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3 march 2017


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25 november 2016

Suspended from Twitter

Suspended from Twitter (2016-11-25), no reason given. I appealed suspension, but this time I'm not going back, as this is the 4th or 5th time. 

I will be posting material formerly known as Tweets at pieville.net.


13 november 2016

Trump's 100 Days Plan


On 'The Wall'


8 november 2016

Election Day

People talk a lot about polls; to me, it's not interesting. If the media are predictably and uniformly biased in their coverage, are they going to pay honest pollsters? Put in reverse, if the media were going to be honest with polling, they'd be honest with coverage. Doesn't that make sense? Media is like mexican food: different dishes all made out of the same 3-4 ingredients. So the poll it would make sense to consult is the money-changing-hands poll: the one ongoingly run by various bookies or books. The one I've consulted all along has 

Hillary -440
Trump +350 

as election day opens. In other words, Trump is huge underdog, while Hillary is large favorite. The polls are showing a very close race; at least one book is not. Why that is cannot be determind for sure; it could be, that since betting is technically illegally in US, if you believe the feds, the money may be coming in from outside the US, and the bettors may believe the media hype. 

The media are close to 100% on Hillary's side. They have been vicious, dishonest and personal through the entire campaign. They've made much of Trump being 'orange.' This is an overt racial attack. Jews hate blond white men with a particular passion - they use them for 100 years in Hollywood movies to indicate the highest level of evil. When they see Trump's blond hair and blue eyes and ruddy complexion, it actuates their racial loathing of Aryans. Jews instinctively racially hate Trump's Type and Category, which they say more and more openly they wish to destroy. 

The overt, open, raw hatred of Trump is unprecedented. But don't be fooled - it's not personal. It's impersonal. It's categorical. It's ideological. This is something Americans have trouble understanding, as they are trained to look at people as individuals. Christianity teaches that all hominids are valuable creations and reflections of God. No individual can be discarded-by-category. Jews believe the opposite: they are gods, non-jews, goyim, are animals. Christian whiteskins have difficulty grasping that jews hate them categorically. They want to get rid of them. The attacks on Trump are cut to fit his particular physics, but they are impersonal - that's the significant point. If Trump were modest, declining, unfunny, mild - if he were Ron Paul, or if he were somewhere in the middle like Pat Buchanan, he would get exactly the same treatment. Jews refuse to allow whites any representation - no matter how proxied or indirect. Anyone even hinting that whites have interests is beyond the pale, and must be destroyed personally and politically. That's what's going on, at the deepest level: whites must continue to have no representation. They are not a legitimate group. They do not have legitimate interests. They are a slave class to be farmed for money, and mocked for entertainment. Until they finally disappear. 

I have made no prediction on who will win this election. Of course, if I had one, I would make it public, here and through Twitter. I don't. I honestly don't know who will win. I have, by chance, spent a lot of October driving around the country. The signs I saw were almost uniformly for Trump. Even in blue states. When I get on Twitter, I see loads of Trump rallies with incredibly large crowds. It recalls PJ O'Rourke's writing about the Nicaraguan election involving Danny Ortega. After a while, he finally realized that people aren't standing out in the rain for hours to vote for the communist status quo. He delivered the memorable line: "There's no getting through to the highly perceptive," making fun of himself. 

Maybe there's some of that in this election. No one is inspired to vote Hillary. The inspiration is 100% behind Trump. People grasp that this is America vs its haters and destroyers. Which ultimately resolves into Whites vs jews. No matter how few understand that, or want to believe it. That's what's going on here. 

If Hillary wins, the country will proceed in the same wrong directions it has been, and if anything will speed up. As some of us have been saying for 20 years, we're passing the point where Republicans can win a national election, because the hominid population is becoming brown - and browns always vote for free goodies and against constitutional amendments that protect freedoms and property. That's why the hillaries let them in, after all. The (((left))) clearly feels it's in endgame here, and 2016, in particular, saw a huge rise in aggression against whites, and articles talking about their eventual reduction to minority status, then disappearance. Which the junkmedia, of course, celebrate and promote. 

If Hillary wins, the age of believing things can be changed through voting can be drawn a veil over. The media are part of the System, and they simply will not allow any White-positive candidate treatment that will allow him to win. The media are part of the state, as they function, regardless of ownership, and the System they serve was created by and serves jews. And jews hate Whites. 

If Trump wins, we will see what he can do. He will be permanently set against the enduring bureaucracy and the hostility of the anti-white hate industry called mass media. I honestly don't know how much he can accomplish. But, the executive has built up a lot of power over the years, and this would serve him well. 

Trump is not a racialist, he is a civic nationalist, with the usual warped grasp of what America means. But he has common sense. He grasps that the elite are completely hostile to ordinary Americans, and he truly does wish to represent Flyover. His campaign, and the bravery and indefatigability he has shown in campaigning, are similar to Hitler in being real and impressive. The amount of energy he has displayed is absolutely staggering. If you don't understand this, you will when you are older. 

