweets are Scott Adams quotation from Ringer interview: I had a very lucrative speaking career until I started writing about Trump.
Scott Adams interview: https://t.co/PamiURj7mR
You can't even advocate the most basic position on things, like borders. Or your character is defamed across the free and uniform press.
Same thing done to Tim Tebow as they're trying to do to Trump, did do to Duke and Buchanan - drive them out with lies.
jews: 1) created the bogus theory of multiculturalism 2) opened borders in all white lands 3) covered up #Rotherham results #DeathToTheJews
British Authorities Still Ignoring Massive Child Sex Ring Over Fear Of Name-Calling https://t.co/I9LpqhdthU
he should have taught you spelling. parasitism isn't honorable. and standing armies are unAmerican https://t.co/HKM881LqlQ
We are all one in da jebus. What is a trivial material thing like race to that? Christianity is #antiwhite. https://t.co/LRT8GviM1g
Never trust a man without a neck. Punkinheads tend to be fundamentalist christians (crooks leading cretins). https://t.co/Z5pxo6rA4P
The jews have made it so that it's impossible for Whites to change anything substantial legally.
Trump, Clinton, Death Threats and Media Lies https://t.co/VBsmYs75rF via @NewObOnline
Does Hillary Clinton believe violence doesn't work? Any of the Bushes? Any of the neocohen warmongers?
Do the people running things believe violence doesn't work?
There are < 10,000 superelite. Killing them = liberating the world.
Implicit white nationalist, he rid So Cal of a lot of black trash. https://t.co/oqALLTuHsY
There will be change when the jews and helpcucks admitting muslim killers to white lands have to ask themselves will I die for this? Not b4.
Textbook gaslighting from jews: accusing you of what they are doing. https://t.co/3OKZZJkvd4
The System miraculously and spontaneously arises as one to deny anyone who attempts to speak for the white majority. The System = (((ZOG))).
We don't need Trump's campaign as proof democratic system is rigged. We had that back in 90s with Buchanan and Duke, to name only two.
All bad trends in American society would worsen under Hillary. Until whites openly identify and fight as group, redirection impossible.
Violence doesn't work? It's the only thing that works. https://t.co/xRHWcPqfZL
A jew said 100 years ago we would have one world order, whether we liked it or not. Answer must be: we will have nations & make jews extinct

August 09, 2016:

So air conditioning was invented by a white man. An American. Of English descent. I, for one, feel immense gratitude to him. #WillisCarrier
Willis Haviland Carrier was born in Angola, New York, on November 26, 1876, a member of an old New England family.
No peaceful means will bring the superelite, mostly jews, to think of others as anything but herd animals.
It's better than the South Pole. That's about all can be claimed for it. https://t.co/692YiPKeG4
Imagine a vote between Crack Party and Sobriety Party where half the nation is addicted to crack. That's what big government is.
The (((media))) want to see Trump assassinated physically the way they assassinate him verbally - and have already produced attempts.
It's true that A BLACK MAN stole the first AC window unit, but in its defense, it thought it was stealing a special new kind of tv.
Golf clab for the jebus cult. Source of civilization and pedophiles, at least one of those verified. https://t.co/jtbCtTkARe
I will repeat for the manyeth time, read George Lincoln Rockwell (and Hitler, whom he takes from) on the psychology of the conservative.
The first AC window unit was stolen by a negro. #BlackHistory THAT I can buy. https://t.co/ayp6pD6FIQ
Some nigger put AC in a truck. He didn't invent it. Nigs lie about everything because a nigger will believe anything https://t.co/SZOVfcvk3Z
Carrier indicated his "flash of genius" came while waiting for a train; intrigued by the fog surrounding him,
i swear 9/10 female drivers are on phones when driving https://t.co/KoHO99wDPO
i dont think it's blinding. i just dont see, from THEIR perspective, this wonderful world on the other end. https://t.co/q4nrLyHX8U
Why did your society fail? Because you turned to God. Rather than using your brains and courage.
Belief in 'God' is what prevents men from believing things happen for actual identifiable, discernible reasons.
Blacks aren't Americans. They're descendants of slaves. The Founders correctly considered them unworthy of rights. https://t.co/Hk5LNNEOIR
maybe life as billionaire is nothing but touching down and pool parties; i dont know
dont billionaires like to drive cross country, and grow sad at its beturding w mexcrement & assorted 3rdie rubbish? https://t.co/i2l4nco2PF
Man's natural _is_ artificial. Read some Wilde already.
Christianity must be source of civilization because 90% are xtians. Jews cant control things because they're 2%. #SameFallacy
Objectively the mass media are characterized by an unending stream of hatred, insults and lies directed by jews at whites.
Warren Buffett is a billionaire who lives in Omaha. That right there tells you he's a moron. Does he eat corn fritters & funnel cakes too?
it is genuinely hard to understand the NWO from the POV of the superelite, at least for me. i get the preserve israel part, but the rest ???
that sounds good until you see who actually comes out on top. besides, using human reason to make systems is natural https://t.co/oiqDi74Ocy
I cant stand people who say they are pairing one food with another or drink. Ick. Don't do that.
We (USA) see all these shootings. 1 reason is great selfishness common these days. In pols, same thing Boomer-manifests as nuclear war.
Civilization is achieved against and in spite of religious faith, which is at best a means of moron control.
If Chartres was built by religious faith, why can't one be found in Nigeria? The answer is because Chartres was built by engineers.
Hansel & Gretel knew what to do with the likes of Hillary.
The First Dishonesty among whiteskin conservatives is accepting the jewish lie that Founders didn't make white race the basis of new nation.
We are so accustomed to accepting "open season on white man" - these attacks on Trump are racial personally and writ large on all whites.
Societies are built by thinking minorities, not religions This is variant of fallacy that jews cant control things because they're only 2%.
Notice how actual ruling jews say nothing about belief or faith - that's for inferior folk like whiteskin morons. https://t.co/DbNHB1ZBOV
He's wrong. He describes something that never existed. Global social media kills the mystique his fantasy requires. https://t.co/zXNKkbkx3H
Trump was right: the election is about whether US is a nation or not. That's the exit onto White Nationalist Hwy.
I think pod people is better. 'Revolution within the form.' It's easier to make out zombies than pod people. https://t.co/DD4YiiglDW
White brains and beauty are coopted to serve mud races led by (((. The solution is white sovereignty. We don't need them. #TeamWhite
White people dont need government, they need government to stop fucking with them.
Caleb Schwab, home to da jebus: "he believed in his savior, Jesus, and they are forever together now. We will see him another day." #cretins
Prayer has solved precisely the same number of human problems as babies have been produced by masturbation.
Christianity has poisoned the white race. Racialism will restore its vigor and direction. #TeamWhite
Trump's campaign is a racial proxy for whites, no matter how much or little he understands/intends that. This explains burning jewish hatred
The hatred of Trump may seem personal, but 'orange' is just hook. The hatred springs entirely from jewish racial animus vs whites - #loxism.
Remember, Trump is just a proxy. His family has married into jews. And the white cause isn't up for a vote. It's vital (life or death).
Willis Haviland Carrier was born on Nov 26, 1876, to Duane and Elizabeth Carrier, in Angola, N.Y. #GreatWhiteMen https://t.co/O56kB1ZiGQ
Libertarianism will be taken seriously when it grows the balls to discuss the particular biological groups opposed to specific freedoms.
While noble white men like Cullen, Gorrie and Carrier invent things like air conditioning, jews invent lies about gas chambers.
My lead pipe will play your ribs like a xylophone. https://t.co/05ns7oMRb3
I love this guy. Classic Rockford Files heavy. https://t.co/XfAszUA2tp
It may be fun to play with the cuck-monkey, but never forget it's the (((organ grinder))) calling the tunes.
Do men really have individual souls? They only think so who have never received critical letters from AVERAGE christians.
1 man 1 soul - that's where 1 man 1 vote comes from.
Best movie for red-pilling: They Live Best novel: Camp of the Saints I'd be interested in other/different bests...
Who is a better traditionalist than the bush boolie digging the salubrious grubs out of tree hole just like grandniggy 10 million years ago?
Traditionalism, as well meaning but mufflebrained he-betties don't grasp, is the COLORED WAY. Not the white way (questing, innovation).
Notice actual good in this world is byproduct of for-profit Corporation Man, Willis Carrier. Not by some 501c3 eleemosynary simpsonessa.
Average whites must understand that JEWS ARE NOT US. Jews are THEM. They are THE ENEMY. Of us NORMAL WHITES. #TeamWhite
Practical leftism is a sort jesuitical or talmudic faux-splaining of why the exact same thing is really two entirely different things.
It's a private company when it does what leftists want; a common carrier or public accommodation when it doesn't.
So ((("our"))) governments prefer muslim terrorists to normal white citizens. Well that doesn't all sound like grounds for bloody revolution
Average white men can run their own lives. If not, then the white racial cause makes no sense. No kings. No popes. They're for fags.
When whites were more civilized than today, they rioted more & used epithets more freely. https://t.co/lV7Af7B9X1
The jewish hatred of whites, #loxism, has been worked out to a fine science. Media come up with new #antiwhite verbal aggressions monthly.
What better place for good old Hillary to spend her Michael Fox years than the White House?
The son of a guy named Duane invented air conditioning.
By 1903, Carrier had designed a system of chilled coils that maintained a constant, and comfortable, humidity of 55 percent
The white man takes circumstances and squeezes lemonade out of them. Blood-and-soil is magic dirt theory too, you nonthinking newtman.
Traditionalism is cank.
Traditionalists: is it better to carry on the tradition of our ancestors sweating our balls off? Cuz that was the tradition. #MuhTurdition
In Buffalo, New York, on July 17, 1902, in response to a quality problem experienced at the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing & Publishing Co
Willis Carrier & #LeoFrank both graduated from Cornell. Carrier, white man, invented air conditioning. (((Frank))) molested-murdered )))girl
No one knows this guy's name and he had a bigger effect on mankind than pretty much anyone. https://t.co/GrGjbS7Iz2
That time you didn't freak out and turn into more of a screeching maniac? that was when he WILLIS CARRIERed you. #MeetTheRealJebus
tired: standing on your own feet, walking up stairs unaided wired: retaining a giant negroid with fists of chemies to aid & stabilize you
Some jews were gassed so many times they developed respiratory problems.
"Defense" as in ADL. They always use neutral or negative terms terms to veil positive attacks. https://t.co/lQrRHbP3gT
Simon Sheppard > (((Yiannopoulos))) #RememberRealVictims #FreeMilo

August 08, 2016:

That is condign. https://t.co/y39GqWh3MH
Vote Trump. Or you get this. https://t.co/k6W7kZajeZ
how much more does the avg man eat than avg woman? i dont think i've ever seen a stat on that.
Leslie Jones stole SHEEEITMAN's teeth.
Hillary's qualifications are akin to an arsonist's. "She's experienced with fire."
No, it's the highest yours can conceive - heaven. https://t.co/vxFVVGjmM6
Whiteman gall bladder cures rabies and Goobalashi Syndrome too. Also excellent in soups. https://t.co/naiWhM1vqB
Notice when jews land-clear Pals there's no mystical pocus about converting anyone or spreading civilization, they just kill them off.
NPR: pretending people are having the reaction (to Trump) they should be having, then verifying it w/ partisan 'experts' and bespoke polls.
they use 'racist' the same fallacious, dishonest way your side uses 'atheist' https://t.co/mAdiednKUq
"...since 2014, violent crime is up 47 percent in Los Angeles, 26 percent in Baltimore and 23 percent in Dallas."
the jew superintends politics devolving into are-you-this-or-not-this. All deception and foolishness.
otoh, looks like he's getting serious about Jeb! can fix it. https://t.co/JSHqqCWjce
Whites used to have their own agenda, then they started listening to others. Jews made themselves center stage. Results speak for themselves
Christianity sucked pride out of white men, calling it a sin, and jews rushed in with hate-your-race lies to fill the vacuum. #TeamWhite
Jew to whiteskin: Will you help us destroy the white race for money? #Cuckservative: Yes. #TeamWhite is #anticuck and #antijew.
Jews to whiteskin: We'll pay you to promote lies about US origin and future. #Cuckservative: where do I sign?
a handful of determind people can change course of soc. - Invader Terror Closes Down French Events https://t.co/qpyxSOlYM9 via @NewObOnline

August 07, 2016:

People seem to believe that generations are a real thing rather than a construct of very limited value.
Timothy Treadwell was consumed. But not by envy.

August 06, 2016:

'White supremacist' - most whites are stick-fetchers, what i can see. They willingly, even gleefully accept goals set by ENEMIES, even.
"Like shark ass to a remora Like boy-penis to a priest THAT's how I feel about Key Lime Pie"-- S. Kinison
yes. it is cited in all the finest Roadkill Cookbooks i personally consult https://t.co/MCv0zseSne
This is a great tweet. Why do fish tails curve out? So you can keep hold when swinging the body at DEPRESSIVE FAGGTS https://t.co/vDl70K0Qev
J. Podhoretz can see there's no answer to charge 109, but here is where genes, rabbis, jewcult-ure kicks in, & he hisses like corned possum.
Reaction and progression are variants of same mistake, whereas racialism can easily just be conservatism with balls still attached.
Progressives and reactionaries both fear movement. Former wants it suppressed by bureaucrats, latter by dorksmen of God.
"Work aint nothing but a job." --famous negro sayings
i judge people by their salt content. https://t.co/iGRgLnBSbN
ZWAYEER (sp?) takes in 100 white farmers, ONE HUNDRED, all of a sudden everbody n Tiny Tims a-eatin', can even EXPORT to KOONZBEWE.
Reparations for niggers - after mumpteen trillions yes TRILLIONS of welfare spending. Fuck you coons - 2-pak of watermelons seeds - now GO.
If you're a nigger in America, you're the definition of "born on third and think you hit a triple."
I'm sure Bruce the Tiny will side with the niggers. https://t.co/OB6K0MRF4k
Christianity tells the little man things happen for no reason (what 'God' means), therefore he's not responsible for his failures.
No one respects those giant dinosaurs that only ate weeds and grass; they seem kind of wimpy and pathetic. Only the steakers rate.
Democracy is the political version of GIGO.
Comic books. LOL. THIS fucking world. The last human...stuck between bible onion gloopy lucies and COMIC BOOK EYEBALLERS.
Trump's decision to endorse McCain and Ryans minds one of Pa Con Burke's curl at sophists and calculators.
Advanced crotch management skills are missing in an uncomfortably large (read: SUPERSIZED) portion of American population.

August 05, 2016:

Watch the way jews strike at whites. You explain rationally your problem, they go after your soul. Try to strike fear & guilt into you.
Christianity is a morbid obsession with a morality doesn't exist in way they pretend - and this sets up whites to be 'judged' by jews.

