November 2014

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30 november 2014

Three Pierce Videos

Dr. William Luther Pierce - Toward a Healthy Society

Out of the Darkness

Dr. William Luther Pierce on 'What We Must Have' - The Biological Imperative


26 november 2014

Being Thankful

Hey Alex-I've been listening to several Goyfires that are spot on about Ferguson. #16-the Toledo riots and #12 on Hurricane Katrina. You guys are still a guide to the insanity that is black America. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours tom. I guess we can be thanful that we aren't in Ferguson.


Thanks, and same to you. I unfortunately must remove names from correspondence since the enemy might use them, and since too many come back on me years later demanding I scrub old pages. Let's pre-route around that hassle, eh? Yes, happy Thanksgiving to all. Every day above ground is a good day, as the healthy say. Or just a day, as those warehoused in nursing homes say, in their twixt-dementia bouts of lucidity. Anyone who wants to hear well aged wisdom can find our earlier shows at and (Istina is the opposite of pravda, in Russian. Pravda means the ideological truth, i.e., the noble lie, whereas istina means the street truth, the factual reality. Isn't that cool?). As for Ferguson, plenty of us have relatives in St. Louis or other cities afflicted with niggers, and there's not a moment of any day whites are truly safe while these wild animals are permitted to run free. The jews who sicced them on us mean business, and the business they mean is genocide. We must counter them. --AL


25 november 2014

A Few Questions

Hey Mr. Linder,

I've got a few questions for you. Well, first of all, I hear you've got financial difficulties. Just want to say I know how tough it is sometimes to keep your head above water, especially in this economy. Very few people out there with any real sense of loyalty nowadays. It's getting harder and harder to trust people. They're never there for you when you need them the most.

Well, anyway, I've been trying to register at your site (VNN Forum). Unfortunately, I'm not sure what's happening, but it seems like it didn't work. My guess was that your site isn't accepting new members at the moment. Just wanted to confirm if that was the case.

There was also something that was kind of bugging me. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ, and I know you've repeatedly disparaged Christianity as "christinsanity". I find it strange that you're attacking Christianity. Alex, weren't you a conservative? You used to be one of us (i.e, the good guys). Why would you smear and attack a faith that stands for what is just and right? That's how I feel about Christianity, but maybe you feel differently.

I guess my question is: Do you believe that God exists? Or do you believe it was all made up, like a fairy tail? Do you believe that what was written in the Bible is true? Or do you believe it's a bunch of nonsense?

Thanks in advance,
A concerned American

Site is up. Is accepting new members. Did meet funding goal for fall quarter. Fundraising will be continual now, as we must be established on a sustainable basis, and we are doing that. Sometimes register emails get trapped in spam catcher. Email me the name you want and I will put you in as normal user (registered user). Christianity I have written my problems with many times. Whites don't need christ-insanity to tell them how to live, they know it instinctively, as does any animal species. What christianity tells them is to disable their defense mechanisms so they can't recognize enemies. You see how this has worked out. Further, it tells them to love their enemy, not to judge him, and to help him. They are the brothers' zookeeper. So they welcome illegal aliens into white neighborhoods, and they trundle off to Haiti to get raped and murdered (nooped, after one recent victim). I was and still in some ways am a conservative, but that has nothing to do with xtianity. Atheism is the true conservative position since God remains a claim unbacked by evidence; a claim with less backing than global warming, which conservatives are hot and right to laugh at. I reject the God assertion, since there is no evidence for it. The Bible is jewish science fiction; certain elements may correspond to historical happenings with various degrees of certainty, but on the whole it is made up bilge. King James had it rendered into literary English, but this is analogous to dipping a nice English chocolate shell onto a stinking semitic turd. Whites did just fine before christianity, and they'll do even better when it's in the rear-view mirror.--AL


Niggers Run Wild in Ferguson

Revealed here by this whining rant, Dutchsinse, and those like him,
are beginning to get their own 'just deserts' for past weak-kneed
acceptance of liberal kikejew equalitarian multi-culturalism.
Others fought it for decades, too often to be confronted by
such assholes as this, who now too late 'see the light'.