Ultimately, Trump's campaign has been valuable. He's grown the pool, and a bigger pool is Pepe-positive. We need an overt White political vehicle, and one which names jews as our racial enemy. Trump's campaign has prepared the ground for such a vehicle, regardless of the outcome of the election. For regardless of the result, this is the bigger point: the future of the white race is not up for vote.


18 october 2016

False Accusations Bring Down True People

We live in a jewed world of rules. That means rather than simple, clear, few rules we have myriad selectively enforced, in line with ideological categories. If you're a Good person like Hillary, serving Team Jew, you can do anything without repercussions. Is that an exaggeration? Is it? If you're on Team White, or even merely a 1% solution of it, a proxy, you needn't do anything at all to be guilty. Your guilt, by judeo-communist rules, has nothing to do with your individually chosen actions but everything to do with the category you fall into. If you're the wrong race and sex (always mislabeled gender), then you are guilty by definition, and the System will supply invent whichever particulars seem easiest to sell. Rape, or some form of sexual misconduct, is a particularly handy accusation when it comes to rich men, since they are attractive to large numbers of women, including many schemers and liars. I've had the govt come after me for such things as running a tiny classified ad in which the job-seeker mentioned he was a white man. Illegal in his state, the state claimed. But Hillary can get people killed, erase tens of thousands of emails, etc. etc.

The fact the Constitution as document remains under glass in some national shrine and yapping fools on radio talk about it endlessly persuades people that it still exists in some real way. The people with muh Constitution ever on their lips read the same news we do. They see bakers find $136,000 for not serving queers. They see whites forced to pay for black schools and ship their kids to same. They see twitter and the other social media selectively applying their TOS to suppress anything pro-white or anti-The Agenda. Leftists suddenly discover freedom of contract and privacy when it's their side, but when it's the side they hate, it's 'public accommodations' and 'civil rights.'

The Constitution at this point has in real, practical meaning just this: you have a limited right to own a weapon. That's about it. Of course, if your girlfriend wakes up one day and decides she now hates you, and swears out some lies to obtain a restraining order, then even that limited right flies out the window. To give just one example of how easily even your limited right to effective self-defense can be taken away.

This is reality. It is always wrong to fetishize paper. Perhaps the mass population isn't capable of other, but they who would be elite must observe the reality. Rights are merely a concept on paper until they are vindicated by brave or honest men.


16 october 2016

Keepin' It Real File: Science as White Male Plot

How you splain dat witzcraf bein real, dog? I follow many South African news sources on twitter. Preview of coming attractions if whites fail to cohere. Black affican "stoodents" rally, often violently, literally every day of the year. They want to attend what is called college without paying for it. At all. And they will attack, defame, burn the buildings of any who disagree. The truth is and will remain that those with IQs averaging 70 are not capable of college material, which is, almost by definition, aimed at the talented tenth. Not of the black race. Of the white race. Blacks have not yet, as I like to say, achieved racial self-awareness: they do not know what they do not know. They believe they are alt-capable, and every (((media source)) and (((official authority))) confirms them. To the extent eye-evidence would seem to suggest a disparity in money, achievement, outcomes, whatever, --why, that's precisely why the bogus jewish concept of 'racism' was invented. An invidious, invisible white force controlling things, not nature. Dat wha be keepin da Bla Man down. The irony that goes unperceived by dull blacks, of course, is that so far from keeping blacks down, Western science is the reason the vast majority of them exists. Look at the African population in 1850 or 1900 compared to today, less than 200 years later. What happens when large masses of unqualified students (of any race) are admitted to any institution (see USA college system after WWII, for non-colored example) is that standards drop. When these stoopidents of color are the absolute majority, you get stuff as reductio ad absurd as in the link: where they are, quite seriously, or as seriously as erect hominids of nig can ever be, that white western science is no different from or better than their African muti and voodoo and witchcraft. Egalitarianism, actually standards denial by inversion, turns to science, having long since conquered the softer fields. Next time you go outdoors, beware not just of pigeons but rapidly descending aeroplanes manned by proto-Harambes.

The Friends of Eddie Coyle

This is the best review I've seen.

Also good, on writer Higgins http://therapsheet.blogspot.com/2009...-of-eddie.html
But all reviews have it wrong: Mitchum is horribly miscast; he is far too large for the part. Too august spiritually, too granitic in voice and mien. Someone smaller, not small, smaller, should have been chosen. Still, good movie. A mood pic. It's hard to understand the specs even after you've read the book (a novel by US prosecutor, Higgins), but the gist is what matters: the underworld may get richish quickly, but it respires perpetually in the spiritual prison called fear of betrayal while simultaneously fearing the physical thing. Even so, better of these 70s crime flicks I only like Charlie Varrick.


14 october 2016

Trump All Over

Just back from road trip, over 3,000 miles in just a few days. Trump signs all over the place. No Hillary signs. Only find her in tv commercials. Wherever an honest-to-god private citizen has put forth the effort to make public his opinion, he's for Trump. It is impossible to overstate how much this election polarizes into The People and The Establishment. The former means Flyover Whites; the latter means big-city jews and their allies and cuckservants.