August 04, 2016:

Remember PJ O'Rourke on Nicaragua (in '80s), people standing outside in rain for hours to vote. You don't do that to vote for status quo.
"the one" fractured into a thousand pieces and led by a pope who's "not a real catholic." https://t.co/r41h6LzJzp
Trump-Putin Aryan Sanity Axis of Normalcy vs Evil Lying Jew Warmongering Neocohens + Paid Friends
Jon Stewart does smarmy titters. That's his default on his shows. But press him and you get his hoary Moses Shneershtick, as the other nite.
C'mon Germany, kick yourself in the ass and get moving. Everyone respects what you WERE, no matter what people SAY. EVERYONE.
So Alex Jones, known shill, is saying the same sort of thing Curious Cernovich is saying. https://t.co/2uE7lUbnQr
Trump is really bringing the media's inner kike to the surface. Jews have nothing but genocidal hatred and unmixed contempt for whites.
#NeverTrump + jews + their maids in waiting
christianity is for everybody. the xtian thinks this is a feature. the white man should be able to see it's a bug.
Israel's daily shipment...from white taxpayers to greedy, homicidal jews https://t.co/ckFSszT0aE
(Crispin Glover voice) Frog-hater! Frog-hater! https://t.co/PSKdnRQvQY
we can shoot the gap - eliminate jebooism right along with jews https://t.co/3mdjsUKS3e
Remembering the biggest mass murder in the history of the world https://t.co/4LDSA6jOqx
One race lives by a universal code (thanks, christianity) The other lives by a dual code. Which comes out on top? Christianity is #antiwhite
Jews oppose white nationalism, but if they lose the Trump war, they're first in line to get the contract to build wall. Meet the jews...
At some point, I have no real sympathy for whites refuse to acknowledge jews are destroying them. If you're that dumb, you're nigger-useless
classic example of jews backing all horses -- Trump’s Wall: Israelis Eye Contract https://t.co/0nn1rzaz0I via @NewObOnline
“highest ever maize harvest recorded in Zambia’s history and provides us with the opportunity to adequately feed the nation and export..."
Zambia, thanks to WHITE FARMERS, now exports maize to Zimbabwe which kicked those experts out. Hope they charged a nice price.
100 white farmers > any number of mud-hutters. White Farmers Boost Zambian Output https://t.co/CB6GsleT6l via @NewObOnline
Jon Stuart is back in a new HBO Show this fall, One Man Smarmy.
Unjust attack on Syria. Leads to Unjust attack on white populations using Syrian 'refugees.' Both attacks conceived & executed by jews.

August 03, 2016:

Before jews were gassed they were forced to dig out their belly button lint, which was later used as stuffing for Nazi dog pillows.

August 02, 2016:

Correction: Belgium HAD a free cheese program. NOW GET OUTTA HERE. https://t.co/o949ER3bps
i have yet to see a single "right wing" jew who is "victim" of speech suppression ever mention that his tribe created these codes and laws
trying to interpret the behavior of a ben shapiro or jonah golber in any other way than JEW JEWING is wrong and counter-Occam (Ockham whatev
i mean, i expect a vox day to run from Occam like a nigger from a cop, he's WND background, but altright should know better.
it amazes me how many on the altright dont seem to grasp that it's not a joke or exaggeration: all jews ARE ON THE SAME SIDE - THEIRS
christianity isn't globalism? quick. scurry. find a stupid argument. i'll be here laughing. moron.
christ-insanity has enfeebled the white race to the point it fears to use its brain & sense organs
Islam and Judaism must go the way of Thugee, by any means necessary.
you must be young. we hear less abou thim these days, but he was big 2000-2010 and bigger before that, back to 70s https://t.co/EeOkCOm7p0
The (((media))) paint as far-seeing heros those who refuse to lower their eyes to the ground-misery their jew-servile policies create.
Notice Ryan and Merkel both have that shmuckstare that comes from I be jebus II - they know not what they do. But Good Me do. As they ruin.
? irving is very well known - worldwide https://t.co/a9IiFvpGJH
i would be very wary of accepting any -- and i mean that literally -- christian claim about any of their big dogs in the first few centuries
no matter of lying is foreign to them; indeed many or most were probably invented by them. but xtians do same https://t.co/wVXwKXXguP
it is increasingly clear to me as years pass that the amount of intellection spent by racists on IQ was wasted - it was needed vs xtianity
jews and xtians are so different in style: aggressive/obnoxious vs pussyish/sickly sweet...that it hides the similarities in lying/MO
now it occurs to me that if every significant even in jew history is either concocted or lied about, it may well be same for xtians too
remember that other diary that was made up...irving revealed it... really cant be too suspicious of any MSM claims https://t.co/Ft8mEIgtmo
seen it...i wait till people i respect sort out authenticity, then read it for myself https://t.co/wql9CAppB8
New website allows white people to offer 'reparations' directly to people of color https://t.co/ndf5evO7j3
Who's been dead for 100 years and no one heard of anyway. When we have LIVE JEWS saying same thing today here now. https://t.co/hG75vpj0NX
Trapped in the labyrinth of Anglonic evasions called manners, we begin thinking truth is uncool, end unable to perceive it.
garbage. it's just desperate cowardly evasion, the standard conservative tactic racialists must avoid at all costs https://t.co/aYB0HyHiNd
you can no more change jews than you can make a mad dog sane. papism is wrong and should be pissed on by whites in right mind.
Political problems in the US are entirely at the federal level. Centralization facilitates jew domination.
The essence of govt is forcing unwanted associations, whether square dancing in junior high, military via draft, or nogs in neighborhood.
2 races do battle: 1) says "the world hates you for no reason," get them 1st! 2) says "look for the good in people," we're all god's chillun
People are different and becoming differenter. That's science. And this time it's in line with politics and aesthetics.
There is no I in Team, and no white in rainbow.
Guess where Sir Hillary and the rest get that "1 good one outweighs 100 bad ones" argument? From Catholicism. True story.
Whenver you face gigantic task, like jumping over 30-foot gorge, break it into manageable chunks. 6 x 5' = 30' boom you've done it!
like children and dogs, military 'men' require constant showers of worshipful attention
shoot anything raggy or discolored that gets in the Middle Sea. when the vermin go to land, create hog pens and force 'em into kill chutes.
All magic (dirt) (water) (whatever) theories root in xtian absurdity. Of course, the 501c3 right will run from acknowledging this.
1 in 2 queers has 500 partners. The perfect metaphor is - the fag chases his dick around like a deflating balloon. Same lifespan too.
If you use Kalergi rather than jew, you're already half-cucked.
Good shit, man. https://t.co/UpuZPsScNm
Like Aileen Wuornos*, Evil Magnate Trump enjoys KFC. #ImWithHer She requested "Kentucky Fried Chicken and french fries" as her last meal.
"I am so sick of hearing this 'she's crazy' stuff. I've been evaluated so many times. I'm competent, sane, & I'm trying to tell the truth."
For a few billion a year we could maintain nukes and guard our borders. That's all the military the US actually "needs."
"no white majorities voted for any of this yet it happened" = whites dont have political power in white countries
Why do sex freaks like trannies always look like they're pretending to have fun? What I see is a deeply miserable pseudo-hilarity.
Two things people said to me made my head spin: 1) a psychiatrist's kid would be better adjusted; 2) military wastes less than rest of govt.
He sees symptoms. I'm not sure he understands their true cause & origin because that requires reading, most times. https://t.co/fBsZw5IrKP
Paranoids never change. They must be cordoned off. Jews are a race of paranoids. It's one reason they dominate most politics.
It's hard to tell. At some point one must read things to get help tying things together; not clear he's done this. https://t.co/FiB5iISvGp
He's 100% wrong about that. Christian doctrines are what allows jews to move freely until they gain power. https://t.co/QWXEQnCfRP
Aileen Wuornos is dead...but last night her ghost came to me and said she supports #HillaryClinton for president. #ImWithHer
daily = on a daily basis. weekly = on a weekly basis
Washington Post: Can we rid the world of mosquitos? Me: Can we rid the world of jews?
#Fingerism is an atheism based on the belief that men can make their fingers move. And are responsible for these movements.
For people uncomfortable with agency, there's God. For the minority of mental adults (men, women and children) there is #Fingerism.
It is a odd that christians easily assume guilt for things they have nothing to do with, but give no passing thought to their actual crimes.
Trump praises the military in the usual patriotard tones (hominid equivalent of "whose a good boy") while adultly talking w/draw NATO etc.
I think Trump is much cleverer than appears, based on his behavior. He works both hands to disguise his true aim.
remember when you get angry about ISIS - Americans - good old tools from Midwest & South - murdered 1,000,000 Iraqis for jew lies.
Some of you twinklenuts have the impression jebus was some kind of a racist family man rather than a fictional jew SJW. Read your bibble.

August 01, 2016:

He's got it backward. The future of the white race isn't up for vote, anyway. https://t.co/fs8deBXMpn
"Use your real name, coward" "Put your Talmud in a bookstore, Sauli Girl"
Trump is 100% right about NATO. Get the (((USA))) off Germany, France, Etc. Let them slaughter their muzz and reclaim glory.
There's no end to the greed of Israel. Whom do they feed off? Working you. White man. https://t.co/Qcn2cqbJSy
Catholicism is concerned with beliefs and behavior, right? So how come you can better predict those by the catholic's race than religion?
Leftists spend 3/5 of their waking hours synthesizing outrage into a sock.
#MuhNocle #ThingsPrussiansSay
Yesterday we had heroes like Henry Ford, who called jews "the world's foremost problem." Today we have buffoons like Warren Buffett.
Piers, the highly respected DPRK New Service called you a crusty windsack and dungareed worm. How do you respond to that?
Trump understands how much people HATE the media.
This is a great tweet. https://t.co/B3fUgFbmVu
The truth is the opposite of catholic claim: some of their individuals may be good from time to time, but the institution itself is bad.
sebs us fm di trumperman yid stewie https://t.co/XmPXuonaR1
I seriously doubt more than 1 in 2 Americans can read a map. I'm not joking.
If someone said, here's a big plane. Go knock that skyscraper down. If you don't, it's your life. Would be sweaty or confident?
"If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out." --J. Christ explaining why its the Right Thing To Do to call niggers youths.
I'll listen to fat women on baking pies, otherwise shut up and get out of my face you dumb cow.
Scheuer also says: "both U.S. political parties are wholly owned subsidiaries of AIPAC and the Israeli government" https://t.co/elj6N3Zzz1
It's never Muslims saying Islam isn't violent, it's always some known liar.
People with IQs over 120 almost never admit to being influenced by anyone living. They are. It's just pride.
This fucking pope This fucking sudoco flower bottom faggot Even for a jebus queer he's a sick peach
It's not so much an intellectual matter, though it is that, it's a matter of tone-deafness not to see that xtianity and racialism oppose.
Catholic argument has one form, never varies: trying to force a false dilemma on opponent. Very similar to (((PC))).
As a garbage-can upending raccoon, I feel strongly that, in human politics, Donald Trump is the right choice this election.
It's open season on literally every physical characteristic Trump possesses. From the professional "anti-racists." Left, you are garbage.
Disagreeing with me doesn't make you diseased or evil or clinically outlying, just means you're wrong. :)
I just say my opponent is wrong and ridicule him. I fancy this is how men do it.
Everybody I don't like is a sociopath, narcissist. What a frisson I get from pretending a lofty clinical insight.
Women peak at 32. This is not theory. The core sampling has been done. #ILoveFuckingScience
Above all, it's important we be fair to the jew trying to genocide us. Moral guidance from #TeamWhite.
To be fair, could be height thing. If he hit his head on turnstile, he could sue, he's a lawyer. https://t.co/ZduE5gSXyB
The cross makes the cuck. "I wear the yoke of the jew." That's what your cross tells men.
Traditionalism: old things are good Progressivism: new things are good Right view: good things are good
It's fantastic to see many understand jews. The cutting edge now is 1) counter-extermination as only solution. 2) ditch christ for race.
"Europe must die because it's good for Jews." --B. Netanyahu
#AllLivesMatter is wrong because #BlackLivesMatter is wrong.
Here's analog. Paranoid Joe. Sees things that aint there. Do the people who aren't him share anything in common? https://t.co/bBRU7xZuD0
both sexes have gaind 30 lb on avg since late sixties https://t.co/gsH5xmLnHZ
I like to think of myself as a cop on the Information Superhighway. I run lugubriety checks on religious mopes.
Feuds are important. People never try half so hard as when they're pointing out their opponents' flaws. The joy and alacrity are keen.
the figure must occur to anyone who studies jew history for more than five minutes https://t.co/z1azMMmDLq

July 31, 2016:

Fucking with agency. Favorite game of the gaslighting left. Where does it come from? God and the bible. As well as jews proper.
What happens when you don't make excluding jews principle #1. https://t.co/V89VMSz0Ru
Termites have a holy book. It's called the Alwud. It says -- you'll never believe this -- all the wood in the world belongs to them.
Alchemist claim: i can turn base metal into gold Christian claim: i can turn a nigger into a human being.
Christian claims are the same as the alchemists'. The difference is everyone acknowledges alchemy failed to turn lead into gold.
Where does this crank NWO idea you can civilize muds-lims come from if not christianity? Never has worked, never will work.
Country Slicker good one on pigsing amid nigs. https://t.co/Ww38f5fdG2
Politics is truly the interest of second-rate minds, as churchill said somewhere. You really care that Bill Clinton fell asleep mid-Cuntyap?
Jews are the scum that boils out of a soup, and Trump will be the ladle that scoops the yidschmaltz up and flings it into the garbage can.
Catholic definition of termites: they only started eating wood after they rejected jebus.
Control of the media is the sine qua non of jew political control. Money control allows jews to acquire media for essentially free.
For every problem the govt solves it creates or exacerbates or prevents from being solved by private action 100.
Schadenfreude isn't the right word for ragwomen who get off on muslim men raping kaffir whores. Their joy is unalloyed with shame, far fm it
I've met many weak, pathetic people. But only about 1-2 who truly deserved the appellation evil.
The difference between NEA and Catholic church: NEA = women who prey on young boys CC = men who prey on young boys
How many evil people have you met? If you believed the monkeyshit of catholicism, you'd say "all." But of how many is "evil" fair descrip?
Catholicism flatters the little man that he is evil and consequential when in fact he's just weak.
Contrary to diaper dandy Mohatma Fleabag Gandhi, Western Civilization was in fact a bad idea. White racial order is the good one.
Call me a racist kook, but I don't think alleged people who believe albino body parts cure disease should have the right to vote.
It's a mistake to see the Eric Ericksons of the world as having a true position on anything. To believe that is to misunderstand the type.
The religious man blames God for his failures. Then absolves God because his ways are beyond our understanding. God = the oldest dodge.
Prayer is valid...if you're a quadruplegic...whose evil nurse stole your forehead rod. Otherwise...not.
The way #NeverTrump goys see it, the safer career bet is on jews. They'll be here after Trump disappears. Rest of NT are yids, of course.
The religious man is a cunt - always. This principle admits of no exceptions. https://t.co/H80mIH32P9
Actual nigger beliefs: that body parts of albinos cure disease. Can there be worse luck than being born albino coon? https://t.co/lctyvySeGl
Termites are kicked out of every house they're found in. Has nothing to do with their behavior, though, just prejudice & bigotry.
The vast majority of whites are as non-essential to civilization as ALL niggers. People are 99% repeaters using forms they don't understand.
White nationalism is the political expression of the white desire to live around and among whites - only. #TeamWhite
If one knew nothing of catholics other than they admire mother teresa, one would know it was a cult of scumbags.
Catholicism: a 2000-year war on common sense, biology and simple hygiene. Let it die with you.
The catholic and the faggot both want to love the world. One spiritually, one through flesh. Both are destructive, the latter less so.
If most people are repeaters then how can culture be organic? It's not. Culture is individual. A one-man culture is valid concept.
The Southerners are the best people because they believe their dolce vita is superior so obviously they neednt force it on others.
Breivik alone, so far, in Europe, inferred correctly from circumstances - and acted. Mass slaughter of jews, muslims and cucks is only sol.
Hillary going high. I mean, come on.
That's another form of bio-denial. Jews have never not exhibited the same other-race-hostile (genocidal) behavior. https://t.co/RWNCjyDQPB
You'll have fewer dumb thoughts to remove if you stop eating spiders. https://t.co/5Cc7DvKpu7
Beatitudes is modernism applied to society: let's elevate the ugly defective and ridiculous to position of honor.
When you see quotes from Romans re jews that could have been made today - that tells you you're dealing with something biological.
Plenty of people, like me, reject jebus claims. but that doesn't make them jews. Catholic position on jews is illogical & factually wrong.
Jews were around for many long centuries, not to say millennia, before the Talmud congealed. They exhibited the exact same rotten behavior.
Catholicism is sodomy of the spirit. There are many analogues between catholic belief and homo behavior.
Helping the poower is like anal sex - a very dangerous route to a very dubious frisson.
The implicit tenet of catholicism as concerns race is that it may exist but it doesn't deeply matter. Hence, cath. cannot not be antiwhite.
sometimes leftists apply their 'anti-white' racism to jewish apartheid, but it's always kept on back burner in MSM https://t.co/o6OPJPHyZo
First came the jew. THEN came the Talmud. Catholicsj Hoffman & Jones try to force reality to conform to their perverse ideology.
The jew is not the product of the Talmud - per the catholic conceit; rather, the Talmud is the product of the jew. Itz biological.
All conditions that allow whites to prosper and reproduce are called racist by white-genocidal jews and eliminated. https://t.co/REN5tI3WZw
Christianity elevates the worse over the better, and from that all social ills spring. Degeneracy begins in the mind.
If termites had a religious book to justify themselves it would look very much like the Talmud.
When someone says the Saudis control the media, what he's actually saying is "my contempt for you is bottomless." #GorillaMindset
Under freedom (free association) blacks had a legitimate upper class & society. But that was "bad for jews." https://t.co/aEcd8VwOEP
Christianity took both sides of the slavery question. And was wrong both times. Whites are neither the negro's equal nor its steward.
Public schools are the government's means of protecting itself.
The irony is that most of the lower-middle class that supported the Nazis wouldn't exist after a few generations of eugenics.
Catholics like jews without courage. They make the same dishonest arguments, same logical fallacies, but halfheartedly.
Being a minority greatly increases racial consciousness - walk down a beach of Mexicans if you are NW Euro - you will intensely feel diff.
People are waves and particles. Both individuals and part of collective. lol-right jews deny latter to prevent #TeamWhite from forming.
Whites have been systematically trained by christ-insanity to regard jews as bros and their own achievements as religious rather than racial
Christianity, just as much as jews, severs the connection between white racial essence and whites' achievements. WN reconnects these.
People might value racial whiteness proper, but they certainly value what whiteness produces. They just don't see the connection.
Multiculturalism means jewish standards of honesty, black levels of violence, and mexican standards of hygiene.
The church is against racial distinctions because they distract attention from What Really Matters.
Always and everywhere the church works to break down racial distinctions. So said Grant or Stoddard. https://t.co/Jn6t4qGWgz
Is flood the newest euphemism for nigger? https://t.co/SXGRGZGKS8
If judaism were an actual religion, you couldn't destroy it by exterminating jews. But it's not. It's a race-expression that dies w last one
It's cuz frogs have giant eyes and tiny brains, so females relate to them, despite their bumpiness. https://t.co/glITbmmwta
i've read that Nazareth didn't even exist at the time da Jebus is said to have sashayed out of the cunt https://t.co/CTIHKkMa3V
If they believe what they say about our race, they'd be demanding the same things White Nationalists are - physical separation.
The belief in spiritual equality is the root of political liberalism.
Christianity is a kumbayah cult, whether you want to accept it or not. It is the source and origin of liberalism, contrary to the revertards
It is my view whites must synthesize racial feelings they don't comparatively possess, forming a #TeamWhite, if they desire to keep existing
Merkel should be hanged from a stout oak after the town crier reads a summary judgment off a nice parchment.
Any mention of race is good for #TeamWhite. The more whites are disparaged by hate-filled (((leftists))) and muds, the better for our cause
Jews instinctively feel part of a group called jews. Whites don't feel this. This is why the disparity in numbers doesn't matter.
Hillary's Burritowear - sure to become the rage among the tragically hip this fall.
Men may unite ad hoc for a legitimate defensive purpose, but beyond that government is always just a self-serving gang of criminals.
The basic delusion is that govt is in business of solving problems rather than creating/exacerbating them, which is the actual fact.
Politics, at its most effective, is garbage management, not some kind of idealism. SpaceX is for "to the stars," not government.
Anders Breivik is the only real leader Europe has. That's why he's in jail.
And that is why when you adopt the christian position on race, you have set your race up for genocide. https://t.co/ScLr71KJ8T
You know what an anteater is. Now imagine a humaneater. Could you "convert" him out of eating humans? But that is catholic position on jews.
Jews' religion is this: putting into words, and code, what they instinctively (racially) felt: a homicidal contempt for all other peoples.
Jews initiated war against other races by their race/cult. They started it. That is undeniable fact of the matter. https://t.co/sBwB4nnDps
xtianity's policy is to deny biology (leaving adherents open to jewing) & persuade rather than lop heads (muzz) https://t.co/5H00se2CKZ
#muhUniqueReliggyousSpecialPleading https://t.co/yL9pqH7ApG
you must be about 18. anyone who has read or discussed with catholics has seen your shitsly, dishonest way before. https://t.co/yL9pqH7ApG
What oppression that Sarah Silverman faces. She doesn't mind admitting she'd kill jebus all over again. And still fawned over on tv.
your argument amounts to: my crank view is true because many people share it. which is a logical fallacy https://t.co/HX1LuFJ6aQ
'Radical Islam' is a bullshit term, ie, propaganda. The cult has jihad as a TENET, not some non-essential minority opinion. Islam is correct
Every jew is remarkably descended from dozens who died in 'the' 'holocaust' but nary a yid traces to those who murdered in the Holodomor.
If your times are wrong, then fight them. And don't cry and despair, you're not some catholic weakling faggot. LAUGH like a white man.
When you sexualize your children with junwhore clothes and such, you are helping the jew destroy the West and your race. #KeepSexPrivate
Even I wouldn't say my beliefs are "entirely" reasonable. I hate grafitti to an unreasonable degree. https://t.co/8qiSE3xdD4
#GoodBooks The Friends of Eddie Coyle #GoodMovies Charlie Varrick
Anyone older than 30 is fully aware of his mortality, you can be your life on that. https://t.co/8qiSE3xdD4
I'm happy to believe in your imaginary God. But first you need to produce credible evidence for him. That's atheism. https://t.co/8qiSE3xdD4
NOW you're thinking like TruCop. https://t.co/T3Bcc5gy60
Anything can be defended. Not always successfully. Ask yourself why you need to attribute false positions to opps. https://t.co/8qiSE3xdD4
I am aware that you believe that. Forsooth I must say from deepest Meland it doth appear unso. https://t.co/8qiSE3xdD4
you can't tell reality from fantasy. you wanting something true, or declaring it, does not make it so. you're cultic https://t.co/PwZvmY9kot
Religion is reality for people without standards.
your beliefs speak about you. not about me. no matter how hard you try. i'm not in your cult. i do reality only. https://t.co/EJEJzyws9X
see what i say? exactly like jews. why would i "hate" something that doesn't exist. yr belief is yr prob. not mine. https://t.co/EJEJzyws9X
Yeah, not worried Shrimpler. https://t.co/STKjXSIYLW
Christian way of 'arguing' is same as jews: if you don't accept my fantasy you are (something wicked, diseased, etc) https://t.co/kp1LdNPfxk
Religious thinking at its average. Dishonorable, untrue - of the crybaby. https://t.co/1mVp8xu86R
yes. the manlet willing to go on tape in public claiming he finds no evidence jews control the media. aka, a liar https://t.co/mO7oaGRXQx
It's sunday morning. You should be with your fellow cretins moron-bleating rather than annoying us w moron-tweeting. https://t.co/1mVp8xu86R
You actually believe I and other atheists don't believe we will die? Is there anything not wrong with you? https://t.co/1mVp8xu86R
My "fantasy" of being a god only exists in your head. Like your god. https://t.co/1mVp8xu86R
yeah but that's South Africa. #BLM would never say such a thing https://t.co/582lbbd5Ax
Man, I hope this is the stupidest tweet I read today. But...you're probably not done I'm guessing. https://t.co/uL2PVkFCuz
"Soviet Union" - nation they created is out to destroy them. A race of mad dogs, but from genes not virus. https://t.co/tC8Wq2J0Ao

July 30, 2016:

no. icke has his own thing. watson i think it is https://t.co/ASmv5nsyED
who's that british alex jones employee/professional clown. at least he had the guilty dog look in lying that jews dont control media
in which this guy reveals himself. Paul Gottfried has too many liver spots. Time to switch yids https://t.co/yxT0ufeo24
King David Hotel yid = liar https://t.co/edJp2NqhIN
congrats on figuring out what's right. REFLECTION MAKES THE MAN. https://t.co/cTZlyNkV6O
competition! best recipe for HymanShnozzen...
Eventually you're going to die in a warehouse or found on ground unresponsive w no pulse. Then won't you wish u HADNT BEEN A MASSIVE FAGGOT
Globalism vs nationalism. Except for Israel. So...yeah...no. It's Israel vs the nations. Or to put it best #TeamWhite vs #TeamJew.
Cernovich appears to be the deputed handler, a la faileocons' ((((Paul Gottfried))). https://t.co/7dQHetPQT5
Trump is the dying voice of fading angry whites. They say. Reality: Trump is the birth pains of a New White Order. Dig it, turdistas.
My father's family rounded up and shot goyim in the USSR. Said no jew ever.
How to know if you're a cretin: - worship Jebus - believe law & regulation solve all human problems
Government protects us. Not from the type of people who work for the government. But in a vague, counterrealistic way.
Carry on some traditions. Reject others. #TeamWhite gets it right.

July 29, 2016:

Summer is the It season. The other seasons. Well, as the (((Beastie Boys))) said, "you wish you would."
Truth is that the average whiteskin would rather see his race die out than give up his christianity addiction. #TeamWhite is for the rest.
'Racism' is a veiled way of saying whites are invalid. Not their beliefs or behavior. Their existence. #TeamWhite
Hillary identifies with the butt-ugly raghead females who get real tobacco pleasure out of seeing their men rape attractive ones.
The mistakes always run in the same direction. That's how we know they're not. https://t.co/hEJSY1kxxX
Nature is worthy of respect. Not worship. God is worthy only of an Eastwoodian spit.
The American government IS the monster...in a kippah.
There's nothing more obscene than white men reduced to begging the govt for health, education and welfare. You are NOT American in spirit.
America wasn't founded by Catholics but by men.
Americans shouldn't abandon their good traditions that work rather add to them what they don't have - jew-control engineering from NS.
Big government, little men. Nazis don't like to hear that, but it's true nevertheless. https://t.co/ykQNxtkIRl
Sex deviants, criminals and jews - you know: Real America.
She-Clinton represents the status quo. Anti-white social misery at home; endless wars for Israel abroad. Trump just might be revolutionary.
A whiteskin is a man or woman who is racially, genetically white but places no value on it. Useful distinction from 'woke' White. #TeamWhite
(((media))) calls heroes - only whites who work for govt. cops, teachers, firemen, soldiers. never private people who actually improve world
What you don't dare to mock is the force you will succumb to.
Don't join the army. Doing something honorable, like making hamburgers or stocking shelves. Don't be a tool, be a white man.
Feminists are like evil farmers, they want to take womans body from 'Wonderland" (credit David Duke dick attachment) to hipless titless box.
Feminists see woman as a disgusting swampland of sweetness which urgently needs draining so it can be farmed for rutabagas.
Feminists see woman as a disgusting swampland of sweetness which urgently needs draining.
Listening to Patsy Cline...back then women were allowed to be women, they didn't have to pretend to be strong women, aka cheap imitation men
A real is man never to proud to stop to help a dead turtle cross the street or upbraid an old woman for paying w checkbook. #RealMen
"And which problem wouldn't go away if government ceased curing it?" --Benjamin Johnson, 1842
Untent your fingers, manlet of prayer, and treat them as what they are: nimble minions of you, puppet master. #Fingerism's Message for Today

July 28, 2016:

Mockery and laughter are the first signs of a rising society. https://t.co/30D5v2hfuM
Tim Kaine, looks like a priest on the malooch.
Meanwhile, in Niggerstainia... https://t.co/gUGs4F52B0
It really speaks to the low character of our white race that we can't even identify the jews ruling over us, let alone defeat them. #shame
The US, under jews, surrounds Russia with bases, then paints her as aggressor in (((media))). USA public clueless as ever.
Look...you're in Canada. Many things will be confusing to you. But perhaps tie your ejaculations to specific stimuli https://t.co/5k7eTWFrWO
Merkel cares as little about the costs of her policy as the christians who demanded the immediate release of slaves. Sic semper Morality.
Egggg...zackly https://t.co/5k7eTWFrWO
The future is never inevitable. Only goddish head-queers believe that. The future belong to the #Fingerist.
Christians correctly denounce 'safe sex' teaching as propaganda, as it ignores non-material aspects of sex. (1/2)
Christian spiritual love is promiscuous and more destructive to the body politic than Q-RID is to the body physical.
When you do things that cause people misery, you can't escape by calling your motive love. #IllPapa
"First, do no harm." Even doctors acknowledge a modest ideal. Never politicians, though.
Christian culture leads directly to sanctimonious madmen and women, Merkel being perfect example. FUCK REALITY I HAZ VISION.
There's only one good reason to write, and that's to write stuff the way it should be written. If others doing that, dont bother. If not, do
chop down the tall poppy syndrome https://t.co/ADAlThzIgg
Can someone please do an equivalent to Gesamtkunstwerk for all utils, based explicitly on allowing crit of jews, proxy for all freedom?
I have signed up for (((Weiner, Anthony's))) correspondence course. I feel strongly I have what it takes to become a sexting pervert.
"They'll make no sacrifices and take no chances, so what they believe isn't all that important. (1/2)
I do find Clinton's clothes odd. She always look like she took a quilted blanket and stapled a couple x. Internal problems is possible.
Can America really afford an anile hag tooling for the yids as president?
Christianity - the cuck-maker. https://t.co/f973D0N5QS

July 27, 2016:

People don't need salvation and can't be fixed. Hope that clears things up, I know some of you xtians been confused for 2000 years.
elephant outwits 14 SJW lionesses https://t.co/An4glBNMgo
Back in reality, summer blacks will be molesting white families at state fairs & gang-locusting convenience stores. https://t.co/MkzPfKKK8Y
#tcot Support Israel? You belong dangling in a rope. https://t.co/dfKNnH69EG
Stockman: Soon 10,000 people will own a preponderant share of the wealth; 10 million people will live grandly off the droppings; (1/2)
One has got rid of so many confusions and potential problems by letting like group with like that any totally awesome design is unnecessary.
Why do arranged marriages work? Same reason white racial politics works. It's humiliating but livestock measures work for humans too.
The bad drives out the good, the good doesn't elevate the bad. A white society according blacks rights will fall to black cultural level.
Reps: we must sell our reasoned, responsible conservatism to blacks and browns Dems: free shit, niggas!
That's not good enough. They'll sneak back in the minute guard is dropped, and it will be. https://t.co/1r3WBfY4Uo

July 26, 2016:

Racialism operates somewhat on the same theory as arranged marriages.
Through our clever PR strategy, we persuade negros to ditch the sordid course of gibsmedat & dinduism for self control & respect for others.
Selling conservatism to niggers? and mexicans? WILL YA LISTEN TO YOURSELF?
Jews proudly brag about opening borders across the west. Privately and in Israeli papers they laugh about the beheaded priest.
It's not a pipe dream to think blacks can meet white standards, it's a pipe dream to think they can even understand white standards.
Whites have no interest in continued forced association with semites or coloreds. This realization will spread and culminate in revolution.
Vote for the anile hag and America can have priest-beheading ragheads too.
Renouf on Faurisson https://t.co/gGRZKfAQ9A
Dude, You're getting a Dell!
Amen, wise words. https://t.co/cg4ZatC8K6
Jews side with muslim terrorists AGAINST WHITES Jews side with criminal niggers AGAINST WHITES JEWS = DEATH & DESTRUCTION FOR WHITES. #NJJR
After 2000 years of failure, it's time to stop fucking around with xtian lunacy and do what common sense tells us: EXTERMINATE THE JEWS.
stay dum, it's our only hope https://t.co/6XH1Q2fcpn
You're going all muslim on the term acknowledge. Pretend or hallucinate are accurate terms for your mentation. https://t.co/YBujCKhtEU
"Of course we know they'll kill you. Is it our fault you refuse to accept us for what we are?" --N.B. Wise
If you don't understand how something as dumb as Jebus could become a thing, look at photos from Comic-Con.
Here's the solution, folks: kill all muslims and jews. I'm sorry it's not nice. But that's on you & your faggot christian cult, now, isnt it
Having put over the Jebus hoax on the Aryan boobs, the jews knew the prospects for Holohoax were good.
If you believe people come back from the dead, you're a degenerate.
There's no persuasive evidence jebus existed, let alone came back from the dead.
You believe because you haven't the character to keep faith with the facts. Your belief springs from weak character. https://t.co/vES27BFh8F
"authoritative" - classic. a bunch of jewish horseshit believed by fools. there's the most authoritative guide ever. https://t.co/hT312Cv6U5
What was meant, as you know, is that when church says some 250-yo guy fathered a kid, it means that LITERALLY. https://t.co/magK1twNQQ
At least one major party believes that showcasing the relatives of serious criminals is the way to win votes. That truly shows where we are.
Whiteness, white genes, is the effective agent. The church is nothing.
The church never protected whites and now it doesn't even defend itself.
Religion is free-verse logic. (That's a contradiction, Stimpy.)
They who can't make their case must shift their grounds - to your motivations and character. So with jews - but so also with christians.
All religious argument is made in bad faith. That's what science means - arguing in good faith. Free epiphanies from #TeamWhite
Religious revelations are always bogus. But charlatanry is all too real.
This pertains to religion, not just court cases: if you have a case, pound the facts. If you don't, pound the table.
The religious will always try to turn refusal to accept their lunacy into a character problem because they have no evidence for their views.
People wouldn't fight over God if he existed.
I'd love to be a reactionary, but I lack the ingratitude. (Another way in which the reverts and the progs are retarded fraternal twins.)
Religion makes greatest possible claims, produces shittiest possible results. Science: few claims, incredibly bountiful results.
They only need special terms (smears) for their opponents who can't make their case the ordinary way, using ordinary proof and evidence.
As no evidence of god's existence (that would be accepted as ev. in any other case) has been presented, the atheist has no positive belief.
For atheism to be a positive belief, the atheist would have to reject something(s) ordinarily accepted as evidence. https://t.co/g4fLMZGyBY
'Atheist' is just a lighter, wimpier version of ''holocaust' denier'
The dirtiest, most dishonest writers of the 20th century were not jews, as you'd suspect, they were xtian pogies GK Chesteron & CS Lewis.
Nowhere but religion is there a special term for people who don't believe in something that doesn't exist. https://t.co/HX2kb9RqyC
Atheist - an epithet used by christians for those who reject their claimed God.
No, no, Special Rules for special creatures! BIGFOOT must be proved to exist! GOD gets the assumption! https://t.co/rcmw6BmWm9
Truth is a function of popularity. Interesting view for a religious nut. https://t.co/7NN7SxgxQD
If we can't agree on the same flag, why are we part of the same country? https://t.co/omw04ZuYDD
Your embracing a delusion -- "God" -- says nothing whatsoever about the "beliefs" of those who don't share it.
'Atheist' is essentially a smear used by cultists who can't make their case honestly or honorably.
Notice the xtian does exactly what the Semitically Correct cultist does: uses whatever power he has to force you into his fake reality.
Remember: 100% of Rabbis -- literally every single one -- supported letting these priest-beheaders into Europe. #DeathToTheJews
Daily whites are RAPED, MURDERED, ROBBED, MOLESTED by shitskinned savages JEWS LET INTO OUR COUNTRIES in name of diversity. #TeamWhite
Tag team: Jews let muslims in. Muslims murder whites. Jews lie about it in press. #TeamWhite sees what's going on. Do you?
Everything jews do, literally every policy they support, makes white society more unpleasant and dangerous. #TeamWhite
#ADL puts white children at risk. #LeoFrank

July 25, 2016:

Itz (((Pat Hetic))) https://t.co/6Pahsw9YPO
probly many, but i've forgotten! https://t.co/oDnlXBvwNA
No, I think that'd be unfair. He's trying to chart a course under extremely difficult, dangerous circumstances. https://t.co/zvF2DvCXg3
...a procession of jews, each repulsiver than the last... https://t.co/eHrTMhNeIh
Entomologists will admit this when pressed: dung beetles learned their trade from jewish ragmen.
We must keep alive Sam Butler's beautiful dream of an Institute of Spiritual Pathology.
I'm lost at this point. You assumed INCORRECTLY i'm NS. All I'm saying. I know and assert nothing about you. https://t.co/Pep2eLqFqV
Don't use your muscles; you'll never be as big as Schwarzenegger. Mutatis mutandis, this is what conservatives say about brains.
No conservative thinker every doubted his capacity for rational thought - only yours.
From Burke on, conservatism have talked up religion and talked down rational thought. End of that line is hagridden cowards. #tcot
Then Johnny Reb had a thought.. Mebbe, jes mebbe, his head wasn't just there to input dirt. Or scare the moles back down. Might could THINK.
#Fingerism is, like conservatism, a disposition, not a set of tenets or positions. A man builds his own superstructure upon its base belief.
#Fingerism is the spiritual attitude springing from what Fingerists take to be the self-evident fact that humans can make their fingers move
If mere reality isn't interesting enough for you, you can always try christian delusion, or bottled alcohol or chemical concoctions.
Try actually thinking. Don't just assume your head doesn't work, or is there for aesthetic effect.
Right-wing atheism. It's based on the belief that humans can make their fingers move. https://t.co/WyckXO298o
Just as we whites think others are like us (honest, friendly), jews tend to think others are like them (paranoid, advantage-seeking, hateful
You're just parroting what you've heard. Try actually thinking about it. Atheists dont need something. https://t.co/92ywB5GXB5
I dont know. Hitler used a higher power rhetorically. I see no evidence he actually believed in the common way. https://t.co/aMhjNLW9v5
Worries about all that type of thing are an utter waste of time. That's my opinion. https://t.co/tcThDMOeS4
Hitler: "The best thing is to let Christianity die a natural death."
Hitler: “Taken to its logical extreme, Christianity would mean the systematic cultivation of the human failure.”
Hitler: The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the coming of Christianity. (1/2)
Hitler: Xtianity is a prototype of Bolshevism: the mobilisation by the Jew of the masses of slaves with the object of undermining society.
Hitler: “As far as we are concerned, we’ve succeeded in chasing the Jews from our midst and excluding Christianity from our political life.”
National socialism isn't occult at all, it takes cue from nature, where xtianity cues from hallucinations/tall tales https://t.co/HcUvkl7MUh
Hitler again: “There is something very unhealthy about Christianity.” IF you credit table talk.
By asserting all hominids are one in Jebus, xtianity makes it impossible to sustain political segregations over the long haul.
Xtianity doctrinally denies, in effect, human speciation. It refuses to see anything but one race, and doesn't value the material thing.
What I know is that Catholics break their own proclaimed commandment against lying to defame NS. Shows their character.
He was mature. He's a democratic politician. They ALL lie. That's what trying to get votes ALWAYS entails. https://t.co/rsmuAUiPRy
Another quote you're running away from, since you credit TT: “Kerrl, with the noblest of intentions, wanted to https://t.co/92tTgnEegV
Yes, he was. There were homos, even pedos, in NS. But they were less common than they are in catholic church. https://t.co/YR8738JJD0
Some were. but again, you cannot trust ANYTHING either christian conservatives or jewish communists say about NS. https://t.co/UZhZBUlGT8
I mean, I could use a hammer to try to circumcise a baby iguana, but that doesn't change it's a hammer; that's not what it's about.
Hitler enjoyed operas immensely. And the architecture of their stage houses. He did not confuse them with reality. https://t.co/bnvkNl4EVf
Hitler was no occultist. That is true. And good. https://t.co/bnvkNl4EVf
Who knows for sure? What we do know THAT MATTERS is he planned to phase out the universalist church for blood order. https://t.co/92tTgnEegV
Pink Swastika. Cited by E. Michael Jones. Based on jew-communists Hitler fought. Loaded with lies about homos/pedos. https://t.co/bQQ33Z6Wn1
Oh there's plenty clownish about an imaginary hero who runs around with mynah birds on his shoulders https://t.co/ZRMKcDV3Gx
Hitler created a MIRROR STRATEGY to judaism. He gave whites a RACIAL TEAM to defend itself where UNIVERSALIST cross cult could not.
Christianity is not a racial doctrine (like judaism) and cannot be made into one. https://t.co/7T2dce1pkE
No they weren't. What christians say about Nazis has zero credibility - most of it is taken from jew-homo communists https://t.co/BoOBKjxuaO
it's not christianity if you intend to change it the way Hitler and Rosenberg did. the pope knew that. https://t.co/3f7Xr8Dieq
Answer the question: did Hitler or did he not plan to LET XTIANITY DIE by phasing it out? You know the truth. https://t.co/Kg6l2jGkAj
Heathenry is a bigot's smear. Hitler trained German youth to value blood at a higher level than the church does. https://t.co/7QwOAJ9ega
So go quote his anti-christian statements, which say the opposite. https://t.co/d3U0lkc3wa
Exactly, I love that you clowns are forced into say the Pope's not a catholic. Just make it up as you go along. https://t.co/COCVkeD1oF
Here's what Hitler actually believed: “ “It’s Christianity that’s the liar. It’s in perpetual conflict with itself." https://t.co/Cdk7MSH1Ov
No, Hitler did not see himself as a christian. Why do you lie about that? https://t.co/COCVkeD1oF
Hitler's view: 1) racialism is the opposite of xtian universalism, and 2) I will phase out xtianity for blood cult. https://t.co/BlijxP94c8
No, those quotations are false. You need to read more carefully and not believe everything that's put out there. https://t.co/Yshw7W4gUa
Hitler's intent was to supersede christianity with racialism, which the church correctly saw as a vital threat. https://t.co/Wkl0RjiLVc
This is simple a big lie. https://t.co/pChyXUQd0Q
Yes. I am taking the piss of dozy plonkers. https://t.co/NPQvi19zdV
No, that's not accurate. Hitler was a racialist, and racialism is the opposite of christianity. https://t.co/pChyXUQd0Q
The church determines what's christian, and Hitler's church explicitly rejected the political system he created. https://t.co/xfXraK7pkh
LOL, the Pope isn't a christian. I love it. Hitler was no christian. You just want him to be. https://t.co/dhHpMpb6Um
D-Day was irrelevant, the war was decided in East. https://t.co/Lkvh0al6X2
So Hitler was a believing christian who's political system was described as evil by the Pope. That's yr contention? https://t.co/k2MkBvw7bf
You're clowning yourself buddy. You don't know what he said. You have only hearsay, which you credit per YOUR views. https://t.co/Yg1UJf3AWP
Not what he said in private, though, which is what you're relying on for your other claims. Which is it, Mr 2-face? https://t.co/xfXraK7pkh
You don't know what Hitler actually believed. NS tolerated jews living in Germany all thru the war, so you're wrong. https://t.co/6quZOjVWsd
We can invent new gods. That's what we do. Whites aren't a traditionalist race. We are the opposite of it, in fact. https://t.co/WMwPiSkn6k
Being born in a stall doesn't make you a horse. But being taken to church by your folks does make you a christian. Is that right?
He wasn't a christian, so that tells you his real view. No matter what someone claimed he said here or there. https://t.co/d8ckNKXgeS
Jews brought communism to Europe in 20th century. Islam in the 21st. You can't lose with these guys!
Trump instinctively recognizes jews are bazaar clowns, and you have to poke them back with equal fervor. He's not dumb or scared like GOP.
Look what Trump has done with common sense, and enough balls not to cave on some basic stuff. (SOME, not all) https://t.co/0OfQY9HghG
my...goodness. you are snake-rich! https://t.co/axPI1hVZTt
It's not just being right, it's being right with style. Bobby Fischer struck the right tone toward 'em: they are shit on humanity's shoes.
Snakes maintain an Anglobutlerian emotional reserve. They eat vermin. They emit freshets of silence. They scare xtians. What's not to like?
I trust Putin. He has his head on straight. That's all you can ask. Trump too. They're best we can do till Hitler II, and that is coming.
Snakes > christians. That's your "Bible" takeaway, folks.
We need to get that Amish money out of politics. Really poisoning things. Amish & Saudis. Yessirree bob.
ive had calif kingsnakes, hognose snake, fox snake, bullsnake...and boot shaped boa that didn't each much https://t.co/QRBfx01XPh
The world of things you don't realize dwarfs Jupiter, one strongly suspects. https://t.co/9awnv1Pl0z
Hand raised? Did you hold on to the back of their bike? https://t.co/QRBfx01XPh
Unlike the endless "clever" halfwits he cut right to the point. It's jews. They're criminals. They'll never change. https://t.co/xTKdB8HFD1
Trump's Honeydipper Express is startin' up, and Mexcrement everywhere break into a sweat.
Binkie Sanders throws in with Evil Grandma https://t.co/22XtzwEcjV
The price of white freedom is extinction of jews. If you need another reason, they're trying to #WhiteGenocide us.
yeah, but you're pretty fat https://t.co/97keGo0Dfk
I don't know that jews invented the meme of suicide of the west, but they have certainly used it to disguise their murdering white nations.
I have a feeling if Germans righteously slaughtered a bunch of Muslims in response, the BBC/NPR yids would have no trouble fixing blame.
Suicide meme comes from Spengler via Burnham, the mentor to fat cryptosexual Sam Francis, aka Canny Sammy. https://t.co/rCseBwcvtg
No. Just a grab. I agree its color is gorgeous. I wish had some side-zip ankle boots made out of it! https://t.co/iSWnAcSK81
As one from NEMO, the woods are now flooded with KC Royals fan, 100% of whom were Cardinals fans or nothing two years ago. SHIT CHARACTER.
In this we see that jews do indeed have some of our trouble - they think others are as (paranoid, deceitful) as they https://t.co/oyeRmtvHzp
How many niggers were involved and what race were they? https://t.co/SYRS2X4KWD
(brief series, maybe 5 tweets) "In 1992, sitting Vice President Dan Quayle addressed the GOP convention. George H.W. Bush’s henchmen did
Correct. But WN fear to criticize KM when he's wrong. https://t.co/9BBqW2YKNo
Whites didn't suddenly forget how to organize when it came to politics. They have been thwarted.
While whites stayed up all night to guard endangered sea turtles, rabbis signed petitions to admit muslim terrorists as refugees.
NPR. Can't figure out the motive of muslim suicide terrorists. Supercilious yids lounge in AC and gaslight in name of "public" they hate.
God is the christian's way of evading responsibility for his own life and decisions. It's cowardly, counterfactual and childish. #muhDemonz
The church lumps all hominids into one class: needers of Jebus. What matters racial difference next to this?
The pollyanna view is popular with shills: that we whites just cant organize as well as jews. The truth is jews actively subvert white orgs.
Jews work illegally to prevent whites from organizing. This is the part that liars such as Jared Taylor leave out. #neutralmachineryBigLie
Jews organize themselves, to the nth degree AND they prevent whites from organizing, using their control to media-defame & police-subvert.
The church let jews back in 110 times. Because it defines them as brother men, fellow God-creatures. Rather than biological threat & enemy.
The only way to bet is that the actual and full truth about jews is considerably worse than even the worst 'antisemite' suspects.
Very seldom does a public jew stand against jewry, and even then it's never more than what the spooks called limited hangout.
Jareb! Taylor is suspiciously horny to convict the race he ostensibly defends, I've always smelled. https://t.co/MTh66i3q44
Not a single jew publicly opposes the #ADL's attempt to rescue the reputation of pedophile-murderer #LeoFrank. Jews? Evil defines them.
No matter which jew scam you mention (gas chambers, Leo Frank) almost no jews will admit factual truth. They must be treated as #TeamJew.
Jews have a "Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations." Not just a beehive - they're organized from top to bottom.
Jews are a race. & their 'religion' tells them god promised them all the goods of the gentiles - Leibowitz attitude. https://t.co/KZE0QKvbXL
When I look around, I see whites blaming jews for what they do. And jews blaming whites for what they don't.
Yeah, whites "fail" for decades - when jew-indoctrinated cops are busting down the door if they make the wrong comment on Facebook. Christ.
Reminds me of old WFB argument: some people say those who push old women in front of bus are same as those who push them out of way of bus.
You're willfully ignorant. I won't respond again. https://t.co/iuChXhNmin
Of course they're going to keep lying about gas chambers because it's a proven money maker and political weapon. https://t.co/9f2khq15wn
In a few years baby Ezra will be rapping white privilege poems while pretending to be white. https://t.co/nUU1l9CiC6
Look, you seem like a nice. I'm not going to argue with you. But you're listening to people who are feeding you shit https://t.co/nUU1l9CiC6
What was that Italian's book of criminal head shapes, she'd make a marvelous centerfold. https://t.co/qOZPTswg6i
One can dream! But Nigeria does have such a provision. Maybe 'uncaught so far' is best we can hope for. https://t.co/7fFVBhx7eo
Yeah, because all complaints are equally invalid. Face it - you're not tall enough for the ride. That's all. https://t.co/EPpKTRruKx
Shout out to all upstanding niggers - Nigeria will welcome you back home with open arms. Look into it. Imagine a land without racism.
Hey, Jon Stuart Leibowitz, you Galician flea, it IS my country. My ancestors founded it for THEIR posterity. Not yours. FUCK OFF KIKE.
The national roar that would go up at the visual of Mexigoobers being deported under Trump would deafen residents of Mars.
Freddie Mercury told me he approves Donald Trump using his song. (This is how you sound when you talk about God.)
I have a pet bear. As fate would have it, he's one of those bears with his head caught in a jar. His name is Deus Vult.
Reactionary: democracy, or political equality is a bad idea. But one-size-fits-all religion is a great one.
What is catholicism but the leveling the reactionary opposes in the political sphere?
Did Hitler fill Europe with millions of murderous muslims? No. Jews did that. Maybe that's why... OH MY FREAKING GOD I'VE BEEN LIED TO...
Jews are a race. They do have a code, a dual code. To call it religion - it's far more akin to a declaration of war on the rest of the world
Reaction: smart guys who think like dumb guys: if I gurn and make impressive noises about Power Above i be thinkinin'.
Libertarianism is far more idea-fecund than reaction, but its refusal to treat with jews snips its balls, leaves it mylarweight class.
So the answer is they don't just think alike but actively coordinate. In fact, they do more than that - all the way up thru conspire.
Queers, among other things, are sex maniacs. They have no interest in marrying because marriage interferes with their cloacal World Tour.
"Gay marriage is about two people loving each other." But on average one of those queers has had 500 partners. Do you see the disconnect?
Keep reading new things. I read Trollope. About to read Walpole. It builds appreciation for what jews have destroyed, among other things.
That's why I carry on private studies! Life is too short to waste on ideological claptrap. https://t.co/1bwzS0D72w
Alex Jones walked into rhinoplast office & said, "I need to look more like a buffoon." "I'll try," said doc. "But I can't promise anything.
What a loathsome race. https://t.co/aM1TrJgl5X
'Gun control' and feminism are both racial attacks on whites. Pushed by the same (((tribe))) in pursuit of the same agenda: #WhiteGenocide.
The point is there is no yid equivalent to Twain, Mencken, Dickens, Poe and on and on and on and on. https://t.co/U1ildIjLqR