Diversity within the Race - NOT outside of it !

Might Is Right

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From: Dutchsinse
Date: Tue, Nov 25, 2014
Subject: [New post] 11/25/2014 - Saint Louis Missouri spirals out of control - Ferguson BURNS
To: #############

New post on Dutchsinse

11/25/2014 - Saint Louis Missouri spirals out of control - Ferguson BURNS

by Michael Janitch

After a night of reporting on HUNDREDS of shooting incidents, showing dozens of businesses burned to the ground, hearing about rioting looters taking over multiple sections of the city, and even groups of protesters coming down to my neighborhood on the South side of St. Louis (to try to start problems)...... Now, one graphic sums it all up....

Ferguson (Missouri), November 24 2014

Ferguson has been destroyed. Surrounding cities severely damaged, and people have now been shot (by other people not police). NO shots fired by police. On the other hand, over 150 gun shots made at police, and person on person. Multiple home burglaries, store robberies, and assaults done looters/rioters/protesters. One reporter hit in the head with a brick, another with a large rock. Several police cars destroyed. The National Guard has now been deployed in Ferguson, and is patrolling randomly around the area, including areas far from the actual unrest.

For the record, I am an outspoken critic of the "police state", and 100% opposed to the New World Order. I'm a lifelong equality supporter, fighting for rights of minorities for years. I've literally FOUGHT nazi skinheads (no joke). I'm saddened to report that I'm more fearful of my fellow citizens destroying my life, and property than I am of the NWO doing so... at least at this point it appears the people are more lawless, and care LESS about my rights than the NWO.

It's a sad day when "dutchsinse" can call his fellow citizens fascist [SIC] lawless tyrants -- you'd think I'd be worried about police state kicking in my door with the things I cover, but I'm looking out my window for groups of zombie citizens. Zombies using Michael Brown as an excuse to steal things, and destroy property that has nothing to do with Brown, or "justice". See my facebook page for a full recap of events on a play by play, every 5-10 minutes throughout last nights rioting.



A short history of Liberia



I was posted to Monrovia, Liberia with the US Embassy there in 1989 a few months before the civil war began and evacuated by US Marines in August of 1990. During that time I got to see first hand how messed up the Liberian culture was. As it says in the video, there was much animosity between so called, American Liberians and indigenous tribes. The country was ruled by a vicious dictator, Samuel Doe, who was a member of a local tribe that practiced cannibalism. He had actually killed and eaten his predecessor.

The video indicates that conditions in Liberia are more fair now than before the civil war. Perhaps, but things are just still very messed up in so many other ways. The current president is a wonderful, Harvard educated woman who actively strives hard to smooth out the rough edges in her society but so many hard feelings remain that it is doubtful she will succeed. Once she is gone, it is I believe, quite likely that chaos will descend once again on this unfortunate country.


Nigger neighbor guns White man down in front of his 8 y/o daughter

Trevor Dooley: Killer in 'skateboarder shooting' set to leave jail today
[Feb 11, 2013]

Tampa, Florida -- At some point Monday, we expect Trevor Dooley to gather his things and walk calmly out of the Orient Road Jail. He'll step into a strange world where he's not in prison, but he's not really free, either. In November, Dooley was convicted of manslaughter in what some folks have called the "skateboarder shooting." He received a sentence of eight years in prison for killing Valrico dad David James after they argued over a skateboarder on a neighborhood basketball court. But instead of heading to a state lockup to serve his sentence, Dooley will be allowed to post bail and go free for a time. Why can he get out, even though he's been convicted and sentenced? He has filed an appeal. And Judge Ashley Moody felt she could allow him to bond out until that appeal is settled. Her reasons? She says Dooley's appeal is in good faith and is based on a debatable issue. Also, that Dooley had no prior arrests and has ties to the community. Dooley is 72. The judge apparently does not believe he'll try to flee to avoid spending his final years in prison. The bond amount is $100,000, which means Dooley will have to give a bail bondsman $10,000. That bondsman will then post the total amount at the Clerk of Court's office as early at 8 a.m. Monday. Dooley will not be heading back to the Valrico neighborhood where this happened. Instead, his wife has moved into a new home in Spring Hill. While he's out on bond, Dooley won't be allowed to leave Hernando County except to come to court in Tampa.