1 august 2016

Next Phase

Vox Day, VOX FREAKIN' DAY, AKA SKUNKY McDOOF, now talks like I did when I began VNN in 2000, August 9, a week short of 16 years ago.
If that is the case, and it is (he has a very good, useful blog here: voxday.blogspot.com)
Then what is left for me and VNN to do?
We take our cue from our name: we are the vanguard. Not the body or the rearguard - the vanguard. The tip of the spear. At least as concerns matters intellectual and political.
Today, many people understand the jew. That appears to have been gotten over with the leadership of the new young right.
The vanguard must establish itself with two things:
1) getting the budding or aging white elite to grasp that the only solution that will protect whites and end the jew menace is counter-extermination.
2) getting...to grasp that christianity and its bang-on effects is the reason whites won't defend themselves.
I always said when I turned 50 I would write a book. So it is. I have no timetable, but I've been collecting material for years. The key is to address what others do not, not to repeat what has been covered by others ad infinitum. 1) and 2) are what I consider most necessary issues related to regaining white sovereignty, which is our goal.
I will be making some posts here on my blog in days to come. You can comment if you like. One thing about getting older - you are intensely conscious of the costs of dealing with other people. I'm not a mother pig with open tits any longer, I will jealously guard my bodily energy to push to accomplish things that matters greatly.
Anything you want to understand - it's almost guaranteed this forum has a sticky thread on it.


12 june 2016

What Is It With Non-Meic People?

IMO, killing vermin such as fleas, fireants, etc, definitely counts as self defense. So when I kill them, i pray for them. I use prayers from the Buddhist traditions, since the Christian traditions do not generally believe that animals have souls that need to be prayed for. One of my favorites is "namu amida butsu." (I don't know if this is the proper spelling, I'm spelling it just the way it sounds.) This sends the spirit of whatever I've killed to the Pure Land, where conditions are optimal for enlightenment.

People are so soft these days they apologize for killing vermin.


11 june 2016

Peak Cuck: Calling 'Minority' Orcs Terrorizing Whites at Jew Behest 'Brownshirts'

There is very little as dishonest, cowardly and ineffective as calling jew tools "brownshirts." The brownshirts defended Hitler from jew-communist attackers trying to break up his rallies. Precisely the sort of social disruptionjews like Soros are paying mexicans and niggers to sow in the USA and Europe in 2016. Above all those who would be effective resisting jews should point out the parallels between today and yesteryear. Jews always use the same tactics - forced mongrelization, endless media denigration of native whites, both generally and by subset (men, women, kids, college agers, etc etc); mocking of sexual morality and subsidization and endless excuse-making for morbid perversion. The nazis did what conservatives would do - if they could think, if they had balls, if they dared to act. The Nazis deserve respect and study. What they get from cuckservatives is smearing and illogical abuse. Those who fight the jewish bolsheviks and those who serve them become the same thing in the mouth of cuckservatives like Skunky McDoof, who though he has come a long way, has a long way to go.


3 november 2015

Christianity defines jews wrong


2 november 2015

Holo-'Denial' Prohibition Works; Let's Expand the Ban to Weather Wafflers

Fuck the facts, we're the sex pistols. Verdier said he was inspired to write the book following a meeting he had with the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. Fabius met with the country’s top meteorologists to tell them to start pushing the global warming narrative From Marx on, science is the jew-left's favorite drag.

ISIS Comes for Israel (at Least in 40 Seconds' Worth of Words)

First time I've seen ISIS go after yids verbally. What does this mean? I don't know. It inspired this tweet:

"We will brush our teeth with bristles made from the leg hair of your women." - @A_Linder_5

Dam ISIS, you cold. A lot of people think ISIS is a battery-operated farm team created by US-Israel. I don't think this. I think ISIS moved into a vacuum created by US policies, which of course are created by jews in order to blow up the middle east to serve Israel. Isis moved into space we created; as we wash around dollars and weapons, a lot of them drift over to the enemy side. These are not quite the same thing as deliberately creating a force. We do that verbally. We invent al-Qaeda. We invent 'moderates' where we want to fund this or that particular set of killers. It's all verbal games. I think ISIS is more or less what it appears to be. The skulduggery comes in where we pretend to fight it off while actually allowing it to get damn close to toppling Assad, who is next on the jews' checklist. Putin correctly recognized what was going on and responded forcefully and rationally. Assad is no more a monster than anyone else over there, as you should know, and getting rid of him will be as good for his people as getting rid of Hussein and Ghaddafi have been for Iraq and Libya. And of course, even the war we've had so far has done nothing but flush millions of unwanteds into white Europe. It was win-win-win for the jews until Putin moved, and what's "good for whites," which is what's worth caring about, is that Putin destroys Assad's enemies, stabilizes his government, and preps ISIS, through air bombing, for final destruction on the ground. This brief speech full of insults and threats toward jews and Israel is the first of its kind I've seen from Isis; what it means is anyone's guess. Probably not much, but it would sure be nice to see some of the deep misery jews have inflicted on most of the rest of the world brought home to these greedy, parasitic, babykiller kikes where they live.