July 24, 2016:

Seeking wisdom out of the bible is like seeking water in a urinal. There might be some there, but it's heavily polluted.
Norman Mailer and Philip Roth promoted as great talentss, lol. No way. Capote was 100x more talented than either. https://t.co/ooVxTWxaUZ
incorrect. the problem is jew. zionism is merely one example of The Problem in action. https://t.co/Lv4SiWQCyC
"We kill termites because they destroy our houses. How, then, should we treat jews, who destroy our societies?" --A. Schopenhauser
jews were the force behind no-talent art, the only serious movement of the 20th century. so they could be 'artists' as well as agents
They're just liars and criminals - but they stick together. Demand special exemptions and privileges - always. https://t.co/77MloFwsyo
Trump actually got one of the (((vermicious knids))) (one of the monsters of the deep on SCourt) to apologize. you almost never see that
for a 'people of the book,' the literature jews have produced is third rate. there is no legitimately great jew writer
funny, you never think of SA like this https://t.co/wK1022GAHZ
there is no positive jew culture, save the technics of bloodsucking; their writing is mostly crap, their art, negligible
Maybe if you quit worrying about what other people thought of you and worried 100% about being right you would earn title of White Man.
jews dont even bother to eliminate inconsistencies in their scams like holohoax because they know they'll lie anew tomorrow
One jew could be a liar, if they were like us. But their entire tribe promotes and celebrates known liars. lying is jew nature & culture.
jews make no distinction between lies, history and fiction, as Aryans do. jews only care about what's good for jews. Truth pays no bills.
Oliver touches on this - jews have always, historically, special pled where they didnt rule & spread lies as history https://t.co/yPxzQ5nlBB
I always considered xtianity tall tales that seem "nice" to women, that men eyeroll at. but no, it is a far deeper & thoroughly pernicious.
Personality is a dangerous wildcard threatening the System of the Goy Controllers, jews say in Protocols. Trump is exactly what they meant.
If you change an anteater's political views, have you really changed the thing itself? Do you suppose men are much different?
Late jon stuart affects august, hoary yidpose. Oy, the new Moses, he's. A sheeny of substance and gravitas. Many Early Bird Specials for him
Trump, there is much wrong, but powerful right: has the ganash to take on smarmy smarmingtons like yidly JON stuart. I LIKE THAT.
Jews are a race. They can no more change their parasitical behavior towards others than anteaters can switch from ants to bananas.
I didn't think christianity mattered...until I did think. Then I realized it's the reason whites see defending themselves as immoral.
Trump taking with one hand (Duke disavowel), giving with the other (yidsmacking clan mcLeibowitz) https://t.co/hvhq7ar0QB
The jews' code was a setting down of behavior already thousands of years in practice.
It's always people who can scarcely thread a shoelace who are experts at interpreting God's word.
The christian lies that jews became jews by rejecting jebus. The historical record is clear that jew behavior has been consistent from day 1
The Bible is the Divine Word of God. Sad that He spoke so unintelligibly it required centuries of religious wars to ascertain true meaning.
Christianity doesn't doctrinally deny race exists, but it undervalues it to the extent it amounts to the same thing in practice.
Christianity says a jew stops being jew when he converts. This is precisely the same as saying a black stops being black when he converts.
Against every other set the cuckservatives are paragons of excessive timidity. But where they have Boss Jew's approval, they fire w gusto.
Bill Kristol appears to believe Putin gets up each day, and after his 80 jumping jacks, races to Kremlin to bake some fresh Pepes.
very high percentage of jews vs whites exhibit paranoid tendencies, but that's just my obs not "peer reviewed paper" https://t.co/E2Hc9QVOUx
That's what happens when you lose wars. But they may yet regenerate. They are a martial minded nation at heart. https://t.co/ixLb2E2QNk
Well, it's not easy to disentangle: is bill kristol lying or paranoid when blames Putin for #altright? or both? https://t.co/E2Hc9QVOUx
Germany didnt change its way of thinking, it's defeat was wholly external and military. The others lost in spirit https://t.co/1kyQZNypCC
the circumstances are just too different for solid comparison https://t.co/JEohm0pDGs
there's no need for cruelty, but there's no need to exalt retards either, and christians do https://t.co/FOctz0Xe6O
they conquered russia easily 100 years ago https://t.co/g33f5YIEDh
jews in europe bred within their colonies and practiced eugenics https://t.co/9rOTz7ckIY
Good points, assuming true. People get caught up in race - I'm using it in everyday sense, just to mean type. https://t.co/9rOTz7ckIY
Even long ago, they were essentially an 'intergen,' with all the synagogues in communication worldwide. https://t.co/MwQuaOMVK4
they're a lot more than 1/2 https://t.co/tKx8W1EcI4
God is an adventitious and unnecessary concept.
No, the best description is race. https://t.co/0JC48tUFt8
They have a whole list of jewish diseases, so calling them a race is the only accurate way to put it. Same genes. https://t.co/1SHRMmHzsU
If jews had 20th century technology, they would have dominated much earlier - xtian doctrines ensure that domination is inevitable.
As I've said many time, it was only circumstances (lack of technology) that prevented jews from dominating earlier. https://t.co/7Bmi1RWj0i
Christianity works to deny reason (causality), asserting that God's will explains everything that happens. Incredibly destructive lie.
Christianity works to deny human difference (race), caring only whether some jackass has accepted christ or similar tomfoolery.
And absolutely no one in today's generation should make that claim. My generation was last that plausibly could. https://t.co/f7Rd5LfpkB
Most jews are atheists. They can be, since jew is a race, not religion. https://t.co/WjtJwE9J9I
The things that make whites, as a race, worth defending are also what make it hard to defend (individuation). This is the #WhiteParadox.
So...god is a nigger, you're saying? No. You're saying god is a billion niggers? What a groovy Fellow. https://t.co/AaHnaRobxb
Jews work the margins, gain by degree. 24/7 fagitprop doesn't make the avg guy into a fag, but it tends to create a fag-positive mental env.
The jew always tries to push the white into examining his own attitude and behavior, while his own are always off the table.
The things that make whites unique as a race (capacity for inwardness, seeing other POVs) make it hard to defend. #WhiteParadox
Child understands bad guys want to hurt people. Keep it that level till they get older to give them the deeper why. https://t.co/7vux2bMlXH
We're the good guys. They're the bad guys. https://t.co/7vux2bMlXH
The jew thing is not complex at all. This argument is past absurd. You can explain it to a child - easily.
The noobs have mastered graphics, and that is all to their credit. https://t.co/va9wBW0wug
That's ok. No one gets the respect he deserves! And least by asking for it. Laughter shows LACK of fear. That's imp. https://t.co/va9wBW0wug
The more we beat up on the conservatives, the more they serve us. Same as they do the jews. It's all about their fear & self-interest.
Jews offer whites a full spectrum of deviant time-wasters - spectator sports, morbid sex, body modification, etc. https://t.co/XQ7iHv0HIt
Yes. And it will continue to pay dividends. We smash them to bits, force their good elements to go racial. https://t.co/s3v8sm5zyP
When I see someone with tattoos I think two things: 1) what bad taste. 2) this person is trying to deny & escape his whiteness.
THere is only one verse in bible I'm aware of that might be in favor of intelligence. And zero humor. In 1700 pages! https://t.co/nXIGB9XgF3
That's one of the snake's meanings. It also represents beauty and even power and cunning. https://t.co/nXIGB9XgF3
If conservatives applied their principles faithfully, their columns would be nothing but warnings about and descriptions of jews abusing USA
It's probably unfair to the Old and true South to claim the thing didn't die in 1865.
Christianity teaches people to deny causality in favor of God, this is perhaps its deepest intellectual crime. https://t.co/IFGOYRUqwc
Even the 'redneck' identity that so many Flyover morons embrace is a jew created cheap plastic halloween cartoon thing. Ape Calhoun, losers.
Of course tattoos alone dont destroy white society. But then they're part of an entire package of deviant practices, aren't they? #Frankfurt
Christians not only respect abuse, they obtain sexual gratification from it, I have always believed. Christianity betrays soul sickness.
Christians run toward jews who abuse them and from whites racialists who respect them. "We" never learn this basic lesson. #TeamWhite
White skin is far more attractive and striking than any stupid design your moronic mind comes up with.
Our government under jews and christian army scum destroyed effective countries (Iraq, Libya). Christians are curs. https://t.co/r3gPxuRyKO
Tattoos reduce the number of square feet of white skin in the world - they visually aid the onslaught of diversity.
Jews promote tattoos 4 goyim (not for jews, it's against their code) for the same reason they promote deviant sex - to destroy white society
The conservatives are cowards. It's their defining feature. Their dog that didn't bark is their abject, craven, animal fear of jewish power.
It must become a source of great honor among whites, when one of our own kills jews. #TeamWhites
The jews have won by intimidating other races. They can produce credible threats, backed by organized power. But they can be killed.
I harp on fear and cowardice, you might have noticed. Why? Because I believe pure animal fear is the main motivator in this world.
How many tattoos did Hitler hav? Did he wear funny hair and goofy clothes? No. He had IT. when you have IT, you dont need faggoty externals.
boy dat dere Saudi money yo der yahee yim yim choobaloo
are you a sailor? no? prostitute? no? then why do you have a tattoo? The traditional attitude toward tats is the correct one.
The jews the JEWS no one else THE JEWS are trying to MURDER EUROPE by filling it with scum from lands whose govts they conspired to destroy.
What you encounter (ALL you encounter) in christianity are really pale, limp copies of same logical fallacies in jew 'arguments.'
christianity is every bit as full of lies as judaism, it's just that christians, tho numerous, are lazy wusses by comparison
Judaism existed before christianity, so that can't be true. It's a race. Not a religion. https://t.co/s6fpKpraLI
Math experienced a schism today, as a group of French mathematicians who claim 2+2=5 elected a new pope.
The catholic church has splintered 1000x. If there were true claims at heart of it, that wouldn't have happened.
Facts don't go away because you refuse to acknowledge them. https://t.co/IN5YFoH1YZ
They murdered the first people to print bibles. That's the catholic church's true attitude toward the human mind. https://t.co/owxjkCL60B
Telling people they are great sinners who need to be saved is a backhanded compliment aimed to flatter them and suck their shekels.
How do you know your nation & media are controlled by jews? The true problem is never discussed, & the real solution is always off the table
The inference I draw form jews kicked out of Europe 100x is that someone is denying jew nature.
Genocide is nature's way. Who will rule the world? #TeamJew or #TeamWhite?
Jews pay cucks like Eric Ericson & Trick Wilson to spread white-genocidalism among their kind and call it conservatism.
No dialogue with jews. They are trying to murder our kind. For them we have only one response: death to you, all of you, forever. #TeamWhite
Jews have leveled a racial attack on Germany, Europe and USA, and they have received the racial death sentence from #TeamWhite.
Jews are the world's enemy. They should be identified and exterminated wherever they arise, exactly like termites.
Trump and Putin should combine forces to destroy Israel. That truly would liberate the world.
Professional conservatism is two things: kikes and cucks. The cucks are goy career girls who sell race-denial to white simps.
You'd better keep pushing on that Brexit, real English, or you will lose it.
Germany is a conquered nation. That's why Merkel invited these killers. No way back but thru the jew - spill its blood.
A society, in its health admitted jews, decided to pretend that blacks are people. And soon grew deathly ill.
Look at this fucking monkey. It is obscene and shows a real urge-to-gutter that whiteskins vote for a goddam nigger. https://t.co/AVHnFFMDZr
Wasserman Schultz is something you see when you send a sub w a camera into Marianas Trench.
Do you want Nice and Anspach in the US? If you vote #ImWithSeizure you can have them.
where muslims gain demographic power, these same jew-luvin goypols dress their heads like burritos and luv muzzy https://t.co/d7Nc6aDDls
remember - goypols serve jews NOT because they love jews (that's just their lying mouth) but because jews have power (1/2)
Whenever any goy says "I love the jewish people," what he's really saying is "I am a liar & a coward." --Dad Brady
Neurotic ungainly yid (((Wasserman Schultz))) can snorkel without apparatus.
Trump has a sure eye for the sore spot in character of opponents. AND he's not afraid to go for it. Effective!
Notice how these scrawnsters Assange and Snowden have more nuts and guts than roughly 99.9% of South's self-vaunted Fahtin' Mayun.
I must admit I giggle like a teenage girl at someone named Julian & looking like Assange calling people sissies.
Hillary Clinton belongs in hospital. Handcuffed to a side rail.
Trump is actually trying to win. Unlike Romney. That's yr starter difference.
German racialists fought the communist jews the Anglo christians succumbed to. Fodder for inference from #TeamWhite
Tedious #antiwhite bigotry aside, slob-liar's reasoning is pretty solid. https://t.co/Exvx3ELfmI
The very concept of everything being Good or Evil comes from jews, and then they thoughtfully supply applications. Evil = "good for whites."
"I don't have to prove my Invisible Sky Daddy exists, YOU have to prove he doesn't." Religious mentation at its average.
the unspoken axiom is that lazy, low-quality guilds are good, quick-moving merchants are bad. wrong! https://t.co/0DMCn8TeNU