Gman 02-11-2013 02:47 PM
This nigger should have been hung!!!!!

Ensis 02-11-2013 11:13 PM
The jews give too many slaps on the wrists when they should be hanging these coon criminals for the murders and rapes they do. You can dress a coon in finery, but it's just a filthy, stupid, brutal coon and nothing more.

Smedley Butler 02-11-2013 11:46 PM
Heart attack victim Edgar Steele will not be let out on parole for his appeal.

He physically never harmed any one.

40 years.

20 years in the U.S.A.F. and he had no experience with he must been in a tech field where he had little contact with it.

I have met Whites who served 4 or less years working a tech area where they just did not experience TNB, but 20 years with out ?

Edgar Steele got 40 years.

Though if a Congoid murders a naive YT devil just retired from the USAF, and you 8 years then you get parole while waiting for your appeal of an 8 year sentence as too harsh ?

I would have called that a "Hail Mary Pass" and shut my mouth about such a sentence.

Folks is any one not on a drugs in this ****ry. Turn the TV and Talk radio off, and get your children out of public schools.

Edgar Steele, his real crime was that his spoke reasonably and eloquently on race reality, and that is the real reason IMO for an ex-Coast Guard officer and MBA attorney that after a heart attack and very likely lost his mind after surgery is doing 40 years.

voiceofreason 11-23-2014 02:26 PM
Family thankful as Trevor Dooley begins prison sentence in 2010 shooting

November 23, 2014

Four years after her father was shot to death in a park where he'd been shooting hoops with his 8-year-old daughter, the now-12-year-old Danielle James has something to celebrate. After exhausting his appeals, Trevor Dooley, 73, has finally begun serving his prison sentence for manslaughter in the shooting of David James, 41, on Sept. 25, 2010, in the Twin Lakes Recreational Park across the street from Dooley's Valrico home. Kanina James says she wants to use the tragedy to make some "positive changes" to benefit others. For one thing, she wants to work to see that Circuit Judge Ashley Moody is not reelected. Moody presided over the trial and sentenced Dooley to eight years in prison, less than the 10 years called for at the low end of sentencing guidelines. The maximum sentence could have been 30 years. Kanina says after the trial, she heard from jurors who were upset at the sentence, as was the family. "We were very angry with Judge Moody's sentence," Kanina James said. "The jury expressed that if they had been responsible, he would have gotten the full amount that he could have gotten."

Kanina James said Moody in the courtoroom "was so sweet" to Dooley. "She said she did believe he was remorseful. And my jaw dropped when I heard that because I sat through that whole thing and watched him strut around the courtroom. He never had an ounce of remorse. He never had anything. He never even gave us a real apology."


Yet we have liars and idiots, even among our own, denying the double standard. Btw, the name is spelled Steele, and he died earlier this year.--AL


Graphics Summing up The Jew

Hi Alex,

I read that you were organizing materials for a project.

Jew-criticism is vast and hard to organized intuitively, so I made these pics to help me cover the six bases:

History, Hype, Hypocrisy, Hitler, Holocaust, Hate.

"Hi-Hy Ho-Ha"


Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since.

Posted on November 22, 2014 by horse237


The United States has had three coups if you count the first one as being Jekyll Island in November of 1910.


Good morning

The NKVD fatties writing you for going off line, they really don't have much to do but eat Cheetos junk food.


[ ]

The forum went back online as of Friday evening 11-21-14. --AL


20 november 2014

On Wolf Blitzer on Obama's Amnesty

I just saw Wolf Shitzer moderating a "discussion" about King Koon's amnesty fiat: when Wolfie mentioned Obongo's repeated statements about not being able to do what he did last night, some leftist apologist said he REALLY meant he didn't have the power to "solve the whole issue" - which requires CONgress - but of course he had the total right to do what he did; next up was a greasy pile of illegal mexcrement who was rubbing it in real good, saying how proud he and the rest of them were that the nigger was finally recognizing the reality that millions of them have made our home theirs.