29 october 2015

Deo Vindice

Deo Vindice.
Latin for "We are god dopes" - the motto of the Confederacy, and its mockery after the unfathomable loss

The CSA firmly believed that God was on their side during the American Civil War, and made repeated proclamations to that effect. The Confederate Senator Thomas Semmes, in proposing this motto, took pains to stress that the CSA had "deviated in the most emphatic manner from the spirit that presided over the construction of the Constitution of the United States, which is silent on the subject of the Deity", and he clearly expected this invocation to bring his side victory.

The motto was not finalized and adopted until April 30, 1863. Prior to that "Deo Duce Vincemus" (meaning "Under the leadership of God we will conquer") had been the motto under consideration. The committee debated the matter and with Semmes' leadership recommended Deo Vindice.

History will record that under the leadership of God, or morons, as is plausibler, the South, the only American side in the struggle, was defeated.

Movies Worth Watching: Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

This is the Michael Myers property but without the jungstabber, making it a very misleading movie, indeed a flop for that confusion. Yet judge it by its contents, not its packaging. It is an entertaining movie, with a genuinely nasty hero. An Irishman who is evil - something you never see on the screen, apart from one-is-another gangsters. Conal Cochran understands the true meaning of christmas, and he's going to mash that pumpkin all over your girly chin. Doctor Challis is the protagonist, and he's a regular guy, he likes hitting on women and slurping on beer. He's helpful. His ex-wife is a nagging twat, so you understand why he concocts excuse after excuse to hit the trail with the tail. I claim no great artistic virtue in this movie, I just like rewatching it, one of few.

The ALexicon: Problematizing 'Pathological altruism'

This term is both popular and inaccurate. It is inaccurate because simpler explanations suffice. Those advocating the opening of borders have either a racial intent (jews seeking to destroy white nations) or an ideological/financial incentive (christians making huge bucks while advancing their brotherhood-of-man ideology). Altruism has nothing to do with it. Altruism is a personal thing, not a group matter. PA was popularized by an academic who wrote a book with it in the title; it has been picked up by other academics on the White side, but it's most popular with the sports-fans racialists who like it because of what they think is its educated, scientific sound, which gives them a delicious frisson of vicarious Expertise when they use it. Its use is of a piece with 'sociopathic' and 'psycopathic' and other terms I can't think of at the moment, oh yeah, the most common of all 'spergy' or any other derivative taken from Asperger's. Which itself needs going into. Jews gain power in goy governments. They use that power to prevent whites from organizing. They use the public schools, then, to prevent whites from even thinking about organizing. They demonize organization itself. They teach whites that anyone who might be positively called FOCUSED and ORGANIZED is nerdy, anal, obsessed, Aspergery - spergy, aspy, etc. You see how that's done? Now you do. I hope. Don't ever disparage organization, it is one of the keys to jewish success, along with loyalty. With loyalty, organization and perseverance through troubles, you can change the world. You can rule the world. These are in fact the sources of jewish power, the REAL sources. The rest (money and position) follow from them, as consequences or rewards or natural fruits.

Rock is Inherently Degenerate and Dionysian

I do like rock and GnR. But it is degenerate. That's why you can't dip too deeply. Or if you do, manfully be prepared to accept the consequences. You can't get on the Dionysian ride without train-wrecking. What gets high, crashes. Always. Paglia said this. The true sixties revolutionaries DIED in that decade. The cautious ones survived and moved on to claim the mantle and legacy without the true spirit. I think the fellow's words about Dave Grohl are well chosen. You avoid the lows, perhaps, but you also avoid the highs, and the highs are why people listen to rock - the feeling of unearned attainment may show poor character, but it feels good. This is why Allan Bloom, the jew from Chicago, called rock 'prepackaged masturbational fantasy,' and I believe he more or less updated Aristotle or Plato in saying that. Music can be destructive, to self and society, and I know Plato noticed that. A rock band, least of all creatures, should place safety first, and in that at least we can tease out a valuable example from the careers of Axl Rose and his crew.

The Art of Trolling

Classic trolling of Ken M, like the mild susurrations of Kenny G, whatever happened to that ringlet haired jewy bastard? It leads us to these thoughts: all dumb people think they are smart. Are people generally only incapable of seeing down, when it comes to intelligence? There is reason to think so.


13 december 2014

Shame: Still Alive in Korea

Woman acts like raging bitch, inconveniences everybody else. Now apologizes for it. Father says he should have raised her better. She does mea culpa before media. In a racially homogenous society, people feel some sense of responsibility to others because they feel a family relation to them. In the every-man-for-himself, formerly-white west, people feel that any attention given to anyone else is stolen from themselves, and they are jealous and bitter, and willing to do damn near anything to steal it back.

ISIS Videos: What It's Like in Raqqa

Several videos from Vice.com, inside ISIS in Raqqa, very interesting, watching them make their rounds through the city, gladhanding and making stroft suggestions to thicken up the hussy's garment, to not eat/drink during Ramadan, and suchlike. Good stuff. It turns out you don't just have to listen to authority, you can pick up a gun and become the authority. Who knew?