America was founded by Puritans, not Namby-Pambies. You advocating idea-miscegenation w cowardly conservatives are mushcunts, not racialists
Trump is a proxy. He tries to use us. We try to use him. But ultimately we do need a #TeamWhite. https://t.co/P5VAzKSYRq
And they're not smart enough to realize they must logically then explain its lack of success in non-white areas. https://t.co/dwoy9qC9HR
Nature is indifferent to whether jews wipe out whites or whites wipe out jews.
"Under natural circumstances, one out of every 400 hatchlings will survive," Shaver said. Genocide is nature's way. https://t.co/H6DdUGmc44
Per Trump's 'protectionism' - remember that it was NOT global corporations, back in 60s, that called for open borders it was JEWS ALONE.
run along, stimpy, we're done here https://t.co/96qxVnkaBR
better men than you have tried your clown way, Codreanu for one. the entire South. and South Africa. DOES NOT WORK. https://t.co/7hNMRIvKaR
search "newly discovered species." the minutest differences are enough to declare cave cricket A difft species fm B. https://t.co/mK3xkaAsmC
done? you never started https://t.co/7JhqTMjGTU
your argument is exactly what others are saying: contradictions dont matter, just overlook them. say no 2 puritanism https://t.co/wyUK8WxNeH
try to grasp what i'm saying. it's not what you and the other 95% bleat & repeat. it's the opposite. https://t.co/ZT0NkCErXz
Saving turtles. A white thing, itz. https://t.co/12iFPlOWt9
i'm not sure why you think your argument is new, it's the failed approach used all thru the 20th century https://t.co/zz11Lf5G4a
the right way to go is force people to choose between race and the church. not accede to their stupidity & weakness https://t.co/XiaLDNcrT7
your argument has been made by many others, there's nothing complex about it. it doesn't work. https://t.co/XiaLDNcrT7
For example, Trump. He is USING the racial cause. But he doesn't believe in it. We are or should be USING him. https://t.co/G54sTi1Qw5
you're advocating the conservative strategy that has always failed. the racial cause should be jealous, not tolerant https://t.co/G54sTi1Qw5
"not alienate" always translates into "pandering" which culminates in losing https://t.co/G54sTi1Qw5
Again, you continually beg the question without realizing it. A christian man is NOT an ally, he is an ENEMY. https://t.co/G54sTi1Qw5
Over time he planned to supersede xtianity with racialism. But that was back burner. Exigent was deal with jew-bolsh https://t.co/HPoFKnUCbX
Most whiteskin christians want the good life their race alone produces. But they falsely attribute it to their cult. FORCE THEM TO CHOOSE.
People who buy and sell things are in fact of more use to their fellow men than any number of priests.
the point that matters is forcing whiteskins to become White or go with the jeboo cult - that is the right way to go https://t.co/BBdyW3hw4m
as well make concrete with water, catshit and dried leaves https://t.co/n4Np61Qyhg
If you live among niggers, first thing you notice. Nigger A stands in doorway. Nigger B up street. They urkulate back n forth. Human? lol no
To turn Humphrey, there's not a dime's worth of difference between Catholic and Enlightenment thinking.
Even with your eyes shut and nose taped you can tell niggers are a different species. Humans don't sound like that. https://t.co/RjjgmiJU6n
Whites breed enough, and will breed more if they feel they have a future. As they did under Hitler. https://t.co/8GwKW0yF0u
A phobia is a morbid fear - a fear out of all relation to the reality of the thing in question. This term is nearly always misused in 2016.
White view: We must defend our kind from competing races. Christian view: Yes, race matters - the human race. #TeamWhite
Xtianity undeniably teaches that all hominid species are alike in deepest & most essential ways, hence is inherently anti-racial/#antiwhite.
When you claim anyone (pardon, any non-Israeli) who wants a border is a xenophobe, that just tells me you're a liar with a shitty character.
She doesn't return the favor though. She loves jews. https://t.co/RG9oTWn4Zp
Things you can do in your personal life to thwart the jew and help #TeamWhite. Don't subscribe to cable, join army, or buy retail.
Putin is behind #altright. I simply can't believe these jew clowns actually believe this. It's a lie they're selling Patriotard Man.
Let me bravely come out in public and say, under my real name, Donald Trump is no racist. Wish he were. Aint.
But if he wins, you'll have to slink back under your pile of camel dung, eh nosey? https://t.co/yCpPPwwsjN
For whites, the difficulty is believing jews are as organized, hateful and paranoid as we aren't. Our default assumption = all are like us.
Trump wants to use valid points racialists have made...alone...for decades...without crediting them. Speaks to his character.
It's not the (((rulers))) who believe distinctions & contradictions don't matter but the powerless christ-simps. "Unity" saith the moron.
talk about paranoid conspiracy theories https://t.co/T5yakX22a6
It was white by circumstance, not by principle. Ask any nun and she'll confirm the jebus cult is for all races. https://t.co/KLFwu74qKQ
Look Southern idiots, we tried your country-ham revolution. It failed. We need to go northern, cold, hard, FANATICAL. DISCIPLINED. SKEPTIKAL
The racial cause is mere preference. But if taken seriously, leads to decisions followed by actions - personal & social-political.
Every last simpson is an expert godologist, and doesn't mind admitting it, even w/o being asked. https://t.co/sKOxJJ17Wu
2 actions define catholicism. 1) murdering first people who printed bible 2) anger at Hitler putting tards to sleep https://t.co/Oo3qpsF2Qo
The racial cause is a preference. https://t.co/x4I0283yrX
It's not infighting if people aren't on same side. Which is the point in questions. Christians cant be racialists. https://t.co/DYZg7m9cQ6
If Christianity were a boutique it would be called Gargoyles & Lies.
Sobran had bad taste, liking Jimmy Stewart, the epitome of christian faggotry with his hat-in-hand shucksism.
Whiteskins should be forced to choose between boob cult and race. if former, we don't want 'em. Even if we won, would reproduce current USA.
apparently i have you confused with someone else. i accept that you're not a jew, if you say so, as you do. https://t.co/eBLY0VL2Hd
That's strange, since most christians are non-white. https://t.co/0HMDL1koiI
Why hasn't christianity been able to produce any serious results in mud countries?
Cruz's nose runs down his face like a moccasin crossing a river.
Ok. I will accept that. https://t.co/wegSIAfgqE
Anyone know this clown? Is he a jew? Because I seem to recall someone like this who was. https://t.co/PW9tIcwXjV
All I'm hearing is bullshit and evasion from you. Last chance before I block: ARE YOU A JEW? Simple question. https://t.co/PW9tIcwXjV
Just answer the question with a straight yes or no. I may have you confused with another. Are you a jew? https://t.co/oyytZTEGqp
The people no more need religious guidance than a dog does. What they need are a handful of laws strictly enforced. https://t.co/Hhl2AMnZOz
Christianity subsidizes and encourages defectives - for that reason alone it must disappear. https://t.co/Hhl2AMnZOz
Religion is for people who think Hamburger Helper is hamburger. No. It's just a low-rent shitty flavor.
The common people need training in good thinking MORE than smart people do, not less. Religious belief is terrible substitute for thought.
The concept of unity-over-contradictions is leftist horseshit. Contradictions matter. Christian OR racialist. https://t.co/bBzfHAHSup
Christianity is the enemy of culture, look at the Amish. They've reduced Germanic genetic potential to baking pies and raising barns.
(((Cernovich))) and jew-shill Jared Taylor are two who deliberately try to redefine #cuckservative to protect the tribe.
you're a jew arent you? https://t.co/RG6xb51Sdn
Did Mark Twain and HL Mencken have "an element of spiritual vitality"? Were they christians? https://t.co/Yj4AHOLk02
The white race has been around for tens of thousands of years. How long has xtian cult been around? https://t.co/Yj4AHOLk02
like most you THOUGHTLESSLY assume racialism + christianity are compatible but in fact they are vital enemies & opps https://t.co/IszSjX4knp
belief is heritable, that's why they want to get kids before they're 6. because it's heritable. think harder. https://t.co/b6xRZQ6xee
yes, you think that. and you're wrong. https://t.co/pwrQokv7Hq
Funny tweet if you know #AnnCoulter's background, which involves wet earth and sea predators. https://t.co/WArdIfs6HW
I didn't start with my belief about xtianity, I came to it thru experience. It's rock solid. https://t.co/33rMQ9q7kJ
Southern Baptists are only human by the loosest definition. https://t.co/pajK4oILbY
It's possible I'm wrong. But it's a whole lot more likely I'm right. https://t.co/p9orTgvl5o
Christianity tolerates voodoo. Christianity itself is voodoo. https://t.co/e1iJZMOXIy
NS wasn't christian. If you say it was, don't say it to me, and if you do I'll block you, for you are an idiot.
You're an anonymous, clueless lackwit. Begone, trifler. https://t.co/36DCAtCI3T
Christian values: meekness/humility (laziness, passivity and cowardice, 99x out of 100). truth? no. that's not xtian thing. delusion - yes.
"Christian values and standards" - boy howdy I'd love to meet these christians w values and standards. Jebus P Christ on a pogo stick.
Only white christians can produce livable states, and it's the white that does that.
The vast majority of brazil is christian. Nobody wants to live there. Christianity is no guarantee of anything except rampant dumbth.
Judaism can be defeated by counter-exterminating the last jew. Christianity can't be solved that way, as you can't exterminate stupidity.
Hitler planned to slowly phase out the jeboob cult in Germany. If he had won, that's what would have happened. https://t.co/FqAFp8JUAe
Bottom line with religious belief is this: 99.9999% of the dumbest, dirt-eatin'est Southron evango-simps would be Muslims if born there.
Jebus was a sci-fi character created by jews who wrote Ann Frank to lure the goyim into believing that thought is immoral.
There are a billion muslims. But you're confident they're wrong. The same can't be true for your christian cult?
#Cuckservative means "serves the jews." Throws his own race under bus to advance jews' #antiwhite agenda of #whitegenocide.
The United States exists to serve Israel. The white race exists to serve jews. #tenetsofCuckdom
Christianity instinctively distrusts physical healthiness and laughter. Christianity is the opposite of Aryan. It's a cult for curs & cucks.
"Laughter is the opposite of religion, and her infinite superior." --La Rochefromage
Chesterton's mind was flabbily flatulent as his gut.
Guy was a one-man vat of inanity. https://t.co/6BZlKqvU0Y
Stand under one during a windstorm and you'll think otherwise. It will attack you unprovoked. https://t.co/FlTYfCzvVA
Anyone who works for NPR. Or BBC.
Anyone who attends Davos.
Normal blacks look like monkeys; South African blacks look like hyenas. Must be a certain tribe with that look.
The way progress actually works: the very smartest people in any certain area study feed off each other, producing new highs. Masses = inert
What's an idea you've had that's both valid, and something you don't think anyone else has discovered before? It's ok if you dont have one.
Surely in a 90%+ black country it was a negro scientist who discovered this. Check yr racism!!! https://t.co/65QvPuMNkH
An increasingly large percentage of the whiteskin population are gibsmedats too.
Jews use the same techniques in every white country. Only one set of white has figured out how to defeat them. (1/2)
It's a figure of speech with jews. They are a global mafia, internet, and team, those are more accurate descrips. https://t.co/HSVWBJZBqc
Tribes live in the wild. When you move indoors, you're not a tribe any longer. It's not a concept that makes sense in today's world.
The workers deserve sound money and racially secured environment. Beyond that is up to them. Subsidizing defectives, as church does, is bad.
The size and nature of the threat surely must determine the response. International (global) jews threaten whites the same way - everywhere.
Whites are under coordinated, global, racial assault. By #TeamJew. And the shabbos-goy frontmen it uses to fool us who's running things.
We can be all those things AND white. We are under attack not as separate nations but as a race by a race. https://t.co/juIrxfoBUp
As Shakespeare said, "Aye, while ye live draw your neck out of the collar, and broach that PoGo player on yr grill like incompetent oriole."
This is the Buchanan mistake: because the media criticize him the way they do us racialists, he is therefore one of us. WRONG, SIR, WRONG.
That the past wasn't as evil and dark as the progressives say doesn't mean it was as great as the thumbsucking reactionaries claim either.
Melbourne: spike in street crime to more than 1m incidents in the last year is largely due to activities of “Apex” gang - Sudanese refusees
What was remarkable about Hitler? His strong will. What does christianity encourage, like Islam? Submission. Acceptance. Passivity.
The white racial problem can't be solved without addressing the essential problem with christianity. #TeamWhite
Today, like every day, is a good day to STOP BEING A FAGGOT. Encouragement from #TeamWhite.
as i recall, relative of the "Maus" graphic comic book guy Spiegelman was key in changing White Australia policy https://t.co/vMdJW3nuJ6
That's your life? Playing Pokemon Go? Must be a fun game. What happened to playing real games like football?
White men don't do repeats, they create a new solution based on changed circumstances. We use our imagination + common sense.
Previous racial works have devoted millions of unnecessary words to explaining IQ, which is true and obvious. Focus is needed on xtianity.
and she has come up with a very jewy, chutzpathic way of trying to force that burden on non-hallucinators https://t.co/dpJkw4Hyan
hyde park, melbourne, chicago - everywhere -- Africans “Running Riot” in Melbourne https://t.co/egP2i5CEWZ via @NewObOnline
This sunday morning, as always, remember that christ-insanity is #antiwhite. #TeamWhite
Jews jewing jewily is the simplest explanation that covers the given facts of any given social mess.
There are enuf trees in the world. Last thing we need is more space-hogging, littering, loitering forest niggers. https://t.co/AsX6VKhAxj
when yr called a sycophant by Sean Hannity... i mean this guy knows from suckpoopery.. https://t.co/ybwHN6CBWO