As always, one voice was missing: a voice speaking up for the interests of WHITES being dispossessed by these ambulatory turds. The assumption enforced by the Shitzers and their kike bosses is that - unlike every other race - Whites simply have no legitimate racial interests; that the self-defending Nazis, U.S. Southerners & African Whites forever made even the consideration of the notion of White rights an outrage.

Keep the pressure on, kikes. You will get yours.



Where Did We Find Those Videos?

Dear Mr. Linder, I have been watching your videos and placing them on Twitter for over a year now and I was wondering when your site will be back up. Where did you find all those amazing videos with all that information? I have filed for my disability and am unable to send donations right now. I would help your site if I were able. I would like to record some of those videos and send them to Congress and a few other places to spread the word. When I am able to afford things like that, would it be ok with you if your viewers copied your videos and passed them around? Sincerely [NO]

Site will be back up soon enough, can't be more specific than that. (Funds tally now at 2197, if it gets to 2500 will reopen before schedule.) We don't host most videos, we front-end them. Anyone can find them and post them. Video copyright belongs to the owners, not to us, unless we make them ourselves, which we seldom do. in most cases you're probably free to copy them, but if you're not sure, you have to find out who produced the videos and ask them if they mind. I hope you do think about supporting us when you have the means. Thanks for writing, --AL


Enemy Contact III

[SPLC writer]

Ryan Lenz

to me

Any chance you'll talk to me about the VNN forum going down?


Enemy Contact II


Would you be interested in selling your land in Leith for the fair market value or donating it back to the city of Leith?





"As for tribal cliques, it's more like big cities have ethnic networks - Italians, Irish Catholics, jews, Greeks, and so on. The vast majority of the country, though, is filled with German or British immigrants, and these are basically Rural-Americans by ethnicity, the teeming tens of millions in what the city jews, the coastal jews, call Flyover. --AL"

The English/German/Scandinavian "Flyover" Americans the kikes have such smirking contempt for are the ones with the least racial/tribal consciousness. These are the people who buy the deadly Rugged Individual myth; the MLK "content ub dey caractuh" jewshit. The have little or no contact with those unlike them (especially the ones in the cold, barren plains of the midwest), so they want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. This is a lethally naive mindset that must be changed. The internet jewsmedia bypass is essential for this; it remains to be seen if it will be enough.



19 november 2014

Enemy Contact I

Heidi Beirich
Nov 17 (2 days ago)

I thought I'd see if you'd be willing to comment in some way about shutting the forum down for now and your future plans.


Beirich is a known liar. Here's her blog piece on VNNF. VNNF's funds drive stands at 2016 on 2500, so 484 short. I will keep updating here or at, and the forum will reopen. As I said. As soon as 2500 is reached, or when I feel the time is right. --AL


Documentary: "Wings of Russia"

Wings of Russia

Riveting Soviet era documentary of their early jet aircraft development.

Note commentary at 16:00 where advanced technology was freely given to their supposed Russian enemy by kikejew controlled Britain. Concurrently, lapdog Winston Churchill was giving his Cold War creating Fulton, Missouri "Iron Curtain" speech (as fool Truman gaped in awe). Another example of kikejew success in promoting brother v. brother conflict, and the exponential lift-off of a "Military Industrial Complex" on all sides.

More lies of our kikejew controlled main stream media are revealed at 24:17, if indeed this is an honest documentary, which appears to be so.

Throughout its length, obvious Russian White folks dominate, with rarely a non-white face seen. Satellite television technician Tom Metzger became aware of the kikejew controlled right wing patriotard movement as he viewed broadcasts from Russia showing the plethora of White mankind in Moscow.

Live and learn, and...



Confused On Jews

I need some educational insight because I am very confused on Jews.

Are most of the white people in the USA actually Jews?

Being from NYC, I noticed that a majority of the whites here appear to be in cliques and mafias Some Jews I can spot out with no problem but then there are whites who appear as if they are part of a mafia.

I have come to the conclusion that white people fall into two groups, either they are Jews or they are mafia affiliated.