12 december 2014

The Biggest Pic

Republicans win big in last month's elections (11-2014), then their leader in the house, Boehner, folds on amnesty, as a $1 trillion budget announced. The USA is now $18,000,000,000 in debt (18 trill). A trill is nothing more to the profligate judeo-AmeriKwan empire than to a goldfinch on a reed. Oh pardon me, I got that wrong. It's: 18,000,000,000,000. Really. On the media front, jews are attacking CMC graduate Charles C. Johnson of GotNews because he revealed the name of "Jackie" the disturbed rape-liar in Virginia. Of course, what they really dislike is seeing their own jewish liar #SabrinaRubinErdely exposed. So her fellow jews attack Johnson with lies, and he threatens to sue. That was afoot early 12-12-14 on the twitter wires. The funny thing is that jew Erdely went to school with is and is same year ('94) as fellow jew liar Stephen Glass, the story-concocter at The New Republic, as portrayed in the excellent movie "Shattered Glass" (my 2004 review at the link).

What Is A Nigger?

It's a creature that jerks off in public because mom won't let it watch porn. It's a creature that molests its own girls a cultural norm. (Sixty percent of Black women in an ongoing study reported they had been sexually assaulted by a Black man before they turned 18, according researchers at Black Women's Blueprint.) It's a creature that murders dozens of white women for fun. Yes, that happened, down in Brazil. Nothing about racism in title though. Imagine if a white man murdered three dozen she-niggers. You would be hearing that crime referenced for the rest of your life, every time the subject of race came up. No matter how many niggers go after whites, and state that when caught, the jews never allow that to represent any common attitude among blacks, though it obviously does. But if even one or two whites go after blacks, the whole race is characterized by it. We whites now reap the benefits of treating jews as individuals rather than as members and employees of an anti-white team. It is a vital mistake by our race, which has no 'head,' no leadership, hence no political representation, to allow a hostile alien element called jews to control our common media because that results in their controlling our common mind. Which ramifies in our daily life, as in this Brazilian story. Here's a picture of this 26-year-old whitekiller from Brazil:

"Brazilian admits killing 41 people 'for fun'": "He wanted to kill women -- white women, not black ones. He followed the victims, studying them closely before committing the crimes," said police commissioner Pedro Henrique Medina ... Gracas says he murdered 37 women, three men and a two-year-old child over a nine-year killing spree

Accurate title: Brazilian nigger murders 41 white women "for fun." Jews never admit or allow anti-whitism to be the motive when the coloreds they loosed on human societ go apeshit with murders and hate. That is loxism - the all-defining, all-pervasive, all-pervading, media-ubiquitous hatred jews have for whites, reflected in immigration and domestic policies (admitting and legally privileging coloreds over white natives in white lands) and abusing whites as extremists, haters and nazis if they resist. Nothing will change until a specifically white political force is generated. The fun part is that this-white killer, who says in the article he will do it again if released, will serve a maximum of 30 years. Brazil has no death penalty, never has. Max time is 30 years. Kaum zu glauben.

ISIS Today

Lots of people, overflowing with certainty, claim ISIS is the creation of Israel and US, and serves their interests. In my opinion, that is probably not the case. The link's to a longer article suggesting ISIS and Assad's troops are trying to clear the field in Syria so they can get down to an ultimate battle for control of the country. To that end they don't attack/bomb the other much compared to the other forces in the field. People need to pay attention to facts. Even if force A creates force B with an eye to controlling it, sometimes force B breaks away. That's somewhat what happened with Israel and Hamas. ISIS arose organically from Al-Qaeda Iraq, which was a natural reaction to jewed-US invasion of that formerly stable and successful country.

White Archaeology: Golden Torc (and Ongoing Finds) in UK's Jersey

Link here.


11 december 2014

Is This Thing On?

Recorded some hours yesterday. Started up audio book for Living Machines, by E. Michael Jones of culturewars.com. Did first two chapters. All about bauhaus, the ideological architectural movement created by Walter Gropius and spread worldwide. All those glass and steel box skyscrapers - that's the international style, another name for bauhaus. Anything in the name of the people that real people don't want - likely to be bauhaus. Anything that's overtly against nature - also likely to be bauhaus. Working against nature and human desire to satisfy leftist ideology - that's bauhaus. First recording MP3 here. And I added another two hours plus two our recording of Donald Day's book Onward Christian Soldiers, namely his chapter on jews. Much to say there, for sure.