July 23, 2016:

jew: hate xtian: love Yr good cop/bad cop routine has grown stale. #TeamWhite
? i was responding to the broad who hates those who arent members of her cult https://t.co/Grz3wA6GOy
how jews argue': lie. call for opponent to be censored. how catholics argue: assert. listen to opponent. reassert without addressing.
All christian defense begins and ends with special pleading, but you haven't the character to acknowledge that.
Little hint, brainless one: When you say nonbelivers in your cult are "sick" you're the ideologue. https://t.co/O2n9AEQzsk
This is the typical "yr a closet case" argument homos make. That's likely where you picked it up. https://t.co/O2n9AEQzsk
You convict yourself. You began argument by asserting anyone who disagrees with your cult is "sick." https://t.co/O2n9AEQzsk
The burden is on the cretin to prove his imaginary ghost friend is real, not on the sane man to prove it isn't. #crosscucks
Oh look, the delusion addict is calling the clear minded man "sick."
Did the KKK ever do anything half as unjustified to niggers as what Israel does to Palestinians every day of the year?
Christianity has ruined the white race. You grow angry. But you can't say I'm wrong. I say you dare not examine the question seriously.
Atheism is not a positive belief, that's a (((christian))) lie, but the rejection of a baseless assertion, same as any other.
Good example of xtianity being a lighter shade of judaism in 'argument': Atheist: you're wrong. Xtian: you're sick. https://t.co/e66dTCJU8F
If the atheist rejection of the (((xtian))) claim is correct, then 'atheism' (a slur) is a right-wing position. Which it is. #Fingerism
joke's on you, beaner. i'm a #Fingerist. that's a right-wing atheist https://t.co/a1uzebYtqE
Kind of like you jews always whining about being victims but based on facts. https://t.co/taqdWPWczT
Jews aren't just the allies of the muslim terrorists. They're the reason they're in our countries in the first place.
Democratic politics turns on money. Jews have the money. The one who has the money calls the shots. Democracy = (((oligarchy))).
Jew money makes presidents. They pick someone like BO as a symbol of where they want you to think we're headed. Next, she-Clinton.
Obama is a product of jewish money. The conservative, the eternal little-man, harps on O's personality. But when O leaves, (($)) still there
Americans think we're on the wrong track. Jews think we're on the right path. Media = jews who hate Americans (aka normal whites).
You should be very, very afraid of Trump telling you to be afraid.
Even the weather hates niggers. We must haul these refractory clouds into court. https://t.co/8zz6t0ji2R
Molly Ivins. Her lack of talent was as big as Texas.
The meeting of Jewish Veterans of Jew-Mongered Wars met in a phone booth yesterday. "They too serve who lie about WMDs" was its theme.
Want to locate the source of terrorism in the US? Wiki's got you covered. https://t.co/0hy1asAjH0
The powers that be have given blacks, as a class, artificial status and free money. For decades now. While talking about #WhitePrivilege.
You didn't read the tweet. The viewer could tell if she were lying. https://t.co/Xlv6VZ017p
We have to lower standards for blacks because they can't meet them. #reality
notice all the craven political operatives on the lol-right, the cucks, are almost all Anglos
It would be terrible if someone kidnapped Merkel, tortured her on film until she admitted (((who))) made her take 'refugees,' then shot her.
Newt Gingrich never saw a gathering of more than ten people he didn't waddle to get in front of.
The blame rests 100% on christianity for jews still existing in white lands in the 21st century. Not 99%, 100%.
The superelite must be killed off. They are maybe 10,000 max. The Merkels are their tools, not the real shot callers, the fronts & techies.
I don't think he does. https://t.co/OKyB6Apn4w
They can. But they have a (((force))) opposing them - and it enlists the aid of the FBI, which it 'trains' lol. https://t.co/McUPfQjqI0
Good example - even smart whites can't really believe jews are as organized as they actually are. https://t.co/H5OiAfsr5d
Sarah Root is precisely the sort of story jews keep out of the national media while harping on nigger criminals. https://t.co/6rK97PSYaT
America needs a law respecting jews similar to the Japan has for Muslims. That's a first step toward ultimate solution.
Jews write a new immigration law. All of a sudden Muh Changing Face of America. Itz inevitable. Nothing you can do. Game Over White man.
he's no jew. he's the product of a communist mudshark and a nigger. he's a typical atheist leftist produce of jewbux https://t.co/85GosRlszj
Good ol Wrench. https://t.co/70pYtfefyU
Strong competition for dumbest tweet of year. https://t.co/dGmuklwMZC

July 22, 2016:

Donald Trump is against small government. You can tell by way he wants to stop endless wars, close bases, get out of dead treaties.
The police said that they were searching for as many as three suspects armed with “long guns.” (1/2)
What jews do in newspapers is the intellectual equivalent of terrorism, and often enough provides cover for the physical thing. #TeamWhite
The American public better develop an interest in the why of things real quick.
Attack "on" shopping center. Maybe it was racist. https://t.co/yeMqZT7vmd
The muslims are getting better at terrorism: why do one-offs? it occurs to them decades later. Live to kill again! #MuslimGenius
Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz. Jews tend to prefer these spellings: Jon not John Marc not Mark #TheMoarJewKnow, from #TeamWhite.
All jews defend pedophile-murderer #LeoFrank. All jews deserve to receive justice, just the way the good men of Georgia served Frank. #ADL
The (((people))) who let mulsims into white lands - they're not stupid. They knew what would happen. Good intentions among jews? NEVER.
Muslims are exactly like niggers in that the majority supports violence by its kind against every other sect and race.
So, in formerly civilized Germany, a visit to pool means getting your 10yo daughter molested; a visit to McDonald's means death.
The Semitic peoples are conventionally divided into high-IQ jews, who steal and swindle, and low-IQ muslims who rape and murder.
where do i vote for the real answer: (((soros))) and #TeamJew https://t.co/7r1qAquAZ6
power of media: fags are under 2% of population. thought to be 25% by public. that's why jews beeline for communications sector
Bongo Boy on radio talking about how terror and fear arent felt by most, next story Munich muslim massacre.
Out around town, heard Duke on the radio, here in NEMO (ne missouri).
Time for Germany to create cells of killers and declare open season on muslims and politicians who let them in. #TeamWhite
If you work with jews against your race, you are lower than whale shit. #TeamWhite
The jews are very concerned that YOU not REACT WRONG when the muslims THEY LET IN rape and murder you. #TeamWhite
In 1960, there were more Americans of Swiss descent than Mexican. True story, bro. Amazing facts from #TeamWhite.
We cannot tolerate jews among us. That is absolutely clear. #NoJewsJustRight #TeamWhite
Have media jews ever once described the scenes inflicted by muslims in Europe as dark and depressing? No. That's for the sane reaction.
They see themselves as higher than nationalists because they are citizens of the world. This is the )))WASP-globalist liberal-elite conceit.
Go tell your rabbi to remove the hate from the Talmud, you repulsive kike. Don't you ever write me again, just die. https://t.co/Wo5mJ75lzq
A white man can't have a media job if he dare to criticize jews. But thousands of jews feed themselves by publicly hating whites.
#Whitegenocidal (((Silvermans))) fill America with aliens who rape and murder us then whine about twitter-crit. https://t.co/YheTyrIxYL
The Muslims cut your head off. The jews fill your head with lies. Both have but one message for normal whites: SUBMIT OR DIE.
The white racial cause is for any white man or woman who desires to be more than a mongrelized stick-fetcher in the (((New World Order))).
Jews are exactly like Muslims, just with different techniques for domination. Their message to whites is exact same: Submit or die.
Disagreeing with the jew and his agenda of #whitegenocide = dark and depressing, according to 6m WP writers.
The 'conservative' yid-servile thinker meekly accepts the jew demo-makeover since 1965. But Trump is the start of the war to overturn this.
Conservatism is generally in practice, and perhaps essentially, wifely. It adjusts to what happens, but seldom tries to cause things.
"Trump rejected other core tents [sic] of modern conservatism, as well. “Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo,” he said."
Trump is not like Nixon; Nixon was a yielder where Trump will fight. I hope. I don't see Trump NOT contesting stolen election.
"Dark" - given to citing facts jews don't want known; referring to things as they are rather than parroting slogan cant.
“In a remarkable departure from past GOP conventions, Trump made no mention of God, religion or his faith,” - FUCKING AWESOME.
I like that Trump appears to feel ashamed of America's servile campaign of murder against anyone the jews point whitedoggie at.
"“This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton: death, destruction, terrorism and weakness.” - and the jews who wrote her script, the neocohens
African Mayhem in Central London https://t.co/EEYMfiBEFl via @NewObOnline
...but his wife adds a very observable and definite touch of Euro class (glamour + self control) obese prole slobs can admire & learn from.
Trump not only exemplifies best American spirit - high-energy making-good-stuff-happen, not whining socialist loserism... (1/2)
'Racism'-the-concept is a weapon used by one side in an undeclared racial war. It is a bit of verbal legerdemain. Reality from #TeamWhite.
What I like about Trump is he doesn't drink (fuck all portly chortlin' potbelly bourgeois snifterfags), his kids are rich but solid-eyed.
was that his (((Maher))) imitation https://t.co/21GiwlEtyv
"All “asylum seekers” in the town had received free pool passes for the entire year as part of their benefits." -- Merkel & Soros live yet?
Hillary doesn't give a shit if her husband rapes women; why would she give a shit if her illegal-alien voters rape your daughter? #ImWithHer
This is what Hillary wants for YOUR white daughter: Five girls between 10-14 have reported being attacked by the invaders, who are 20-30.
The Hive concept (instinctively thinking/acting alike) is true, but so are the actual, literal #antiwhite plans & conspiracies.
People who think jews dont operate instinctively AND operationally as a team --- you're idiots. Give it up. Reality destroys your simpdom.
Harriet Tubman: fought pigs for potato peels Andrew Jackson: fought national bank and killed it Hmm...which deserves a place of honor?
sneering, malevolent kike https://t.co/bJNoeIBU6r
For (((us))), pedigree; for you, mutthood. --the jewish tribe
Notice how much greater America was before 1900 in the ways that truly matter? Why? No jews. No welfare state.
Trump at +250 to win presidency. Wow just wow. He was +800 maybe 9 months ago.
Boy, that jewish movement for cleaning the race-hatred out of the Talmud is really strong. Real testament to jewish anti-racism bonafides.
It's beautiful to see the weak, yielding, 'decent' ie cowardly WASP Romney-culture recede and the true Drumpf style resistance begin.
jews use scam concepts racism and antisemitism to prevent your seeing what they're up to and fighting back. get smart. get tough. #TeamWhite
Cretin - someone who believes what he reads in newspaper.
anything that's good for whites is "dark" or "evil" and anyone who likes it is driven by "hate" SO SICK OF YOU KIKES AND YR LIES
New “Asylum Seeker” Group Sex Attack https://t.co/BBOIO3O4aX via @NewObOnline
John Peter )))Zenger(((, all-American. Free speech is white. Using free speech to gain power and censor is (((jewish))).
The Noseferatus are shriekin' n beakin'; Trump must have done something right.
"Even the best of the goyim should be killed." -- what every rabbi teaches every jew. STRAIGHT OUT OF TALMUD https://t.co/zFiFqjQPW9

July 21, 2016:

Jon "Stewart" Liebowitz is going to tutor us on ownership.
Enraged yids "buhbuhbuh we haven't finished destroying your country with 3rd-worlders yet!"
Why are so many cucks named Fag Faggerson?
The reason they compare Trump to Hitler is 90% because Hitler is the only historical personage they've ever heard of.
Trump has tweaked The Invisible Nose. And We Are Not Amused.
tonight the jews are all https://t.co/84LUX6MkJT
If i were a photo, I'd title that Ode to Asymmetry https://t.co/5I3idduMof
(gawker lead) Former KKK Grand Wizard on Trump's RNC Speech: "Couldn't Have Said It Better" https://t.co/EDRU5dZEEP
If anyone had a shred of doubt jews are a hostile aliens who hate White America, just look around twitter at their reaction to Trump speech.
Facts about ghetto - not 1/100 xtians but repeats the jew lie the church forced them into them. https://t.co/Jo9aroCcps
You're a jew. You don't know from Americans. What's bad for (((you))) is good for us. https://t.co/nRyygvewLD
where the population is 90% niggers, blackouts aren't a figure of speech https://t.co/CWiKjKrVRc
2+2 = 4 doesn't belong to me. It belongs to everyone. But my view that Jebus is Queen is peculiar to me. https://t.co/3tbyUYSRlL
She encouraged people to go after him. He didn't encourage anyone. Twitter finds her not guilty, him guilty by assoc https://t.co/p6o5QJkSmD
Revelation is religious man's affirmative action program for thought.
Revelation is mental vegetarianism: "Chest burnings can be just as valid as real thought." But rationality needn't argue. Only revelation.
Blood and soil is magic dirt theory too.

July 20, 2016:

chutzpathic gaslighing in this tweet. good work, honorary jew https://t.co/hmXH6rCUnk
Atop other reasons.. https://t.co/EHQseDhwSM
Why the White cause? Because it's glorious. #TeamWhite
Yiannopoulos isn't alt-right. Isn't white. Didn't attack the black female. Eh, but what do facts matter? Very little in this world.
White men are the only subset of humanity with enough internal ballast to withstand criticism. Rest capsize in mildest wind, need protection
Hillary destroyed Libya. And admitted in emails she did it for Israel. We can trust her. (To do whatever's "good for jews" & fuck America.)
Atheist - one who rejects a baseless claim. It's akin to Holocaust Denier - only exists because majority hates truth https://t.co/5bTSzOa9Zs
The candidate who's not a neocon warmonger is portrayed as dangerous maniac. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
Can you imagine living in a country that was designed for normal healthy white people? instead of against them?
i dont care what race fictional jebus is, he represents sickness and i reject him and his legions of mental oafs https://t.co/2udSoAGSBy

July 19, 2016:

A Lot of Celebrities Came Out to Support Leslie Jones After She Spoke Up About Abuse on Twitter https://t.co/ahC73WPJMu
We must form a team to destroy the jews who are bent on destroying us. That's the basic idea behind #TeamWhite.
"....[A]ny man with his wits about him has to worry when any group but his own wields power which affects his life," --Pierce in "Hunter"