Now in my family I can tell for certain that my uncle who is a European married a Jewish woman but I ask myself is he even aware that he married a Jew. So I came to the conclusion that Jews really do marry gentiles. Before my uncle married a Jew, he was poor. Then all of a sudden my uncle was wealthy after the marriage.

The more I began to look at general marriages, I realized that white people either marry a non-white or a white Jew. I rarely if ever saw two white gentile people marry.

My final thought is I came to realize that America is predominantly made up of Colonial whites affiliated to Colonial Jews. This whole pure breed white thing appears to apply more to European Countries like Finland or Iceland.

Ultimately I cannot not make a good enough educated conclusion because I realize that the majority of whites and even Jews of course are in tribal cliques..........mafias.

Love to hear your thoughts on this.

Jews claim they are 2% of the USA, but that number is likely understated. Last I've read jews are about 1/3 of the population of NYC; it is probably the biggest jew city in the world, possible exception of Tel Aviv. You are in a unique situation as regards jewish presence and demographics. But most jews in the US are located in about 7-10 big cities. There are comparatively few jews in rural areas because you can't swindle dirt. Jews are urban middlemen, not farmers. Their business lies in cities, where they can rook and concentrate influence. Leverage small numbers into extensive control. That's why jews always favor concentrated power, and rewrite history to portray the concentration of power (as in USA after Civil War) as progress. Decentralization is good for whites; concentration is good for jews. That's the rule to keep in mind. Same thing with communications. If a handful of jew publishers in NYC or media companies out of NYC dominate the nation, the better for jews, the easier for jews to control. ... Jews don't call themselves white, unless it's to their advantage. Their whole thing is that they are a people apart - a tribe, a race, a religion, a genetic clan, distinct and superior. Only caught jew criminals become white men, in media controlled by jews. This way jews reap the benefits of criminal activity, but when it's exposed, they are lumped in with evil old white men. Very few whites are mob related. Jews do marry gentiles, but generally only the better looking ones, to upgrade their genes, or the richer ones, to horn in on their wealth. Some may marry out for good, but even in the bible this exogamy is depicted as a strategy for infiltrating and controlling goyim. Your idea about white marriages is statisically wrong. You can't just extrapolate from what you see in one of the jewiest cities in the world, you have to actually look at the data. Whites marry other whites the vast majority of the time. As for tribal cliques, it's more like big cities have ethnic networks - Italians, Irish Catholics, jews, Greeks, and so on. The vast majority of the country, though, is filled with German or British immigrants, and these are basically Rural-Americans by ethnicity, the teeming tens of millions in what the city jews, the coastal jews, call Flyover. --AL


Dead Jews, Good News

4 dual-citizen kike rabbis converted to Good jews in a Jewrusalem stinkagogue today. Jizzrael's jewS. ambassador on CNN being "interviewed" (prompted) by ex. IDF/AIPAC arm-twister Wolf Shitzer: howls in fake outrage about the Pals the kikes just finished smashing dancing in the streets over the tiny slice of richly-deserved retribution; lies that "we're all in this fight together!", blowing the nanothermite dust off the jews' 9-11 to rouse the patriotards....



17 november 2014

Old Newspaper


White teens 1930 Sherman Texas, before the rein of FDR.

See the bottom right side page, for White teens.




Matt Shepard, Infected Cruiser and Dealer

Mattie Shepherd was a li'l Gucci bag o' rancid jizm, swishily spreading Death to all and sundry, whether it be by GAIDS or crystal meth. In other words: The Scum of the Earth - which of course made him poifect for Pinchas to use as Guilt-Drano injected straight into the jello molds that pass for brains in most Whites (especially the sob story-loving "Clay-mate" type bitches):

"Oh, that poor, helpless young boy - brutally murdered by those homophobe hicks for no reason but being gay - and he was so CUTE, too!"

"Jews must be laughed at and shouted down as liars. But that's just stopgap. Eventually they must be exterminated as a lethal threat to our species. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT."

Oh yes. That's 3% of the population no sane person will miss when the time is right, the hour golden...



Do a Show, Linder!