Wrap It Up: I Won't Take It

Superjews Saban and Adelson team up to build an overter, obnoxiouser and directer neo-AIPAC called IAC, the Israeli-American Council (there are 500-800k Israelis in US, which probably means 1.2 million). It's coopetetive (frenemetic) with the original. Both stand against and on America, helping boost Israel over the wall of complete dominance. According to the article, which you really should read, AIPAC was designed to get around foreign-lobbying restrictions (registering/reporting) and the new council flips that. Parallel to open jewish control of media becoming more overt and brazen over time as jews lose fear. ... This pop up on the jew Saban article, for our "everything everywhere everytime fails-the-nigger" file, one of journalism's top-ten-favorite constructions: "The System That Failed Eric Garner and Michael Brown Cannot Be Reformed." The (system) fails the nigger. The nigger never fails. He wasn't helped enough. Wasn't supported enough. Someone else somewhere didn't do what was necessary to help the niggers. Cuz if they had, he would have succeeded. Lord knows he really wanted to. He really tried. Put in that good old grade-school effort. But he just couldn't make it. It failed him. The antecedent isn't unclear because the it doesn't matter. Notice you see this same thing in lite form with dark-skinned quarterbacks in the NFL. RGIII or Griffin in D.C., the team they won't call Redskins, because they're totally against calling people rednecks, I mean, calling non-whites redskins. Blacks generally fail at QB. When they do, it's always because the coach used them wrong, the offensive coordinator schemed wrong, the line didn't block, or the owners and general manager didn't get him enough 'weapons' (high-quality receivers) to work with. It's never the nigger himself. How could it be? He has Subway and Adidas commercials before he's played a down, so it can't be him. There are variants of this. Nick Foles, a "whitebread" good christian boy was slowed in his development by about a year, I reckon. Forced to sit while inferior black dog-abuser Mike Vick started. Finally they put in Foles, he dominated, with a nearly unbelievable TD to interception ratio. This year Foles got injured, after playing worse but still winning. Sanchez came in, a Mexican NFL flop mainly known for partying with teenagers and being a sort of brown prettyboy from USC. He won a couple games against weak opponents, and whiteskin/jew announcers were just gushing to claim there would be a question of whether he'd sit when Foles was healthy again. Then Sanchez got smacked down hard against two good teams. The jewsmedia, even having seen Sanchez play no better than mediocre for his entire career, is still willing to overrate him given the slightest plausible chance. Just because he is brown, and the QB who'd sit for him is white and christian. Contrast with Kirk Cousins. Although he flopped this year, he did no worse than Griffin after his injury, and should have been given a chance to play long before. In his case, and he is a poster boy for Aryanism, being polite, articulate, very goodlooking, the media were hot to keep it unthinkable that he would ever be more than a backup to the black "franchise" QB the jew in D.C. paid huge for (in draft picks), the pompously titled "RGIII." Two similar cases, 180-degree-different media treatment. Fully in line with how race is treated elsewhere in society. The white man is artificially restricted in opportunities; has a shorter window to fail; even when he succeeds, the success is never permanent, if he slips or gets injured, the media are hot to promote a minority to take his position. Sports is politics by other means. How could it not be, given the money and the size of the audience? ... Meanwhile, in Americas history, the Norse were doing stuff on Baffin Island up in Canada at an early date. That's the news article. It contains a link to the paper, at least parts of it, here.


10 december 2014

Chinks Go Christian, Commies Go Crusher Mode

Pretty interesting article. Says China largest christian nation by 2030. Turns out getting surgery to westernize, to round your eyes, does not satisfy your soul. Nor does acquiring a Mercedes. No, there's an empty hole in your yellow soul, and it's shaped like Jebus. The religion of self-pity, having burned itself out in the west, outside America, makes its way east.