July 18, 2016:

there's no way her IQ is higher than Harambe's https://t.co/Dp3U1Oqt7C
who would win a third-grade spelling test? https://t.co/WwIeWZtH0f
Ghostbusters Brought in $45 Million This Weekend, Which Is Either Great or Not So Great https://t.co/VICBTod0QI
Most Senior Police Officer Involved in Freddie Gray's Death Found Not Guilty of Manslaughter https://t.co/W7hT8opH8S
Nigger is the only accurate term for the majority of blacks. https://t.co/Sf6E3lQCeD
"The gorilla comports himself with more dignity than the African, I find. I trust my gorillas more than my helpers." --J.G.
great work by everybody. twitter would be nearly perfect, if only for its tendency to double standards in enforcemnt https://t.co/fSIJTG4iI3
Leslie Jones Attacked By Racist Twitter Trolls https://t.co/4mmGxi2FNm
White Nationalists at the RNC Don't Think Trump Goes Far Enough https://t.co/wNaJzqAnry
Unlike others, jews have access to a network that can instantly produce books, movies, interviews if Tribe benefits https://t.co/9rc39hAvNy
Bix nood! my niggers. BIX NOOD. #BixNood
Starve ISIS - end aid to Israel.
A shooting is not "senseless" because you don't agree with the reasoning behind it. Planted axiom: everybody really thinks the same way. No.
Pokemon zombies are quite visible in my town. Sad!
why not support something useful, like a Spay Your Nigger Campaign? Come on Urkel. https://t.co/Z5Qb2IKiZ5
Combine circumcision and "hate" (thought) crimes, and what do you get? JEWS DEMAND WHITES CUT OUT PORTION OF BRAIN TO FIGHT RACISM.
Change over time in jewed lands follows a clear and identifiable path, and if you grasp the jew and his agenda, you can predict the course.
Whites respond myopically to things directly in front of them. It is the female way, common to most men as well.
The left have been chuffing each other's gaslighting for so many decades they've forgotten what a clear head feels like.
Everything jews do politically creates a dangerous environment for whites. Every single thing. We cannot tolerate jews among us - not one.
"Crime is racist, ok. The very concept. Anything a black man do to white is justice." -- Generic Angry Black Mindlet
new observer gives facts in true context - Baton Rouge: Black Racist Murderers Created by Media https://t.co/oi1U8sX0fH via @NewObOnline
everything you do reeks of faggotry. and you're named ulrich. https://t.co/7QGfkE8Sj2
DeRay "Dix Nood" McWesson, House Buttler/Lawn Jockey for Dr. E.J. Soros https://t.co/1sqbCDeD30
young jiter on the make https://t.co/xVWP4xbntx

July 17, 2016:

idle amusement. achieved! good night to you and all (((fatties))) across this benighted land. https://t.co/RAnlP3cij3
all right... 159 & 15oz. and 5'3.25" https://t.co/zceOQV4m9K
Jeremy Aids-Piven the rhymes he spits YA WISH YA WOULD https://t.co/TjMhGvUgNM
i miss florence king. who else used to mock the mispronunciation of entrepreneur (does NOT rhyme with manoower)
he's investing in dead nigger terrorists? that doesn't seem wise https://t.co/q5CxvT2uYP
5'1" 240. i was being charitable last time. https://t.co/4VvfwkCce6
hating fags is natural. so is fag behavior. but the former is much more common https://t.co/IFBOadnDIf
People use nature the way they use God - as a rhetorical device; a big brother to back up wimpy them. Do not do this. Fight like real man.
tack, not tact https://t.co/L8XPdX2EmW
no. people have used clips of what i've said and made vids now and then. https://t.co/RQ4QJM2lCO
#HeroBrevik #HeroDylannRoof #HeroThomasMair That's my opinion. Oft expressed. https://t.co/jLVIrkVEt5
The people her (((people))) let in. But she leaves that part out. https://t.co/29nt2okrZC
The DeRay McWesson Story... https://t.co/wOmBw0tciI
DeRay McWesson wears that stupid vest because he's scrawnier than Spongebob's bitter friend.
Never forget also to mock DeRay McWesson for his first public appearance, third lead in Gayniggers From Outer Space. https://t.co/bQVt1jb5Ap
that sounds right. long ago. https://t.co/SXF8m6BiN5
If cops were selling a service, who would buy it?
mental problems...i haz em https://t.co/mklwxbswrf
omg your knees are friggin BALLOONS https://t.co/mklwxbswrf
traditionally, jews have not been regarded human beings. that's a modern political decision masquerading as science https://t.co/v7JW4pNtkb
go on with yourself. you're a jew. a doorstop young, a vulture old. https://t.co/v7JW4pNtkb
you're clearly approach double bills like the train in one of those "oh no no brakes on this train" train movies https://t.co/g88tLHlMos
you clearly need to visit an obesiologist and get your sanity checked https://t.co/Yz1se9lPMU
As a fag once rebuked me, "If people do it, it's natural." And that's a valid way of looking at it. Nature =/= good. https://t.co/ZCd2AJuCz4
I asked Yoda, and he said to relay to you: "Between enough and too much, weigh she should." HOPE THAT YELPS https://t.co/VPMkBeGSiF
look, i'm sorry you're fat. but i cant be held responsible. blame sarah silverman or the late joan rivers. https://t.co/eU9Qfg8uq4
uh oh...your inner demented yid is emerging like a deep-fat sea monster!!! https://t.co/1a5WOe8gc3
let me tell you something. when your belief or behavior forces yr face into that now-ubiquitous rictus SOMETHING IS DEEPLY WRONG
you were reading the ELEPHANT chart yr sposed to read the FAT YOUNG JEWESS chart https://t.co/yJRCHmR35C
the fat assed broad is often the last to know. https://t.co/6hGWNOWPAD
Those terms are redundant. Iinsolent means 'over-padded sole (bottom)' in classic Etruscan. forget it. https://t.co/llGrqkDlYu
insolent mean fat-assed. in original etruscan. https://t.co/GLtrfzR0fz
my flaws are for me to know and lament! not for public discussion! https://t.co/FhttbwNvQi
Dallas Buyers Club was a great movie. All people are scummyish and self-interested, but also helpful and sometimes brave. Burrocrat Jebus NO
that's PRECISELY the kind of ANGUISHED WAIL fat people are FAMOUS FOR. https://t.co/oJXLMhGuW0
no, writhing is just wriggling around. for whatever reason. demonstrates lack of self control, which is flaw https://t.co/79vhJM4JIN
no, that's writhe not wrath. they dont want you writhing around when they're sermonizing, very disruptive. https://t.co/zW7RESX6o1
Asian country has solution: if you sell drugs, we kill you. No room for cop bs in that. And agree or dis, it's CLEAR AND SIMPLE.
lookd it up: seven great sins lust sluttony grust excessive stomach growling not being outdoorsy dam yr rite!! https://t.co/rVPJSqVDUF
I learned how to smell people out from an old Johnny Carson segment. Well before your fat-assed time. https://t.co/rVPJSqVDUF
It's christian humility that tells us we can fix people. (Voice in crowd: "That's not humility.") Er, shut up. lad.
The right attitude is that we CANT fix people. No one can. If they prove they won't behave, them chop them up and feed them to Disney crocs.
Few laws. Many executions. That's sane policy. You can actually see something near this in parts of Asia. https://t.co/9Cc0NhduNy
outdoorsy? just pretend you like camping. nobody actually does. but everybody claims to. like niggers. https://t.co/OIgtVKqtFN
if you need shitloads of cops...that's a medical sign your body politics has demographic cancer #TheMoarYouGnow
all i did as a youth was play sports and read books. you NEVER see people depicted like this, it's always one or the other
tiresome thing about all leftist sites is the religious belief that all human problems can be solved by MOAR LAW https://t.co/80LNQEEpfg
This is like a long play version of "my only flaw is that i CARE TOO MUCH." https://t.co/tIsAFvUI96
hmm, my list was different: fat jewish huge ego fat insolence https://t.co/tIsAFvUI96
I like to show up to parties I'm not invited. Then I say, most charmingly, "Forgive my chartreusion." And I laugh charmingly. And they do!
What would you say are your top five flaws? https://t.co/Ll42m9IUDK
Some of the softer aesthetic qualities of our race, which make it unique and desirable, can only be protected by a crunchy exterior shell.
Charlie Bucket, to my puny mind, IS the white cause. Sure, show your pinups, but he and his creator - that's why I fight. #TeamWhite
See, what the IQ test doesn't show is that no 102-IQ spider eater can be Charlie Bucket - or the man who conceived him.
When you call cops and soldiers "heroes" you are exhibiting the servility of born peasants.
It's not just endless wars and big govt "conservatives" lol have done a 180 on - it's attitude toward COPS and ARMY. #tcot
YOU wrote to me. Anyone who writes to me I assume is fine with me responding. I respond as advances MY agenda. https://t.co/4MyvprJfGi
Every jew has an ego as big as your ass. You all think you're center stage by divine right. https://t.co/4MyvprJfGi
I hate big govt and parasites generally, but goddamit, something has to be done: we are being attacked AS A RACE. not party, region, religin
What would cops and niggers do if all drugs were legalized?
i dont see the connection between snake avatar and whatever you're implying https://t.co/CcdUzfpkdn
Hmm...I think your slip would get stuck on increasingly plump hindquarters before ever making public appearance. https://t.co/IFHF3tg4GA
The christian view is that all men are sinners. That's what matters about them. That's their true equality. Rest means very little.
That's a bad fucking idea. Typical of shitbrains Gingrich. https://t.co/U1FsLEYVez
Hitler nailed so many things, but his point that little people can only conceive little lies (not Big Lies) is one of his most perceptive.
You're always welcome to join my forum, of course. I spent many loving years building sticky threads. Read them - youll know valuable stuff.
I'm a racialist, but I try to shame jews. The shameless race. The race that invented chutzpah. "Your slip is showing" doesn't work on them.
it's funny to me how many whites think jews will cease some obnoxious behavior if it's pointed out to them. That's US, guy. Theyre diff race
They're invasive species if they're black carp or Burmese pythons; but somehow they transmogrify into valuable diversity if they're mexicans
If Asians were better than whites, on the whole, they'd produce men like Roald Dahl. They can't. IQ isn't everything https://t.co/i0MohHrF8s
Coming soon: Orania the Continent. Built on a solid foundation of jewnigger bonemeal. #TeamWhite has a dream.
If sharia means you have to serve pastries to sex deviants on command, then I, for one, bravely oppose it. Who's with me, #tcot??
Everything is done visually, from both directions, to make it appear blacks are teeming and whites disappearing. #TechniquesOfLoxism
Jews try to make whites feel guilty for appearing in photos where there are more than two people and they're all white. #WhatsWrongWThis...
Black guy named Gavin? wtf?
Question for pokeys in my race: who has a greater interest in controlling the media/govt? Good, honest men? or jews?
If you're white, why are you so willing to believe lies about your own people but physically scared to consider the truth about jews?
Nothing whites do is ever pro-anything. It's always anti-something. Another (((technique))) for disparaging our kind. #loxism
Failure to see patterns = dull (dumb). Refusal to see patterns = cowardice (christian). #TeamWhite
'plastic demon of decomposition' - another way of saying hitler's the jew is behind all social ills https://t.co/VvByuwzW7A
They're down on me cuz i'm a teenigger With an undeveloped brain an a trigger
Sharia is the reason you cant refuse to bake a cake for a lesbian couple. #Tcot
Get these ass-ups the fuck out of white lands. Right after killing the goddam jews who let them in. That's what I'd do as dictator.
charlatan powers activate! https://t.co/1SQc1mYCD2
The question is: which force is preventing whites from separating from blacks? As the vast majority of them prefers? https://t.co/9ctq5JOl6K
The worst thing about sharia is you have to pretend men are women.
Jews treat all whites as The Same. Whites must return the favor - or lose. #TeamWhite vs TeamJew. <-- real politics
Ideological politics is new to America. It's a jew thing. Whitesimps keep trying to alter beliefs & behavior to comply. Cant change category
These white-cop shootings show that blacks see all whites as the same - all guilty. All deserving. A category they're opposed to.
We can't get to the bottom of anything in politics without considering motivations. But here, christianity and Anglo civility lay traps.
Always remember: if blacks and whites were any other type of animal, scientists would consider them different species.
Faith in abstractions absorbed from paper can easily take the place of sense impressions. Reading is an art, if not to be misled.
If a couple has any kind of a dispute, the cops separate them. But if races cant get along for 100 years, jews keep them forced together.
Blacks are low IQ. Very low IQ. Racism is the judeo-communist term for reality applied to race by whites. https://t.co/s5O5FZPyGg
Old moral terms are generally preciser and more reliable in meaning-fixity than modern psychological, pseudo-scientific ones.
Evil is not really a biological word, but there really is no other word to describe jewish mentality & behavior. They have an evil mindset.
The low-IQ negro population is easily inflamed by lies. Jews know this, incite hatred, and direct it at innocen whites. Jews...are evil.
Jebus is pitched at the level of moron. Because the jews who created him know their market. Humor = higher intelligence. Jebus never joked.
But christian morality stopped us. Our job wasn't to clear off these trash hominids but to convert them to boobcult. https://t.co/vsCyLdA3xf
"No person is illegal." Hey!...(thinking hard)...that can cover black murderers as well as mexican border jumpers!
he had a new one yesterday, which i retweeted https://t.co/7G7Q6ABfnz
Anyone can be a christian / anyone can be an American. You don't see how the one thinking easily becomes the other?
Jebus is for people of dishrag. Not white men. #TeamWhite
Christians have spirit? Spirit of soggy bread, maybe.
The legal process is chopped to the level called mince in cooking. This is to protect lawyers from people who actually know how to persuade.
Many have observed The Court System is set up to benefit lawyers. True. But not just financially. https://t.co/VyAt06Jb29
Something you don't understand until you testify in court: the law is set up to prevent lawyers from being embarrassed by being outtalked.
No need to shoot cops, although it is right to treat them with a healthy respect (for what they can do) and disrespect (for what they do do)
Praying never has or will solve any human problem. That's why it's so popular. Requires zero effort!
Yes, Christine, it is brilliant. https://t.co/RMJRs7koX9
The belief you need salvation proves your low quality. So does your belief that Jebus or paper can stand in for yr own brains & courage.
Start over, fellow white men. Build on race. No, no, son, take your jebus nonsense and shove it up your ass. #TeamWhite
Media = jews jewing jewily. "The jews are the only people who control the media...or need to." --me, with assist from Mark Twain
"If a white did the shooting, we focus on the agent. If a black, we use passive voice or blame the instrument. Or don't cover." -N.J. Wise
no mention of jews but mildly amusing - Who Will Win the Upcoming Civil War? https://t.co/feHIncpnys
Historical fun fact: slavery was the only time in American history blacks were a net social positive. Free, they're a murderous menace.
Use enemy language, think enemy thoughts.
Anglo: "I can't say that." German: "I can." Not literal, just a fair assignment of political styles.
AmeriKwa under the jews, this pic of hijacker from Dirty Harry shows. Scorpio is jews, schoolkids are normal whites. https://t.co/36BkhwEdK3
They could fight. But they appear to be the usual collection of religious saps. https://t.co/mEM2V9Npq0
Law barely means anything in a nation of Germanic whites; it means nothing at all where niggers are majority.
Too small. Also, it doesn't have true legal protection. Minute ANC niggers decide to end it, then can. https://t.co/klS6Xlfdym
If you believe niggers should have any political rights or say in anything, you are genuinely an idiot. #TeamWhite
No, cop killers are not worse than killers of normal whites. Because cops are not better than normal people, and often are worse.
The white racialist must notice that his race would literally cut the end of its own dick off if jews tell it to. "Supremacists" lol.
How to recognize the conservative? He will never do anything that isn't socially approved. But if it is, he'll cut his own balls off. #tcot
"Crime is a white racist concept invented to keep 'niggers' from getting their share." --'60s radical
#TeamJebus says we must convert jews and niggers to christianity. How's that workin' out for ya, jebus fools?
SuperCon (#tcot is my home) - Shakes fist at muslims continents away - Grovels before jew in front of his face
If you try to police who people follow on twitter, yeew maaht be a leftist. or a yid.
"Political Correctness, which my late friend Joseph Sobran called Semitical Correctness, is the Jewish form of sharia." #AnnCoulter
"We will never submit to being slaves of the Muslims" --white conservative slaves of jews
“Living with like-minded people, speaking your language, understanding your traditions and your culture – those are factors pulling people