Please do a show-we need your witty commentaries on all the insanity happening the planet. The Kwans on the news make you wonder if this is special needs tv, for people for persons of substandard intellect. [nr]

More radio will come; right now in writing mode. --AL


Jews Are (Not) White

Hi there just a quick question if I may, I consider myself very proud to be white and understand what it means to be white but one thing I can never understand is why are you so against Jews since Jews are mostly white people, thanks Darren

This is a typical question WN get - it is important to deal, in this case, with what the writer means rather than what he says. His request ostensibly is for information, but what he actually means is that it's emotionally overwhelming to him that there are actually people out there who believe jews are the bad guys rather than the heroes/victims he's always heard (in schools and on tv). He wants to confirm to himself that Evil actually exists, so he can run back to his rabbit hole in confirmed, titillated contentment. We have had from pretty much day one an entire subforum titled The Problem that contains dozens of threads specifically documenting with news stories taken from media controlled by the jews that everything Evil Anti-Semites say about jews is true. But people like Darren aren't interested in facts or evidence, they don't, can't or won't operate on any but a superficial, conformist, emotional level. (I should add that there's a variant of the Darren type. It feels basically the same way, but has such an overweening self-importance that it can't believe that what it Knows and Has Heard Its Whole Life Could Possibly Be Untrue but it somewhere developed just enough of a spark or seed of doubt that it condescended to contact you, the Great White Forum Leader or High Panjamdrum, for you to personally communicate to it your truth so that it can judge. It's funny in a sick way. These people know nothing - well, they know plenty, but it's all aint-so on the big stuff. And they are incredibly self-important. They think that others exist to satisfy their whims. Since WN aren't respectable, their time can hardly be of any value. Why, they should be honored anonymous self-important me deigned to favor them with a condescending query, just because his 99% mainstream certainly has infected with 1% doubt. If you suggest to Darren-b he peruse and ponder seriously the news and data evidenced in The Problem, he either don't care or claims to have read it but still wants you to explain it to him personally. I'm to provide an exclusive, original executive summary to this titwit -- like he actually cares, and like one has the time to spare for his bored game. Suffice it to say there are plenty of Darrens and deviants out there, many have come my way over the years. Titillating the bourgeois before dinner is not what VNN's about; if you doubt the truth of what we say, you aren't actually interested in the truth. If you don't know yourself well enough to realize that you're clowning, you're not worth my wasting my time. You'll get mockery and middle fingers and like it. Only come to me if your search for the truth is honest. Then and happily then I will point you the way.) --AL


On Silk Road 2.0 Takedown

Yeah, the targets of that big-hype takedown of "Dark Web" businesses by the 'Merkin STASI AKA the FBI & their international secret police pals were carefully selected sellers of drugs; this to give the impression to the patriotards that they're being vigilant about Protecting Our Children from those shadowy forces of internet evil - when what they're really doing is trying to crush anyone who tries to work outside the jew system of total surveillance & Fed funny munny.

Next up: swabbing people's seats to catalog their ass-stink in a Mason jar data base.


What do ISIS moving to gold/silver currency and Silk Road have in common? Both threaten honest money, and that could topple the jewish power structure, which is based on counterfeiting and complete media control. --AL


Hollywood Raises $33 Million for IDF

Not much here about looking out for / taking care of american troops...

Maybe next week this troupe of american stars will come together for the US soldiers keeping them safe in all of the wars America endlessly fight for Israel's benefit...


Not 3,000, 30,000, 300,000, 3,000,000, or 30,000,000, but $33,000,000. Thirty-three million dollars. For Israel. This will certainly silence the anti-semites who say that Hollywood is run by jews. --AL


May Israel Raise a Golem for Protection?

I am under the impression that Israel is forbidden to raise a golem to protect themselves from anti-semitism. There is the Jew 'myth' that in the 16th century a rabbi had done just that. I know the Jews teach their own the Kaballah -the book of secrets- and I am wondering if they pass the story as a 'myth' in order to avoid the curse of punishment. As the story is said that the E was removed to deactivate the golem but that was never substantiated. Wat is your take on this?


That it's nuts. Sticking to what jews do in the real world with money and intimidation is enough to explain where they are and where they're headed. What jews do in the real world is what matters. --AL

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