9 december 2014

The Biggest Picture

Ok...as we move into the middle of December, what's going on? Jews are lying on all fronts, but their lies are being laughed at. Lena Dunham lies about being raped by a campus conservative (latest here). Breitbart pursues the matter, finds out she's full of shit. Her publisher claims she was using a pseudonym and quickly agrees to pay "Barry's" legal bills. Liar liar liar! Then you've got jew Erdely, lying about a gang rape in Virginia. What even the critics of jew Erdely won't get right is that it's not about rape, it's about attacking frats as implicitly white organizations. The Klan is destroyed or discredited. Now we jews go after de facto white organizations. Such as fraternities, or priests. (This aint jew Erdely's first gang-rape hoax rodeo.) Always in line with what I said years ago: the jewish belief is that any two white males talking without jewish oversight amounts to anti-semitic conspiracy. That is how jews think. That is why when they take power in goyland they create a totalitarian spystate. Endless war abroad for israel, endless war at home on Americans. Real Americans are white, of course. Meanwhile blacks and their apologists continue to riot and block and loot and murder in their endless quest to be treated fairly and receive justice, lol. The media back them 100%, although most white Americans retain sane attitudes. At VNNForum.com, we are now half way through creating an audio book of Donald Day's Onward Christian Soldiers (thread). He offers an honest look at Eastern Europe and Northern Europe during the interwar period, along with some strong views of jews and their influence in newspapering. (Chapter 7-8 recorded today in MP3 here (1:05). From Day you'll get real insight, better than anything you'll be assigned in any silly college like Notre Dame or Mt. Holyoke. ... Meanwhile, the hush crimes are flowing almost too thick to be accounted for. A teenage girl in Ohion is murdered by a teenigger, who cooly strolls by her mother with the body in a garbage bag, which ends up in landfill before it's discovered. Good night, Gina Burger. The nigger, Ricki Williams, is 18, and will no doubt be out of prison long before he's 50. Mudshark Jessica Chambers bought the hype about niggers, as you can see at photo from link, and now she'll do eternity underground, dead before 20 because she mixed with niggers. What a waste. All her friends will talk Correctly about how Needless and Pointless and How Could and Why Would, but it all amounts to whites are being deliberately murdered by jews using blacks, and until whites recognize that and fight the jews, this stuff will continue - and it will pick up in pace because niggers grow in demographic strength daily, while the jewsmedia and controlled academic institutions spur them on with round-the-clock incitements as in the Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin cases, just two name. Down in Dallas area niggers recently murdered an American Apparel manager, a white girl, in a nasty way. There have been multiple home-breakins, armed robberies, in the richer suburbs down there, a friend informs me, with the niggers thinking they can just dip into the rich areas and get right back on the freeway with the loot. Several blacks have been caught. This stuff goes on all the time not just in Texas, but around the nation. It's just never linked into a context, a full picture, as that might stir up the whites. Instead we see all the gelded conservatives talking about the media inciting riots for profits. If so, then why don't they use hush crimes to incite anger in the white community? If it's all about profits? I have never yet had a conservative even attempt to answer this decisive question. The media always play down hush crime and play up crimes by whites against blacks. That doesn't go far enough, because most of these white-on-black crimes aren't even crimes - not legally or morally or reasonably. The jewsmedia specialize in turning white self-defense into black martyrdom at the hands of white racism, institutional and private. In 2014, there was simply no traceable relation between what the common media said and reality. The differnence between the left and the center and even right had pretty much disappeared. Just one continual anti-white browbeating, hectoring and lecturing campaign by jews and sellouts on tv, blaming white racism for black violence, looting, academic and personal failure, and even for the very health problems blacks contract through poor eating and other bad behavior. But I interrupt my attempt to put down just a few of the hush crimes I see every day. It's getting close to torrential, and I'm only talking about stuff in the US, not about rapes in Sweden or murders in South Africa. As I'm writing a new hush crime pops up. A typically stupid white elementary school teachers and her teenage daughter are both murdered by a nigger they somehow knew. Nigger 30, teenager 17. What's going on here? Blacks aren't cute or funny, they're lethal predators, as all too many white women learn too late. This story won't make the national news because it's full of garbage about white privilege. You bored of these #hushcrimes? How about one from Ireland? The problem with Ireland is there aren't enough Nigerians there...doing this...: plying a Junior Cert student with vodka and sexually assaulting her. Harvey Simukonda, from Athlone, Co Westmeath and Jesse Edokpayi, with an address in Dublin, admitted carrying out the sex attacks on the girl while she was drunk. You tell me whites aren't fully justified in bringing to any justice they see fit the jews siccing these nigger animals on our women? Jews take over governments. Jews pass laws. Revise immigration. Demand forced mixing in classrooms. Promote private mixing/mongrelism in ads and content. Cover up the results. That is genocidal, with malice no afterthought. The jew is killing off our kind, and brainwashing to think it's wonderful as we disappear and hate to resist it. As I tweeted today: We don't solve our racial-cultural problems by turning off the tv, we solve them by turning off the jew. #TeamWhite #loxism It's not just Ireland, it's UK too, as this arrogant young turdskin Muslim is wanted for rape. Jews opened the borders, and they opened white-girl legs either voluntarily, through submission to mudsharking mongrelist agitprop or through simple rape. Jews know all this will happen. It is what they intend. Christianity is not strong enough to defeat or even deter jews, for it has misclassfied them as fellow humans. The only sane way to regard them is as pests. As vermin presenting a vital challenge to our race's existence through their intelligence, tenacity, loxism and neopotism.

Science: White Man...Keep on Whitening

Like new and improved detergent, science makes your whites whiter. Science not only shows that racial evolution exists and continues, it speeds up over time, and white skin gets whiter over time. No wonder jews so anxiously promote mongrelism - they know that science and time are not on their side: "Human races are evolving away from each other," Harpending says. "Genes are evolving fast in Europe, Asia and Africa, but almost all of these are unique to their continent of origin. We are getting less alike, not merging into a single, mixed humanity."

White Body

Stay off coke. It's terrible for you. Promotes aging and all manner of breakdown. Good book to read to understand how to eat: It Starts With Food. Bottom line: eat lots of meat and vegetables. And some fruit. Drink water. That's all. Avoid factory meat, or trim fat if you can't. That's where poisons collect. Lots of good knowledge in that book. There's a reason that actors, atheletes and models avoid sugar and drink mostly water. If you think jerking off to internet porn is safe, well, you're right in that it can't make you a father of contract you an STD. It can, however, leave you impotent. How safe and edgy and safe and cool it is and safe to talk about masturbation in public. Why is it safe? Because the ruling jews support it. They know loose sex and loose sex talk lead to social looseness that is good for jews. That's why society is as sexualized as it is today. Few people know this. Now you do, too.

"In Holocaust News Today..."

...we have two more fine efforts proving redundantly that the whole thing is a Big Lie. This is known, but as the liars control official vectors, they must be continually be countered with the facts, so that our people have the true information. The Hoax of hoaxes is nothing but a blood libel aimed at Germans specifically and the white race generally. That is why it is harped on not just in Germany but West-wide. Every single white child must be indoctrinated with lies about his people so that he will grow up with the false knowledge that jews are victims rather than predators, which preconditions him not to defend his own but to defend jews against their many and deserved enemies. Whites are what prisoners called turned out by jewish lies. They are made into punks to their own people. They are punked and harangued and pranked and libeled and smeared and ultimately destroyed by the nonsense The Hoax Represents. Good white men know this and fight back. Two of them are the redoubtable young hero Eric Hunt, who has produced a new documentary on Majdanek. You can see it for free here: The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth. Besides this new documentary movie, we've got a new book, supposedly the first 'revisionist' book out of England. "The fastest way to get expelled from a British university is by saying you are looking at chemical evidence for how Zyklon was used in World War II, with a discussion of how delousing technology functioned in the German World War II labour camps" --Nicholas Kollerstrom Read a review here.

Jews Are White. No We're Not, Say Jews

People who don't get jews think they're white and think they're a religion. In fact, they're a hyperinbred mixed race of, mainly, atheists. Jews will often pose as white. Tim Wise, for instance, goes about calling himself white as part of his campaign to bring about white genocide. But among themselves, jews acknowledge they are their own race, or subrace. They do not identify with whites, in fact they are quite hostile to them. Normal is Sabrin Rubin Erdely, the jewess who promulgated the #UVAHoax gang rape hoax in her race's ongoing attempt to defame white men and destroy their associations, their society, and their race. She, of course, sends her kids to jewish day camp, because she wants them inculcated in jewish history. Identity is good for jews. Destroying your identity is also good for jews. You have see the semitic lip curl when liar Erdely writes about how blond so many of the males at U. Virginia are. Jews harbor a general hostility to all other races, but a particular loathing for the most representative whites - the nordics. The ones with the hair and eye color you find least among the muddy and semitic races of the world. Of course, this racial hatred jews have for whites was unnamed until my coinage loxism, which is still essentially unused. It simply defines modern journalism and academic teaching, though. Things exist, even if no one names or talks about them. A falling tree does make a sound... Just remember: whenever someone, typically a brainwashed conservative, says jews are a religion, tell him: 1) most jews are nonreligious/atheists, 2) jews have jewish genetic diseases, 3) jews are highly inbred, 4) jews don't think of themselves as white, as a simple google search of "jews aren't white" will reveal.


5 december 2014

Media: Ashley Banfield So Dumb She Actually Believes the BS Her Cohorts Put Out

You honestly have to be double-dumb, Ashley. You have to not realize, to be shocked as she is, that: 1) almost all niggers lie; 2) her own employers and the entire mass media slant things to favor niggers over whites. So you have to be doubly dumb to be shocked there's another side to the #Ferguson story. Actually, there isn't. There's one side, Wilson's story, and the judeo-mass-media's refusal to accept it out of delusion and dishonesty and simple power politics. Imagine what the mass media would be like if they were honest and employed intelligent people. The media would report facts rather than manufacture myths.

Jew Appletree: Don't Let Critics Post Comments

See our long one on trolling end of last month. Jew Applebaum is trying to foment war with Russia, that is, nuclear war, and doesn't want people to be allowed to disagree with her. End Internet anonymity, so jews can use their power to get anyone fired who expresses public disagreement with their insane, genocidal, homicidal warmongering. They really are less of a people than a disease vector, these jews. They are like a Venn diagram of murder, paranoia and greed. Meanwhile up at Dartmouth, the left takes on the First Amendment, finds it needs fixing. Having all power is not enough for the left; others must be forced to abandon poisonous wind compressions and content themselves with electrical discharges in their noggins, at least until these can be measured. Then the left will call for forced lobotomies.


2 december 2014

Mailbag: 2 December 2014

AudioBooks: Donald Day: Onward Christian Soldiers

Introduction and first two chapters, with some added analysis. Sticky thread here. Direct MP3 download here.

Deer Hide Tanning

With eggs, vegetable oil, mayonnaise and a little warm water. Mix simulates brains, which are used to tan. Here's a very interesting story on bass fishing and tournaments; they kind of evolved along a path similar to NASCAR.


1 december 2014

New Dark Age Forces James Watson to Sell Nobel Prize

Guy who discovers DNA is shunned and forced to resign. No legal actions, just loss of status and platform. Not because he's wrong, because he's right - and the powers that be (who knows that he is right) don't want him speaking what he knows publicly because it threatens their agenda. Opposing racial equality is like opposing democracy - unthinkable. Even though it's false and dangerous.

BTL: Sally Kohn

I do a BTL on a DailyKenn article on jew Sally Kohn on 'white privilege.'

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